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Dear Sir or Madam,

As a theatrical designer and educator, there are few organizations that can
offer the same opportunities as the United States Institute for Theatre
Technology (USITT). This is an internationally recognized organization that
sponsors the growth, education, and communication between theatrical
designers, theatre educators, working technicians, and young artists. While
there are many facets of the organization that run continuously throughout
the year, USITT holds an annual conference each spring that acts as a focal
point for their activities. This years annual conference will be held this March
in Cincinnati, Ohio and I hope to attend as a representative of our school.
Every year the conference acts as a celebration of designers past work and
young designers future promise. Throughout the week there are hundreds of
workshops, presentations, juried design and technical displays, and interview
opportunities for independent designers and technicians. The conference
also includes trips and backstage tours to local theatres and design exhibits,
professional development workshops for educators, a portfolio review service
for students, and opportunities to explore international designers and
training programs.
The conference is broken up into ten commissions covering different areas of
emphasis in technical theatre- each commission is responsible for scheduling
workshops, speakers, and presentations that highlight their field. I hope to
become more deeply involved in the _________________________Commission,
specifically, and am looking forward to the __(specific event or
speaker)________ as a highlight of this years conference.
USITT offers the opportunity to become close friends with many other
professional designers and educators. USITT has always been an incredible
national network for theatre artisans, and I hope to continue to make the
best use of this network that I can. Through USITT our students can find
professional internships, graduate school placement, summer jobs, and I
myself can find professional work through my fellow designers at USITT.
The total cost of the conference, including airfare, hotel, registration, and
fees is about $______- allowing room for taxes on airfare and hotel stay. I am
writing to respectfully request your assistance with these expenses this year,
as I believe my involvement in this conference is an important part of my
growth as an educator and designer/technician. I also believe our continued
participation on this national stage increases the reputation of our institution.
Any assistance you may offer would be deeply appreciated as I plan for this
years USITT conference.
Thank you very much for your time and support.