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Proposal for Standard Deployment

In accordance with the principle of prevention of health issues and safety risks recorded at
Deuteronomy 22:8, we have been evaluating options to improve the health and wellness of our
workstation users at the RLDC Metro Manila.
Recently, we have been exploring the option of installing software on our systems to reduce eye strain
for users. Since our work requires that we are exposed to computer screens for a significant amount of
time, and in order to maintain the health and well-being of our brothers and sisters, we have been
looking for ways to alleviate the eye strain of extended computer usage.
It has been recently determined that the primary component of eye strain for LED monitors is the
amount of blue light. As per research, we find that blue light delays the onset of sleep1, reaches deeper
in the eye and causes damage to the retina2, accelerates the development of age-related macular
degeneration (AMD)3, and increases the effects of eye strain, such as migraines4.
Due to this, we are recommending that we install f.lux5.
f.lux is free, open source software designed to adaptively reduce the amount of blue light emitted by
the monitor by altering the color temperature of the display according to the time of day, ambient
lighting conditions and current location of the user. It uses software controls to selectively reduce the
intensity of blue pixels on screen, while maintaining legibility. It is lightweight and does not conflict with
any of our current software (including Watchtower CAD and Microsoft Office). It can also be disabled if
the user wishes for full color reproduction.
The benefits of using this software are as follows:
Reduced eye strain and macular damage from prolonged use of display equipment
Reduced sleeplessness from overexposure to blue light

We are presenting this proposal to install f.lux initially on a trial basis for computers in the RLDC Metro
Manila office. There has been an initial canary test of the software, and the tester has reported positive
results, indicating that there has been a reduction in migraines and in eye strain.
If approved, we would wish to do initial testing on a select testbed of users for a two week trial period.
Once the testing indicates positive results, we then further plan to install f.lux as a standard component
on all computers, as part of our efforts to improve on the health and wellness of our brothers in the
We would like to ask for your comments and direction on this matter. This is presented for your
evaluation and direction. May Jehovah bless us in all of our endeavors.