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Materials Management

Learn from the Leader - Real time SAP scenario’s

Level II Training
Honestly, Materials Management is one of the “easy” modules
in SAP. At the same time it is very powerful because it
interacts very frequently with all the other modules. This is
one module which every SAP consultant has to master at some
point or the other in their SAP Career…
Purchasing is a very common activity in any Physical Inventory is one process which will
type of Industry. So, we will start all the drive everyone crazy! Let us look at our
way from RFQ, Quotation and look at the options here.
entire purchasing cycle.
Valuation & Account Assignments are often
Consumption Based Planning is often with the FI team. The same is the case with
neglected by the MM Consultants. Let us Invoice Verification too. But let us not
master this now! neglect them totally.

Inventory Management is the HEART of Batch Management & Batch Classification

SAP. We’ll ensure that it is pumping may not belong exclusively to MM. But it
perfectly! feels good to understand these during the
Consignment process is becoming more
popular in the Industries. And you see Sub- And the Reports the client will demand out
contracting in almost all the SAP of SAP can be the most challenging. Finally
implementations. So, let us have our we’ll also have some overview of the
special focus on this special Purchasing Warehouse Management Module.
We’ll cover all this & much more in our
And in Externally Processed Operations, “Materials Management – Real time
we’ll understand how well SAP is integrated scenarios”.
with Production Planning. Notice that we
are crossing boundaries here, but you can
never limit yourself to one module in SAP!
Meetings…meetings…Non stop meetings…Blueprint Phase is generally the
most important (& boring) part of the project!

If you do not do sufficient prototyping during this phase, you will be

talking in the air and the client can only hope that the implementation will
go on well…

Even worse, you might not be able to make the system work in the way,
you had believed it would, by (mis) understanding the SAP help
documentation!! And mid-way into the realization phase, you will be
forced to re-design your solution.
We will avoid this scenario, once and for all!

This training on “Real time Project Scenario’s for Materials Management”

will replicate a blue-print phase of a project. The Shoubii Consultants
will play the dual role of the client Business Manager as well as a
Solution Architect of a project.

The Business Manager will explain the actual business scenarios. Then we
will get into some discussion to understand the requirement. Finally the
Solution Architect will give a direction on how it has to be mapped in SAP.

As future SAP consultants, you are expected to design it and present it to

the team! Can you see your SAP Dreams come true, already?

Godwin has over 13 years of consultancy experience
& has worked in a variety of Industries like Retail,
Food, Utility, Hi-Tech, Chemicals & Textiles.
Godwin has completed 10 implementations in SAP!!!
Some of his SAP projects are highlighted below...

Utility Client (USA)

This is one of the largest Utility service supply company in
Florida, USA. Godwin worked as the lead consultant in the
areas of Extended Warehouse Management & Handling Unit

Semi-conductor Client (USA)

This is one of the largest computer chips designing company in
the world. Godwin worked as the Sr. Consultant in the areas of
Handling Units across the Supply Chain.

Retail Client (Kuwait)

This client is a well known retailer and leading 12 different
businesses in Kuwait. Godwin worked as Senior Logistics
Consultant in the Supply Chain Area.

Chemical Client (USA / Europe)

Godwin worked as the lead consultant in the Logistics &
Handling Units area and rolled out 3 implementations & 1
Upgrade project in both Europe & USA.

Textile Client (USA / China)

Godwin worked as the Manager in the Logistics area where he
implemented Handling Units Management for Outbound,
Inbound, and Production & interfaced with IM, QM, PP,
Shipping and WM.
Raj, a SAP Certified SCM Consultant & a Project
Management Professional has over 15 years of
experience in the manufacturing Industries and
implementing SAP solutions for Manufacturing
Industries. Some of Raj’s SAP projects are
highlighted below...
PC Manufacturing Client (Singapore / Australia)
This was one of the world’s largest PC manufacturing clients.
Raj handled multiple projects simultaneously in the areas of
Logistics & Production Planning.

Semi-conductor Client (China)

Raj was the project manager of this project, which was
executed from 5 different countries. The team was also very
young. Nevertheless, the result was “Zero Priority 1 Go Live

Supply Chain Client (California, USA)

Consultants were working in the Blueprint phase for 4 months.
The client was reluctant to move to the next phase, due to lack
of confidence. Realization phase kicked off in 2 weeks after
Raj joined the project.

Chemical Client (South Carolina, USA)

Raj took over as the consultant just a few months before the
Go Live. All unresolved scenarios were handled with ease; CRP
was implemented in a week’s time – Result: One of the
smoothest Go Live.

Textile Client (South Carolina, USA)

“A thousand different materials are produced in one production
run. Each day, it could be a totally different thousand
materials” – You don’t get such requirements everyday; but you
have to be highly experienced to solve this.

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