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A Crossover by Joshua Lanphear

In the beginning, the world was created. With it, the battle of Good vs. Evil was born
from the inevitable, seeking control of Arda (The World). On one side, the angelic
Valar, the Elves, and the ever mortal world of Man. On the other, the demonic
Morgoth, and his minions, Orcs, Dragons, and Enslaved Men. After the defeat of
Morgoth, his lieutenant, Sauron, took up the mantle of War.

The Valar eventually withdrew from the world, choosing instead to send avatars, the
Istari, to assist in the War. The most notable being Gandalf The Grey, and Saruman
The White. Gandalf remained true to his mission and proved crucial in the fight
against Sauron. Saruman, however, became corrupted and sought to establish
himself as a rival to Sauron for absolute power in Middle-earth. Gandalf was
eventually chosen to be reborn as Gandalf the White, and the corrupt Saruman was
ousted from power. The War against Sauron was won, and the world soon began to
change. The remaining Elves withdrew from the world, as well. Choosing to leave it
in the capable hands of man. With the Istari no longer needed, they too withdrew,
but the temptations of Man were great, and those that stayed true to their mission
left heirs.

These ancestors of the Istari remained in the World of Man, with the rare ability to
manipulate energy, and light. Affect the world around them. From the beginning,
this was called "Magic." As the end of Middle-Earth came, the world changed.
Continents shook, and the second age began. The World of Man was all that
remains, along with the Istari ancestors, named for their forefathers, "Wizards." As
time passed, the powerless Man began to look poorly upon the Wizards, attempting
to oust them from the world, and viewing their near limitless power as a travesty to
what remained in the world. Thus, the Wizards withdrew, using their power to form
a society all their own, hidden within the walls of the World of Man. After many
years, the Wizards became but a story to Man. A legend passed on from generation
to generation.

Many years passed, and the Wizarding World flourished. Society was pushed
forward through technological breakthroughs in their own world. Magical items that
pushed the boundaries of the laws of nature. As well as rituals and spells that only
the imagination could think of. With this, came temptation once again, and Dark
Magic was born from corruption. The most powerful of this corruption, was caused
by the legend of the Deathly Hallows. A story passed through generations of Wizard
Tales. Unknowing to the Wizarding Community, the stories were true, putting three
brothers of the Peverell Family in command of three magical items. Remnants of the
fires of the forge of Mordor, bestowed upon the brothers by the sole remaining
Ringwraith, servant of Sauron, in disguise as the avatar of Death itself.

The quest for these items caused greed and corruption in many, causing madness
and Dark Magic to form in their hearts. The first was Gellert Grindelwald, defeated
by his once friend, Albus Dumbledore, in what became known as a Legendary Duel.

Years later, another rose to power. A half-wizard, half-man being known as Tom
Riddle, schooled himself in the Dark Arts for years, using any readily available
technique to prolong his life, and if needed bring about his rise to power again,
should he fall. The name he bestowed upon himself, Lord Voldemort, became so
feared amongst the Wizarding Community, the name itself struck fear simply to be
spoken. Not since the first age, and the name of Sauron had a being been so feared.
In the time that came, a prophecy was brought forth, stating that a child would be
born, and he would bring the end of the Dark One, Voldemort. Fearing for his legacy,
Voldemort discovered the identity of the Child, and attempted to murder him in his
crib, while he posed no threat. But the child's Wizard parents were not so easily
defeated. They fought, and sacrificed their lives for that of their son. Gifting him
with a shield created by the most powerful magic, Love. When Voldemort attempted
to murder the boy, his spell was cast back upon him, destroying his body and
leaving his powerful life-force incorporeal. The child was rescued by the powerful
Wizard, Albus Dumbledore, shortly after and was secretly taken to live with his Aunt
and Uncle, just outside of London.

Tales of the child spread like wildfire, and unknowing to him, he was a savior of the
Wizarding World. The tale of Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

In the years that passed, Harry Potter lived a normal life, with his "Muggle" (the
term used to describe those of the World of Man) Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. But, upon
coming of age, Harry was visited by a giant of a Wizard, named Hagrid, who shared
the secret of his ancestry with the boy. After going with Hagrid, Harry quickly
learned of the tale of his survival, and his fame. Refusing to be affected by this
newfound fame, Harry attempted to still live as normal a life as possible, attending
Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to learn the ways and skills of his
ancient ancestors, the Istari.

In the shadows still remained corruption, and an ever-lingering presence of the Dark
Lord, Voldemort, constantly clawing and scratching through, back to the Wizard

World. Harry, and his close-knit group of brave friends, constantly thwarted his
attempts through the use of wit, bravery, and luck. Four years into his study,
however, and Harry failed. Voldemort was brought back to the World of the Living,
and a dark cloud began to form over the world.

The next year, Harry learned of the prophecy made of the intertwined fates of him
and The Dark One, Tom Riddle. "Either must die, at the hand of the other. For
neither can live, while the other survives."

Learning of his true destiny, Harry reluctantly takes up the call to defeat Voldemort,
and rid the world once again of Darkness. He learns of the secret of Voldemort's
survival, the Horcrux, and begins a quest to destroy the fractured pieces of
Voldemort's soul. He takes up the quest with his truest friends, the young boy
Ronald Weasley, and the always intelligent Hermione Granger. While Ron's family,
his father, Arthur, Mother, and Brothers, along with an organization known as The
Order of the Phoenix, attempt to combat the rampant political machinations that
Voldemort had already begun.

After many grueling, emotionally testing months, Harry learned the secret of the
Deathly Hallows and their corruption. He learned of the Elder Wand, the
Resurrection Stone, and his very own Invisibility Cloak, gifted to him by his mentor
and friend, Albus Dumbledore.

Harry soon confronted Voldemort, face to face, willing to give his life to end the War
that had begun long ago. Unknowing to him, when Harry survived the initial attack
as a child, a fractured piece of Voldemort's soul was bestowed unto him, creating a
new horcrux, and forcing a piece of Harry's soul to return to the Valar. Upon striking
down Harry, Voldemort unknowingly destroyed his chance at immortality,
destroying the horcrux even he did not know existed and causing his inevitable

After the defeat of Voldemort, the Deathly Hallows were spread across the World in
secret, and Harry attempted to live a normal life yet again. Unknown to Harry,
Voldemort was his only chance at death once the piece of his soul was returned to
the Valar. Upon sacrificing his life, Harry also sacrificed his death, and his only
chance to return to the family he so desperately loved, and wished to see. Time
passed, and though he seemed to age as normal for a time, eventually the aging

slowed, and it became apparent that Harry was unlike those he loved. He watched
his wife, Ginny, his friends, Ron and Hermione, all pass to the test of time. He
watched generation after generation of his own children, and his loved one's

Through this time, his immortality became public knowledge, and eventually, a new
legend was born. Harry was once again thrust into the limelight, though no longer
as a celebrity, but a deity. The story of The One Who Lived, was worshipped by
many. Harry, always south of normalcy, and now knowing he would never find it in
this world, retreated into the shadows. His legend became fairy tale, and he would
be forgotten by many, even his own family.

A thousand years passed, and once again, the World sought to change. The everpowerful Wizarding World felt the oncoming change, and, wishing for their own
survival, saw themselves withdraw from the world, just as the angelic Valar had, all
those years ago. Once again, leaving the World of Man, to fend for themselves as
the Third Age began. The technologically proficient Man had no warning of this
change, and as continents shook, and twisted, they were powerless to watch the
world they had built fall. The World of Man watched in horror, as thousands of the
years of progress fell almost instantly to the power of Arda.

After the beginning of the Third Age, humanity began anew. Starting fresh from the
ruins of the old world, they knew only violence, and a lust for power. The World of
Man had seemingly reverted to their old barbaric ways, as they frantically searched
for one who would guide them toward a new light.

It had been a thousand years since The Boy Who Lived had seen the light of day. He
had slept for quite some time, lost in thought, and dream. He dreamt of a song. A
song of creation. Of the beginning. Of an age, long lost to time. His age and now
seemingly limitless power had granted him a wisdom not known to this world since
the Istari of Gandalf The White had been a presence. It was in this dream, the Valar
sensed his necessity, and thrust him unto the world, bestowing upon him a name
that would be written upon the walls of history, as he would silently guide the World
of Man to greatness once again. He was given the name Merlin, and the task to
choose one who would lead the World of Man to a time of peace, and stability.

Upon once again venturing into the world, Merlin began his quest, searching for a
memory. He remembered his past life, and a pure-hearted family. Friends that would
have died for him, and a love long since gone. A nurturing family where he would
feel safe and be given a home. He sought out this memory, in the hopes that the
always brave and defiant Weasley family would not have abandoned the world so

By this time, Merlin was thousands of years old, with wisdom most were not meant
to know. He knew the savage World of Man would not accept a young boy as their
guide to salvation, and looked for a tool. He chose an item he was familiar with, as a
symbol to the World of Man, of power and salvation. He thrust the Sword of Godric
Gryffindor into a boulder, and magically sealed it. Beginning the Sword's new story,
as the henceforth named, Excalibur.

Many years passed, and Merlin discovered the existence of the lone ancestor of the
Weasley family. A brave young boy, of pure heart, unknowingly named for his
ancestor, Arthur.

Merlin would find the boy, and guide him. Show him the truth of Magic, long since
lost to the annals of time, and groom him for he knew not what. Once Merlin
thought the boy ready, he took him to the boulder, which to the surprise of Merlin
had not only become Legend (as he predicted), but was now the centerpiece of an
entire kingdom. Merlin's ruse worked, and after allowing the pure-hearted Arthur to
pluck the Sword from its place, Arthur was given the crown, and the allegiance of
the Third Age.