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Unashamed, by Francine Rivers

As in all her her books I've read till now, Francine Rivers astounds the reader in her book
"Unashamed", telling the story of Rahab. Francine Rivers writes about Rahab in a way that fits
into God's plan, and how she craved to follow God and live among His people. This story made
my heart come closer to God! I could feel His embrace and His acceptance. Such a great feeling.
I think Francine Rivers would have written this story so much better if she'd just gone deeper,
because she writes with such depth you can't help but stay glued to the end, even if you know
how the story goes in the Bible. I think she didn't want to add anything to the story.
I want to quote some passages from the book, because they are very close to my heart: "The
Lord didn't save our people because we were worthy. Look how our fathers and mothers turned
away from God! They witnessed the ten plagues; they saw God open the Red Sea! They were
faithless and rebelled. And some of our own people turned away to bow down to the baals of
Moab. No, we are not worthy. Only the Lord is righteous. No other but the Lord is worthy of
praise.[...] He plucked us out of Egypt just as He will pluck Rahab out of Jericho. [...] the Lord
our God freed us. The Lord delivered us. The Lord redeemed us. The Lord took us to be His
people. Our salvation depends not on who we are but on who He is." (page 91)
"Rahab lowered her face against her knees. She didn't want Salmon or Ephraim to see her tears.
They might misunderstand and think she grieved over the fallen city or that she wasn't grateful
that they had fulfilled their vow. Her heart was filled with thanksgiving toward the Lord God of
heaven and earth, who had held these men to their promise. [...] Yet she hoped for more. Oh, so
much more." (page 116)
"'I am Rahab the prostitute, a prostitute in the eyes of all Israel and anyone else who hears of me.'
[...] 'Ah, yes, the woman with a past to whom God has given a future.' [...] the Lord knows His
people wherever they are, even when they're inside the walls of a pagan city. He knew you,
Rahab, and He answered the prayer of your heart. God saved you from death, and God is now
offering you a way to be grafted into His people.' (page 124-125)
"'Love?' 'Yes, love. In all my life, I haven't met a woman among all Israel who is more worthy of
praise than you. All the young women I know have seen the pillar of fire, the cloud that rises and
leads us across the desert wasteland. They have drunk water that streamed from a rock and eaten
manna from heaven. And still their faith does not match yours.'" (page 126)
"She swallowed back her tears, amazed at the mercy of God. First He rescued her, and now it
seemed He was providing a man of God to be her husband. Her husband! Never had she dreamed
of such a thing." (page 127)
When I finished reading the book, my thoughts were of how God is no respecter of person and
how deep His love is for those who believe and have a willing heart to be His children. I think
that this book is more about the love story between Rehab and God Himself. What we shouldn't
forget is that she is named in the lineage of Jesus.