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592 New Loudon Road, Latham (Behind Newton Plaza)

505 Washington Ave.

Albany, NY 12206



ROSHNI Issue No.90


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March 2016

The Calculating Sheepdog

After a talking sheepdog gets all
the sheep in the pen, he reports back
to the farmer: All 40 accounted for.
But I only have 36 sheep, says
the farmer.
I know, says the sheepdog. But I
rounded them up.

Social Media IRL

Ive given up social media for the
New Year and am trying to make
friends outside Facebook while?
applying the same principles. Every
day, I walk down the street and tell
passersby what Ive eaten, how I feel,
what I did the night before, and what I
will do tomorrow. Then I give them
pictures of my family, my dog, and me
gardening. I also listen to their
conversations and tell them I love
them. And it works. I already have
three people following metwo
?police officers and a psychiatrist.

Birthday Disappointment

Dads Brilliant Business Plan

Because it was my brothers

birthday, our mom wanted to do
something special. She called his
fraternity house and said she wanted
to bring a cake. The young man who
took the call was very excited. "Hey,
Mrs. Schaeffer," he said, "that would
be great!"
The next day she drove to the
fraternity and rang the doorbell. The
same boy answered the door. When
he saw the cake, his face fell. "Oh," he
said, clearly disappointed. "I thought
you said keg.

Scene: A conversation with my

friends father, who knows I do ?Web
Father: I have a business idea. How
hard is it to make a Facebook?
Me: Oh, very easy.
Friend: He doesnt mean to make?
a Facebook profile. He means to?
remake all of Facebook.
Me: Oh. Very hard.
Father: Oh, OK.

Funny Pet Names

Does kitty dream of slinking down the
catwalk? If so, give her a name that
screams Im a star! Like these actual
pet names
Bing Clawsby
Chairman Meow
Alexander the Grey
Mary-Louise Barker
Bettie Poops
Virginia Woof
Iggy Pup

Flash Drive Failure

Im at the library, and for some
reason, when I plug my flash drive into
the computer, it doesnt show up. I
keep trying, but nothing happens. As
an IT major, I know I can figure this
out. So I spend 15 minutes changing
settings and inserting and removing
the flash drive. Then a girl sitting next
to me taps my shoulder and says,
Youre plugging into my computer,
not yours.

What Do You Call

Q: What do you call an Amish guy
with his hand in a horses mouth?
A: Amechanic.

Bested by a Parrot
Wandering inside a pet store, I
stopped in front of a birdcage to
admire a parakeet. We watched each
other for a few minutes before it
asked, Cant you talk?

About The Stand-in Gorilla

When a zoos gorilla dies, the
zookeeper hires an actor to don ?a
costume and act like an ape ?until the
zoo can get another one.
In the cage, the actor makes
faces, swings around, and draws a
huge crowd. He then crawls across a
partition and atop the ?lions cage,
infuriating the animal. But the actor
stays in characteruntil he loses his
grip and falls into the lions cage.
Terrified, the actor shouts, Help!
Help me! Too late. The lion pounces,
opens ?its massive jaws, and
whispers, Shut up! Do you want to
get ?us both fired?!

ROSHNI Issue No.90


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March 2016

who disbelieved-for those shall be

draught of boiling water and torment
afflictive, for they used to disbelieve.
Huwa allathee jaAAala
a(l)shshamsa diyaan wa(a)lqamara
nooran waqaddarahu manazila
litaAAlamoo AAadada a(l)ssineena
wa(a)lhisaba ma khalaqa Allahu
thalika illa bi(a)lhaqqi yufassilu
alayati liqawmin yaAAlamoon(a)
He-SWT it is Who has made the
sun a glow and the moon a light, and
has determined mansions for her that
you may know the number of the years
and the reckoning. Allaah-SWT has
not created all this except with a
purpose. He-SWT expounds these
Signs to those who know.
Inna fee ikhtilafi allayli
wa(al)nnahari wama khalaqa Allahu
fee a(l)ssamawati wa(a)l ardi
laayatin liqawmin yattaqoon(a)
Verily in the alternation of night and


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day and in what Allah-SWT has

created in the heavens and the earth
are sure signs to a people who
observe Taqwa.
Inna allatheena la yarjoona liqaana
waradoo bi(a)lhayati a(l)ddunya
wa(i)tmaannoo biha wa(a)llatheena
hum AAan ayatina ghafiloon(a)
Verily those who hope not for
meeting with Us-SWT , and are well
pleased with the life of the world, and
are satisfied with it, and those who are
heedless of Our-SWT Signs.
Olaika mawahumu a(l)nnaru bima
kanoo yaksiboon(a)
These! Their abode shall be the
Fire for what they have been earning.
Inna allatheena amanoo
waAAamiloo a(l)ssalihati
yahdeehim rabbuhum
bieemanihim tajree min tahtihimu
alanharu fee jannati
Verily those who believe and do
righteous deeds, their Rabb-SWT will
guide them through their faith;
beneath them will flow rivers in the
Gardens of Delight.
DaAAwahum feeha subhanaka
allahumma watahiyyatuhum feeha
salamun waakhiru daAAwahum ani
alhamdu lillahi rabbi
Their call therein will be: hallowed
be You-SWT ! OAllah-SWT ! And their
greeting therein: peace! And the end
of their call will be: all praise to AllahSWT , the Rabb-SWT of the worlds.
In The Name of Allah-SWT the Most
Gracious, The Most Merciful

Alif-Lam-Ra. As stated earlier, the
knowledge of these Isolated Letters is
only with Allah-SWT and His-SWT

ROSHNI Issue No.90


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Prophet-SW. The devoted servants of

Allah-SWT , who are competent in
knowledge of Deen are also blessed
with this knowledge to a certain
degree. For the Muslims in general
only recitation suffices and it is not
proper to attempt an interpretation by
mere conjecture or approximation.
These Ayat are of a Glorious Book,
a treasure of wisdom. It is very easy to
understand even for an unlettered
shepherd, provided he has a sound
mind. For if the message is full of
wisdom but the listener has no
intellect he shall not understand it. For
instance, some people are amazed
that Allaah-SWT has revealed HisSWT Message unto a human being to
warn mankind of the perils of life. This
is thoroughly logical for if the
Prophets-AS were raised from
another creation like angels or Jinn,
mankind could not have benefited
from them. First of all an angel would
not have been visible to the human
beings, and to be visible he would
have to assume a human form. Then
why an angel, who differs in his
qualities and in his requirements from
the human beings? Therefore, it was
not rational at all. To raise a ProphetAS from amongst the mankind was
absolutely logical but they fail to
understand this simple point.
The Holy Prophet-SW must
convey glad tidings to those who have
embraced Islam, for they have
certainly stepped into righteousness,
indeed a very strong foothold. It
neither breaks nor can ever be lost
because it is from their Rabb-SWT
and is everlasting. Giving rewards on
deeds is directly related to His-SWT
Providence; that is why the Attributive
Name Rabb-SWT is used here. But
the non believers have such perverted
minds that they label the Holy
Prophet-SW as a perfect magician
who brings information from both near
and far-off places, or gives accurate
prophecies to establish himself-SW.n
March 2016

fact, anyone denying the Islamic

obligations would deserve a similar

Repentance Means Reformation

of Conduct
When some people refused to pay
Zakat the First Caliph Hadhrat Abu
Bakr Siddiq-RAU, on the authority of
this Ayah declared Jihad against
them, which was corroborated by the
Companions-RAU. And if anyone
amongst the penitent seeks protection
of the Holy Prophet-SW, in order to
gain awareness of Islam, he must not
only be given protection, but as soon
as his mission is completed, he must
be safely escorted back to his place so
that he may consider accepting Islam
out of free will. This Injunction caters
for the ignorance of the non believers
about Islam and will be applicable only
when an infidel wishes to come to the
Islamic State to learn about Islam.
However, if an infidel wishes to join the
Muslim community for reasons other
than learning Islam, for instance trade
etc, it is entirely at the discretion of the
believers to allow or refuse a visa

Visit of Infidels to Islamic State.

It is the State's responsibility to
keep an eye on the movements and
activities of those non Muslims, who
have been permitted into the Islamic
State. As soon as their visa expires or
the purpose of the visit is achieved,
they must be escorted back. They
must not be allowed to stay in the
Islamic State unnecessarily, unlike
today s Muslim States, which hire non
believers as advisors, and their
Government s are run by the
assistance and advice of the infidels.
This is indeed a grave sin.
T h e a b ov e s ix Aya t h av e
highlighted the different categories of
the infidels in terms of their conduct
and dealings. The rules for the
treatment to be extended to each have
also been spelled out. It is clearly
explained that the establishment of an

ROSHNI Issue No.90

Islamic State and its protection

against the intrigues of the infidels is
the only way to the rise of Islam. This is
an eye-opener for those who
participate in some way intellectually,
physically or financially to cause the
wicked and ungodly people to rule the
Muslims. This indeed is a serious
violation. It is imperative for every
Muslim to contribute towards the
establishment and protection of an
Islamic State. And the only way for
achieving this goal is by making sure
that the infidels and the ungodly have
nothing to do with it.

New Surah

Surah Name:
Younus-AS Meaning: Jonah
Revealed at Makkah
By virtue of Revelation, it is a
Makkan Surah but has been placed
after Surah Taubah in sequence. It
continues the same topic, as of Surah
Taubah and answers the objections
raised by the infidels over the
Prophethood of the Holy Prophet-SW.
This Surah presents both logical as
well as historical answers. Firstly, it
proves that Islam logically is the best
Code of Life for everyone, and is not
merely to be imposed on people.
Secondly, it quotes historical evidence
of some of the preceding nations; how
Allah-SWT blessed those who obeyed
Him-SWT , and the end of those who
engaged in frivolous arguments, thus
failing to embrace Islam
Total Number of Ruku / Sections 11
Total Number of Ayat / Parts 109
Surah / Chapter number 10
Ruku / Section 1 containsAyat /
Parts 10
Siparah/ Volume 11
In The Name of Allah SWT The
Most Gracious , The Most Merciful
Aliflamra tilka ayatu alkitabi
Alif-Lam-Ra. These are the Ayat of
the wise Book


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Akana li(l)nnasi AAajaban an
awhayna ila rajulin minhum an
anthiri a(l)nnasa wabashshiri
allatheena amanoo anna lahum
qadama sidqin AAinda rabbihim
qala alkafi roona inna hatha
lasahirun mubeen(un)
Is it a matter of wonder to the
mankind that We-SWT should reveal
to a man among them saying: warn
you-SW the mankind, and bear the
faithful the glad tidings that theirs shall
be a sure footing with their RabbSWT? The infidels say that this is a
plain sorcerer.
Inna rabbakumu Allahu allathee
khalaqa a(l)ssamawati wa(a)larda fee
sittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala
alAAarshi yudabbiru alamra ma min
shafeeAAin illa min baAAdi ithnihi
thalikumu Allahu rabbukum
fa(o)AAbudoohu afala
Verily your Rabb-SWT is AllahSWT Who has created the heavens
and earth in six days, then established
Himself-SWT on the Throne disposing
the affair, no intercessor is there
except after His-SWT permission.
That is Allah-SWT , your Rabb-SWT :
so worship Him-SWT . Would you not
then be admonished?
Ilayhi marjiAAukum jameeAAan
waAAda Allahi haqqan innahu
yabdao alkhalqa thumma
yuAAeeduhu liyajziya allatheena
amanoo waAAamiloo a(l)ssalihati
bi(a)lqisti wa(a)llatheena kafaroo
lahum sharabun min hameemin
waAAathabun aleemun bimakanoo
To Him-SWT is the return of you allthe promise of Allah-SWT is true. HeSWT begins the creation, then HeSWT shall repeat it, that He-SWT may
requite with equity those who believed
and did righteous deeds. And those
March 2016

Asrar At-Tanzil

The English Tafseer of Quran

By: Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

Translation and Tafseer Surah Taubah and Surah Younus

Hajj -e-Akbar (The Greater Pilgrimage)

Hajj -e-Akbar
(The Greater Pilgrimage)

ccording to the Commentators

this term refers to the Hajj
performed annually because
'Umrah has been termed as Hajj-eAsghar (the smaller Hajj). The
expression embraces all the five days
of Hajj. The inference that the day at
'Arafat falling on a Friday means Hajje-Akbar has no factual basis.
However, it is true that when the Holy
Prophet-SW performed Hajj, the Day
at Arafat was a Friday. Although a
Friday falling on the day at Arafat
certainly has its own Barakah, it must
be noted that in 9th Hijrah, the day at
'Arafat was not a Friday. Still, the
Quran terms it as the "Day of Hajj-eAkbar"

'Umrah Is Not Permissible

During the Hajj Days
According to Quran these five days
have been dedicated for performing
Hajj. Therefore, 'Umrah is not
permitted in these days. As for the
annulment of the treaties, Allaah-SWT
and His-SWT Prophet-SW declare
withdrawal from all the treaties held
with the infidels. When all the treaties
are being abolished, those groups
with whom there never had been any
Treaty ought to pay even greater heed
to the following announcement. The
polytheists of Makkah had themselves
violated the treaties, which led to the
conquest of Makkah and as such they
did not deserve any concession. Still,
Islam treated them gracefully by
giving them a respite for four months.

ROSHNI Issue No.90

As these were the Sacred Months so

Allaah-SWT commanded that the
sancti ty of t hese mont hs be
maintained and the infidels be given
time to take a decision. Moreover, they
should be allowed to move freely
within the Islamic State if they wished
to during these four months.
However, they must realize that the
only route to peace is through
obedience to Allaah-SWT . Otherwise
they would ultimately perish along
with their intrigues and shall fail to
pose a challenge to the Omnipotence
of Allaah-SWT . Besides, their
destruction would not only be physical
in this world, but would take the form of
an eternal and shameful doom in the

Fulfillment of Promise
For those non believers who did
not violate their treaties with the
Muslims, nor ext ended any
assistance to the enemy against
them, it was enjoined that the treaties
with them must be honoured until the
date of expiry. Undoubtedly AllaahSWT loves the righteous. Taqwa must
not be lost sight of even in matters
involving treaties with the infidels. No
pretence must be used to abrogate
such pacts, as this is contrary to a
Muslim's integrity.
This Ayah granted respite to the
two tribes of Bani Kinanah, namely
Bani Dhamrah and Bani Madbah. The
treaties with them were to be
honoured until the remaining nine
months of their validity. Besides, they
were informed well in time that the


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Continued from last month

treaties would not be renewed. Then
there were other groups with whom,
either the period of the treaty was not
fixed or there was no treaty altogether.
To them applied the injunctions
revealed in the first two Ayat and they
too got a respite for four months. It was
declared that if after the lapse of this
period the polytheists and the non
believers did not either accept Islam or
quit Makkah, they would be dealt with
ruthlessly without any leniency, as
reservations in slaying the deceitful
actually denote cowardice. Therefore,
the treacherous must be slain or
seized wherever found. The believers
must wage a full-fledged combat
against them and apply all feasible
tactics in warfare. Yet it must be
remembered that a believer is not the
enemy of any person but evil beliefs
and conduct. Hence if the non
believers repent and accept Islam, for
which the proof will be that they offer
Salat and pay Zakat, then the Muslims
must not stand in their way, because
Allah-SWT, for sure, is the Most
Merciful and Forgiving. Thus it
becomes evident that to obliterate
oppression, the grandeur and the
might of the tyrants must be shattered,
without giving them any allowance.
However, if they give up tyranny,
which would imply repentance, they
will be treated without discrimination.
Repentance demands a reformation
of conduct in the first place; therefore,
they must offer Salat and pay Zakat.
Failure to do so would render the claim
of embracing faith meaningless and
the fighting would not be called off. In
March 2016

Areas Except
Those Listed

First: (F1) Unmarried Sons and
Daughters of U.S. Citizens: 23,400 plus
any numbers not required for fourth
Second: Spouses and Children, and
Unmarried Sons and Daughters of
Permanent Residents: 114,200, plus the
number (if any) by which the worldwide
family preference level exceeds 226,000,
plus any unused first preference numbers.
A. (F2A) Spouses and Children of
Permanent Residents: 77% of the overall
second preference limitation, of which

75% are exempt from the per-country

B. (F2B) Unmarried Sons and Daughters
(21 years of age or older) of Permanent
Residents: 23% of the overall second
preference limitation.
Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters
of U.S. Citizens: 23,400, plus any
numbers not required by first and second
Fourth: (F4) Brothers and Sisters of Adult
U.S. Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers
not required by first three preferences.
On the chart below, the listing of a date for
any class indicates that the class is
oversubscribed (see paragraph 1); "C"


Attorneys at Law
Practice limited to Immigration & Nationality Matters
TEL. 518-785-0175 FAX 518-786-1541
Eric K. Copland
Barbara C. Brenner

ROSHNI Issue No.90


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means current, i.e., numbers are available

for all qualified applicants; and "U" means
unavailable, i.e., no numbers are
available. (NOTE: Numbers are available
only for applicants whose priority date is
earlier than the cut-off date listed below.)n

USCIS Issues Guidance on

Adjustment of Status Policies


Guidance on Adjustment of
Status Policies and Procedures,
effective from February 25, 2016.
Policy Highlights
Provides guidance on basic eligibility
requirements and filing instructions
(including the definition of a properly
filed application), concurrent filing and
Provides guidance on evidentiary
requirements, including initial evidence,
unavailability of official records, use of
affidavits and requests for evidence.
Provides guidance on interviews,
including interview waiver criteria and use
of interpreters.
Clarifies adjudication guidelines to
include guidance on verifying the
underlying basis for adjustment and
reviewing ongoing eligibility, verifying visa
availability and determining admissibility.
Explains the applicable burden of
proof and standard of proof and provides
guidance on determining when the
favorable exercise of discretion is

March 2016

goal is to mimic the rosiness that

follows a great workout (although this
can be a lot for some people), and like
you're glowing from within. This of
course means, no harsh edges!
Whether you're applying cream or
powder, use the right brush and start
with minimal amount of product and
build up. A duo-fibre brush is great for
this because of its sheer delivery.

Contour and Highlight

Contouring runs the most danger
of looking too obvious and fake.
Precision and quantity is essential in
this application. My preferred way to
apply a contour is to take the product
on my brush and first tap it (lightly
stroke it as if you were applying the
product) on the inside of my wrist (or
forearm). This technique not only


The National Defense Lie

We never said our nation did not
need arms or, wars.
We got along with the military--the
purchase officers of the weaponry.
We, the writers, got our cut.
As children died of hunger or, for
the lack of a malaria pill in the rest of
the country, we fed our children good
and bought them the malaria pill when

helps remove excess product from the

brush but also shows you what the
shade will look like on your skin before
you apply it on your face (a great helptrust me!). Of course, you can avoid
the potential muddiness by not
applying contour at all and using
highlighter alone to shape your face.
My favorite contour brush is Inglot's
36BJF for the cheekbones and NarsIta
Kabuki brush for cheekbones and
nose. Highlighter should also be
blended in properly so that there are no
visible edges. Apply highlighter higher
than your blush, slightly overlapping to
avoid the lines. Use a minimal amountapplying too much can make your face
appear flat. Blending for beginners
Here are a few pointers for those
who are completely new to makeup

and blending
Always start with a moisturized (not
damp) face. Blending products will be
much, much easier on well hydrated
skin. Sometimes I even add a teeny bit
of moisturizer to my foundation or
concealer. Never apply blush and
contour directly on the face. Always
test the product on the inside of your
arm. Certain routines require a skilled
hand, which takes practice. Consider
using a spray. A facial mist like Mac
Fix+ works magic. It helps you blend
better because it can liquefy your
makeup as it dries. Fix+ is a great
product to apply at the end of your
makeup routine to help keep your
makeup in place all day!
Do what works for you. These tips
are not meant to be hard and fast rules.
Give them a try and see what works
best for you!n

We, the writers, never brought it
up in our writings that instead of
purchasing weapons, we had to
spend our 800-plus million dollars-ayear to cater to the hunger and health
of the 200 million people we have in
our country.
We raised our children good as we
killed the poor children good.
The dead, the poor, the people,
don't even know we did it.

Probably, even we, the writers, do

not know we did it.
Chances are, if we did know it, we
would deny it.
However, the fact would remain.
We don't need machine guns,
artillery, tanks, warships, warplanes
or nuclear bombs.
We need food, education and
health care.
The purchase officers are a bunch
of liars.
National defense is a lie.
We, the writers, are liars when we
say the fiction of national defense is
not a lie.
We have to tell the truth!
We, the writers, the middle class,
the maggots of the sewer, the
criminals serving the dominant set of
criminals, are murderers of millions,
as of now, documented and certified
by history.
s We can't alter history.
s But the future is ours.
s Food.
s Not guns.
s Trade.
s Not war!
s Truth.
s Not liesn

Best Pakistani
and Indian
Food in Town
with this

31 Centralaye Albany, NY
Phone : (518) 463-4161
ROSHNI Issue No.90


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March 2016

By Anam Afaq
getting your skin and makeup looking
and feeling a whole lot better.

Buff your foundation

he key to life is blending (OK.

Maybe not your whole life, but
most of it!). Having naturally
gorgeous skin-smooth, even-toned,
pore-less may be a challenge-but
there is a simple (and free!) way of
making it seem like you do.

Blend your makeup!

This technique sounds easy, but
even for me it took some trial and
error. When I first started wearing
makeup, I would pile on a quarter-inch
thick layer of EVERYTHING! The
more the better? No! No one looks
good in streaky, unblended makeup.
The caked on skin is not only
unappealing, it doesn't allow the skin
to breathe. So here are a few tips to

The purpose of foundation is to

make your skin look radiant and eventoned. You don't want to look like you
have a mask on. To keep your skin
looking like skin, buff your foundation.
This means applying your foundation
in small circular motions and gently
pushing the product into the skin.
Doing this will help the product melt
into the skin rather than sitting on top.
Brushes and fingers can be your best
friends when trying to get a flawless
face. Use brushes rather than
sponges, since sponges can waste a
lot of product and also apply on more
than you need. There's a few different
types of brushes you can use: flat
brush, buffing brush, or a stipple brush.
Fingers are also great for creams and
liquids since your body heat warms the

product and helps it blend easily into

the skin. My favorite tool is the 122
blending brush by Make Up Forever
and even more, my fingers! For liquid
foundations, I usually take a dime size
amount on the top of my hand and
apply it in areas needed. For cream
and heavy coverage foundations, I
take it out on the back of my hand
(more hygienic than dipping your
brush in the compact) and use the
brush to apply it on my face. Then I
take a damp beauty blender sponge
and press the product in. I love using a
wet beauty blender for foundations
because it really makes your skin
appear magically luminous. But
remember, practice (and great
lighting) makes perfect.

Blend your blush edges

Blush is my favorite product and it is
also the easiest product to make you
look instantly healthy and awake. The


ROSHNI Issue No.90


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March 2016

eteran actor and film maker

Kamal Haasan speaking at
the annual India Conference
of Harvard University in downtown
Boston said democracy is a work in
progress which requires constant
vigilance to safeguard it.
Kamal Haasan said freedom of
speech cannot be taken for granted.
He spoke of the Emergency and
"voices silenced in plain sight for the
world to see". Democracy does not
guarantee freedom of speech, CNN
IBN quotes the actor saying at the
Boston event.
Kamal Haasan has said he was
against the word "tolerance" as he
underlined that all communities need
to "accept" each other to save the
country from disintegration.
Haasan, during a "fireside chat"
with students of the prestigious
Harvard University, said the country
has already lost its two arms Bangladesh and Pakistan - and all
efforts should be made to maintain
the unity and integrity of the country.
Citing the example of a sleeveless
sweater knit in green thread among
other colours, Haasan said, "It (India)
is a sweater which is already knit with
green thread (among other colour
wools). You just can't pull (the green
thread). There is no sweater left then."
"We have already lost the sleeves
of the sweater - Bangladesh and

ROSHNI Issue No.90

Pakistan (have) gone. It 's a

sleeveless sweater So let's keep the
sweater. It's getting cold," he said
amid applause from the young Indian
students studying at the Harvard
U n i v e r si t y a n d o t h e r h i g h e r
educational institutions around
Boston including the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.
Haasan's an swer came in
response to a question from one of
the students who wanted to seek his
views on voices of intolerance coming
from some of the popular Bollywood
stars like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh
"I am against the word tolerance.
You do not tolerate; you accept a


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friend. Why should you tolerate

everything? It is a view either you
accept it or not accept it? Why do you
tolerate?" Haasan asked.
"Intolerance is there because you
are tolerating it. Do not tolerate.
Accept the Muslims as your cocitizens. Do not tolerate them. Accept
the Hindus (as your co-citizen). That's
the problem of tolerant. Accept it
(Muslims) because you are not going
to take away the green in your Indian
flag," the popular Indian actor told the
The intolerance debate had raged
in India recently with many writers,
artists and civil society members
expressing alarm over the issuen

March 2016

The National Defense Lie

Syed F. Hussaini

eventy-one per cent of China's

arms exports go to Pakistan,
Bangladesh and Burma.
The importers are among the
poorest countries on the planet.
Why is that?
This is probably the
cheapest weaponry on sale.
And, the Chinese do not hesitate
to duck the international anti-bribery,
anti-kickback laws.
This is a lucrative combination.
The Chinese manufacturers and
middlemen make money and so do
the purchase officers in the importer
The generals and the politicians of
the importing countries get their
commission which may not be just
The kickback, the commission can
be as high as 80%.
They pay the Chinese 5,000
dollars for a thousand-dollar weapon
and the difference is divvied up and
deposited in bank accounts in Dubai.
This system serves multiple
I t personall y enriches t he
purchase officers.
Plus, it di s-empowers th e
The rulers waste the money away
on weaponry to stop it from trickling
down to the poor taxpayer in the
shape of food, education, and health
Food, education, health care is
The rulers remain empowered as
long as they stop the subjects from
gaining empowerment.
So, the tax-paying poor man's
money wasted, lost, is an investment
for the ruler.
The ruler steals as much as he can
and destroys whatever is left so that
the leftover never reaches the subject
a n d t he s ub j e c t ne v e r g e t s
empowered to challenge the ruler.

ROSHNI Issue No.90

The ruler keeps the subjects

hungry, illiterate and sick and rules-comfortably.
s It is not a conspiracy.
s It is a system.
s It is politics.
s It is a way of life.
s It is history.
s It is culture.
As our purchase officers enrich
themselves, they rob the people of the
money meant to improve the lives of
the taxpayers.
The people paid taxes for food,
education, health and other things--to
empower themselves.
The rulers usurped the collected
taxes to buy weapons for personal
enrichment and to keep the money
from being used on people's needs
thus stopping the poor from getting
The children of the poor went
hungry, got stunted--physically and
Many children of the poor got no
education. The lucky ones got the
diluted version of education devised
by the rulers who sent their own
children to select schools.
A better physique, a well-fed brain,
a fully-nourished educated mind is an
empowered mind--it is an empowered
By not spending the collected
taxes to feed, educate and keep
healthy the population, the rulers rob
the people of empowerment.
In turn, the rulers get more
The writers can break this cycle.
Traditionally, historically, at least,
for the last one hundred years,
especially in the East, the writers,
mostly coming out of the middle class,
had been duty-fully serving the ruling
We, as a class, the writers, the
middle-class, have done good during

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this century-long melee.

Some of us are making millions.
Others have fairly decent-paying
jobs or, pensions.
Those who choose to stick to
ideals die in peace and poverty or,
live--quiet, silent, in poverty.
But, we, the writing writers, rich or
poor, have to know and say that the
very idea of national defense is an
elaborate fraud, a lie, a scheme to
deprive the poor of empowerment by
simply blowing away the money on
weapons to keep the poor poor,
hungry, physically and mentally
stunted, uneducated, ignorant, disempowered.
s Talking about it is essential.
s Writing about it comes last.
s Knowing about it comes first.
We, the writers, have to know that
buying arms for the so-called national
defense is a scam, a fraud, a lie.
We, the writers, had been
participating in this fraud for a while-making a living out of it--literally.
We, the writers, have to know that
we had been doing it at the cost of real
human lives--still-born babies of
malnourished mothers, gross infantmortality rate, gross mortality rate
among children and even among
adults from hunger and treatable
ailments and many other preventable
We have raised our children.
There are 18-year-old folks
walking into journalism trying to make
a living, emulating us, to raise their
We have to tell them how did we
do it? How exactly we shook hands
with the evil? How did we surrender?
How, exactly, we sold our souls? How
did we manage to remain silent?
Do we have the strength to tell
these kids--these future journalists-that we did wrong? With a brood of
MBAs under our roof, we live with a
guilty conscience glossed over with
an imagined pride of making it from
the ghetto to the mansion. At what
cost we achieved it?
We, the writers, remained silent.
We wrote within the parameters
the editors set.
To be continue on Page # 12

March 2016

By Mohiuddin Aazim

akistan is at a historic
crossroads on of its foreign
policy today. And, whatever
path it takes will have long-term
impact on its soil.
Seemingly, so far, the state has
shown enough wisdom in sorting out
contradictions in its foreign policy.
And, one can hope that this process of
self-correction will continue in future
as well.
Todays Pakistan is confronted
with two key questions in relation to its
foreign policy. And, both address the
HOW of things, not their WHY.
Advisor to PM Mr. Sartaj Aziz has told
the parliament that it has not joined
the Saudi-led military alliance. He has
also explained that 1200 plus
Pakistani soldiers remain in Saudi
Arabia under a 1982 Pak-Saudi
bilateral military pact. Which, of
course, has nothing to do with the
latest Saudi-led multilateral military
alliance. Thats good.
Mr. Azizs statement shows how
Pakistan is trying to practice its stated
policy of equal friendly relationship
with All Muslim states. The world now
knows this is HOW Pakistan will
remain committed to its stated policy
of non-interference in affairs of other
sovereign states and this is how it will
avoid being caught up in a regional
conflict which also has its roots in
Muslim worlds Shia-Sunni divide.
Readers would recall that Mr.
Azizs statement has come after PM
Nawaz Sharif and Gen Raheel Sharif
visited Riyadh and Tehran to convince
both sides to reconsider their
positions vis-a-vis the Saudi-led
military alliance or at least avoid a
direct confrontation.
The second key question for
Pakistans foreign policy is HOW the
state can handle its non-state actors
whose unscrupulous activities make it
difficult to remain at peace with its

ROSHNI Issue No.90


to it is not going to make any

neighbours, in particular, and with
other nations in general.
difference in the fact that the new
Asian Order has emerged and is sure
That Pakistan has been hosting
to run full course across, or in the
quadrilateral meetings of the
most of, Asia 10-20 years.
representatives of the US, China,
Afghanistan and itself for hammering
In new Asian Order, as in the new
out an agreement between Taliban
world order, things are being defined
and the current Kabul regime shows
and decided in the light of a
its commitment in this regard. In so
perspective fundamentally different
doing, and even before that the state
than in the previous order. Religion is
of Pakistan has sent a clear signal to
taking a back seat, a new world
all non-state actors that the days of
culture (read corporate culture) is
good or bad Taliban are over. And,
being introduced, and the economic
Pakistani soil cannot be used any
might married with futuristic vision is
longer by any of its non-state actors to
going to have a final say in the Asian
create fuss across the border.
and world order.
One should hope that the way
The multi-million dollar question is
Pakistan is handling these and other
how deeply our policy makers have
crucial issues of foreign policy would
grasped this essence of the big
help position it at a safer and higher
change that Asia, in particular, and the
place in the new world order, at least
world in general is bound to embrace.
in relation to the new Asian Order the
Many of us live in the fantasy of
signs of which are emerging clearly in
democracy that, in the new Asian and
every passing day.
world order, is acquiring a completely
T h i s n e w A si a n O rd e r i s
different meaning than the popular
dominated by China, shared with
slogan of of the people, by the
some reservations by India and still
people, for the people. That is why
somewhat dictated by the US that
confusion prevails everywhere. And,
wants to make sure that the Asian
Pakistan is no exceptionn
Order does not
deviate from the
new world order.
Pakistan and
other countries
are just the
followers of the
new Asian Order.
But whether
Iranian and the
Arabs are also
going to join in or,
if so, on what
wheat and gluten free products
conditions are still
77 4th Street
644 Loudon Road
u n c l e a r. T h e
Troy, NY 12180 Latham, NY 12110
Saudi-led military
alliance or the
Iranian opposition

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March 2016

the South Side, near Englewood, the

neighborhood on which filmmaker
Spike Lee based Chi-Raq. Father
Pfleger is a longtime social activist
who has spent years speaking out
against gun violence. The
unemployment rate near St. Sabina is
close to 25 percent.
Father Pfleger often shares
weekend shooting statistics on his
Facebook page, along with
commentary. And whatever opinion
you have of Father Pfleger, he gets it.
While we fight against corrupt
police we must also fight against
those who are part of this self-inflicted
Genocide that is causing our
neighborhoods to live in Fear. Yes, we
must demand Jobs, Education,
Economic Opportunity, Options and
end this Easy Access to Guns, and
yes we must Tell the Thousands of
Churches that will gather today to
pray that Faith without Works is still
Our family has a friend on the
South Side who grew up in the Robert
Taylor Homes, the now-demolished
high-rise public housing project of 28
buildings that ran along the Dan Ryan
Expressway. He and his family have
l ive d i n se ve ral So ut h Si d e
neighborhoods, yet the only jobs
available to him are far away.
Currently he has a 2.5-hour commute
to a job in a northern suburb. He has
to ride a bus, two elevated trains, and
another bus to get to work.
But he says its worth it. He and his
wife, who also works, are scraping
together every penny they can (and
no doubt creating student loan debt
for their son) to send their boy to
collegehes now in his junior year.
He had to go away to school, our
friend told us. Two of his friends have
already been killed.
Hes traveled to job interviews with
even longer commutes, all with
complicated multiple modes of public
transportation. All of this is because of
the lack of employment opportunity in
his own neighborhood. All weve got
are mostly liquor stores and funeral
parlors, hes told us.
Want to curb violence? Give black
men a job, argues Dahleen Glanton
in a column in the Chicago Tribune. If
young black men went to work every

ROSHNI Issue No.90

day, they wouldn't be out in the streets

killing each other, she writes, citing
figures from the Great Cities Institute
It means that only about 1 in 2
black men will be able to lift himself or
his children out of poverty. It means
that nearly half of all black men in
Chicago could be on the path to a life
without a future, a journey that will
likely land them in the Cook County
Jail or the Cook County morgue. It
means that the fate of AfricanAmerican men is being cemented into
a permanent underclass, a legacy
they will likely pass on to their
children, their grandchildren and their
And we wonder why Chicago has
an escalating problem of violence?
A young man without a job gets to
hang out on the corner day and night,
whether the temperature is below
zero or near 100. He gets to dodge
bullets every time he takes a step
outside. He gets to hold the hand of a
brother or a friend since grade school
as that buddy takes his dying breath.
A young man with a job gets to
hold his head high when he walks
down the street. When his children
are afraid, he can look them in the eye
and tell them that everything is going
to be OK. And a man with a job gets to
believe in the American Dream that
if he works hard, he will eventually
earn the success he deserves.
You're wrong if you think the
majority of black men would walk
away from a chance at that.
In its conclusion, the Great Cities
Institute report describes permanent
scars that lead to conditions that are
both a consequence and a
pr e ci pi t a t i ng f ac t or in yo ut h
This report clearly highlights that
youth employment rates are tied to
conditions in neighborhoods and
cannot be seen as distinct from what
is happening in the neighborhoods
themselves. The devastation of
unemployment, in turn, wreaks havoc
on the neighborhood.
Chicago is a great city. But how
can it truly be great, when this tale of
two cities provides such stark
comparison in the employment

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opportunities among young people?

Heres an economic opportunity
that will be happening soon. The
Barack Obama Presidential Center is
slated to be built on the South Side.
There are two locations under
consideration. One is Jackson Park,
south of the Museum of Science and
Industry, a park that is well-used for
summertime picnics, basketball
games, and many programs in the
fieldhouse and other facilities. The
other is Washington Park, near the
Du Sa bl e Mus eu m of Af r ic an
American History, a park with fewer
amenities which is in a neighborhood
that probably could use more
development help than the Jackson
Park site. Plus, its right near the
Green Line elevated train route,
making it easy for people to get to
work at the Obama library or any of
the businesses that are bound to grow
around the new site.
I sincerely hope that the Obamas
and those responsible for making the
site selection will make neighborhood
economic development a key factor in
their final choicen


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Dine In Take-Out Get Delivery
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Authentic Indian Cuisine

in Town
March 2016

Young black men in Chicago:

Out of work, out of school, and out of luck
By Sher Watts Spooner
hicago isnt a safe or profitable
from other states (true) or the
online tally, updated a few times per
Ferguson effect (not true). Chicago
week, shows daily, monthly, and
place for young men of color,
Mayor Rahm Emanuel went so far as
annual totals of shootings and
especially on the West and
to blame the uptick in shootings on an
shooting deaths. So far in 2016,
South sides. That in itself is nothing
anti-police backlash, saying Chicago
Chicago has had nearly 300 shooting
new. But a new report on black youth
police officers have pulled back on
victims and more than 50 homicides
unemployment, coupled with recent
enforcing the lawin essence, that
sky-high shooting and murder rates,
that they were forced into a fetal
doesnt leave young black men with
many options. Nearly half of all black
males in Chicago between the ages of
You can talk about illegal drugs,
Family & Support Services that shows
20 and 24 are neither working nor
fai led schoo ls, maln utri tio n,
unemployment rates in
getting an education.
substandard housing, and a host of
neighborhoods throughout the city.
The statistics also were dismal for
other issues. Theres truth in all of
Notice the overlap. The areas with the
the citys black teenagers. The jobless
those factors. But the
rate for black 16- to 19biggest culprit is lack of
year-olds was 88 percent.
economic opportunity.
Rates for these
Chicago is no different
demographic groups are
many other urban
higher than state or
areas that have
national rates, or than
experienced job flight
rates in other large cities
from the inner city. You
such as Los Angeles and
used to see large
New York. And all of
factories throughout the
Chicagos highest
cit y that employed
unemployment rates for
hundreds of workers.
black teens and young
N o w, t h o s e s a m e
adults were on the West
workplaces are shuttered
and South sides, just as
or torn down. And not
they are for older adults.
much has been left in their
These facts and
figures are from a report
During my commuting
titled Lost: The Crisis of
days, I always rode the
Jobless and Out of
David Elam, 25, was among those testifying at a recent hearing CTA Green Line along the
School Teens and Young
hosted by the Chicago Urban League about youth unemployment. West Side. The worst
Adults in Chicago, Illinois,
Elam credited a summer job program with getting him out of a gang. sight was the old Brachs
and the U.S. Its from the
candy factory, which
Great Cities Institute, an
in 2001 after 76 years
initiative at the University of Illinois at
citys poorest and most segregated
of making StarBrite Mints and Milk
Chicago College of Urban Planning
Maid Caramels, leaving 1,100 people
areas and the neighborhoods with the
and Public Affairs. Its mission is to link
out of work. The company moved
academic resources with partners to
highest unemployment rates.
most of its candy manufacturing to
address urban issues by providing
It doesnt take a genius to connect
research, policy analysis, and
the dots. Young black men with few
program development. The report
For years, the old factory sat
options are getting shot in high
was produced for the citys Alternative
empty, a broken shell of a oncenumbersand thats in the middle of
School Network in conjunction with
thriving company. Worse, the 12-story
the winter. Usually these kinds of
the Chicago Urban League.
totals are more common in the
building was awash with gang signs
and symbols. It was finally torn down.
The jobless numbers provide only
people outside.
half the story. The Chicago Tribune is
The Rev. Michael Pfleger is head
You can blame the high incidence
among those that keep track of the
of St. Sabina Church in Chicagos
in shootings on easy gun trafficking
citys shootings and murders. Its
Auburn Gresham neighborhood on

ROSHNI Issue No.90

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March 2016

Sisters of Charity hospital right there in central PA.

The lobby of the hospital now proudly bears his name:
Abdul Wahhab, MD. My dad is a Pakistani, Muslim
immigrant. He never once put God before Country,
and never will. Me either, but you sure are making it
hard. You oughtta maybe give him a call and talk to
him about what it means to be a real American, Mr.
Trump. Someone needs to show you.
My father's contribution to this country came at a
time when our nation was in a doctor crisis, there
weren't enough to serve our small town and my father
never hesitated to share his skill in the most destitute
communities. His contribution and the contributions of
so many immigrants are amazing-the most among
these are the patriotic American legacy of first
generation kids they have raised here. We are grateful
beyond what is reasonable for what this country did
for and means to us.
Without this sense of inclusion into our American
communities, you are essentially leaving our kids to
wonder if ISIS, a group that does welcome them, is a

good call. This is not regurgitated rhetoric, but something I

have considered very carefully as a privileged, rebellious
teenager myself - I see how careless interaction with a
rude person could turn me. I'm not kidding about that.
We need to embrace our immigrant Americans as my
father was - emboldened by the American Dream, he
wanted nothing more than to have good American kids.
Without our common bond as Americans, we are just a
tribal nation like the ones my parents left behind.
Mr. Trump, my people know how to operate in tribal
nations. Instead of teaching you how to be an American,
my dad will gladly teach you how to tie a rope bed and
make a clay house. I'm worried that this is what will
happen to my country should your rhetoric take hold.
Talk to us. We are an educated,
civilized people. We are immigrant families. We are
American. We want this conversation.
Rubi Nicholas

Red-Kap Sales, Inc. proudly serving the regions gas stations since 1933



ROSHNI Issue No.90

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Choudhry Mohammad Sarwar

March 2016

Letter from
the Editor

s readers and supporters of

Roshni, I'd like to extend my
sincere gratitude to each and
every one of you. You have been the
true success behind Roshni through
your invaluable support over the many
years and the many stages of growth
we have seen.
In an increasingly digitized world,
the demand for increasing the
presence of Roshni on the Web is
becoming more apparent to us. While
I myself am a fan of print media being
a form of art in itself, I find it important
to cater to the needs of the readers;
that's you all. I am informing to you in
advance that next issue of Roshni will
be the final print magazine and we will
continue to publish our content on the
web at I
welcome your feedback and am
happy to discuss in detail if you have
any questions you can reach out to me
directly at
Lastly, as some of you may know, I
have been fighting an aggressive
battle with cancer. While this has an
impact on my day-to-day abilities, I am
hopeful that living each day to fulfill my
passions is a life that is meaningful. I
am requesting from you to keep me in
your prayers for a complete recovery
so I may be able to continue this
philosophy of living each day to fulfill
these passions that I believe many
benefit from.
Again, a sincere thank you to each
of you for being on this journey with
us, whether it was from day one or just
t od a y. I t ce rt a inl y h a s b ee n
Afaq Ahmed Khan

ROSHNI Issue No.90

An Open Letter to
Donald Trump
Dear Mr. Trump,
I want to introduce you to an American story that you might relate to as
your constituents may as well. I am the daughter of a real American. My
father was raised on a farm, born poor and was smart enough to raise the
capital to get through college and eventually medical school.
A small town guy, he settled with my mom and my sisters and me in
what amounts to a village in the coal region of central PA. You might know
Pottsville as the home of Yuengling Brewery, "America's Oldest
Brewery"it's a small town with values that extend to the core of what
being American is all about.
I remember my father getting visits from farmers, and others with
barter items that they would bring if they couldn't afford the surgical
procedure needed. He was thrilled to be taken on a fishing trip, given a
farm fresh eggs, or shown the little nuances and hikes along the
Appalachian trail in exchange for the barter he could offer - an
appendectomy, gall stone removal, even ingrown toenail (ick) repair.
My father never drove a foreign made car. Never. I myself was proud to
drive a Ford all through the nineties in my father's footsteps. When the
larger big box chains moved into town, and the mom and pop stores
began to suffer, he would insist that buying a hammer at Ace was worth
the extra $0.50 if he had it.
A staunch 80's republican, he and my mother would go to the fancy
$1,000 a plate dinners, and proudly display framed photos of Tom Ridge
and the Republican Arlen Specter in our parlor. I loved watching them
watch the debates and how they always seemed to understand how this
country worked. My mother, no slouch herself, has her Masters' in
economics from SUNY at Albany. I understood the politics of Reagan at
the age of 11, and I was a believer in the American Dream, my father was
living it. A self-made man, with gumption, courage, and an education. A
man so humble, I often heard him describe himself as a laborer. "Me, I sew
for a living". He would rather hear your interesting story.
When I entered college along with my two sisters, we became staunch
feminist liberals. At break, we'd sit around the big Thanksgiving table and
have spirited discussions among the family about birth control, the right to
life, euthanasia and just about every political battle there was. We are in
fact, a very typical all American family. Today, my sisters serve their
communities by having become a doctor and an attorney.
My father raised me with such love for America that when I got married,
not a single item on my Macy's registry was made on foreign soil (and I'm a
brat that loves Noritake china). My father taught me to put my money
where my mouth is. It irritated him greatly when children of privilege took
this country's wealth for granted.
My father is retiring this year after 42 years of service in a Catholic

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March 2016



A Monthly News Magazine

from the Capital Region to the South Asian Community

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Waleed Ahmed Khan

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Afaq Ahmed Khan
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Mohiuddin Aazim
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ROSHNI Issue No.90

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March 2016