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Unit 29 - Music Video Production

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Tommy Cleggett

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Page 3 to 4 Glossary
Page 5 introduction
Page 6 to 7 Sick like me music video analysis
Page 8 to 9 Lorde music video analysis
Page 10 to 11 Gods and monsters music video analysis
Page 12 to 13 Another brick in the wall music video analysis
Page 14 to 15 Try music video analysis
Page 16 Showstopper music video analysis

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Cutting to the beat - this is where each scene of a music video would change when a
beat is played within the song, rock videos use this to create a dramatic effect to there
music videos.
Miming and lip syncing - miming is when the artist would not sing when they are
filming the scenes ready for the music video and lip syncing is when they put the music
video together and then add the music over to get the lips in the correct sync to the music.
There are many ways to overcome the problems you can face by having the music
playing while filming to then know the correct timing of the song for the music video.
Playback and lip syncing - this is where you play the song out loud while filming the
scenes to allow the lip syncing more accurate.
Multi-mage - this is where there is more than one video played on the screen.
Chroma key - this is when the artists are in front of a green screen and then later is added
another image sometimes the quality is not very good depending on the image being
placed behind the artist or band.
Interpretative - this is where the artist or band make a music video where the complete
story is not complete and the audience then have to put their own ideas into the music
video to make it more complete to them.
narrative - a narrative music video shows a fictional or a non-fictional story to the music
Impressionist - is a music video which makes the audience feel a certain way based of
the songs meaning. This will have shots which will relate to the song to keep to one genre
to help the audience understand the song and video a lot better.
Surrealist - is when a music video is so strange it seems unreal examples of animations
and future editing can give the surreal effect.
Pastiche - this is when an artists or a band reproduces another music videos or some are
movie re-enactments and then adding their own twist or personality to their own music
Parody - this is when a part or the whole music video mocks something that has
happened or what has been produced before.
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Referencing - when the artist or a band will reference another video or famous person
within their video.
Homage - is when a band or artist would pay respect to another artist through their music
videos which is very similar to referencing.
Lyric interpretation - this is where a scene within the music video will strongly link to
the lyrics within the song.
Extending or Consolidating a songs meaning - is when a music video is not very clear
and audiences put their own ideas while watching the music video but at the end of a
video you will realise what the music video is about.
Allusion - this is similar to referencing but has a bigger reference within the music video.
Links to other artists - this is where artists link other artists to their work and also
feature them in the work.

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Within this report I am going to be exploring about the different codes and conventions
and the styles within music video which makes them original and exciting for an
audience to watch. I would like to make the readers understand what the music video
would do to get the attention of an audience to make their music videos to stand out.
Many music videos are created over the years and that have changed the way we view
music and also to connect the bands/artists to their fans in a more basic and simple way.
When I first think of music video I first of all thought of certain music videos in which I
like, I then went onto the art of the music videos and also the meanings behind different
videos. I also think of stories as a song carry the story of a music video will show the
story and make some audiences understand the narrative side of a song in which they
listen to. Although some music videos cover nothing about a song and have this crazy
look to them. These can be successful and give a new feeling to music videos but also can
lose fans and viewers because there is no narrative in the music video to connect with the
Music videos are known to be a short movie in which an artist will create to work along
with song in which they have written/sang. MTV was first created in 1980s where music
video was made famous because of the ease of watching them on the TV. The music
videos at the first timing of creation where just images in which were placed one after
another. After they have used the different images artists then began by using cartoons for
the music videos these were known as screen songs in which the audience could interact
with the music video and song.
The Beatles was known to make these weird and wonderful music videos which
experiment with the different editing techniques and how they can put a music video
together to create this style to allow the Beatles to be known for. This then help them gain
many more fans and audiences to watch there videos and then use it as inspiration to their
own work and many other styles within the music videos.

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Sick Like Me - In This Moment

This is a promotional music video to the song Sick like Me by In This Moment the
music video is used within the live shows but not on screen by being performed by the
singer and the dancers within the performances.
(1) - Maria Brink takes scenes from her music videos and then performs them live on
stage. This then allows her fans in which cannot make it to one of their live performance
they can also watch it throughout their music video. Within an interview on her live show
DVD she explains that creating the music videos and performing the scenes then allows
the people who cannot go to the live shows have a chance to see who they really are as a
band together.
The music video was inspired by Marilyn Manson and the crazy/insane Gothic style he
creates for his music videos, it was then turned into a softer but expressional video to
show what the band were capable of. You can find the music video on YouTube but also
you can go onto their website and search the song you are looking for, if the song has a
music video to it then you can get a link which takes you to the Iheart radio site and there
you can find the music video you are looking for.
The music video adrenalize was the beginning of their new style which had some
editing in to create a cinematic theme to the music video. Using this they are trying to get
the audience to remember them for what they did and how they did it and what they are
capable of. This then gets there fans to feel excited for what they could do in the future
and how far they are going to evolve the style to make it more world known.
Before the last album Blood half of the band quit and the part of the band who
remained were beginning to think that maybe they could not go on, once they realized
that know because the band has gone there going to do whatever they wanted to within
the music videos and songs. Thats what brought out the full cinematic look to their
music videos. She wanted to influence the darker side of herself because she believes that
the darkest sides of people can be beautiful if you embrace it in a way that people respect
you for it.
(2) - The first open scenes of the music video it mainly introducing the scenes and the
performers and the make-up would look like. Within the first title scene it has the screen
mostly cut into 3 which have 2 people the main singer and a dancer within the video and
with a prop being shown in the background. Not only does it have good camera effects it
has a layered title on top of the image showing the band, on many of the other title it is to
give people information what band they are and what the song title is called. This is very
helpful if you see it on the TV but miss the introduction but the title tells you anyway.

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(3) - Straight after the titled introduction has been viewed they put who the director is and
also the lead singer of the band (Maria Brinks director and lead singer and Robert Kley
director.) this then shows that if you like the genre of the videos then searching up the
directors could be an intelligent way of starting to find other music videos or more to do
with the artists. Many of the colors used within the music video is mainly black and golds
although using the color red on Maria brinks shows that she is there and stands out from
the dull backgrounds.
(4) - This is then when they film the title shot, within the first set of scenes they also have
SICK flash on the screen so it also tells you the main point of the song rather than
having the full name flashing up on the screen.
(5) - As you see in these shots of the music video the lighting ranges between light and
dark, this then gives a more gloomy but bright effect to the audience. Using the different
lighting helps with identifying who the people are, for an example within the second shot
the main light is on Maria Brinks and the dancers in the background are a little darker this
then makes the audiences point of view onto the lead singer.
The movement in which she uses to perform are very dramatic but also are very robotic.
The movements she does are very big with emotion and body language. Were as they are
usually in the one place when she performs, it is not like other dance its an original
performance every time she comes up with something. Using props to create her over
dramatic movements. The color she chooses are based within the album she created
called Black widow and using the colors of the spider she uses to create her own
Many of the camera shots which have been used within the video are mainly close up,
full body shot and scenery shot. These are used to show of the singers which show there
make-up as most of the music videos they have are made to show of the artistic skills in
which the bands produces in their music and in the videos they produce.
Even within the videos what the equipment they use is also used in the live performances.
Not only does this make you feel more comfortable and except a great night out it allows
you to imagine what can be done within the metal industry with the performances and the

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Lorde - Team
Team is a song which has a hidden surreal narrative about a boy and this world in which
if run by teenagers and that the boy within the music video is trying to get into Lordes
team. Towards the end of the music video it shows that the boy who is trying to get into
the team fails at the end but Lorde states that sometimes the person who loses is
The singer Lorde is known for her song royals and that when the song was released
along with team it was a huge successful hit. When the music video was release there was
so many viewers ready to see the video on vevo that vevo crashed and had many
problems based on so many viewers logged in to watch the music video. She is a young
artist of the age of 16 and is known to show the world that age doesnt matter and that
singing songs to problems in which we face every day proves that people begin to
understand the problems and deal with them a lot better.
(1) - The first scene in which you see within the music video is the sea and the waves
with the sound of the sea in the background. Although to some the beach may represent
comfort it could also represent the idea of being trapped and that there is no one to help
yourself escape where you are. You then have the male protagonist who is the one who is
lost and needs someone to help him and having the bag over his head can represent the
feeling of being blind and lonely. Looking at the abandoned building is like looking at the
only thing which is worth the shot within his life. When you look at the building Lorde
sings We've not yet lost all our graces these lyrics shows that the building you
would think is old and abandoned is actually the thing people need to escape the life
they hate to live in. the next scene is shot from the inside the building

(2) - The next amount of scenes you see that there is someone within the abandoned
building and she is wearing black and white. This can represent the idea of Ying and Yang
the good and the bad, you also begin to have faster movement within the scenes and the
camera pans a lot more which gives a more lively side of the world in which was created
and the change of the song also becomes quicker at this certain point of the song. As the
song gets faster so does the shots in which you see in the music video. This effects the
audience attention because it keeps you on edge about what is going to happen next and
where the place they are in.
(3) - Within this image you can see that Lorde the singer is sitting higher than the others
within the room and this then allows the audience to realise that she is the one in charge
of them all and that this world that she has created within her dream has now been
brought to life within one of her music videos.

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I dreamt about this world being so different to anything anyone had ever seen, a dark
world full of tropical plants and ruins and sweat. And of this world, I dreamt about tests
that didn't need to be passed in order to be allowed in: sometimes the person who loses is
This quote explains the idea of where the music video came from and why it is the way
they have represented it. Having the idea of a dream intrigues me to what other people
may dream about and how they can affect us daily and how they can affect others

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Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters

(1) - Within the first introduction scenes you are introduced to main protagonist and the
scenes are cutting to the beat of music. With the man holding a gun he fires the gun at the
exact time to when the music hits a beat and also throughout the gun and the beat are
used to show the idea of the beats being there.
(2) - Within this shot you see Lana Del Rey in make-up which looks innocent and then
within the next shot she is wearing a day of the dead face paint, this can represent the
difference between who she is and what she is doing. The mask covers up the true
innocent person and the fake her is created.
In one side of the video the lighting is more natural with a couple of soft lights to cover
up the glares of the sunlight. Which makes the scene look more innocent and then theres
the scene within the night club in which is dark and has the flashing lights in the
background this then resembles the dark side of the singer and also the light side of her.
The lighting can also represent the good and the bad within the relationship that although
she is happy there are some points in which she does not like.
The lyrics heading towards a f*****d up holiday shows that where she is going is not
the place she would prefer to go but there will be good and bad bits about the way she is
living. It could also resemble the fact that they are constantly on the run and that they
have no one place to live because of the problems she faces and what he faces and how
thy deal with the certain problems.
Many of the shots in which you see are either close ups or medium shots to show the
faces of the singer and the protagonist and also to show the people in which they with
within the gang. Using these shots makes the audience understand the feeling of the
singer and the protagonist about how they may feel or what they are trying to get across
to the audience. Also using smoke within the club and when they are smoking makes a
more eerie but harsh feel to the music video.
Every scene in which is showed throughout the full music video cuts the scenes with the
music, this then creates a more effective music video because it will catch your eye.
Although when the song gets halfway through the cuts reduce so there is more of an
understanding of narrative throughout the whole music video.
(3) - Within season 4 of American Horror Story they used the song Gods and monsters by
Lana Del Rey this is an extent of income because they have to buy the copyright to use
the song within the television programmer and this then allows Lana Del Rey to get more
money for every channel the show is showed on. Although Lana expressed the song in
one way Jessica Lange expressed it in a totally different way to what the singer used it as.
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(4) - Throughout the video Lana is not looking very happy, she always looks down within
the time of the video. This relates to the idea of her not wanting to be there but her fake
self puts up with the things in which are wrong and deals with them in any way she can
think of doing. Also throughout you notice that she is a stripper and that when she dances
although she does what she needs to do she doesnt look happy. It makes me as a viewer
to think whether she was being made to do the job based on getting the money.
(5) - Within this scene you see her boyfriend eating an apple. This can represent the
Adam and eve story on who ate the apple to then become the sinner of god to be chucked
out of the Garden of Eden. This then represents to the song about her believing that she
has known become a part of the darkness thats why she does not care in what she is
doing because she believes that no ones going to take her away from the world. Also you
do not see that the boyfriend is caring or looking out for his girlfriend.
(6) - during this scene she sings innocence lost as you see she is in seductive clothing
and is dancing around a pole this then shows that she is no longer the innocent girl in who
she used to be and is now a new person since she got into the gang and met her boyfriend.

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Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

(1) - At the beginning of the music video you see that there are many children on the train
and that its as if they are trying to get free from the train. You then see a teacher who is
shouting at the boy about him not being all there and to get to school. It already shows the
meaning of the song by showing that teachers who are to strict were trying to take control
over the students and thats when the pink Floyd created the song to put a childs
reference across.
(2)You then have the scene in which the headmaster/teacher is having dinner and his
mum or wife annoys him but he does not react to the mum or wife he simply does as what
she tells him to do. While the scene is shot it is interrupted with the teacher hitting the
younger boy in school. This makes you think that maybe the teacher is taking his anger
out on the children and not to his family.
You then see the children marching up on a platform. This makes it looked like they are
being controlled and told where to go. The lighting in the scenes are very dark and they
have a disturbing side to the images like something is not right.
(3) - Know the children are on a moving platform while sitting on a chair at a desk with a
mask on as if there are no controlled to do what the school wants them to do. Throughout
this music video there is no person singing except the children when they sing there part
altogether. The video is narrative run but the narrative is not really visible to a viewer you
really have to look into detail to see what the images and singing is trying to portray to
show people how some may think about school.
The idea of cutting the scenes with the music works well with this music video, the
reason being it connects you to the music and also during the music video the children are
all marching to the song so you become like them with the song. The song is sometimes
interrupted by the headmasters shouting and some flashbacks from the first scenes.
Many of the camera techniques used within the video are mostly zooms in and out
panning and still shots of the children and what they are doing within the video. Using
this technique gives effect on how they are portrayed into working all the time and also
gives a more structured feeling to the music video.
(4) - The next scene in which you see is the scene where the children are falling into a
machine which then minces them, this represents the idea of teaching them constantly to
get there grades to then send them all off together into the world to then discover many
things in which they have not learnt from being yelled at and told to practice.

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(5) - Within this scene the children all take the mask off which can represent the
blindness of what they really have to face in the world. They then begin by tearing up the
classrooms and fighting back to what the headmaster is saying and becoming stronger by
doing this. While they are tearing up the place the guitar is being played in the
background this then gives another effect of being smashed about within the music video.
it then cuts straight back into the scene where the boy is being told of, this then shows the
twist of that none of the things in which you see where true its just the boy thought of
them. This is what he wanted to happen so then he would feel free from the world and not
have to follow any rules.
This song was one of the many songs which was in the movie The Wall by Pink Floyd.
The film was about one of the members in the band was growing up but was losing his
mind and writing the songs was his way of expressing his thoughts and feelings about the
world and how he saw it. As the movie goes on before he passes the ending becomes
really crazy and it is also hard to make out the story line ending.

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Pink - Try

(1) He music video begins by having an extreme wide shot of the scenery and 2 chairs in
which are not upright. This can represent the idea of something which has fallen apart or
maybe that the chairs have been thrown through anger. The scene you see was a real
desert in which they travelled and filmed in for at least a week based of the heat and the
weather in which they encountered.
(2) Aafter you see the scene in which they are filming at they then show the main singer
Pink crawling across the grass/sand. Having her crawling can represent the idea of how
she if being commanded to do so and being on her knees shows that she is smaller than
other people. While she is crawling along the ground they also use the wind to give an
extra effect which creates a more dramatic look to the music video intro.
(3)Once you have seen the area outside it then introduces another man in which is another
protagonist. Then Pink comes into the scene. You see that it shot is an over shoulder shot
but also has the mirror reflecting their images. This could represent the idea of having
two sides of people or the story in which they are trying to tell within the music video.
You then see that the male protagonist grabs Pink this then resembles the love in which
they have for each other but there still is pain in the protagonist face. You see that Pink is
leaning into the man as if shes giving herself for him and that she does love him.
You then see a dance move where the male moves his legs to step and the female is
copying him. This can represent two different meanings one if that the man maybe
controlling her and telling her what to do, another perspective could mean that he is
supporting her in her steps into life.
(4) The lighting is mainly natural and the music video is being shot in the day. During the
desert shots they used the sun to be overpowering so that you can see certain parts of the
protagonist and then certain parts are hidden within the shadows to create a darker look to
the video. While they are dancing in one of the rooms I have noticed that the lighting is
based behind the protagonists but you can still see certain parts of them. This then creates
a dramatic look and a darker look to the relationship in which they are playing.
Throughout the video the protagonists always gets covered in the colored chalk, this can
represent the hurt or bruises in which they have collected throughout their relationship.
Chalk can rub of a fade over time just like a bruise can. When you look into the house in
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which they are dancing in it looks abandoned and empty this can represent the idea of the
relationship that there is nothing left to work out with but they just keep going back to
each other.
The dance moves in which they use within the music video start of sweet and subtle to
then having more aggressive and abusive. This is when they begin to get the colored
chalk on them. The music video could look all nice with dancing and pretty colors but to
find out a real reason for the video you have to look further into the performance to
understand the narrative. This can show the understanding of the saying you dont know
what happens behind closed doors because you have to look into the video work out the
problems because from afar it looks all nice and natural.
The video ends with them getting back together, this shows that the idea of trying is just a
repeat of the first time its just a big cycle and that it can never end.
To conclude many different music videos have changed and created a very original style
to their music videos. As the technology that we have gain throughout the years the music
videos have also created a more cinematic effect and the editing styles have increased
with many artists. Also we have realized that the idea of the different meanings in which
the artists want to show to the audience also shows the different styles to their work.
Using messages within their music videos which can be seen by watching the first time
round or to make a viewer look into the music video and the meaning to make them think
about it more to change the problem and make it right. This also raises awareness to the
social and community problems we face in our society.

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Showstopper - Brandon and Leah

This music video is one of the simplest video which someone could create using a single
camera felt tips and some chalk within the making of the music video. The lighting in
which is being used within the music video is mainly natural light there is no big set up
for the music video and no working with different editing effects.(1) Within the first shot
in which you see is Brandon's hand and a dog which walks in the background. The dog
works as a filler to the negative space within the shot it also adds some movement at the
beginning of the music video.
(2) When the songs beat begins he clicks his fingers and the lyrics are shown up his arm
along with the lyrics of the song. This is a mixture of a lyrical video and a music video
which is very helpful to learn the lyrics of the song and then the fans would learn the
song lyrics quicker than having to search up the lyrics to learn them.
As you watch some of the lyrics the filming and Brandons movements do not all add up
to the correct timing of the song This may be that they did not have the music being
played in the background while filming and that it was hard to get the camera moving
quick enough throughout the body with the different angles. The camera does change its
angles and directions frequently but the lyrics are writing in that way to make the shots
look normal.
(3) When they film the part of the chorus it is written on his back in big bold writing and
colours. This shows the idea that it is called that and that they are show stoppers and no
one will change their originality of their style and there music type. The chorus is made
up of 3 main words which are repeated many times to make the chorus. The first time
they repeat the words the camera moves robotic like to the beats of the song and when
they are sang, Brandon then dances the second time they repeat the tune for the chorus
showing there happy with what they are creating. (4)
Throughout the whole video you see the faces of the singers once. This could show the
idea that music should be recognised for the music not for the people who sing and is
featured within the music video. When you hear the two singers produce music yo know
there is a strong bond between them both and that they both agree to the same music in
which they like. Also having the idea of not editing the music video could show that you
do not need a pretty face and a lot of money to create a successful music video which
people would watch for the entertainment.

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Sick like me.

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Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd



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