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License agreement

----------------1) All products, programs, and data of are protected with regard to th
eir names, copyrights, brands, and with regard to unfair competition law. The so
le owner of all rights is Eifrig Media, Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 160B, 22047 Hamburg
. There is no transfer of rights. Upon conclusion of the contract for the use of
chargeable downloads, and under the condition of full payment of the annual fee
, Eifrig Media grants the nonexclusive and also non-transferable, non-rentable a
nd non-loanable right to install the programs and data or alternatively database
s downloaded from exclusively to the customer specified in the ord
er and exclusively for private purposes and to use the content printed in the su
pplied manuals and/or stored in the software in each case exclusively for himsel
2) The customer and user of a product from agrees to the validity
of the terms of use and is required to use the product exclusively within the fr
amework of the stipulated terms of use. Eifrig Media points out that the softwar
e and the databases are subject to program and database copyright protection. Co
ntraventions will be charged and prosecuted.
3) Furthermore, Eifrig Media expressly points out that without prior written con
sent, the customer is forbidden to give third parties the software, data, and/or
databases or parts thereof, to leave it with third parties, or to make it acces
sible or usable to third parties in any way or in any form at all, for example a
s part of contract work, or to copy it from one computer/PC to another computer/
PC or to another data storage medium, or to change, translate, reverse-develop,
decompile, or to disassemble it. Third parties in terms of this restriction of u
se are also independent or non-independent branch offices, subsidiaries, or Grou
p companies of the customer in terms of Section 18 of the Companies Act (AktG).
4) The electronic or other products from are produced with the inc
lusion of protective data (check addresses and the like). If unauthorised use by
the customer or by a third party that the customer has supplied or by a third p
arty that the customer supported in violating a copyright or even a protection d
ate is proven in as much as it was used above and beyond the agreed upon and des
cribed utilisation, then evidence of violation of the terms of use is considered
to have been provided. In such a case, besides immediately desisting, the custo
mer is required to provide complete information about the type and extent of the
copyright and/or usage right violation as well as complete compensation for the
direct and indirect costs for the necessary prosecution. In the event of culpab
le action, the customer is required, at the discretion of Eifrig Media, to make
compensation for the specific damages, to hand over the illicit gains, or to pay
a reasonable royalty. Rights are reserved for claims for compensation going abo
ve and beyond this.
5) Eifrig Media assumes no guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the
6) Technical and Content Support: The user of has no right to technica
l support or support for the content. Nevertheless, customers can reach us with
their questions at We look forward to your feedback.
7) Limitation of Liability: Eifrig Media excludes any liability for all damages
(e.g. for data losses, additional expenditures or incorrect results) incurred by
the users for using or attempting to use the software. In particular, Eifrig Me
dia is under no circumstances liable to the user or third parties for compensati
on for consequential damages, damages incurred incidentally, indirect damages, f
rom fines or penalties, and in like manner is not liable for claims for compensa
tion due to loss of profits, interruption of business, loss of business informat
ion, or other financial losses that arise from using or attempting to use the so
ftware. This exemption of liability doesn't apply in the event of intent or gros
s negligence. Claims from requirements stipulated by law remain unaffected.
8) General Information: Exclusively German law applies to these terms and condit

ions. The court of jurisdiction is Hamburg (Germany). The user agrees to both th
e applicability of German law and the definition of the court of jurisdiction. I
f a clause of these terms and conditions is declared to be invalid by a court or
not to be enforceable, then such a declaration has no effect on the remaining c