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WILCOM£ TO GERMANY 8 First Act. Thlngs to Come 21
(iloSS<ll}' 8 Second Act: 2Z
rronundatIon 9 Awakening 24
Vowels 9 Democratic Restoration 14
Consonants 9 Thlrd ;'I;t: false Dawn 25
fAST IORWARD 12 fourth Act: E.uro·Wars 21
Facts at a Glance 11 Fifth Ad: No Re5t for me Wicked 28
Geography and Cllmate 12 New Germany 29
GettIng Tbere 13 Coda 30
By Plane 13 GOVEIlNMENT 3'
SyTraln 13 Confederate Govemm@nt 31
By car 13 ConFederate President 31
By Shlp 14 Bundesrat az
On Anival 14 Associate Regions 35
Currency 14 Spedal tnterests 36
TIme and Dates 15 Political Organlutlonli 36
Travel Within Ciermat!y 15 Major Political Parties 36
B-y Air .5 Spllnter Parties 38
By Transrapld Maglev 'S Polklubs 38
By Conventional Rallway 15 Secret SOCieties 39
By Car 16 Terrorist Groups 40
Laws and LAw Inforcemtnt 16 RelIgI.ous Groups 4J
Weapons 16 Foreign PolJcy 41
Cyberware 16 Amazonia 42
lIleg<\! and Addictive Substances 17 Austria 42
Vldpbone and the Matrix 18 Aztlan 42
Emergency Numbers '9 Balkan States 42
Cost of Uvlng ZO CIS Republics 41
Foreign Products 20 Czech Rfo>public and Slovakia 42 o GERMANY SOURGBlOOK

........., -

,.- .... - , . ).

~ "~ ~


England France Hungai)'

Italy Konigsberg North Arnerlca roland

RussIa Scandinavia Spain Switzerland

United Netherlands GE.RMAN SOCIETY

Everyday Life Housing


Health Care Public Transport MedIa


Sports and Leisure Fl'.Shion


Lowtech Romantics [ousters

German Matrix Development Basegrfd Simlink



MiUtary FO"'e5 Bundeswehr METLOOO Bundesgrenzsch utz Bundeskrlmlnalarn t Land Militias

Intema1 5ecudty

Bundes ... mt Fur Innere Simerheit Argus

Land Police Forces Private $eCl.!rlty ServiCes


Street Gangs ECONOMY


Major Corporations

AG Chernle E.uropa Ares Makrot'ech Europe ALtechnology


Deutsche Treuhandanstalt ICC Euretronks

European Moror Company Frankfurter Bankenvereln Fuchl Industrial Electronics lfMU

MI tsUhama Computer Technologies

42 42 42 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 44 44 45 45 46 41 47 41 41 48 48 48 49 49 49 50 50 50 5.2 52 5.2 52 53 53 53 53 53 54 54 54 54 55 51 51 58 58 58 58 59 S9 60 61 61 62 62 62

Mueller~SchlOter Infotech Renral~u. Computer Systems RuhIlTletaJI


RHINE-RUHR MEGAPLEX VItal Statistics Inside the MegaplelC Geography Government Getting There

Moving Around the Megaplex Unique Features

Cost of L.lving

Entertalnmen t


C'ltlesand Districts Bochurn

Cologn.!;! 71

Dortmund ']j

Dulsburg 13

Dulsburger frf:lhafen 13

DusseldorF 74

Essen 75

Gelsenklrchen and Reckllnghausen 15

Glabotld 16

Leverkusen 17

MOlheim/Ruhr 77

Oberhausen 71

Wuppertal 78


Bavarian Free StiUe 19

Munlch/iSAR Metro Area 81

Franconia 83

Nurern.berg (Regnltz.-Pegnlt2 Merro Area) 84-

Greater frankfurt 85

Vital Statistics 86

Gf:tting There 86

Fta n kfLi rt86

Heidelberg 86

Ka[]sruhe Spedal Legislative Zone 86

LudwlgshalM/Mannhelm 81

MalnzjWlesbaden 81

Saar Legislative Zone (SOX) 88

Wiirttemberg 88

StUttgart (MJd-Neckar Metro Area) 90


Black Forest troll 9t

Vital St~tlstlC!i91

Duchy of Pomorya 92

Vital Statistics 9Z

Pomoryan Sodety 92

Martenbad Council 94

Vita:! Statlstlcs 94

Westrtdne-Luxembourg 9S

Vital Statistics 96

Politics 96

Places oflnterest 96

63 64 64 65 66 66 66 66 66 67 61 68 68 69 69 70 11



Polltlc.s 99

Sodety 100

Papenburg 101


Fac.t$ at a Glance 102

Gettin! There i02

By Car IOl

By Plane JOI

By Tiltwing t03

By Rail 103

On "rrlvaJ 103

Documentation J04

Publlc Transport 104

nme I~

CU rrency 105

Ilecent History 105

Study In Anarchy J07

rower Structure 108

Berlin Council i08

~~ 100

Informers 109

Deckers 109

Law and Order I 10

Megac.oflls 110

Aztechnology I II

Daimler-Benz III

DeMeKo 112

(:,uropean Motor Company (EMC) lIZ

Fuchl Berlin lIZ

Messe rschrn ltt-Kawasekl t IJ

~nraku Computer Systems 113

Saeder-Krupp I 13

Scherlng Pharma AG 114

Teltech Holding i 14

Polldubs • 14

Angernetner Studenten-Ausschu B Liberty of Soul and Body (LSB) Neo-Anarchlst Policlub Berlin (NAP) Royal Blue

Ethnic Pollclubs

Religious Polldubs

Secret Societies


Green Bards Horde

Jihad B Kreuzrltter Magnifll<ers Red Skins Strelter Gortes Surfturf

White Skins

living In Berlin

Food and Shelter Soda.1 Services Education I::mployment l.elsure

114 115 115 115 116 116 116 111 117 117 117 111 j 18 118 118 118 118 t 18 ... 8 119 120 110 121

Media 122
Trideo 122
Radio 1.22
Print Media 123
Shadowrunsln Bertin 123
Places of Interest 124,
Hotels 125
Restaurants and Bars 125
Bats/Pubs 126
Night Clubs US
Tourist Attractions 129
Hermetic Magic 132
Training III
Hermetic. Universities 133
Research 133
Nature Mask B4
Idols 134
Adepts 135
Druids U6
Path Magic 136
Branches of Nature Magic 136
Ma~ca.1 Sites 138
Duchy of Pornorya 139
North and East Germany 140
Minor Northern Sites 141
Southern Germany 141
Thuringia 143
Western Germany 146
Westphalla 141
Idols 149
Creator 149
Dragonslayer 149
Great Mother .49
Horned God 150
Moon Malden 150
Wild Huntsman 150
§pokenklekedn 151
Magical Sites 151
Magic 151
Background Count 151
Awakened Crea,ture5 152 All persons and companies appe.vlnS In ~1i5 book M€: ~c:tloMI. AllY strnllarltles to real companles or persons, be j'hey natur,,1 Of legal. 15 completely colnddencal. Thls ls a work of nellan. Oplnlons a,nd sltuatlons pr=ted In II' Is book cia not nec~rlly renecr U1e views of the publisher or The authors.

SHADOWRUN. GERMANY SOURCEBOOK. <mel MAlRIX are mglstered tm.demarks of ~ASA Corporation. Copyrtghl © 1994 by f ASA CorporMlan. Orlglnally pobttshed as DeUtsch/and In den Scharfen, copyright ~ 1992 F",;tasy Productlons GmbH. Eriitath, CienTI"ny.


- - - , m

.. ...-<>1"' ..... ~ _ \ ~ ,'.


• '1_1

GlRMANYSOURCEBOOK A Sha(iowrun Sourcebook


lens E.ggert Martin Ellermeler Guido Holker Michael lmmig Irene Fehlberg AI~ Kleesen

HartWig Nieder-Gassel Jorg Raddatz.

Thomas Romer

Carsten Scheibe Andreas WitMer

German EdJtoriai Staff WemerFuchs Michael lrnrnlg Dietrich Llmpei Thomas Romer

De.velopment TornDewd

wl,h Michael Mulvihill

E4Jtorlal Staff

Senlot Editor Donna Ippolito Associate Editor

Sharon Turner Mulvihill Ecfftorl.;j/ AssistantS

Diane piron-Geirn"n Rob Cruz


Reinhold H. Mai

Production Staff

Art Director/Project Director leff Laubensteln

Cover Deign

MII<e Nielsen

Cover Art

Jim Nelson

lIlustr <!tion

Steve Bryant. C. Brent ferguson. Craig Gllruere. Mi!(e jackson. Jeff Laubenstein. Mark Nelson, and Karl Waller

Cotor Imag@s

Rick Berry. Les Dorsheld, Kelly Freas.

Dave Martin. Tony Szczudlc. and Mille Weaver Color Design

[oel Biske, Steve B1JIant.

MI~e Nlelsen.leff l.aubensteln A dvert/srn en (S

Radly Masinelll and the Fasa Art Staff Photography

Joel Biske, Jeff Laubenstein Layout

Mark Ernst G1rtographer/Production Assistant E.mesto Hernandez


he Germany Sourc.ebook Is a supplement for the S"-O\(lowrun game system. It describes the Atlled German States. a loose political confederation of states which maintain dose cultural Clnd economlcnes. Slrnllarto other Sh"dowrun seurcebooks, the GermAnY Sourcebook Is forreatted as an electronic document from that fictional world. Comments and additional Information has been added by readers who seek. to correct. expand, corrobcrate, or contradict rhe Information presented. Because this "black" in formation comes from characters with in the game universe. players or characters cannot safely assume that these comments are truthful, accurate, or dearly thought out (though they may be all those things). These various polnts of view give garnernasters greater scope to decide whIch lnforrnatton presented is accurate,, or false in their own game.

Originally written tn German. by Germans. and published In Germany as Deutschlilnd in den Shatten by Fantasy Productions In October of 1992. the Germany SOUJ'(.ebook offers a sometimes unique poi nt ofvlew that makes It dlfferent from an Arnertcan product. Certaln subjects that FASA's American products do not usually address In depth. such as renglon, are an integrdl part of the German culture, and so cannot be left out of it discussion of German peoples' lives. Other toplcs that American readers might find unfamiliar are simply a function of the sensibilities of the writers, and of the tr~nslation. The translated text remains as faithful as possible to the original, and Incorporates certain additions necessary to darify points for an American audlence,

A brief Game 1l1fonnatlon section in the bacl( of the bool< provtdes rules for German vartatlons on Shadowrun magic and paranormal animals. Gamemasters need the second-edition Grlmolre to use these rules, The (icnTIolny Sourcebook works with both the original and second-edition 5hadowrun rules.

FOr unsere deutschen Leser:

Dies Ist elne fOr den amerlkantschen Marld beerbeltete obersetzung des deutschen tlrrextes Deutschland In den Schetten, In allen relevanten Punkten, selen es Regel- oder Hlntergrundaspekte, haben die Angaben lrn deutschen Onglnal Vorrang vor darnlt eventuell 1m Wlderstreit stehenden Angaber: In dlesern Buch.




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$IIIoney mdkes the world go around. -Kurt Weill

»»>(Because we knew you wouldn't mind, we cutthe loadylngdrek Ihatoriginally appeared here-you know Ihetype of thing. isn't our country wOnderh.!1 and we welcome your business be sure to visit all our fahulousloLJrlst traps and don't forget 10 bUy lots of products produced by our benevolent and politically correei megacorps and-well, you get the idea. We decided to cut right to something you'll Ii nd usefu 1.1<<<<<

-Stermul (OO~OO:20/1 0/30/54)

»»>ISorry. We usually I.ry to avoid that much cynicism first thing.

Have any of you chummers heard the saying that ''work expands to fill the time available?" Well, it certainly did this lime. I n fact, it overflowed the time available, The following files represent a helluva lot of work. both in Germany and In North America, to gel you chummers the stralqht story on life in the German stales 012054- Or moslly straight. anyway. Aside from the usual etectronlc comments, these files were written by a few diflerent people, and though they tried for objectivity, we assume a little personal opinion crept in.

"This land of ours." to paraphrase a politician of the past century, is definitely not the paradise people imagined it to be a hundred years agel, bu t then 1 it isn't the hell

they envisioned In the 1980s, either. If you know when to get your butt 10 safety or are satisfied with trideo, SoyPlzza, and the established political parties, you will find plenty of places in Germany where you can lead a reasonably comfortable life. For ali you non-German readers oul there. this document is our way of say ng, "Wllkommen," or Welcome. Read all there is to read, know aU there Is to know, and maybe drop by for a visit sometime.

We would also like to apologize to all customers who see their ads In thls document appearing months later than originally intended. However, their appearance outside Germany {In translation if you paid the small surcharge). ensures that your advertising money will help drum Up tounst biz. To all readers, our hotline is open 24 hours a day, so don', be strangers I As a courtesy to North American readers, we have followed standard practice and flagged European entries with time/dale stamps that look like this: 01-APR-54_ American entries have the usual 4-1·54 date stamp so that readers can lel1 where any given comment origrnated. Forthose chummers reading this who want to sound like they know what they're lalkingaooul, Of wanl to know what they're saying once they step on German soil, we've dropped Tn a brief glossary and pronunciation guide, taken from an unnamed German corooratlon's drek-handy guide for visiting suits.


-"-'" - - '" iii

"'_~ "io.~ _ '. ~ .. ~,

. -


The following glossary includes common Getman slang terms as well as words lor which an equivalent English expression is almost lmposslblato find. Though most of these words have been in use lor a century or more, the glossary also includes a few examples of street slang of more recent vintage. Appropriate pronunciation appears in parentheses after each entry,

affengeil (ahfengulle) adj. See geil.

AG abbr. "Aktiengeseilscllaft," meaning stock corporatlon, and CAG, meaning the corp is partly publiCly held. alter (ultsr) n. Literally "aid one"; chumrner, term, man, and so on. as in .iUsten up. alte~I" The feminine version is alte (ulte),

basta (bustah) n. An expression borrowed from Italian; meaning "The discussion is closed."

bolksloff (blkstoff) n. North German slang for aloohollc beverages, especially beer.

bulle (bulla) n.. pl. bullen, Literally, "bull"; police officer. Most Europeans equate policemen with cattle; for ,example, the French slang term 'vache" means cow. deem (dare-n) n, North German term lor glrr or woman. ebbi (ab>by) n. Colloquial term tor the European Cashfree Transactor EeT,lile equivalent of an American credstick (derived from IheGerman-language abbreviation EBZ).

geil (guile) adj. Used in connection with a thing or condition, as in "a geil deck," It rnsans wiz, he~vy, and so on. Used in ccnnectten with a person, as in "a gail IlttJe chica," or oneself, as in "I'm geil," it means sexy Of turned on, Sornetimes, the variant gail (see below) is used 10 mean wiz. The word alfengell is a variant for both meanings.

GmbH abbr. From "Gesallschaft mit bsschrankisr Haftung," a limited liability company.

goit (goll) ad}. See Geil, above.

junge (yoonga) n. Literally "boy": Can rneenchotnrner, or serve as a general exclamation of excitement as in "Boy. oh boy!"

KG abbr. From ~Kommanditgesellschatt," limited partnership.

klampfe (eiurnpfuh) n. Acoustic guitar; positive or neutral when used by folk singers and their audiences, derogatory when used by most other people,

kleiner (cllne-sr) n. Literally. "Iittle one." A condescending form of address. The feminine form is kteine (cllneuh).

kumpel (koomple) n. Buddy; also slang for a miner, especially a coal miner. Used mostly in the Ruhr area. Herr Schm tdt (harr eh mil) n, Equ ivalent to Mr. ,Johnson, lHerallY translated "Mr. Smith."

land (lund) n., pl. lander (lender). Member state(s) of the German Alliance; used belore the foundation of the AGS


to denote the states of the former Federal Republic 01 Garmany.

mann (munn) n. Literqlly, man; equivalent to Ihe West Indlan "mon,"

merde (mayrd) tt, A Frenoh expression, meaning "shit." This word is one otthe few French expressions stili used in German slang,

nakti (iluCk tea) tt. Member of the extreme right-wing terrorist group Nationale Aktion (National Action).

nee (nay) (1- Low Germa.n "no"; used throughout northern and western Germany,

OHG abbr. From "Offene Handelsqessllschaft," general partnership.

POM Dependent adj. In decker slang, phase-of-moon dependent means lunatic, crazy,

shesan (shozun) n. Resul!. This Japanese term has recently become popular among German riggers.


The following gl,) Ide gives the olosest English acu lvalantsfor German vowels and consonants, Aside from the letter combinations discussed below, German has no silent letters; an E at the end of a word is pronounced, 1110ugh usually unstressed, All vowels and umlauts can be drawn out by adding H or by doubling them.


A is always pronounced like the U in "fun,"

E Is pronounced as In "set": the rare EE combination is pronounced as a stretched-out version of the same sound.

lis pronounced like the I in "bit'" or 'fit," A drawn-out

L as in "beast" or "reat." Is written IE. o is pronounced as In "hot."

U is pronounced as the 00 In "look."

AI. AY, EI. and EYare all pronounced like the I in "like" or "bike."

01 is almost inevitably pronounced as tw<:l separate letters., rather than as ln "011."

A {also written AE) is pronounced like the A in "bad." 6 (also written OE) is pronounced like the U in "murder."

o (also written UE), a sound not used In English, is pronounced like the Uln French "cul de sac" or 'furnsr;"


Most consonants are pronounced just as in English,

with the follOWing exceptions:

B at the end of a word Is usually pronounced like P D at the end of a word is usually pronounced like T. G is always pronounceo like the G in "get" or "go." At

the end of a word It is usually pronounced like K, J is pronounced like the Y ln 'you."

R is rolled In Germanl liKe the "r" In a Scottish burr. A single letter "s" followed by a vowel is always a soft

sound. as In "has" or "casino." In contrast to English usage. it is always soft at the beginning of a word and always hard at the end. S 10 II owed by a consonant, as in STor SP, sounds like the "s" in "slop" or "speak" unless It is atths beginning of a word. In that case, it Is pronounced like SH in "shop,"

SS or [3 (a special letter used only in German) both signify an Us" as In "stop." S5 isgenerally used alter a short vowel: 13 is u sed main Iy after a long vowel, but also after umlauts regardless of their length.

V is generally pronounced like F when in front of E or 0, W is pronounced like the English V.

Z is pronounced TS as in "hits" or "mitts," even at the beginning 01 words.

The English TH sound does not exst in German, If the leiter combination occurs at all, it is pronounced as T.

CH Is pronounoed like theSH in "shoe" or "shell" after E, I and all umlauts (A. 0, 0). After A, 0, and U, it is pronounced like the CH in Scottish "loch" or "och aye." If followed by another consonant, as in "christian," it is pronounced K just as it is in English. The English CH sound as in "church" is spelled TSCH in German.

SCH is pronou nced as a fuller, rounder version of SH, There you have It Everything you need La know.J««< -Sysop (00 :OO:23f30-0CT -54)



~ythlng to declarel Weapons? VIroses?

Wires? Nothlfrgl Well .. It's yer loss, I wouldn't have cheched .1nYWflYs."

-Typical customs humor


Population: 98,3 milli'on (299 persons/square l<lIometer) Humam6B%

Elf: 3%

Dwarf: 17%

Troll: 8%


Other: less than 5%

Average Life Expectancy: 59.6 to 107.1 yeats, depend-

ing on Income

Per Capita Income: EC 3 J ,000 (3 r .OOO¥) Population _clow Poverty Line: (6%

On Fortune's Active Traders LIst: 1% Megacorporate Affliladon: ,6%

Annual Crime Rare: 1.6 felonies/ I 00 Inhabitants Education:

High school diploma or equivalent: 47% University degree or equivalent: f 3%

Religious Affilladon:

Pagan (Polytheist/Pantheist); 2.5% Atheist! Agnostic/Unlol0wn: 14% German Catholic: 13%

Protestant: 12%

Muslim: 10%

Roman Catholic: 8%

Greek Orthodox/other Chrlstlan denomination: 8% JeWIsh: 2%

Othen 8%


The Allied German States (AGS) C.OYe.tS 329,256 square kilometers. lying between 47 and 55 degrees north latitude CIIlQ 6 and 15 degrees east longitude. The Bat plains and forests of the north give way to hill country in the rnldlands and the south. whlch extend to the foothills of the German A Ips. Germany's hlghest poln r, the peak, of the lugspitze mountain, rises l.,959 meters above the ground.

The GulfStream gives Germany Its moderate climate.

The average ternperaturevartesacross thecountry, but has warmed by about 1.5 degrees Celsius over the past few decades. Mild, wet winters offer occaslonal snowfall as well as a few violent storms: surnmers are hot. and dry, leading to occasional droughts In August. About tw'lce a year. usually near the end of fanucuy and sometimes In mid-August, heavy smog collects and hangs over the urban areas of Rhine-Ruhr. Rhlne-Maln-Neckar. HalleLeipzig. Berlin. Stuttgart. Nuremberg. and Munich. High ozone conc.entratlons occur spontaneously throughout the year 1n these same areas. but most often during the summer. Areas along the North Sea coast and the Watlenmeer mud flats belch methane and other polluting gases with tncreastng frequency.

----- --- -; .... .". - - 'I' iii

....... ~ '" ,-.-. \. ~~ ~

. .. ~ _,


»>>>{Standard tourist drek again, I see Guess the Germans really do wall! a few folk to come over, Personally, I'd rather sk.ip the touristy stuff and get to some paydata for those of us in shadowy places ... 1<<<<<

-Matazz (00: 10 :04/11-18-53)

»»>[Pay attention, chum mer. This "standard tourist dreK" comes in handy for plenty more folk than ugly Americans in loud Hawaiian shirts. Sometimes It's better for a runner to get in by legit routes.)««<

-Austen (01 ;11 :08111-18-53)


German airports rank among the busiest and safest in the world. The major airports operate at Berlin. DUsseldorf In the Rhine-Ruhr rnetroplex, Cologne/Bonn. Fran ldi.m , Munich, Stuttgart. and Hamburg. All offer transorbital nights. Because of Berlin's unique status as a free city, its airport rules and regulations dlffer from those In the rest of Germany.

Average costs for a flight to Germany from various locattons appear below! Unless otherwise noted, all prices are in eCUS (Eurepean.currency units). for more information on ecus, see Currency. p, 14 ofthls section. TIle price given Is to Cologne/Bonn from each listed destination: prlces tor Bights to other airports vary by 25 ecus more or less.


Most train lines Into the Allied German States use the Transrapld (TR) maglev monorail system. TR lines travel lnto Germany from Ccpenhagen (Ee 120). Warsaw (EC 230), Vienna tEe [60). and ZOrich tEe '100), Prices Ilsted in parentheses are for fares to Frankfurt, a major German


City of Origin Cost (ECUJ¥)

Delhi 750

Johannesburg 800

lisbon 150

London 160

Moscow 400

New York 800


Riyadh 650

Rome 130

Seattle 1 ,500

Seattle Transorbital 3.000

Sydney 2,200

Sydney Transorbital 3,500

Tokyo 1,900

Tokyo Transorbital 3.100

economk and rail center. Extensions of the Warsaw I1ne to Kiev and the Vienna line to Budapest are tinder construction, projected to open in 2058. Oti:lt"['lJ'aln lines go to Paris via the French TGV high-speed rail system and to Rome via the German £eE high-speed raJI system. Second-class fares from Paris to Frankfurt are EC 150; to Rome, E.C I SO. All Transrapld seats are first class: other trains offer first and second class seats. with first-class prtces one-and-a-hall times higher than the amounts listed above.


Despite. the rising c.osts of gasollne, most people traveling wlthln Europe 5tH! prefer private cars. The Scandinavian route via Copenhagen and Lubeck provides easy access to the ACfj for visitors from the north: to the east, the busiest highways lead to Gdansk and Kallnlngrad. Warsaw. and Prague. Going southeast toward Athens, travelers must brave the infamous" Autoput," AlwdYs a hazardous route, the Euro-tslamlc wars of the l030s made this trek more dangerous thanever before.

»:»>[To be precise, the Autoput route should be reserved for potential suicides and trigger-happy rigger wannabes. Professional drivers dlscardtne chrome and install a hidden rocket launcher in the trunk. Extreme caution must be exercised south of Budapest It's an absolute free-tor-all down there, and you never know which serl-appolnted 1011 collector you'll have to blow away next.]««<

-Jagdpanther (16 :39 :05/22-APR-54)

Though the Alp1ne roads were once heavily traveled, their use has fallen off since the Alpine states began demanding a toll of up to E.C 400 per car. Currently, tile only way to reach Italywithoutspendlngone's entire bank account Is vla the Rail4l1d Road system. where the car Is loaded aboard a train In Rosenhelrn, BavariC\, for <I nonstop trip to J taly via the Brenner rail tunnel. The on ly roads left open to and from France since the Cattenorn nuclear acddent are the £77 from Karlsruhe to Nancy and the E 1 OZ from Frelburg to Besancon,

Customs formalities represent an absolute minimum at the borders to the United Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic. and Austrla, but when traveling to Po· land, France, or Switzerland, expect watring periods of up to several hours. Traveling by train to these countries offers a distinct advantage; officials deal with all forrnallties during the Journey, and the passenger loses far less time to customs.



Ship travel across the Atlantic and the North Sea has become progresstvelyrarer ,0 f Gerruany' 5 harbors, only those at Bremen ano Hambur,g can accornrnodate passenger traffic, and the nurnber of luxury liners cfuislng the world's oceans has dwindled over the past few decades,

»»>[This is, of course, quite apart trom the fact that one passenger in three has to be removed from lhs shlp by those ruce young men in their clean while coal's oncethe toxic spirits who live in the seas produce their commonest effects. I seem to recall rumors of one or two of those in the North Sea-l««<

-Kapten Kaos (15:55:00/27-0CT-54)

The Baltic Sea. however, supports booming Ferry traffic between the Getman harbors of Klel, Ulbeci(, and Restock and the harbors of Poiand, Scandinavia. the Bal tic states, and Russia. Travelers with a flexible schedule should consider the solar-driven "sail ferries" whose lower fares make up for the relative let'lgtl1 of tbe trip. Those In need of swjfter transportatlon can book passage on the last, though expensive hovercraft.

»>>>rSure, the hovers are fast. but not everyone can get up for the firsthand experlence of a race between. a passenger fer'rY and an elven torpedo boat. Those Sassnitz longears just hate hovercraft. , .1««<

-Kaplen Kaos (20:20'13/02-JUL-54j


To enter the AGS, travelers from friendly or neutral states generally need only a passport or equivalent travel document. By contrast, visitors from such "unfriendly" states as Azttan, Amazonia. or those In the Damascus League ~ Alliance for AJ Ian) must present valid enrry Visas and complete medlcal records in addition to passports, Every visitor who plans to pursue CI professional C<\reer!n Germany must submit such appropriate documents as weapon and cyberware licenses. degrees in magical disciplines, other proof of qualification for chosen professtons, and so on, Every visitor entering the country recelves a green vtsttor's card that lists the Individual's relevant data in writl ng and machine-readable codIng and also contains a holographic portrait and thumbprint. The viSitor must carry this card <;It .all times.

Arty visitor planning to work wlthrn the AGS should.

IF possible, handle entry requirements through his or her employer. Ifrhis Is not an option. the German Embassy of the lob-seeker's home country can provide the necessary documentation. Most International business partners of the AC6 rnalntaln corporate consulates in the German ctttes of Hannover, Frankfurt. DUsseldorf, Hamburg, and Munich, For lnformatton on What Items visitors tan bring

into the AGS duty-free. travelers should eonsult the German Embassy In their own country.


The AGS uses three currencies. the ecu or EC (European Currenc;y Unit), the nuyen. and the deutsche mark (DM). Business transactions are usually conducted in ecus or nuyen: in the private sector, the deutsche mark (DM) remains dominant.

The historical roots of this apparent monetary chaos began In 1999. when a concerted effort to create a united Eurnpeen currency established the ecu as legal tender and issued ecu notes and coins. In theory. the German government had planned to phase out the deutsche mark over several YEWS, completely replacing It with the ecu by Z030. UnFortunately for that plan. the Awakening, the VilAS plague, and UGE. as well as the machinations of French' astrologers. English druids. and German nationallsts had already reduced United Europe to a state where the question of a shared currency was irrelevant. Despite the momentous events thar derailed European Unification, the ecu remains as an outward sign of European wllllngness to unlte, As for the nuyen, Its power is it direct result of the rising strength of the Japanese rnegacorps and Japan's generous aid [IT helping to rebuild Europe after the Euro-Wars of the 20305.

Currently. all non-cash transactions are handled In either neyen or ecu, the "hard c.urrency" DM remains In use for cash sales. Exchange rates remain stable at I: I between nUY@f) and ecu and at 2: I for either of those CUrrencies against the DM,

Both DM bills and colns circulate throughout the AGS, though large-denomination coins are slowly supplanting the bills. These standard plastic coins vary!n size and color, and are valued at- 50 pfennig/OM 0.5 (white). OM I (red), DM "l (blue). DM 5 (white). DM 10 (red). DM 20 (bl ue), and DM 50 (green), Five and 1 O-pfennlg coins exist, but are quite rare, as are the purple DM 100 and black OM 150 coins, All coins incorporate a mlcrochlp, which makes them almost impossible to counterfeit,

Germany does not use the American and Japanesestyle credstkks, These must be exchanged for an [Cf (European Cash-Free Transacrori at the border.

»>>>[Actually. mosl Germans call them Ebbis, from the German abbreviation EBZ. That's short for Europaisches Bargeldloses Zahlunpsrnittel.Iccccc

-Raghnal (00:11 :5311 a-NOV-54)

An E.G is an [PROM-carrier about the size of a pack of dgarettes. with a digital readout and a [ack for lnterfacing with an automatic teller. With access to <I Credl.lnk, you can use ECTsto transfer money between accounts via the MatrIX or even via radio .. Like the credsnck. [CTs offer various security clearances and classes of credit. Financial


»>>>[That "impressive safety record" means that one out ot every hundred thousand fli9hlS will hit the ground spectacularly or collide with a miHtary jet in midair. Or n)a,ybe one flight in lifty thousand you'll share the ride with a meshugge Nazi or Jihad freak. who's usually carrying a holdout plstol and self-made plastic explosives. HaJfthose skyjackings have a happy ending, onethird are intercepted with acceptable losses, and the remaJning 12.5 percent disappear somewhere down Lebanon way or get paid for by Lloyds. .]««<

-Daniel Dusentrieb (a .. k.a, Gyro Gearloose) (01 :1S:5SI22-JUN-54)

Institutions also offer fixed-value £CTs, the equivalent of certlned credstlcks,


Germany tuns on Centrad European Time (CH), one hour later than GMT. However, Hnandal transactions depend on Tiol<yo Stock Exchange Time (TS[n, eight hours ahead of cn. Because of this difference. all ban ks and most automatic Teller machines feature two clocks. each set to a separate time, but in a. 24-houf format. As with other tUfopean nations, AGS citizens write dates as day/montih/yea.r.ln con trast to the American month/day/ year format.

»»>[Don't sweat it. I've taken the liberty of scanning the files and exchanging the numbers for threa-tener monlh codes in all the Euro-sntries \-0 avoid ccmusion. Consider rl my belated Christmas gift to all you BBS readers-J««<

-8. J. ((J4:25:17/29·DEC-54)


Once inside the Allled German States. visitors have mUlrlple opttons for traveling, Though maglev rraln and csr remain the most popular modes of transport, air and conventional rail travel are also avaUable.


Helicopter trips accovnr for nearly half orall air travel within Germany, with small rureotan airplanes and private lets or alrsh ps picking up the rest. Most towns with more than 50.000 inhabitants boast all airport. some quite extensive. Most inl'll1d fli,ghr:s have impressive safety records. with the number OF crashes and hlladdngs remaining relatively low within the past year.

Beuuse so mallY different modes of air newel exist. no general price list is avallable. As an example. a tau rlstclass trlp from HClmburg to Munich aboard C\ turbofan costs. roughly EC SO. Travelers Interested 11'\ exact current prices should asl, for infomnatlon at loea] alrports,



The Transrapld AG maglev trains offer a fast and econom leal alternative to air travel. Major Transrapld Hnes Include the Copenhagen-ZOrich Express from LGbec::.l~ via Hamburg and Hannover to Frankfurt, Karlsruhe. and Frelbur'g; theCopenha_gen-Vlenna E.xpress to Nuremberg from Berlin via Brandenburg. Hannover, and Dortmund to Cologne or R1jnstaad (WarSilw-Holland Express) and from Lubeck via Berlin and D,tesden. to Prague. Connec.tlng lines Ilnll Hamburg to Bremen. I{arlsruhe to Munich via Stuttgart. Ulm, and Augsnurg, and urem berg to Munich. At least one II ee , from Dresden vJa KrtSsel to Dortmund. is In the planning stage. Fares for Tr~nsrapid travel within Germany run roughly 10 percent cheaper than a flight along the s.lIme route. and<e roughly 20 percent less time.


The former federal railway Deutsche Bundesbahn OAG maintains an extensive rail network aCrOSS Germany. l'r offers vartous classes of train service. including express, regtcnal, and 'local trains. ICE/E.CE (fnterCiw Express/EuroCity Express) is equivalent to first c1ass.-=fast and expensive; InterReg!o troi\Jns are equlvalent to second class: Nalwer!(ehrs-SchnelllJ..lhn, or Close Area Trains, offer third class. local service. Every town in Germany. no matter how small ltes within 20 kilometers of a train statlcn.

»»>[Col:lld be a really super transport system if thay could Just \!let rid of the delays that eat up approxlmately one-tenth of the planned travel time ••• J««<

-NN (18:41:59110.JUL-54)

»,>,»[ ... at least.J««<

--Jagdpanther (1S:48:21/10-JUL-54)


In Germany, there exists one car for every two inhabitants. which adds up to 49 mltlion 8utomol'>1!es. Thflugh most state governments in the German Alnance have banned private cars from city centers, levied taxes on automobiles .. end legislated environmental controls. these measures have done lirtle to curb extenslve use of CMs for lnterrnedlate- and long-distance travel.

The dense German autobahn ('highway) network is complemented by an extensive system of 'Well-construaed roads, known as the BundesstraBel), which are maintained by the confederate government. Many autobehnen offer heverlanes and numerous service stations supplying energy. batteries. and fos:>iI fuels to drivers. Fuel qualJty reaches the hIghest European standards. but comes at a steep price; one liter of all-purpose fuel costs roughly EC 2.50.

»>>>[Thatcomes to 9.5¥ for a gallon offuell Ta,lk about pricey 1}««<::

-Rigger Rodney (14:44:10/16-NOV-54)

All eutobahnen and BUndes.straP.;en, as well as many city streets. provide AU service (Alitofahrer Leit und lnfonnationsystem), an electronic driver Informationand -guidance system that supplies the car's autopilot With all, the Mece..ssary data. to compute the fastest and most ecenomtcal route between departure point and destination, While on-line with ALI. independent subsystems protect cars from colllslon. allowing the driver and passengers to lean back and relax while enloying the latest rrldeo <1.5 their C<1r t .... kes them safely from Hamllulg to Nuremberg. The autobahn speed limit is 130 kph, dropping to 90 kph for most other roads. Within city IImi[5. the speed Urnt drops to 30 kph,

»»>[A few more points worth noting, people. From 22:00 to 0,4~30 hours. the autobahnen become combat zones. During that time, anyone on the road can become target practice 10r bikers or autod uel isis r gel flattened by a hovertruck cruising by at a 0001200 kph, or be led Into an ambush by false, pirate AL I signals. After ten p.m., kill the ALI. turn on your radar, and keep your guns at (he ready. And ifthe Bullen get you, be nice and pay your 200 loops lor speeding. If you don't stop for the cops, you're risking an AV rocket up your exhaust pipe. J<<<<<

____...J~dpanther (19:03:21/20·FEB-54)


Though many laws dl ffer Widely between the various states ofthe AGS. the folrowing three areas ofTegal control apply more or less unIformly throughout the country. Even with regard to weapons. cybe rware, and illegal or addictive substances. however. some variations in interpretedon and penalties srlll exist from state: to stat!".


Except for small, bladed we.'lpons <mel tear gas. private citizens may not carry weapons without a special permit. However. some liberal weepon laws enacted followin!g the [Ufo-Wars provide an tnterestlng loophole, According to [he Permission and Carrying of Arms Act, for example. private persons may possess, cany. and use various blades, pistols, and rifles "for self defense-and the avoidance of substantIve damage." Though a perml! 15 still required for most ,blades dod pistols .. It Is easier to get one.

In adtHrion to the standard permit. larger-caliber weapons require a FOluungszeugnis, a statement signed by the police force of theappllcant's hometown stating that he or she hC\5 no criminal record. Permits for rifles are g13nerally reserved for hunters, forest rangers. and private securlty officers; automatic weapons are only <tllaJiable to police and military units. Couriers, private Investigators, and members of other siml\-ar professional groups occasionally also qualify for these weapons.

Private cltlzens may not possess military weapons sud' as machine guns, rocket launchers, tanks, tl[\d gunships. [_xpJoslves and any weapons capable of mass destruction ate 111(ewise restricted, Interpretatton of the Permission and Carrying of Arms Act does, however, depend 011 local [urtsdtctlon, The Lander (states) of Westphalia and WLirt!e:rnberg apply tne most restrictive reading of the law, but CI private Citizen can carry almost any weapon without attracting attention In the' Free City of Berlin or the Milrienbad Council.


At Arst glance. AGS statutes regulating cyberware appear less restrictive than In eeher E.uropean states, The AGS permits possession and use of most types of Class A cyberware. and prohibits decklng only When likely to cause physkal damage or Bnandal losses. Under this liberal state of affairs. system owners whose files contain sensitive data corrrmonlysafeguard them 'Wltl, state-ofthe-art Ie. For the past ten years. deckers and system operaters have Indulged In an "arms race" between invasive and protective programs.

Despite these tolerant laws, those in Favor of tighter regutadon can rely on a boost from a rather unexpected source, Any type of machine brought lnto the AGS must


-. ~- ~ iii

... "'~ '" I ._ • \.. ~ ~

• (I - - .. -_'_

fiJlBJI the requirements set by the telecommunications monopoly Deutsche Telekorn and the Technlscher Oberwachungsverein (TiN), a private organlzatton of engineers charged by law with vetting rechnology for safety, Because. these req ulrernents tend to fall behind the state ofthe art by five years. roughly half the cyberware In current use ln Germany ls Illegal. The sale or use of such Items qualifies as a misdemeanor and Is punishable by a fine of between EC 500 and 50,000. These requlremeors render Class B cyberware such as cyberspurs and program-carriers Illegal. Cyberguns, retinal dupilcatlons, and cortex bombs are considered Glass C cyberware, and are prohibited across the board.

As with weapons. the punishment For acrimeagainst these regulations depends on the state In which the offens·e OC€UfS. Westphalia has the most restrictive laws and largest fines, while Berlln, by contrast, seems like a Virtually lawless tone.


Opinions on what constitutes <l n addictive or personaJity-eBhandng substance remain. as dlvlded In 2Q54 as they have been ferthe past 100 years. The Dissemination of Personality- Enhancl ng Substances and Instruments Act of2049 divides such substances. lnto several classes, with different leg..;tl penalties for misuse of each class. The possession of controlled substances, such as chips, is considered afelony in most of Germany', though interpretation of the law and the severity of punishment can vary widely. Possession and use Qfs\.lch Class A substances as alcohol or freely available sedatives such as Equll.lbrium 11.1. Tranquon forte, and so on carry no legal penalty, though any Class A substance aside from alcohol mayorily be sold in specially licensed shops.

»»>[Whlch pay their taxes on time and probably lei th.e SIS check their client files as well:]<<<<<

-Onkel Doktor (16:Q9:41/16-JUN-S4)

1110ugh the sale-of alcohol to minors is prohlblted, Germany has no UCAS-style legal d rlnldng age. Minors may, For example, enter bars 'or pubs where alcohol Is served even though they ~nno't b_uy a drink. In general. the government considers it the parents; job to keep young children from drinking.

»>>>[What do you expect from Europeans? The heathen lnfl;uence @f their so-called sophlstication corrupts their entlresoclety and dces not>:;.1 MP DELETED BY SVSOPc<]««<

~Hiob (12:05:32J21-SEP-54)

>>>>>(lhanks, sysop; If you hadn't done It, 1 would have, On a saner note, Germans simply have a more relaxsd.attltude aboutdrlnk. Whatels:a would you expect from aoountry where beeris oonsidsred aslaple?l«<<<

-Ragihnal (00:30:02/1 O-NOV-54)

»»>[1 've attached a short list of typical offenses against the weapons, cyberware, and controlled-substance laws, as well as the average sentences. Obviously, the exact sentence depends on the judge you Q'et., .]««<

-Sandmann (00:50:00/1 B-MAR~54)

»»>[. , .and tha money you pays- .. J«<<< -Konwacht (OO:59:05/18-MAR-54)

»»>[ ... and the lengith of your tee'thlJ««< -Roland von Bremen (01 :08;1 B/18'MAR-54)


EC 5,000/1 y-r EC ZO,OOO/S yrs [C 3,000/2 yrs


Weapon Type

,(A) Small Bladed Weapon (B) Large Bladed Weapon (C) Blunt We~pon

fE) Pistol

(F) Ri.fJe

(G) AutomatIc Weapon (H) Heavy Weapon

,(I) Explosivesl Ammo r(j) Ml11tary Weapons (K) Military Armor

KA) Oa,5S A Cyberware (CB) Class B Cyberwafe (CC) Class C (MZ}BTLs

Possession EC :ZOO ec 500

EC 2,000/1 yr EC 3,000/2 yrs 3 yrs

3 yrs 2yrs

5 yrs

Offense and .FIne!lmprlsonment Use

EC 1,000


EC 3,000/2 yrs EC 5,000/3 yrs 3 yrs

5 yrs

3 yrs

'5 yrs

EC 1;000

Sale, K 5,000 EC 10,000 EC 5,,000

EC 20,000/3 yrs EC 30.000/4 yrs EC 50.000/5 yrs

EC 100.000/ I 0 yrs tc (00.000/10 yrs EC I 00,,000}I 0 yrs

EC 20.000/2 yrs EC 20,ooO}2 yrs EC 50.000/5 yrs

10 yrs 15 yrs

I yr 5 yrs


Tbe ISDNpro standard developed II'l Germany In 2041 allowed the German Matrix to 1ntegrate vldphone, fax, cable trldeo .. and slrnsense datanows Into· a single system. Foreign visitors should pay particular attention to the icons representing Integrated satellite uplinks and s~bul1ltS0f vidphc,meand cable trldeo services, Appr0acl"l any red columns and hemispheres with caution; these icons represent ~Ie slmsense-feeders and termlnals. Entering such a subsystem by accldent could prove fatal.

The secession of the South German Lander In 2038 prompted the subdivlsfen of the Matrix I nte regional and loealtelecern grids,. glvrngGermany a UCAS-style l TGI RTG system. though the area code (equlvalen t to an LTG) remains the dominant unit. The foJiowlng list of .lU~ Includes area codes for major dties and rnegacorporate offices, as well as the celor-nnmber Matrix security ratings. The RIGs appear In parentheses following the name of the reglon to whlch they apply. T1,11~ user/terrrtlnal number may be up to 8 dlslts. long. Forexamp!e, (he SAN of the Confederate Press Office In Hannover can be reached at (01-22) j 00·02,7'8.

Northern Gennany (D~Ol or 0491. RatIng Green·]) Hamburg: Area codes 1.0(230/24. Ratlng Green-4 Berlin! Area codes 10/! 1/12. Rating Orange- 3 Hannover: Area code 21. Rating Orange-S Bremen: Area code 21. Rating Green-50

ROgen: Area code 19. Rating Orange-S

Art<oblod< 1-4~ Area codes 20(-2.04. Rating Red-4

Soudlem Ciennany (0·02 or 0492. Rating Green-4) MurllGh: Area code to, Rating Green-4 Stuttgart: Area code 20, Rating Greel1-4


Nuremberg: Area code 30, Rating Green-B Heidelberg: Area code 40. Rating Green-3

R..hJDe-Ruhr (D-03 or 0493, Rating Gre~n-4) Essen: Area code 10. Rating Green-A Dusseldorf: Area code ZO, Rating Green-4 Cologne: Area code 30. RatillS Green-S Dortmund: Mea code 40. Rating Green-Z

Ruhr University: Area code 44. Rating Orange-a Ruhrrnetall. Area code 27. Rating Orange-S Saeder-Krupp: Area code J 1. Rating Red-5 Frankfurt (D~04 or 0494, Rating Green-4) frankfurt, Area code 10. Rating Orange-S Mainz/Wiesb<\deJ1: Area code 10. Rating Green-4 Mannheim/Ludwigshafen: Area code 30.

Rating Gmen-4

frankfurt Bank Association: Area code 1 I .

Rating Red-S

AG Chernle: Area code 33. Rating Red-5

sox (0499 •. Ratlng Red-4)

SOX-OffNet: Area code 10. Rating Green-3 Inforrnatlon about the precise allocation of area codes!

LTGs coded I J to 47 is restricted by law.


The following list provldes important emergency servtces numbers that can be reached from anywhere in Germany All numbers listed below, as well as all area code 09 numbers, can be called free of cbarge.

General E.mergency; Punch III or use an emergency column. These black- and yellow-striped columns function like PANICBlfITONs and are liberally distributed throughout the AGS on city streets.

E.mergency MediCAl Service (DuMoN a ): 909

League for Metd.hum~ Rjgtilb~ (0 1-10) 3333.lhe League provldes armed protection and legal aid.

Smog and Allergy W.volngs; 444

Environmental Hotline: 447

Telekom In'formati(Jn 5~rvlce: 900 Tourlsfloformo1ltlon: (09) 1122

Medical Treatment

Several private and public organlzatlons throughout the AGS provide medical treatment in both emergency and non-emergency situations. All German citizens pay for casualty service and general medical treatment through social security. Because the treatment available through public Insurance is generally minimal, foreigners may Wish to consider buying or retalnlng private insurance coverage during their stay.





The only nationwide medlcar emergency servlce avallable to visitors is the Bund fur Mobilen Notfall-Arztelnsatz (BuMoNa).loosely connected to DocWagon and Careline, Vlsltors Insured by BuMoNa receive an emergency monitor supplied by their nation's embassy for the duration of theirvisittp Germany. BuMoNa Insurance costs E.C 30.000 annually. and ltsservlce Includes tlssue-donmg to provide replacement organs needed as a result of severe injuny'Or theproductlon of multlple organs for cryogenic storage. A5 with pocwagoe, BuMoNa unlts arrive within [5 minU(e5 of receiving an emergent')' call, and one free resuscltsrton ts lncruded In the standard fee, The. 1.5-minuteHme limit applies even wrthin. those areas considered dangerOU5 because of environmental conditions or excessive violence, but does not cover war or revolution. BuMoNa also offers a special service for mages, providing magical healing In a BuMaNa clInic. Such a special contrace for mages costs a whopping EC 50.000 annually.


In general. the cost of living in Germany Is cheaper than In theUCAS. Food, clothIng, accommodations, transportatlon, vehtdes, and magical equipment are cheaper, while domestic and Japanese products tend to cost less than UCAS Imports. However. electronics and weapons can cost considerably more. Weapon prices val)' arcordIng to the merchandise In question and the local possession laws: German-producedcyberware, cyberdecks. and prograIT15 cost almost twice as much as Japanese. or American import-s, but tend to be of higher quality, The following list provides the average cost of common services. Prices may val)' by area or dty section.


Domestic variants of foreign prod ucts are generally available for 90-120 percent of standard price. as shown on the table.


Coffin hotel EC 5--40

Single room w/breakfast Single room w/three

meals a clay Chip shop meal

fast food restaurant meal Lunch at moderate restaurant,

lncludl ng tip

Dinner at three-star restaurant,

including tip Rental car. per day Cab ride, inner city Bus. or train ticket.

I rrterkegtona]

Entry to museum Ticket to rock concerti soccer game

EC 50--300+

EC lOO--I ,000+ Ee2

EC 5~Z5

EC 40--Z00

At least EC 250 [C30+

EC 5 (approx.)

EC 5/day EC 3 (approx.)

E,C IS~50



(% of standard price) 200




Typ@ Weapons Securl.ty Electronics Entertainment Electronics Cyberware"

Japanese American Vehicles

Japanese American

"See Cyberw~rei p, 16.

[00 200

90 200


I:e rea.l history 15 In my appointment book, but I guarantee you won" get your hands antha.t. --Or. V1ktor Platen, fonnerChaJrman of the Board, A(; Chemle


The rise of the Sixth World opened a tumultuous chapter In Gerrn.aJ1y·s history. Economic collapse. environmental tragedy. and politiC-'ll lnstabillty marked the millennium and the beginnings of the 21st century for our country. Despite disaster upon disaster, Germany h.15 somehow end ured And It Is by 1001<1ng to the past that we will build the Germany of the future.

»»>[Such praise tor such degeneralion.j«<<< -Dark Father (08:20:17/13-AUG-54)

The economic coli lapse

of the Ruhr area Jusl prior to the tum of the century heralded the nightmare even [5 10 come. Yeers Qfeconomlc and political neglect led to the area's ruin In the 19905. Though the federaJ govemment belatedly recognized the danger and pumped bllllonsofdeutsche marks lnro the region hoping to ",aract new Investors to what remained of Its economy. the effort failed. Too much of the local population had already migrated to southern Genna_f'!Y and the eastern lAnder In search of lobs and security, leaving the sudden InAux of gov~mment money little on which to build,

High unemployment and sporadic!> of neeessary goods led to bloody unrest In the Ruhr cities or Dortmund. Heme, and Essen. Hundreds died, and the few employers brave enough to consider lnvesrment In the

troubled Ruhr region backed olfln the face of thevtetence. TIle Party of Democratic Sodallsrn (PDS), successor 10 the ruling Communist S[D of what had once been East Germany. rnsnaged a remarkable success In their last election as an lndependem party, but a return to communism could not stave off collapse. Within the Arst decade of the 21 sr century, the economic rot would spread beyond the Ruhr to engulf other parts of Cennany.


Between 2.00 I. and 2004, " series of erwlronrnental catastrophes struck the Federal Republic of Germany. Long-forgotten landRlls In the former East GermMY began 10 leak. poisons of every description Into the ground water. leadIng the government to evacuate and sesl off Wide areas of the eastern lAnder. Wllhln a few weeks of these evacuations. <'. second area of Germany succumbed [0 environmental catastrophe when Ihe Baltic Sea became so poisoned wlth the brown sludge of toxic, caustlc chemical deposits [hat the surrounding communities could no longer survive. It was nor long before the advance of glob.\l warming and the cumulative effects of pollution rnggered the same collapse In the North Sea, a.ffectl ng the seaboard regjons of Germany, Denmark, and the Nethertands. 1'01111",,1 changes followed In the wake of the ecological nightmare. with a coalition of the social-democratlc SPD and the liberal, ecology-minded BOndnLs 2.00 (CompacrlOOO) sweeplng the federal elections of l002. Unfort1.mately, the changing of the political guard proved to be too llttle, too late.

On November 19, 2003, the worst flash flood In recorded history struck the North Sea regions of Germany,

iii ~-

~ .. - ...... - '" '- ......

'. '


bathing wide sWdchs of Hamburg as well as eastern end western FrIsla In oily sewage. Though the government shut down the nuclear plants along the Lower tlbe RIver In time ro prevent an even worse catastrophe. thousands dIed In Ihe flood and then from chemical po!sonln.g ln the weeks followlng 'the disaster.

The North Sea catastrephe prompted the gevemment to shu( down all remaIning Germttn nuclear plants by the end of 2004. Despite 'the long-term benefits of rhls move. tile speed of the operation Cleated Its own problems. At Blb!!s. near Mannhelm In southern Germany, engineers working 100 quickly to dose the plant released smaJl.vnounts of radioactive gases into theatmosphere, An. Investigation of the IncIdent. completed In 2007. reported that the cernptex hi1d COme within a hairs breadth of it meltdown,

In M<lY l005. polttlcal and soda) tensions In E.astem Europe erupted lnto the Border Wars, extended sklrrntshes between Russia, Ukraine. Poland, and the Balrlc Slates that lasted almost six months and daimed I 5,000 lives. The war I n the east prompted Cermans living uncomfortably near rne conflict 10 mIgrate to Germany's southern and western regions. Refugees from the warring counmes lolned this flight. TIle Russian Republic.'s losses In the war bolstered Isolarlonl!>t:5 within her govemment. whlen In rum broughl calls for secesston from the other members of the Commonwealth of Independent SIdle> (CIS). h"om Siberi,l .• ,\nd from other sernl-auronomous areas of Russia. its neighbor's turmoil affected the Germiln economy. pounding one more nail Into the lid of the coffin. Though Ihe Gemm.ll1 government worked dlplomatlcally to try 10 persuade the members of the CIS to resolve thelr differences and to strengthen their external economic tles. the damage to ~he German economy had alre,ldy been done, By the end of 2.005, fhe North Sea catastrophe, widespread despoiling of the environment. and me Border Wars had created such a flood of mtgratlon from northern and essrern Germany tMr the e.!ties of the south could no longer handle lhe rnssslve pcpulatlon explosion.

In an el'fort to rnarnraln Its voter base. the ~er,lI government passed legislation gMog migrants" voice In local <\5 well as general elections In 1C!<"\rly 2.000. RespondIng angrTly. the overburdened southern Under of Bavaria end B<)den-WOmemberg went to the Germ.m u)I1srlturtonal Court In Karlsruhe. threatening to secede from the federal Republic unless (he government revoked the new erecnon law, This uilimatum trfggered widespread protests that swiftly escalated beyond control. Pro-mIgrant politicians were gunned down tn the streets In broad daylight. Inflation rose drarnatlcally, and for the flrst time In Its hIstory the deuesche mark dropped In value <'SalmI other currencies.

»»>(Ba,sed on what I think I know about the Germans, I'U Del thai Iragged more people than Ihe rioting did. The Germans have always been very proud of their economy.J<<:<<:<::

--...Galfin (08:01 :141 1·09·54)

The general elections In July of 2006 gave a slim malOi1ty to a coalition of candldates From the leftist sodal democrat SPD Clnd the U5PD (Independent German Sodal1st Party), members of BOndnls 2000, and a few communists. Wlthll'l months. however. the fledgling government found Itself a,t loggerheads with Germany's powerful rnegecorporatlons. The corps, dlsturbee by gov· ernrnen: aerlvlrles they perceived as threats 10 rhelr operations. began to exert eccnomtc pressure to force the government to bdCk down. At the same time that various pro-corporate legal dectslons In the United States were extending corporate power throughout the world. the German government w<u. succumbIng Increasingly to corporate Involvement In Its affairs. For example. the Berlin election of l007 gave the city a government comprised almost entirely of cronies of the DaImler-Benz corporation.

By mld-2.ooB, the coelltfon government collapsed under Its InabHlty to have any effect' on the eighteenmonth social and economic otsts. The USPD broke from the coalition, and the SPD fliled their places by entering Inro partnership wlth the Chrlstlan Democratic Union. All this poll deal rnaneuvedng brought no change (0 Cermany's miserable economy. however. Wlldc:ai strikes corutnued, rtots raged In the streets, and the people's demands became more and more radical. In an attempt 10 maintain ! es lncreasl ngly precarious con trot, the gcvernrnent began 10 rely heavlly On Ihe Federal Border Guards (Bundesgrenzschutz, orr BGS) and L.;inder, or Individual ~t"te:.pollce forces.


The death knell of Cerrnan democracy tolled on March 4. 2009. At 3:58 a. m., the i'1 udear plant al uttenom In the french provlnceo:fLorralne lost both Its primary and sec.ondary cooling systems. Despite heroic (\('tempts by the plant's workers 10 prevent dlsaster. meltdown begen ... t 9:.31 p.rn, At 10:05, the superheated uranlurn burned through the containment vessel. within mlnures producIng a highly explosive gas. AI 10:08, Block 2 of the plant exploded. releasing a radioactive cloud. Prevdlll:ng southwe5uuly winds blew rhe toxic cloudacross the countryside and Into nearby provinces or both France and Germany. Though ell ArSI hsrnped by the sheer magnitude of the dtsaster, German and french i\uthorlt,les evenWaJly managed to evacuate the entire Saarland. the province of Lorr.\lne. and the tiny nation of Luxembourg .

............ _ - ~ - '; .....

- . _,

»»>[Fact is, the first news of the accident to come through on the radio sst off a mass panic thai probably killed more people than the me I[down. People butchered each other lust trying to gel on the trains going out, and the roads were filled with the burning wrecks of massive pileups strstcnlnq lor dozens of kilometers.J««<

-Old Man (06:54:11/12-QCT-54j

According ro officJaJ sources, the meltdown dalmed 37.2.41 Immediate vlctlms. By tile year l045. victims of radlatlon sickness broughl on by the ctsasrer broughr the toll 10 r 35,72.8,

»>>>[01 which a total 01780 were still alive and hurting in 2053.)<..::«<

-Old Man (08:09:331'1 2-0CT-54)

The govemmen I declared the Saarland end the nearby adrnlnlsrratlve district of Trler dlsasrer areas. Refugees from the stricken region floodectrhe Rhineland-Palatinate, the southern part of Hesse near the dry of Frankfurt. and northern Baden-WOmemberg. The government declared these areas eUglble for disaster relief as well. but confronted wlth another Influx of tmrnlgrarns, SaVaJl.l and Baden-WOrttembetg carried au'! thelr threat to secede.

On April 29. 2009. the federil! governmeru snuck beck, Vesting Its power In a military round I chaired by GeneraJ Horst Sukkler, the government dissolved all parliaments and Ldnder governments and e5ra.bllshed rnarnal I~w. Amazingly. the population barely reslsted, Only In secessionist Bavarii\ dId the I OCt,] police resist attempts to confiscate their weapons and efforts to occupy the Munich Slate chancellery, the seat of Bavaria's government. By May 4. however, lile Iklvarlan reslsters had surrendered. giving GeneraJ St&kter's military [unta control of fhe entire German nation.

As the military began [0 consolidate Its power over Increasingly vodferous Inrernetlonal oblectlons, (he Rrst wave of the VrrAS pandemIc hl1 Germany. Thanks to the quarantine Imposed by the military aJ!1d to Germ,V1Y's high level of medlcal care, the death toll WitS relatively low except In areas overpopulared by refugees from the evacuated Saarland. By the end of 20 10, more than 4.5 mll:llon people had died of the mysterious, deadly disease. The German economy ground to a screeching halt. for some months teetering on the edge of Its worst crtsls since the ruinous Inflation of 1923. The Stlkkfer govemrnenr kept strikes and revolts to a mlrtlrnum by providIng free food and shelter for vrrAS survivors, but the everworsenl Qg 51 ruanon whittled aWilY _11 the mill tary regime's control.

As the VITAS plague dedrnared entire populations, the ravaged Earth struck backagalns[ cenrurtes of human carelessness. On February 9.2.0] I. hurrtcane-force winds

of s[asger1ng power pushed the poisoned waters of the North Sea Into the mouth of the Elbe River, the worst Hood In human history since the BlbllcaJ deluge. In the rnldst of franiic evacuations. the dikes of North frlsia burst and the dams of the Dutch llssetrneer gave way. When the talnted warers Rowed back out to sea a week later, they brought with them most of the Netherlands. the Whole of East frlsla. and large parts of North frlsla, The land that rernalned lay burled under roxrc sludge that made the marches unlnhabltable. The catastrophe clalrned almost haJf a mllllon lives, and nearly 45 million people In [he Netherland~, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark lost theIr homes. In the dry of Hamburg. the waters never receded, earning It the nkknarne ·Venlce of [he North.' With the (.fty·s legtrtrnare economy shartered by the l'1oOOlng. Hamburg developed a black-market economy that would tum It Into a srnuggters paradise wIthin a few short years. The floodIng also hit defunct nudear plants at BrunsbCtrel and Brokdorf, rurnlng the ruins lnro radloacHve time bom bs .

. '-".. - . ..... - .

"',. 'iI'" ~.-- _ • ." :

_ __ D '. _.


Though the military gQvemmenf'S heavy-handed relocation and reconstructton measures sparked widespread resistance. ne one can deny ttl~t the effort helped prevent ten,'; of thousands of additIOnal deaths. Cenertll StOckIer decreed a restructuring of the federal Ulnder. uniting the northern l..'\nder of Schleswlg-Hotsteln. Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Lower Saxony, Bremen. and the northern part of Saxony-Anhalt 10 form the North Germ,ln Federation. The military councll also established the Special Legislative Zone In thes..w (SOX).

Germany's megacorporaticns took advant< of the chaos and subsequent reconstrucnon to absorb countless smaller companies ,md expMd their own empires. Telecommunications, tnforrnsrlon, and computer -retated buslnesses and lndustry settled mostly In southern Germany, leavIng the North German Federation to heavy Industry. agrfbuslness, and mid-level corperattcns high technology. On November 23. ZO II. the Treaty ofPassau settled all rernalnlng disputes about the rights of national and InlematiQnal corporations. effectlvely guaranteeing extraterritoriality to any corporation larger than d certaln site. With. this treaty, {he rnegacorporatlons had become the most powerful force In the new Germany.


On December 24. ZOII. slghtlngs of the first dragons and paranormal creatures heralded the dawn of the Stxth World. These creatures ftr5t appeared In areas of great and ancient power: In the Eifel and Hem mountains. the Bohemian Forest (BOhmerwaldJ. the GianI Mountains (lUesengeblrge), and the AIIg1l.u Mountains. Though Initially given llrtle credence. the sJghtlngs recelved respectful attention AS reports of slmlla.r occurrences began coming In from all over the world. By cMly 20 II. four great dragons=-tofwyr, Nebelherr. Kaltensreln, and Feuerschwlnge=had each appeared ar least once In Germany. Kaltensteln disappeared before the end of lOll. apparently killed by Lofwyrat'ld Nebelherr. WithIn twO years. Feuerscl'1wtnge also disappeared, though rurnor now places him In Iceland. Nebelherr retreated to the E.lfel dnd Harz mountains. and Lo:fwyr Involved himself In human affairs. Eventua.IlY. thls great dragon would become lord and master of the Saeder-Krupp Electrtcal and Mechanical Corporation.

Throughout ZO 12, {he media Increasingly devoted t>hel, headllnes to stories about magical occurrences, espectsllyslghtlngs of dr agons and new nature spirits and eiementals, Other new species such as berghesrs and devil rats also emerged. but their appearance was srrrlbuted nOI to the rise of magic'.. but to mutations caused by the nudeas meltdown at Cartenorn. When the ttrst wave of Unexplil1ned Genetic expression (UG.E) In 20Z'1 produced " dlsproporttonare n umber of dwarfs. many sdenrtsts at Rrsr believed Ihey were also victim!> of nuclear

disaster rather than as harbingers o:f the Sixth World. In a backl .. ash against the startling, frightening globa.1 changes wrou:ght by the Awakening, Vast numbers of people sought the comfort of religion and joined the [cumenlcal Devotion Movement and Catholic fundament,\nst groups. By lO 14, slightly less than half the German populatlon belonged to major religious organlzartons. Others explained the SI.xth World's unsettling magical phenomena In sdentlflc terms, dlstandng themselves from religion by doing so,

The year 2014 also S.lW the Ilrst active use of magic within Germany, by the S!ntl and the Rom.," Also known as gypsies, the Rom ... held begun setttlng permanently In Germany at me tum of the century and become German crdzens. Scorned until now for their essodatlon wIth magic. the gypsies welcomed the new respectability thaI the rtse of true rnagk brought them. Magically active members of the neo-fernlnlst and narure-falth movements also took advantage of the power of true rnaglc, Differing theological and philosophical explananons for the apparent reality of maglc led to a split In many religious cornrnunlrtes, Ihe most bitter 0fwhlch occurred w1thln the German Catholic Church. Immedlel!ely followIng the Blshops' Conference of April 2014. the diocese of MOnster broke from Rome and prodalmed Itself the cenrer of the True Church of the Lord God and His S<\lnts. Rejecting the very Idea of magic, this conservanve diocese could not. stomach even the Vatlcan's limited. caunous acknowledgment and tolerance of the world's newest source of power. The religious conflicts arising From rhls schrsrn escalated In lo open violence on several oecaslam, prompting the !lnal separation of church and stare In Germany. Much to the chagrln of the MOnster'churCh. Roman Catholldsm remained dominant among G-erman Catholics.


On August 2.2. LO 14. parliamentary elections organized by the Military Coundl returned Cermany to iI form of democratic governrnent. That didn't prevent such emergency laws as the toosentng of the federe\l structure and the enhanced rlghes of large corporations from rernalnl ng enshn ned In the new German ConstitutIon. however. Despite rhe apparent return to democracy. social unrest continued and even escalated In certaln areas.

The capnal dty of Berlin, the economic center of northern. Germany, became a hotbed of poll vrotence. Trying 'to quell the rebellion, the government declared Berlin an exduslon zone and endrded II with mlllkiry units In April 1O 15, bur the troops weren't able 10 keep rnotorcyde hooligans and mobs from the dry's Impoverished outlying areas from plundering BerlIn and Its fashtenable subu rbs.fn an eerie echo of an earlier, daJke/ time. the government constructed a temporary wall around


..... ~ . iii

~-... '" .....

'; '

Berlin. Potsdam, Oranlenburg, and a few other suburbs. The walled clry's only remaining connectlons wrth the outside world were the heavlly patrolled Transrapld and EeE high-speed train links and Berlln's three airports.

Except for the besieged Berlin. the years from 20 I 5 to lOW passed In relative quiet. Under newly elected Chancellor MeiSner, the federal government launched a gla.nt reconstructton program largely financed by the megecorporatlens. The United States pulled large numbers of troops out of Cermany In order 10 Aght Its war against the Native Amerlcans ln 2016 and 2.0 17, but most Germans hardly noticed their absence. Narlve American syrnperhtzers occa.slonally demonstrated In front of or even atrackeo Arnericen embassies and insttrutlons, but the American conflict provoked little strong public reaction. The German media scene showed brief excitement over the Introduction of ASIST (Artifldal Sensory Induction System) ted1nology In l018, but Ihe euphoria over the new "simsense" quickly died down as the new technology became lncreaslngly commonplace.

Cermen shl pplng had begu n to decline before 2010, as texlc splrtts began 1,0 rum up more and more frequently In the North Sea. In l02 I. thegovemmentdedared the North Sea 100 polluted for wldespread commercJaJ use. E.ssentlsl shipping lanes were kept open by special cleanup vessels, bUt most shippIng companies swItched to cornputertzed ships for North Sea Journeys, using live crews only for transatlantic voyages. The appearance of highperformance solar cells on the market In mld-leZ 1, together with the useofecologlcally sound building practices and the constantly shrinking power requirements of household appliances, began fa change Germany's power supply from a cemrallz.OO to a decentralized system. HavIng spent the previous five years rebuHdlng Its shattered SOCiety. Germ e my Rnally seemed on the road to recovery when ancther crisis struck.

In mld·2021, about 15 percenrof Cermany's clrlzens underwent sudden, violent changes. Though some victims died In screernlng agony. the rest became nightmarish creatures popularly dubbed arks and trolls. Though this "gobnnlzatton" was occurring throughout the world.

Germany-for reasons still unknowo=produced a dlsproportionate number of rrolis. At Rrst. the victims of gobll nlZ<lllon were treated II ke lepers. Some people even proposed establishing camps for them, a policy w!dely applauded by the genera! publk, The gobll nlzed Germans met this threat by orgenlzmg the now-legendary Mutan t' s Congress In Cologne. during which they threatened open revolt agaInst the rest of German society If It dared to. so ser them apart. The situation might have gotten completely out of hand had not the second wave of VITA!) chosen thai moment to hit Germ<my.


The ominous specter of death cast by the second wave of the VITAS plague silenced the voices of ractsm. This time the plague claimed 37 I .044 lives, but this Wa5 far less than the death toll of Its virulent predecessor. As the world returned to a semblance of normal. the bneny

Interrupted sodel unrest resurfaced with a vengeance. Demonstrattons and street flghts were breaking out everywhere. espedally In Serlin. The c.aplcaJ dty, whose slow slide Into anarchy had begun In 2015. was now d lawless [ungle of glass and chrome corporate high-rises and glgantfc, governmeru-bunrofftce blocks. In October 2022. members of the federal government quietly packed their bags and Slipped away 10 Hannover loser up government anew In a klnder envl ronment. Parliament follawed In the spring of LOn. On .Apr1119 of th.\t year, Berlin exploded Into. violence and anarchy. W1th no real law enforce-men! leff to stop the norers. the ensuing chaos left I 4 dead, more than 2.000 Injured. 14.000 arrested. and damag@ estlmat€d In the billions of deutscne marks,

The government's move to Hannover In the North German Federation provoked angry protest from the leaders of the BavMan I..'tnd. To placate the powerful southern state, federal 8Ulhor!rles guaranteed Bavarta the right ofveto over certaln decisions. Though thIs move quieted the protest'S. It would prove a COStly mtsrake.


By the end of 2022. several German mages had formed the Doctor F8UStU5 Society to cempalgn for recogntden ofherm.E:tfc magic as a sdence, A full sl:ot years later, they f1n<IJly got their wish. After navfgatlng a bureaucratic maze that Induded the Research of Paranormal and Para· medical Phenomena Ad. the Lnactment of Patent tawvs, Mag!Ct1j Formulas oecree. and the Control and Release of Paranormal. Parablologlcal. M.'lgICdI. and NoncorporeaJ Lntltles Act, the University of Heidelberg established the ftrst professorship of magic In 2.028. Between 2028 and 2032. the untverslrtes orGOttlngen. rOblngen, Marburg. and Berlin followed suit.

Though Berlin had survived the Inltta.1 spasm of violence prompted by the federal governrnenr's abandonment. the former CdpltaJ conunued to suffer unrest throughout the 2020s. While [he dtlz.ens rioted In the streets. mem bers of the Senate. composed of both stale and city government officIals sponsored by the vartous megaeorps. squabbled over petty divisions of power. Strikes repeatedly brought public services to a standstill, and greater numbers of the dry's Impoverished masses turned to anarchc-syndrcisr and neo-anarchlst movements. When the cJty government used the p..vam.IIHruy Federal Border Guards 10 suppress a publlc transport strike thar corncioed With the cccupanon of Berlln's universities. II was like throwing a lighted match lnro a powder keg. The eHy erupted In 11 virtual dvll war that clalrned hund reds of JIves over several weeks. yet d1d not seriously affect the city's economy. Confident that their pocketbooks were safe no matter what happened. dty

government offlc.lals ssw no reason to change their ways. Those who could afford II Ignored the violence In the streets whIle enloying the new slrnsense clnemas or exotJc designer chips. A5 long tIS the rich and laded stili gor their plece of the pie, they left the men In charge of business and politics to their eevlces.

Another plague struck the planet on February 8. 2029, when a worldWide computer virus .(I",,(:ked a)ld destroyed both st ... te and corporate computer Ales, The Crash of '29 annihilated many of Germany's smaller companies and those that depended on elecrronk transacttens and lnformauon exchange. espedally ones In crlsls-prone Berlin, Followl ng the Crash, d second wave of corporate mergers set the foundation of modem-day Germany's economic: structure.

In 1030. the North German Federation began resettlement of the devastated North Sea shore. The newly built hablt .. ts at Gronlngen. Emden. and Brernerhaven. financed by a Cerman-Durcn-lapanese cornblne, became the foundation of the giant Arkoblocks now loomtng over those locauons.

:>:»»[Renral<l,J owns about 25 percenl, Sumitomo, Shell, and S-K aboullS percent each. and AG Chemle and ZetalmpChem own about 10 percent each. The remaining 10 10 15 oercem of Ihe ownership t5 still In ques\lon·I<<:<<<

-MonopolyMan (21 :09:44/23-JUN-54)

- ..... ,,- " 1:1

..... +,.-~ ". • ~ III


On May 19.2031. Russian forces artacked central Europe. Desperate to secure vltal lndustnal and agrtcul!'Ural resources. ehe Russians sreemrollered across Belorussta andlnvaded Poland. Though the Poles put up flerce resistance. the Russian Air Perce's bMal, unreleruIng nammerlng of the Polish ground positions slowly broke the Pollsh lines. In August of tnat year, Wars.,w feil to the Ru~lan Army even as Germany Me tM remnants of NA TO debated the proper response to Russian aggression. The collapse. of Warsaw forced NATO 10 take action, Despite the lack. of American and Brltlsh troops that for SO long had bolstered Germany's armed forces. Germ.any and NATO began to rnoblllze for a. coumerartack. Even d Russian STrike <'8<lJOSI bases In east em V!rmany ,15 rnobtllzatlon was Just beginning could not slow the: Allied war rnschrne. The Russ.lan offensive 1051 momentum, and for much of 2.031. the fighllng slowly ground lnto deadlock as artrl don took I t:s roll. In dl plomatlc efforts, theRusslans negotiated will'! a provlslonal government of questionable legitimacy for fhe surrender of Poland In e..uly 2032,

In tate 2.032, Russian forces broke the stalemate by launching a sudden. well-coordinated itlr strike agalnst Berlin, Cau,ght by surprise. Ihe Allied force attempted to regroup and repulse t.hls new threat. but the RUSsians cook advaruageof Allied conruston artd diS<lrray to press the offensive on all fronts. Spurred Into acelon by Russian galns, ~he previously uncommitted BrlIlsh deployed ground forces lnro the A.ooded Netherlands and other Low Countries "to protect British Interests." RussIa responded w1th a declaration of war against Britain·, threatening nuclear escalation of the confllct,

Then. In the wee hours of January 23. 2.033, preclSion-guIded missiles from a fleet of unidentified bombers shattered the searrered main and field headquarters or the Allied forces and the Russian Army. Me .. mwhlle. unldentlfied commandos were also murderl ng several hard-liner officers on both sides while the Mmrlx grids used by the military of bQth facnons were succumbing to attack by a vtrulent expert system .. WIth In hou rs. the disintegration or the cornbaranes' command and control structures effec·lively ended the major flg/1 tlng of the Euro- Wars; though lower-level tontllct contlnued to simmer for years, Though no one has ever conduslvelY laentlfled the bombers and commandos responsible for the attack, most believe that the forces In question were Brlt1sh Nlghtvmllths and SAS commandos.

>:>:>>>rrhalls, 01 course, the German opinion-cothsrs differ. Two facts canner belgnored, however. Flrst, Ihe attacks occurred through conventional means: no significant level of magic was used. Second, those responsible for all three phases of the attack-air, commando.

and Matrix-knew who 10 attack, Where, and when. This suggests considerable InSide lntormaton aboul bolhsides.

Who COu Id do Ih IS? Who had the capablli ty7 You gal me.]««<

-Ranger (02:1 O:41/12~04-54)

The fI rst part of the E.uro- Wars ended almos! without dlange to the Eu ropean borders of 2.030, except for a 1051) of German rerrltory to the newly founded County of ROgen. The human COSI of this pointless conflict, however, ran high: approximately 250,000 dead and four times that number wou nded, The war brought newgcvemrnems to both Germany and Russia. In Germany. the dtlzens voted In <! USPO and ESP ([uropeanSoclaJ-Democr<lrlc Party) coalition. while the Dernocratlc Recovel)' Alliance carne to power In Russl.\. In conquered Poland. a so-called "Consolldal.1on Cou nell" governed under the watchful eye of the Russian mllltary, Shortly afterward, the Coundl reestabllshed the long-defunct Polish monarchy.

Unfertunately for Europe, INs brief c;alm did nOII.t\S~.

A number of Islamlcst.\les also experienced violent upheavals during 2032., giving way to fundamentalist rule. One resuillng alliance that Included Turkey Invaded [uropelhrough the Balkarn, fordng RUMla to post the bulk of her troop!> on her sourhem borders and ending much of the sporadk flghtlng of the continuing EuroWarn. In early 2034, Germany's elite MmOOO together with a combined force of H ungartan, Czech, Austrian. and Ulualnl.ln troops halted the Islamic Invaders, 1hough they could not roll back thel r tenttorlel gains. The German MET2000, deployed for the first time In Ih'ls conflict acquitted ltself wlth such distinction that many Cerrnans belleve that these forces won the battle for Europe.

The end of the LUre- WlH'S saw several new European slates emerge, among them a reborn Austrc-Hungar'en!re formed from the Austro-Hungartsn-Czech rnlillary alltanoe agal nst the Mu~.IIms. I n the southern Balkans, half conquered and half free, a patchwork of Islamic CitySlates and Chrtsetsn enclaves sprang up.

The hordes of refugees dlspleced by the Euro and lslamlc W8~ converged mainly on Germany. producing il greater Influx Qflmmlgrants Into that COUntry thanal any other time In Its history. Persecuted metehumans from the Islamic countries as well as ethnic mlnortttes from Ihe republics of the former Soviet Union poured 'Into Berlin. the .R/1lne-Ruhr Megapiex, and Hamburg. Needless to s.aY,thls Hood of pcverty-smcken, displaced humanl!), placed severe .. additional snaln on the ailing Cerman economy.

liJ .- -

.. _ 'V" .... _ , _ ....

" .


The end of the Euro-Wars brought no real stability to Germany. Though a wealthy )<'pan off-ered Increasingly generous amounts of aiel, Japanese money came wlth sen ngs attached. In a backlash against Increasing Japanese centrel, many European automotive and electronics firms merged 1'0 form multinational combines. Autornakers Opel. Peugeot, Land". Skoda, and OAF merged Into [MC. and the Arms of'Slernens. Nixdorf. Philips. and many others became the e,lectronlc.s glanl ECC [urotranlcs. Though these nascent megecorpo-attoas helped wean GE1rmany from dependence on Japanese money. the German government had traded one master for enother. The prke for the rnegacorps' propping up cfthe economy was that they would no longer bow to government authortty except In name.

Cltlzens alarmed by the E.uro-Wars began arming themselves at a frantic pace. Street hawkers sold Kalashnlkovs and Uzls on every comer. and public opinion polls showed that one In two Germans kept il pistol under thelr pl.llows. The lax arms laws enacted during the wars furthered the downward spiral toward a sodety armed to the teeth.

The trend toward il fully armed German sodety rook an unexpected and sinister tum at the International AUI.Omotlve Show of 2037. when Opel. Mercedf'S. and BMW offered automobiles equipped foroperatton by riggers for the Hlst nme, These armed c'\nd armored street models shot to the top of the market, and the autobahnen became battlefields for street gangs and auto-)olistets. The borders between rlorth and south (,@rm,lIlyand between the North German federation Mel Westphalia quickly developed Into hotspots. where the gangs look advantege or the neighboring ponce forces' refusal to cooperate wllh each other and committed their mayhem unchecked.

In addition to the literal arms race, a Rgurative one took shape In the arena of computer security. During the mld·l030s. cyberdecks appeared In greeter numbers, leading to a sharp rise In electronic break-Ins. Data owners countered w1th tncreaslngly effective electronic security measures, When the flrst unes of the ISONZ Euro Grid became active In [une, Z036. the familiar technological race between offense and defense turned In a whole new direction. The debut of the new German Matrix escalated the jX1Ce of software development and gave German electronk firms a much-needed boost.

Politically. {he years 2035 to 2038 saw a growing Independence among the southern Lander of BadenWOmemberg. Bavaria, Rhlnel'\I1d-Palatlnate. and Greater Frankfurt. It begcVi wtfh those states enacting srrlcter border controls and then Imposing customs duties and limits on Immigration. Too exhausted by recent event'S to

fighUhese developments. the federal government bowed to the lnevleable. On May 21. 2038. the southern Ul.ndet seceded From the Federal Republic and fanned the South German federation, establishing Its ca,pltal In Munich. Alfons Henggarten, d member ofthe righi-wing Bavnrlan People's P<lJ'tY (BV!'). became the new Feeeranen's fll'!il Chancellor.

Desplre the elevation of the BVP to power In the south. the worldwide Night of Rage In 2.039 mobilized only a few right-wing radicals In Germany. The lives lost that night belonged almost exduslvely to the ranks of the radst attackers. whose efforts to demonstrate against rnerahumantty met a wall of restsranee from various anarchist and other groups parroll1ng areas with high rnerahurnan populations. People protesting various forms of cerruptlen and other Inequities In Serlin banded together with those Aghtlng agalns: radsrn and launched a. full-Hedged revolt. a dry-wide e.lvll war that brought down the corrupt, corporation-riddled city government and replaced 11 with rtear- total anarchy.

Vlolent lncldents sparked by the NIghc of Rage conunued through mld-Z04O" but the general antrude toward metahurnans changed little. The mil)orlty of the human pepulatlon regarded their metahuman counter-

pam with a mixture of disgust and fasematton, frowning on violence: or overt bigotry <lgalnst them but refuslngto adrnlt their equallty with humans, The more flg)lt-wlng south German pollrlclsns malruslrred repressive measures agalru;L the Awakened Mfar reasons of publlc health. H

In the year 2.041 , the Duchy of Pomorya succeeded In revltauzlng the Baltk Sea With a combination of newly developed blobacterta and magical support. Also In that year the Austro-Hungartan E.mplre dissolved lnro Its cornponenr states of Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic. and Slovenia, but this upheaval in Its neighbor state had surprisingly little Impact In Germany.

In Mitre.h 204.2, the events that had rocked the United Slates decades before flnaJJy reached Germany. As the U.S. had done with the Nallve Americans, the South Cerrnan lllnder began to herd metanumans Into camps, and the South German parliament came close 10 adopting a eugentcs program. Before the South German Uinder could enact this repressive measure. a series of volcanic erupttons ravaged the endre [Irel Mount<,Jn region. Lava flows blocked the Rhl:ne River. causing the Neuwied Depression ro flood. Koblenz.and other towns In the flocd plsln were abandoned t15 the Rhine overflow formed il new IMe stretching from Rernagen to Lahnsteln. Af [he same time. it series of severe earthquakes struck the Upper Rhine Graben. Though t)o one claimed to have orchestrated these dlsasters by magical means, popular opinion ascribed them to vengeful, rnaglcally active rnetahurnans. Apparently concurring. the governments of the south German Slates quickly shelved their proposed eugenics laws and granted full rights to rnerahumans. But the rnerahurnans had seen the proverbla! handwriting on the wall. South German dwarf!l soon began to emigrate to the mel and HunsrOck hili regions. while orks and trolls chose to resettle In the airnesr lnaccesslble valleys of the BI.,cI< Forest. the Upper Palatinate Forest. and the mountainous areas of the Bohemian Forest.

;>:>>>:>rVou should at least mention the horrors. that .90bllnization Inflicted on us mid-level entrepreneurs who Invested inthe production of garden gnomes!]«·«<

-Alfons Hurtle, former entrepreneur (16 :45 :27119- MAR·54)

»>>>[Garden what???j«<:« ~Apex (D3:24:33J20·MAR·54)


On February 19.2043. the Troll Kingdom ef the Black rarest prodalrned Itself a separate Land of the federal Republic. estabttshlng 1[5 capttal at frclburg. A short rime later, the regions settled by dwarfs announced the forma· tlon of the Grand- Duchy of Westrhlne-Luxem bou rg. After

the South German Under failed In thelr attempts to reconquer (he lost territories vigorously defended by the metahurnans and the nature spirits they summoned, they eventually gave up.

On the heels of thls latest secession crtsts, Chancellor Alfon~ Hunggarten preclpltared his own governmeru's downfall In May of 2044 by erternptlng to break the monopoly of foreIgn eorporarlons. On May 10, all South German datagrtds ceased to function. <lnd stayed down for 7Z. hours. By the fourth day of the matrix blackout, the economy stood on the brink of collapse and the Assocra[Ion of German Unions IAGV) called for a general strike. Twenty-four hours, later. several dragons new In formation over the dttes of Munich and Stuttgart, which many restcents rook as a bad omen. On the sixth day ofthe crisis, foreign governments worldwide froze any assets of [he South German federa~ion being held In their banks. The follow1ng day. the security force MET2000 dissolved Its contract wfth the South German government, effec· tlvely depriving It of an army. rinaJly, on the eighth day of the crtsls, Hunggarren was forced to resign.

:»>:»[Rlse and fall of a corporate creature.J««< -Don Cartello (23:09:43/11·MAR·54)

iii ......... - .....

... v • __ \ ;. '

. -'

In response to the collapse of the South Cermtlf1 government, the German SIdles called a consrrrutlonal congress to establish new rules for cooperatlon between the German Uinder. The congress remalned In session until the end of the year. dudng which time several delegates reHnqulshed their seats. "for health reasons." The dep.a.rtlng delegates made room For more "progressive" replacements,

On May 8, 2045, the newconstltuUon esmbilshed the Allied German States (Al!lanz. Deutscher Uinder) In place of the old federal Republic of GermilJlY, The new Alliance enhanced the Independent teglslattve powers of the Uinder at the expense of the confederate government In Hannover. The LAnder borders of 2.045 and the extraterrtrorlallty of rnegacorporatlons were enacted Into law, and several troublesome or disputed areas received sped"l, essodate status. These "assocIate members" Induded the recently established Troll Kingdom and the dwarf Duchy of Westrhlne-luxembourg, the elven Duchy of Pornorya, thle tiny, lndlvldual states of the Upper Pal<,tlnate Forest, the S&'\fland SpedaJ Legislarlve lone (SOX). and the Free City of Be(lIn. The new constitution fanned the basls for a solid economic upswing that slowly ga!ned momentum In the following years.



The past nIne years of the German Ailiance':r. existence have seen a rebirth of hope and desire for achievernenr throughout the German slates. In 2049, the ftr:r.t Nobel Pnz.e for magic Was awarded to a team of mages from Germany and the Czech Republic. In that same year. German sdentlsts developed the flrst rnartdme fusion engines. The Vulkarl Wha.rf In WlI.helmshaven lmrnedlate!y began consrrucnng a new class of fusion-powered surface and submarine freighters, soon followed by the shlpbulldlng giant Blohm &. Voss.

In 2050 and 2051, a cOrTIJptlon S<and.11 led to needed government reform. Cleansed of Its "businessas-usual" members. the Hannover gcvernrnent normalized retatrons wtth Russia. signed II treaty permItting cultural and economic exchanges with Its former enemy, and made the first attempts at d~tente with the Alliance for Allah. The opening of the first great Arkoblock on the north German plain heralded the begfnnlng of land redsrnanon In the talnted North Sea region. A second Arkoblod<. opened six months later to great public fanfare, Ceneral elections held just last year boasted an Impressive voter turnout of 6Z.9 percent. Big gains by the ChnsnanDemocratic CVP and the lalssez-falre LOfP persuaded Alliance President Kortmann to entrust them wl"lh formIng a government. After decades of turmoil. the worst seems 10 be over.


-Mr. Optimistic (03:20:18/09-AUG-54)

1fIe"~ 8d/~ Ifvln'/n .., Where rIse have you 80t.d 'ree cho/'ce between poverty.rid we.tlthl

--8aJdeney-frred, well-known Esxll'l eccenmc


PolitIcal life In the German .A I II ance , sttll gTedtly Inilu'c!1ced by the dear depa_rted Federal Repl,lbllc.. of Cermany. beers the mark of the polltlcaJ parties elected [0 [he Bundestag (confeder<1Ie parliament) and [he lAndt3ge (state parliaments.). Though general lnterest In MtJoMI polldcs has declined. people discuss the minute details of

me gaIns {U'ld tosses of (he vartOU5 pattles as lIvlclly C\5 they rehash IM~ year's soccer pley-


»»>[Tho basic election system hasn'{ changed since the days of the Federa.i Republic. ElI'ery citizen has two voles: one for a pany, (ha' other for a candidate standing ~n his eleclive elstrlct. Every district elects one candidale

The Germany of Z054 Is <, dosely woven web of political and economic retanens, far less centralized thM the old federal Republic but unlfled by economics and wred culture.

»»>pn effect, the AGS is not a

lede'tatlon. but a cooteoeratterr, In recognllion of this tact, I have changed all references [0 "federal" into ·confederate"throughout these I'iles.)««<

-Raghnal (00:21 ;01114- NOV-54)

The German AJlklflce represents ill confederanon of several small,sernl-a,u[ol1omous units called Lander (slngul,u.landl. The confederate go ..... ernmenr determines fOreign pollcyamj oversees collective defense. It controls <I scant few cenrrallzed lnstttuttons and systems, among them the Bundesweh r (Confederate Armed Forces). the Bundesgrenzsdlut:Z rConfedefare Border Guards), the Um\l\le:I!'bundesaml rConfederate E.nvlronmenti\1 Offlce), 'ffie autobahnen . .:I narlonal train system. ana the Mo,trtx and vld phone grid. Jhe Indl ..... ldual L.1nd govern. ments desll wllh every other aspeer of govemlng and law. In theory, however. the Ui.ndermust

also abide by the United Nation$: Dedar.ltlon of Human Rights of 2039 and the Confederate ConsU tu t'I on of 2.04 I • Too-blstant defiance of these laws may provoke O<ClJpiI,t.lon by the Bundeswehr,

»»>(The low voter nrrnoui 31 general elections, proves how lew people gl\le a Irag. A total turnout of 62.9 percent would have been constoereo otsastrQusly low In the heyday iQf the Federal RepUblic.J««<

-Raghnal (00:22:13114- NOV-54)

Every four years, a general election Is held to choose representsnves to the 'confederate pafliamem, th Bundes-t4g, BIXlions ro fin Its 1.00 1 seers follow a modIfied version of the proportlonal-vcre "ysl,em. The metehurnan-cen trotted stares of the Duchy of Pornorya. {he Grand-DuChy of Wesrrhlne-Lux· embcurg and the Troll Kingdom of the 81 ck forest retain (I guarenteed number of seats de[ermined by separate voting methods.

iii _# ••• ~ - • , .....

. ,

• I. _ ..

lna firsl-pasHhe-posl system" bUI Ihe oumberet dis[(iets Is smaller Inall1lhe number 01 seals and so the resl gel filled from pany lists In such a way thai the number crsests reflects the over,all percentage 01 voles each party 90LI«<<<

-Raghnal (00;24;39114·NlOY·54)

The Bundestag c;urrently eonststs of r:epre~nl<\lIv,es oflhe foUowlng p.U'Iles; the A.rkuchg.SYTldlc.aHs! Union IASU),the Independent Germwn Sod,1J!St (USPO). Ihe .European Scdal-Dernocrarlc Party (£.Sri, the Cerrnan lIberal·Democrat Fooerallst Party (LOFP), the CMstlM Peoples Party (CVP). theCerman N,ll1onal P'any (ONr), and (he P<llly of NaUonaJ Renewal (!'INC).

The partyWHh (he largest palr1!annen'{ary Faction heads the government, bura single party rarely gets an absolute malority. M~n~ often than not, the two {or more] partles with the hlgheSi representattcn rule by coalition. The executive branch oJ the: confederate government conslsts of aehancener (prime minister) and" ""blnel' of 14 \0 24 ministers 10 handle spec.lftc: areas of govematlce.Thls c.ablne! determines fore!gn policy and fOm'lU.lates tews to be adopted by the Bundestag. The confederate governmC!I'I1 controls only rnree areas or domestlc policy: InFr.Istrucrure, 5Od'ilsecurity. and defense. The plindpal memo bers of the currentcabinet are Ihefollowlng: (.hAncellor. Mr. Bemd Mertens (CV!")

Minister fo, ,foreign AffAirs and Vice C1'wICiellol'l Mr. Alben Relnsb.1ch (LDW)

MI.nI5Ie:, of tbe l.ntef1on Ms. Herta BrOggcn (CVIl) Mh,15te., of nfW1c.e~ Mr. DletnlilJ 'von ['rellz. fBVP) Mlnlste, of CommerGe: Mr. Sigmund Berg (LDFP) Mln'l5fer for So,l.\I Affairs: Mr. fr,mcesoo GaIHardlHlng5dorn (CVP')

Minister of TrAnsport: Or. Ursula SUObt'\.d'i (CVP) MI,nls1e' o' Jele~ommunlc.atlons: Ms .. P~tJra Dletbach (CVP)

Mln'l5ter fo, Met.&huma.n AffaIB:Mr. M.\rcus Nebelglanz. (unc.ommltted)

MI.nlsCer of Ruurchi Of .. franz. Kohlammcr (BVP)

»»>[Well, well, wall. That's about 200 yea,s of hard laborcongregaling 611. the bar there, as we say in these parts: prOfiteering, tax evasion, and criminal abuse of power.]<<:<<<

-Sandmann (032,4:49t13·SEP·S4)


The nomln.ll head of .~I~te lselecred for 1I flve-y~u term by a narl!ol1lwlde vote. The current office-holder. 77- c:;ons,tlrullonallav.yer Dr. Robert Konmann of the ESP p.vry,retumed to office for asecond term In ZOSt. Unlike the UCAS president. the confederate presIdent serves iI lsrgelycererncnlal function.

»»>,{Kortmannls a bleeding laissez·faire blabberbull trying to be all things to aU folk. And thallragging morality bug seems 10 be partel ihe j,ob. somehow.~<<:<.<<

-No Fun (05:34: 12I19..JUN-54)


The mas! po:w.erN,llnsll{utlon of the newconfederale democracy ls the former second c:han:1be~ ohhe 'the BlJndesrollt (Confederate Councll), WI1'lthrepres.enrs T.he vartous Land governments. The: Coundl's IOISC!<lts are divided up among the member Ulnder a.Gcordlng to thelr populat1orns and gross domestic product. Becau,se thegcverrsnents of the varlcus Under are eleele;! i!\.C~ (ordlllS lowlldlyvil\1j'lnS local systems.lhep<lrtylnreres~ of the Bundesral representaUl,Ocs occasionally overpower 'the Interests of rlte Lal'ld that sent {hem, ma"Jdn8 for a dynamic tk"lli\l1ceof power In this ",'rli amen tary ch'lmber.

The followIng Ul.nder have repres.ent,llives In (he SU!'\dCSf.U. E..:l.dlland·~ Anglld.,;ed narne I~glve:n flrst for theccnvenlence of American re,aclers; the GermMname appears In parentheses following.

Bavaria {8a.yemJ'

This presldemlel democracy boASts d high degree of Ilndl.!sUlal devetopmem. mostly In the aerospace MId auremenve Industries. batanced by lars,el1J.rall areas Full of thriving small farms. The Hunggertencoup of 2044 C05~ Bavaria former :special prlVi leges. such as the right erverc. [hat had' madelr a decisive tactor InGermarti federaJ patines: for"S.. The pres.ent government. loc;alro In the C<1phal of Munich. Is: a BVPILDFP coalition.

franconia (T:ranlr.e:n)'

this dvll' dem.ocracy. a product of FranconM's recen[ seeesslon from overbe.uing BavaJian conrrol, developed around the NuternberglHlrth/Erl.angen metrnplex, Rle central pie>;; and capital of Nuremberg SIJPPOrts several hl:gh~lech Industries, Ie.w!ng Ihes:u rroundlng areas dominated by agr1cultu~e. The present government Is a. c::o.111- 'lion, formed by rhe ESP and cvr palrtles.


Llk'e Its neighbors B<warla and Franconia. WO rnemberg Is home to several high-tech corporations. mg!j;t of them m'U"Iufaerurersoftools.elearonlc.s .• \llldcyberwrure. Though l10mlnaJlya demoaac)", the CVP·controll,ed go\lemmenI im.po.scs strict sodal conforrnny from lis seal In the c.apTtaJ of Slut.t8art. lI'oHc.e presence Is: ubiquitous ..• md 5o-alled "moral reeducstton" 10 cure peopleof BTL hab![S and other social Ills Is part of everyda.y liFe. Mega~rps wd such CJUc'\SI·Ch(lstian sects ."IS the Knights ·of Chrlst wield Immense Influence Inth'ls state.


-- ...... ~ - ....

' ........ 'Ii , '

" .

- - -----------

Trull Kingdom of me Blac .. forest (Trollk&nlgrelch St.hw.ilnwatd)

This realm of trolls and arks provides many metshurnan vlctlms of persecudon with a new. safe home, The sparsely populated Blac;.k. Fo.r~t kJngdom Is a feudal menarchy, Its economy based on agrlc;ulture and lIght manufacturing. The current king. Berthold I. rules from the capital of Frelburg.

Greater .funkfUrt (Gross-frankfurt)

Taking Its name from rha! of Its c.apllal city'. the second-largesr rnetroplex ln jbe AGS spreads from Wlesbaden and Malnz in the west ro Hanau and In the east and from Frankfurt In the north to. Mannhelm,/ludwlgs,hafen In the south. Except fo~ a few, :oc.:'t'tered parkS. the area Is densely populated. Sometimes nicknamed the AGChem Sprawl because that partic.ular megac.orp exercises Innuence over 'the region second only to the Frankfurt BanK Assodatton, Greater fmnkfurt 15 the German center of biotechnology and neurodiemlcaJ fl!S@arc.han(1 proo.uct'lon. AGChem's l.nAuence Is so strong that rumor has the LDFP·domlnated government asldngapproval O'f AGChem headquarters In Frankfurt-Hoec.hst for every dec.Jslon II makes, Heldelberg, In rhe southern part of the rnetroplex, Is one of [umpe's premier centers of hermetic mc'lglc; thIs state h05ts many companies dealing With magic and alchemy.

:a..,dens ..... Piddn.t.te (8adln.h~PfiW.)

This largely rural area covers much of me anclent German Pal.atlnate, reaching to rhe SOX In the west and encompassing the southern part of the lormer Land of Hesse to Ihe north. AneTa period of unrest sp. .. ,rked by the founding of the Troll Kingdom 'to 115 south, the Sadensran Palaflnate now enjoys relanve peac;e.ex;cept fgr the KMlsruhe Spedal tegtsianve Zone (see South German States. p. 86). The presen: government, In the provtstonel capital of Plrmasens, 15 an [.5p/cvr coalluen,

He$$e-~u (Hessen-Nouwu)

The areas forming this La.nd-old Northern Hesse, Teunus. and Westerwal.d-are among the German Alliance's economically shakiest regtens, What little In· dustry exists Is located In the Lahn RJver valley In and around the capital dty of Gle6en-Marburg, Pre5en'Uy governed by Ihe E.Srparty, Hesse-Nassau survrves On tourist revenues and the sterling reputation of Marburg's magical research.

»»>[What's that GreekS character delngl lhera? Is that a glitch In Ihe prag, or what?j<::««

-Sleln (06 :21:40/04 ·12-54)

»»>[Oidn't bother to read Ihe gloss,ary; did you? Irs a special character used in Germarn to signify a .sharp s, "s"·sound like in ·so· or "messO-following a long vowel. Sometimes it's written as double s.j««<

-Idle Savan~ (6~33: 13/04-12-54)

Grand Duchy Of WestrlJlne~Lullemb'urs (Grosshenogtum Wesbtteln-Lullembours)

Mos! of Germany's dWafls migrated to this tand, where they currently make up about 40 percent. of rhe sparse popula.tlon. The Grand Duchy enc:ompasses~he Hunsrflck and Urel hili countrtes. as well as the lowlands around ChaJIemag:ne's corenattcn oty of Aachen. Though volcanic eruptions turned the once forested E.lfel Into a wasteland of cold lav<'l andashes In 2042. the .region remains a popular hlllJnt of magldans, as does the stll'lforested HunsrOd:. region. The stare's capItal does nor Ite In Ihe romantic little spa town of S.ld Neuenahr. but In (he nearby nuclear fallout sheller once used by the federal government.

Thol.lgn rhe Grand DuchY Is nominally a c:onstlru· rlonal monarchy, the gcneralpopulallon uses electronlc vetlng 10 determine many government po.llcJes. The USPDwieids considerable Influence over rhe governmen! ,<IS do anarcntsr groups and various mystlc.aJlodges. As an example of how the Grand Duchy's pollrlcs really work,.a hUlng parliament. recently allowed Mr. Karl! Hammer of the RVP 10 be elected prime ml nlsterever vodferous objections from several sides.

»»>[Hey, Idle, if you know so much aboult German, how do you pronounce Ei!el?J«<<<

-Slain (6:40:10/04-12-54)

»»>[1\'$ pronounced ·eye-Ie!l.~ In Germa,n, '"81" is always pronounced "eye,"The same Igoes lor 'ey:~ai," and "ay," by the way. Thoss'ra all dillersnl spellings for the same sourd.lece-ce

-Idle Savant (5:A 1 :04/04·12·54)

Thurtnga (fhDrlngen)

Thunngl.1's stable government. politically acetve citizens, and dvlllzed disputes between Its various political and sodetal groups all mark this Land ell; .a paragon of demoqaq,', Though governed by the E.SP lirom the capital of E.rfiJrt; the region's various Protestant sects and magical groups heavlly lnftuenc.e public debate. The-Sfate boasts velry few major Industrtes: science. magic. and mtd-slze rnanufacturtng dominate the local economy .. Thuringia plays U!p Its repu!aJlon as a srronghoJd gfCentra\ Eu~ope,an sorcery.

Duoy of Sa.xony (Hen.ogw.m Silc.hsen)

The Duchy of Saxony, which Includes the southern pan: of old s..vcol1y-Anhalt Is the only non-rnetahumart mOT'klrchy on ~mhl._f'! soil. The: confederate government repeatedly ""US the local government to task for human rtghts vloltl.tlons and for Its exp..mslonlst designs on Its neighbors, Durlng the oongresslQflai convennon thai gave rlse to the AGS and set the borders of the ULl1der In .204 5, the confederale governmenl gave the entire Spfee'Watd hill C:O\Jnuyto the nelghborlngLand of Brandenbu(g, Nt.' result, relartons between Brandenbu,rg_ and Saxony rom,\ln tense co (hiS day. After the he..1VY and chemical Industry In the regions near Dresden and LClptlg-HaJle, SMony Is 001 known as a topflight n .. tlnl!18 ground fOf 5Qldlel$ and S~1JrltyagenC$.

The Mtlona.It$( ONP dorntnates the present pUppel parllamem In rhe ",'pita! of Dresden. but <l coup see~ Imminent, The popyl3floll appears unwlU1ng to. endure continued pOlitical repression wIlli SO IInle economic seaJrlly.

Nofttnl'llnc-Ruhr (Nol'diheln-Ruhr)

Europe's largeslspr<1wl crowds 2S million people dose log:erher. Though chiS Landi also contalns the rural hili arees of Sclue:rland and BeI'g1sd:les tand. the srate's populatlon.mel commerce are concentrated lin the RhIne-Ruhr crescent around the admlnlslfarlve centers of C0- togne. o D5.Seldo rf. Essen, and Oonmund. Within Ihls glg<lntlc d~, all of Germ,,".y extsrs In mrcrocosrn: high· tech enclaves, abandoned Indusrrlal sites and prohlbl:ted areas. ecolog1Cf.\Ily protected regJ.ons .. mi\glevulllns, traf· fie breakdowns, street gangs •. smog, and SO on, The present coaiUlan gevernmem Is made up of USPOanct ESP members.

Wescp,haJla (Wes.t'p,halcn)

Tocutstde observers, the free St.ue of Wesrphal.I" appears 10 be: a dem.OO'.'l.C:Y. tn rl:.\Ilty. ~he' puppet parliament ·ofnatlonaliSI DNPand fiercely conservatlve CVP rnernbersts out-powereoand out-polltlc.ked by the bishops of fhe Germ.1n C<,thollc Church. Within this totalltarlan, globally discredited I heoc.r.1CY , the U.5e of ma,glc Is prohibited, elve are personae non grata, and other mel.ahumilJlS barely tolerated. Westphalia's fertile soli and large farms .supply aboUI 30 percent of Germany's food. The (.;\,pltalof Westphalia 15 MQnster, fam.ous as [tie sll'e of Ihe schlsm between the Roman and German uuholic Churches.

»»;.IMOnsler, eh? All right. Idle, lell usabeut those umlauls,]I<:<::<:«

-Slain (7:08:15/04-12-54)


-Chucky (7:08:17/04-12-54)

»»>(Phili$linesl German has three umlaU'ts: "a,- also wll1ten as "as-; ~,o,·also written asroe": and·O: also wrinen as "Lile,_' ~A· Is pronounced like the English short -a" in "bad: whereas "a" n German is always proneuncec like th.e ·u· in "tun. "·0' is pronounced Ilike the 'u in ·murder,·The '11· is a bFI difficult because the sound ;1 represents isn't used in English. II you've ever heard someone speak Franch\. you'Ve heard Inis umlaui.irs the French -u: as in 'cul de sac' or -fumer: Thai brief enough tor you?)<<;<::<::<:

-Idle Sa .... ant (7:10:42104-NOV-54j


The d:vU democrscy of Brandenburg, named (or the regten's currenr c.apllal ell)" nas suffured seneuseeenomic ~pl1e<!lIi1IJ smce Its 'Inc.eptt.ol1 .• The loss ·of I~ former caplt.1.l of Potsdam 10 [he free Ory of Berlin Is merely ol symptom of the problems caused by Its stralned eeenomic re.ial!ons Wltfllnll! glMI m{:troplex;. Brandenburg

~,,-. ~ iii

_ 'iF "'. _ '\. • .'

- ,

. ,

. " _.

has almost no Industry. Il!e:rtln. like ill mcllignam magnet. has drawn most Industry In the area to Ilselr. Attempts 10 tum the region surrounding the Havel and Spree Rivers Into a resort have met with d certaln amount of recent success. prompting a modest economic upswing. The ESP controls the present government.

f'ilortb GenPAn fedcrdon (Norddeutsc:ber Bl1I'Id)

The Nonh German Federa'(1on. formed by the union ofSchlesw1g·HoJsteln, Lowe r Saxony. Mecklenburg-We:sl PomeranIa. Bremen, and the northern pan of SaxonyAnhalt. took the brunt ohne often violent changes d url~g the past flfty years. Almost no Industry exists In the Land beyond Its major cltles, Indudlmg the contederare capital of Hannover. Japanese and German-Japanese corporations dominate the state's economy. Curremly governed by a I'lberal: USPD/ESP coannon.tne North German Federation Is prone to political crtses, 'WIth another change of government 11k:@ly within months.

Frere ,And Hanseatic CJ:ty of Hamburg (lrele Und Hamsesu.dt HamburgJ

Hamburg polltl.c.s. Is a c.omple:x web of dvll democracy. corporate ruthlessness, and an.archy. Large parts of the cJty remain under flood waters. providing counness htdeouts for smugglers and hover-plrares. Hamburg also serves as the rnaln seer of 'the Klabavterbum;l, a mi\Slcally and technically oriented polklub widely held responsible for local and national piracy.


The Free Ory of Berlin and rnree terrttortes Iy!ng on ehe bordel'!o or the AG5 are represented In the Bundesrl!.l wnh up to three seats. These assodated states rnalntaln ecenomtctles to the rest of Germany and pa.rtlclpate In all AGS~wlde networks such as streets, railroads, energy systems. and the teleeom grid.

Sur Sp@dolJ L@_.s_la:tfve A.rea

Also ~lIed t!1e 5aru' Zone. SOX, or simply the wne. this area Irradla1ed by the Cattenom mel.tdown Indudes the former Saarland, the former GritlJ'ld Duchy of luxembourg, and parts of the former Rhlrneland·P."atl'nafe, as wellas large areas or the French provinces of Alsace and lorraine. Most efrhe eoputanen 'Who remained In thearea live In a rew .smaJl,loolated ar<:ologles. research laboratortes, and factories. In addltlon, heavy lndusny and chemical companies run m~ufactlJrlng InstaJlatlons In the SOX.

Corporations set astde major sections of 'the SOX for theIr exclusive USE'. A megseerperate com blne conslsnng 'of AG Chernte Europa. the Inrem<itlona! Vr:hlde and Ma.chlrle Union, Ares l'Aitaorechnol'ogy, Remilku. SaederKrupp. and RJJ.h rme tal I has adrnfntstereo rhe Saar Zone ever since I ts formation du ring Germany's reconstructlon,

Duchy of 'omorya

'The Duchy of Pomorya provides a ba5@for'Germany'!> elves who are wQrkTng to revl t&llz.e the Bailie Sea. This smell kingdom's c:apltal 15 at SaSnltz., a.nd Its rerrttory contatns rhe lslsnds of ROgen,. Usedom. and Wollin. plus a sizable chunk of former West Pomerania. Elves make up more than 40 percent oftheduchy's small population of 180.000. and their thrifty lifestyle helps the duchy remain self-reliant for ene~gy and food.

Mufenbad. Coune,!1

A confederation of srnell rnenarcnles In the rnountaln areas of Bayerlscher Wald (the Bavarian Forest), BOhmerwald (the &ohemJ.:in Forest), and E.l'l8eb!rge (Ore Mountil)ns~. this region. populated largely by metahumans, encompasses several baronles lusc a few square k1lometers In area, Border wars. coups. and marauding bandit knights constantly threaten to tear apart (he Marlenbad Coundl, and Its more polluted areas seem thick with roxlc spirits.

Free City of Berlin

The only .00111 Ml.archlst stale In the world. Berlin struggles under the conrrol of members of countless rival groups: dNucho-syndlu'lllsts. neo-enarchtsrs. mobsters. aJ"Id • nyene else who feels like, taking .\ h.:md In the socalled government. Chaotic wIthIn. Its relations wlth the outside world paralyzed by constant dispute. Berlin's crazy v:Jtallty arrracts those who find It a Ilne plae:,€ 10 ltve


In spue of~r pemaps because of-t'he near-retal lack of order, Interestll1giy enough. rhe anardhlst struau re of the ,CJ ty I ncludes a nIche for free enterprise that the rnegacorps have rushed to fill. RoUB.hly 00 percent of Benln's popu· latlon are metahurnans and other so-called minorities.


A few non-rerrttodst Interest groups have a seat In the Bundesrat along wIth the LAnder, but no vote. Like the assoclate states. these groups playa part In dtscusslons and maintain representation In those committees (hdt concern their area of competence. These organlz.."l1lons lod ude the A IIgemelner Gewerksc.haftsvert>and (General Asseeianen of Unions, or ACV), Iheh,lghest levels of [he Catholic. German Ufhollc., Prot'e5tiUlt. end Muslim religious organlzatlons. ~he Federation of German.lndusrrles, and dlplofTKlttc represenrartves from Germany's nelghbotlng nations.


The ever .. shlftl ng array of political p<lnle-s and Interest groups ln Germany may look chaotic to the outstder, but It has the benefit of preventing anyone group or person from garnermg 'Inordinate power and Influence. The unrest of the early 21 5t century and the chaos of the [uroWars severely damaged parllarnentary democr .. ,cy In Germany. In general elections. voter turnout has fallen to 65 percent, an.d drops even. lowel for Land elections, Membership In political parties Is down as well. but an enormous number of new groups has formed over recent years. All are trying to earn legitimACY by pladng at least one representative In parliament. By contrast. such nonparifamentaJ)' Interest groups as aerten committees. pollclubs. and secret societies have enloyed a surge In membership.


After the reseorarton of Ge1TT1an democracy In [he early 20405., rhe polltlcal situation WitS chaotic It required three successtve elecuens to establish a ~rnamef1l proportlonately representatlve of the 46 parties on the ballot. Thls prompted the newly restored federal govemment to reintroduce me modjfted proportional system used In the old Federal ~pubnc. lncluded In those election reforms was a requirement milt a !MIt)' must wIn a 3i'percem minimum of t()tal voles cast to win a seat In a confec:lerate or Land parliament. At the most recent general election. held In [une Z053. the parttes listed below won more th3f1 3 percent of the total voles cast and thus are represented In Ihe Bundestag. The German name of each party Is gIven first. followed by Its acronym in parentheses.

»»>[8810r8 Ihe listing starts. one cautlon 10 American readers: In general,. the poli.tical connotation of the word "libera,I"! n Germany is laissez- laire capitalist or Manches· ter liberal, The politics described as liberal In America, partlcularly as used Tn the United States before the Awakening. would be termed cernosuo moderately 1911- wing in Germa.nY.l««<

-Raghnal (04:12:27/02-NOV-54)

AnMc.llosyndIUlbusc:he Un~on (ASU)

Though an anarchist standing for parllamenttuy electlons may seem like a cennadtcnen to an Qutslder, 11 is nothIng new for Germany. Ever since the 20Z05, sectartans of various anarchlsr splinter groups hav€' gone trolllng' !'or voces. but ,.uely receive a mandate.

The A$U (Anarc:ho-Syndlcalls! tlnlon] was founded In 2045. ne: as a political party per se, but as an elealQn pla.tform fOJ various local syndicates. It funerlons as the par!lamenriHY mouthpiece of the syndlCclilst unton, but will not enter tnto coolltlons.

ApproxitmOlte M,embershlpl 39.000

Confederate C.tb\ln Syndicalist execunve c;:o\JJndl

Unabhlnglge Soz1aJlstIsche Partel Deut5chlands (USPI»)

n,ough II rarely 1K1S< voice In government. the usro (I.ndependenr German Socialist Pa.rty) hi\5 become Germany's leading left-Wing force. Anti-monopolist. prodvil rights, and pro-environment withoul being antltechnology. the party enjoys wldespread support dIT10ng tne poor. The USPD's popularity among "revclunonertes and undesirables" prompted the LAnder of Saxony and WestphaHa to Nn the party from theIr borders. Thou,gh it functions as the main opposItion pany In the Bundeslag as well as In most lAnd€'t parliaments. {he USPD frequently cooperates with the ASU and ESP. Approxlma.te M,ember:'5hlp:185.000

Confederate 'Chairs: Mart1n [)eerf)off. Angela lanlsevlc. Richard Stelnfest

EUfoplische So:daJdemokTads.che Partel (ESP)

The ESP (European Soclel-Dernocratlc Pany) W.lS formed from the sodal-democrauc ,SPD. parts of rhe laissez-mire QlpUc'lUM FOP. and the ecological left-ofcenter BOndnls 2000 party. It farms the sodal-democraC'lc·l1beraJ center of the German Alliance's political spectrum. The ESP supports broadened civil rights. reo dueed rnegscorporate Influence. sod.'" security. and a moderate foreign pol'lcy. In Its strongholds In the Nonh German League and Brandenburg, the ESP has entered Into coalitions with both the U$rD and (VI'. with whose polkles If agree5 1111 certain areas.

Approximate Membel5hlp: Z2 7 ,0001

Co n.federate c.1'Ialr'5l Dr. Petra Gaasen. Dr. Mehmet SchuM:TOfek,d

o IBMINY 1000000IJI(

~... - " 1:1

o;-'!i I Ow • I!;I

Ub~raJdemokratlKbr r6derilllsttsc.he Partel (lDW)

The darling of the megacorps, the LOfP (Liberal Democrat Federallst pany) represents pure tatssez-fetre capitalism. Most parry members come from middle and upper management. Including entrepreneurs. or course, every German dtlzen reading (II newspaper or newsfax knows that LOFP members sit on company boards. recelve huge corp "denatlcns." and feel no qualms about hushing up occasional scandals with the aid of expensive lawyers.

The Frankfurt LOFP. a governing power In Its own right. offers the fasrest route Into parliament for upperlevel executives, managers, and entrepreneurs. In B,,varts. the LDFP govems In coalition with the BVP, Approximate Membership: 46,000

ConfederAte Chain Or. Volker Behrens

Not surpriSingly, German Catholic Westphalia Is a DNP stronghold. In the Under of Brandenburg, Saxonla, Francon!a, ano Bavaria, the party garners frequent headlines by leveling accusations and threats at neighboring Poland and the Czech Republic.. Unwilling to accept the German Alliance's present-day borders, the ONP claims the regions of Porneranta, Sliesla, and the Sudeten land as German rerrtrory,

Approximate Membersblp: I. I ,000

Confederate ChAIn JUStus Hagen Frelherr von Dobereln

»>:»!What's wilh those people? Is It a membership requlremenl to be over 150 years ot age, or do some people just never leam?]««<

~BanleCzech (03:12:28J07.AUG-54)

Chrlstllche Volkspart.el (e WI

Shaped by the Catholic SOCIal doctrines of the 19th century. the. CVP (Christian People's Party) tempers capitalism with an aetlve sodal conscience. Moderately canservauve, IheCVP hasentereo coalition government-s with the £.SP, LDFP, and occasionally even the narlenalist DNr. Despite Its grounding In Catholic doctrine. the party regaros cyberware and magic t\S useful features or modern Ilf'e and uses them fr~uently.

The (VI' can trols the gO\lernment ln WOrttemberg. The pa.rty Is also strong In Bavaria, where It goes by the name or the Bavallan People's Pany (Bayerlsche Volkspartel or BVP).

ApproXimate Membership: 348,000 (62.500 are BV!')

Confederate Chair: Dr. Herta BrOggen, Alols Hundharnmer (BVP)

DeurschnatJonaJe Partel (DNP)

The nationalist, conservative. German Catholic DNP (German NationallSI Party) Is espedally favored by largescale farmers and church authorities. The DNP receives so much support from the German Catholk Church that the words of Its chaJrman, frelherr von Dobereln, are read from church pulplts, and membership In any other party 15 declared a .sIn. This tactic works well among less educated and pious Christians, beefing up DNP representation In many Land psrtlaments,

»»>(1 don't think lrs a memo bersrup requrernent, but only the terminally stupid would even think of JOI nlng thaI bunch 01105er5.]««<

---Streetwizz (04:10:34/07- AUG·54)

Parlel Der NatlonAlcn lmeuerung (PNE)

I n the spll nrered confederacy that Is Germany. no one political party can guarantee the general welfare. In Germany, as In any other patchwork natlon. any group that promises work and bread to the Impoverished masses and daJms to hold a simple solution to all economic and social problems can And w1despread acceplance.

In the German Alliance of 2.054, the roost PN[ (Party of Nallonal Renewal) fliis this distasteful role. lts 'suggestlons for healing the German people' recall those that spread terror I 2.0 years ago. The PN F. endorses work cam ps for metahumans, Immigrants, and 'antl-sodal elements"; national organtzatlon of every kind of work; reduced rights for non-German corporations; and strict enforcement of ' law and order" Ihrough a virtual pollee stare. The PNE has spawned Its own r1ghtWIng pollcJub, (h~ SlegfTiedbund, and has connections 10 the Natlonale Aktion terrorist group.

These nee-Nazis game red 7.2 percent of the vote In the recent Brandenburg elections, and held membershtp In coalltlon governments In Hesse-Kassel from 204 7 to 2051 and In Saxony from 2048 to 2052, In a frightening

11- -"-4,- "

_...... ~ , ~


, .


'trend, growing numbers of weJl-educ:ared, wealthy '101- ers have begun 10 Join the PN E or openly sympathize with lts alrns. Membel"$hJp: 24.000 C,onfederate CMIr. Dr. RIchard E.beling


The folloWln,g groups boesr representarion In some L.1.tid p<'Hllamems. but helve no nallonaJ Influence.

Ole Wilnen

ThoUigh re-establlshed in 200,7 after Its dissolution In 1996, the Green Pany never regained Its form,er position as Germany's leading ecologlc.,1.l power, The new Green Party has degenerated Into il preservatlonlst pollclub WIth no definite polirlcaJ program. Though active. It possesses no power In this megaCcorporal:e age.

Approilimate Membership: 12.500

C.onfederate CbAlrs: Dr. Marlon Kuntz-Herdorff. Simon WIedmann


An am..'\lgamatlon of the old German Communist Party (KPO) and the Mandst-Lenlnisf-Maois( rallY (MLM). rhts group has little influence In My Land parnarnent; lIS support R>f the dlsaedlted Idea of a planned economy governed by the sHue to ensure the general welfare Is obviously iliJ)<)thema In a country where the economy steers the government, The megaco:rps i\fId rllelr government supporters use every possible means to discredit the party and 'Its members, hoping to prevent Its expanston. St~lllnISI. aJIId MaoIst factions are constantly at each other's throaes within the organlzatlo». Rumored to Nwe connections ro the rerrortst Antt-lrnper1allsl Am1y (AlA). the KPD/MLM is banned In Saxony and Bavaria.

Approilitnah! MembershIp; 7.,000 ConfedeJ' .. te ChaIn IOrsen Delnertz

Parte I D~ :Neuen Bewu~stselns (rNB)

The extreme rtghl-wlng New Con.sdousrnes.s Pillty Is the politiCAl branch of the New Consciousness Church. ,1

fascist pseudo-religion thaI preaches oe<ltlll1g a 'new man' using electronk bralnwashtng, In'[enslve p5ychlaulc therapy. and other methods [0 repress the lndlvldual personaltty, The New (onscJousness dlurch orlglnC\ted In the former United Stares, and the headqUAltel1"S of the church's political affillate are said to be on a decornmlssioned carrier vessel somewhere In the Atlantlc Ocean. Only the PNS's connections In Int1uentlal pollrlcal and rnegacorporate circles have kept It from being banned In Germa.ny.

Approximate Membush.p: ~tlm~ted 3.000~ no officlal figure5 available

(,onfederAte ,ChO\lnSelieved [0 be Mr. Cerd Mahlmann

Volk.sdeubdle RelnhettspMte.1 (VIlPl

The VRP (German People's Purity party). a spllnter groupofforrner PNE. members, may only operate In seven Under. More extreme than the neo-Nazl PNE. VRP rnernbers Indude cybet~engorged neonslc,1ns, black-shlrted thugs. beer-bellied mlsftts In traditional Gem1M costume. and other suCh admlr3b:le people. As the primary polltlCdl arm of rlght-wlng teilOt'lsm In Germany. the VRP Is. unfortuncllely, more chan illtlughabl:e sssortmerrt of lunarIa and marginal drlUns.

Approdmate Membership: 1.800 (tl(llve) C.onfeder.te ChAin Hecm~U1n Olbrtchs


Most pol1c1ubs find tlew adherents outside Berlin; <\ maJorl'ty of the German people prefers to loin political parties and secret sodenes. The folloWIng polld ubs, however, enjoy w1despread acceptance across the German Alliance.


this debating sodery, a branch of the neo·NazlI'NE. tackles ropics such as 'The RaGial Threat to the German People. "The Risht of Every Healthy German OUzen 1(0 Bear Arms: "How 10 Stop Pollsh car Smugglers: and other enlightenIng subjects, Desplte this club's obvIous nee-Nazi origin. members of the ONP and BVfi frequently speak at Sleg(rledbund meetings. Servlrr,8 as a deannghouse for !\II rlght.wlng groups within the Gem1M Alliance. the 51egfTIedbynd has far-reachIng connections to International groups with similar fascist I~afillngs.

»»>[11 also serves as a front and unofficial meeting place for Nall0naJe Aklion Killers.]««<:

-Kater Carlo (23:24:54/21~DEC·53)


ActIve In Hamburg and the North German Federation. thls polldub takes Its name from the KlabtluterrnM, <l kobold (fair.}' being) 'of German maritime legend. Ac·

.'" . - r:\

_or.. .. " . a;II


The anarchist pollclub known as the

Schoclo:wellenrelrer (Shockwave rudel'S) evolved from the Oiaos Computer Dub, (he only [XlJldub \0 exist ~Iely Inside the M.:Inlx,Schock:welle.nreiter does not hold rneerIngs or events In the rcal world, conAnlng Its ilc([vitle5 to eernputer-generated reality, The Shockwave Rlders offer d . .3,ta pretecrlon to ordlnary cl.tlzen.s, and conduct Indus" moll esplon;a.g'e. The dub lspartlcularly Infamous for regularly uncovertng and publlclzlng corporate crimes. vi" newsfux channels. Its core mernbershlp consisting of toe sernl-legendery CIT, Germany's best deckers. the dub

cording 10,ad rumors, t!'Ie Klabaulerbund has close connectlorns to Green Waf and to North Se<I pirates. Its own flgures pl.Kl!' KJabauretbund membership 1l.~ 7 ,OCX) , of which 5 ,{)(x} live tn, or nearHamburg, Openly Marchi$! and pro-ecology. the polrdub opposes rrtegacorps and preaches a natural way or Hfe, free of high technology. ro.t.any rnetahurnens arid .sorcerers,i\S well as a nurn ber of prominent artists and representsrtvesof'Germany's active subculture, belong t'Q the Klabauterbund.

Th~ Klaoauters defend piracy .aslegl'!tmate self-defense against megacorp ilicrlvlcy,M long as II does nOI personally enriCh the pIrates, As a precedent for thls conduct, the- dub's founders refer to the VltaUenbriJdl."1 plratesacrlve dur1ng rbe time of the Hanseatlc League. They c.lalm Ihat these plrates took [ustlflahle acrlon agaln,sl thecppressors known as the "Hanseatic Peppersacks.· Members of ('he KJabaucerbul'1d also believe I'M! one day all tne ship's kobolds will awake and tale revenge FOI (mel.ajhumanlty's misuse or the world's oceans.

Mutrer-[rde Polldub

The Mother Eateh Poilclub represents one of the few European sodetles devoted 10 shamanlc rnaglc, Witch· craft MId shamanism. pantheism., feminism, aIld the prepagatlon of iI world-spanning ecological consciousness form the focus of debates, lectures, and actions, MembelSh.lp stands at aOO\.H '10.000. of which 70 percent are women .. Members, of Mutter [rde commonly belong to other, llke-rnlnded groups such as the feminist secret society Sic and (he eco-rerrortst Green Cells.

Also acts as a sort of decker ald ~don For gr1drunners In dlst'il'ess·. Of the 4.000 Or 50 regIStered members actIVe in rhe legal part of the' organlzeiflon, it mere SO are hardcore deckers.


/IIlaglu"I.l clrdes, and other groups nLimberlng ten HJ a thousand members, have become it popular way to meet people with like tnrerests. The c rga_nILl tIons nsted below run the garnue from small sodetles to leagues th.1:l span the world and meet o.nly sporadically. Because none or them propa.gate thelrldeas vi" le~\flets, mdee cernrrrerclels, or other PlJbllc medla, members of these groups consider l.hermelve5 par'I of an elite. and th~ senseet bel.QI1gJna appeels stron.gly to the German psyche,

»»>[D'on't tell me; revolutionary revelers? A censervatlvs faction with!in the Martinsday parade? MvstJcaJ choir groups? Tell me I'm dreaminglJ<<<<<

-Kater Carlo (OS:02:54112·FEB·54j


The Doctor raust\Js$odery,., contederecy-wlde drde of hermetic: mages, provides a forum fer members to dISGi.J5S new and unconvenllonal approaches 10 hermetic: mtlglc:. Whether 8 mage requires certain llterarure, spectal m<\glcal rnarertals, or colleagues for a ritual sorce.ry team .. he can appeal to rhe Docror Faustus 50dety tor help. Th.f! Fausnans also offer Anandal i!1d for tnoSf! Irlleres.tec! In founding new brandies of the society. candidates to the !>odecy are accepted only ehrough the recornmendarlen of a member In good standlng, a sli\ndard left to the discretion of tlhe local circle.

The Doctor f, .. ustu!. Sodety has members on the faculty councils of every unlverslty-level magic department In Cerrnany, and In mM)' companles and ocher crganlzatlons lnvotvee In magical research, Though (he Sodety latk.s the powerto ensure Ihtlt onl:y 11:5 members receive well-paid lobs In (he field or aceeetaoee for doctorates In thaumarurgy,. no one of whom the Society disapproves can hope 10 work legltlmately as \I. mage, As "whole, the Faustliln$feilld toward "'betal political views J.nd Me open to new Ideas. though they are no! poHdcally acrrve.

»»>[Open to new i'dea.s? HardlY. Faustus is a boys club, viQlently opposed [0 hinting al feminism. lt receives most of its money from the AGe, and II still hasn't grokk.ed the true revoluUonary power 01 magic in thB Sixth World,]««<

-Gretchen (14:.55:04·130.JUL·S4j

B.a.varlan llIumln.atJ', AdAm Weishaupt Lodge

Few people know anythIng about nhls world-Spanning freemClSOl1S' lodge. The lodge nevertheless boasts

(i1 ._ _ ~

--.. . ,


v·asf cash reserves and far· reach l'n8 connections. and some people suspect rhat n wonks tQward glQbaI sup.remdCY. Whel'leverlaw enforcement reechese deed end In cases lnvolvl ng bribery. corpcrarescandal, ban kl ng dlsasrers, and even murder, the Bavarian illuminatI serve as a convenient scapegoat, .b:perts usually refuse 10 esrlmare thlsgroup's rnernbershlp, but It Is dellnltelyles.s th"Fi 100.

»:»>[Facts at your fingenlps, people: members are, among ethers. Lofwyr and Nebethen, IERRORl lties al. RurERAOR]oup 01 204[.ER:ROR) .... Ir[ER.ROR,] [ABORT] . [+++Llne Error an 203-445. external rerouting on 223-900 (SlmLtlnkAdullj. Trace reo fused. Emergency Shu1down and Immedlale System Stop. All Datasaved.+++)««<

-I NtruderTRACing Expert System (23 :09;44/17· JUN-54.)

.>>>>>[Well-known decker HAL9000 was round dead ar his console yesterday evening. The coroner's report read "sensory overload 'through illegal slrnllnk." Tod:;!y, EO 200,000 mysteriously materialized in our account, together with a polilery worded request to report the incident on-line. No comment.]«<<:.;:

..........sysop (1.4 :32:25/18·JUN-54)


Various societies of Freemasons, such ast.he Scortlsh Rice, Roslcruc.lans • .Lodge of .light, and so on, serve as welfare assodarlons to aid rnetahurnensor ex 151 to spread panthelstte teachings. A few n.mcUQn as commerdal gentlemen's clubs, where members use lodge meetings 1'0 coordlnare tbelr corporate strategies. Th,eestlm<lted membership of all known Masonic lodges within rhe confederacy stands at 6.000.


The widespread remlnlstassodatlon Sle (She) consists mostly of witches and followers of the Great MOlher. Men may flot attend rneetlngs or become members. The assodarlon aids ~m!nlst projects, promotes wi Ichcraft , Md funds non-hermetic; m"gkal research. OccasionallY, SIt! rnem bers strike out against ccmpanles and lndlvld uals percelved to be sexist and/or racJst,u5ually (hrough Illegal dlsrrl'butlon of sensitive or damning Information, but sometimes vi" Calm puler vtruses or even hlredk.lIlers. Ste's estimated membership throughout CellT'k"lny stands ilt 2.000.


Certain groups, not content wHIh Inlluenc.lng the poHtlCil.1 process through parll,wenr andback.stallT'5 deals. resort to JI.Iegal. means to attain their goals. The groups

llsted below are offlc.laJly d.ass.IRed as terrortse associations according to the SIM.t5s1cherheltsgesetz (State Act) of 2046 and the amendments of 2049 and 2052:.

>:.>:»{Under a;ny other criteria. more than half 01 Ihe organizations prevlously described in [his chapter also qualify as terrorist groups.J««<;

-Backup f04:05:54f22-JUL-5A)

This listing does not tndude the dozens otsrnall .. oc.c..l5lonally ecrtve terrortst groups .15 the CrOdtlM Salvatlen fron!. the RevoluClonary People's Army (C.,dre). Humanls Ge,rmany. the CorpBusters. and so on.


Fanned al the end of the E.ufo-Wars .. the acrtons of these fear-Insplnng, right-wing exrrerntsrs make the news almost dally. Through such atroclues as the refugee massacreer the Munich Olympic VIllage In 2043 and the bornblng of the Labor Union Congress In 2.04'7, NattoTl<l1 Action terroris~ have proven rime and again thiH the lives of others mean nOlh11'1g 1.0 them,

Apart from a.common. lntensebatred ofmetahumans and foreigners. (here Is llrtte ro keep the NA together. If the group Jacks a unified political structure .. however. If makes up for thlslac.k wlth.l watertight mllltc\J)' structure. Rlough actual membe.l'!ohlp Is estimated c:\! no more: thdfl SOO, National Adlon often draws support from sympathizers across th.e enttre rtShe wing of the polttlcal specI.l'1..Im. The confederate government has posted ,1 reward of r.c 50.000 for Information leading to the arrest of .any of lhe 37 known members of the NAs command.

Antnmpertall.stb<he Annee

Like the NA, the AlA (Ann-Impertallst Army) Is a small group of perhaps I .000 active members supported by rQughly 20.CXXl symptUhlz.ers. Unlike the NA. the AlA Is a II rrn Iy left-Wing organ 1.l...l,tl on . con.cennallng Irs dttaoo on megacorporare racilltres. police and lnstsllaClans. and polltldans from (In Ihelr opinion) repressive German states.

Bas.lng agenda on Neo-Lenlnlst theories. AlA members view themselves as so,ldlers for the Third World. carrying the great: Nonln·Sout.h conflict Into the centers of Imperial lSI. capitalist power. Most memo bersof the AlA, In fact, come from third World aid societies, Indudlng a h.e<\lthy number of disgruntled development workers. Mosl known members of Ihe active cadres are well-educated.

Rumor has it Iha[ Arrtazcnla and the Maghreb slates of the Federation of Islamic States supply the AIA's topnight weapons and military gear, as well: as much of Its money. AlA commando c:adr,es are aCllve In the United Netherlands. Ir.aly. and Scandinavia as well as within t:he GermdJ1 Alliance.


- - - ~

_..... ... , .

. .

. ..

Green War Europe/GrOne Zellen

These eco-terrorists attack pollution-intensive Industries. Their aim Is always to damage property and other assets. avoiding taking meta(human) life whenever possible. Green War is an international organization of approximately 3,000 actlvlst "comrnandos' and at least 5 million sympathizers. It recruits its allied GrGne Zellen (Green Ce!ls) mostly from dabblers in eco-terrortsrn, does not maintain a hierarchical command structure. and restricts its actlvltles to Europe. Despite its loose organization and small membership, the organization's activities show an effect on the intended targets. and continue to gamer strong pub!!c syrn pathy,

Green War international's most infamous accomplishments include me sinking of the last Japanese whaling Heet In the Paclflc and the occupation. shutdown. and demol.ltion of the Ukralnlan nuclear plant at Chemobyl. The German Green CeUs achieved similar notoriety by conducting unrelenting sabotage against chemical giant AG Chernle, culminating in a nighttime missile attack on the empty showrooms ofChemexpo 2047. According to the Staatsslcherheltsgesetz of 2046, membership in elther of these two organizations carries a sentence of up to J 5 years Imprisonment.


The separation of (hutch and state drastically reduced the InR uence of all religious groups, and these groups now resort to the same means as pol ldubs and corporattons to regain their power. The two religious groups described below currently enjoy the greatest Impact on German public: life.

DelitSctH(atlioUsche Klrcbe

The German Catholic Church. also known as the True Church of the Lord God and His Saints (Wahre Klrche Cottes Des Herrn Uno Selner Helilgen). takes pride in Its reactlonary views regard I ng cyberware, magtc, and social advances In the Sixth World. Led by Archbishop von Heeremann, the church has Its headquarters In the Westphalian capital of MQnster. and most of its adherents come from that Land. Its political branch is. the Rittet Christl (Christian Knights).

Panlsl.amlsche Union

Though its name conjures up pictures of an innocuous assembly of Islamic believers. the Pan-Islamic Union is a radical. fundamentalist Shiite organization attempting to expand its Influence over Muslims within the AGS through religious schools. trldeo libraries. and its own radio and trtdeo stations. The Pan-Islamic Union has close ties to the radical Damascus League. also known as the Alliance tor Allah, and has skated close to the edge of being banned more than once. Led by Mr. Hamid Mel~hnem, It uses Jihad gangs-Jihad X throughout most of the German Alliance and Jihad Bin Berlin-as armed enforcers.


The Foreign Ministry of the confederate government handles relations with the other nations of the world, though a few of the Linder have attempted to enter world pollttcs by signing separate treaties with other countries. Bavaria and WOrttemberg. two Lander known for their

m- ~ .

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separatist foreign policies even before thel r formal secession In 2038, are particularly active In foreign relations.

The AlIJanc:e of German States pursues vigorous tradetelarlons with few countries. In most cases, spedttc circumstances dictate whatever diplomatic or other relations exlst between the AGS and other political entities. Only those countries that the AGS considers significant In some way ere dealt with In this section. The present state of relations between the AGS and Its major trading partners, allies. and enemies are described below.


AU German states regard Amazonia as the single source of all terrorist activitl.€!; against them, a view held even In top government circles. Trade: with Amazonia is severely restricted, and citizens of this nation can rarely obtain an entry visa.


Because both nations speak the .serne language and their populations have historically close ties, relations between Austria and the AGS remain cordial. Though neither nation wants formal unification. at tlrneslt seems as though the border between Austria and Germany is nonexistent.


Aztlan,along with several other South American one of Germany's biggest customers forweapons and sophisticated technology. The natlonaltzatlon wave of 2044 left Aztlan's German-owned corporations largely unscathed. and trade continues to flourish. The government In Hannover nevertheless keeps a wary eye on the growing Aztlan corporate state. A movement within the AGS to limit or restrict relations wi th Az:tlan on humanitarlan grounds Is slowly gaining support. and may cool re}a'clons in the future.


Though Germany has warm relartons with Slovenia, it regards Croatia and her arch-enemy Serbia as barely crvlllzed. These two nations, defined almost entirely by religion and nationalism, hol.d bad~ from unrestrained bloodshed only because they fear the Incursion of the numerous Islamic statelets at their southern borders more than they hate each other.

The Islamic mini-states. some of which are owned by rnultlnatlonal combines with German participatJon .. have constantly shifting borders. Some stares disappear, to be replaced by new small countries. but little actually changes, Should any of the minor conlllcts between them reach the level of a full-scale war, the someone wi II use METZOOO to confine and end the Violence,


Tied to Germany by economic. aid and multinational corporate connections ever since the E.uro-Wars, the tormer CIS states of Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic republics maintain warm relations with the AGS, Military assistance treaties and cultural agreements between Germany and these rep ubi lcs provide for student exchanges and tourism. In lfkralne, growing numbers of German vlsltors make the tourist trade increasingly important.


German-Czech relations go far beyond standard economic and diplomatic contacts. Cu,ltur·a[ Md personal exchanges as well as frequent cooperation in the fields of magical and scientific research have created tl level of amity seen previously only In German-French cooperatlon, Germany's relatlonshlp with Slovakia is much more reserved, mostly because of Slovakia's decades-old suspicions ofits mighty neighbor.

>>>>>[A suspicion not always unwarranted.J<<<<< - Tyder (21: 19:57/13-JUL-54)


Afeerthe Czech Republic, England is Germany's most Important lndustrlal, military. and law-entorcernene partner. Automated vessels Ferry large supplies ofgoQds back and forth across the North Sea, and many German tourists visit London everyyear, Despite this outward friendliness, however, Brttons regard Germany's growing strength With suspicion, and the German government takes an equally dim view of the powerful English druids.


The events of the last half century strained GerrnanFrench frtendship, Thelrsclentlflc.and rnllltary cooperation continues as before. but cultural exchange has dlmlnlshed, The formation of the German Alliance further stratned Germany's relationship with France, even provoklng occasional border conflicts in the French province of Alsace.


As the focus of trade between the Western world and the Islamic nations, the Hungarian capital of Budapest has become the center of espionage and Illegal transaetlens on a global scale as well as the hub of.legltimatt'" lnterrultural diplomacy. The German government a.nd the rnegaccrperanons have "strategic vested interests" In Hungary. and keep lt well supplied with money and trade goods.


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The Gennan Alliance cooperates with Italy in fighting organized crime In both countries. The Italian economy faces serteus challenges, however. and the AGS appears unllkely to offer financial assistance. The pollution of theMediterranean and the transformation of southern Italy Into a oesert brought tourism to a halt, prompting the country's economic slide. Only the. strong ties between German and ltallan families, carried over from the last century, keep relations from qrying up altogether.


The free State of Konigsberg. furmerly Kallnlngrad, only r!X:.ent)y appeared on the map of Europe. This extraterritorlal corporate endsve. founded In the former East Prussia as a tax. haven after the chaos of the Euro-W;;I,TS, houses Germans. Russians, Poles, Llthusnlans, l.atvians. and Estonians working together in dose cooperation. It enjoys dose ties with the German Alliance; many multinattonsl corporations with German elements own the. research laboratories and automated factories located here. The young state 15 governed by the board of the Baldc-East Pru55ian Recovery Corporation and protected by METZOOO and corporate troops.


The splintering of the United States and Co;lnada into UCAS, CAS. CalFree. the NAN nations. and TIr Ta,irngire failed to dlsrupt the historically cordial relattons between Germany and North America. Despite the pullback of U.5. troops during the lndlan crisis, sufficient personal as well aseconomk ties remained to form a continuing basis for mutual. contact and support between Germany and all the North American states, save the Native Amerlcanand elven natlons. Germany maintains neutral to friendly relationships with the latter twa political groups.

111 general, Germany has a somewhat warmer relationship to the UCAS than to the CAS, with theexception of the cultural exchange betweenthe CAS and Bavaria. Mutual economic contacts with Japan create warm relations between Germany and the California free State.


Germany's greatest Influence In roland lies not with the AGS government. but with the Saeder-Krupp megacorporatton, which organized most of the aid for roland's reconstruction efforts following the f.uro-Wars. roland's conservative rellglous Views also tte it closely to Westphalia, most visibly expressed in a steady exchange of goods between the countrtes via the canals of central Europe.


following the end efthe turo-wars and the ousterot the regime responsible for them, German-Russian relatlons normal [zed with remarkable speed. The present Russian government is purs-uing an isolationist policy. but German corporations remain that nation's favorite trading partners.


Closely allied with the nations of Scandlnavla Via namerous economic cross-holdings, the AGS also promotes dose contacts with Its Scandinavian neighbors through cooperation ln such environmental projects as the revltallzatlon of the Baltic Sea, The Baltic Sea venture has created particularly important and strong relations between Sweden and the Duchy of Pornorya,


No longer the top vacation spot for German tourists, Spain now holds more Interest for AGS rnegacorps than the governrnenr, Many of the megacorps have moved part of theIr production to the lberlan peninsula. to take advantage of cheaper labor. and now enioy cozy cooperatlon with Spanish corporations. Occasional eruptions of rellglous fundamentalism do little to disrupt corporate relations.


Switzerland's neutrality. finandal stability, and conservatlsm have made It a beacon of stability in the heart of Europe. Home of the renowned Swiss banking system and the United Natlons.Switzerland remains as important to Gennany as to the rest of the world.


The German AlI1ance is competing wlth France, England, <lnd Switzerland for Influence over the royal house of Orange. the only remaining symbol of natloaal ldentlty left to the elttzens of th!s state .. Only the economic aid of rreighbortng ceuntrles allows this remnant of the Netherlands and Belgium to exist.


twenlY-Hrst century Germany ls a multicultural society in which an exciting plethora of contrasts can sometimes explode Into vio-

lent contradlcttons, Though it's true that life In major cities such as Munich differs little from the sprawls of Seattle or Tokyo. a much looser style exists in the. provlnces. This marked difference reflects the regtonaltsrn native to the German national character, which Is also seen In the loose political structure of the German A lllance, The array of lifestyles may sometimes seem bewilder! ng .. yet it seems TO have produced a remarkable stability, currently and throughout history. Today's German citizen may ltve how and where he likes, and everyone can lind a niche.

»»>[Came on my own. thanks.j..:::«« --{3reiner (05:24:31/19-JUN·54)

»».>IDiversily, my buttl Listen up, jammer, it's got nothing to do with diversity or culture. Everybody just does whatever they like around here, and doesn't give a frag about what thaauthorltlss

think. That's the really good news from "21 st-century Germany·'l««<

-Frill the Blitz (22:59:03/16-MAR-54)


Whatever Its other shortcorni ngs, the German All lance has one of the most all-encornpassl ng social safety nets In. the world. Any member of society willing to accepta Systern Identification Nurnber(SIN), which brings with lt the necessity of paying taxes and other fees. is entitled to unemployment benefits, subsidized education, a guaranteed pension, and universal public health care. The confederate government is also developing an electronic. OOI .. lot'lng system that works off the SIN. effectively disenfranchising the SINless, In the government's view, of course, only criminals and persons of dubious trustworthiness refuse to accept a SIN.

»»>[Hey, she's talking about us!]«<<<

-Matrixmaster (03:.37 :411 14·JUL-54)


~Blue Max (19 :44: 12/16-J U L -54)

»>:»[ExacHy! And all that dross about a "rnu'tleultural society" isn't -true, either. The fascists used to rant against foreigners. These days, they do it ag,ainst metahumans. Metahumans are persecuted and discrmi natedagainst. Thai stinks t 1111 ««<:

-Greiner (21 :34:56/1B-JUN-S4)

>>>>>[Ahd about two-thirds of all persons earning more than EC 100,000 a yeac]<<<<<

-Deckfack (03:57:19J17-JUl-54)

»»>[ And a lot of people who rrelthsrknow how to spell SIN nor realize that such a thing even exists.]««< -KumpelAnton (06:00:38/17-JUL-54)

»>>>TWho the Irag let yOU in?I]««< -Blue Max (00:47:1 8!19-JUN-54)


»>>>[Hel'e'san interesting nuggetof information. Those 98.3 millio,n AGS suits listed in the population statistics are a pursquess, The most recent census, in 2046, used the SIN and counted 97.2 million. Even then, at least 5 million SINless folk fell by lhe wayside, and that number hasn't gone down since then.1<<<<<

-Sandmann (02:09:45/23-SEP·54)


In the past 5Oyears. alreadyscarce living space has become even scarcer. These days, even mid-level corporate employees may have to live. In a boarding house for up to three months after moving to a new job unless the company owns Its own apertrnent blocks or an arcology, The housing problem becomes almost insurmountable for families with children. This housing crunch affects every populaJed Mea throughout the Ge rman Alliance. and any apartments. office buildings, and areas ottown left unoccupied become easy targets for housenappers.

»»:>[General duration of occupancy is 5 months. At that point. some real estate speculator usually calls the Bullen. A thirty-second item in the news mentions 2 dead and 40 arrests, and the others move on.]««<

-Sandmann (02:56:37/23- FEB-54)

Germany are two Arkoblocks and the beginnings of a thl.ld, These giant habitats cast their shadows on the sites where the c:)tie!> of Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven, and Emden stood before the Great flood, The habitat of Brernerhaven, forerunner of the Arl<obJod\S, lies to the south of Cuxhaven and to the east of Wilhelmshaven.

Designed to house three mUlion people. these gigantic structures have foundations averagIng 500 by

1,500 meters In width and length and they rise to heights of more than 1,700 meters. Work on the habitats of E.mden and Bremerhaven was begun in the year 2030, and In 2038 the building program was expanded to indude Cuxhaven and Wllhelmshaven. So far, only the construction teams have been Inside any of the Arl<oblocks. According to rumor, the lower ZOO floaTS are meant for JIVing spaceaod business purposes, while the u.pper 11'0 floors will remain off-limits to the public.

The first Arkoblock is expeded to open in early summer of 2054: the second and third blades will open in 2055 and 2'057. respectively. A somewhat smaller habitat at Hellgoland is projected toopen In 2Q56.

Thegovernrnenrchose to lJ.ISe drones and expert-system-controlled robots on a wIde scale to construct the Arkoblocks. mostly to keep down the costs of the complicated security arrangements and detox installations required for human workers, A major accident is alleged to have occurred during the work on Block III in 2047, but til ere is no existing public record For veri tying the details,

The trouble does not end when people find legitimate housing. whether temporary or permanent. Property owners can and do charge exorbitant rents. A two-room apartment costs a minimum of EC 2.50 per month, a four-roorn apartment E.C 600 and up. Luxury apartments, far beyond most people's pockets, start at an aVera.g@ price of tc 1,500 per month, A boarding house room starts at E.C 300 per month. a hotel room costs EC 15 to 500. dependll'llg Of) lecatlon and quffilty. and even a cheap coffin hotel costs an average of EC 5 per night.


Perhaps the development of Arkoblocks wlll one day help solve the housing shortage. Rising above the smog and add douds that blanket certain regions of northern


Desplte the best efforts of Germany's countryside communes and eco-fsrmers, the production rate ot natural. unpolluted foodstuffs remains too low to satisfy demand. For the time being, natural food only shows up on the tables of the rich. The Gerrnan AHlance. producesfood from twa SOUlJCe5! the forced-growth meat and vegetable "factories" of Westphalia's Munsterland region, and ersatz, or artifidal foods, from factories in the truest sense of the word. Meat is the most popular ersatz food product.

m - - -~ , ·t;" - '.

1;1 .. :



With few exceptions. Imports are restricted to tropical fruits and soy products.

The fast-food sector has become the average German's regl.dareatlng place, and Germany's multicultural society offers tremendous variety. Fast-food cuisine from the Near and Far East Is currently in vogue across the nation, though regular restaurants offer regional cooking as the latest version of modem haute cuisine.

As always, beer. coffee, tea, and wi ne remain staples of the German diet. though skyreckenog prices for real coffee have revitalized the market for ersatz: coffee from roasted grain. The German breweries, many located In the Rhine-Ruhr reglon, are Inc.reasing their output every year,


The traditionally high standards of German health care hel ped Its people 5UIVive the two waves ofV1T AS and the Euro-Wars in much better shape than the rest of Europe. Subsequent years have seen the expansion of the national network of hospitals and practicing spedallsts to a total of 1 doctor for every 244 citizens and I hospital bed for every 78 citizens,


,"_" - -- --- " iii

..... ~ '"",_. . .

" '

, '

• - j _,

Item Soyburger


Prlc.e (In E.C) 1

Turkish takeaway Chinese lunch Japanese lunch Brunch Multi-<:ourse meal

In a three-star restaurant Cheap junk food

Average quality Organically grown

Glass of beer, .3 liters

Glass of wine .. 25 llters

Glass of brandy. ,05 liters

3 5 7 12

20+ 80+ 12 20 50 2

4+ 2+

»»>[My, my, such optimistic numbers. Makes me wonder about the

-Conrad (08 :52.: 13/02- DEC-53

»»>[And let's not forget Uncle Shadowdoc.jccc-oc -Nukleus (12:47:27/01-DEC-53j

SINless or SINner, every resident of and visitor to the AGS enjoys the right to basic. medical care In case of accident or acute Illness, Any treatment beyond that. such as replacement limbs. long-term therapy. and so on, requires lntegranen into the social safety net or else private health Insurance. Public health care does not pay for improvements not medically necessary. such as electronlc or btogenettc cyberware, Rescue hellcopte rs and an extensive network of emergency medical teams guarantee that medical help will reach the scene of an accident or poisoning within less than half an hour. Germany's private medical service, BuMoNa. reaches emergency victims even Faster, within 15 minutes,

Unfortunately, the socialized system allows profound regional variations to exist. For example. medical care conditions are considered especially poor in the. Troll Kingdom and the Martenbad Council. Surprlslngly, the same Is true of many regions in Bavaria and Franconia.

>>>>>[As the proud owner of a phantastic replacement leg, let me tell you that BuMoNa couldn't care less about your SlN, Their contract covers basic health care as well as emergency service, and they subsidize cyberware, Get it now, and don" leave home without it.]«<<<

-Jagdpanther (0'2:45:12131-JAN-54)


As mentioned earlier In Fa5tFotward. p, 13, the pnvate car remains the average German's favorite toy. Between them. 98 million citizens own 49 million cars. Only All. the topnotch. computerized traffic guidance system, prevents gridlock from setting in nationwide. ALI makes the s!tuati.on just bearable, as does the fact that most city centers ban cars. The national network of autobahnen and govemment-maintained roads connects almost all German towns with more than 2..000 Inhabitants.

»»:>[As usual, the party line casually ignores AU's Intermittent routing failures. I see. Trust me, readers; even though the system generally works, Ihe (admittedly occasional) glitch can lock up traffic for hours at a lime.J««<

-Karl Kornerstone (04:10: 15/13·MAR-S4)

Because buses bog down in city traffic., public transport in the AGS means train or tramway. During rush hou r, commuters pack the trains so densely that they keep each other from falling down, For medium and long-distance travel, the publidy owned Deutsche Bundesbahn OAG railway continues to hold off all private competitors. Though loca::l rall llnes.are considered far less comfortable than the long-distance trains. they make up for this lack of luxury with an Impressive safety record.


The electronic media have finally pushed printed newspapers and magazines to the fringes of the market, and only the yellowest press and a few nationwide dai lies still appear exclusively on paper. The yellow-print press faces Increasingly heavy competition from [unkfax and Sc.reamFax services.

As of May 29, 2053, the German telecorn grid boasted 19 slrnsense stations, 47 trldeo stations, Z I private, IDW stations, 38 radio stations, and 51 NewsFax/ Efax/Screernfax services. Ln addition to the legitimate channels, Z 1 ground-based 2D 1V stations. J4 groundbased radio stations, 1 I lV and 19 pirate radio stations broadcast illegallY across the AGS. Roughly the same number of !lfegal stations is available via satellite.

»»>[Including the pirate satellite Korona III. which broadcasts death races, gladiator fighls hardeore porn, and other such niceties on four channels. Unfortunately, no one can shoot down this parncular purveyor of manure because It is parked right next to NavStar 9.]««<

-Urban Guerrilla (02:34:44/17.JUN-54)

The popularity of the electronic media is exceeded only by slrnsense recordings. Indeed, more than 20 million slrnsense players have been sold within the AGS to date.

»»>[Ever notice that the first slmsense tanks bore quite a resemblance to a video peepshow

cabl n 7]<<<<<

-Doktor Schiwago (14:44:27/23-JAN-S4)

The most popular sirnchlps provide intense sensory experiences. Relaxation sims sell less well, but education and active travel programs on such subjects as hang gliding across the Grand Canyon are qulte popular.


Apart from those. few private concerts sti Il sponsored by right-wing fanatics, the pseudo-folk music that dominated mum of the German -lenguage music business over the past century has disappeared, along with the homegrown German versions of American pop songs. the Schlager. Nowadays. only professional samplers produce this kind of music, for export to [apan.

»»>[You ever hear the PsyKore cover version of "Herzilein"? That'll really send you splnnlngl]<<<<< -Me Aloysius (20:15:12!03-JAN-54)

Next most popular ill sales to the omnipresent "muzak" that echoes even through the sewer system Is rock music wtth German, E.nglish, Japanese. or Arabic vocals. At present, the speedethno and cyberpsycho genres dominate the market, but, as in any generation; other styles also enjoy popularity. The rising Interest In rock music throughout the population is largely a product of the trideo stations MW and E.uRod(, which bombard their Viewers with music. Interviews, and special features 2.4 hours a day. MW broadcasts what is currently considered mainstream rock almost exdustvely, While EuRock features more obscure, underground musical styles during approximately a third of its broadcasting time.


The most prominent leisure activity in the AGS is channel surflng-slmply put, most people spend too much time glued to the Idiot box. The disgraceful state of housing in all the lander has made apartment-hunting an end urance sport, Because so many people spend 50 many ofthelr free hours searching for a place to live. member-



Slrnsense chip

MUSic chip

Cinema ticket

Disco cover charge TIcket to rock concert

Pdee (In EC)

10 to 60 IS


5+ 20t-


ship ill sports dubs and other such organlzanons has fallen dramatically. However, most average citizens make a point ofvlslting a health club or body building studio on a dally basis,

»»>1Actually, the second most popular le,isure sport is having sex 2.7 times a week.]««<

-Gucky der Mausbiber (1 O:56:5S/29-DEC-53)

This attention to personal well-bel ng cannot be COIllsldered it national obsession: many cornpantes require their employees to befltand attractlve. These companies wllll ngly subsidize heal th cl ub visits durl og working hours as leng as thel.r employees return ro worl< Immaculately dressed and groomed.

Despite the horrific demands placed on Individuals' vanlshlng leisure tFme. attendance at professional and amateur sporting events has .actually increased In recent years. Reglonatsoccer leagues. the Teuton Bowl elimination tournaments. urban War. combat biking. hcverball. and corp maneuvers rank among the most popular spectator events.


The designers in ['aris, Milano, and Dusseldorf keep busy by creanng a new fashton trend eVery season, and producers of ready-to-wear fashions slavishly copy each trend, often reprodUcing each design In a multitude of unique fabrics.

»»>[K'eeps the slave laborers in Malaysia, Angola, ar'ld Romania working. 100.]««<

-Nucleus (07:44:27/11-APR-54)

In the summer of 2052, German fashion mimicked the clothing style preferred by French aristocrats. The winter of that year saw the fashionable set dressed In neobaroque style. with an emphasis. 011 shades of canai)' yellow and plnk, The dominant styles of 2054 rely on natural colors, a selection that unfortunately includes several quite dlsgusting shades.

»»>[A marvel 10 be seen-dysentery green.]««< -No Fun (OO:14:02/13-MAR-54)

Double- and triple-breasted sutts made from llne natural fabrics, .usually lined with bulletproof kevlar, remain a fashion constant for bankers and corporate executives. SUits who fa.ney themselves a Ii ttle rebellious in their off-hours affect various punk fashlcns, often combining avant-gerde hair. jewelry, and makeup styles with Japanese kimonos. Cosmetic operations to change the iris, jewel ry Implants in the skin. and luml nous tattoos are also very popular.


Germany's diverse cui ture 'supports many al tematlve lifestyles. For the urban Joe Average. most subcultures .seern odd. but not remarkably so. Two particular subcultures. the towtech romantics and the [ousters, comprise the exotic fringe. Most citizens pursue far more mundane interests.


TIle creeping growth of urban conglomerations such as the Rhlne-Ruhr rnegaplex created <I. backlash in parts of Germany. Whole groups of young people. most espousIng left-Wing, ecological views, left the cities and occupied rural areas \.Insulted for <lgft;t-Industrlal use. They formed so-called lowtech communes. villages committed to making a living from the production of natural bloproducts and USing as little modem technology as possible.

»»>[Hee., nee, hee.]««<

-Gucky del' Mausbiber (03:34:21/19-JUL-54)

Decades of population shift into the cities had depopulated entire regions. and so these idealists, dubbed "lowtech rornantks," found plenty of empty farms and even whole villages open for housenapping. Often. they dld this with the blessing of the local land government.


-Frazier (13:24:17/01-NOV-54)

>>>>>[The term refers to squalling, the practice of illegally enleringand oGcupyingbuildings left to rot by reaJ estate speculators. Actually, the German language has two distinct terms fot squatting: "hausbesetauna," the usual kind of squatting, and "instandbesetzung," or houssnappinp, In the case of housanapplnq, the new. illegal tenants repair the damage done by the previous owner's neglect. These days, housenapptnp is the more prevalen1 practice . .j««<

-Raghnal (00:1 O:43/02-NOV-54)

Lowtech romantics usua,lly find favor with their ['Ieigh~ bors, People willing to reclaim and refurbish abandoned property tend, by nature, to be consdenrlous ("If not aggressively so) and accepting of sodal mores. Local law enforcement usually watches these groups closely until assured that they intend to be productive members of SOciety.

Two of the largest and best-known communes are the "Herrnenn der Cherusker' community in East Westphajla".,.L!ppe:., and the "Uibensgunschtler" In the ErtebJrge Mountaln.s. The Cherusker commune talces its name from the Germanic chieftain Arrntnlus, who de-


_,. - -.

............... "'!r I ~ - ~ \ ... ~

. ,

+ ., .....

feated three Roman legions near the T eutoburg Forest In 9 A,D, ·Ubensgilnsdlrler" Is a dialectal rendering of the German word for 'bon vivant."


Like the Japanese and Amerlcan Matrix grids. all kens and constructs in the German Matrix obey the rules of the Universal Matrix Specifications set down by Fucht at the Tokyo conference ofZ039. However. tl1eGerman_grid also Includes a few special lcons required to operate this. multi-level Matrix.


The development of the Integrated Services Digital Network 2 (ISDN2). also called JSDNpro. began In the last century, but became establlshed In Its present form In Z04I. The system's original planners envtstoned the consolidation of telephone. fax. vlewphone, permanent data systems, and cable television lines within a single. densely Integrated grid. As eechnlcaltnnovancns began to appear practically one after another following the introduction of slrnsense technology, the developers of ISDN had to adlust thetr plans roughly once a year. finally agreeing to adopt the standards set by fuehl at the Universal Matri~ Specifications Conference held In Tokyo in Z039. During this development phase. the designers of the German Matrix consistently built basic grid structures capable of handling nvc times (he node capacity predicted as necessary for 2041.

By 205 l , the Mat[lx exceeded Its bullt-tn capacity, and whole L TO areas now break down on a, regular basrs, a pal'tllcular problem over the past thl'ee year~.lfie grid's owner. Deutsche Telelrnm bAG. promises ro increase Matrix cepadty to ten times its present level by 2055, but the. leaps and bounds being made In software capacity almost every few months may have al ready rendered this goal obsolete,

»»>[As long as the systems remain consollcated, nothing wlll change. And there won't be any deregulation as long as Telekom irs partially financed by DeMeKo.J <:<<<<

-Konwaoht (21 :59:26J14-MAY-54)

»»>[Untll the system expands or a miracle happens, stay Qui of the grid between 06:00 and 22:00 unless you think it's chilly to reboot every few minutes.Jk««

-Dator (:23;01 :53/14-MAY -54)

Germany's present Matrix system is made up of three separate virtual universes: the basegrid. the Slrnllnk, and the All tra_fflc gutdance system. The border between basegrtd and Slrnllnk Is fuzzy. SimlJnk unJts are simply standard grid elements that use a slightly different coding In data transfer. Basegrid and ALI, on the other hand. share only a few connections and are divided by a dearly defined lntervenlng space If observed from the righf position.

~ ~ ~

-~ ... - - \ -;.~ ~

-, .. '

»>;»(StatisticaJly, twice as many romantics as suits end Ulp in the loony bin.)«<<:<

~Backup (21 :37:34/17-DEC-53)


Though they exist on the furthest fringe of German Society, the )ouster subculture is growing in popularity. despite the dangers of their Illegal activities. Bikers and street gangs Arst used armed vehldes for turffights, but the true beglnnll'1lgs of jousting began in vi Ilages and small {owns left half-depopulated by urban migration.

In the2030s. leading automotive corporations began producing cars with heavy weapons mounted on the chassis. Unable to find enough rest drivers for new production models. the corps tumed to the street gangs. finding many members ready to pick up high pay for a Ihrill. The corps chose to stage these violent test drIVe tn semi-deserted towns, attracting considerable attentlon from bored, rural youths. Commercial tapes ofthese "test drives" tume:d Into mass-market hits. and joustingevolved inco a popularspertdesptte the fact that it remained Illegal In most Lander, Eventually. the fast-growing number of [ousters exhausted the supply of small towns In which to fight and they started looking for other opportunities to pursue thelrvtolent pastime.

Today, JOusts exist to suit every taste. So-called "stock car races" between unarmed vehicles form a part of every trtdee ehM!'Iel' s programming, usually slotted wi th youth programs.The illegal "death races" between heavily armed and armored cars are shown as well. In these races only one driver may leave the arena alive. and spectators wager large bets on the survivability of their favorite combatants. Reproduced on tapes, chips, and slrnsense. loustsrankamQf!gtheentertalnmentilldustry'stopadrena~ line-boosters, Not surprisingly, rumors are rife that a number of media corporations secretly sponsor the death races.

»>>>[Yol And lor another varialion. check out the free demo fights on the German autobahnenl]<<:<<< -Speedracer (23:02:45/16-JAN-54)

>>>>>[Whal do you mean?]««< -Greiner (1S:59:23/1S-JAN-S4)

»»>rrhe pig's loose on the bahn, I tell you. Lots of those adrenaline junkies are actually stagIng their own private jousts, using heavy MGs for lances. They usually slot it at nIght. a.nd if a rival gang wanders into their sights. you can see the fireworks for kilometers around.]««<

-Jagdpanther (05:57:19103-FEB-54)



The basegrtd configuration equals the UMS standard, with a few minor exceptions For basic Telekorn services, Yellow pyrarnlds represent digital phones, ralnbow-colored columns represent input sources for cable trtdeo, and rainbow-colored pyramids denote 3V display units. Most Jnternanenal llnks to overseas grids are satellitebased and their respective trans posers equipped with special security measures. The satellite uplinks appear as blue parabolic antennas.

»>>>[Lines via lntslsat 19-22 support Orange-3 security. Those via Eurocom are Green-3, those via NfpSat Orange-5. There 'exist private satellites with higher security codes, but these are only accessible from within their respective systems. Forget entering cable Irideo. It's easy enough to manipulate, but the memory-i ntensive software is slooow.]««<

-Dator (03 :53 :30/ 26-JAN-54)


The Matrix grid's four slrnsense channels occupy a large chunk of the system transfer capacity. An increasing number of Matrix-service blackouts have been traced to an overload ofsimserrse data. However much this problem inconveniences the general public and small businesses. the media giants who own the slmsense channels have no motivation to change the status quo as long as their channels make a profit,

Slrnsense Input untts appear as red columns, output' units as red hemispheres. Tra.nsferrlng data packs Inside a line normally poses no danger to gridrunners, but the combined presence of slrnsense data, various persona Icons. and Ie within a node always carries the potential to create a local overload or even a subsystem crash. Entering the sl m Ii nk dataflow is not only prohibited, but potentially fatal. The similarity between sirnsense and Matrix data, coupled with the sheer mass of the dataflow. can easliy result in a. total Failure of input units and lmmedlate braIn death.

>>>>>[HANDS OFFI]««.<

-No Fun (04:26:34/01-MAY-54)

-::>;>:>-:»[They say MS] is working on a wiz new black Ie called T arm ina I Dumper that grabs a persona and dumps illnto the nearest sirnsenss display unit. Of course, the Data Security Act makes that illegal, but it sure as hell would make an effective security H-bomb. Fortunately for us, it'll take years before a system llke that hits the open market.]««<

-Sandmann (23:43:10/29-MAY-54)

>:»».[Good thing the slmllnk systems use Red-6 or equivalent security. Even a dump program won't find that easy to crack.]««<

-Datar (05:23:191 23-JUN-54


The All traffic guidance system, the grid's third level. Is only connected to the Matrix grid In a few spots. This remarkable construct Within the Matrix controls traffic throughout Germany; 11:5 icon is an antique VW Beetle floatIng above the grid. To reach the All, a decker rnusttravel through the appropriate SANs until he reaches the "empty space" that marks where All begins. Under normal circumstances. ALI's high security codes make lttrnpossible to in trude from any other place within the Matrix,

>:>:>>>[The relevant nodes are at least Red-4 and iced trorntopto toe. I've seen MSI Highlanders. Fuchi Wolves and Samurals, and even a Haarman Black Vulture there.]««<

-Apex (02:37:31 !l9-APR-54)

However, any system as vast as All has potential weak point.s. To protect these points <\nd guard against Intruders, ALI Operation Pollee (ALIOrs) supervise the system around the ctcck. These dedlcared cyberjoci<5also monitor road traffic.

- " -e- ~ ~'.-c '"" -;;0-- -- -. ,"" m

< - -., •• • '. _, 1:1

Alf's capacity to reroute traffic offers many benefits when used as intended; It prevents traffic jams and accidents, saving both money and time. Such a system also Lends ltselfeaslly to misuse, however. Slrnply copying the data packs (which represent actual vehicles) can confuse the rerouting system into counting illusory vehides as real. and prompt tt to redirect traffic according to false data. The ALiOPs' function is to prevent the consequences of such tampering. and 50 they have to be the best deckers money can buy.

»»>[Exactly, because we cannot be bribed.j««< -Nemesis (Chaos XXIII) (time stamp deleted)

To help free the ALlOPs from purely routine tasks, AU supports various automated supervtslon systems. for example. to prevent "ghost cars" from appearing and to delete them q uic.kly. The end re system exists In d uplicate, and the supervision subsystems and deckers also constantly check It against its twin to detect ghosts.

AU's guidance system is, decentrally organized, with the actual epu and the requisite giant memory unit physically present in the All adrnlnlstrarlon headquarters, and all other parts of the system distributed wltliln ALlequipped vehIcles. The connections between AU vehicles and the ALI admtntstratlve headquarters are built Into the road surface. Guidance elements in buses. trains, and ships also use All withln certain locales. To prevent tampering. the connecting node Inside every .AUequipped car includes spectel Ie that monitors illegal entry into the AU grid, When an Illegal call occurs, the Ie directs the ALI vehicle to the nearest police station at top speed.

>>>>>[The Ie is effectivelY Red~6.1<<<<<; -Nucleus (OO:04:27/03-JUL-54)

>>>>>[LucKy for us the highway code revision proposed by the CVP got blocked. That little bill would've made ALI equlpment mandatory in every new vehicle.J««<

-Dator (03:51 :55/23-MAY-54)


"""'~ Ciil.,. ~ .. ~, I!~~l~!.l ~.,. ~~-"4 .1,000.,IIiIQ,iDlc:lltlllll!j


press revolts, Such Internal security problems fall 10 the Jurisdiction of other organlzattons.

I' he general chaos of Europe in 2054. partlcularly In Germany. demands efficient external and lnternal security forces. For that reason the confederate government maintains an Impressive standing army. It and the l.inder can also call upon a staggering array of public and private police and intelligence forces.

»»>IKeep in mind that many officers are cyberenhanced: comes with the territory, so to speak. Watch out for the. boys and girls in green!]««<

-Fritz the Blitz (21 :34:27/19-DEC-53)



One of the largest mercenary organizations in the world, the rapld-acrlon force MET 2000 (Mobile Elngreiftruppe) comprises a complete: rnllltary: army, navy, and air force. Organized as GAG, a partly pubHe corporation, MET 2000's several shareholders include the confederate

government (34 percent), rFMU corporation (2 r percent), R.uhrmetall (18 percent), other large share' holders including Ares Macrotechnorogy (19 percent), and thousands of small shareholders (18 percent).

METlO00 provides work for thousands of men and women from various counrrtes. MEl2000's navy Is by far the smallest of Its three branches, but makes up for Its stze In the quality of its recruits and materiel. All MEnOOO soldiers receive ex-

ceprlcnal military training. and the organization equips many of Its troops with powerful cyberware. MEnOod equipment represents the newest and best In modem mHitary hardware. Because the MET charter stipulates that at' least half Its troops. must be at the disposal of the AGS government, one of MET2000's primary barracks lies at the SOX border and In the North Gerl\Lan Federation. The remaining 50 percent of the troops are For hire. but several restrictions determine where they can and cannot serve.

The following organrunions protect the integrity of the AGS and/or Its indlvid ual Lander from exter-

nal attack or Invasion, and serve, when necessary, to fu rther Getman interests

throughout the



In accordance with the European arms reduction talks

of 2041 i the

Bundeswehr (Canfederate Armed Forces) exists purely to defend German national territory. The arms talks Imposed a ceiling of 250,000 enlisted person.

nel for Germany. and so all three branches strongly emphasize defensive weap-

ons and tactics. All German citizens above the age of 18 must serve in the Heer (army), Marine (navy). or luftwaffe (air force), or else all approved, equivalent social service organization.

A cadre of Toughly 10,000 professional soldiers leads the Bundeswehr, supported by reserve troops. Upon discharge, reserve members keep all equipment but their weapons. The Bundeswehr battles pirates and other external threats, but does not act to sup-


MET1000 units have fought with success In the Balkans, Illdla, Central Africa, Russia, and South America. As a rapid actton force, ME.T2000 is best suited to combat external military threats. Its shareholdtng corporations supply the force with the latest weapons and equipment as well as some prototypes manufactured by those corporations, giving MET an impressively high level of technical support.

»»>[let's say it straight out: MET2000 is the sucoosso, to the Foreign Legi on, but bett,ertrained and equipped. If the drek hits the fan somewhere and German mterssts are in danger, you can bet your bottom nuyen the Black Bsrsts will show up.]««<

-Jagdpanlher (04:28:56/23· MAY-54)


Toward the end of the lOth century, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of West and East Germany deprived the then-federal Border Guards of their principal reason for being. but gave new Importance to the Guards' secondary role as a federal police force. The creation of the AGS reestablished protection of German borders as an Important task, but the .SGS (Confederate BorderGuards) prlmarlly functlons asthe paramilitary arm of the Confederate Criminal Police (Bundeskrlmlnalamt) and Office for Internal Security (Bundesarnt fur lnnere Skherhelt), BGS hIt teams, known as Grenzschu:tzgmppen, or GSG, battle guerrilla fighters and terrorists, and their skills and cold -blooded efficiency strike feat lnto criminals even beyond Germany's borders.

»»>[Meaning they serve (illegally) in foreign parts. They're toughl1<<<<<

-Fritz the Blitz (20:44:18/07-NOV-53)


The Bl.Indeskrlmlnalamt. or Confederate Criminal Pollee, represents one of the few holdovers from the days of the Federal Republtc, The creation of the AGS hansferred most of the BAA's powers to the L.ander; the modern-day SKA wields Jurlsdictlon only over criminal acts lnvolvlng two or more Lander. The BKA concentrates mainly on International crime, l'ighting within the framework of the Interpol treaty of 2027 and paying particular attention to the international Mafia and BTL merchants operating from the Far East.

»»>[And because we all know how helpless lnternational erlms is against the hi9hly paid professionals of the international police forces, we are all quaking in our bootsg<<<<<

-Slasher (22:57:.S1J19-AUG·S4)

»:»>[I've seen yaksand mobsters with your attitude lying in their own blood in HungarY.j««<

=-Hilrnan Harry (OD:02:34/20-AUG·54)

»>>>[And I've seen families of BKA agents crying at funerals, live by the sword, die by the bullet.J<<<<< ~Don Don (03:14:51123-AUG-54)


The Constitution of2045 allows every Land to build a volunteer militia, its size not 'to exceed one-thousandth of the total population, and prohibited from using such heavy weapons as combat tanks or fighter planes. The mll1t[as. of Saxony and WOrttemberg have reached maximum manpower: the tree dries of Berlin and Hamburg have no militia at all, and the militias of the other Under vary In size between these two extremes.

The land militias' purpose is to secure land borders and suppress tnternal revolts, though none have had occasion to ful611 such purposes. Tn practice. the Land militias occupy themselves by presenting fhe flag on official occasions and providing security for land government buildings and ma!or Institutions.


The following pollee and intelligence agencies handle domestic law enforcement and counter homegrown threats to the national and land governments.


The BIS (Confederate Office for Internal Socur1ty) perforrns domestic counterespionage throughout the German AIiI<V1ce, Not surprisinglY, HIS personnel Include more than a tewhermetlc mages who use their talents For survelltance,

The successor to the Federal Republic'S Bundesarnt fOr Verfassungssch utz (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution), the SIS now handles covert survelllance of all rnegaeorps within Germany. If the SIS must act against a corp. it may calion spedal agents of the Bundesgrenzschutz (see above) to form it rapid-response force.

»:>o»[From what I've heard.the BIS isthe only security organization that has managed to place agents in top, level positions in various megacorps.]«<·«

-Konwacht (05:24:28/08-FEB-54j

>>>>>!My funeral comments stand.]««< -Don Don (03:20:15/23·AUG·S4)

iii --------- . .....,.- - ...

.,. ~.. - . .,

o .,



Technically a subsidiary of MEJ2000, Argus Is a topnotch secret service. Composed of a mere few hundred agents. thls military Intelligence service perfo:rrns espionage and counterespjonage for I( AGS nations and corporate shareholders In MET.

Like their mercenary counterparts, Argus agents boast top-grade gear and training. and operate anywhere In the world fer a fee. In the service of the AGS. tihey perform all tasks previously executed by the old Federal Republic of Germany's Military Intellig:en.a! Service.

»»>[I've heard they ini11ate spying missions for their private lnterests too; not just 10 pave the way for MET actions. but to broaden their own power base.]««<

-Jagdpanther (OO:47:12103-JAN-S4)

:»;>:»[I've heard they do work for the UN, mostly assassinating so-called tyrants all around the globe.]««< -Novo Orda Saeclorum (02:19:27/03-JAN-54)

:»>>>[If you kill the UN reference. the bit about assassinations is olose to the truth ... )««<

-Fritz the Blitz (03:37:49/03-JAN-54)


Every Land supports a police force (pallzei) to perform the standard pollee duties required to malntaln a modem SOCiety. The malar differences between the German Alliance's various member-states become sharply apparent when examining the budgets available to the various forces and the different laws limiting or favoring police actions.

»»>[Tell me about it Almost no one outside Wes~halla realizes Ihatone of the "education measures" favored by the local police is the uss of public stocks-no, not financial measures. The stocks we're talking about here are the kind from the bad old days-the wooden frames with holes cut to fit appropriate limbs that were set up in town squares so Ihat other, better people could insult whoever got caught. and throw various.disgusting substances at them. Nowadavs, of course, they build the $(OC,,",5 out of something that even the most soulless cyberjock couldn't escape. I think the disgusting substances must also, be less real.]««<

-Sank! Byte (21 :56:52123-JUN-54)

Regardless oflocalvarlalions In budgetortevel oflaw enforcement. all Lend police forces support special-action teams (S[Ks) to combat eMI unrest and terrorism. Many of these teams have" reputation for brutality.


In addition to maintaining Its coofedera.te and Land forces. the German Alllence has long-term contracts with several speclallzed private services to perform jobs for which government forces are not well suited. One of the duties of th.e Bundesamt fOr Innere Sicherhelt is the supervlslon of these private security providers. The bestI~nown security services are described below,


The unobtrusive ptlrsonai protection ProSecuritas (PS) provides Is unsurpassed in Europe, Thls organlzatlon pumps most of its resources Into serving rnegacorperate and government offidals.

Lock and Ke'y (Verband der Wach uod SchlleBsesellschaften)

The VWS handles site and perimeter protection for government and corporate mstallattons. Its employees are highly trained but lIghfly armed.

Knight, Errant

One of the few foretgn secunlty services operating in the AGS. this wholly owned subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology consistently lives up to its worldwide. sternng reputation In an aspects of security.

Deutscher $kherheltsdlenst

The Deutscher Slchemeitsdienst (DSD) cars travel the autobahnen as couriers i\nd escorts who prefer outrunning trouble to outgunning it.

SecurlTech IntemationaJ

securrrech Inremational (5n) handles Matrix securtty.and has emerged as a major player in the flghtagainst computer c.rime.


Though Asian gangs such as the yakuzaand Seoulpa Rings run a rew operations in the German Alliance. the Mafia has by far the largest presence. The Mafia and the confedera.te government keep an uneasy peace.tnwhkh the mob stays oue of politrcs and the government tums a blind eye to most of the Mafia's criminal enterprises. Though it is now legal to bribe public servants. tile Public Servants' Supplementary Earnings laxation Act of 2044 made it unprotttable for the reclplents. Such tradUional funnels for bribes as Nebenerwerben des Beamtentums (BNeStG), the police force's Wldows and Orphans Fund, are subject to taxation, and Individual tax brackets are based on <'III income received. regardless of source. Only large corpo.ratTonsean·afford to buy whole governments and courts these days, and theIr payments usually take a different form than the strdlghtforward bribe of the past.


"'->. - " iii

............ ~ - ~ . .

~ • I _.

iii -- ----""-'---- .

.... -- ... __ t ......

... ~ ~.


»>>>[Which they do by launching "minor" fireflghls in which nobody usesaf'lything bigger than a rockettauneber. Realfraggin' honorable opponents, here.j<<<<<

=Hazzard (11 :27;OO/16-AUG-54)

The Mafia still controls petty crime. prostitution, and protection rackets. but currently considers gun-running and chtp-deaung unprofitable .. Famous for their bloody Feuds, various branches. of the Mafia have finally mage their peace. with one another, and now control welldefined territories with remarkably little dispute. The Russian Mafia theoretically controls Berlin and most of rural Germany. and the Serbian MaRa holds sway In the big sprawls and rnetroplexes. All Mafia recognize this dlvlslon of power. and so UTe respective group need enforce their borders only occasionally.

In a rather strange economic twist, a single. unknown lndlvldua! has controlled the entire BTL market since 1046. Import, production, and distribution of BTLs in Germany take place underthts mysterious mas ter crimInal 's aegis, and no Single team or organization has been able to breakhls or her hold on the market. The consumer benefits from this situation with guaranteed price levels and chip quality. The government must worry, however, at the thought of harboring withln Its borders an unknown econorn lc power orthts size. Not only does th Is crl rnlnal's financial empire tie beyond their co:ntrol, but the government cannot prepare a defense against an enemy It cannot Identify.


Almost every city quarter is run by gangs, most organized In strict hierarchies. These gangs control all criminal activities on their turf, from burglary to plcklng pockets, from rigged bets to assasstnatton-e-the g<mgs will do anythIng for the right price. Non-gang members who plan to indulge In criminal acnvlty in an_y given city quarter would do well to seek permission from the local boss and prepare to give up a substantial share of the profits. Potential criminals who fall to follow the "proper procedure" may end up face-down In the gutter.

»»>[A decent flexboosler and a fat gun serve the same purpose. Those street-gang louts are just little blowhards.l-eecce

-Shutdown (04:33:10/17-FEB-54)

»>>>ILittle blowhards with assault guns, and one in three 01 us IS chromed to the max. Be seeing you, darHngl]««<

-Kid Creole (04:40:52/17-FEB-54)

Rather than clalmlngturfand protecting It, motorized street gangs get thelr fu n (and make a living) by terrorizing residents ofrttzy neighborhoods, screaming around town in cars or on motorbikes, pillaging and looting as they go. Generally conSisting of psychopaths. often rnetahumans Who gobllrtlzed late in life and went mad because of it, these gangs rule the: streets of the sprawls after nightfall. Anyone unlucky enough to witness a pack of these maniacs cutting a swath through defenseless byst~nders. all the while howling like barghests. learns to appreciate the relative safety of the well-protected street gang turf.

The "robber knights" (Raubrltter) Me a less psychopathic but equally dangerous motorized gang, These heavily armed thieves maintain numerous hide-outs along the autobahnen from which they attack trucks and passenger vehlcles for cargo, kidnapping victims. and sernetimes just for fun.


To lure unsuspecting motorists Into an ambush, the Raubrltter Indulge In such technical trickery as sendlng false signals through the traffic guidance system. and sometimes rely on eld-F~hioned methods. such as camouflaging stretches of the autobahn with /ake, inaccurate Information boards. They also frequently try to force entry Into moving vehicles from other cars and hovercraft. The Raubrltter will generally give safe passage to anyone who peacefully hands over his property and pays the ransom

demanded because the gang wants to aVoid unnecessary bloodshed for fear of a large-scale government crackdown. Rival gangs, random [ousters, lind other armed opponents and armored vehicles rarely survlve an encounter with the Raubritter In one ptece, however, The 'RItter vern toe zum Loe' who operate In the Northern Rhlne-Ruhr sprawl proudly boast that only three vehicles have managed to escape from them during the Jas-t Hve years, .md other groups of robber knights claim equally impressive records.


... - -., • --;;--'" -_ -- -- "i.. ~ "' ...

. . .

~y the establishment of the Alliance of German States allowed Germany to recover suffident Internal stability to conduct business as usual. Though her geographical place at the heartofcontinental Europe stll I gave the German Alliance an economic advantage. the declinrng dernand for coal and lignite was a blow to the mining industry and left Germany with one less natural resource to exploit. Forced by circumstances to change its economlc base. GerrnclflY used its central location to rebuild its economy on trade, processing; and technical expertise.

The autonomy corporations enloy In the confederacy makes the German Alliance an attractive site for multinational rnegacorporarlons, but numerous medium-size companIes active in research and development also make their homes In Germany and helped launch the country's current economic boom. In tum. the innovation and creative thinking exemplified by these smaller. more Mexible companies lures Investors to Germany. and so increases proffts. Most of these smaller companies have managed to resist determined takeover attempts by the megacorps. On occaston, several competing small businesses forget thelr dlfferenoes long enough to unite in the light against megacorporare incursions into their territory and livelihood.

When most of the smaller Anns balked at outright takeover attempts, the megacorps resorted to bribing awaythelr best employees. This rash of head- hunting has, at times. almost matched the worst excesses of military recruiters In the early t 9th century. who kidnapped and forcibly enlisted young men in the army and navy. Those engineers or managers who refuse to be bought face Increasingly dire consequences; corporate recrulters qukkly resort to pressuring their families and spreading particularly ugly rumors in attempts to force the best and brightest to change jobs.

»»>[And lfthatdon'twork either, you blow them away. The whole idea is to hurt the competition, rig ht? Case in point: Martina Czernik. The AlA didn" geek her. It was Glantranco Albini-and he's expensive. Ten to one it was a corp hit What personal interest would a mafioso have in icing a rocke1 engineer?j«<<<

-FrankensteIn (21 :44:37/23·JUL-54)

The state has little impact on the economy, limiting tts partklpatton to running a necessary to the national infra,struc.ture, such as the railways and the autobahnen, on private-sector terms.

»»>[Privale sector! Don't make me laughl Their systems and technical equipment are so outmoded, particularly Telekom's, thai the people who run them should be blasted to the high heavens lor incompetence. We of the "small companies" can snow them how a modern infrastructure h.mctionsr]«<<:<;

-DIHT (OO:50:32122-AUG-54)


Major German industries Include chemistry. blochemistry. alchemy. mechanical engineering. auto manufacturing. aerospace technology, microtechnology. and envlronrnental technology, [a,ch of these industries adds strength to the German economy,

The alchemy industry promotes research Into the development of maglc-lnduclng potions, poison-resistant plants, new plastics with the properties of metals. and ultra-high-temperature superconductors. German fusion reactors, automated factorles, and armored vehicles represent the best-known products of the mechanical engineering industry, though less sophisticated machines for use in developing countries also sell well. As Was true historically, the German auto Industry concentrates on manufacturing luxury limousines. trucks, and heavy-duty rnotorblkes, Aerospace technology produces transport helicopters. fighter planes, guIded missiles. orbital factories. and communications satellites. Microtechnology produces micro-machines. precise laboratory equipment. prosthettcs, and also handguns. Envlronrnental technology Includes such innovations as solar energy stations. electric vehicles, breathing masks. and waste-water punAcation plants. Some biotech companies plan to cornplernent this technology with genetica.lly engineered bacteria and soll-frlendly plants to purifY and enrich earth, water, and air'.

Weapons continue to be a major German export. as export regulations rernaln lax under the confederate government E.ven If government policy changes, all

m --- -'>-' - ...

~ ....... • t_.


observers expect the extraterritorial rnegacorps [0 continue the luc.ratlve and lethal arms trade originating on German soil.

»»>[Hey. we didn't make the export laws, okay?]«<;« -Wage deck, (02:37'14/12-JUL-54)


The following profiles br1eHy describe Germany's major domestic and foreign-owned corporarlons, ProRtability is measured by tax returns. which creates <I natural margin of error. for corporatl.ons with headquarters based outside the Gennan AJIlance, annual profits Incorporate the totals of all subsidiaries operating on German 5011.


Home Office LocatJoD: Franl( Greater


President/CEO: Meinhard G. Beilstein PrincipAl Divisions

Ol\llslon Name: General Genetics Worldwlde Inc.

DlYlslon Head: Cyrene Hollister

ChIef Products/Services: HUman genetics (research). pharmaceuticals

Business ProHle;

AG Chemie Europa. a merger of the lOth century s biggest corporations. produces paints. plastiCS, pharrnaceuttcats, pesticides. btorechnlcal replacernenr parts. and polson gas. Many of these products are rnanufactured by specialized subsldlarles, whoserela· rionshlps to the corporation's Frankfurt headquarters are hidden by such a maze of shareholdlngs, sub-holdings. cross-holdings, and holding cornpanles that the BIS assigned a spedaJ Investigative team to monitor only this corp's activities. Its publidy held subsldlary, General Genet G, Indulges In research technically prohibited In the Germ9.n Amance. However, the confederate government In Hannover apparently feels no qualms about accepting the rnilltons of tax eCU5 this wholly owned AGChem subsIdiary generates every year.

>>>>>[There must be a reason why none of the research subjects the company hires for field testing in Hal1i and the Dominican Republic are ever seen again ... )««<

-No Fun (OO:46:12/21-MAR-54)

Aside from General Genetics. AGChem owns stock in the BuMoNa private health service, Besser Leben. Darmstadt Bloptlcs, Magdeburg Compound M<lterials, and several Swiss pharmaceutical companies. AGChem also owns most of Frankfurt In one form or another,

through real estate. home and highway construction companies. Insurance companies, retail chains. and through «BLOCK DfLlTE.:m liMp»

>>>>>[Lel's skip the eupnemisrns and say it out straightthrough direct involvement in all decisions made by the Land government.]<<:<<<

-Pyrolator (03:00:32122-APR-54)

>:»»[By theway, the few bits of Fran f<furt not owned by AGe belong to the Bankenvereln.l<<<<<

-Der Alte Agypter (22:59:43127-APR-54)

In the arenas of chemistry and micro-chemistry. the British firm Zeta ImpChem offersAGChem its only serious European competition. The noisy public competition between these two chemical giants Is acruamly a carefully orchestrated fa9ide; Zeta ImpChem Iiolds a majority of shares in one of AGChem's three core companies. Both companies staked their various claims to segments of the ehemtcaltncuscy long ago, and present a united fJont to unwanted compentors. Industrial espionage between the two has taken on the spirit of a SP(;)rti1l3 competltlon.

SecwttyfMllltaJl)' forces!

AG Chernfurop mounts top-drawer security on all levels. The corp employs skilled combat mages and mercenaries wielding cutting-edge equipment. MassiVe amounts of gray and black Ie protect all high-capadty Matrix. nodes, Every few months. a new rumor circulates that (ells the trtilgic tale of some poor soul who tried to break into AGChem, only to be discovered brain-dead In a hotel coffin or bullet-riddled and dangJlIlg from iii hlghvoltage fence.

»»>[I'd say half of that is fiction. Maybe,.)««< -Dar Alta Agypter (19;22:56/21·MAY~54)


Home Office Location: Copenhagen. Denmark Presldent/CiO.: Seren Johansson

PrIncipal DMslons

Division Name: Ares Integrated SolutIons

Division Head: Alwin f.(mrich ChlefProducts/SefVkes! Mach ne tools, mtcro- and nanotechnology

Division Name: Knight Errant Security Division Head: Sibylle Mertens

Chief Produdsj5en.'ltes: Courier/escort services, personal securit}l


,.~- .. ~" - " iii


. . ., .

--~- ~ -- --------------------- --- ., -

near Heidelberg in Greater Frankfurt, and at the K yffhauser In Thuringia.,rdlng to rumor, Aztechnology's current research Involves toxic spirits and combat spells. Whether or not that Is true, me corp's research labs are remarkably unobtrusive, rarely even recognized as such by the local population. Aztechnology declines to make Its research results public In Germany. instead sending them off to dtsappear Inside the Great Pyramid In Aztlan .In Germ ,my . Aztechnology markets simple household utensils and ersatzfood, as well as ,]I ~w spell foci. all sold exclusively throu;gh oil corp-owned chain of department stores,

Busfnes·s Praftle:

This well-known rnegacorporatton rarely ventures into new fields. preferring Instead to tum a steady profit In a secure niche of its own. Though Ares occasionally makes obvious attempts to playoff various industnal glMts and sometime competitors Ruhrmetall and SaederKrupp against each other, It usually keeps Its mc1chlna.tlons unobtrusive.

Ares Integrated Solutions. located in Hanau, Greater Frankfurt. manulacrures machine tools and productlon units for rnlcro- and nanotechnology intended for sale wlthln Europe. One of the corporation's greatest strengths is Its ability to supply fully automated, mobile productiOn and repair fadlltles for light and medium weapons, which Is why M£12000 is among Its customers. Knight Errant is one Qhhe few forelgrl security services with a good reputation in Germany. providing mainly courier and escort services. Ares Is headquartered in Cologne, In the Lana of Nordrheln-Ruhr,

Securlty/Mllltary Forces:

Ares relies totally on [(night Errant. and can call on the entire arsenal of its UCAS headquarters in an emergency.


Home Office Location: Mexico City. Aztlan


Juan At'2.capotzalco PrIncipal Divisions

mvlslon Nam@: Attechnology International Technological and

Magical Development (Europe) DMslon Headl Vlttoria c:asc.orele Main

Chief Products/5ervlc,es:

Magical research

:Buslness Profile:

Aztech Europe concentrates on research and technical exploitation of magIcal phenomena. The corporation owns seve ral research laboratories in the Bavarian Alips.

Secwity/Mllitaly Forces:

AztechnoJogy maintains the same first-class corp troops in its Ei\Jropean branch orftces as Jt does elsewhere in the- world. Well trained and equipped. these troops partidpatedin recent SOX maneuvers with cons lderablesuccess, Aztecnnology also maintains its own air force. equipped with fighter planes and ultralights for the purpose of espionage. Every Installation also has access to the services of shamans and hermetic mages.


Home Office Location: Free City of Hamburg

President/CEO: Fritz X (Friedrich Xaver Moosh'uber)

Chief Produc.ts/Servlces:

DeMeKo sells, leases" produces. and c-ensors anything remotely connected with the media. from dally newspapers to hardcore simsense to trideo ccrnmerdals and party leaflets.

Business Profllel

DeMeKo Is the parent company of approximately .1.100 newspapers. magazines, electronic news servkes, junk fax services. MatrlxMall services. radilo stations. video and trldeo stations. and much more. It wholly or par-

1:1 .~, - -"

... _.'_ ,- ..


tlally owns 40 percent of all media services within the German Alliance, and owns various foreign ventures as well. DeMeKo',s "ancestors gallery" in the Hamburg headquarters includes photos of Axel C. Springer, R.upert Murdoch, Leo Kirch, Hohiro Yamakane, and Orson Welles as Citizen Kane. This corporation believes in growth and will use any means necessary to promote it. Its hire-andfire politics affect everyone and everything assodated with it, from data-entry wage slaves to tndlvtdual journallsts or actors to entire printing companies and broadcastLng stations. People working for any part ofDeMeKo know they could be out In the gutter at anytime in the interest of profit.

Security /Mllltaryforces:

Nothing is as old as yesterday's paper or the past hour's trideo news, so DeMeKo has no reason to keep many secrets. However, its famed corporate policy of truly equal employment, whether of neo-Nazls, rabbitbreeders, Fashion czars, or eco-guerrtllas, leaves Its production facillties vulnerable to attack by fanatics of all kinds. DeMeKo htres local security services to provide most site protection. Within the MatrIx. however. only the Hamburg headquarters has anything IIl(e adequate protection, except for temporary security measures mounted to protect certain slrnsense factories during the ftnal days before DeMeKo releases such hot new products as Nagasaki Toxic Spirits Meet Dar:ci Lords J.


Home Office LOQtton; Dusseldorf, Northrhlne-Ruhr PreSident/CEO: Alfons Reurath

Chief Products/Servicesl Industrial real-estate financing

Bustness Profile:

The G€rman Trust institution Public Financial Transaction and Consulting Corporation holds a unique position ln the German national economy. Originally established to. administer and dispose of the countless state-owned companies of the former East Germany, it found Its niche 1 n the wake of the disasters of the early 21st century: the Cattenorn nuclear accident V ITAS , the North Sea coast flooding. and the Euro-Wars. As part of the negotiations to. establish the AGS, the separ-ate Lander of Germany agreed that Deutsche Treuhandanstalt would handle every transaction Involving industrial real-estate grounds. buildings. and Investment goods. This agreement, which was designed as a measure to balance the autonomy of multinational corporations. requires all companies to buy from DTthe grounds on which they wtsh to build as well as any buildings already In existence. and then to resell them to DT j f the com pany falls or closes th€ fadl1ty for any reason.

»»>(With this exception of meeacerps: see Passau Treaty, § 1913,)««<

-KonWachl (21 ;08:22/31-NOV·S4)

This revolutionary concept I),t first provoked constoerabte dlstrus! and hostlilty. especially frcm dries and towns losing valuable property titles to the measure, but experience has demonstrated no rtegstlve effect on the economy from this limited state monopoly.

The German Alliance holds 41 percenr of Deutsche Treuhand's shares, with another 14 percent held by several Land governments. The Frankfurt Bank Assodetton owns lZ percent, various large Investors own 19 percent. and the remaining 4 percent belong to small sharehlolders.

The Treuhand Is not averse to lnnovadve solutions. In other words. It keeps Its distance from most standard eransacnons .md serves mainly as '"' supervisory I>ody. If a company falls behind Inltssc.heduled pqyments ee tne DT. a Trel.ihand restructuring officer assumes control of the company: depending on the company's flnandal slruatton, Treuhand either takes 11 overlock, stock, and barrel or liquidates It In order to sell corporate grounds, butldIngs, and machines. Volkswagen and the Schumacher 8- Brandt department stores are the most famous cornpanles to be absorbed by Treuhand In this Fashion. both during the Crash of '£9.

:>::>>>>{lnnov8IN8 solutions usually Involve more or less substantial gifts and donations to the venerable partners 01 Greed & Avarice, beginnIng w th Ihe local inspector a nd continuing alilhe way up to Oberoberkassal.Ie-eece

-Don Cartalla I 18:43;OO/H-APR·54)

»»>[. .J««<

-Enigma (18:55:05117-APR-54j

Securtty/Milltary Forces:

TI1e Treuhand may 4111 on most slate security serVices. and therefore rnalntalns none of Its own.

:»>>>{The Bundeswehr lor protection 01 property, Ihe BGS to evict squatters, .. 1««<-

-Fritz the Blil1 (20;,03:44/2B-AUG-54)


Kame Office locatiOn! Turin. Italy President/CEO: Norman F. K",u tz PrIncipal OtvblofiS

Dtvlslon Name: Cyberdynamlx DMslon Headl Annegre; Berger

Chler Produm/Se ..... Ice5; Software. cyoordecks. computer systems,

Dlvl5lon Name: Consumer E.loctronlcs Amalgamated DMslon H~d: RIck Dilkstra

ChJef Products,/Servlces: Cyberdecks. entertalnrnent electronics

Business pronlc:

Cyberdynrunlx, located In Ingolstadt. ~varla. Is the Eu.ropean competitor to, the omnipresent Fuchl Corporatlon, Any product thar E.CC produces with even a tangential relationship to the MatriX Is sold by ECC subsidiaries under the brand name Cyberdynarnlx: this Includes software as well as q.ooordecks and complete MatrLx systems. Though the European equipment tends to hotd up better than Fuc:hl products. Cyberdynamlx ecnststently finds Itselfone to two years behind In development. It counters this disadvantage by seulng Its goods at vast'ly lower prices.

The CE.A factories In E.lndhoven. United NetherlandS. produce entertainment electronics for all price ranges under the brand names Xenon, Polaris" and Philips. The company also owns shares In a number of slrnsense studio's, chip factories. and privately owned trldeo and slrnsense statlons. The cyberdeOO offered by erA under the Xenon Ma1TlXMan/"""-'trl.xl'vtaster brand name an.' dones of Ihe Fuchl Series III/Series IV cyberdeck.

In addition to Its two major subsldtartes, E.CC sells rnalntrarnes through Central Datil Systemtechnologle at Erfurt, Thurlngla, and also owns the Swedish DrakenSys company tha.I produces military expert systems. To effectively compete against Fuchl. ECC uses every leSc'i1 and quasi-legal means at Its dtsposal. from price wars and handshake deals with government agencles to industriru espionage' and sabotage,

Sewrlty/Mllltary fon:e$:

The vartous ccmpantes are guarded appropriately.

With forces ranging from a few night watchmen 'to a complete mercenary Ulnlt supported by gunships and combat mages. In general, U!>t!S physlCilJ heavy ordnance only reluctantly. In rhe M~ttlx. however, the corporanon always uses Its bIggest guns.


Home OffIce LOCAtion, Prague. Czech Republic President/CEO: jean-Claude Roublllon

Chl,ef Products/Services; Vehicles of all kinds

Business iProHle:

fMC. whose operanens are almost a monopoly In the German matket. currently owns the rnanufacturlng sites and productten fadl1tles fonnerly owned and operated by automakers such as Opel i Peugeot. Landa. Skoda. and DAF.

iii -' .~' - __


Sec.urtty/MIlItary Fof'(;e5.I

The actual production and adrnlnlstratlon l'adlilies rncerrt only a Ughf aere'lise. bUI th.e Mattix systems of [MCs research labs pack heavy Ie.


Hom:e Office Location: Frankfurt. Grearer Frankfurt President/CEO; MOI1Ik.l SrOeler-Waftensdunldl C.hlef ProduCb/Servkesl flnance

Business ProfUe:

The FrMkI'urt Bank AS!iQdatlon Is "ctu~ly a dub whose members represent 36 private German banks "nd iI number of foreign Hnandall nsnnnlons. Though tM fBA seeks to project an Im.1\ge of a consumer-frtendly, dlstlngutshed service corporation. It actually holds oil prominent place amonlg GermMY's most expansionist megacorps. The B.:\flkenvereln lends money rocompanres and admintsrers rhelr shi\reholdlngs. but Its preferred method of operations Is to acqulre eereerare holdings. real esrere. and bonds In Its own name. Its top managers Indude some of Germany's most skliled sma players,. men and wome;n whose efforts Vlrtu.illly guarantee a fal payoff. Large amounts of the bank's caplraJ are bound up I n shares oF! nnurnerabte other com pentes from .;t.11 areas of the economy; 27 nations face the (ask of repayIng billions of nuryen of debt to the Bank Assodatton. Overall. the Frankfurt Bank AssociatIon owns so many dlfiferent cornpanles that even another nnandal dtsaster on the order of the Cri\Sh of '29 would only marginally affecl It.

Stcuftty 1M IIlUI)' fot(:es~

Because the Frankfurt Bank Asscciatton deals mostly n cash-free. electronic transactlons. Matr1x SeC\lfhy Is sta.&gering. Even the srnallesr branch office boasts Ihe Iillest In legally aVallable Ie to protect Its system. and ihe Frankfurt headquarters offers a number of nasty IIlleg,\] surprises for tnquistttve deckers.


Home Office 'LO£.atloni Tokyo. ).,pan rre$lden~/CtOI RIchard Vllilers P'rtnclp.a! DJvlslons

OI\l'l5lon Name: Fuchl !'.\n.Europa Dlvblon Headl Korln '{amana

ChIef ProduC'tS/Servlces: Mlcrorronlcs, cyberded<s DMs,lon NameJ Neue 8dvarl,\ Fuc.hl Strnsense Studlos Dtv~IDn Head: Gerhard KJ~mayr

Chief Products/Services, Slms,ensc, pop music

BLLSlness Profilel

futhl ran·E!.Jrop.:l. based In Bochurn, NorthrhlneRuhr, oversees ,)11 of Fuchl's European Interests. ,15 weill as

manuracturtng and dlstlrlbutlng mtcrotrontcs, cybe;rded(S, and nevrceleencntc Interfaces. Its competlttcn forces the E.uropean arm to wage constant legal battles against the various companies producing clones of fuchl standards, pafTfcularly [C.C [uratranlcs and Mulier-SchIOter Infolredl. As Lurcpean courts rarely adjudicate mese cases completely Impartially. Fuchf's tUfQpean lnfluence iIfld market share have been on the wane for-some lime. Frustrated by the prospect of an eremal sttlng of fruitless legal battles. the corporation occaslonally resorts to vtoient out-ofcourt settlements.

In starrltng contrast to the woes of the Fuchl PanE.urapa dlvlslo,n. Fuchl Stmsertse Studlos lead the market 111 Cermany by a w1de and Increasing margIn. Tl'!e studios of Neue B.:war'la prod uee more than a third of all strnsense chips offered on tile [uropean market. as well as a hefty proporrlon of the pop music and softcore trash genres. Current top sellers Include an amazing series of aer al ShOES of medieval E.urope and a crime series recorded using Fuchl's patented CMracterShlft process. The profitability of these produces and ocher commercial hits enables the studios to also produce more marginal propelties suGh as documenta.rles and eduCiI!\onalfilms.

Securtty/MltlJlMy Forces;

As Far as i\nyone knows. Fuchl rnalntalns re,w corporate HOOpS In Europe. preferring to hire experienced mercenaries for special missions. Internal security for fuel'll Inslallallons Is provided by Fuchl IntSec..


Home Offke Location: Munich, Bowari.., Preslde'ntjCIO: Arthur Delltz.sch PrlndpaJ Dwlslons

DI\iLsJon Name: Daimler-Benz Division Head; Otfrled lennlngs

Chief Products/Services: Automobiles and (rucks Dlvls'on Name: Mes.sersdlmll't-Kawasald Augz.eugbau (M. K. Airplanes)

DivIsion Jteads: Paul Blrkhofer. George Tanaka Chl·ef i"ro,ducts/Servkes: Hellcoprers, boars, hovercraft

DIV[~lon Name: Gesell.schaft fOr Technlsche Entw1ck1ung (Technical Development Company)

Dlvblon HeAdl PiOtT L Was~ll'enko

Chief Products/5ervlcesl F1nandng building protects

Business Prof1le:

Drivers allover the world recognlze personal and trsnspon vemdes graced with the three-pointed star, t'he rrmrk of Daimler-Benz manufacture. as perfecr exarnples oftl\e fInest In German engineering. Vehldes produced by


this dMslonof IfMUln Stuttgart. Wurttemberg. range from mld··slted sports cars to heavy·dury military trucks. Messerschmltt·K.awasaJ<l In Munich, 8.:warla. primarily manufactures helicopters" bul Is also researching and resting Improvements to other me..UlS ofrransport.l'rom boats and hovercrailt 10 supersonlc alrp.lane:> and ,even space shuttles. The Gese:1 1:SCI'Wt filrTechnlsche En rwl ckhmg dlvlslcn, based In Dresden .. Saxony. co-sponsors many reconsrructton projects in vMOU5 developing and E...1St European eeunetes, p<'lrtlcu)a_rly those: hC!rdest hit by the Euro-Wars. Espedally In Polrund. Gest£.comperes directly wilth Saeder-Krupp In rhlsfleld. In addition 10 a large number of srna Her ccmpanles, IFMU owns several shares In Airbus, the partly state-owned ISR!O. the Zeppellrl works. and METIOOO., An active stock market player, IFMU seems to have a g1R for Rndlng.a.c.qulrlng.. and exploltlrng small. lrmovarlve companies. Rumors suggest [hat Its 'gift' Is no~hlng more thM <'I weJl-st<Ufed Industria! espionage unit.

Securtt)' /.Mllttary rorcu:

IfMliI malnt,alns extensive corpcrare seoJrlty forces to, guard its production fadlltles. The corporation also owns a rapid acclon rorc.c. a.nd Qln calion METlOOO 1111 an em ers:enc::y. For magical and electrol'llc security, I.FMU hires specialists and relies on cvrtlng-edge Ie Imported from ChIb..1.lilp.;In.


Home Offic.e Location: Kyoto. Japan PresIdent/GO: TO.5111ro MI:l'Suhama Principal Dtvlslo'l1.s

Division Nam e:: MeT Oeutxhl.and .AC (answer:lng to MeT wesrem Europe. Ceneva)

Dl:YlsJon Headl Yohlro Tanashlk,\

Chief 'Products/Servlc.'es; Chip and Interface development for Industrial rTh.l.chines and Installations

Business Proflle:

Known for lnncvatton, Mlts\.!lharna\dly surpdses Its cornpeutors every year. A combtnanon of brilliant mlndsro regularly develop new products and the kind of !n~cm<~ security necessary to prevent Information leaks has allOWed me corporation to carve out a nlche In lnstallatlon c.ontrol. a market segrnent targely dominated byluropeancomrx\nles.


The MOOeutschland fadlltles. located In [)[}sseldorf. employloc,.l.1 secut1ty servtces of sometimes dublolJS reputation. Their computer systems. on (he other hand. boast stare-of-the-srt IC ..



Home Office Locatiom frMkfurt. GretHer frankfurt Preslden(/CIO: Raben SchlOter, Jr.

Chief ProduClSIServl,es: Slmsen5e. software. hardware

BU$lness Pronlel

MSI products Integrate virtual re<lllty. srmsense, and MatrIx software and hardware, famous for II.~ almost lndesrrucdble persone chtps and service-Independent small systems. MSl's corporate history proves (0 every youf'lg entrepreneur that dreams can come true. Formed In 2007, the comp..1Iny secured a large share In the growing Matrix market solely on the basis of Its high. quality preducrs. Ir published VIRf:OS. Ies own version of a worldwide standard operating system for MatriX grid use before Fuchl's UMS, but when UMS was adoptee .15 the stanck'\Id, MSI adapted quickly enough to hold lIS ma.fket share In Europe, MSI announces new products only When feild'll to ship. a marketing technique that drives the competition to tear out Its hair for <If least six months after each release,

Securfty/Mllltary fQ~esl

ScKuriTech Internadonel personnel gu. rd the three MSI research centers and the Frankfurt production fllC;;l!Ilies: MSI owns 22 percent of the securtty company's sew. and takes advantage of that special relationship. As mlghl be expected, MSI: Matrix security is known for literally roasting Intruders and their equlpment,


Home Office loudonl Chlba, japan Preslde.nt/CU)t lnazo Anekl Prtndp.a.1 OMslons

DIVLslon Name; Renraku Deutschland AG DMslon Head: Martko Waba.natf

Chief Products/Services: Hlgh·denslty memory chips. expert systems, mainframe architectures

Buslnes.s ProfUe:

RemaklJ Deutschl<\nd AG In DDM.eldorf M.swers to Remaku Europ.1ln Parls. It provides four to six companies per year wirh customized hardware and software .. and makes a comfortable prollr from thiS business alone'. The corporation does nor market Its products exrenstvely, and apparently 'hilS no plans 10 expend Its customer base,

Security/Military fanes:

Renraku secures Its lnsrallations at MBnchengladbac.h (NolThrhlne-Rl.lhr). GOttlng~n (Hesse-Nassaul. and f.rl\Jrt (Thuringia) with corporate troops. hiring support from local security Rrms when necessary, R_enraku rnalntrarnes rnounr Ie thaI Is among (he best available In the IntemalIonal marker.


Home OffIce, Northrhlne-Ruhr Presldent/CEOl Martina Gehrke

ChIef Products/Services: Industrial machines and Irmal· taetons, pipes, drilling plaiforms, compound materials. shlp engines, nuclear lnstallatlons. weapons. rr,'ln engtnes, consrrucrton machinery. and so on

Bmlness ProHIe=

The Ruhrmerall AG Is the result of one of the earliest mergers between big German corporations, All the brgname steel companies of the Ruhr area, with the single exception of Krupp, united under this new management. along wlrh several supptters, Ruhrmetall also holds shares In other heavy Industries, both within and outside GermMY. Though Germany's heavy Industry market supports more Ihan one rnegaccrporarten, IFMU, Saeder-Krupp, and Ruhnnecall <1.11 subsidize chelr operations by malntalnIng profitable businesses In other branches of IndUstry. The rnegacerps also feel the need to fight for percentages of the machine and Installation markets with gloves off. According to rumor; the corp war games WIthin the SOX sometimes dcgenert'lte Iota" bloody reality when the trOOPS of these competIng corps meet on the Reid.

- ~~ ~

_9.. \ . ". '

S«uftly IMIlJIt:a.Iy Jo.rU5:

The Ruhrmet~1 corp owns a large percentage of shares In MET1000, and SO can call on Its well-trained security personnel and heavy equlprnem at a moment's notice, Ruhrmetall mruntcllns a s!gnlficam standing securlCy force thaI Indudes mages and deckers. organlz.ed into several mobile units. Computer security 15 wl1ere Ru'hrmetall Falls shan. WIth the single excepnon of the systems Inside the SOX, the Ie and deckers protecting Ruhrmetall systems offer no threat to any reasona.bly talented Intruder.


Home Offke LOCAtion: Essen, Northrhtne-Ruhr President/CEO: Lofwyr (Grear Or"'Son) PrtncJpaJ DlVlsloru

DMslon Name: Ruhrnuklear (Ru'n Nudear) DlvLslon Head: Hassan Near

Chle.f PToduCb/Servlc:es: Fusion reactors, compact slow-lnduslon untts, 'cold' fusion reaerers DMslon NtunCl Krvpp Sondergeratebau (Krupp Special lst [nglneer1ng)

Dlvb~on Headl Dlermar lofeld

Chief Products/Services: Orbltal factories. spacecraft englnes, aquantlutlc.,l lnstaltanons ProHle:

'In addition 10 Its malor divisions. the Saeder-Krupp corporatlon owns more [han ZOO small and mediumsized companies worldwide. mostly suppliers to me 'big t'hree',: S-K He<'IVY lndustrtes, Barytech. and Ruhrnuklear. Sseoer-Krupp ranks as one the world's ten bIggest megacorporatlons ..

»»>[Actually. Saecsr-Krupp is thE! largest corporation in the world. if no! by much. Congratulations to all concerned.jcccce

-Media Man (08:20: 1 0/12-1 0-54)

»»>ifThank yoUl.~««< -Lofwyc (01 :29:16/12-15-54)

Ruhmuklear, ~ed In Winen, Is Europe's largest producer of ftlslOIl re<lc:tors. and Krupp Scndergerae bau In Moncheng,ladbach manufacrures a bewlldering variety of complex engineering components.

AllSaeder-Krupp subsldiartes deal aggressively WI~h theIr competitors. Saeder-Krupp's so-called 'active security: Its Indusrrlal esplon<,gt> team. Is equipped with the most modem equlpment and best agents avallable, and It; members use any means ax their diSposal (Q gel whal they carne for,

Suurlt)'/ Forces:

Wol1dwfde . S .. seder-Krupp maintains.", b.lt1a.1lon-level armed force recruited from rhe best mercenary and regular armed forces ofeac..h bran·ch offlce's home country. These forces use srare-ct-rhe-an equtpmenr, Indudll'lS heavy .md super-heavy weapons and ventdes. Maglecl.l and MatTix security are equally rough. makln.g Saeder-Krupp one of the besr-protecred corps ln the world.

r.I ~~ - ,

1;1 _- ... , .

J!loa •• eyt , .Just came off the bahn. Ey, mutt, eyll made It from Dottmund fO wen In 1U51 rwo hDUlSt Ileal}, Selt, eyl

-Hannes M~owskJt courter


PopulMlonl 25,304,000

>::»»[I'd put il closer to 33 megs ... ]«.«< -Dl'ivin' Mona Lisa (07:09:00/12-MAY-S4,)

HUl'Y1Ii\n: 73% Elf: Z% Dwarf~ 7% Ork: 12.% TroU! 5% Other: <1%

Dens.tty InPopuJatedDlstrltts:

Re5ldentlru: 3.1.14 per square ldlorneter B us I ness, 2.872 per square kllometer Annual Per Capita In(.ome: [C 33.200


-DFivin' Mona Usa (07:10;OO/12-MAY-54)

Population Below Poverty Level: 27% TeJ.ek.omCode.:. D-03 or 0493

E.d U I;o\tlo n r

High School tt;'JuTvalency: 38% Untverslly EqulvaJen<;y: 21%


The Rhlne-Ruhr Meg<\plex Is muCh the same <IS other German sprawls In many ways, but It also h.1S many features that make It unique,


Northrhlne-Ruhr centalns the Ruhrarea, the Sauenand.

Bergisches Lan.d. the Cclogne-Benn urban sprawl. and the Lower Rnlne area from Neuss/MOnchengladb.."\th to KJ.eve. The core of this land. the Rhlne-Ruhr rnegaplex .. stretches from Bon.n In the south and Neuss and


M6nc.hengladb..1d1ln the west lila Leverkusen, Wu ppenal, and the dries of the Ruhr (0 Marl In the north and Un nil In me east.


The main geographical feature of the Rhlne-Ruhr Sprawl-whlc.hmost school texts Md tourist brochures conveniently fall 10 menrlon-ls the hundredsef 'tndustrial waste areas. less colloq ulally known as dumps. These brachen, or fallows, have spawned thele own bizarre ecologies that support every rntsbegonen fragger Imaglnable, from Green War CAI"rlpS ~o mutant squaft'ers.loxlc: sphtcs to the occasional toxic shaman. AU of these slags have two thlngs In common-they all know the latest buzz onthe ecologles, politics, and crlmlnal actlvltles In their areas. and they're all easily ptssed off.

»»>[Some 01 them pull ihe trigger II you whiz on their lawn ... ]««<

=Local Hero (17':54 :33/19-JUL·54)


The St~dtetag of the Ruhr mun!dpalassocJatlon and Its affiliated cltles governs the Rhlne"Rullr rnerroplex. Th:ough technically" Reglerungspr:tsldent. ordlstrlct presldent. presides OVer this pMllamenl. the dtsmct the archere rille refers to (Northrhlne-wesrpballajceased to exls.t In 2014.

::»»>I['s Regierungsprasidenl if the office is held by a man, and Regierungsprasldentin if lr's held by a woman.l««<

-Raghnal (14:02:54f2·NOV-54)

:;.»»[Arsli't we politically Correcl?]«<<< -H. & F. (14;02:59.12-Nov-54)

The afflililte:d dtles elect d ty counols every four years, who In rum appelnt 'the I Z3 members of the Stiidtetag.

The current dlstrlct president Is "Red' trlka ven I8ergerhausen. dlstrl.;;;! dlalrwQrnaIl of the USPD, No one expects her to remain In power very long .. because. unlike her predecessors, she refused to . take orders' from SaederKrupp.

»»>[They have a proverb in the UCAS: Never deal with a dragon.J««<

-Kumpel Anton (20: 19 :09129-MA R·54)

>,>>::>>[Almost everybody does . Including rnetahvmans, sorcerers. armed chrome bays. and anyone else not wearing a three-kilo cross around his neck.I««<

-Devil Dancer ('2 :09 ;23" 2,-8 EP -54)


The mal or ctnes or the Rhlne-Ruhr megaplex-Cologna, Bonn, Essen, and DQSS€'rdlorf~ach have tnelr own transport systems. as well AS air. fall and autobahn hubs connecting the region to '(he other German Under.


Despite the wom state of Its netlonal train lines. the German rei I ways stl] provide reliable service to the RhlneRuhr sprawl. The Transrapld line from RlJnstdAd to Hannover and Berlin runs through the Rhlne-Ruhr rnegaplex, wlrh stops at Cologne. DDsseldorf·Lohausen Airport. <lend Dortmund. In ",ddl tlcn. every dty and town In the megap.lex

By Plane

Northrhlne-Ruhr's two large ~nger airports are DO!.Seldorf~ tohausen and Cologne's Wahn. Lohausen offers dally connect! ng InIgtits to almost every large dty on the globe and numerous smaller ones as well. Cologne-

Wahn Airport offe~ dally connections to ell large ____

[uropedn dtles and AlghtS to all major cities In the world every two or three days. Both al rports offer regular rransorbltal connections. /.

>>>>>[And dre:k-~ol security.! ~ These slags can fmd guns no! matter Where you putt them. And in the VIP zones and lir51- class lounges. detectors autcmatlcally "deaclivate" cybBrirnplanl weapons-unless you're a corp goon sporting a protective clrcult, of course. The Iast slag who gal 'deactivated" was sent home In a shoe box.J«<:<=<

-Bomber (03:44.21/04- OCT-54)

has II railway station that oft't>rs connecting rralns to the major hubs.

»»>.[Sure, take tM train. II you don't mind an hour's delay or l'wo.J««< -Kumpel Anion (22:04:33/23- DEC-53)

By Sea:

Once, the Dulsburger Frelhafen was Europe's largest river pan. The Great Flood In ZOO3 turned If Into one or Germany's largest sea ports. Hovercraft Itnes from Dulsburg run fa all the larger townson me Rhlne~ far$Outh <15 Karlsruhe. Though fillSt and safe. hovercraft travel Is not cheep, The two-hour trip from Frankfurt to Dulsburg, tn, can COSI anywhere from EC 150 . to ZSO depending on the line. PM of the price gee; to pay for the weaponry

In addition to tebausen and Cologne- d armor each vessel carries. North of

Wahn, almost every dty In the Rhlne-Ruhr ___..,.. '" Dulsbl.!rg and on rhe North Sea. sea traffic:

megaplex has ItS own elrport, Generally. these ali'ftelds---- conslsts alrnost entlrely otcomputer-gutded frelghl handle private planes. sm.lll passenger aircraft. and tlltwIng craft, For those wlth time and nuyen to bum. an alrshlp port ar MOhllhelm/Ruhr offers IUJlury trips ~O My destination In the world.



The autobahn networl< serves [he entire Rhlne-Runr sprawl and also handles rnos: of the rrilfflcwlthln the plex.

>>>>>[NOI quits, children. Some of the pilots working for those hovercraft lines will smuggle people who nnd rhemsefves in deep drek down the Rhine tor a measly lew hundred ecus. Once they (each me North Sea. the slOIS lock themselves below decks. leave their passengers outside, and wait tor Iha toxic spirits [0 do their drek. 11you ever have 10 beattast, I recommend walking.]««<

-Kumpel Anion (08:22:58/14-NOV-54)

:»»>[11 you get: past lhe go-gangs. , .1««< -Hades (02:06:29/11·JUL·54)

Travel on (he roadway Is generally unrestricred.

Trevelersenrenng Westphalia, however, must pass through the restrictive customs of the Westphalian ecclesiastical state.


11'5 '" big plex, mann. Here are d few lips for getting around the Northrhlne-Ruhr quIckly. cheaply, and sometimes both •


By Air

Almost every dty In the plex has a small aI rport wh tch offers flights to other sprdw,1 clties, Helos swarm like locusts between the business towers. corp headquarters. and malls throughout the plex, offerln,g another alternatlve .for those who don't wanl to rub shoulders wllh the regular street folk, Prices can be sleep. however.

By Car

Most lnner-plex travel occurs on the autobahn en thai ,,155'fO'>5 (he region like 01. 5plde~ s web, The Ruhrschnellweg. stretching from Dortmund via Bochurn and Essen to Dulsburg, 15 the most famous of these highways. If features ten traffic lanes on two levels. The megeplex's streets and hlghways are all wen-malntatned and centtnue 10 anraet commuters. despite the sometimes chaotic rraffk .. Don't bother with the exorbitantly expensive IdXls, because renting a car at ISOY per day offers a much better deal.

Public Transportadcn

A well-maintained network of trains, trams. and buses provlde 2A-hour public transpertatton to every section of the plex, Armed guards accompany buses traveling lnto the rougher areas. and ocCCi5lonally these routes are suspended when guard.s are unavailable. Ruhr tlnlversltys regtonal maglev suspension railway. the Magnetschwebebilhn. opened in 1048 and connecis all university campuses and buildings ,KrOSS the sprawl. Rldershlp Is resmcred lO university students and rilculty.

»»>[The university officials claim the restrtctlon ts a salely measure. II you ask me, they're just a bunch 01 fra.ggin' elilisls.J««<

-Brachl (18:07 :42121·DEC-54)


The Rhlne-Ruhr area.Is especially well-known for the Ruhr University and the Subworld.

Ruhr Unlvershy

Several years ag(), the town fathers decided [0 save some money by merging all the unlversltles In [he rnegaplex Now the locals proudly point to [he RuhrUnlversltlit. home to ,1 teeming mi15.S or almost 300,000 students, as one of [he Rhlne-Ruhr s mClJor achievements. Though the university only beg.)n offe.rlng courses In magic fairly recently, the school's alchemy department has already earned a reputation for I nnevauon , Naturally, Ih~ universIty adrnlnlstration rar@ly mentions the exorbitant salaries It had to offer (0 attract such excellent minds tIS Nobel winner WOlfgang WlntethaJl.

»»>[Bulldrek. Internationally, RU rs second-rate desptte its size. That should set these pencil pushers thinking, but il won't.)««<

=Doktor Schlwago (1 3 :38 :09/17 -JAN ·54)


Some 70.000 orks. dwarfs. and trolls llve In a gigantic network of old mlncsliafts thai stretches for hundreds or kilometers below the surface oftfle rnegaplex. Api rt from a sfntlll tourIst section open (0 (he public, few ropsiders venture lnte rhls area, known as Subworld, 115 InhabUams rarely leave their subterranean h<,bltat.

»>>>[Exceptlng. 01 course, those occasions when they jump OUI 01 the sewers 10 hold up a 510r9.1«<<< -DokLor Schiwago (t6:30:38125-AUG·54)

»»>[Liesl We are a. peaoeful people!J«<<< -Duke Darkness ('16:35:36/25-AUG·54)

»>y>{So why do mas! corps consider Subworld arks the sprawl's best runners?I««<

-Kumpel Anton (1 S:35:50/25-AUG-54.)

»>.»[Well. .J««<

=-Duke Darkness (16:36. t 1 f25-AUG-54,)

Most of the lJ ndergrou nd' econerny o·f the Subworld remains hidden. but that doesn't stop God·m.vlng topslders from arrnbunng ,111 sorts of crlrnlnal enterprise to Its lnhabltants, No proof Supports these accusatlons, but metal'1umans have always been convenient SGCIpegoal's.

»>>>{Where did the dwar1 king gel his leg endary hoard, Ihen?J««<

-N. N. (08:29:47/28-AUG-54)

»>>>[you'vedone 100 many Tolkien T"" sims, bud.J««< -Duke Darkness (Oe~o: 19/28-AUG-54)


As In any other megaplex, life In the Rhlne-Ruhr sprawl Is anything but cheep. Natur,11 food Is particularly expensive, and anyone who wants (0 avoid soy Junk h .. \S to dig deep Into their pockets. With enough money, however. the lucky wageslave can f'east on the fines! Westphalian delkecles. Apartments are equally expensive: anything even remotely suItable for hurnan habltatlon costs <, (E.O's ransom to rem. Services, on the other hand. are relatively cheap. and even sophlstkated equlpment such as a tep-ct-rhe-llne deck can be had for a reasonable price.


- - ....... - .... iii

..... -r 10 ~ _ t •

. ~

I. _,

rOl'{llnld • in(f'rprelro - (frurralrr'll



Almost every dry In Nonhrhlne·RlJhr has liS own Lh ee tres , concert halls, and museums. The most fumous theatre and (he megaplex s most popular cultural flt1'lite· tlon Is the Krupp.A..llto The. tre In E.ssen. Besides putting up ~he Rne!.t productions In the Rhlne-Rulir. [lie building is a true arch I teceural masterpiece. Though less In terestlng architecturally, the newly bul1i Boc:hum Schauspielbeus also ranks as one of rhe Rnest stages of the German Alliance. Bochum also boasts the lloyd Webber Halle. owned by the corporation of rhat name. Long after the dea,th of the greer composer. And rew lloyd Webber, 'hls newest musicals premiere here to pacJ<ed houses, testlmony ro the banal tastes Qf the bourgeoiste. The resident ensemble Is famous for Irs members .nhletfc prowess.

.>.»"'::oIAnd rn eat my hal, If 1hey aren't chromed.j««< -Doktor Schiwago (19:00:34/1·JUL-54)

The Gelsel1klrchen music fes!lval offers euelences .:! chance to hear dasstcal opera unadulrerared by voiceenhC\f\dng cybelVJ.ue. It sa rnvs: fo,r anyone who lon&~ fa! the days befOre electric guitars and synthlearher,

Every c.lry also has (\ multitude of dlscorheques.

Sports centers, museums, slrnsense theanes. sno other enterralnrnem venues. Not even thiS vast array of options for leisure rime has dislodged the Ruhr area's favorite pastime from Its place al the top of the 1151: soccer.

::».::>>>IOr more precisely. footbalL as It Is called everywhere in Ii'll!! world ,excepl North Amerjca.j«<<:< -Rummemgg,e (23: 19:55/14·NOV·54j


E.xcept for tne yakuUl In D sseldorf and the Mafla.

Who run prostlrutlon rings In most of the Rhlne-Ruhrs malar dries. organlz:.ed crime plays iI relatively minor role In Norrhrhlne·Ruhr. The plex's numerous street ganss. however, are another story. Nowhere else In rhe German AUtlancean" so many vlolent crImes perpetrated out In the open, and the gang's rule Is so complete rhat tl1ey boldly st<\ge an annual tournamen In the Rhlne·Ruhr. This

tournMTlem Is <lcruaJly Unlemore thM a gigantic free-ferall. with thousands of armed and morortzed psychoperbs wreaklng havoc: throughout the streets.

::.»»!psychopalhs? Walch your mouth. alter I We for· Iowan honorable prolession!l««<

-Bandit King 01 Ancienl China (13:37~S9/06- APR-54)

The mOSI feared I eea , gangs are the Plranhtl5. the: alleged annlbals who rule the Ruhrschnellweg. and ~he Wh teo and rink TIgers, who prov .... 1 the expressways off the autobahnen, Several groups Of so-esued 'robber knlgh[s make iI living by holding up autobahn motorists. TIle Rhl ne-Ruhr ls home to twO ~;.uch gangs: the Riuer vom lee toe, named after an anderu nobleman of the Freedom of Marl, and the PUS5}"U'II,S. <in ork »fORCf DlU1E:11 Mp<'<'

::»> »[Associalion!1 ««<

~Bandit King of Ancient China (13;:39:47/06- APR· 54)

The RItter cenrrcl east-west connections, and the PUSS)lY\ts clalrn the north-scum routes as thieh territory.

»:»:>[Tl1anks 10 this highly Intelligent division of turi, the two gangs cress paths a,very time they want to move to' an ether highway. I'm sorry. Bandit Kingl, but the ensuing fights look psychopathic 10 me. By the way, botb gangs steer clear 0'1' Lhe Ruhrschnellweg. I wonder whr?)««<

~KurnpeJ Anton (18: 1 O:OO/16..JUL·54)

iii ....... - ...

~ ......... ~ - . ~ ~


. . _.


A number of smaller gangs. each assodared WIth clrles OJ dlsrrlces of the plex, round out the Rhlne-Ruhr's rostet of SCl.!Zooys and thriller cMlliers. The strength and weaponry of these gangs vanes widely: some wield homemade shivs. while ethers CMTY light machine guns and other sophlstlcated weaponry.

The best known of these gangs are iI5 follows, listed by dlY dlsrrlct;

Bochum: Blue Hawks, Killers. Toxic lone ManldC5 Cologne: Orks (arks and trolls only), Silver Stars

(white elves only)

Dortmund: Dr. Feelgoods. Halos bul5burg: Frankensteins, Hooligans DUsseldorf: Samurai. Warriors

Lssem RAcher (Avengers). Hurrtcanes, Vlertes RetCh (Fourth Reich)

Levctkusen: Acid. Winter Wolves (white male humans only)

»»>[ihe Winter Wolves are said 10 be an Alamos 20,000 splinter group.]«<:«

-Doklor Schiwaqo (12:06:22113-MAR·5A)


The following descriptions of the plex's major clttes and their dlstrtcts should provide a good idea of whill to expect In each area. ~c.h dlsrnict name 15 followed by" security ratlng, glvef'l In parentheses: AAA· denotes a very secure area" while 'z.' denotes the opposlte end of the spectrum,


Before- the economic collapse of the I<lte 20th and early list centurtes, Bochum was 11 showcase of German economic restructuring. The dry's economy Is no longer so robust bUI the so-celled 'Las Vegas of the Ruhr stili seems to be making h. Bochum houses. numerous brorhels, casinos. slrnsense arcades. and sports arenas, as well as the ,Aggravex Center-Central urrope's Idfgest mall. [MC's Opel car works. and Its suppllers also employ many locals. but the city's prlde 15 the newly enlarged Ruhr1andhcll.le. a massive eenvenuen center that hosts a variety of large-scale events ranging from concerts and corporate-sponsored dances 10 the recently popular German karaoke charnplonshlps.

AtfenDQUlI.lQ'l (UI

The socialist equlvalent of Wilttenscheld.

Alt'enOOChum's rnlddle-dass residents. rend toward somewhet left-or-center polltlcs.

»>>>[ I say we force Allenbochum and all its subversive sympathiz.ers 10 secede.J<<:<<:<:

-Franz (21 :20;30/28·0CT-54)

Hustadt (f)

Condemned and abandoned In 2015. this giant nlghtrnare of misguided public planning grew up around the ruins of the former Ruhr-Unlversltst Bochum_ Now Hustadr's rotting concrete blocks house many ofBochum's underworld Hgures. who recruit thugs to use as from· line troops In their Hght to control the gambling and Chip trafficking In the area,

Ihner City (8)

The en largernent of the Aggr avex Center lecared Just outside Bochum 5 city limits doomed the once thriVing cernmerctal dlsrrlc;c caned the "lnrrenstedtrlng, or Inner Clry to Its fate as <l dreary look!ng place where boardedl.l p stcrefrcn ts and a. few Ilny shops sell cheap elothl nS and cut-rare electronics.

Come nightfall. however. tnnenstadrrlng awakens.

Under the harsh neon lights that advertise the area s gambling halls. brothels. and bars. throngs of tourtsts and gawkers stroll. Bodyguards dear paths tor hlgh·ranklng corporate execs, club owners and pimps lolter On the street comers Slz.lng up patentl,,! customers. chip and organ pushers hilWk their wares to passersby. OverlookIng this enrrre scene Is the clty's largest church: the cathedral of the Reformed Orthodox Church, 11, massive structure thai towers above even the largest casinos.

LAngendreer (A)

A green bell Isolates Langendreer from the rest of Ihe city. R,uhr University professors and other wealthy memo bers of the bourgeoisie llve In lis spacious old houses.

Wattensmeld (81

Desplre repeated attempts 10 secede over the span of several decades. this neighborhood remains pan of Bochum. The city's middle class has settled In Wartenscheld, rnaklng Ie a bastton of centrist thlnl<lng and 'respectable lifestyles. After nightfall. however. rnetahurnans should walCh out for the 'Blue Hawks. a local gang of radsts.

»»>[Bunch of bourgeois slags iI you ask me. l say we force them to secede.»>:.»

-Hans (21 : 18 :30/28-0CT -54)


Cologne. or Koln. according 10 the traditional GeJman spelling. Is one of Germany's most rmponant media centers. A.s of 2050. four tTldeo and eleven radio stations broadcast from the dty, which also serves as home to several smaller press and newsfax agendes. Cologne's bustling Information market attracts a Veritable army of spies. paid by cQmpetlng rnegac.orps. nations, and Inter-

~~ - . .....

.......... - - .. .~ ~

'. ~~

est groups. Not surprtsingty, Cologne offers plenty of employment opportunities for shadowrunners.

COlogne's most distinctive landmark Is the guttershaped ntgh-rtse of Brtlllant Aft Producrtons (BAP lnc.). Because this corp extorts a cut of every local band's prof r, BAP I~ known on the srreees ru. 'the Brutal AmL\lgam ... .ted Posse.'

On weekends. overworked wagestaves and thrlllseeking youngsters crowd Cologne's rnalor pubuc recreatJon area, an anlfldal lake and surrounding park known as FOhJlngen. The dty Invests a lot of money tnto the area's upkeep, but visitors should avoid rhe area around the Neumar:kl. espedally after dark. Pushers, runners. Bn [unkles, and plenty of other shady characters make the Neurnarkt it place char even [he police will only enter In squadrons.

>>>>>[The Neumarkt? Hey, mann, h's always midnIght there. Even the sun puKes when she looksdown.Iccccc -Harley "The Boss· Hog (12:00;OO/30·APR-54)

As an exrenston of an experiment begu n In I 998. the entire lnner clty of Cologne has remained barred to traffic. The traffic-free zone, which contalns the Altstadt and Neustadt neighborhoodS. covers " six-kilometer radius extending from Cologne G.lrhedral. Citizens In the zone travel by automatic walkway,

Chorweller (E)

An ugly, gray bedroom town outside the clry, Chorweller epltomlzes archltecture's fall from grace. This human-scale plgeen coop should not be forc.ed on a dead dog. but those who cannot afford rents anyvvhere else have little choice but to settle for a doss In this eyesore of it neighborhood. Some years ago the dry coundl actually contemplareo fenCIng In the district to spare passersby the sight of the bUghted area.

Deutz fBI

51 tuared on the opposl re bank of the Rhine From most of Cologne. Deutz consists mainly of [he h&Wlly guarded trade-fatr Mea .. Forced [0 produce 10 cards ill Innumerable checkpoints, residents Rnd merely reaching their homes a constant struggle. Before every election, a!' least one candidate promises to esse the extensive security measures, a promise IlK11 none ever keeps.

lhrenstrafie (MIL-D)

During the day. the downtown EhrerutraBe district attracts Cologne's most fashionable folk, who browse through the boutiques lining the streets In search of the lates[ fashtens. After dark. however. the Ehrens~a.Be porn parlors light up Md the J0ytoys compete for cllents In none-too-genrte ways.

»»>[Love II or leave it.)««<

-Harley "The Boss· Hog (08:44:12124·FEB-54)

Other Nelghbamoods Security RatlnS

Altstadf .&nd NeustAdt (tT.uftc"fiee):

MIddle CI.a5s 6

Cologne E.ut: MIddle Class Colo8Jle North: Mlddl@ Class Cotogne West: MIddle Class Kallo Low Class Weldenpesch: Luxury Class SOw Low Class

B I-C A-B n AM C


One of Ihe largest of the sprawl's drtes. Dortmund 5'1111 ceruelns several unbullt areas, now home to numerous eco-freaks, those self-prodalrned protectors of nature, ana 'green squatters. The Dortmund police perlodlcally deal these areas usl"g the force's sizeable contingent of helicopters. but the grQups keep coming back. ~,use the 'green freaks" for the most pari coezlst peacefu Ily wi th thel r nelghbors, pu bile opmlon has begun to swing <\SalNa the expensive. Violent police raids.

Dortmund enjoys a healthy economy, largely due 10 the Saeder-xrupp and Fuchl Germany 'rnlnl-habltats' In Unn,l and the numerous regional offices nearly every major German megdCorp maintains I n Dortmund. ThoL{8h some of these corp fadllflcs manufacrureon a.smaJl scale, rnosr research <lend design various products, from trucks 10 software.

This economic security carries a price. however, as 16 of the city parliament's 48 seats belong to corporate appointees. DespIte the powerful corporate presence, however. Dortmund s parllarnent retalns sufflc.lem ince-

iii ..... .......,. ..... _


pendence toblock (otpor<l~e excesses. such as the l"fa~ rnous Holzwlckede Generic Prolect.

»»>[D08S anyone actually Mliev6 that,? Personally, I nod it Quite remarkableaha{ the proJect was as good as passed unlil tile genetically engineered, oil-consuming bacteria, tainted Ihe ground water and dried up the supp·ly to the !='uchl habita\. By the way, the rest of the city is still drinkil1g that gene-lain'led muck.J««<

~Hambl\lch- Hool (22:00~OO/29-0CT-54)

»>>>{And where do the Fuchls gellheir water?]<<<<< -Pistje Puck (22:00:30129-0CT-54)

>>>>>[Company secret; they'fB probably afraido! a run 01f1 ground water. Supposedly.lhel:r ece-zeseercn teams pay close atlention 10 wa.ter quality. '<<c:<<

-Kumpel Anion (22:01 :01 129-0CT·SAj

Dorsueld (A)

115 proximity ro IheDartmufld UniversiTY campus has led large numbers of university srudenrs and faCIJ.lty 10 serue tn Oorstfeld. rumlng the area Incolhe Qty's bralnbox. Numerous blsrros, CAfes, and gallerie5-<aH In postmodern glass afldchrome--do~ the slMt park that makes up tile largest p,m o(DorslreICl. Unlver:sltys«ur1ty teams, made up partly of student militias. keep the green squiI.hers aWtl:y ITom the p.'\J'k and ensure: the conHnutd puriLyofthls In tetlecrual enclave. Cu~ off from all forms of publk transport seve the universiTY 5 MagnelSd1webebahn. [)Qrslfeld Is relanvely Isolated. Theorerlcally. a resident could spend his endre tlfe' In Dorstfeild w!lhoul once coming lneoccorect wIth the tess savory features of rnerrcplex nr'C!.

»»>[As long as you"re a norm, thai is.II)(Oul'" ears or leeth are too long. you'lIl1nd ou'l abcunncss Jess savory teatures sooner than you wan! [0.]<::««

-Duke Darkness (15:09:33121·APR-54)

[v1ng (C)

EVlng Is at! especially fine e;<.ample. of Dortmuno's mldclle-dass dtstrtcrs. len em er'ltsand smail row houses coexist pea.cefu'IIY, the local street gaf\g keeps iI low pro.file. and the cluzens busy ~hem.selves with earn!ng money dnd fighting sodal decay.

Gartensudt (B)

Despite It!> nil me, which means G.:lrdentown. w_l"tcmtadt Is one of Dortmund 5 least 'green' dlsrrtcts, GartenSLaat does. however, boast a colorful coliecUon of small shops. b.·lCk-lo~ garages, electrontes workshops. small-arms dealers, hellcopt@r rentals. and so on. Incomes In the dl:strlclspal1i d wide range. and Gartensladr's resldems display an unsurpassed tolerance For metahurnans

and Immlgrranrs. Not stlrp'rls.1ng1y. the s.elf-He.lp A:s.socIa· lion of Ork-Human Relatlonshlp~ and Marriages maintains Its German he,1dquMters In Garcenstad("

::.>"»>[01 course, it moves cOflsla.nUy. CIS Ihe oUiee lends to burn down soon after each opening.]<<<:<< -Uncle Klaus (17:44:.00/1 8-MAY-54)

»»>(NOI soon enough! 1]««< -Melalron (17'44:4011S·MAY-54)

»»>!50K fQir nls ":ead,)<<<<<

-Duke Darxnsss (, 7:50: 121 18-MA Y·54)

>.»>.>[Acc. No. 137071 312 @ 430 .500 01 My pleasu(e·l««<

-Wonderblimp (18:09:27/1 8-MAY-54)

Gartenstac!t owes Its high security raring to ii loal street gang. the Or. Fee lgoods , ratherthan the Dortmund pollee. Because they have proved themselvesreliabie. efficient. Md rarely gull ty of cverklll, many restdenrs view the lOt. Feelgoods more as a private law Gnforcemem agency than a street gang,

HOlmbrudi (e)

FQnnerly a mlddte-ctass neighborhood, today suffers from Its close proximity to [he polluted E.mscher RIver, which has m.ldc even hlgh-qual'!ty ",part.' memes In Ihe Mea .\mazlngly cheap, Despltetbeoccaslonal, ecc-horror story. the ,Iver Is less t,llnted i"1e<\r Hornbruch than cl few kttorneters :farther downstream.

»'»:>[Meaning that trouble will"lloxic spirilS occurs 110 mOre than once a week. The guys and galS living here, haVeS!fong nerves and steely abilities. SQ if you ever need a runner from the Bundesllga ..• 1««<

-Wichil.a Cathedral (00:09:42}0 1: -JAN·54)

Unna (AAA)

Annexed by Dortmund In 2045, Unn" re.m,'lIns less a thy qusrter than (I separate corptowe, After they consrructed me Focht and .Saeder-KnJPp l'Iablt<\ts, whlc.h house r 5.000 people each, the rwo corps chose toput rhe enttre to'Nn under corpora.I'e admlnlstrafion (Of ';SeCUnlry reasens, whldl O\pparen~ly means fhey foul"'ld the surrounding greenbell easier to police than ~l grow1ng c:Jlyscape. Rumor has It that rhe c.orporatesecurlcy reams lend to fire on each other as much as they do on lntruders,

»>.»!Whjch means the Fucilis and Sseders in Unna ars even more prone 10 blas.! away than corp goons elsewhere. And they're in good shape. 100: alJ [hal practice makes 'em Iraggin' Mar perlect.]<<<<<

-Duke Darkness (18:39:12117-APR-54j


..... , - ... iii

...... iF 'I!o • ~ • ~

. :

- -- -

Othe, NeIghborhoods Apltrbedt:Upper Class Brflnhlng:,hausen: Middle Class Hi5rdt:: Low Class Hu~de:UpperC~ Mllddl,e Class. WeJjlnghofen~ Middle G.US

Se,"udty RAdnS A







Despite 115 fucus on C.M and steel nna_nufa,cturing, whldl shourd have depressed Its economy when those fuel sources- became unpopular, DUlsburg's Frelhafen. or river port .. helped soften the efficcts of Germany's sharp economic downrum In thelt area. These days. however, Dutsburg :5uffers one of the highest unemploymen! rates In the Nonnrhlne r~gJofl.As the area's sole employer, Saeder-Krupp dlctates policy to the dty govemmem, but the carp's power exlends beyond the halls of governenen t as well. As street buzz puts II, if Sae:der-Krupp told the whole dry to dlve lnto the !ThIne. Its only question would be. 'From how hlgh up?" OPPOrtunities for Illegal employ~ rnent also depend almost exclusively on, this corp.

Buc.bholz. (B)

Mo.stly remarkable for Its tidy front yards and numbIng boredom, BuchhoLz Is a living eestarnerute [he tedIum of living il respec.t<l!ble existence. Buc.l1helz·s resldents have rnsde II by anyone's defirnlnon. but have apparen.tly ~pent every ounce of arnbtnon they ever had In the process. Residents like to entertain themselves at the small park, where: severed limes a day th.ey <an watm some other poor Inhabitant feed the ducks that live In the park·spond.

Ncudorf m

As the name 'New VI11 .. ~&e· suggests. Neudorf started out es iI uroplan development project some 60 years .\So, Covernmenl neglect. however, has turned 1'11010 one of the sprawl's worst slums. Peopl.e forced to Uve In Neudorf have reached rock bortcrn.

Rhtlnhauscn Ie)

Trad!tlonally ... stronghold of the I"bor movement, Rhel nbausen remains poor but proud. H em the n umber of private gun owners far exceeds the Ife:gIOI1'S average, ,'I. sttuetton that has attracted i! strong police presence, PolltlcaJ:ly. Rhelnhausen Is consldered communism's la:sl stronghold In fhe GermiUl"l Alliance.

100 (Z)

The zoo's original [nh.-tbltants were eaten during the so-celled ·proteln revol!' of 20.33. Since Ihat. trme, human 'an!mals' have sented In the zoo grounds.Strangers who enter thiS once-public a'ttractlon are f<llr game for the

residents, but anyone capabl,e of holding his own has a goodcnence of suMvil\g. The ptex's bl.g:gest BTL k.ltct'len, IOC4led Inside the Fenner ape house, produces chips for export. It Is generally accepted that any outslder who reaches the kHchen under his or her own power has proved. Iit5 or her quallAc.ulons for a well-poJd courier lo·b and C<IJ1 generally have one ~or the .'!SklnS.

»»>[For soma rnysterious reason, ha:ll 01 all couriers never return to collect their salaries,I««<

-Kumpel Anion (23:41 :W/21-D.EC-53)

Othll!r Neighborhoods ,HjJ1Ibom! MIddle Cla:ss Mlttelmelderlc:htUppel: CliISS Obcmcldcttch: Mlddle Class W~Jl!1hellnerortl Low Class

SecurttyRai:lng B





The harbor and the surrounding Dulsburger frelhafen, or Dulsburg Free- Trade Area. belong 10 the megil:cotpS and are lndependent of greater Ouisburg's governing authority. Security Is tHghernerc thel" anywhere else Inside the plex, and anyone without legltlmare business Inside should avoid the port and Its environs. M present. Saeder-Krupp, IUJhrmelClJl, [Me, and Treuhand JOintly .ldmlnlster port ·aff.tI~.

»»>[Just In case anyone's interested. Ihe minimum payment foc a run into the harbor stands at 250K .. I««< --Gallon Orunk (21 :51 ;33112.JAN·54)

The hNlxIr's: southern "rea contains bays. for passenger hovercraft. Three ferry companles handle ~rilty at these facilities. Rhein· Express and lorelell Transport have pooled thelr resources (0 ,form thetr own~urlty cernpeny, and the third company, Freundllche Flotre (Friendly FleeO, relles on the security reams of 115 parent. corporatlon. Ruhrmetal.1. The buzz all the street says these. securtry organizations Me hIgh on morale but low on expe:inenc.l!.

The entire Oulsburg F fee Trade Arlf!<l sp.'V1S almost 80 square Kliorneters, and all the world's megacorps millntaln enclaves In the area. A corp consortium admlnlMers the area but generally allows each cOIP to !fend for I.!self, preferably ,,\I Its .I)elg._hbor's expense • .As a result, gun batttes between guards. shadowrurmers. and rival goons have become a daHy occurrence. A.S;) transshipment tone for valuable goods, especially delIcate rmtcroelectfonfc.s .\rId heavy .lndusrrlaJ goods, the frelhafen hitS become a ccmrnontarget for Industrial esplonegeend shadowruns. despite lIS security arsenal of sensors, aert.ll reconnaissance cevtces. rigged drones,i'IJld wage m"Se5.

m' - ,

~ .. Ill'" ~ • •

' ..

»»>IEvery now and Ihen, a rum actually sueceeds_!««<

-Dol'nor Schlwago (12:21 :51/12·JUN-54)


Consteered Germany's fashion center fot a1mos't a hundred years, DOr.seldorf has become the metropolis of the modem llfesryte. International 'trends tend to arrive Rrs{ 10 OGsseldorf. dfld spread from there to Fro1I1kfurt OJ Munldl. Formerly the capital of the Land of NorthrhlneWestphaUa. DOsseldorf has. become one of the four fiecenrrelhed, admlnlstratlve centers of Northrhlne-Ruhr. Though us movers and snakers consider themselves extremelylmportaru, they like 10 show their dosenessto the people by havlng an Alt at the Uenge.

»»>[By having a WHAT?)«<<< -Stein (22:12:04112·02·S4)

»»>fThls is right Up your alley, Sleln, ~AlI' IS the local top-tennenfed beer .1««<

-Idlle Savant (23:01 10/12-02-54)

»>>>!Now, Isn't that Just Iyp.ical, The nrst lime you lauch en somethin9 Interesting, and you give me one, lousy Une abou: 11.]«<<<

~tejn (23;02:00/' 2-02-54)

Dernographtcany. DDsseldotf has changed Netle since the turn of the century. largely unaffected by unrest In the Ruhr Mea, even lhe waves of refugees lTom elsewhere In Germany and C.entral Europe passed DO~ldorf. Since me 1980:s. however, DOsseldorf has become the playground for severai Japanese: corporations and comalns one of the II Mges I Japanese populations outslde rhe lapMese Islands,.

The adrntnlsrrerlve headquarters of Mltsul1ama-Europe dominate the DOs.seldarf skyline, Next to this 450- rneter-hlgh skyx;raper. al] other buildings look In IgniiRcanr, Even so. Mlbulhama ts not the only J<lpanese power In DOsseldotf. The yakUz,.1 follawe<1 In tile corporation S wak.e and tod.1Y clalm the largest piece of the dry's underworld pie. The I tdlk1J'l and RUSSian mafias and varteus Far WI criminal outfits, such as tongs, triads. and a few Seoulpa Rings clalrn rhe rem.alnln,s t::l'1mlnru enrerprtses,

The booming bustness DOs.seldorf produces In trade fairs Is the diy'S most distinguishIng matlJre. and the 15- square kilometer floot Inside the Trade Hall Is almost conslanlly booked. The InterMag m<lgJc fAlr. held annually ,11 the end of.Aprtl, attracts everybody who ~ anybody In the tieild of thaum.llurgy, from the lOWliest street mage to the most recent Nobel Prlze winner.

DOsseldorfs suburbs. espe<1aJlyRafingetl and [.flu"lh. reflect DQss.eldorfs prosperltyr both nave become pro-

eectee enclaves of the ultra-rich. 5.eaJrI'ty 1I,t the 'Golf Park' development In Radn,gen·Ho5ei, for exarnpte, costs every resldent 50,000 ecus ,1 month.

Oty c.enter lA.)

DOsseldorfs cere district srrecch,es from the ftvestory. chrome-end-glass (allw<o'Y station down to the Rhine RIver between the AI iSta.d , (Old lown) and the b.1flklng quarter In rile south. and extends !"torrh to Ihe borders of Derenderf. The [apanese-contr olled lmrnerrnannstrase and the so-eluled 'Colden Boomerang" of K6nlgsallee., Schedowstrelse. dJ1d Wehrhahn streers.-----.1 three-stolY maze (hell houses the largest concenerarlon of dlrect-sales outlets In the entire clty-dom~nates DOsseldorfs City Center, One IMe for cars and one fur rrsrns passes In each dlreCllon at 'the bottom of the maze. two levels underground: above them llesa shop. ping ercade offering entertainment electronics, secondhand fashions, sushi, and other edibles: at ground level. hemmed In by rhe surrounding sl<ysaaper.;, vI- teors find the actual avenues. Fliled wlrh expensive restaurant'S, trendy boutiques, lewelry stores, and banks, the avenues attract those who want Ie see and be seen. Bank couriers CArrying hard cash, escorted by watchful wage mages and securtry ilgents wlth lMGs at the ready, are so cornrnon cl sight that pedesrrtans barely seem to notlce them.

Benrath, Gar.tth (~)

Along with Oberbllk and fllngern. these two residential districts house commuters .md low-levei corporate employees. Garilth s dilapidated tenements rise to the sky like warning flngers. polnUng < t the advancing decnne. With an unemployment rate three rtmes as high <15. the rest of the dry, criminal aCllvlry and BTL .,buse run rampant However, the lack of any thins worth sleillJlng makes the bUfg'iIlY fdleamazlngly low. Mid locals lend 10 be censerv<'ltlve---prefer~ng to de.'U wt:th the local gimgs rather than have tong-hatred bomb-throwers' disturbing the fragile peace. Between the anti-runner attlnJde: M,d constant rnaraudlng by the Warriors of Worrlngen and the c..,rath Ronlns. runners looking for a safe doss hM best avoid tbese dtsrrlcts.

Karlst.l.dt,fr1edr1cl'lstd.dt. Unt~rbllk (AA_A)

from the harbor to the Altsladt. skyscrapers flll lhe skyline of rnese three adjoinIng dlstrlc~. Behind the mirrored-glass walls of these rowers, executives from /VIltsun..vna.. ECC. Ruhnmetall. and many corporations make dedslcns tha! affect the entlre rnegaplex. Next to the corporate towers. the fanner Landtag building houses the cenO"i\I ildmlnlslraflon of the spr,\wl's Rhineland area. AI tht; cenrer of this. heavily guarded quarter lies the pedestrtan prednctlh ... I stretches from Klrchplal2 to GratAdo:lf.fllat2.. Crowded with bcurlques and bistros patron-


'_""'_ 4 _ ~ ; .....

.. ~

- ..

lzed by bankers and brokers. aficionados 5ay t)'lls area houses the highest concentratton of Herr Schrnldts In Germany. Though runners must run cl gauntiewf p.\!MfakIng secul1ty checks 10 enter. the high qualfty of runs available make me trouble worth (he effort,

lohausen, Stockum (Airport and t .. ade ralr) (AA)

The area between the Rhine and the airport comprises one vast con.glomeratlon offacrory-style buildings. occ:aslon«.uly interrupted by {I hlgh"rise Of the ruins of an andent town center. No hlru of green mars the asphalt grounds, 'The area's atd11tectuml similarfty (0 the DI.I!sburgcc Frelh..uen port at Dulsbl,H'g Is no co'nddence, large pMtsof the district serve as transshipment points for goods from allover the world.

»»>fWords take on new meanings in there: hovertanks become "building machines." crates conlainl~9 'office machines' turn out 10 hold modern targeting systems, and don't even ask what's Inside [he sacks 01 "IertilIler·" .)««<

-Jagdpanther (22:iI.9:37/21-MAR·54j

Oberkassel (AAA)

A long-escabllshro haven for DUsseldorfs rich and super-rich, Oberkassel boasts a srrtklng view of the Rhine. Thovg.1:1 DO~ldorf s execu tlves oc.c::upy only the I4verfTom properties, the tItlple--A securlty rating applies to theennre district: security services even guard the al{.~oOOhn exit ramps le.\dinglnto Oberkassel, The district center and the trendy neighborhood of LOrick contain numerous small shops thatG.'lter 10 [he dally needs of Oberkassel's hlgh-sodety residents.

Othe., NetgbborhoodS Attsta.db Middle Class utu-.i\ttu Middle Class

Scc.udty Radng B

B (AA)

C!elTesbelm: Low Class C

Oberbllk. ntngem: Low Class 0

Ra.dngenl Upper Class C.-ID

R.a.dngen-H6sel (Golf Pari<h Luxury (I<ISS AAA

IUntelTatI'I; l.ow Class C


Saeder-Krupp maintains Irs world headquarters In Essen and fUns the dry IIkeaftefdom.Under the rnegacorp's control, Essen's economy has boomed. enabling rhe dey to compete with economic powerhouses like the dty of Frankfurt:.

»»>[01 course, Ihe majority of ciliz.ens live like serls under their corporate "benetactor:I««<

~Kumpel Anion (20:54:53/2B~MAY·5A)

Bredeney (AM)

In this older dIstrIct onthe bdnl<.s of the RuM ues the Saeder-Krupp arcology. one of the sprawl's mos ",we· Implrlng manmade structures. Though only half·llnlshed. It nlready houses more' man 60,000 residents. The region surrouodlng the arcology.lncludllng the family seat of the Krupp corporation at Villa HClgel, also rests securely In corp h<'lnds.

»>>>[Translation: wlthout a eorp badg'B. you're dead meat In Ihere.j««<

-OOK(or Schiwago (13:1 O;43/09-APR·54)

He.lsJngen IAA)

As ritzy as hlgn-prlced KettWlg. Helslngen was bulle wtthln the past 2.0 years, Every one of I~ residential buUdJngs unlmagln,ilile luxury to its tenants,

kamap (E)

E.ssen-Kamilp,ln tl"lenorthoffhedty, lies byth most pollured stretch of tne Emscher RIver, The area Is a virtually unInhabitable slum.

Kettwlg (M)

Home ofSQeder·Krupp's lop-level execs, [1115 dlsrrlcr boasts some of the most well-preserved 2Oth-Cenl\iry arc.hll.ecture In the world. Merely walking through this .;Ire" without appropriate hlgn-fashlol'1 dress and manner makes one SU$IXd,

Steefe (C)

Rep~es.efltatlve of Essen's numerous mtddie-dass distrIcts. Steele offers reasonable comfort and security, bu [1<1lcks the sllg,htes,t suggestton of luxu ry, This fire., holds lin:le that would lnteresi the prolies:slonaJ shadowrunne/.

»»>[What would you POMs know aboullhal?j<.«« --Sugarcubomb (23:34:52J 1 D·DEC-53)

Other NeJghborhoods Borbedc:. Low Oass 8.urga.ttendom MIddle elMS Usen-West: Middle Class Qberruhll"l Low Oass \logelhelm: Low oass

Se<urtty RAttng o






Gels<!nkln:hen and .Rec.kllngha,usen share a blessing clnd a curse: both does lie dose to NortlnFhlne-RuJ'\r's border with We5Cphalia. Because the two dnes rely on trade wlrh the German-CathOliC Land for the bull<. of their Income. the clty falners of Gelsenklrchen and Rec.kl1n,ghausen must often resort to lntrtcare, polltlc..1.1 IThlneuverlng to avoid (reading on We.slphalla.n rellg1ol,ls senslblllt1es.

iii .. ~-.-''''''' , ....

An average, middle-class dlsttlct of Gelsenklrchen, Schalk@ Is the home of one of (he German Alliance s most farnous soccer clubs, S<.haJke 04. The company founded to exploit chis fame, Schalke 04 Marketing und verrnebsverband KG, wtetds considerable economic power throughout the Alliance. though the club's arehlae power structure keeps the promotions company From reaching Its full petenrtal .•

»»>[With managemenl like that, the boys will never make the championship.j««<

-Kumpel Anton (09:28:09/31-MAY·54j

Buer (8)

Considered a working-class area of Celsenklrchen until 1998. the Buer district was almost totally leveled during the food riots In ZO I D. The establishment of the Allied German States brought government money ro restore and ten ovate many of the old cottages and tenements. and Buer has become popular among romantics who make a comfortable living. Llberal to a fault, the residents of Buer support several alternative hOUSing prcjects and even iIJ1 anarchlst enclave.

»»>[Those wannabe anarchists never harm anyone anywa.y.]<<:<<<

-Duke Darkness (22:06:S6/1S-FEB-54)

Spedlhom (U

Situated on Reckllnghausen's Westphalian border. (his Mea teems With car fen Mishaps. vehicle repair shops. and gas stations. The constant noise of hcvercrefts fills 'this commerdaJ district Which becomes especial Iy busy at night. The fertile farmlands of Westphalia offer an abundance of valuable. natural produce, and everyone In Rec.k,llngh.lusen wants a plece of the pie. whJc.h has spawned a constant stream of legal and Illegal transacnons In the district. Many of these deals f<lf exceed the resrrtctions contained In th-e treaty of 2.045, and every 50 often a rocket duel provIdes a free. noctumal ltght show.

»>>>[The brethren in the garages are just as humorless as their piOUS cousins in Weslpha.lla, So if you lnslst on heading oul 10 Speckhorn with your big guns, say goodbye 10 your loved ones first. .• assuming ldlots like you have any.j««<

-Luke Skycreeper ('7 ;09:4210a·QCT ·54)

Rudolf [rwecker. an ark who owns a thriving car rental business, represents a typlcal businessman In the Speckhom dtsrrlct. He never questlons his customers abou ( their destinatIons or !:hel r occasional I nablll ty to pay. In the tarter case. he simply pulls the trigger,

»»>[Also. he lakes a SDK deposit. •• 1«<::« -Kumpel Anton ( 19:32:20/1 8·NOV -54)

Other Nelghborhoods AltsLldt: Upper Class feldmarit: Low 0<\55 GAlllbach! Low Class He:rtem low Class Neustadt: Low Oass Rotthausen: Middle Class

~t-Urtty Iatlng A







. ~~ ~ . - ~ - -- .... iii

~. ~

~ _,'


The I 999 merger of the formerly Independen t towns of Glad beck , Borrrop and Klrd1hellen produced Glabotkt, probably the lenst rnreresrtng eHy In the entire Rhlne-Ruhr rnegaplex,

>:»>:{VVhal. even less interestlr'lg than Oberhausen?j<<<<< -Roland von Bremen (11 :56:27J20.JUN-S4)

Apart from", srnall lnner-dty area and some shopping. all three districts of Glabotkl are little more than bedroom lawns whose Inhabitants earn their lIVIngs In Essen. Oberhausen, or Bochum. TIle corporations have not bothered to InAuence cJty politics. though this has no! kept the Glabctkl city coundl lrern Indulging In levels of corrupnon and graft unmatched anywhere else In Cermany Loc.1.l politicos frequently offer low-paying but amusing employment for shadowrunners,

Battrop (C)

Oespue an Intensive search, the editors failed to find anyrhlng or anyone remotely remarkable In this dlstrlcf.

»»;>[Thal cries out lor a comment, doesn't it? Too bad I can'l think of anything, Anyone? I'll reserve some space, Ius I in case, . )««<

-Moonwalker (13:12:11I1S·DEC-53j

(jladbeck (D)

A lower-class resldentlal district w1th a small buslness area, Glad beck contains little of Interest aside from a factory whose ownershIp changed hands between Telekom and Siemens AG (now ECC) several times durlng the past sixty years.

KJrchhelh:n (D)

This town contains the sad remains of the Erlebnlspark.. <'I modest amusement park established In the mid 20th century. The Idle merry-go-rounds and reeking food stalls, however, present Ideal places for dendesrlne rneerlngs. For those Interested In a v 151 1 10 Ihls sorry parody of an amusement center. c.all manager [osef Hlddlgsberger at 989-l3S-2.o .


Levcrkusen 1:5 home ro ene of AG Chemle's largest manufacturing sites. The corp's glganlk factories here cover several dozen square kilometers of the city clnd prodtxe a dlstlnct'rve aroma that announces Leverkusen's presence for several kilometers MOW1d. Orks. who Me more reslst.anl to pollutlon than humans, ccrnprtse most of t.everkusen's popularton, They work <11 [he AG Chemic facwrles. live In AGe-ownro hous ng, buy n AGe stores, loin ACC-sponsored dubs, and are buried In Act::. zlnclined coffins. AGC's strong presence In Leverkusen has also attracted several envlronrnental crganlaatlons. such as Green War and FROMAT£S (frIends OF Man An.dThe E..arth Sodery), to the dry.

cay's generally healthy economy and sound Infrastructure kept It flee of a megacorporate baHom, Even today. nOI one megscorp maintains offlces In Oberhausen. On rne downside. Oberhausen enforces resntcnve immlgraUon and secunty polldes. Oberliausen also remains the only dty In the sprawl that employs ;'\ foreign prrvare secur1ry flrrn, Foreign or not. however, Knlght-Erratll has <lJ'l excellent reputation In Oberhausen, because Ihelr stt!rlll1lS work allows the dnzens to lead a qutet !fre. Unp.aral1lcled safety <U1d economic s@cur1ty Without rnegacorperate corrupt:lon mdke Qberhausen '" jewel In the megepiex crown.

::>>>>>[And s,hadownmnars yawn their lungs QU1.. I een't know anybody who ever made a decent dea! in thai burg.)««<

-Kumpel Anton (12:05:41JOB-QCT-54)

»>>>[A while ago, AGe started up a couple 01 new filler installations. Supposedly. some FROMAIES runner rmmd a lew ske le tons in the corp cupboards-liler aHyand Ihe group larced AGe to build the filters In rsturn for silence 1««<

-Hades (OO:47:20/21-MAY·54)

Ole Ci:roBe Brache (Z)

In rhe northern p.·ut of the city lies the Grear fallows, the sprawl's biggest Industrial dump. Sw:amp .spl,r1ts and toxic spirits, lnhablt the 17-5qUMe-kllomerer waste area, whlch In IrseJf'keeps most people from venturing lnrc the area. BI",ck rnarkereers and orher nefarious characters often meet In the dhemlrnf dump. snracted by the prtvaey II Mfords.

»»>[Skin cancer has a name: AG Chamle.]««< -Pmf. Dr. Korf (13: 12: I O/11-JAN·54)


Situated M the southern border of the Ri1lne-Rul1r rnegaplex, MOl helm has recently become the' preferred residence or higher-level corp execs. The lovingly renovated living quarters avall<\ble In MOlhelm/Ruhr Me astronomically expensive, and Its shops <lno boutiques rank among the Hnest In the sprawl. Polirlc..""y. the MOlhelm dty c.oundl Is almos( totally dependent on {he SaederKrupp-controlled Essen government


Inner c'1ty (AA)

Most of the MOlhelm Inner dty Is cne glM{ pedesrrtan precinct full of shops and resrsurants.all exuding the smell of money. Anyone sporting armor <end weapons who Is. not part of iii, llcensee, corporate 5eC1urlty ream Is arrested on sight.

»»>(11 you're ucky.I<<:<<<

-Wiesenschau mkraut (OO:46:39/14-SEP-54)

Aln'hlp Port (A)

Though MOIhelm/Ruh(s alrshlp port Is one of the lar.ges( In Germany, II offers little for anyone but {he traveler. not even the usual airport shops.




Oberhausen looks !Ike an outsider's stereotype of the Ruhr area: a bit too loud, a bit roo dirty, a little run down. and full of life. Obel'h.ausen's vlt.\lIty helped It survive the recession better than most of the Ruhr'scltles.--Iucklly. the


Dum,ptcn (0)

»»>(Spirits, what a. nameI1««< -Freddy's Return (15;09:" O/03-DEC-53)

The northern half of this district looks lust like the rest of obe-nauseo. but the southern half houses the largest red-light dlstrlct In [he prawl,

>>>:>:>(phewl From the earlier bits. , thouqht the Oberhauseners were inhumanly respectable,1««< -Ughtnln'luka (17:10:58J12-JUL-54)

»:>;»[They are, mate. The v:isi tors In th e brothel quarts r come from. the rEiSI 01 the sprawl. They don't do 'that son of thing In Oberhausen.j<<<<<

-Kumpel Anton (21 :20:00/09-0CT-54)

Stetkrade (B)

A colorful mixture of residential <mel commercial bylldl!"\gs. Srerkrade runs " prcruresque tram cuts right through the center of the dlstrtcr.

:»»>[Whal, above ground???]««< -P18!je PucK (04:55:29i23·FE8-54)

»>:>:>[80 what? Trams In DtJsseldor1, Nauss, and MOnchengladbach are above gr'Qund. You don't gel around much. do you?]««<

-Doktor Schlwago (10: 17:4212S-MAR·S4)

Other Neighborhoods Alstaden: Upper Class. BU5C-hhausen: Low Class Klostcrhardt: Mlddie Class Sc,hwane Hl!ldel Upper (

Secur1ty R.ttlng A





This sleeve' around the Wupper River boasts one of Germany's most unusual drtes. In 2017. the German government prohibited expanding construction In Ihesurrounding area. and so WYppert.aJ's dty gevernrnenr devised a unique solution to the problem of continued groWth. from E.lberfeJd 10 Schwelm. rheennre river valley Is almost completely bullt over with concrete structures forming four dlsllnct levels. Complex. sophisticated ventfladon and lighting sysrerns make the lower levels ltvable. and speedways and tube trams connect the various dlsrrlcts. On the lowest level. the old Schwebeberm suspension traln stili runs along the banks of the relatively clean Wupper.

Bec.allSe .vtlf\dalUlumlnation provides the only light for much of the CIty. Wuppen-aJ has artracred many unfortuna.tes allergic to sunlight. Metahumans comprise neilll')! 60 percent ofWuppertaJ's residents. gtvlng the dey

a proportionately large rnetanuman poputation. Because many of Its lnhabltants live underground end rarely see the IIShl. outsiders have nl cknamed the dry 'Z.ombletown.


WIth the enclosure of Wupperral. the term "dtstrtcr' carne to mean 'Ievel.' In general. security ratings drop wHh each descenctng level. for example. the Uppermost level Is rated A or B. wllereas F and even l zones exist on the lowest levels of the dty. The 'gray market" Is espedally extensive In Wuppertal: buyers can bargain for customlzed cyberdecks, replacement organs, BTLs of every kind. and of course cheap and discreet hired help.

n»>(Care[ul what you dnnk, though. They tend to spike every second drink or so with interesting substanees.leee-ee

-Gucky dar Mausbiber (02:32:44/16-DEC-53)


~ - , iii

... _~ ~ K'" \

' ..

<"I • _,

~coune. Ut'I'ng sollftr althe MAIn was never ex.IctJy tun, but these! d.~ It's pun/shme'nf. -Anonymous

After several years of so-caned Independence', Germany's southern Lander have returned re ~he fold of the German Alliance. This reunion has produced d dtrnare condudve to (he further, healthy growth of these Industrious and «0.2 MP DUrTlO, 8V S'Y50P'»

»·»>{Lel's cut the bulldrek and start over, sllaHI we? Aller hav,lng done away with sucli useless and expsnslvs indu,lgences as embassies and a central governmenl, the stales 01 soumern Germany have thai much more time 10 make money,)<<<<<

--S1~eetwiz.z (, 3:04:16/23·JAN-54)

Desplre the tendency of (he public In the other German Under to lump "rne Soulh- together as if Ithe states were a single entity. slgn'ftcant dlfferenc;es exist bi!:fWeen the various South German Ldnder. The follow~ng ~exf desotbes the Il"kllor stares of southern Germany,


6,W,a.r!il has riot fareell well In thepasr decade, The state: shrunk considerably when II lost three dlsrrlcts fa nelghborlng ,Franconia dnd SWilJblil to, WOrttemberg. Some censtoer heir losses a well-deserved punishment for Bavaria's leadln.g role. In the 5€"c.e.sslon movement of the 20305. few people !'lave fOrgotten {hal the lnlnators of the short-llved, lndependeru South German Feder(lllOnillvedl In the BavMlan ca,pl(al of MuniGh.

»»>[YOiJ can only buy the puniShment theory if YOll believe all that ounorek about historic juslice,)««< --Streetwilz,z {2.0:09:S6/1 B -AUG~S41

The E.uro-WafS sent armles of refugees trekldng {Oward southern Cermany 110m the turbulent a.., and the bulk. of them landed In Munich, Melahum.aru, who made up '-Ill unUSUally high percentage of me refugees. presented an easy scapegoat for humans who felt threatened by the Immigrants. Soon, horror tales of the

metahurnan marauders spreild. for weeks, the tabtotds had d field day with the alleged rape ot a farmer's wife by rnree Bulgarian trolls until other. uguer srortes pushed 'Il asrde. The cost offar-readllng Integration programs being planned by the northern government was perc.elved as ill threac 10 the B.ava.niU1i economy. and provided rurtl1er Nell for rhe snrr-merahuman propagandists. Ba,v.v1"a rook Its Flrs( steps a,g.;l1nst metahurnans ,'\S, early as L032. when the government Instituted compulsory regtstraUoll of metahuman refugees,

n:.o.»!Quielly including on lheir lisls long-eslablishad rnetahumans with secure jobs and apartments .•. 1<,«« -Elrond Silberchip (01 :OO:OO/04·QCT·S4)

When Bavarian humans re"lIzed th~t their counterp<lftsln neIghboring Baden.WDrttemberg detested the 000 and rrous In its Black Forese as mucll as Ihey loalhed their rnetahumens. the rwo L..'inder began the long negortatlcns lh<1[ culrnlnated In thE: formation of an Independent South Germany, In 2038, BaViUl<l, BadenWOrt(emberg. Greater Fr.:lF1kfurc. and the RJ1lnelandPalatinate uol(ed to form the Union der L~nder Mltteleufop.:'i.S (UnIon of Central European Countries).

The contederattcn proved doomed from the start.

Offer:s ,of me moors hlp sent 10 Ausrri'cl and Sw1 raerland got no rartherlhan the nearest shredder. and so the Union remalned [he prtnclpal responsibility of Its two largest states. Bt'Iv.ati.t'\ and Baden- WOrttemberg. however. shared it long history of mutual dlStfUSt; (he Sw~\blans of BadenWOr«emberg de-voted constderabte effort 1"0 keeping as dlstanl from B",warla <IS possible, AI SwabiM Ins'lste.nce. Ihe union capital was even moved From Munich to Ilrle twin dnes of Ulm and Neu-Ulm. straddling the border between the IWO Ul,nder,

:>-»»IA move 01 strlk ng stupidity. giv8111he cities' total lack or infra.s1ruclure,]««<

-Roland Von 8fBI1I1en (16:46:3 H22-FES-54)

The two L..\i.nder had IJttle In common save ror theIr repressive polkles towards metahurnans. And as anlcudes mellowed o:ver time In neighboring Slates" 6avarl.a· s Insistence on connnued Y{ld even heightened, represslcn

- ... ,." '110 ~'Io;..~ .....

, .

. __ ..


»»>[But the tabloids don't Bild Mlnga, for one, rs published In Bavarian·l«~«


(00: 10:551! 7 ·NOV-53)

»>>>[More likely irs because Bavarians now despise human Serbs and Romanians more than they do rnerahumana ... ]«<<<

-SlreelWiu (22:33:'1 If26-JUL-S4)

cosrlr several friends. During the 20405. three Fral'1conlan dl.Slrh:tS seceded from Bavaria and Swab!a united with newly Independent WOrttemberg In protest of f3,avarla's exrremls[. po II des, Ever Since the flrst secession, In 20M. BavarlMs have become lncreaslngly un.popular among their neighbors.

The dlstln~llve: S.,varlan dialect has recently experienced <1 tremendous surge In popularity across the stare, even In government offices and ceurtroems, Only <I few Institutions, such as the nationwide dally newspaper

50ddeutSChe lel(Uns, have resisted 'this develcprnern and continue 10 Insist on correct German.

»»>[Only slnce 2044? I beg 10 dilfer.I«<<,< -Roland von Bremen (OB:09:12101-FEB-5t1)

»»>ICarelul observers will nola a bias against Bavarians in particular and southern Germans in general in this text, Such bias lsa longslanding tradition, at leas'! among norlherners.]««<

-Idle Savant

(08: 10 :2311.2-02·54)

»»>rves. well. have you scanned any 01 the shadow-data coming out 01 South Germany? YOWI]«<<<

-Stein (09: 1 0:16/12-02-54)

Within Bavaria. the Ba v arlan People's party (Bayerlsche velkspertel. or BVP) remains In control. State presldenl Amon lHofmayr, successor 10 the essasslneted Alfons Hunggarren. hes tallored the new constitution to SUI! hrs own ends With the aJd of a rubber-stamp parltament. WIt n <1. comfort;1ble BV(l malorHy In parllarnenr, and 68 percent of the popular vote In the last dlrect election, his posltlon seems secure'.

::.»»[Ot course, thai popular vote consists a,nly orthose who have lived in Bavaria. since ten years betore the Euro-Wars. Fortunately. his elghl·yea! term ends nex'! summer .•. )««<

-Pro!. M. (03.44:26f12-AUG,54)

»»>[00 you really think Bavarians have changed that much?]««< ~t.r€letwiZ! (03:50:00/12·AUG-54)

;.»»[01 course 11.15. Bavarian Is the parlee! way to single out foreigners; what Greek or Bulgarian, well-educated thougn he may be, speaks tha't sorry excuse for a language7J««<:

=-Poland von Bremen (OO:20:49/17·NOV·S3)

In the economic sphere.

Hofmeyr malrrralns iI popular stance ag"lnsf corp power. In every public speech. he Insists thar the beautlful &lvarlM countryslde should no longer be dt the servke of the corporattons:

Instead. the corps Should serve 6.:" varla,

>>>>>[And irs working, 100. Why else should he get 2 million ecus transterrec to his, account annually? I've seen his bank records my- 5911.1«« <:


(21 :36:001l2-SEP-54)

His commitment to checkIng corporate power, however. has never produced anything rnorethan anu-corp pronouncements.

»»>[And also sharp actlon againsl unwanted corps. Fuehi should eeurn itself lucky thaC ][ still owns Neue Bavaria; II you're Japanese, the court's agalnsl you il1 any conflict. EspeCially in Bavaria.j««<;

-Streetwiz.z (19:20: 11/22·A PR·54)

RIding tl wave of popular semi rnenr, Hofrnayr cont 11'1- ues his policy of 'Bavaria FIrst!' During the past few years, however. he.has loosened restrtcrtons ~lIgh (Iy. As .• 1 i(~sult. Bavarian::. now grudgl ngly accept dwarfs .. a rks, and [rolls-provided they speak the brOc1d. Bavarian dialect ltke a IOu1-1


.,.,._,." -

..... - .... ~ ,- , ~ "

. ~~ ~

' ..

:»»>[A protectJion racket Ihe Bavarian waY.I««< -Roland von Bremen (19:30:35/22·APR-54)

>:»>:>[:Sounds almost as if shacowrunners like us had top-level protection in 8avaria.~««<

-I ntcmater ('9 :45 :S5f22-AP R·54)

>:»»!You be carelul. alter. Sure. tMy'lIlJse you. bUI If you g,et caught, lhey'UI(i!I you slowly.j<<:<<:< =-Streetwlzz ~ 19:55:23122·APR·54)

Surprlslll,gtyenough. Bdvar1an taws regarding weepons, cybertechnology .. and m,'Iglcdlift!" little from those In force elsewnere In the Germ.:m AllltUlce.

»»:.IUn1ess you're a re~ugee or an escaped matanurnan. II so, they'll use any excuse to siring you up.)<<<<< -Streelwtzz (05:44:00130·MAR-54)


Bavaria's less of territory to Franconia and WOrttemberg len. If wUh few IITldJor cities. other than the Munldl megasprawl, officially known as the tsar Mel:ro Area (S .. lllungsraum tsar, or Bl). In many ways MIJnlch remains c.ulturallY distinct from {he rest of Silvana. and cesptre Its past hlstory as rlghr~wlns Germany's 'seerer capital, Munich has become far more open and liberal (t\.;m the rest of [he state,

The toralpcpulatlon or rhe megasprawl ~ hdrd to pin down: the dry gtves the number as < pproxLfN cely five million. whereas the stare preslden s omcelnsJ~ts on Z. Z. rnllllcn, The large.r figure lncludes "11 humans <\nd rnetahurnens <!.®!lJly [Ivlng In Munich: ~he ~malh)r refers only 10 those InhabItantS possessing papers Ide:rU!fy!ii'lg them as offldal d'tlzens of B..wi\/ta. According to dey estimates. 58 percent of Munlch'~ papule rlon 15 human. Elves make up I 3 percent; nclls. I J percent: dwarfs. 9 percent: and arks. a percent.

Orl,e of E.urope's mOSt popular tefugee desnnanons, one or every twO of Munld'l's Inhabltams was bom somewhere else. usualily In the Balkans. The common longue of many city districts Is nellher German nor B<\vari.m, bUI oil. polyglot of Gem:1an, EngHsh. and vsrtous southern Slavic rongues. forty-eIght perc.eru: ofMunlc:11S poputauon lives below the poverty I ne. and a mere 37 percent clalm corporate employment. Per (1 plla Income is Orily [C 34,900 per year. Educ.a~lon levels are low as well among he populatlon: only 36 percent of the residents hold

high-school diplomas, and d mere 4 percent have atrendeo tl vnlverslf)'. Desplro rnese slaflstlcs. me crime rate remains .It a modest 5.3 relonles per 100 inh,ablranlS armually.

With a popularton IMger than that of some 'enrlr(!, stales. Munich often elects the BavanaJ1 state presldent. So rar, the dry has mansged to d1efl:!.lld the m·unldp.ll voting rlghltS of all Inhablt.ants. giving control of lhe dry council to the liberal ESP and USPD pan les. Oberburgermelslerln Hilde Srelnlnger of the E.ulOpec.m SocIalists takes equal r1ghts seriously: her deputy, Siobodan Osenfausl of fhe lJSPO. Is a dwarf of SerblM or'lgln,

»>>>[01 course, that doesn't keep them safe from some major blunders. Remember the pia ns for a relugee campi in Munich-Dachau?]««<

-Slreetwiz.z (2'Q:08:34/2S,QCr·S4)

Like most rnegaplexes, MunICh contracts out many' rnunklpel services to private organlz.atloru;, Because: S(3tecontrolled police forces exhl bl r a lax an'l tude about Pol trotIlng cen In dlscrlcts. Ihe sa--caJled 'Black Sherlffs' enforce (he law In these areas. Unronurum~ly. the z.eaJou~nes.s of rnese private secur1ty operanves and rhetr overreliance on firepower keeps Mun ch' 68 h05p!rals very busy.

The core dt)' of MlJl'I.1 h consists of 89 districts. and during the p.:1S1 few ye.vs, II haslncorporaced such SUIroundlns (OWrlS as Dachau, FOrstenfeldbruck. rrelslng. 'EIdlng. Onollru.of\, and Caur1ng. TIlough the dry wants to expand further. (he Bil.v< r1i\n government has; refused [0 approv new setrtement projects. MlJnldfs major drsMcts are desatbed below. with each dlstlio's sec",rl!), rating given In parentheses after {he district name.

City Center (MAl

MunIch's dey center extends ITom the central train sltltlon (0 the banks pf the lser river. It COI1f.c1ln5 the city's best-knowlI1 malls (lnd sp«talry shops. ehe famous Vlkru lIel1lma.rkl. and Mu" ch Oly Hall. Culrure as well ,15 commerce thrives In this district. which supports 2.0 museums. 13 theatres. and cabarets, < nct scads of street pertormers.

»>>>{Ollen they're Balkan (erugees who sllll play music wi'lhoLiI synlhs. I frag!]!n' flipped when I heard 'them lor the firsllime,]««<:

-Munickilng (23:1 O:51/06·DEC.S3)

r re:1.sllns (AA)

The northernmost of the 'sar Me(fo Are;;s dlstrlcrs. frelslng Is home [0 [he Bavarian Slat parliament and fh regtonal presldent's office and residence. Though (he gevernmenr presented Its move to fr lIng as a humanttartan gesture Intended to open Up Hvlng space for Munich's overpopuJafed Inner cJIY, the suburb's pto)(Jm· Ity 10 the large fraru.-josef·SrrcluB Intemal1onc"IJ Airport must have been a major factor In this dedslen. Today Frelslng, as well as. (he nelghbertng districts of Neufahm

1:1 -- '.-. ~.. ...

... '.


and Echl'n,g, Is POPl,tI.,ted alrnos: by state government' employ~ and their families and Is heavlly guarded by state police and the Presidential Guards.

»»>[Hea v. ily guarded rnsans that In many areas of Freising you need a seeelal pass 10 be there a t any time, day or nI9hl.)««<

-Prof. M, (12:42:11i23·MAY-S4j

Co.vchlng (A)

for decMesGarchlng has been the home of some of central Europe's most Import.mE Institutions: the German PAtent. 01ftce., rhe European Patent Office. anel rhe Confederate (formerly Fedeml) Patent COUrt. Personnel In these offlc:~, catalog'ueevery l.edlnologlcaJ and m.aglCAI de-velapment. throughout the German A!I)a:nce ln palnstaklng detrul to help the courts rule on ownership of Inventions Md Ideas.

»n>[Wowl That's gal to be an open treasure Irove, just waiting to be pII.Jnderedl)««<

-Malrixmasler (15:09: 12102·AUG-54j

;»>:>:> [GarefuJ. junge. I sneaked a peek In there once. The only thing thai isn't dark red In that system Is the black-as-nighIIC. Without passcodes, forget 11.1<:««

~lrealWizz (15:21 :29/02-AUG-54)

>>:>:>:>IHey, alter, you're talking to Ihe Ma,lrbcmaster hera. The Ie thal can scrag me or my loot hasn't been developed yel.];;:<<<<

-Ma'lrixmas~er (15:29: 17/02·AUG-54)

»»>!MatrlxmaS(ef 9101. nshed out etme tsar 81 Landshu 1 yesterday. Coronary .. -J«<<:<

-SlreeIWiu (04: 12:S1/09-A.UG-54)

Neugautlng Ie)

This dlsul1c[ bordenng the dty center h.\S so f.:u resisted rum'lnglnroa slum. lnbabtted mostly by German· speakers rec.enrly em I.grared fromwt F rlsla. Holstein, the E.lful and other pi\l'ts. of northern Germany, Neug.i1lutlng regards Balkan refugees and merahurnans with extreme susptdon,

NeupcrilJd! {OJ

One of the many planned devetopments of the previous century, Neuperlac.h has become an endave of Romanian refugees. Thanks lethe nearby Siemens res.eardi center, which offers menial lobs, the st.,ndara of liVing here Is endurable,

Ollymp.luta.dt (1)

B.alkan refugees have taken over (he Olympl.c Vi.Hage, a relic of the G..unes of 1972 and 102;4. Close to 1.000 refugees live In cramped condltlons In. tneathletes' quar· ters, halls. and stadl urns. often.1.I bh,ter loggerheads along rael,\l or rKltlonaJllnes. The Croatian 000 living In the teehockey stadlum, for example. consider the BulgarianMacedonlan tl0lls at the Olympia Tower their sworn enemies.

Pullaeh (Al

A!;, the home dlstrld of the' German secret service, the BND (Bundesnsch rld'1tendlen5t), [)Ull'lch bo..'\S~ arnazlng security. from ItS headquarters In Pullach theBND gathers InroITT'll\llonana shares It wlrh the government, largely out of the public eye,

»»>[Aumor has It that the boys al Pullach have been more helpful to the Bavarian presldern recenlly Ihan to the Confederate Chanoellor in far-away Hannover, . ,]««<

-Streetwiu (18:09:34127.APR·54j

Schw~If!8 (AAI

Schwablng Is home to a hundred or so rhesrres and cabarets, simsense p.lrlof!" and discotheques. A popular destl natlon for young, upper-class cl ty dwellers seeklng 11 taste of rhe wild sl,d.e, Sd1wablng a1soha:& eo thriving BTl. trade run by street gangs ..

As the fuvored haunt of MunIch's ldle rich; Schwablng statts the trends thattater spread th roughou!B.avarla. This year. elf posing Is the hottest fad: next year, II mlghf be anything.

The bright lights and noise Me not Schwablng'sonly <,,!tractions, however. The E.ngllsh Garden na.'tl the tsar River Is a favorite of Munich's lnhabttanrs. For the pa51 hundred years or so, c.lty dwellers and visitors nave thronged the: banks of Ih.e rlver, swimming and sl.IInbathins In (hf' nude every summer .. These days. of course, nudlsN. t.m also show offrhelr new cyberUmbs,

»»>!Sodom and Gomorrahl Heainen prolanityi Iftihe Lord hadwanled us to show ourselves in aJillhe shame 01 our naked form, we would all be born stark nskedll««<

-True Believer (09.:1S:04114·NOV·54j

»»>!No commentJ<:«<<: -Raghnal (11:1 O:53/14-NOV-54j

An elf 8Mg. possibly poseurs, has ruled the park for several years.. NOllne stereotyply'll ~bac.k-ro~Mll.!re "elves, (he gang~ms 10 be no more than a group of crlrntnals who like to live among rhe trees while havIng chelr favortte bar less than Ave rnlnutes away .

... - ...... "'--'\. - '.

' ..

. -


This .Almost entr.rely elven dIstrict Is the home of Munich's rlCh and beautiful: most I'le5ldents keep small villas and ya.cht:> on, Lake Starnberg, St'dmberg's resIdents 'rend 'to be: lust ~ arrogant and elltlS:l,U the worst anrl-rrretahurnan Ild.~e pamphlets portray them. most metahUlmaJl·rlgh~acllVIs'[S hate the S!amberg elves w1th an Intellslty they usually reserve for Humanls cultists.

:> »»[And if only hall the story about 'how the elves 'gol rid 01 the original residents is true .• ,1««.;;

-Prot M. (06:07:19128·NOV·53)

Tl'l:ereslenwlese (AM)

Under constant surveillance, thIs large p.vk Is possibly the mosrhe"wlly

guarded open ground In the world. As tile traditional sl te 'ohhe Okl'Obelfest. II serves as a. powerful symbol of B." vdJrlan nationalism, and pre.sen[S a remptlns target fOf oppressed Md angry people. The d!y govemmet'U beefed up prorectton after at'! ugly lnddenr four years ago. when unldenUIlled perpetrator:s planted ml\glcal bombs shortly before the. , The bombs detonated af the opening of the event and dalmed I 20 lives.

Un1emadt (AAJ

Thts collection of shopping arcades, museums, t\rId ~milll shops spllMds. benenththe d~ center along Munich' 5 old s,ubway lines, forming a subrerrsnean complex ex'tending from the central starlon via the SI<ldiU5 to lvery $0 often some unusually sl,upld gMg stakes out lurf i\JTl1ong Unde.rstadfsrlcnes, but none of (,hem ever last tonger ~han [\IVO dilYS: before c.omlng up fo.r Illgh!.


Independent for less than ade<.ade. f.ranc;onl<l Is <\ newcomer among thesouthem Germ.'U1 states. With GOI"IslderabIe ."!Jld from WO.rwemberg, the Ilvee regIons Ithat comprtse Franc.onla. seceded from Bavaria. only after the .breakup of the Union of C~ntral Europe-.;V1 Countries, Even today, the FranC.Qnlan ",pltal of Nuremberg '(NOmbergl Hnds It dlfflcult to proJect M Independent Image, despite lIS fl·eroe determlf'laclon to eseaee Its past

as the Nonh Bavarla_ Thb de<!enll.lned drive to ereete a distinct ~dent1ty affec~ even the 5maJl.esl .\Spec:~ of everyday life In Franwnla. For example. findIng s.wruIan WelBbler Of WeJBwurst anywllere In Franconl.a Is vlrtU<d.lly ImpoSSible. Any franconla.n with anounce of pride shuns B.wariMi produce, Instead eating 10000Iy produced RostbratWlJfst and drlrnklng wlne from Bod<sbevtel beetles.

»>.»rWhich is almost Invariably a cheap imported vintage from Portugal. .. 1««<

-Prol. M. (23:09:18/12·NOV-S3)

A mere two years after Franc:onla declared Its Independence, the southern part of Hesse outsldethe dty of frankfurt Joined the new

Ve teri n arians inthe finest shamanistic tradition.

;. »» [Right enough. Onc~ the cheers had died Clowfl.r,eaJHy ,ha.rshly asserled ilssl!. As soon as Stuttgart Slopped Shipping bundl'as, of sews to its elient slate, Pranconians discovered how weak 'I1eir

state. The Hesslans broughl hlgtl'led'l manufacturing to Franconls. but 110~ eno,u8n to susfaln II economically. and r.rimconla held to r~rt 10 drastic. measureste sus· taln Irs Independence,

This week only! , 10% off our-of-body healing! ,

economy Iruly wa.s. AI--- - - -- though j,t wa,s fairly d,iv,ers[;o

lied. with everyttl,lng from high-'tech manulacturlng 10 agriculture, no slngl:e ,Industry was strong enough to ensure any stability orgrowltl In franconia's economy.]<<::<<.<

-Prof. M. (16:38:31 12.a·OCT ~54,)

>:>>:>>[ThEl place also had problems with foreignoom· panies run by geograprhicaJidiolS. who wondered why they should investell'sn more money in FranceIJ<<:<<<

-Slfeetwizz (11:4'6:27J23·QCT-54)

Franconia's newly ele<leci c.oaJltfon govemm'e:fltof ESP. LDfP. ·anQl CVrmembersagr~ to appotntMs .. Edith WeIdner as state prtrne minister. ThoUSh she had almosf no polillCAI ,experlence. Wefd.ner!)ad worked as (I hlgh'ly for Fuchl Germany, expertence (hal the coalition hoped woul.d en..\ble herlodt1.r".Ct I !'lVe5 1.0 I'S 10 prop up ti'le econerny, In her H~t "Ct as· prime minister. ,Frau Weld_ner took stock of every economic 5eCIQt. The :sttldy she sponsored revealed a few harsh truths abouc franc:onl{l·.s

m - . ,

1;1 ... .,. . . ~


suengths and weaknesses. fr.mconlan agnculrure. Indudlng Its vineyards. stood ne chance against the massive a_grofaclort@S of Westph.lllil to the north. And the I!ntertainmelilt electronics !lJ1d toy-mMyfacturlllg lndusn1es clustered around I,Jremoorg were the onlysrowlh McclS thaI Franconia could dalm aside frem tounsrn.

Accordll1gly. Weidner launched a daring plan for Franconia's economic. revival. In coopcrarion w1th laPi'nese corps. she (J(?:<lted frankenKultour AG, essenrlally iI corporate govemrnenr. Almost rrnmedtarety frankenKultour sec about renovallng, the historic !OWOs of Rothenburg over Tauber. Nuremberg, and WOrtburg In accordc.mce with prevailing tastes. Even the famous W.'\yIcr festlVo;lJ at .Bayreuth did not escape the treatment. frMkenkuliour continues to operate huge Wine cellar at WOnoutg (I 0 ecus fof Ihe guided lour) and m.anages Franconllfs best-known landmarks as well. BUI the most visible signs of fraflkenkullour's impact are Its medievalflavored luxury hOlel and re!.klUrMl c.halns spreild throughOUt rhe L.1nd,

::.»»[Raportedly. long· lime Bayreuth festival director Wolfgang Schneider committed suicide when they told him to stage Siegfriedwllh the hero as a decker persona and me Valkyries as IC, .. 1««<

-5lreetwlzz (19:57: 1 121·JUN-54)

frankenKultour also offer5 tours of the Ma n River valley and the hili and mountain ranges of rhe RnBn. F1chtelgeb!rge. Spes5.<lrt . .md Pf.iJLerWaJd, f"rankenkuho1.J smost popular tourist i\ttf,lCtlon. however, may tum out (0 be the Charlemagne Center In the Stelge"",.\td hills. This rnock-medleval town, $Cheduled to open this sprlng. boasts Its own Ii Ilpon. rraln searlen, hotels, and a castle where tournaments and SIeges will be stt'\ged regularly, as well as a medieval banquet, The town's dragons, which Indude severalsm.\J1 specimens eonvenle.mly fitted wlrh chlld-slzed saddles. are masterpieces of sophlsucated technology. Most of the dwarfs, elves, and trolls, on Ihe ern f hand. are quire fe·al.

»»>IMakjog it one ot the lew places in southern Germany wherE! a metahuman will be able 10 lind a job, Unless. of course, you're 100 proud to fun around in leather and chain mail aod have your picture laKen alongside grinrufig Japanese sa!arymenon vacation. .1««<

-Elrond Sliberchip ('7:3' :1310S·APR-54)

Shou!c! the Charlem.agne Center succeed, FrankenKullour plans 10 follow It up wlth ~ merahurnan {ourls! Village In the I"fiUzer W.\ld. Mounds of souvenirs helve already been produced In connecrton wlth these _,,:tractions. Indudlng both,rai'ted Ifems Md ultra· modem. pl&SIIC d,,,,&ons and mages. These miniature toys are fully motorized and produce reaJlstlc sped< I effectS.

So far. most fraJ'Ie.ofllllflS support the government tour1sm progrttm. whlc.h hcu brought Franconia badly needed nuyen and Jobs. An esnmareo 66 pell;:.enrof Franconl.'l's tourtses are lap."lnese, and the remainder hall from [he UCAS ..

In the past few years. Franconl(l''s economy has become Increasingly devoted to tounsrn and dependent on Imported technolOgy. However. only - few votces In (he Wilderness protest the 1.1Ck oflechnologluJ research mkl ng place t n Franc.onla and the dWindling dlverslry of lIS economy,

>~;:.»(Ever heard' the story aboullhe wIle Who !sh her husband because he ·oppressed" her and then was rorced to become a prostitute 10 ea'I'?J««<

-Roland von Bremen (22:00:00!l6-JAN·S4)

Aside from the capital of Nuremberg. franconia's other large dries ere WOnburg .nd Bayreuth.

>>>>>(The descrlptlons 0' whIch l'\Ie personally deleted lor salety reasons-nothing's more dangerous tban failing asleep While decking.]««<

-Roland von Bremen (14:42:12126-SEP-54)


»'»>(Sound5 like some Prusslan officer. jawohI!J«<;« -5rreelWiz.z (03:0 I :OOIII-JAN·54)

»>>>{You seem 'to know your way around the military. You a Oeckoffizier, 'Wlzz?I<<:<<<

-Roland von Bremen (03:08:DBJ11-JAN·54)

The Franconlan capi'lal of uremberg forms the Center of the Ballungsr,1Ium Regnl 12· regn 1t2. (" RPJ. ~. megaplex: of some 1,6 mUllan people th.u comprises a !ie-ring of crrtes along Ihe R.egnltzand Pegnlt4 rivers. Wirh Irs long MId r4U'1 hlsrory, NUl mberS had become" favorlte vacatlon spar for overstressed hlpane5C managers even before the founding of Franconia. Building on tl'llj reputstton, modern-day Nuremberg Is well On lIS way [0 becornlng Il'le premiere convention center or southem Germany.

;>;:>;»>[Nol Iha.1 il could ever match DOsseldorl as a yakuza playground.]««<

-Slree'lWin: (02:46 :26/28· MAY-54)

Sever." years ago. the dry spent considerable money to rransferm Nurernburg c..lSlle IrHO a eonventlon censer, <J gamble lhi. { has J)i\ d off h.lndsomely. Unbelievably popular ..... 111'1 overseas corp execs, the Castle commends s,taggerlng rental ~ and has an tmpresstve waiting list. During, the atinual Chrlstklndlmarkt n December. Rndlng

o GfRMANV 80lllIBOOll

- .,-, . ... IiJ

~ .. - ... , .. - , • 10


, '. _,

a h.otel room anyv.4lere within SO kilometers ettne c:lty Is nearly lmposstble. The mass of conventtcn-goers travelIng Info the dty Qv,clWhe:lm the mot:! SYl)jicm, makJng large-scale f1fafflc jamsend congesrlone common sight during rush hours. Another popular e .... ens Is Nun~mberg's annual toy fair 10 February, Tl"Iousands Hod< to (his fair to see the latesl o(fer1ngs from rnegacerporete toy rnanufacrurers, many based In or near Nuremberg.

:;.»»IAnd junge, are thoselitUe lhlngs last these days! Laslyear,Fuchi Introduced a. slowed-down F-4 deck wllha smaJJ mainframe. allowing kids to play et decking. I should have been sc luckygrowmQ upl]««<:;

-Deckjack (06:44 :OO/(17 -FEB-54)

:»»>[Think about how much high-Iech data. lhese loymakers have In lheirdaLabanks .. ll's not cutting·edge .. or course. bUI it is less well guarded !han mosl.l<<<::<<

-Pro!. M. f06.:22:49107-FES-54)

»»::>(1 jlJSI wish they'd quit making Q.iJns (or kIds. The toy ones gel more and rnore like realon-esevery year.] <:<::«<

-MOner (04 :21 : J6/03·MAA-54)

;»>>>[1 .had a srnartqun with rubber bullets as a I:Myear-old. and it didn't hun me!j«<<:<

~Aojand von Bremen (16:27:SI/02·SEP·54)

»»>[Unt0i'1unalely.1 ««0:::

-Rommel III (~4;0.2:16..1 14-SEP-54)

Nuremberg boo6ts e.x.c.ellent autobahn connecnons In ,\11 directions. pl\$lr Aflsra.pld lines ro Munich NldBerlin. The transr aptd co nnectlon to StlJIttgilrt is te;nl~(lvely scheduled te open In the raJ·1 of 2055. Reportedly. Nurern berg' s dry govemment pt<lnS toexpand (Ile: city alrport 10 handle Inl.ematloi'uu SC!:Mce. UnfotrurntUely .. dlven:lng funds 10 revampthe lllrport may poStpone work on the Nt.\lnDanube CM"kl! yel Cl,galn. lntended 10 mak.elhe c:lty '" river 1'0.11:. Ihls project hasb<:en PM 'of Nutem~rg tHy plMnlng. for more than a thousand years.


GrearerFrankflJrt stretches from (he crues of Wlesbaden and Maim: ln the west to Hanau and Aschatfenburg In the east and from frankfurt In the north 10 rvtannhelm and Ludwlgshafen In the south. Historically Gemnany's flnimCl,\!cenlel, modern-day rr.mkfunessen· dally belongs to the rrankti.m Bank. AssocIMlon. ln response to CIty hall'satternpts to curb the bsnks'expenslon In the ,early 2.1 SI century, Me banxs slmpl.ybought reuse parts of the c.1 ty by f!:x:ercJsll1lg thel r shereholce IS' powerm

a Subsl.lntl.d number of real estate concerns. TIle sprawl began. to emerge In 2023" when frankfurt lncerporared the dty ofO[funbad1. and connnueo tc spreMd.urlng lhe ensuing years. Now the. sprtliw!'s south stoe ts ruled by AG Chemic. Nearly one-third of Ule Mea. lndudlng the foltner CIty o·f Ludwigshdfen. consrsts of Chemlc:.a.1 fi.'l.ctorfe5. reS-€.1rcn labor.uorle~. ~upplielS and employee resrdences,

Bec.,use thebanks con rrol many concerns usual. I)' run by organlzed dime. the underwertdexerrs conslclecilbly I~ Influence In Gre(lter frankfurt than In oilier sprawls. The tong-est .. lbll~ed M.l.fI3. In plaQe before the frankfurt £klnk Assoclarlon took over .. spends conslderablettme defending Its le.rrlfOry <\gil-lnSI the y<Uc.UUI. Mdolher newcomers.Ieavtngn Willhi IUde time toex~md ItSopera!1ons. In the absence of (I. powerful crlrne syndlc.a,le. flourish. The 8-S 2.s of southern Oarms'l<ldl and Ihe Spessart Spiders, w!"lo rerronze rhe local autoilahnenon their motorcycles, are rwe espeda!ly Infamous ga.n~.

iii .... " . "-

.... IiI'"... • • ,

- _.


VJT At Sf A nsncs Populatlop: 5,607.000 Human: 74%

Elf: 4%

Dwarf: 8%

Ork: 9%

Troll; 5%

Per C.plta In~om~: EC 43,000 Below Poverty Lt:\Ieh 2.8% Telekom Code: D-04 or 0494 ldlu:.ttlon:

High Sdlool Equivalency: 44% UnIversity Equivalency: 19%

G£mNG TltEJl[

Air rravel ls the easiest way 10 gel to Greater frankfurt. More than [.500 regular and suborbital fllgh~ depart from Frankfurt Airport eacn ~1Y 10 malo,r dues wortdwIde. and d consortium of companies led by the IrMU and the Bank Assodatton plan to build orbltal-HlgN fadlltJes at the alrpon es well. Ttle dty and the surrounding area are also lntegrered lnto the autobahn and ri!.llway networks. and fhe transrapld m,1.glev SlOpS af a number of p'laces withln the rnegaplex, Travelers can even frankfurt by ship, via the Rhine.

;.»;.;.[Alrport securily is exlremelylighL A dozen armed guards greet anyone who tries 10 gel onto the grounds packing a gun. and halr-tngger sensors blanket Ihe entire area.j««<

-The Hessian (23:44:12J19-JAN·54)


rrankfurt fro the dly of money. Under the aegis of the Fmnkfurt Bank Association, many of the world's lergest banks. rnalntaln towering. glass-and-chrcme headquarters In frankfurt's so-called forbidden City, located In the former dty center. The ~'nk Association malrnstns strict security In the restricted area and requires lengthy securlty checks of all vlslters. Despite these restrictions. heavy trafflc abounds In the Forbidden Oty. as In every other major urban center. Many hlgh-level corp execs keep luxury aparrmen ts In the area. 81ld Irs countless boutiques draW visitors from all over Europe,


Top corp execs live outslde Mannhelm and ludwissharen. far from (he dirty ROsselshelm car plants. the noisy Airport .• Vld the potentially lethal Hanau nuclear faclOries. Many llve In Wlesbaden. but most have Red 10 the Qualnt (j ty of Heidel betg.

Despl te this I nnux. the characrer of the old un lversl ty town hes h..udly changed In the past fifty years, Aside from the historic arch ltect u re that continues to draw I hrongs of oversees tourtsts every year. Heidelberg University Is the

dty's best-known a rrracttcn, No other university within the German Alliance has such a highly reg.uded thaumalurglc"ll faculty.

:»:>:>:>[An lntsrestlnq asds: the magic faculty obviously receives its dough from third· partY lunding:-in this case ChernEurgp. Now the corp 'ol~ don't throw away money lor the sak.e olleatning, so it should be obvious that the entire theoretical superstructure those Heidelberg prOfS are building is a big front for alchemical research. You see. no one has yel managed 10 make real alchemy or even harness an elemental splrtttor Industrial work. For those inlerested in genuine magical theory, I'd recommend the unlversttles at Marburg, Erfurt. Weimar, or Gettingsn over Heidelberg any cay. Also. Munich and Hamburg otter less impressive lacully resumes bUI are damned good in practica.jccccc

-Magic Missile (I9:45:00/21.JUN-54)


When a series cf eanhquakes hit the Upper RhIne In 2043, the earrh churned like 8 raging se<l In the BadenWOrrremberg cJty of Karlsruhe. Houses cetlapsed. sewilge fountained out from the ruptured ground. and fires raged out of control. Within Iusl 2.4 hours, 10,000 people died and rnarertal damage soared Into billions ofdeutSChe marks.

The rollowlng years saW the first rebuilding efforts. almost entirely funded from (he dry's own exhausted coffers. follow1nglhe decJ.lriltlon of the Troll Kingdom of me Black Forest In 2043. the Baden-WOrrremberg government In Stuttgart wrote off the entire Upper RhIne region. The only -helP' the contederare government provided consrsred of keeping the constrturtorel (OUFf ell ~rlsruhe for reasons of national solidarity: North Baden eventually became part of the Badenstan raldrlnnre_

Understandably. _,II kinds of radicals found scores of followers among K.vlsruhe's dlSSiltlsRed snd homeless Inhab!rdll(5. TIlt! mas! successful of them All. HedWig Gabler of the Gre0ter 8adensl.\n Crusade. headed a group remarkable for extreme Baderulan natlonsllsm. rellglO\Js fanallclsm. CIfld a Virulent hatred of rnetahumans,

Though ridiculed .1CfOSS the rest of Germany as an overzealcus tecal patrlol. Cabler was elected Lord ~,yores,s of K..\flsruhe In 2047. WIthin months she had established a work, program with the ultimate goal of launching a war olSalnsl rhe hQtect trolls and arks of the BlaCk forest. By April of 2049, Gabler had hired enough mercenaries 10 pur her nefarious plans In motton. On the night of April 23. however. Bundeswehr units from the Palatinate and WOrttemberg advanced rewards Karlsruhe and took control of the d~ within seven hours. Most of the rnercenartes Hed or dlilnged side!. aline AT'SI slghl of confederate rreops, Who easily c.aprured Gablel Md her deputies.

for the past five years, I{Mlsruhe has remained it SQcaI:led "Speclal. Leglstatlve lone.' ruled directly from Hannover by the confederate govemmem and admlnls- 1er~ by the: army's local cernrnsnder.Je has also become Germany's. If not Europ@is. largest garrison. The barracks at PhllfppSblJrg. Forchhelm. and E.nJlngen contaln dose 10 30.000 soldiers,

Several factors have prompted this massive mllltaJ)' presence. not least being the locatton of the constteutlonal court at Karlsruhe. The COUrt ActS as rh,e only untversally accepted forum for sertllng confltcrs between the German Ul.nder and for mnny has become the most visible symbol of;). status quo they heue. The terrorist .11t<'C:k on the flrs1 Senate In 2050, ""hlch almost succeeded, demonstrates Ius! how endcVlgered Ihls lnsrtnrttcn has become. Other InsdrutlorlS under army protection are the German Nuclear Re.sei\J'ch Center and Forchhelm Airport, which Gabler's fanatical followers have targeted In the past,

»»,.[And as long as she awaits trlal at Bruchsal penitentiary, a few 01 them will keep try n9 (0 rescus thelr herolne.J««<

-Prot, M. (22':34:S2112-JAN·S4)

This stationing of troocs has prempeee crttlclsrn by opposition pdrtie:s In the confederate government because of Its high COS!. rorelgn governments have also rescred with mounting agitation. Fr.,nce especially has begun to view the gamson as a mreet.

;;.>;;.»[More level-headed people are concerned about 'Ihe internal danger. A growing number o~ people are beginning 10 laud (ha Karlsruhe garrison commander, General Michael lKaraoglu, as the much longed·lor "51roog man," even Ihough he has so tar denied any such ambilions.j««<

-Prof, M. (04:00:24/22.JUN·54)

»»>[He didn't make his headquarters in 1he castle by aocidenl.j««<

~Roland von Bremer) (04:02:58122·JUN-54)

So far, however. the govemmen'r shows no slgns rh,\f It Intend!! to whhdr~w Ics troops or tTilnsfer the area's adrnlntstratlon ~o the lB .. tdenslan Palafln,'le gevernmenr.

>;.»>tBesides the security bunk, they have mars important reasons ror Slaying. As long as tne restrictive customs barriers of Ihe southern German slates remain in place, the Special Leglslalive Zone gives northern Germany a convsnlern back door.I««co

-Dalor (23:49:27104-SEP·54)

»»>·lCorreCI. Despite. or probably because 01 all those troopers, more smuggling and llllclt trada goes on In Karlsruhe than anywhere else. Hlghl under 1lle noses ot Ihe supreme court justices. you can buy anything you want. Dutch hardcore BTLs. lorged credstlcks tram UCAS. spare body parts lrom Afrlca. you name It. As long as you keep your business nice and qulel.)<<:<<<

-$rreerwlu (OO:04:32J05-SEP·54)


Like Wlesbaden and Malru.. these two dtles lie on opposite banks of [he Rhine. Vlrtu.,!'!y owned by prlmilry employer AG Cherrnle, Ludw1gsha.fen and M.IDnhelm arc among Ihe few places ln the world tha( can truly boast an unemployment rate below 3 percent, The resteenrs. how· ever, P<lY a dear price fOr this prosperity. Ever slnce AG Chernle successfutly declared these fWO Upper Rhine ones corporate enclaves, It has done i\S It pleased. perpetrating enormous ecolcglcal crimes In rIle name of maintainIng rne crnes' prosperlry, And almO'St every week, corporate demage-ccnrrcl teams Me hunting for nosy reporters or loose-Upped employees.

»»>[Or anolher Iree toxic splrll, spotted in one of thle old Rhine river branches.leecee

-Prof. M. (2256:21f14-MAY-54)

The only person!> allowed to work In Ludwlgshafen and Mannhelm Are those cleared by AG Oiernle. Unwelcome lndlvld uals are either deported or simply dlsappear;

»»>rAG Chemls claims to have slopped ailiestlng on lab anlmsts 10 years ago. I wonder who or whallhey lest lhelr crcduots on now11««<.

-Wichita Cathedral (04:45:23J01·MAR·S4)


Wlesbdden and Mai(t1 are ~twln cltiles.~ Icx.ared on eeeesu banks of the flhlne. Wlesbaden seems ro have changed IIHle during the past 60 years. Tourism has helped to keep Ihlsspaand easlne tewn lookJ[lglus! as II dl.d back In the nineties. The banks own large areas of the c:Jlly. and plenry of m.edlum-level executive of IIr11Aru:JaJ lnsrlrurlcns live In W1~baden.

Malnz Is another Story. Everything and everyone' nOI wanted In Wlesb..\den gets shoved across the Rhine to this d'ty. Because Wtesbdden absorbs almost illl the money lin the region, M~nz remc\Jns one of Germany's poorest dties, Uf\employmlml. poverty, slums. street gangs, and orgd.nlled crime abound In the largely metahuman elty. as do prosnturtcrr.Illegal gdfT'lb:ling. the BTl trade and other forms of entetWnment me good dnzens of W1esbaden don't want In their own dey, Visitors to Malnl.<Vc; advIsed to leave the underwerld-ccnrmlled ·· only If

m .. " - "

III .~ ~


well-armed. Mafia clfId yak'uUl. live stde by slete In MalnL, their mosl solid base In the Greeter frankfurt area, Desplte the fTlendly fac:.ade, however, Mafia and yakuza hlrrnen and local street thugs frequently shoot It OUt.

In SpIte o'f Irs troubles, MaJnz stlll draws iI crowd during tne street carnival season, which haschenged from a rather straltlaced affair to an orglastlc festival more like New Orleans' Mdrdl Gras of Rlo's G.1ffi .. aval,


The area Irradiated by the nuclear disaster at Cartenom In 2.009 tndudes Luxembourg. large: parts oJ Lerral ne, tne entire 5.1arland. and the regions around the dries ofTdcr and Kusel. These two dries and the C.lty of ZwelbrOcken are the only point of entry lmo (he trradtared zone.

The name SOX. a contracnon of bou rg. W,)5 col ned In (he late rwen tlethth ce nrury , when the reglOI1 began to estabush ltself as en economic center spanning rbe 0<1(1on.,1 borders of Germany, tuxembourg, and FrMce.Though It was offidally chrlstened the Saar Spedal Leg151atfve Zone since th . n, most people stili call II the SOX. O(hers refer 10 II as simply "the Zone."

>>>>>[Most Europeans view Ihe SOX as a distinct ·counlry: though Germany and France (whose tsrritories make up Ihe SOX) do not. The roliowing lex I relates only to 'the German side of the Zone. The F ranch side of Lhe mess Is eQually bizarre: the so-called "atomic pu nks" who actually live In the glow of Cattenom are Ires welrd.)««<

-Deitsr Dead-Eater (05:1 O:23/07-AUG-5A)

Immediately after the Cat1enom dlsaster, most people assumed fhar the massive radiation the mishap released had mace the area useless. for millennia 10 come. In the zazOs, however, researchers discovered the dlsasrer had caused powerful asrtal turbulence in the area .. This turbulence Is so strong rhar even {he: mightiest magIcal enrrnes can only remain In the area for llrnlted periods, Several megacerps quickly established sealed research InstaJlauons In the lone. takIng advantage of rhe lrnpervlous m.,glCcll barrIer creared by the ever-present turbulence. Others were attracted to the: area because they could conduct research without worrying about causlng any harmful effects to the area's aJready decimated ecology, Rumor has It that some corps even place researchers In sealed habit<\t5, In the SOX and release them only when they have produced useful results. The GermM side of the Lone comalns about 200 such research or productIon fudlltles. manned by some 300.000 personnel.

»:>>>fThe largest labs are owned by Saeder·Krupp (al 51. Wendel), Ruhrmetall (at Me~ig), and Ares Europa (below ths remains 0,1 VolkUngen)_ Guess whal they research there.]««<

-Philosopher (22:0i:31/16-JUN-S4)

»»>[Weapons research is nol the only thing the corps are working on In the SOX. Tl1e Lao-Bemhanft labcratory al Wadern 15 wholly owned by AG Chemls. You could call their work "biotech: but illegal genetic research is CIOSSf to the lrulh.)«<;<:<

-Konwachl (11 :28:49127-JUL-54)

The Saar Spedal l.eglslatlve Zone also hosts the semiannual maneuvers and military exercises of varlous corporate armies. Which are ~IQwly but surely leveling the few buildings left in rhe region's deserted towns and drtes. Additionally, about 2.,000 corp guards ensure that no one enters or leaves the Zone without a pass. Apart from rnuch-lmproved aIr reconnaissance. the border resembles the one that separated the Federal Republic of Cermany and the Cerman Democratic. RepUbliC dUring the lOth century's CQld Waf.

»;>>>[Ja. Here teo, lhey sneer 10 kill without warnIng.]««<

-DId Man (23:18:1S/13-JUN-54)

The only people offldally allowed to enter the SOX Me me employees of (he corps that OWT1 researcn and production fadltrles there. NO! even confeder.lte troops or BIS agents have any offic.lal business In the Zone.


Known as the'Swttzertand ofGerma:ny. Wllrnemberg emerged greatly altered from the troubles of the eilrliy 20405. With the secession of rhe Troll Kingdom of the Black forest dnd the largely lrol:l-and-ork Badensldn Palatinate. the fonner state of Baden-WOm~berg los! '" large chunk of 1t5 western rerrlLory to rnetahurnans.

The Swablans. hl5tQrfG\Jty dlv!ded between B.lvar1,1 and WClmemberg. welcomed the Badenslan secession, An outsider unacqualnred wlrh Swab1an hlsloryand preludices. however. would be hard pressed to understand the silent loy with which many Swablans look ~ck on lhe history of the past decade.

!»»>[An' a good thing, 1001 Them an' their fragging ·Swabians keep workmQ, while Badensians keep lhlnk· ing. ," They're all orks and Irolls nowll«<<<

-Rommel III (10:13:00/1 O-NOV-53)


,_ ~. - ~\. ." iii

'. '

... '

Shor:lty after the BadensJan lands seceded. the fenner Bav.artan dlstrlcl. of Swabla JOined WClmemberg. whldl more [han compensa(ed for the loss ·of the western provinces. To this day. prosperous and Ind\Jstrlgus Swabtans conulnue to bvlld tQP-Qt-rhe-line rigged cars. cyberdeck.s. andothe:r hlgh-t,eoh Items.

for {he past eleven years, a ~ltlQn of {he rlgN-ofcenter (VP and the Ialssuafalre LDfP under Prime Minister JosefBIa.rrJe has governed Warttemberg. from all Indl'C<1.doM.lhe 'comln.g election will change norhlng, Which s.ults Ithelargely prosperous a..ndoo.rnp'la.cem Cltll.etlry.

WOrt'temberg's relc'ltlons wltl1 ne:lghboflng Bavan.<i have cooled markedly as well, .maJnlybetaus.c. ofllnger'lng Bovadan resentment over Swa!blan suppc« for [he FrM'lconlansece.sslon In 2045, That suppon; fos-

lere<:! close ties between Franconl" and WDfttembe:rg. and the two Ul.nde.r o,'Ife nooW buUdlng the NordalbTr.,msmpld line to connect the WOrttemberg eaplral of Stuttgart ro (he F ran con lan capltal of Nurem 00 rg.

»»>[Word IS the Swabians want to maJl<e Stungan lhe south em hub of the HannoverFranldul1-Sluttgaft and BetII n·N u1remberg -S tuttqa rt transrapid lines.J«<<<

-5lreet'Nizz (18~27:0 II 12·MAR-54)

e»»>(Just you wajl. Once the ccnrrsotlon to ZOrich Is up and running .•. ]««<

-Rommel III (06::01 :111 14-OCT·$4)

»»>[So rhecorp mobsters can visii tIleirmoney wiUhoul \00 much ag.gro'?j«<o::<

-Roland von Bremen (13:06:221'4~OCT·54)

The .mega.corpIFMU (Intematlonal Vehicles .1nd MecJ1anlc.aJ Union). a pillar ofWa members' s economy, rnalntatns h,eadqu3.r,ers a~ Siungan" UnlertOrkhelm, IFMU Is the only megacorp of .;tny eonsequenee within WOm:emberg.;md exerts considerable Influence over the state gcvernrnent.

»»>I.IFMU owns Ina govemmenLj««< -Slreetwizz (22.:09:23/2-3-JAN-S4)

[BecaU$C I.FMU has had the good seose t:o leave Swabla's eradtuonal economtc SHUC.One alene, WDrttemberg has retalned lnnumer:a:b.le small and me-

dlurn-slzed cornpantes. Ma:nyof rnern famlly-owned. these companies lend 10 manurac:tur~ Single product lines. far exampte, fuchs GmbH In the dry 01 Aalen manufactures almost all Telekomc:har:ge meters,

Tourism provIdes WIl rrtem berg wIth a second source of51le(ldy Income. Not even Sw1sslndU5NY has been able: to Iclll the beauty of southern Swabla's Lake Constsnce (Bodensee), which continues iOclttracl {OUI15t5 seeklllS a bH of unspoiled narure,

»»>[Right. The seeenseeis about as unspoiled asa l:Wo~ecu joygirlll e <::< <<::

-Oeckjack (21 :'38:21fI2-0CT-54)

»»>[You honesU.y think anyone who, can arrOte a l'I'aterifronl cona,ge msra gives two draks about \hal?l««.::

-Elrond Sllberchip(22':O'1 :57/'12- OCT-54)

omer tourisIdestl rl<"I(lons I neludethe Ulmer MOnster carhe~ dral. Neusd'!wi\llsiein Castle, and ~he AUg!i1.l mcuntalns In newly rec:I.<'Ilmed eastern Sw&bla. as well M the old Honenzollern C<lS~le5 In the Sdlwiblsdle AJb range. The Hohenzollem castles shelter Ule graves of famousPl:\Isslafl k.lngs.

>-»»[They were moved back 1here when Potsdam became pari 01 the Berlin sprawl. A really big celebration, tnat, with tna chancellor auending and everylhinQO««< -Rommel JllI09:46:22121·FEB·54)

»»>[The Fredericus Rex lr3veling sideshow, eh71««< -Roland von Bremen (Oe:52:MI21-FEB-54)

In .lddlrlan to Sru,ttgarl (.llsa known as the Metro Area), WOrttemberg Indudessudl dtlesas Ulm. Aug~burg. and Frlednchshafen onLtlkoe Constance. Ftlechidlshafen Is home tolFMU's Z,eppelln works, which prodlJce5 dl.r:I· gtblesfor customers allover the world. Nearby. Germany's first large fusion InstallaUon produces power for the cIty and helium fo.t the Z.eppelln Works.

:>:»»lln 2038, the Lothar Spatfl gOI in the way 01 a dragon above the Black. Foresl. Full 01 hydrogen, H was. Junge, you could see the flames all Ihe way in Munich and Parisl)««<

~treBtwiz.z. (22:S8:11/27·APR·S4j

I!J- - - ,.~. ."" ...

' ..

- - ~"



»;,;.,;»[Hadn't they Ii;}amed anythIng since the days of Iha Mfndenburg?]«<<<

---.stein (13 :43 :2.8/12·04·54)

>>>>>[yes, they had. In laot. [he La/har Spath was the only airship using hydrogen a~ thet lime, because its builders couldn't gel any helium, So 01 course the dragon had to roast Ihls particular .zeppe[in-a spectacular example 01 Murphy's Jaw in action.

Ironically, Ihe Hindenburgcarried hydrogen for the same reason,!««<

-1.019 Savant (1. 3:52:1 0/12·04--54)

WOrt1.e.mberg mslntalns fr[endly relations wlth the human-sun German Ui.nder and us olher f.uropean Ira.d· lngparmers, and many Swablans regard Swltzertand M!1 model for their own state. In fad, the members of one obscure LaJ'ltfr1dbund named after a former SwablM duke advocete mergIng WOrttemberg wlih Switzerland,

>>>>>[ l.antlreaks are all owned by banks and corps.J««<

-S·treelWizz (22:12:23/1 0-JUN·5d)

WQmemOeI,g"s lalssea-falre ecenerntc poll<=y lsenshrtned In the stare's constltutlort. enabling corps to extend their control Into aU ateM ofdally life. The cons!l· rutlon also guarantees alt humans ther1sht (0 freely pracrtce their religion. Nor surpr1slngry. WQruemberg teems wHh countless small religious sects cornmtrted 10 entorelng their particular version of purity. morall!yMci decency, NOWhere else In Cermany does the occasIonru laWbreaker meet with such public hostmty.

>:»"»IHe wouldn'lbe talking at us, now would he?]««< -Slfee\wizz (22:14:0711 O..JUN·54)

>,:>:»>!Surely not suchlaw·abldlng eluzens as us, al- 18r1 1]<<::< <:;<

-Roland von Bremen (04:13:5611 O·.JUL·54j

Spodess Swabla has iI. 51 mple way of dealing with II!. met..'ll1umans: II foist'S [hem off onto II'S neighboring lJrIder. When .cI, well-known ",nd trusted neighbor suddenly begins to sport orkIsh rea ru res , the government makes him a gift of a raU ttd<C[[O the freudensladt bercer statlon. Of course, the government provldes the indlvtdual WIth generous compensation for rhe property he must leave betund=-usually about one-third of lts"l1 value, Of all rhe meta types. on Iy elves can expect any sympathy, provIded they have their ears surgIcally altered, Mapl to local customs and lead qUlef. unobtruslve lives.

WOrttemberg's most active potJcJubs £ocJuoe the Chrlslfan KnIghts (RIner 01115111, tbe aforementIoned proSwlS!; Lanrfrldbund, a multitude of purltanlcal fir1stian ,grQups, and a few Ialssez.-falre orgill'lizatlo115 Rghtlng for even greater 'corp fTeedom:

»>:»[Oe"nI110n 01 a puritan: a person who,llves In tsar that somewhere, someone Is having a good time.] ... «« -Raghn~1 (06:12:30/10·NOV·54)


WOrttemberg's capital, Stuttgrut, lies In rhe Idylllc Neck<u RIver valley .. Although tes Inhablt.M'C'S call It the 'ple:x ofweeds and streams .• Stuttgart Is a major Industrial center andcontslns numerous If'MU factories. The lncorperatlon of the, towns of Ludwlgsburg, Blellghelm, Walbllngl!n, E.ssII~~n. MbJlngen. Sindeiflngen. Hellbronn, TOblngen. ReutHngen, a.n.d COpplngen have glvenche Metro Area a population of5·.6 million. making II Germany's fourrh.laJ8e=iof Clty.tts offiClal name: Is the BaJlungsraum Ml!tlerer Ned<.ru", er BMN.

Despllt' Its size. Stuttgart Do.UtS few cultural atm." lions, The c.Ity falhers are much more Interested In the Ytlootih flow ol buslness rh.m mUSiC. museums. or learnlng, Ap..'\I't from TOblngen University ru the southern border of the sprawl. Srurtg"m supports few other cui tural rnsnrunens, The CIty also has no maIol'newspaper or rodeo stanon.

»».>[Af1Id even TOblngen's pretty lightweight, Imelrae· lually speaking, They mostly research commercial appli· cations for cybMech and magic.]««<

-Deckjiilck B. (22: 12:37/1 O.J UN·54)

»>:»[ Iha Cannstadter Wasen?I««< -Rommel III (14:09:52/10..JUL·54)

:>:>:>:»[What about II?]««<

-Roland von Bremen (20: IO:tOllO·JUL·54)

Slut1\8<utconlTaCtS 01.11 police protectiOn loa wholly' owned su~ldldfY of IFMU, the StemSd1u tz (StarSecur1 tyJ Company. This outfit brutally keeps even rbe rougheil dlslricil'S under WnlTOI. Needle» 10 say, no bl.!Ck maflolel worth menrlontng exists anywher(' In Sturtg.m.

»»>[A word to the wise, kumpel-if you've gol any brains a! all, NEVER refer 10 SlernSchu12 by lhelr initials, Nol in anyone else's earshot. aJlyway, .. 1<<<<<

-SLFeelwiu (17:' 9:32J02.JUN-5A)

>:»:»!Sounds cozy to me, !flhey ever hold a champl· onshi'p tor the world's mas'! boring sprawl, I"d pur all my money on Stutlgar1.]<.<:<:«.

-Roland von Bremen {23:59:59/10·AUG·54)


.-. ....... ' r:I

., ~ 1;1

i'r:eatures from the depth. of hell found thel' OWQ Idl1BdolJU In fi'te (DIddle of wrope. So.llan tru trlum:phed. We hAve dene.nded Inro the D.arll Ages' --B.rother Gabrlel (Gottfried Buntlnger). SI

Metahumans are the numerical malorlty and hold control over the govemment In (\NO German Uillde~ and cwo assodate states. These Awakened lands ate the Grand Duchy of Westrhlne-Luxemburg, the Trolll Klngdorn of the Black Fores~. r,he: OUchy of Pomorya. and fhe Marl·enbad Councll, The latter two are 11101 full Uinder. but assoda(ed with the Alliance of German Stares, as provided by the Constitution of 2045.

»»>[Let's get one thing clear right 'from tha start, NO! all German rnetahcrnans live withIn 'these Lander I nor are these states populated endrely by mstahurnans.lcccee

-Pro;l. M. (2:2:S6:00/22.JUL-54)


This young southwestern Land, known as TrollkOnlgrelch SdiwarzwaJd In the original C.erman, offers iI homeland. shelter. and work to Germany'S persecuted trolls and orks, The: German AlUance's first metahurnan state, the Troll KJngdom of the Black Forest has become home to nearly half of all German arks and '11'0[15. for the remainder. the Forest Is an almost mystical refuge where they can R nd a. welcome If Things go drastically wrong.

:»>>>lIhe Black Forest is the but1 01 constant derision and attacks by Wnormal" human fanatics, bUI wnnout ft. rnstanumans In the res" 01 Germany would be alct lsss resigned to IheIr late.]«-«<

-Prol. M. (00:21 :38/0e·FEB·54)

VITAL SIAflSnCS Poplulallom 180,000 Troll: 38%

Ork: 34% Humane 21% Other: 7%

Per capita Income. EC Z I .000 Below Poverty Level: 38% M~,orpota.te Afflilarton: 3% EducaUon:

High S~oal E.qulvalency: lZ% University EqulvaJ.ency; 140%

The King of the Black Forest, Berthold I. Is a former cltlzen of Freiburg who helped found the Troll Klngdorn, AJ 44 years of age, he has reached a remarkable longevity for a. troll, Pemaps 1~ I~ Ihe wealth of experIence from his unusually long life eh,l[ has helped him steer his realm In profitable directions.

»»>IEspecially SInce he was supposedly a fair'lygood shadowrunner In his day ... ]<<<<<

-lnlomasteJ (22:49:0'1 fla.-FEB-54)

11:1 -~.---~'" .....

1;1 . -~


:»»>[Fairly good? Jungchen, there won', be a better street samurai in thls centuryl)<::««

-Roland von Bremen (22:56:31114-FEB-54j

Organized along feudal prlnclples, the wei Is divided 111 to the duchies of Feldberg. Trlberg, and K1nzlgtaJ. all of which Include numerous smaller ceunnes, The rich and fertile Upper ~rne valley, Induding rhe captrsl dty of Frelburg, 15 <t Crown domaln and provides the stale revenue, Thedtysltsa:strlde the vi tal North-South autobahn from K.<\rlsruhe to B.\SeI. giving Frelburg strategic Importance.

»»>[Nlce source 01\011 revenue for those street robbersIJ««<

-Rommel 11:1 (2322:00l05-JUN·Sd)

»»>[Just takJng care 01 their own. you drekheadl)««< -Roland von Bremen (4:25:53/05-JUN-54)

Though much of the Troll Itlngdom Is Inhabited alrnost exclusively by erks and IIQI!s. many of me Land's humans remain In the (owns and V!II<lg€5 of the Crown dornaln, Mostly workers In orchards and vtneyards, the humanshave the legal status ofroyaJ wards: to harm or kill one Is considered a felony.

>:»::..>[This special status cannot hide the ugly truth that they have almost no righls.)«<<<

-Rommel III (09:22:11/04-0CT-54)

In addition to agrtculrure, the Bladt fares! gets mu-c.h ants Income From tourism. In wlnter as well as summer, I1lklng enrhuslasts enloy holidays In the forested hills and valleys. The Increasing frequency of reports of dangerous paranormal animals and hostile trolls and arks. however. may soon diminish this popularity. Certain political clrdes within the Troll K1~gdom would welcome an end 10 rourtsm, desplte the loss of revenue.

Unlike the Grand Duchy of Westrhlne-LuJ<emburg. the Troll KIngdom has few friends. M.o~a ocher Uinder and nations regard the Bla,cK Forest as a dumping gro1und for bo{herso~e rnetahurnans, and would not 11ft i.\ finger to sward King Berthold or his land against trouble. Of course, the Troll Klngdom's preferential rrearrnent of arks and trolls over humans has not helped Ihe trolls' cause.

»»;>o[That hasn't hurt them hall as much as the King's refusal 10 rent QuI his subjects cheaply lor hard labor. The corps hate lhat.j<<<<<

-Roland von Bremen (03:20:09/12-AUG-54j


The legal assedanen between tile Gelffiafl Alllance and the elves of Po morya Is extremely loose. The assodatlon treaty of 2.045 Indudes '" nen-eggresston pact. declaratlons of friendship. a small amount of ald. and provlslons for easing customs formalities. ensunng a re.'l5OBIably free flow of goods, and establishing embasstes to represent the elves abroad. Apart from me spedftc provtslons of the treaty, the new lords of the Baltic. Sea keep their distance from the and troubles 'that beset the resr of tJile German Alliance.

VITAL STA nsncs PopuJa1lom 180,000 Human: 54%

E.If: 44%

Other; 2.%

IPerCaplta Income) £C 18,000

Belo'w Povert)' level: 45% by AGS standards, 50/0lby local standards

.Megacorpor:ate AfflUadonl Z% Educ.ltlon:

HIgh School EqulvalenCYl 35% U nlverslry £qulvaJency; 2.1 %

The Duc.hyofPomorya contains the Islands of ROgen. usedom, and Wolin, as well as the former state of New West Pomerania that lies north of the Recknl n, T revel. and Peene rivers. The dries Rlbnltz.. Dernrnln, Anklam, and the ferry port of 'saBnltz. are the only legal border crossings. Historically' part German and part Polls.h terrlrory, the. duchy was settled largely by elves. After the successnn revttallzarlon of the Ba.IUc Sea. numerous Euro-W<\J refugees from Poland, Russia, and the BaJ lie stales as well tJ.S additional GenTIan elves Hocked to Pomorya.

With their coming, life returned to the Vill.180 that had become vlrtual ghost towns since the death of the Baltic Sea. The elves brought the gift of life fa d realm thought dead, and their Joyful songs rose above the rooftops»B:LOCK DfiET£1l ZOMp.:::.:::

»>>>[Em)Ugh is enough Must have bean written by an ell.]««<

-Roland von Bremen (lB:37:46/2S-JAN-54)


As a vlslble sign of thel r l ndepenoence. the Pomoryan elves have created a new society from old myths and traditions.

>>>>>[That's one way 01 putting it. You could also say these nostalgia treaks are stealing l1ke magpls!F-8verything down to names and fairy tales.l<<<<<

-Roland von Bremen (1B:38:2212S-JAN-54)

-. - ~

~ - "" - - ~ " .

- ,

>>::>>>[1 thoughl they had already revtallzad It)<<<<<

=Inromaster (07:00:52.1 06-SEP-S4)

»»>[UntOl1unalaly not. They have made life possible agaln, buill' IS nOI yet present.J««<

-Elmnd Silberchlp (07:08:371 '06-SEP-54)

The' ground beneath thelr feet, on the other hand, receives scant attention. W1de areas of Pornorya remain wilderness forsaken by man and elf, lnhablted only by wildlife and pararlOi1T1aJ .101- rnals. Pornorya's elves congregate In sm.all seaside vll.lages and In 'the capital dty of S.1Snitz: most humans Jive In the towns and cnles of Cora (formerly 6ergen) on ROgen Island" Strelasund (formerlyStrillsund). Grelfswald (formerly SWlnou!sc.le), and Vinecil (formerly SwlnemOnde) .

Pomorya's flJllng Duke JaromarGrelf has hIs offldal restdence In the ,""phat. whim 15 on the shores of the BailIe There he presides aver the tiny governIllig coundL.

»»>[Fascinating names, some ot 'tMm. In case anyone Is lnteresteo, OreiKopl means Thrsehaad, Greilswald means Gryphon's Wood, and Greif means Gryphon. Nol sure ifTyminsl<i means anyth ng, but 1i<6nlgsstuhl means Chair cl tne King.]«<.«

-Idle Savanl' (17:42:0S/04-NOV-54)

»»>[Anyone have any more tacrs about these rongears?1««<

-Garamon (04 :28:09f'03-DEC-52)

»»>[A few, all rumors. I can't guarantee fhe truth 01 any 01 it Duke Jaromar is supposedly aco-romantic and a deadly enemy of all sea polluters, Some people claim he's a mage and a priest at the Great Mother. IRatibur ot Gora has a rep as a selfimportanl blabbermouth and poser. Ladislas appears \0 be a talented shaman and a so-called "black elf: His ancestors were supposedly Slnu or Roma, That's gypsies, lor the uninitiated. Kaslmjr Tyminski Is a human sclamrst Irom Poland, and Wralislas of Vinela Is allegedly an ell/en racist who calls himself "Brother 10 the Duks.W]«<<;<

~P(()f, M; (04:55:22J03-DEC-52)

»»>[But no one knows whether thBI 'title denotes a true sibling relationship or is just an honorific. ApaJ1 lrom that. 'Why do you ask. Caramon?)«<<<

-Elrand Silberchip (05:32.:021 03-DEC-52)

»»:>[lNro commenl.]««< -Caramon (05:39:S6I03- DEC-52)

Among the counts. Wriltlslas oWVlneta Is pan.lcula.rly Influential with younger elves and those with a strongly e:lltlsl bent, Hsvlng long viewed [lomery,a s

hurna._n Inh<3lblrants as a thorn In his side. he has recently begun openly advocating thelr eviction wlth the goal of establlshlng a purely elven state. citing TIr na nOg as a precedent.

Pomorya's four remaini"8 towns Me governed by counts, Count Raclbur Drelkopf rules: Gora, Count Lsdlslas runs Srretasund, Count Kaslmlr Tyrnlnskt governs GrelfswaJd. and Count Wratlslas Greif controls Vlnet<'\.

»»>[Tney say he maintains close ties to Tlr na n6g tti(Ollgh discreet channels. One might almost suspect him 01 plotting a COLlp against moderate Jarcmar except t.hat Duke Jarornar is a 'fellow ell .•. J««<

~Elrond Slibarchip (17:55,OO/20-MAY-54.)

Unlike theJr cousins elsewhere In the world. they have eschewed Celtic legends In favor of local Pomorlan traditions. for ~amp!e, [hey creared a new language from Polish and German elements. liberally rnlxed with terms from vartous anclent Slavic dlalecrs. Place names, too. nave largely reverted to ancrent forms. The name Pomorya Itself Is related both to rhe German Pornrnern and the PolIsh Pemorze; "land near the sea: and makes d Rlflflg name for an area so rid, In water and Islands. Indeed, rhe sea lnterests the Pomoryan elves much mere than the land. For them. [he restoration

of the Balrlc Sea's former wealth of llfie Is (hell p:rlmary reason for exlstence.

»»>[His favorite residence is said to be Ihe nearby K6nigsSl.Uhl, a coastal

hilly region that offers a breathtaking view across the Baltic 5ea.]«<<<

-Elrond SlIberch p (09: to:OO/17-DEC-S2)



»»>[Any such action would do a lot 01 damage 10 Pomorya's own interests. An awful 101 01 humans are active In snvlronmental protsciion and biotech research. For example, Count Kasimir Tyminski of Greifswald was once Poland's leading authority on environmentally friendly genetic- 18chnologi95.1««<

-Pro!' M. (18:05:35/20-MAY-54)

So far. howevet.Count Wratl~.lav has not succeeded !n putting hls!ng proposals trne practtce,

>>>:;.::o[lnstead., he vents his spleen with petty chicanery against Polish Ireighters and the nearby cily 01 Szclecin, He once destroyed 500 Ions 01 food because it hadn't been grown organically enough lor his la5Ie,1«<::<<:

=-Prol, M. (22:54:22116-JUL-54j

»>>>rrhe.y have olhar troubles with Poland. Pomorya's official state reUgion is pantheism, combined with the veneration of old local gods. The elves DUiIt a temple at Ka,p Arkona and dedicated it toths g.ods at nature. JUS! the kind of thing Ihal really sets the teeth of the militant Floflsh Catholics on edge.]«<:«

~Elrond Silberchlp (14:S2:23/27-AUG-54)


The Marienbad Councll encornpesses parts of Bavru1a Mid Bohem ta and has one of the IOQ~t Internal structures of all [,uropean natlons, Apan: from the amorphous advisory body referred 1'0 In this Land's name, there exists vlITUJlly nochlng In the way of n.allona! government. According 10 the Treaty of Prague and the German Consdturton of 2045, the Coundl ls a dlem state of both the C:z:ech Republic and che German Alltance, which together represent It dlplornarlcally and malntaln it modicum of Involvement In Its affalrs.

>:»:»[Which means ensurlnp that tha barons ana pauy kings cam gel their grubbyltlt!e hands on missiles. fighter planes, or cybertech.]««<

-Prot. M. (1 B:OO:26/28·AUG·54)

Covemment Within the various eonsrltuenr parts of the Coundl Is entirely the locals' own affair. Currently. [he Ma.rlenbad Councll consists of 8 kingdoms, 4 grand duchles, 4 counties. 7 baronles, 3 republics. 3 clry-states, endone revQlutl.ona,rypeople·s repubuc,

;.>:»>rrwo days ago, the people's republic was Ihe Empire 01 MarktredwUz, .. ]««<

-Pro'. M. (19:.35:21f23·MAR·S4)

VITAL ST A nsncs P(]puladon: 80,000 (approx.) Human; 46%

[In 2%

Dwa_rf~ 2.4%

Ork~ 10%.

Troll: 1.4%

Other: 4%

Per Capita Inrcome: f.C 14.000 Below Poverty Level! 67% M.ega.corpora.te A'ffUladon: 19'tb E.ducatlom

High Scheel Equlvalenc;y~ 12% University Equivalency: 3%

A ferocious desl re for Independence Is the only thing tha! unnes this small nation. Wars. coups, and: ralds are such common occurrences that the caretaker governments In Prague and Hannover cannot spare the lime to pur a. swift end to ~he constant conflkt, The cornblnatlon of the Coundl's pam tea I dls.array and Its locatton on lhe borders ofThurl ngla. Franconia. and BohemIa has made It the center for smuggling magical products I nro Germany.

:»:»>IJusl watch 01.11, chummer; step 011 a toresttrack on the wrong side, and you may land in the middle el a bloody bordel' war thai would put any gang war in the Ruhr sprawl to shams.I««<

-DecKjack (22 :00:00/0 i -OCT-54)

A [eke In the newsmag.ulne Der SpIegel described the Man en bad CounCil as,,,, tolerant nation Inhabited by Intolerant people.' Though amusing, the quip Is less t"an accurate. The bloody vendettas between 2.5 rulers have little to do with race and eve:ryt;hl:ng to do wIth the I ust for power. The Council consists of 9 human. B rrell, 5 ark, 2 dwarf, and I elfruler who fight eil(;h other constantly over money, territory. and resources wtlhou t resorting to fadaJ preludlce as a rallying ery.Jn tact. the Mar1enbad Council


- -