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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh

Time: 45 Minutes

Open Competition Written Examination

Level: 5
Service: Technical

Part 1, Objective Questions

Select the correct answer and write in answer sheet. (50 x 1 = 50)
1. Sped of Printer is measured in

7. Which of the following is fastest

a. FPM


b. PPM

a. DVD

c. CPI

b. Hard Disk

d. MPI

c. RAM
d. Cache

2. Joystick is . kind of device

a. input

8. 10 Seconds is equal to

b. output

a. 100 milli-sec

c. processing

b. 0.001 milli-sec

d. storage

c. 1000 milli-sec
d. 10000 milli-sec

3. Abbreviation CAD stands for

a. Computer Aided Definition

9. POST stands for

b. Calculator Aided Design

a. Public Outlay Software Test

c. Computerized At Destruction

b. Power Outage Survival tool

d. Computer Aided Design

c. Peripheral Output Standard Terminal

d. Power on Self Test

4. In display unit the ratio 1024 x

800 is known as

10. Highest Speed Network Media

a. Aspect Ratio


b. PPM

a. Satellite

c. DPI

b. Microwave

d. BIT

c. Optical Fiber
d. CAT6

5. ASCI value of character 'a' is

a. 95

11. An IP address in IP v4 is of

b. 96

a. 2 bytes

c. 97

b. 3 bytes

d. 98

c. 4 bytes
d. 6 bytes

6. Which of the following is not the

part of the CPU?

12. Which of the following

a. Arithmetic Logical Unit

statement regarding the optical

b. Control Unit

fiber is false

c. Hard Disk

a. It is less prone to interference than copper wires

d. Cache Memory

b. It can transmit data to a longer distance than

copper wires

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c. It is cheaper than copper wire

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d. It can support more band-width than copper wire

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

13. The default subnet mask for the

19. Which command is used to

Class 3 networks

display a list of deleted files that


DOS can undelete


a. Undelete *.*


b. Undelete/list


c. Undelete/all
d. None of the above

14. Which command is used to copy


20. Which feature of MS Word

a. copy

enables to send the same letter to

b. type

different persons?

c. ren

a. macros

d. diskcopy

b. mail merge
c. template

15. To copy the hidden system files

d. none

of DOS to another disk, you can use

the command

21. Which of the following is not a

a. Copy

font style?

b. Sys

a. bold

c. Ren

b. regular

d. Diskcopy

c. italics
d. superscript

16. Which command is used to

confirm before deleting the
a. Deltree
b. Del *.*/p
c. Deltree/f
d. Erase *.*

change margins?
a. Formatting toolbar
b. standard toolbar
c. page setup dialog box
d. paragraph dialog box

17. Which is the best tool for fixing

23. What is the shortcut key to

errors on disk?

display field codes?

a. fdisk

a. Alt+F9

b. chkdsk

b. Shift+F9

c. scandisk

c. Ctrl+F9

d. fixdisk

d. Space+F9

18. What is the name of the batch

file that automatically runs when
MSDOS is booted?
a. run.bat
b. config.bat
c. config.sys
d. autoexec.bat

22. Which of the following is used to

24. What is placed to the left of

horizontal scroll bar
a. Tab stop buttons
b. Split buttons
c. View buttons
d. indicators

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

25. What is the maximum number

31. Which of the following is not

of lines set for "lines to drop box"?

available in Font spacing?

a. 3

a. Normal

b. 10

b. Condensed

c. 5

c. Loosely

d. 15

d. Expanded

26. What is the shortcut key for

32. Which feature is used to create a

"Find and Replace" dialog box?

newspaper like document?

a. Ctrl + F

a. Bullets & Numbering

b. Ctrl + R

b. Columns

c. Ctrl + H

c. Tables

d. Ctrl+Shift+F

d. Tap Stops

27. What is the shortcut key to

"Superscript" the selected text?
a. Ctrl + =
b. Ctrl + Shift + =
c. Ctrl + d. Ctrl + shift + -

28. By default, document in MS

Word prints with
a. 1 inch top margin
b. 1. Inch bottom margins
c. A portrait orientation
d. All of above

33. Which of the following is an

absolute cell reference?
a. $A$1
b. #A$1
c. &A1$
d. #A1#

34. Getting data from a cell located

in a different sheet is called
a. Accessing
b. referencing
c. Updating
d. Functioning

29. What is the shortcut key for

spelling check in documents?
a. F7
b. Ctrl+F7
c. Shift+F7
d. Alt+F7
30. What is gutter margin?

35. The number of rows in a

worksheet of Excel 2003 is
a. 36500
b. 65536
c. 64536
d. None of above

a. Margin that is added to the left margin

when printing

36. Multiple Calculations can be

b. Margin that is added to the binding

made in a single formula using:

side of page when printing

a. Standard Formula

c. Margin that is added to the right

b. Complex Formula

margin when printing

c. Array Formula

d. Margin that is added to the outside of

d. Smart Formula

the page when printing

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

37. is used to select multiple non-

43. Which of the following is the

adjacent cell in a worksheet

property of Primary key?

a. CTRL key

a. Duplicate

b. Shift key

b. Unique

c. Alt key

c. Pictorial

d. Tab key

d. Limited

38. Conditional count can be

performed using
a. countif
b. ifcount
c. countiff
d. iffcount

44. Technique of displaying only

those records that meet the defined
criteria is known as
a. Selecting
b. Filtering
c. Separating
d. Differentiating

39. Charts in worksheet itself is

45. Data Definition Language (DDL)

known as


a. Embedded chart

a. Creating Table

b. Inserted chart

b. Select Query

c. Implied chart

c. Data Insert

d. Overlapping chart

d. All of above

40. Invalid Formula category in

46. A data manipulation command


that combines the records from one

a. Conditional

or more table is called

b. Statistical


c. Graphical


d. Financial


41. What is the output of the text

function =MID("regression", 3,2)?
a. gre

47. What is the maximum number

of slides that can be printed in a

b. egr

a. 4

c. re

b. 6

d. gr

c. 9

42. The technique which defines a

d. 12

set of values acceptable for the field

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is known as

48. What is the shortcut key to add a

a. verification

new slide in a presentation

b. acceptance

a. Crl+N

c. validation

b. Ctrl + P

d. setting

c. Ctrl + M
d. Ctrl + O

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

49. The arrangement of elements

50. What function key is used for

such as Title and subtitle Text,

slide show

pictures, tables etc. is called

a. F3

a. layout

b. F6

b. Presentation

c. F4

c. Design

d. F5

d. Scheme
The End

Correct Answers
111 21 31 41 -


212 22 32 42 -


313 23 33 43 -


414 24 34 44 -


515 25 35 45 -


616 26 36 46 -


717 27 37 47 -


818 28 38 48 -


919 29 39 49 -


10 20 30 40 50 -



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Printer speed matters on how many characters it can print in a minute or for faster printers,
how many pages it can print in a minute. Thus, b. PPM (Page per Minute) is the correct


Joysticks are cursor control devices like mouse that are used in gaming. It sends instructions to
the computer so that user can instruct movements and clicks on the screen. Thus, it is an
input device.


The full form of CAD is computer aided design. It is the use of computer systems to aid in the
creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. If you work in the architecture,
MEP, or structural engineering fields, youve probably used 2D or 3D CAD programs. These
programs can help you explore design ideas, visualize concepts through photorealistic
renderings, and simulate how a design will perform in the real world. AutoCAD software was
the first CAD program, and it is still the most widely used CAD application.


The ratio mentioning horizontal pixels by vertical pixels such as 1024 x 800 is known as aspect
ratio. PPM Page per minute, DPI Dots per inch and BIT Binary digits are completely
irrelevant to the context. Thus, option a. Aspect Ratio is the correct answer.


In ASCII table, the character 'a' is coded as 65. Please refer to for complete ASCII codes.


Central Processing Unit comprises to the control unit, arithmetic and logical unit and memory
unit. But the option c. Hard Disk is a secondary storage device or the backup storage device.
Thus it is not within CPU in computer architecture.


Among the given options, DVD, Hard Disk, RAM and Cache, the option d. Cache is the fastest
memory. DVD is the slowest and Hard Disks are slower than RAM. Between RAM and Cache
the later is faster. RAM are not fast enough to cope up the speed of processors. To meet the
speed requirement a small high speed memory is placed in between RAM and Processor so
that the RAM and Cache combined can serve processor speed.


In one second there are 1000 milliseconds. So, in 10 seconds there are 10 x 1000 = 10000


POST stands for Power on Self Test. POST is a process in booting that checks every devices
connected to find if they are in working condition or not. If it finds any device not working, it
will report the error; otherwise proceed to load system files so that computer gets booted.

10. Usually bound transmission media are faster than the unbound ones. Satellite is slower as it's
nature. Microwave are faster than satellite connection but can't surpass the cables. Cat6
cables are much faster and popular in local area networks. But Optical fiber cables are the
fastest as it uses the light technology rather than electricity. In Fiber Optics, the photons (light

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

pulses) travel to represent data while in others it is the electrons. As you know light travels
much faster than electricity.
11. IP Address in version 4 such as comprises of 32 bits or 4 octets (each one
separated by a dot) which means 4 bytes. So option c. 4 Bytes is correct answer.
12. Optical fiber contains a glass tube covered with protective cover. Because the light pulses
travel in fiber optics, it is less prone to EMI (electro-magnetic interference). Obviously it can
transmit to longer distance and can offer much more bandwidth when compared with copper
wires. But the cable and other required equipments for fiber optics are much more expensive.
Thus, option c. is correct answer for this question.
13. For Class C networks or Class 3 networks first 3 octets (first 24 bits) are allocated to represent
network while the last octet represents the host (PC or network device). Thus the default
subnet mask for class 3 network is
Subnet mask is for class A network
Subnet mask is for Class B network
Subnet mask is for class C network

In DOS we use 'copy' command to copy files. Type command is used to display the contents of
a file. REN command changes the name of file (rename). DISKCOPY is to copy entire disks and
create a duplicate disk.

15. Copying hidden system files to another disk means we need to create a boot disk or we need
to transfer system files to the new disk and for that the command required is SYS. Thus option
b. sys is the correct answer. COPY command is to copy files not the hidden system files. REN
command is the rename a file. DISKCOPY is to create the duplicate disk. Diskcopy will copy
everything not only the hidden system files.
16. Because we require to delete the directory, option b. Del and option e. Erase are invalid. The
option c. Deltree has /f option with it which is to delete files. Thus option a. Deltree is correct
17. The given option a. FDISK is used to partition disks not to check and fix errors. We don't have
any command like FIXDISK as in option d. Between option b. CHECKDISK and option c.
SCANDISK, I'll choose SCANDISK as correct answer. Though newer version of Windows
supports chkdsk command and they are much improved but the question contains scandisk as
an option so, it's an old question.
18. There is no file in DOS named run.bat and config.bat. So option a & b are invalid. Config.sys
file contains the configuration details that are loaded after the booting. Autoexec.bat is a
program file in DOS that runs automatically when computer is booted. Thus option d.
Autoexec.bat is the correct answer.
19. Undelete/all is the command that lists all files that are deleted. Option 'a' and option 'c' will
try to recover all the files.
20. Macros are the small programs in Office applications to automate repeating tasks. Templates
are stored content and formats so that you can create frequently required objects quickly.
Mail Merge is the process of merging the data source with main document so that you can
send same letter to multiple recipients at once. Thus, option b. mail merge is the correct
21. Superscript is not font style. It is font effect. Regular, Bold and Italics are the font styles.
22. Page Setup dialog box contains options for changing margins. Thus Option 'c' is the correct
23. In MS Word, Ctrl+F9 is used to insert field code. Alt+F9 toggles the field code or field value. F9
key updates the fields. Shift+F9 display the field code of selected field only. So, option a.
Alt+F9 is the correct answer.

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24. Tab stop buttons are on the left of horizontal ruler. Split buttons are on the top of vertical
scroll bar and to the right of horizontal scroll bar. View buttons are to the left of horizontal
scroll bar and Indicators are on the status bar. So, option c. View buttons is the correct

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

25. Go to Format Dropcap menu and in the Dropcap dialog box choose Dropped preset then
increase the 'lines to drop' spinner box. The maximum number you can select there is 10. Thus
option b. 10 is the correct answer.
26. Ctrl + H displays the find and replace dialog box. Ctrl +F is for Find. Ctrl + R aligns paragraph to
the right. Ctrl+Shift+F opens Fonts dialog box. So, option c. Ctrl+H is the correct answer.
27. You can select the character and then press Ctrl+Shift+= to superscript it. So option b. is the
correct answer.
28. By default MS Word has 1 inch top margin, 1 inch bottom margin and portrait in orientation.
Thus all of above is the correct answer.
29. F7 key is used to check spelling errors. Alt +F7 opens spelling & grammar context menu.
Shift+F7 opens thesaurus. Thus option a. F7 is the correct answer.
30. Gutter margin is the extra space specified for binding purpose. It can be on the left, right, top
or bottom depending upon the orientation and whether single or both face printing. So, for
easy understanding, gutter is margin that is added to the binding side of a page when printing.
31. Normal, Expanded and Condensed are the options available for character spacing in Font
dialog box. So option c. Loosely is not available.
32. Columns are generally of two types, newspaper style and parallel. For parallel style columns
we can use Table in MS Word. And for newspaper style column we have Columns command.
So option 'b' is correct for this question.
33. If both the column name and row number of a cell reference are fixed, it is known as absolute
reference. To indicate the column name or row number can't change, we use $ symbol before
the name or number. For example $A$1. So it is option 'a' correct!
34. Accessing is acquiring reach up to the required place. Referencing means point to some object
in another place (you know cell references, don't you?). Updating is to change value to reflect
present context. Functioning probably means operating. Among the given options b.
Referencing is the correct answer.
35. Though the number of available rows in 2007 and later are increased significantly, however, in
Excel 2003, we have only 65636 (it's a special number isn't it? Do you know why 2^16 is
36. Array formula allows you to perform multiple calculations in a single cell. So option c. Array
Formula is the correct answer.
37. Simply dragging can select adjacent cells in Excel. But if you need to select multiple nonadjecent cells, you can hold CTRL key and click/drag the required cells.
38. In excel we have =COUNTIF() function that counts based on condition specified. Thus, option
'a' is the correct answer.
39. You can create a chart in separate sheet known as chart sheets. However if you prefer to
embed the chart in worksheet itself, you can use embedded chart.
40. In Excel we have Conditional functions (IF, COUNTIF etc.), Statistical Functions (MAX, MIN,
AVEREAGE etc.), Financial Functions (PV, FV, PMT etc.) but there's no Graphical functions. So,
option 'c' is correct answer.
41. MID() is a text function that extracts from specified character position (first argument) the
specified number of characters (the second argument). So in question =mid("regression",3,2),
it needs to extract 2 characters from 3rd position. Thus the result will be 'gr'
42. Data validation is the technique that defines a set of values acceptable for the field.
Verification is to check whether the given data is suitable or not. Acceptance is to receive
given data. Setting is the configuration values. So, option 'c' is correct answer.
43. Values in Primary key field must be unique. Thus, obviously option 'b' is correct answer.
44. Selecting simply means select the cells to perform some action. Filtering is to display only
those records that meet the specified criteria. Separating and Differentiating is not any
technical term in spreadsheet calculation.

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Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Examination, EPF

45. Commands for selecting, inserting, deleting or altering data records are Data Manipulation
commands, while creating tables, queries, forms or reports are Data Definition Commands.
From among the given options, creating tables is DDL.
46. In SQL we have JOIN command which is used to combine the records from one or more table.
Thus, option 'c' is correct answer.
47. You can print upto 9 slides per page in PowerPoint
48. Because Ctrl+N creates a new presentation file, PowerPoint has given Ctrl+M to create new
slide in existing presentation.
49. Other options are invalid. Layout is the arrangement of elements such as Title and Subtitle
Text, Pictures, Tables etc.
50. Hahahaaa this appears to be default question from PowerPoint in every exam. F5 key is used
to start a slide show!

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