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April 26-29, 2010

Dear Families,
We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Remember NO PRESCHOOL Wednesday (early
release day). We will continue with our insect/spider unit this week. They’ve really gotten into this unit
and love our big insects hanging from our ceiling. We’ve been working on understanding why a spider is
not considered an insect (spider has 8 legs and insect has 6). Through the activities we’ll be working on
counting, sorting into categories, writing/drawing, and patterning. This week we will be predicting foods
we think ants might like and conducting an experiment to test our guesses. We loved the family Earth
Day projects that were sent in. What creative ideas. We’ve been able to display them in one of the cases
in the great hall. If you still want to do one, we can add it to the collection. They also had a lot of fun
making a class sculpture out of recycled materials. Both were unique and each got to have their input in
the design. They are on display outside of our classroom, so be sure to check them out.
Kindergarten Registration:
We sent home registration packets. Just fill out the information and send it back to
school. Also, you do not have to resubmit your child’s birth certificate, social security card, eye
exam, physical, and immunization (as long as everything is up to date). This year a dental exam
will be required. As soon as Ms. Mary goes through paperwork again she will be sending home a
form to let you know if we’re still missing anything or if paperwork has expired.
We are working with the kindergarten teachers to schedule visits. Those going to
kindergarten will get to visit each class and see several different parts of their day to get an idea
of what kindergarten will be like.
Important Dates:
April 28th- NO PRESCHOOL (early release day)
May 18th- NO SCHOOL (election day)
May 28th and June 4th- Preschool screening (don’t have to rescreen your child if
June 8th- Last Day of Preschool

Have a great week!

Ms. Sara, Ms. Mary and Ms. Teresa 

*Please remember to return your library book.

• My email address is
• I will be posting newsletters on the blog again so make sure to check it out
April 26-29, 2010
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Arts and Collage Free choice NO Cutting out

Humanities (finish coffee PRESCHOOL circles to
filter butterflies) decorate and
make one big
Language Boggle Jr. (spelling Bug names with Lacing alphabet
Arts/Fine words with word magnetic letters beads/insect
cards and letter
Motor dice)
Math Snake pattern Shape Counting
match/simple ants/insect sort
Science/Social Weigh insects Measure objects Predict foods ants
Studies will eat/weigh
ants and food

Small Group HWT build and Finish HWT Ant experiment

write letter X
Circle Time Very Hungry Very Hungry 10 Little Ladybugs
Caterpillar Caterpillar “Bringing Home a
“Fuzzy Caterpillar” “Fuzzy Baby Bumblebee”
Enrichment Day 1:PE Day 2:Art Day 3: Music Day 4: Library
Dramatic Play: Housekeeping, Blocks: General, Sensory Table: split peas and transportation vehicles,
Easel: paint

Kentucky Early Childhood Standards (goals we will focus on through activities above)

Arts & Humanities: 1.2 Develops skills in appreciation of dance

Language Arts: 3.3 Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet; 3.4 Demonstrates emergent
phonemic/phonological awareness; 4.3 Explores physical aspects of writing
Health Education: 1.4 Shows a sense of purpose (future hopefulness)
Math: 1.1 Demonstrates an understanding of numbers and counting
Physical Education: 1.4 Performs a sequence of several motor skills with control and balance
Science: 1.3 Uses a variety of tools to explore the environment; 1.4 Collects, describes, records,
information through a variety of means