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According to: n conformitate cu

According to the knowledge: Dup cunotina

Accordingly: n consecin
Account: Bilan
Act of God: Caz de for major
Added value: Tax pe valoare adugat
Ad-hoc committee: Comisie special
Advisory body: Comisie consultativ
Aforegoing: Precedent
Aforementioned, aforesaid: Mai sus mentionat
After receipt: Dup primirea
Aknowledged and agreed to: Citit i aprobat
Annex, schedule: Anex
Appendix/schedule hereto: Anexa alturat
Applicant: Petiionar
Arising out of or
resulting from: Care rezult din sau sunt provocate de
As (uzitat in contracte): Care
As aforesaid: Dup cum s-a prevzut mai sus
As may be appropriate/
As the case may be: Dup cum este cazul
As may be required: Care ar putea fi cerut/solicitat
As provided: Dup cum este prevzut
As specified above: Cum este specificat mai sus
As stated below: Dup cum se precizeaz mai jos
Assessment: Impozit
Assignement: Cedarea contractului
At the expense and
liability of: Cu cheltuiala i pe rspunderea
At the latest: Cel trziu
At which time: La sfritul cruia
Beforehand: n prealabil
Beyond the control: Independent de voina
Bid bond: Garanie de plat
Binding: Obligatorie
Binding agreement: Acord prin care prile se oblig/
Acord care oblig prile
Breach of contract: nclcare a contractului
By mutual agreement/consent: De comun acord
By reason of: Din cauza
By the term: Conform condiiilor
By virtue of: n virtutea
By way of advance: Cu titlu de avans
Call for tender: Cerere de ofert
Claim: Reclamaie
Claim for damages: Pretenie de despgubiri
Claim for refund/
reimbursment: Cerere de rambursare
Coming within the terms: Care intr sub incidena prevederilor
Commencement: Intrare n vigoare (ca titlu n cadrul contractului)
Contingencies: Cheltuieli diverse
Contingency: Eveniment neprevzut
Contracting parties: Pri contractante

Contractual warranties: Garanii contractuale

Counterpart: Duplicat, copie
Damage to property: Pagub material
Damaged property: Bunuri prejudiciate
Delayed performance: Executare cu ntrziere
Depending on: n funcie de
Disclaim all responsibility: A declina orice rspundere
Doesnt comply with
the provisions specified: Nu respect prevederile specificate
Draft agreement: Proiect de contract
Duly: Corespunztor
Duly paid: Pltit la timp
During the term of
the contract: Pe durata contractului
Effective date: Data intrrii n vigoare
Entertainment cost: Tax de reprezentare
Entrust with: A ncredina o sarcin
Estimate: Deviz
Except as otherwise specified: Dac nu s-a specificat altfel
Execution of the contract: Semnarea contractului
Exemption: Scutire
Expressly: n mod explicit
Extension of warranty: Prelungirea perioadei de garanie
For any purpose: n orice scop
For the account of: Pe socoteala
For the purpose: n scopul
For the term specified: n intervalul de timp precizat
Foregoing: Anterior (mentionat, precedent)
Freight charges: Taxe de expediere
Friendly accomodation: Reglementare pe cale amiabil
Gross wage: Salariu brut
Groundless: Nejustificat, fr temei
Hereinafter called/
Hereinafter referred to as: Denumit mai departe/n cele ce urmeaz
Hereunder: De mai jos, tot aici
If agreed upon by
the parties: Dac s-a convenit de ctre pri
If any: Dac este cazul
If requested: La cererea
If so required: Dac se solicit astfel
Implicit agreement: Acord tacit

In accordance with,
consistent with,
pursuant to,
complying with,
according to: Conform cu/n conformitate cu
In behalf of: n folosul
In case of default: n caz de nendeplinire
In compliance with,
in accordance with: n conformitate cu
In connection therewith or
related thereto: n legtur cu acesta sau care se raporteaz la acesta
In due course (of time): n timp util
In due time: n timp util
In excess of: Care depete
In force: n vigoare
In observance thereof: Prin respectarea acesteia
In proportion to: n proporie de
In respect of: Pentru, ca i
In so far as: n msura n care
In this respect: n aceast privin
In witness whereof: Atestnd aceasta
Including but not limited/
restricted to: Incluznd dar fr a se limita la
Income: Venit
Incurred by reason of: Angajate/rezultate din cauza
Indemnify: A despgubi
Infringement: nclcare
Insurance policy: Poli de asigurare
Inter alia: ntre altele
It has been agreed as follows: S-a convenit dup cum urmeaz
It pertains/refers to ...: Face referire la
It reserves the right to: i rezerv dreptul de a
Late charges: Daune moratorii
Legal expenses: Cheltuieli judiciare
Legal person: Persoan juridic
Licence agreement: Acord de licen
Limitation of liability: Limitarea rspunderii
Limited liability company: Societate cu rspundere limitat
Limits of liability: Limita responsabilitilor
Mai jos, mai departe, tot aici: Hereunder
Maturity: Scaden
Misconduct: Comportament inadecvat
Notwithstanding: Desi, cu toate c, n ciuda
Of no effect/null and void: Nul i neavenit
On account of: Pe baza
On or before: Cel mai trziu
On terms and conditions: n condiiile

On the condition that/

provided that: Cu condiia ca
On the premises: n incinta
On time: La timp
Patent infringement: nclcarea dreptului de brevet
Performance bond: Garanie de executare
Performance of ontract: Executarea contractului
Pledge: Gaj, garanie
Power of attorney: mputernicire
Prerequisite (for): Conditie necesar
Prior written permission: Acord scris prealabil
Proper and timely performance: Executare corespunztoare i la timp
Property damage: Pagube materiale
Proprietary: Proprietar, aparinnd
Proprietary right: Drept de proprietate
Provided for by the law: Prevzut de lege
Proxy: mputernicit, mandatar
Purchase: agreement Contract de cumprare
Purpose of contract: Obiectul contractului
Reasonably: n mod rezonabil
Regardless of: Fr a ine seama/cont de
Remedy: Despgubire
Remittance: Plat
Report, proceedings, minute: Proces verbal
Requirements, specifications: Caiet de sarcini
Revenue laws: Legislaie fiscal
Said: Numit
Scope of contract: Acoperirea contractului
Sealed tender: Ofert nchis
Settlement of disputes: Reglementarea litigiilor
Several liability: Rspundere comun
Shall remain in force: Rmne n vigoare
Shall survive after
termination: Va rmne n vigoare dup reziliere
Shippment: Expediere
Sole liability: Rspundere unic
Specifications herein: Specificaii incluse aici
Subject of contract: Subiectul contractului
Subsequent to: Ulterior
Surety: Garant
Term: Durata contractului
Term of payment: Termen de plat
Termination charges: Taxe de reziliere
Terms of payment: Condiii de plat
The agreement has been
concluded by and between: Contractul a fost ncheiat de ctre i ntre
The agreement shall be effective Contractul va intra n vigoare

The clause shall be

binding on either party: Clauza este obligatorie pentru fiecare dintre cele dou
The contract shall be
submitted in English: Contractul va fi prezentat n engleza
The obligation to ...
... shall not be waived: Obligaia de a ... nu va nceta
The sums exceeds the value of ... Suma depete valoarea ...
The terms of the contract
are to be construed: Condiiile contractului vor trebui interpretate
The use thereof: Utilizarea acestuia
Therefore: n consecint, drept urmare
This agreement made
this 3rd of october 2000: Prezentul contract ncheiat la 3 octombrie 2000
This contract has as purpose: Prezentul contract are ca obiect
Throughout the period: Pe ntreaga perioad
To accomodate a dispute: A reglementa un diferend
To aknowledge: A conveni
To attach/to annex: A anexa
To be bound to: A fi obligat s
To be entitled to: A avea dreptul sa
To be responsible for: A rspunde de
To be subject to: A se supune
To bear the costs of: A suporta costurile
To break a contract: A rupe un contract
To come within
the jurisdiction of: A fi de competena
To comply with: A se conforma
To construe: A interpreta
To convene: A convoca
To countersign: A viza, a contrasemna
To damage: A prejudicia
To deem: A considera
To defer: A amna
To discharge ones obligations: A-i executa obligaiile
To disclaim a right, to waive: A renuna la un drept
To enter into/
conclude an agreement/
to strike a bargain: A ncheia un acord/A ncheia un contract
To execute a contract: A semna un contract
To execute a deed: A semna un act
To forfeit a right: A pierde un drept
To fulfil an agreement: A executa un contract
To hold harmless: A scuti de rspundere
To infringe: A nclca
To perform ones obligations: A-i ndeplini obligatiile
To procure sth. for sb.: A sigura pe cineva cu
To ship: A expedia
To such an extent: ntr-o asemenea msur
To supersede: A anula, a nlocui
To tender: A prezenta o ofert
To terminate: A rezilia
To terminate a contract/
an agreement: A rezilia un contract
To the extant that: n msura n care
To undertake to: A se angaja s
To undertake to: A se angaja (s)
Tort: Prejudiciu
Turnover: Cifr de afaceri

Ulterior: Thereafter
Under 1. Above: La pct. 1 de mai sus
Under penalty of: Sub pedeapsa
Under rules/provisions: Conform regulilor/prevederilor
Under the contract: Conform contractului
Undersigned: Subsemnat
Undertaking: Angajament
Unless otherwise stipulated: Dac nu se stipuleaz altfel
Unless parties mutually
agree otherwise: Dac prile nu convin de comun acord altfel
Upon delivery: La livrare
Upon receipt: La primirea
Upon request: La cererea
Upon submission: La prezentarea
Utilities: Servicii publice
Void contract: Contract nul
Voidable contract: Contract anulabil
Waiver: Renunarea la un drept
Whatsoever: Oricare ar fi acesta/aceasta
When appropriate: Dac este necesar
Whereas: Dat fiind c, ntruct, n timp ce
Whereby: Prin care
Wherein: n privina creia
Whether: Dac/indiferent dac
Which is not deemed excusable: Care nu poate fi considerat scuzabil
With one consent: n unanimitate
With respect to: n ceea ce privete
With/without prior
written consent: Cu/fr acord scris prealabil