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Disadvantages of Using Internet Among University Student Malaysia

Jackson (2005) state that internet refers to the world wide connection of computer
network that allow a user to access information located anywhere else on the network. In less
than the decade, the internet has evolved from a technically curiosity to a major influence on
nearly aspect of life. The internet has become social force, influencing how, when, and why
people communication. In developed countries, the internet has truly become a fixture of
everyday life. No longer early the domain of technically advance Greek the internet has, for
many become an indispensable tool for commerce, research, communication and leisure.
However, there are several disadvantages of using the internet in our daily life, especially
among university students in Malaysia. Wasting time, less concentration in study and addiction
are therefore, the disadvantages of using the internet.
Firstly, one of the disadvantages of using internet among the university students in
Malaysia is wasting time. For an example internet is non-productive time waster (Conner, 2011).
Usually students start surfing and realize more time has passed then they think all the
information about their study is on the internet. So they do not go to classes. In addition, internet
keeps students from the things they want to do or goals (Alderman, 2011). Commonly students
tend to do last minutes habits when doing works or assignment. Besides, this habit also makes
students works or assignments are less perfect. So they will submit their works late and
tendency to score low grades are increases (George Mason University, n.d).
Secondly, another disadvantage of using the internet among the university students is
making them less concentrate in their study Weimer (2014 as cited in Kuznekoff, 2013).For
those who are usually using the social networks such as facebook, whatsapp and others, their
studies are slightly disturbed. The simplest example for this problem is students commonly
interrupted by incoming e-mails or messages. Thus, they like to reply the massage instantly.
Hence, the concentration levels on their studies are decreasing. Furthermore, internet lead
students obsess to the online gaming. Usually, the online gaming is one of the ways for students
to release stress and enjoy for a moment. In contrast, online gaming will lower down their
productivity spirit. Tendency to feel lazy and tired when study are some of the result playing
online gaming to long.

Last but not least, the disadvantages of using internet among university students is
make them addicted to it. When students got addicted to internet, later on it will cause many
problems with their social interactions. One of the example, they feel more comfortable with
their online friends compare to the real life one (Siew, 2010). They cannot stop playing games,
gambling or compulsively checking smart phone are some of the symptoms addiction to the
internet was occur. A part from that, internet also lead students in cybersex addiction (Internet
Addiction and Relationship, n.d.). For an example, using adult chatroom mostly gives negative
impact on students real life relationship. This virtual chatroom also makes students like to
cheating and slowly they try to practice it on their real life.
In conclusion, Malaysian university students need to built strong individual self-esteem,
high in discipline and they should create time management to prevent wasting time, less
concentration in study and addiction are therefore, significantly the disadvantages of using the
internet among university students.

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