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Name: Brendan Birch (Japanese: Yki Odamaki)

Age: 13
Occupation: Pokemon National Champion Entrepreneur
Voice Actors:
English - Sean Schemell (4KidsCo & Pokemon TV)
Japanese - Natsuki Hanae

Pokemon in Party (In X&Y anime):

Swampert (Japanese: Laglarge)
Vivilion (Japanese: Viviyon)
Gallade (Japanese: Erureido)
Feraligatr (Japanese: Ordile)
Breloom (Japanese: Kinogassa)
Rhyperior (Japanese: Dosidon)

Pokemon gifted to Ash:

Noibat (Japanese: Onbat)

Notes (About his Pokemon Party): He got the Vivilion after helping Ash and others
rescue it from the poachers in a Pokemon episode, the Gallade was given to him by
the Pokemon Champion as a thank you gift for Brendan's first battle with the
champion and on his first try, able to maneuver all the attacks from Gardevoir, the
Feraligatr was all the way from Johto, during Brendan's journey alone in the Johto,
when his Swampert was still a Mudkip that time and the Noibat is from a egg, which
Brendan paid more attention to it, and it also became attached to Ash, it resided
more to Brendan. At the moment, Noibat has been left in the care for Ash, after
escaping from the clutches of Team Flare in the Terminus Cave. After recent mishaps
concerning him and his power, as well as protecting the new species of Pokemon,
known as Zygarde, he lets the Pokemon travel with him to places, under Brendan's
care, until Team Flare is done for. Until Episode 10 when both decided to return to
the team, but until Episode 15, Brendan gifts Noibat to him, telling him he can be a

better trainer for him, he also didn't let Zygarde travel with him, he left it in the care
of Bonnie, as he left his Swampert on his own with the party, as Brendan trains
alone, trying to get stronger. Also, Rhyperior appears soon... At one point, Brendan
caught it when he was training alone...)

Brendan Birch, is the son of Professor Birch, a professor now currently living in the
HOENN region in a small town known as Littleroot, but in the past, Brendan was
born in the KANTO region, and Prof. Birch was currently a lab assistant to Prof. Oak
(The Professor of the KANTO region). Brendan was living a happy life in observing
Pokemon and seeing them fight, and when he saw the Pokemon champion of the
Kanto Region (Not Gary), he dreamed of one day becoming the Pokemon Champion.
When he was 7 years old, his father, Prof. Birch had gotten a new job in the Hoenn
region, to research new Pokemon, so they were to move to the Hoenn region, but
Brendan did not want to go, and the family was troubled for letting Brendan stay
alone, so Prof. Oak, on the day of departure suggested them to leave Brendan under
his care, the family agreed and Brendan vowed to see him again one day. The family
departed and Brendan stayed with Prof. Oak, helping in research.

When Brendan reached the age of 11, he felt it was time to become a Pokemon
Trainer and to fulfill his dream. It was also the same time Ash was ready to become
a Pokemon Trainer so he could become a Pokemon Master. He went to Prof. Oak to
choose his first Pokemon, but he wasn't able to pick the 3 Pokemon starters because
Prof. Oak felt they were not yet up to Brendan's standards, so as a compromise,
Prof. Oak decided to send out a special Pokemon sent by Brendan's father, and that
Pokemon, was Mudkip. (There were two Mudkips found by Prof. Birch in the Hoenn
region, so he sent one to Prof. Oak in case his son wants to use this Pokemon). At
first, Mudkip didn't want to listen to Brendan and so Brendan decided to use a
strategy where instead of battling, he traveled with it and groomed it day by day,
when he reached Viridian City, there was an attack on the city caused by a swarm of
Beedrill (This is before they attacked Ash), the Beedrill tried to attack Mudkip but
Brendan stepped in to protect them and taking the damage, Mudkip looking in
amazement that he was trying to protect him, that's when Mudkip decided to obey
and he used Water Gun to sweep them away, then under Brendan's command, he
helped save the town by getting the Beedrill away (Right in Ash's direction during
his bike journey, oops!) After the town was saved, Brendan bonded very well with
his Mudkip and from that day on, they became an unstoppable force.

Enter Episode 78-80 (We're not having Richie in the anime, sorry man! ^^) where

the Indigo League was taking place, Brendan was taking part in the competition,
and during then, he had a team consisting of:

Pokemon Team in Indigo League:

Mudkip (Brendan placed an everstone on Mudkip so he doesn't evolve)
Blastoise (He caught a wild Squirtle in the same place Ash caught his Squirtle only
Brendan was there before him)

And that was when for the first time, Brendan met Ash Ketchum, and the first thing
Ash noticed was his partner Pokemon, Mudkip. And then on one occasion, Team
Rocket tries to steal Ash's Pikachu and Brendan's Mudkip but thanks to both of
them, they prevent it from happening. After they met, Ash promised that Brendan
will have the best battle of his life. And to pure luck, Ash finds out that he is versing
Brendan in the 5th round. So when Ash was ready to battle Brendan, Team Rocket
kidnapped Ash in another attempt to steal Pikachu and to prevent him from
participating in the 5th round, but Ash didn't want to break the promise, so Ash
manages to escape and he manages to compete in the battle. But during the
onslaught of the fight, Ash's Charizard wouldn't respond to its commands and that
let Brendan use his Mudkip to his advantage, letting Brendan win the match so he
moves on to the Quarter-Finals. Ash was upset on the fact that he lost but after
being convinced by Misty to support Brendan in the Quarter Finals, in the end,
Brendan defeated the Indigo League and became the next champion of Kanto, his
dream was accomplished! Brendan then took a visit to Ash to thank him, they both
looked at each other, seeing if they both are good trainers, in the end, they became
friends and separated ways. But after hearing of the Johto region from Prof. Oak
after contacting him at a nearby Pokemon center after the match, he decided to
leave behind his team under Prof. Oak's care but he kept Blastoise for future use.
Then with his current team, Brendan and his companion Mudkip traveled to the
Johto Region to compete in the Johto Pokemon League.

During Brendan's adventures in Johto, he met a trainer named Richie, and he came
from Orange Islands (This isn't the Richie who had the Pikachu.), Brendan was

interested in the Orange Islands and decided to learn more about it, but it was only
after a battle which Brendan ultimately won. (Because it was too easy). When Richie
was defeated, he realized that Brendan is none other than the champion of the
Kanto league. So after discussing Orange Islands and the league (4 gym leaders and
a league against a Dragonite), Brendan thought it would be an interesting challenge
but after awhile, he thought about it and decided to leave it, thinking Orange
Islands is not worth it. His goal was to defeat the Major leagues of the Pokemon
World and that is what I'll do. Mudkip agreed with him and Richie was pleased by his
choice. They said goodbyes, hoping they'll meet each other once again.

Brendan competed in Gym Battles in the Johto league, they were tough, but he
managed to get an open advantage. Thanks to his strategies and his excellent
maneuverability with his Pokemon, he was capable of defeating all of them with
ease! But then, enter Episode 222, Brendan had met a young boy who had a
Lanturn who made friends with Baby Lugia. Brendan was amazed seeing a
legendary Pokemon all the way out here, and then, when he was going to help
them, somebody, no a team came to help him... Of course, he met Ash Ketchum
and his Pikachu once again, but this time with his friends, Misty and Brock. Episodes
onward, Team Rocket had a plan as well for the Baby Lugia. It was in captive, so
Ash, Misty, Brock, Brendan and the boy go to save Silver from Team Rocket, only to
realized that they've been captured, but thanks to Brendan's quick thinking, they
were free and they continued. Brendan and his friends try to fight their way out of
the underwater Team Rocket base as they attempt to free both the baby Lugia and
its parent. But Team Rocket is working on a device that makes Pokmon angry and
brings out power through rage which may prove to be dangerous for Ash and the
team. But thanks to Brendan and this sudden, ordeal of energy he recieved after
being affected by the device (This was the first time Super Pokemon energy was
used, he transformed into a true Super Pokemon to destroy it before turning back to
normal immediately, he wasn't ready to master it yet), he destroyed it and freed the
baby Lugia and it's parent. After the adventure was over, they separated ways,
hoping to meet each other in the Johto league.

Enter the Johto league, Brendan was ready to compete once again, and in the midst
of it all, Ash was there as well and he managed to make it to the top 8, this
pressured Brendan badly that he used every single strategy he had and he
managed to win by a long shot. Ash lost the battle against Harrison and his
Blaziken. Brendan shook his head in despair, he was disappointed that Ash won't be
able to battle him, but he thought that was all right because there's always a next
time. So Brendan pushed on and later, he made it to the finals. Harrison lost against
a trainer so he didn't make it to the finals. Brendan versed the last guy in the finals
and decided to take his mark and beat him. The trainer's Rhydon was so powerful,

Mudkip did all he can but couldn't stand a chance, it almost seemed that we was
going to lose... but then... Mudkip learned Hydro Pump, and in One Shot using the
new move, he defeated Rhydon and Brendan became the new champion of the
Johto league.

After the league, he sent out his entire party:

Pokemon team in Johto league:

Feraligatr (Which evolved from a Totodile that Brendan received from Prof. Elm as a

And decided to leave them under the care of another trainer because he felt like
starting over, but he kept Blastoise and Feraligatr for future use. After the match,
Ash was returning home so Brendan took the time to call Prof. Oak and told him
about his achievement, of course, Prof. Oak was pleased with the result, but a
question popped in his mind that he had to ask Brendan, what would Brendan do
once you accomplished the KANTO and JOHTO leagues, where would you go? This
confused Brendan for awhile, and then he immediately thought of his childhood,
where Prof. Birch was going to HOENN, leaving Brendan be with Prof. Oak because of
his choice. Brendan then decided to go to the HOENN league and continue his
dream. Oak was pleased by his decision and decided to give him a gift as he was
going to HOENN on the day of his birthday. So Oak gave him a new set of clothes
prepared by Delia, Ash's mom (Of course, she doesn't tell Ash she made another
one because of a promise by Oak. "Only until Ash and Brendan are travelling with
each other, you will not tell about Brendan to him.")

So Brendan on the day of his birthday traveled to the HOENN region, on that day,
Ash was travelling there as well so he thought it was great that he's seeing him
again. Then, enter the final episode "Hoenn Alone", Team Rocket make another plan

to steal Pikachu and then again, Ash is hot on the trail with the captain of the ship,
and Brendan who witnesses it, spies on the two and tries to stop Team Rocket
himself, when he found Team Rocket, he was ready but then Ash and the captain
came in, Ash was happy to see him here but greetings comes later, they had
business to do, of course, Team Rocket causes trouble and Pikachu, Mudkip and
Meowth are stranded, they do ok but in the end, Team Rocket find the Pokemon first
and capture Pikachu while Mudkip evaded the catch, he was ready to help but the
situation was tense, meanwhile, Ash, Officer Jenny and Brendan arrived and Pikachu
was then to be sucked by an electromagnetic machine and Pikachu got an ordeal of
energy being sucked, Mudkip realizing he had enough, he charged and used
strength to break the magnet holding Pikachu, Mudkip was then ready to face them
under Brendan's command. And when Team Rocket attacks, the Haunter in the
episode blast em off. And all is well again, next morning... Arrived at Hoenn region,
and enter a new season.

Brendan changed into his new clothes and was ready to dock in at Littleroot Town,
but then he decided to drop in to say hello to Ash, to his surprise, Ash was with his
Pikachu and it had a fever, Brendan looked over and couldn't grasp the situation
enough and decided to see if he could help... Both of them had a talk about what he
could do, and then, Brendan formerly introduced himself finally by his name and his
profession... Pokemon National Champion Entrepreneur. After docking in at Littleroot
Town, Ash was surprised that no Pokemon center was here, Brendan shocked by
this... Thought he had another idea... He went to the call machine and called up his
dad, unfortunately, he wasn't there, it was his assistant, he explained the current
situation and told him to wait until Birch is here. Then the two sat down together to
discuss their journeys.

They had formed a pretty good relationship and they both had their similarities,
everything was going all right. Then, Prof. Birch arrived and asked for Ash Ketchum
first, he didn't notice his son yet, after looking at Pikachu, he quickly told Ash to get
on, Brendan was almost going to be left behind but after calling out, he told him to
get on, he still didn't realize it yet, because of the situation. During the trip,
Professor Birch explained what's wrong with Pikachu and then they think back to
Team Rocket's scheme, Brendan, angry by this, wished he'd get his hands on Team
Rocket. Birch then hears the voice and said "You know, your voice sounds similar to
my son... He always liked to protect Pokemon and Friends by his own life..." And
Brendan had a reply... "Because that's what I do..." Birch then realized during the
trip... That the guy who's with Ash... is none other than his own son... Brendan Birch.
But then, Pikachu's fever is getting worse. So they make it rush for time... But when
they tried to fix Pikachu, it got confused and escaped, Brendan, Prof. Birch and Ash
split up to search for Pikachu, meanwhile, May, a new trainer was looking for Prof.

Birch and decided to search for him. Time goes by, while Birch was in trouble from
Poochyena's, May tries to help but still doesn't know how to battle, meanwhile,
Brendan stepped in the scene and saw the situation, he told his Mudkip to step
aside and use the Mudkip, Prof. Birch had. He used it to save Prof. Birch, it wouldn't
obey May because of her *ahem* amateurishness, but Brendan could because he
knew how to master Mudkip's maneuverability. so after helping dad, they continued
the search for Pikachu and they found Ash in trouble while trying to help the
confused Pikachu, after realizing what it did, Pikachu was sorry, and Brendan had to
treat Ash's wound to his best ability, then Team Rocket and they had a machine
which depletes Pikachu's energy, what they didn't realize is that it helped Pikachu's
health and managed to defeat Team Rocket, it also toasted May's bike.

After the events, all was back to normal, Brendan then took the time to talk to his
mother and father, it was 5 years since they last saw each other, so they took the
time to talk about Brendan's journey... Then, at night, Brendan finished his story and
his father, Prof. Birch embraced him, proud of his son for accomplishing his first
dream, and now he's continuing on to be a better person than ever, then, it was
night... After a good night's rest, Brendan was about to go on his way but then Ash
realized how Brendan helped him out a lot that he thought he needed to return the
favor, and so, Ash asked Brendan to travel along with him, and that's how Brendan
became best friends with Ash and how their journey in Hoenn and onward started.
May decided to travel with them too because of Ash burning up the bike, Brendan
didn't think it was a good idea, but he had no fuss. But he knew he'll have a better
time than travelling alone. And that's how the journey, par to the anime storyline in
Hoenn started!

Enter Episode 291 in the Pokemon Advanced saga, Brendan and his friends arrive at
Rustboro City and Ash is looking forward to his battle, as well as him... It has been
decided that Ash will battle first and then Brendan will take his chance. After
arriving, they take their time to sightsee, then... They bump into a schoolteacher,
Roxanne, and her class on a class trip. The kids are about Max's age and one of
them, Kenny, is afraid of Pokmon. Roxanne invites the gang back to see the
Pokmon Trainer's School. Ash is anxious to get to his gym battle, but Roxanne
persuades him to wait. As it turns out, Ash would have had to wait anyway because
Roxanne is the Gym Leader, too! Brendan realised when Ash asked her about the
gym. The Pokmon Trainer's School is pretty big and has all kinds of different
classes. May is especially interested in a class on Pokmon Contests. Max decides to
attend the beginners' class that Kenny is in. He's in the middle of battling the class
show-off, Tommy, when the principal comes running in to tell them that the school's
Pok Balls have all been stolen. Team Rocket strikes again! Kenny steps in and saves
the day by telling Max which attacks will work best, and Tommy cooperates, too.

When they work together, the kids are able to defeat Team Rocket and save the
PokBalls. Just to be safe, Roxanne's Geodude sends Team Rocket blasting off again.
Now that Ash and Breandan has seen Roxanne and her Geodude in action, they
thought they were really ready for their gym battle!

Enter Episode 292 in the Pokemon Advanced Saga, Brendan decided to observe
Ash's battle in the Rustboro gym after Pikachu was able to master Iron Tail. And as a
result, Roxanne's Nosepass was so strong, that it knocked out most of Ash's
pokemon quickly, and Pikachu was all that's left, but thanks to it's newly learned
Iron Tail attack, it defeats Nosepass, after a couple of days of recovery. Brendan took
his chance to compete and Ash observed the battle, he was wondering how
Brendan would be able to conquer it, for the battle, Brendan used Mightyena and
Mudkip for the battle, as a result, Geodude happened to take down Mightyena
quickly so it was Mudkip, and Brendan decided to go all out in the match, as the
endth result, he defeated Geodude, but Nosepass was another story... Brendan used
every single piece of strategy, he used Hydro Pump and Water Gun many times but
Nosepass apparently managed to be faster than before, this put Brendan to the
edge, he used close combat battling as a final option, but Nosepass used it to his
advantage and almost defeated Mudkip, brutually injured, it seemed Nosepass was
going to win... Mudkip then stood up barely and was almost going to faint... So
Mudkip looked over at the Everstone that was on him... And as many flashbacks of
his adventure with Brendan occur... He then uttered it's final cry, before taking off
the Everstone... and then... It fainted... Brendan couldn't believe it, the battle was
over... Then! The next moment, a white light came around Mudkip and it started
changing shape... It was evolving! Brendan then stared as Mudkip grew up... Then,
Mudkip was back on his feet, but he now became... a Marshtomp! Brendan, happy
at the fact that Mudkip decided to evolve, decided to live with it because there was
no other way, Marshtomp, without an order used Mud Shot, a newly learned move
and it damaged Nosepass greatly, then Brendan decided for a more effective way of
beating him is with Close Combat, Marshtomp jumped up close and then used Mud
Shot and Hydro Pump to finish it off, it defeated Nosepass and Brendan was the
winner, he got the Rustboro badge in the end along with Ash.

Enter Episode 346, after two episodes regarding May's family because of TEAM
ROCKET! Ash and Brendan get a rematch with Norman, and it was a tough match
overall, Ash decided to battle first and in the end, he won... Ash got his gym badge
and after a couple of days... Brendan was ready for his match, and he was facing
against Norman, in the match, Brendan used Swellow, Mightyena and Marshtomp
for the match, in the heat of battle later on, it was down to one Pokemon each,
Norman sent his Slaking and Brendan sent his Marshtomp, Brendan devised many
strategies, but Slaking was conquering them all, Brendan was under pressure and

didn't want to go down, it used many water and far-range attacks, it damaged
Slaking but it made a comeback with Hyper Beam... Marshtomp was almost down...
but it did one final cry before doing it's final evolution... Brendan suspected it was
going to happen, but the result was astonishing in his eyes, in the end... Brendan's
Marshtomp became a Swampert, and that's how it became the recognisable icon of
Brendan Birch in the future seasons. Swampert then learned Muddy Water and
decided to use it on Slaking, it hit him, almost bringing him down, Brendan then
took the chance to finish it off with a Hydro Pump, but Swampert then used Hyper
Beam itself! It astonished Brendan because he didn't learn it from him... It was from
Slaking's attack... His Swampert learned another move with Muddy Water out of
inspiration! It used it to defeat Slaking and Brendan won in the end, and after
recieving the 4th Gym Badge, that's how Brendan decided to keep Swampert for the
rest of his days!

Enter Episode 402, Brendan and others arrived in Evergrande City, and there, they
meet a rival named Tyson, who had a Meowth as it's Pokemon. As Ash, Tyson and
Brendan enter the league, they separate ways to battle until the league is over.
During the ongoing of the league, Brendan and Ash and Tyson were battling their
way through the league. Now, enter Episode 408 (1 hour special), Ash and Tyson
were facing each other in the 4th round, Tyson's Meowth and Pikachu battled
against each other, and as they used their fair-share of electric type moves, in the
end, Pikachu lost against Meowth and so Tyson moves on to the semi finals,
meanwhile, Brendan won against his battle and moves on to the semi finals to
battle Tyson. In the battle, Brendan and Tyson battled fiercely, both wanted to
complete the league and gain the title, but Brendan wouldn't dream of it not
happening, both Swampert and Meowth were in the field now, and both battled
fiercely, as Swampert dodged electric attacks, Tyson did a lock on straight at
Swampert and did it with a thunderbolt, but... oops, Swampert won't get damage
from electric attacks, he was tricking him, and the running around helped Swampert
boost his strength, as Meowth did an iron tail while Swampert used Strength, it
collided, and did a clash, but Meowth took the damage, and as Swampert finished it
off with a Hyper Beam, Brendan won and entered the finals to face against Steven,
the champion.

Brendan and Steven faced off in the championship league, and both had their fair
share of Pokemon:

Pokemon Party (Hoenn League):

Swampert (After Mudkip and Marshtomp's evolution separately)

Snorlax (Munchlax evolved and lost trust to May in Episode 398)

And during the onslaught, both sides have lost all their Pokemon, there was only
one Pokemon left on both sides, Metacross and Swampert, so both Pokemon duke it
out, and Metacross was a tough one for Swampert, many strategies were used and
Swampert ended up getting pounded more, and as Metacross tries to attack, it gets
pounded by Swampert, when, the situation looked bleak, Metacross managed to
launch a successful attack on Swampert and he was almost down for the count,
then... Swampert learned Hydro Cannon to help in the battle, and Swampert
launched the Hydro Cannon and as Metacross is almost down, Swampert finished it
with a Hyper Beam and in the end, Metacross fainted, so Brendan successfully
conquered the Pokemon league of Hoenn! After the debut to the hall of fame, Ash's
team was ready to split apart and go back home... Ash asked Brendan if he was
going to board the ship, but Brendan said he wasn't, as he's managed to reunite
with his family, he thought it would be proper to stay with them and help them in
Pokemon research. So, Ash and Brendan, after a handshake and a "We'll meet
again...", they split and Ash returned... But then, the whole team learns about the
Battle Frontier in Hoenn so they decided to reunite and travel around the Battle
Frontier for another adventure, and Brendan, this time, left the adventure to Ash, he
still battled, and entered the final round, but didn't want to win. And that's how their
adventure started... And finally, the next few chapters... is where Brendan's Super
Pokemon adventure finally started!

Now, enter Episdoe 455, Ash and the others encounter the Battle Pyramid around
the area and they decided to take a look... But then, they fell into some old ruins by
pure accident and they happen to explore it, they met the champion of the Battle
Pyramid, Brandon, he told of a particular legend of the ruins regarding Ho-Oh, and
Ash out of curiosity decided to check it out, he accidentally uncovers the seal,
bringing up his dark side, which is the King who sealed the Ho-Oh. And so, Brandon
decided to battle him to help Ash, then, to try, Pikachu used its electricity to free
Ash, but... The king absorbed the energy and used it against the Pikachu, and of
course, Brendan decided to step in and take the charge, as the electricity shocked
him, he didn't die... Instead, he landed up in a different world altogether... Where
Brendan met up with a strange being... It was a Pokemon, but more godly.

The being's name was Gokigame, he was the original creator of the Pokemon, and
he was the father of the new Pokemon god, Arceus. In Brendan's vision, he told
Brendan a species of beings derived from a special power residing with human
beings which can only be unleashed upon fate, Beerus then explains the back story
of the Super Pokemon, how they all started and what their initial purpose was... He
then told of the legend, of Brendan's grandfather, Billy Birch, and how he became
the legendary Super Pokemon, in brief.

Before the vision was starting to fade, Gokigame then said, "You are the chosen one
Brendan... You are the only one that can save your best friend..."

After Brendan was released from the other world, he broke free of the electricity and
faced the Darkness and he was ready to face him without Pokemon, he told
Swampert to stay back... He stepped forward and faced towards Ash, he was angry
and he was determined to help him... Then, the scene becomes like this...

(Scene recreation: &
Episode 455 (Brendan is ready!)
Dark Ash and Brendan face each other with a smile and with determination, with
electricity still flowing from the two, they looked at each other with sparks of energy
flowing within, Dark Ash chuckled, he couldn't believe what he was seeing...

Brendan: I was watching your battle with Brandon, and I see you use the Pokemon
for more evil purposes... Grr, even if a Thundershock won't let you get out of his
body, I would just have to deal with you myself, that's all!

Dark Ash: You should've notice by now, but you can't beat me by yourself without
your Pokemon Brendan... Oh yes, you are too busy being a Pokemon National
Champion while you couldn't be able to train martial arts to be able to beat people
by yourself. I know you too well through the host of this body.

Brendan: Oh! Is that right, so then how come you're surprised when I was able to

break free from the electricity without a single scratch just now? I'll tell you why,
because there is no way that people would survive a shock like that... Whereas with
me, I have achieved a power used for all the good things in the world, that I won't
allow you to grasp!

Dark Ash: Oh?

Brendan: That's right, my friend... *Takes off his hat and throws it to Brock* You've
done enough damage! It's time for me, to stop you!

Dark Ash: I wouldn't think so! *He charges up a blast energy attack and launches it
straight at his friends!*

The blast happens to hit May in the crossfire, she didn't realise what was coming,
and as Brendan saw what happened! He couldn't believe what he saw, he then
looked down and started tearing up a bit and as the tear dropped to the ground...
And as the others who evaded the attack saw what happened to May and they got
scared of Pokelantis...

{Before Episode Break}

Dark Ash: Heheheh... Oopsy daisies! Hehe!

Brendan then started shaking and he was angry, he was growling, he started

Brendan: Grr! P... Pokelantis... y-you... you monster! Grr!

Dark Ash: *Chuckles*

Brendan, growled, louder and louder, as the electricity that was shocked on him,
starting going around his body and started a thunderstorm from above, he looked
on to the Dark Ash, seeing what the evil part of him has done, as Dark Ash was

staring at Brendan, seeing what's happening to Brendan, then more ground cracks
beneath Brendan, and he was growling more fiercely than ever.

Brendan: I won't, let you! Grrr!

He cringed and started releasing more energy, then the next moment, his hair
changes color and spikes up and as his black hair keeps changing to a dark red and
black color and as it spikes up every time and his eyes start changing, something
was happening... Then, he caused more ground beneath him to crack, as he was
cringing, ready to ascend to his new power...

Brandon: *Keeps on looking in shock horror*

Brock, Max and other pokemon keep staring...

Dark Ash kept staring at Brendan, he was confused on what was going on, then
Brandon realized what was happening! As the change kept happening in Brendan,
more and more times, Brendan piped up and cringed and growled, and then, as
more thundershocks pop up behind Brendan from the collapsed roof, the next
moment, Brendan started growling louder and louder... until finally.

Then Brendan shouted in pure agony, and as his hair changes to a dark red and
spiky styled hair and as his eyes changed from his crystal blue eyes all the way to a
different shade of red and his pupil wasn't in sight, it looked as if, he was blind! But
he wasn't, he could see clearly. After his transformation, Dark Ash reacted, he
couldn't believe what he was seeing... And he was being afraid, then Brendan stared
on at Ash in his, different form! He had arisen, he is now, a Super Pokemon!

Max: *Really scared now, he couldn't believe what happened to Brendan*

Brendan stared right towards at Ash with an angry look on his face and he was
different that his usual face... He had an energy aura flowing around him, and his
hair was dark red and black, and his eyes were a shade of red, no macula or white
circle. This was how... Brendan became, a False Super Pokemon... He can now
transform into it at will after it.

Brendan: Brandon, listen very carefully, you must leave this place now and
evacuate the people nearby the area, got it?

Brandon: *Still amazed and didn't respond*


Brandon immediately obeyed and told everyone to evacuate immediately!

Then Brendan looked at Ash, the dark being was scared, he didn't know that the
legend could be true...

(After 20 minutes of 1 hour special episode 455) {After break}

(Scene Recreation: &

After Brendan's transformations, everyone is staring at him, of the immense power

that is released from him, Dark Ash was staring at Brendan with pure shock and
confusion, and Brandon and the others were staring in amazement, then as the
ground dust settled, Brendan kept staring and Dark Ash kept staring, then, finally,
one spoke...

Dark Ash: What... But how! This is impossible! This power that I am now witnessing
is something incredibly powerful that I've never ever seen before... Darn, what does
this mean?

Brendan didn't respond, he was busy looking on, and he then looked behind and he
realised the next few minutes will be messy...

Brendan: Brandon! Listen up! You must leave this place right now, and carry May to
the Pokemon Center, evacuate the people close to the area until the battle is all

Max: Ah! But what about you?

Brendan: Don't worry about me now... I know where I have to be...

Brandon: But are you sure you can take him on, you're not even experienced yet in

Dark Ash: !

Brendan: Shut up and let me do my work! I can't let you guys die right here!
Brandon! JUST DO AS I SAY!

Brandon was shocked at such a command, he wouldn't do it, but he had no choice...

Brandon: Very well...

He got everyone out and soon, it was just Brendan and Ash, facing each other...
Brandon while running.

Brandon: Be careful young knave, make sure you return... *Then he looked again*
Now I understand... The legend is true after all... he is the chosen one... The
grandson, of the legendary Super Pokemon.

(Then, the next few events will be similar to the Frieza vs Goku fight, watch the clip
above for imagination, until it gets to this bit...)

Brendan: NO MORE!

Dark Ash: ...

Brendan: No more... Grgh... *then charges up more energy*

Dark Ash, who was still staring, starts to get angry and releases more dark energy,
he is not going down without a fight...



Dark Ash: Never! You will fall first!

Dark Ash lunged forward with a kick, but Brendan deflected it in time! He was ready
to finish it!
Brendan then lunged forward and started attacking Ash and soon, it started the

The fight goes on for another 20 minutes (Par to the Goku vs Frieza fight until a
certain point, when the island is almost ready to collapse), and Dark Ash was almost
down, even in his full power, he couldn't stop him... Brendan then charged up
electricity right on his fist, and as the next few minutes, the people were staring at
the hero, Dark Ash charged towards Brendan, not ready to die...

Brendan: You almost let this island die with everyone else... but now you won't be
able to anymore, you've dug your own grave.

*Brendan charges up to his maximum*


Brendan then lunged forward and launched the attack!

Brendan: THUNDER! PUNCH!!!!

It shocked Dark Ash and it was so powerful, he couldn't absorb it and he ended up
leaving Ash's body, as soon as it was out, Brendan let him go as Ash was softly laid
to the ground thanks to Brendan's Telekinesis power, then, he laid out the sealing
stone and sealed the king back, and Brendan was ready to finish it off permanently,
he released to the air and was about to unleash a Cosmic Flare (Brendan's signature
attack) But he stopped, he didn't want to kill, and he felt that people will now know
not to mess with him. So Brendan let it fall and as it touched the ground, the island
stop shaking, and everything around it was repaired, the island was saved.

Brendan came back down to safe ground and transformed back... This was how
Brendan's Super Pokemon journey started... The king was returned to the tomb from
where it once was and all peace was restored once more... Brendan, had become, a

After Brendan's adventures in the Battle Frontier, the team separated once and for
all... Brendan continued resting and spent more of his time taking care of the family.
It wasn't long until he found out about the Sinnoh region. So, Brendan, getting an
earlier headstart from Ash, decided to head to the Sinnoh region to find out more
about his surroundings, upon arrival, he saw an old professor waiting in front of the
dock, Brendan, looking perplexed kept looking at him, Who was he, what is he?
Swampert, noticing Brendan's puzzled look, speaks to him, snapping Brendan out of
his dillema, Swampert spoke to him, and Brendan understood what he said... Ever
since he took lessons from Nikolai on how to speak to your Pokemon with your heart
and understand what they're saying. Brendan knew, he was lonely... As he grew
older, he had been feeling a bit depressed, he didn't feel that way, so why now he
felt this way... Ever since his adventures with Ash, he felt he was better off travelling
to a new region with friends, so upon arrival, he decided to head over to the
battlefield to do some first level training with Wild Pokemon to refresh his battle
skills, as he was on his way, the old man who was standing near the dock went up

to meet Brendan, the old man was Professor Rowan and he knew of Brendan's
arrival through his father, Professor Birch.

Surprised, Brendan decided to head to the Professor's lab to learn more about
SINNOH region and what it is like battling in the SINNOH region. (Keep in mind, this
is a prologue episode, explaining how Brendan arrived in SINNOH before Ash and
Dawn came in the picture.) Rowan was actually intrigued by Brendan's capabilities,
he offered to give Brendan a Pokemon for a starter, Brendan felt it wasn't necessary
but he decided to do it, to start off well in his adventure, so he looked at the starter
Pokemon, and he asked if there were any others... there was one Pokemon... He
doubted that this Pokemon he was about to send wouldn't listen to him, so he sent
out a rare pokemon, which was a Riolu, it was found in a research institute, and it
was looking for a new home, so Rowan took it to his lab to be kept safe, until
Brendan came by, Riolu was first scared of him, but Brendan treated him kindly, and
he knew that he could build up Riolu to be a strong Pokemon, Brendan decided to
take the Pokemon. And Riolu, incredibly, decided to hang on Brendan's shoulder,
and when Brendan told him to get down, he did willingly, without any trouble...
Brendan was surprised... Brendan told it to jump back on his shoulder and he did it
with no trouble, Professor Rowan was surprised at Brendan's skills as a Pokemon
Trainer. He then decided to give Brendan a Pokedex to start with on his adventure.
Brendan also decided to fetch Feraligatr from Prof. Birch to use on his Adventure.
And after all was done, Brendan set off to train and start his adventure, and then,
around on that time, Episode 1 of the show (Diamond and Pearl) Started.

On episode 1,2... There was an incident, Ash then finally arrived in the Sinnoh
region, ready for his next adventure, until Team Rocket interfered again... And
Pikachu gets lost in a forest, so Ash after exiting the dock goes to find Pikachu and
during that time, he meets up with Brock again, and tells his situation, meanwhile,
Dawn, after getting her Piplup from Professor Rowan, encounters the Pikachu and
tries to catch it, but realizing it's somebody's Pokemon, she finds out from Professor
Rowan that it belongs to Ash and Dawn decides to try and find Ash. On the way, she
was crossing the forest way while finding Ash and she found Brendan practicing
battling with his new Riolu and it was getting the hang of things, during the search,
Brendan happens to look over and seeing Dawn for the first time... Oh man... Things
changed from then... his depression subsided like a snap... and seeing Dawn for the
first time, it was love at first sight. Of course, he didn't show it, but Dawn, who
looked over... was immediately surprised because it was the Pokemon Champion of
Hoenn and she immediately went over to meet him, and it was a warm heart-felt

Dawn: No way! You're Brendan! The Pokemon Champion!

Brendan: National Champion actually! I won the Kanto and the Johto league as well,
not just Hoenn.

Dawn: Oh my goodness! That is so awesome! I never think I'd actually meet you
here! So are you going to challenge the league here too?

Brendan: Yeah! I've already signed up, I'm already on my journey... Huh?

*Notices the Pikachu, Pikachu recognises who the person Dawn talking to and walks
up with a smile, Brendan crouchs down to Pikachu*

Brendan: Isn't that you Pikachu? Where's Ash?

*Pikachu then explains what happened, in Pikachu language of course, Brendan was
shocked with what he heard*

Brendan: So Team Rocket have tried this again... Can't they just leave me and Ash
alone for once...

Dawn: Team Rocket?

Brendan: I'll explain later, I believe you're searching for Ash, right?

Dawn: Yes, that's right.

Brendan: Well, I'll go along with you, it'll be easier to find him that way!

Dawn pipes up from the comment, and blushes from the comment he said, then she

Dawn: You mean, both of us... To look for him.

Brendan: Yeah, it works out better.

Dawn: Thank you very much! Let's go!

Brendan: Oh! By the way.

Dawn: Yes?

Brendan: What is your name? I can't just go with someone unless I know their

Dawn: Oh, sorry... My name's Dawn!

Brendan: *Brendan blushes a little, but shakes his head, slipping that thought

Brendan: Dawn, hmm, that's a lovely name.

Dawn blushes and giggles a bit from Brendan's words.

Brendan chuckles a bit as well, happily, and then, puts his serious face...

Brendan: All right, let's go find him!

The two run off to find Ash so that Pikachu can reunite with it's trainer.

During the search for Ash Ketchum.



(X & Y Arc):
In the Kalos Region, Brendan is now starting to evolve more into a powerful trainer,
after years of training in the SINNOH Region after his adventures in UNOVA, he
hears that Ash Ketchum is now heading towards KALOS region, and interested in a
new challenge, he heads over there, with his Swampert. When they got there, they
heard the news about a boy trying to save a Mega Garchomp out of control, with
Swampert part of the crowd, Brendan heads off to investigate, and as soon as Ash
was falling from the high building, Brendan transfromed to his Semi-True form and
saves him once again. Then, Swampert heads over to Brendan after he saved him.
And Professor Sycamore, who was impressed with Brendan's power. Decides to have
him for a little test, and it gave him a new form to study, thus, beginning scientific
Research on the Super Pokemon. Brendan then meets Clemont and Bonnie, the new
co-travellers, and Brendan decides to tag along for the ride. Then, during the first
Gym Battle. He observes Ash's battle, after he lost, Ash left to train so he can beat
the first trainer. Brendan decided to stay behind and battle her for the first time,
with just his Swampert, through countless edges of the battle, Brendan unanimously
won. Recieving the first badge, then he rejoins Ash to give him advice for the battle,
but notices a new trainer, helping him out. Her name was Serena, when he saw her
helping Ash with the battle as best as she can... He decides to sit back and let Ash
do his thing. Onwards during his journey, he noticed how Ash is now keeping his

firm, every time with the quoteline, "Never Give up." as well, as the countless
number of times when Ash helped Serena through her problems, he thought that it
was time that he did decisions on his own, and Brendan started training by himself
once more, with his wish of getting stronger, as well as the desire to become a
Pokemon Champion.

In the Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction movie, Ash and co. were helping
Diancie with her problem, her kingdom's magic is dying, and the Princess was
unable to make a Diamond to help power her kingdom. So, she travelled out of her
kingdom to go find Xerneas, the legendary Pokemon. On the way, she abandoned
the Carbink who were following her, and she encountered trouble in the city, it was
then Brendan and Ash helped her to the rescue, and they swore to help her. Near
the end of the movie, the villians who were after her, including Ash and Brendan
accidentally awoke the Cocoon of Destruction, Yvetal, the Legendary Pokemon. It
was so angry, all the villians were turned to stone. As of which... The monster was
heading towards Brendan, but Diancie protected him by throwing her own body. As
she was turning to stone, with Brendan looking in dispair...

Conversation (Diancie and Brendan):

"Brendan... listen to me..."

Brendan heard her voice, and looked at her.

"I realised... that it is not a bad thing, to fight for the right cause, there are those...
who words alone, cannot reach. This Pokemon is such a being, destructive, and
unstoppable, I know how you feel Brendan... But there is no need to hold back... We
need you to help us..."

After she said that, Brendan saw Diancie's body slowly being petrified, and Brendan
could only speak.

"No! Diancie! You can't die! We need you! Why can't you help us?! We need you, to
power the kingdom!" said Brendan, in a frantic tone.

"Please..." said Diancie

Brendan looked at her in dispair.

"Drop your restraints... Protect the life I have loved... You have the power to believe
in the people of Earth and Pokemon, please protect the people... for my sake..."

And with those final words, she was fully petrified. She was no more...

"N... No... *Sniff* Don't go..." said Brendan, then he started tearing up, as his drops
fell on Diancie's frozen body. He couldn't bear it... He was hurt... Ash and others
saw, and they began to cry.

While the Pokemon of Destruction, fully roared.

Then, Brendan snapped... and finally spoke...

"Diancie... You learnt about the importance of life... You gave it up so I can save it...
And you were just a innocent Pokemon, I let you die. I can't do that, I won't watch
anymore! I... I feel it flipping..."

Brendan felt a strong surge, and as sparks started to go across his body, he pulled
his hat off and flicked it right at Ash's direction, Ash managed to catch it and all they
could do was stare at what's happening to Brendan. The Pokemon of Destruction
roared and charged up another Judgement of Fate, and the next thing, he fired it at
Brendan. The next moment, Brendan held his hand and a beam popped out of it.
And it destroyed it in one go. And the next thing, he stood up. The ground was
shaking and Brendan looked angrily at the Pokemon of Destruction... and the next
thing... He was about to burst out a great deal of energy.


And the next thing, Brendan started to scream, in agony, over the loss of Diancie,
and from the shock of it, Brendan rose to a new Super Pokemon form and as the
ground cracked beneath him, with a great burst of aura surrounding him. The
Pokemon of Destruction, could only stare... And as soon as Brendan reached his new
form, everyone stared in amazement. The elder found out what was going on.

"Xerneas... He has arisen..." said the Elder Carbink.

From another side, Xerneas finally realised what was going on.

"He has risen... Brendan, has reached the True Super Pokemon level... at last..."

(Music starts - Kazuyuki Matsumoto - Crawling in the Rain)

Brendan had awoken... he looked up and spoke...

"You ungrateful murderer... I will never forgive you..."

The Pokemon roared and dashed towards him. Then the next moment, Brendan
dashed up towards the Pokemon.


In the heat of battle, before more damage could be done, Xerneas arrived in the
battlefield and both Brendan and Xerneas calmed the monster down and all was
back to normal. But Pikachu was about to be turned to stone, so Brendan and
Xerneas decided to share their energy to bring people back from their
imprisonment, Diancie was unfrozen first and saw what it was doing. After Pikachu
and the villians were unfrozen from Yvetal's attacks. Brendan didn't die afterwards,
but his Aura energy was exhausted, so he needed some time to rest before getting

back on his feet. After the battle was over, the heroes wished Diancie goodbye and
parted ways.

Through countless adventures in the Kalos Region, one day, Brendan received a
strange dream, where he was surrounded in a circle, around him was all kinds of
Legendary Pokemon, but they were all dark, not visible... Then, in front, he saw a
small Pokemon, with rings, then, it transforms into a larger being, with the same
rings, the Legendary Pokemon open their mouths, sending blasts to Brendan, as the
white light shone, he was dissipated in the blast, then, Brendan woke up from that
dream, he couldn't understand what it meant... Until the movie, Hoopa and the
Clash of Ages.

100 years ago, there was a great Pokemon war, and a Pokemon, named Hoopa,
caused havoc on a place in Kalos, called Dahara City, and it could beat any
legendary Pokemon, two people, with different clothes appeared before it. And one
of them, was a Super Pokemon. And he was the one who single handedly defeat
Hoopa, as the other appeared figure, named Ghris, sealed Hoopa away in the prison
bottle. Afterwards, the figure, approached Ghris, and they both gave a handshake...
In the present world, Ash and friends arrive at a Pokemon Center in Dahara City,
and as they were having snacks, Ash, Pikachu, Swampert and Brendan went through
a portal, as the small Hoopa was playing tricks on them, after getting accquainted
with it, Brendan then realised, that figure looked familiar. When Ash and Brendan
got the rest of the team through, they met Mary and Barza, but he was possessed
by the Prison Bottle, causing Hoopa to go to his Unbound State, it was then that
Brendan realised it was the figure he saw in his dreams, every single time. After
calming it down, and getting him back to normal. Barza and Mary explained the
story of Hoopa in the Pokemon War 100 years ago. But Brendan realized they were
leaving out important bits... (Find out why in my fanfic, Pokemon: Episode of Billy
Birch [Legend of the Super Pokemon]).

They didn't explain about the unimportant bits in front of Ash and Friends... But
when Team Rocket stole the Prison Bottle and unleashed Hoopa's Evil Energy, it
started wrecking havoc on the city, wanting revenge on being imprisoned for 100
years, it decides to get rid of the true Hoopa, as well as desperately searching for a
person named Billy, asking for a rematch. He then finds out that Brendan is the
grandson of Billy, the Super Pokemon who defeated him 100 years ago, with the
rings, they summoned legendary Pokemon, while the evil Hoopa send out
Legendary Pokemon under his control. Brendan, unleashing his Super Pokemon

form, along with Ash, combat's Hoopa's evil energy. During the time, when Hoopa's
evil energy was released, the Prison Bottle was broken, so, they head over to the
Tower in Dahara City to create a new one, using the energy of Thunder, Water, Fire
and Ground. After it was successful, they sealed the evil Hoopa energy away. The
Legendary Pokemon were back to normal And Ash secured the bottle, but Hoopa
wasn't done yet. It then absorbs Ash, possessing him, as Hoopa tried to calm it
down, it was still angry, not willing to listen, so, Brendan faced him once more... He
then looks around and sees the legendary Pokemon behind him, witnessing the
battle, he then looks at the possessed Ash, smiling at him... At that moment,
Brendan finally deciphered the meaning of his dream.

(Brendan vs Hoopa):
Brendan then finally realises something, then, he grits his teeth, keeping a new
serious look, and then finally thinks straight...

Brendan: That's it! I finally realised the meaning of my dream... It's only now that I
understand what it meant...

Brendan then pictures the dream in his head as he looks around in the scene...

Brendan: A great evil, the shadow in front of me... That Pokemon, Hoopa... Has
haunted my family for generations... 100 years ago, Hoopa faced defeat by a Super
Pokemon, related to my bloodline...  It defeated Hoopa effortlessly, and it
seemed it knew the Traveler, the one who sealed Hoopa away. In my dream, the evil
was returning to this timeline, and it was after me... The beams that were coming
from the Legendary Pokemon around me, they aren't killing me... They're giving me
their energy, to use it to get rid of the evil in Hoopa for good...

Then, he looks at the good Hoopa, telling him a plan, he told him to do his stuff after
Brendan puts down the possessed Ash, then, he calls out to the Legendary
Pokemon, to give him energy, so he can use it to save the world from a disaster.
Then, the energy beams around Brendan from the legendary Pokemon came down
on him, enabling him to unlock a side power... Divine Super Pokemon. The dream
was realised, Evil Hoopa then uses Ash's body and transforms to a new power,
called Super Unbound, using it against Brendan, after a long fight, Brendan won,
then, Good Hoopa calmed down the Possessed Ash. And the evil of Hoopa

disipatted, never to be unleashed again. But, because Hoopa unleashed too many
legendary Pokemon, time and space was disappearing in an area, and Ash and the
others were able to escape the ring, but Brendan stayed behind, along with Barza
and Hoopa, wanting to get Hoopa through the ring, Ash then made the wish of
getting Hoopa through, assisting on the other side, after Brendan used full power,
as well as Hoopa giving its all, Barza, Brendan and Hoopa got through. And they
escaped... Then, they saw Arceus above... Sending all the other legendarys back...
Then, it communicated with Brendan in his mind, telling him...

Arceus: You have completed your grandfather's mission, as well as your dream...
You are indeed, a true prodigy... I want to share this with you...

Then, something glew in Brendan's bag, then disappeared, and no body realised it...
Brendan then hears Arceus talk again.

Arceus: Do not open it unless you are all alone... Inside, you will find out the real
truth, of the war 100 years ago...

Arceus then leaves, and Brendan agrees, many days later... After they waved
goodbye to Barza, Mary and Hoopa, Ash and friends resumed their journey in the
Pokemon league... When they camped out, Brendan rested near the tree trunk,
while his Pokemon were sound asleep, he opened the bag, and he found a book,
inside the book, it contained a story. Brendan then takes the time to read it in one
whole night, to get all the answers he needs. (Following up to the fan-made prequel,
Episode of Billy Birch [Legend of the Super Pokemon])


(XY & Z ARC)

Episode 1 of the XY & Z saga, there was an organization, after a specific Pokemon
called Zygarde, and they were after it for an unknown purpose. As soon as they lose
it, they search for it. At the time, Bonnie finds a Zygarde Core, the team was unable
to register it on their Pokedex, so Ash and friends called Professor Sycamore about
it, and they agreed to meet him in the next Pokemon Centre for a sampling. By
then, Bonnie decided to take care of Zygarde and calls it Squishy. But then, Ash and

friends meet up with Sawyer, and during then, they lost track of Squishy, so they go
searching for it. By then, Team Flare finds Squishy and they tried to capture it, but
Brendan saves it in time, and when the others arrived, Brendan already transformed
to its True Super Pokemon form, and both him and Swampert handled the situation,
leaving Team Flare no choice but to escape. When they escaped, Brendan then told
everyone that Squishy is safe and Bonnie kept even more care to it. During the
time, Team Flare explained to the leader, named Lysandre, that they were
unsucessful in capturing Zygarde once again, and they then explained of a being
who turned into golden yellow hair, with a tail, pointy ears, and a change of eyes.
Lysandre then recognized the being, it was none other than Brendan, the
Multinational Champion, and the grandson of the Legendary Super Pokemon. So, he
then gave a new mission to his comrades, they will still go after Zygarde, and they
will also be sent to liquidate the Super Pokemon.

Episode 5 of the XY & Z saga, Ash and the team were planning to rest on the spot
today, meanwhile, Brendan decided to keep watch for a while... But when it noticed
a Darkrai above, it fell asleep so it could appear in someone's dream on the
Pokemon Darkrai was going to affect, and strangely enough, it was Pikachu's. As he
entered Pikachu's dream, he was the only one who got to keep his body, while his
other friends happen to have the body of a Pokemon. They meet up with Zygarde,
and in the dreams, many gnarly things happen, and during those times, Brendan
starts learning more about Zygarde, and then, finally realises what it all means.
Once the dream was over, he decrypted the whole message in his mind, thanked
Darkrai... And he then made a solemn promise, to protect Zygarde, no matter the

Episode 6 and 7 of the XY & Z saga, Ash was the main protagonist for the episode,
and during a heated battle against two Pokemon, which was Ash's newly evolved
Greninja, against a Bisharp, he noticed a strange power, a form of Mega Evolution,
but more so a fusion of the two... And he saw how Greninja became a part of Ash...
After learning of the mysterious power, he hoped that one day, he would master it
at the same time... Although he had the mega stone from Professor Birch, he
wanted to become stronger in any way possible.

Episode 9 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan and friends arrive at Terminus Cave, the
place where Puni-Chan (Zygarde) wanted to be, so, the moment they went inside,
Zygarde skipped ahead, and Brendan followed suit, leaving Bonnie and the others
behind, but they continued trailing with a new device created by Clemont. During
the time, Brendan was keeping up with Zygarde, and as he recieved the ability to
hear the thoughts of Zygarde by stepping into the water with him, he hears who

Zygarde is communicate to, and during the time, Zygarde then tells Brendan his
real name, and the threats of Team Flare... And he told him, that he will protect
them. When Bonnie caught up to Zygarde, it hid away from her, and by the time,
Team Flare was here, Brendan immediately protected his friends, and faced up to
them, when it saw that they were after Zygarde, the moment it got hurt, he raged
and unleashed a Full Power Super Pokemon state. Then, he used the powers of his
Swampert and combatted with Team Flare fiercely, with Ash and friends helping
him. When Zygarde unleashed his 10% form in a dire situation, he then controlled
Brendan, and transferred part of his inner power, enabling Brendan to transform to
a new side power, called Possessed Super Pokemon (Z1 state). With this form, he
can use it to guide Zygarde, as well as giving Brendan, new blast abilities. With
Zygarde, both escaped the cave, leaving the team behind, and after escaping, both
agreed to travel with each other and abandon the group, after leaving Noibat's
Pokeball behind for Ash to pick up. Both escaped.

Episode 10 of the XY & Z saga, both Brendan and Zygarde were still away from the
party and they were still hiding away from the main group, Bonnie was desparate to
find Puni-Chan (Zygarde), and worries day and night. There were a series of events
where Brendan and Puni-Chan wasn't involved, until it came to a time when
Brendan and Zygarde communicated with the second core, for its whereabouts.
Then, it came to a time where Bonnie and Clemont was trying to get a certain herb,
and with Brendan and Zygarde observing, without their notice. At the brink, Zygarde
used a bit of its power to get the plant on Bonnie's hand, and then, both decided to
rejoin the group. Puni-Chan comes back to Bonnie and Brendan rejoins the group.
Ready to aid the team once again.

Episode 11 of the XY & Z saga, Noibat had an encounter with a Breloom of an

aggressive nature. That time, Brendan entrusted its care to Ash, however, Brendan
still cares for it at time to time. Then, came a time where the Breloom poisoned it,
and a Floette helps Noibat get better with it's Pokemon magic, and both happen to
get along well. Making The Breloom very, very jealous of Noibat. And at one point,
challenges him to a Pokemon Battle, Ash then trusts the duty of Brendan to help
him win this fight. So, Brendan takes the stage and helps win the battle, until a
point where Noibat learned Acrobatics, a Pokemon Move. Then, there was another
event with Team Rocket, and both Breloom and Noibat put aside their differences,
helping Floette out. And in the end, Floette is supposed to move on with the herd,
leaving behind a sad Breloom, Brendan goes to console it and tell him that there is
always hope he'll find the next one right for him. Breloom, impressed by Brendan's
attitude and his battling skills, he requests to join his party. Brendan agrees to this
and captures Breloom, making this the 6th Pokemon Brendan has caught. While the
5th one, was Noibat, now in the care for Ash.

Episode 12 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan hears about the invitation of the dance, and
he decides not to come in, he would wait outside the area and continue training...
We don't hear from him until the end of the episode...

Episode 13 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan and team stop by a nearby Pokemon center
to rest and they meet up with Sawyer, who then engages with Ash in a Pokemon
battle. Brendan observes the battle and does notice on how much Sawyer has
grown, and how stronger he has become, he knew he has a long way to go, and
Sawyer was impressed with Ash's strategies, as well as his Greninja's new form.
Alain, who was watching from the distance thought it was Mega Evolution. And at
one point, meets up with Ash in the centre. Brendan then looks at him, and finds
something striking about him. He feels that the stranger, who is Alain may be his
equal. And after Ash's battle with Alain, which he lost. Brendan steps up and
challenges Alain to a Pokemon battle. In the next morning, both were well-rested
and challenged each other, Brendan with his Mega-Swampert, and Alain with his
Mega-Charizard. It was indeed a close match between the two, but when Swampert
transformed back to his normal state, Alain had the upper hand, until Brendan then
utilized the technique that Ash did, and Brendan's Swampert became a new form,
sleeker, and faster as well. He was known as Super Swampert. He is a little bit
weaker than Mega Evolution, but he becomes more elusive, and has better
offensive techniques. In the end, Brendan managed to overpower Charizard and
defeated him. Alain, accepting defeat, promises he would challenge him and Ash
again one day. Both agreed to see each other again. The moment they shook hands,
Brendan sensed a vibe, and recieved a vision, where it shows Alain in a demonish
looking form, almost similar to his Super Pokemon forms, and him in that very form,
except, much more powerful. And the moment both clashed. The vision fades,
Brendan knew that he has something to do with Team Flare and decided to keep
quiet about it. Alain separated from the group and Brendan and Ash continue their

Episode 14 of the XY & Z saga. Ash and crew were setting up camp for lunch for
awhile. And as Zygarde was resting, he was meditating, focusing more of his aura
energy for future forms. Until he recieved a distress signal along with Zygarde on
Z2's situation, and Brendan came up with a lie to go out in the forest bushes for
awhile, leaving his Swampert with the group, then, when he was out of sight from
the group, he dashed off to find Z2. Then, there was a whole deal of stuff that
happened. The moment it was over, and Team Flare was about to capture Zygarde,
thanks to Alain's help, Brendan then uses his telekinesis ability, which he achieved
from the Z1 Pokemon form, and he copies part of Z2's power to transform into the

Z1+Z2 Pokemon form. Which is a level 2 to his previous form. And Alain, notices the
guy as the same fellow whom he battled in Episode 13, and also realises that he is
also, the Legendary Super Pokemon that he is supposed to eradicate, under the
orders of Lysandre. Then, Brendan takes out his Charizard immediately, and was
about to destroy Team Flare's equipment. But one member thought it was right to
test a new experiment on Alain, and as he sent a blast attack to them, the team
member captures the blast with some sort of machine and then blasts it right at
Alain, exposing him to the energy lights, and in the end of it, he became a Hybrid
Super Pokemon, which is mostly a fusion of Brendan's energy with Alain's own Aura
Energy, and with this, he gained the power of evil energy and thinking of his
partner, and her Chespie, both Brendan and Alain engage in battle, with Alain
having the upper hand, he defeats Brendan and captures the Z2 core, at the time,
Alain was about to destroy him, but Brendan escapes, and with Z2 unconscious.
They capture it, Alain then transforms back to normal, as Team Flare explains on
what happened to him. And Alain decides to train more with it so he can get even
stronger so that nobody would stop him. Brendan, dejected and upset on the fact
that Z2 is captured. He decides to get even stronger, and leaves the group once
again, he ascends to the sky and drops a bottle containing a note, as Eureka reads it
aloud, the team was shocked, including Swampert. Ash then grits his teeth and he
promises that he will find Brendan and bring him back to his senses. During the time
in Team Flare's lab, they experiment on Z2 and they even collect the result of
Alain's fusion of Brendan's energy with his own becoming a highly classed Super

Episode 15 of XY & Z saga, there are no events regarding him, until Team Rocket
comes in to take away the robot and the Pokemon, when all hope was lost, Brendan
comes back and defeats Team Rocket again. As the team see him standing, with
something peculiarly different about him. He doesn't have his hat on anymore,
exposing his head and hair, and on the right side of his forehead is a scar, probably
from what he recieved on his battle with Alain, and there was a little mark that
seems to be covered on the front part of his forehead, nobody notices it. He recalls
his Swampert to join him and he leaves using his instant teleportation technique,
that he has learnt after gaining the Z1 form.

Throughout various episodes, Like 16, 19 and 20. He would be just be part of the
crowd, and during those moments of times, when Ash gets a strong sense with his
Aura Energy, this means that Brendan would be near somewhere. Of course, Ash
now uses it as a tool to find Brendan and try to bring him back to his senses.

In Episode 17 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan was actually fighting a Zapdos in the sky,

as it seems to be protecting Team Rocket in their particular spaceship. Now why?

Well, Brendan has nothing to do with the plan, but it is trying to make Zapdos stop
this outburst, while paying no attention to what happens to Team Rocket. During
that time, Ash and crew arrived, and see clashes in the sky, with Ash's Aura Surge,
he senses that Brendan is in the crossfire. And sets out to find him, after a certain
deal of events, Ash finds Brendan and Zapdos in combat, and before Zapdos hits
Ash with a lightning bolt, Brendan protects him again, and Noibat steps in to the
battlefield, both Ash and Brendan decided to work together with Noibat, while Ash is
unaware of the mark that is on Brendans forehead, it is clear to the audience that
he has an R logo on his forehead. And it is still unclear as to what caused the mark
to be there. So, ignoring that part of the change in Brendan, both Ash and Brendan,
with Noibat starts alternating battle strategies to stop Zapdo's outburst. During that
time, Noibat evolves to Noivern and stops Zapdo's outburst, in the end of it all,
Team Rocket tried to take Zapdo's, but Noivern and Zapdos work together and stops
Team Rocket again. After the battle, Brendan communicates with Zapdos on his
situation, and Zapdos then gifts him a share of his power, on what would lead up to
an eventful new form. Then leaves. Brendan transforms back and his hair covers up
the R mark on his forehead, hiding it from view. And Ash talk to each other once
again, and Brendan tells Ash that he doesn't want to rejoin the group until he grows
stronger so he can take out Team Flare and end their plans with Zygarde for good.
Ash tried to convince him, causing him to break down. Brendan consoles him and
tells him... "Not to worry, anytime Ash needs him, just think of him and I'll come
running if necessary..." Then, Brendan disappeared, he meets his Swampert outside
the cave area and both walk off towards the next town, where the Master Class is
being held... Obviously to lend support to Serena...

In Episode 21 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan doesnt appear in the entire episode,
until the very end of the episode where he is seen training in an unknown mountain
range area in Kalos, where Brendan is seen in his normal True Super Pokemon form,
training with rocks and different attacks thrown by Swampert, then, after a couple
of seconds of training, he told his Swampert to take a break. Then, transforms to his
back and rubs his forehead to relieve his sweat, knowningly, Swampert then noticed
seeing a spot of a little mark on his forehead, but it wasnt clear enough for him to
see what it was. The audience is clear that it was the R logo that was seen in
Episode 17. Not wanting to shrug off the feeling, Swampert gets back to training
with him and both continue training. And he is not to appear until Episode 23.
Where there will be a mass reveal.
Enter Episode 23 of the XY & Z saga, Brendan was actually still training, and he
happened to get a reading on Alains Aura, as he was approaching close to a strong
aura, which belonged to none other than Ash. And decided to spy on them, during
those times, Ash and Greninja was undergoing an experiment with Clemont. And of
course, the strength of Ashs Greninja is beyond the levels of Clemont, luckily, Ash

meets up with Alain again and they both decided to battle each other while their
Charizard and Greninja were being healed. Brendan observed the battle tactics of
Noivern and Metang, and witness Alains battle strategies and tactics, until it came
to the point where Noivern lost, and Greninja and Charizard recovered. So Ash and
Alain battled with their two Pokemon, until they reached to their limits, the
experiment of Clemonts power levels indicated a high surge, almost as if its out of
control. And Ash loses synchronisation with Greninja and collapses, Brendan,
witnessing this, decides to stay back and let his friends handle, Serena running up
first. After Ash saw the vision of Greninja leaving him, Ash woke up, and was still
troubled... Alain suggested finding Brendan so he can teach Ash how to manipulate
the synchronisation between Pokemon, and how to control ones power. Ash thinks
about it for awhile, and during that time, Alain leaves the party and is in a forest
area at night, contacting Team Flare, and talks to Mairin, to his surprise, it seems
Chespie is almost better, recovering, and that put a smile to Alains face. After the
contact, Alain then looks up to the night sky, thinking about getting stronger. But
during then, Brendan appears once again, in front of him. And confronts him for
another battle. He transformed to his True Super Pokemon state, and then, in clear
view, Alain then sees the R logo that is imprinted on Brendans forehead. And
realises, that Brendan has joined a gang that is after Zygarde, and he asks him,
why. Brendan then said, I am merely protecting Zygarde, from getting their filthy
hands on them. And Alain trys to reason with him that Team Flare is seeking good.
And of course, Brendan doesnt buy it. He gets a blast attack ready, and it was at
that point when Alain transformed to his Hybrid Super Pokemon form and battled
against Brendan, during the time, both were evenly matched, but it seemed Alain
had the upper hand. Brendan then transformed to his Z1 and Z2 forms and was
then ending off the battle, Alain had used his determination to think about Mairin
and Chespie, and was ultimately winning the battle. As a last stand, Brendan used
Rocket Mode. And it activated the R logo in his symbol and he released an
immense amount of power. In this form, Brendan is capable of Mass Genocide to
Pokemon, his mind becomes more evil and he will resort to any evil tactics to get his
way. Once calling out that form... Giovanni will control him in any way... Even so, he
chose to spare him for now, and disappears. Alain, shocked on the change of
Brendan, he decides to become stronger, not just with his Pokemon, but with his
new form as well, after noticing that Brendan had been training. After Ash was ready
to leave, Brendan catches up with Ash again, and asks him for a rematch. Ash was
surprised at the least, and doesnt want to fight him, only to teach him how to
manipulate his synchro-evolution. Brendan then spotted a single lonesome Pokemon
in the bush and blasted towards it, it didnt kill it, but the Pokemon was injured, but
it ran away. Ash was so shocked that he started to shout at him, after asking What
that was for... He then pulls up his hair, covering the R mark, and reveals it to the
gang, and the whole gang gets in a state of shock. As Ash realises, that Brendans
mark belongs to none other than Team Rocket. Ash shouts at Brendan, and asks
him. Why?

Ash: Why? Why is there a R mark on your forehead?! Dont tell me you joined Team
Rockets side.
Brendan: No... I am a temporary agent for Giovanni, merely to protect Puni-Chan
and stop Team Flare from accomplishing their goals... I failed once... I cant failed
Ash: Failed... once?
Brendan: Heh, remember when I left the team for a second time? It was because... I
ran away, leaving my Pokemon behind for a second mission... I had to protect
Squishy 2.
Bonnie: Squishy 2?
Brendan: Youll learn about it later... But anyways, our Squishy sensed a danger with
Squishy 2, and I was able to communicate with them, so, coming up with a lie... I
had to leave you guys behind so I could go to the scene and protect it, when I came,
it was almost at the point where it was about to be captured, but thankfully. I
stopped it, but they had a warrior, a warrior who allegedly transformed to a Super
Pokemon of an unknown caliber. I lost to him, even though I gave it everything I
got... And after the battle, they captured it... I was so infuriated, that I wanted to get
stronger... So I was going to go back and rejoin the team, but I happen to get a mind
contact with Giovanni, whom after Team Rocket supposedly called him earlier. And
he was giving me a choice... Become stronger by letting him control my mind when
I say the word... Letting me and him do anything with it, even something evil..
Beyond my control, he told me to abandon my friends once again, so that they can
stay out of this affair that I am in. And I will be solely responsible for stopping the
crisis. Not wanting to risk the lives of my friends... I left them, with an inconclusive
note... And this is how you see me now...
Ash wasnt happy with this... And he will make him see reason, so he sent out
Greninja and Brendan sent Swampert to the field and both battled it out fiercely.
With so many tactics, Ash also decided to use Synchro-Evolution again, but him
being angry at Brendan, it caused his determination to rise further, and he was
more in sync with Greninja, having the upper hand. But Brendan was always one
step ahead, and he used his tactics with his Mega Evolution form of Swampert.
Then, during the battle, during Mega Evolution, Brendan then used the SynchroEvolution technique, combining it to create... Ultra Swampert. Much more
powerful than Mega Evolution, but still relatively weaker battling against other Mega
Evolution Pokemon, Brendan had the upper hand in speed, maneuverability and
tactics. And ultimately beat Ash... Then, after the battle... He told him to stay out of
his way, and the only lesson he gave him to control his sync-evolution, was to get
stronger. Dont stop believing in your Pokemon, and you will become great... The

last thing he told him is to... Never... Hold... back... He yearns for the day that he
receives a fight from Ash... Where he is not holding back like in the Indigo League,
then, Brendan disappears. Along with Swampert, Ash, Infuriated, then calms down
and goes to recover his Pokemon and as he told his friends... I wont stop looking
for Brendan... the real him is there somewhere... And this crisis, i will be prepared to
help him in any way... And I will regain Brendans true senses... And I wont stop
believing that... And after telling his Pokemon that well get stronger, they all left
for the next destination. With Brendan watching in the distance, still smiling...
Seeing as if the evil behavior was all a ploy, to drive Ashs determination further,
after leaving, Brendan goes back to his training area and continues to train with his
Pokemon, with all of them knowing the truth of Brendans new power.
(More Backstory Added Later)