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Hi, just make your internet explorer as the default browser, then open the kindl

e application and go to Options>>Registration>>then click register (if error app

ears to uncheck work offline mode) just uncheck the work offline mode in interne
t explorer in the tools menu, once u uncheck work offline you can register your
Kindle PC and start reading.
Anyway, one of the first things that this does is to install a small proxy serve
r to ensue that any web requests go to its website (stop you fetching a real vir
us scanner), and patch up the config of any browsers it finds to make them use t
his proxy.
I had cleaned everything up, and re-set the proxy config on Firefox (we don't us
e IE).
The problem was that kindle for PC looks at the IE configuration to work out how
to connect to the Internet.
It was configuring itself to point to this (now non existent) "proxy" and so fai
ling to connect to the internet.
Take a look at your IE configuration, in particular Tools -> Internet Options ->
Connections -> LAN Settings
If the "Use a proxy server ..." is set, and you don't actually use a proxy, unch
eck it and try kindle again.
I was able to fix this with the following: Go to Tools menu, Options, then click
on Network. My install was set to Auto-Detect proxy settings...I changed this t
o No Proxy. Then I went to Tools >> Options, and clicked was t
hen able to connect and registration went fine from there. Hope that helps...
Here's what worked for me. I had to uninstall Kindle for PC, then deregister the
program. I then downloaded the latest version of Kindle for PC again, installed
and registered it. It's now working fine.
Workaround for Kindle for PC; do it on your OWN RISK; I am not repsonsible as to
the results, this is just works for me.
1. Close Kindle for PC
2. remove the folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\My Documents\My Kind
le Content"
3. remove the folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\Local Settings\Appli
cation Data\Amazon\Kindle\"
4. Start Kindle for PC
5. Goto options and configure proxy settings
6. Try to sync (from menu); it should prompt amazon acc credentials
7. Give it; that should lead to success content list and download possibility,
8. Download books you need
9, If you have bought new books the chances are it will take the repetation of m

agical passes starting from the first clause.

enjoy :-)
I have fixed the problem:
Here are the steps.
1. Being a forward thinking individual, I copied My Kindle Documents folder from
the My Documents directory to a Backup Directory I keep for such purposes (ever
ything - including mpx, apnx etc. files).
2. I then spent several days cleaning up the registry, uninstalling, rebooting,
installing. A rep, Jill - called last night for me to download vers 1.4 (since I
had already tried version 1.3 from nabrum - whom seems to swear on that - I did
n't have a lot of hopes for Jill's solutions). And, she didn't even have me dele
te existing folders.
3. A common problem noticed SINCE uninstalling was the error (in every app from
1.3 to 1.5) red check by Secure Storage. Some folks get stuck on this - I figure
d it related to registering.
4. This morning, googled "kindle for pc registration timed out" (without quotati
ons). Click on the first response - "Thanks for fixing "Registration timed out"
error". The problem (as I stated prior - an SSL communication error with the ser
ver), is the App is pointing at the wrong IP. I don't know if the version 1.01.2
579 looks it up dynamically - but it works.
5. Save the installer (call it KindleInstaller2 - or whatever). Uninstall and DE
LETE all directories (user\appdata\local\amazon, program files\amazon, and My Do
cuments\My Kindle Documents - remember to back up if you still have the books).
6. Install version 1.01 on computer - it will give you an error that books can't
be read, ignore it. Just register. Also, it won't update, so don't worry about
the update settings. Note - this program installs in the Program files directory
, NOT the user directory - LEAVE IT, DON'T DELETE IT - EVER!!
7. Close the ugly and old interface. Now, even if you use Firefox, you will need
IE for this one (I'm using version 8). Open up the download page for Kindle for
PC App (you can copy the url from firefox if default, or just use in IE - by cl
icking Future Improvements in K4PC v 1.01). Click download - and VERY IMPORTANT
- Run, don't save. IE will work off the Program Files directory - while the save
d installer will not.
8. After install, it will prompt for Registration again - enter email and passwo
rd - it will go right through. After registration, you can close IE. You will no
w have TWO Kindle 4 PC apps registered. You can unregister the first one (should
be Dweeb's Kindle for PC, vs Dweeb's Kindle for PC 2). If you have the back up
of kindle document files, go to the back up - highlight all the files, and copy
to the new Kindle Documents folder under my Documents (important - do not copy O
VER the directory - just dump the contents in). All those mobi, etc books not fr
om Amazon will return, even the Sample Downloads are saved.
9. The Amazon books will not work - but you won't have to remember what friggin
titles you had on the device. Just click on the book, remove from device, and re
-download. Your notes and highlights should be intact. It even remembers what pa
ge you were on.
Hope this helps.

{PS - I also reported this for a ticket to tech support - including the correct
IP address to point for syncing and registration.)