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First of all, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Leonie Madeleine

Tirtamulia, I am the CEO also the founder of The
Peonies Design co So as you can see based on my
companys name it is related to paper and stationery
things .

Established in 2014

with many positive

feedback. The Peonies Design co specializes in elite

invitation and stationery design for all special occasion,
such as wedding and birthday. Located in West Jakarta,
not only The Peonies Design co offers both digital and
offset printing solution, The Peonies Design co also
proudly presents the legendary craftmanship from
western world that is Letterpress printing. The Peonies
Design co. composes personal couture invitations
according to your cup-of-tea. The Peonies Design co
will work with you to make sure every detail is
designed to represent you and your special day.
Second, as the founder deciding which name
will be appropriate and fit to describe my companys
vision, mission and also uniqueness in one word at the
beginning is a difficult job to do, because a lot of
choices are in my mind but, at the end there is only one
name that makes me fall in love and think this is the
right one which is Peonies . Being inspire and in love with flowers also my fondness. I
believe every people has their own meaning to their life as well as flowers, they also have
their own meaning and value through their characteristic and so peonies (peony, singular).
Peonies have so many inspiring value and I am going to explain about it on Logos section.

Establish in 2014, The Peonies Design co. wanted to create company that is focus on
printing business. As the founder I saw big oppurtunity for my company to go forward with
target market people in all age, as I write before every people have their own meaning to
their life so there is no age limit for them to choose my product to express their special

occasion. Finally we meet the question, Why printing business field? it is because based on
SWOTs analysis (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) my strength is in design area and
work with paper and ink is my passion since high school, so when had to work with design I
will truly do it in serious and make sure every detail are perfect and extraordinary, and I
ensure that my design will be different with other designer. Next is Weakness, because my
company was newly launched in 2014 which is last year, probably the weakness is about
trust, not so many people know my company yet and have trust with us, but I believe with
great performance and with professional work over time people will get to know and have
confidence for trusting us as their choice for designing their special occasion. After that is
Opportunity, as you can see, not so many entrepreneur choose this kind of business, from
that point I think this is the chance for me to achieve and take it just like words that always
say Take it or leave it In order to always move forward and become the leading company
in printing invitation and stationery design my company is ready to face any obstacles and
challenge in the future. Last is Threat. The biggest threat is my company has to compete with
other businesses that already started their printing business first, because of course they have
more experience in facing a lot of customer than my company.
At first all businesses must be think about how to get capital, because raising capital
for a business is one of the most important activities when start a business or have an
established business and the way my company raising capital is from my own with
approximately five hundred million rupiah(Rp. 500 000 000,-).. From my savings that I
already save for 10 years ago since I work in a joint venture company, also my company raise
capital by borrowing from my friends for around three hundred million rupiah(Rp. 300 000
000,-).. So, my company has raises around eight hundred million rupiah for capital (Rp. 800
000 000,-). My friends that invest to my company have same interest with me and wanted to
invest after I tell to them the detail of my business and ensure to them that my business idea
is will make profit for them. Business is all about risk taken and managing expenses well by
never give up to try and achieve success. I think thats all I can write for introduction about
my company .I will explain more detail in the next paragraph.
In this paragraph Im going to explain about my
companys logo. As the company name Peonies my
companys logo consist of Peony flower and the name of
my company itself. Peonie is often associated with the
meaning of romance and proseperity because the
blossoms of the peonies flower is round which is
symbolizes good fortune for all people who believe with
it and the generous look of peonies bloom also describe
compassion that represent the beauty of true love. All
meaning behind Peonies have already become my

representative for the companys vision Create a happiness through unity of words, paper,
and design with touch of love and our mission Design to produce the best product with
high quality standard to connect people with a great value. Our company strive to make our
business integrate with the passion of creativity for our valuable customer. The grey circle
around the peoniess picture represent the integrity and my companys believe to keep solid
as a teamwork. Next, is the colorful pattern behind the peonies flower, its represent my
company that consist of many kind of people with their interesting characteristic that is
commit to work together as a team to unites all the differences that exist to build company
into developing and more advanced.
After explanation about logo, I will continue with the vision and mission of my
My company vision:
Create a happiness through unity of words, paper, and design with touch of love
So, from the beginning my company already has goal or aim to achieve, which is
Happiness because as the founder, I believe create happiness with people around you is
something priceless and cannot compare with anything and happiness itself could create
based on my company capability by combining three things: words, paper, and design.
And my company mission:
Design to produce the best product with high quality standard to connect people with a
great value. Our company strive to make our business integrate with the passion of creativity
for our valuable customer
As we all know, that mission is the way for how we could achieve our vision and in order to
achieve my companys vision, we have decide to always use the high quality standard for our
product so we can make a value for our customer and never forget to engage with creativity.

In this part, I would like to describe about my business operation. Located in West
Jakarta, Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari no. 78 near King Foto Group. We choose that location
because I think this location is strategic where everyone could access through all
transportation whether it is public or private transportation. Build with three floor, Peonies

companys division has divided into 5 different area: financial, design, marketing, human
resource, and the last is logistic. I need those area of division because they are the
fundamental of my company to grow and develop. The next thing Im going to explain but
still in this paragraph is about job description for each department.
Financial division
Financial division responsible for keeping records of the purchases and sales made by
business as well as capital spending, They are responsible preparing final accounts of my
company by providing profit and loss account also balance sheet, next is manage my
company wages, they will be responsible for calculating wages and salaries of employees and
organising the collection of income tax.
Marketing division
For marketing division they are responsible for the sales and distribution of the product to the
different customer, and then responsible for market research and also arranges advertisement
and the advertising media used.
Human resource
For Human Resource they are in charge for recruiting, training and dismissal of employees in
my company. The human resource division also responsible to think ahead and establish the
number and skills of the workforce required for my company in the future.
Design division
This division is required with people that really passion with creativiy and always have idea
to create and design value through their work. Basicly they are responsible for the design and
development of new product. Also, they should capable to create a design based on customer
In this division , they responsible to pick, pack and deliver our product to our valuble
customer and make sure that the product will arrive safely with no damaged until customer
received and sign the shipping slip.

Financial Analysis.
In this following paragraph Im going to explain about my companys financial analysis for a
period of 5 years in the future. Raise with capital eight hundred million rupiah (Rp 800 000
000,-) an analysis of the 5-year trend indicates an increase in revenue for 4 of the past 5
years. I believe in 2018 my company will further grow and get great benefit because our
target market will grown to include not only the consumer market in Indonesia but also the
Asian market which is certainly more broadly through the digital era of globalization.
Several expense line items have been analyzed and have provided opportunities for cost
1. Cost of Goods
This item appears to have been out of proportion at certain periods. To remedy this, several
steps have been and will be taken.
Procedures are being taken to monitor material waste. Waste due to errors can be
considerably reduced by implementing and enforcing policies on quality control.
Pricing updates will be made more often to reflect price increases on papers and
supplies. Price lists have recently been updated and modified to simplify pricing
procedures for employees. This will be a major help in eliminating pricing errors.
Each department will be responsible for recording time spent on each job. This will
show what types of printing jobs are more or less profitable, and indicate what
measures should be taken to increase profitability.
2. Wages (including owners)
Wages have averaged 0.59 percent over the 1 year history. The figures are actual and
projection. As a result, this percentage should be lower by year end. The FRA (Financial
Research Association) comparison for a like-size business indicates a 21.34 average.
Therefore, The Peonies Design co. is only 1.32 percent above this industry average. Increases

in productivity brought about through the implementation of this plan will bring this figure to
below the industry average.
3. Advertising
Advertising is 0.5 percent on average and is above the FRA average of .39 percent for smallsized businesses. In order to increase our penetration in the market, this item will have to
remain above this average for a short time. However, we do feel that by utilizing an effective
advertising strategy, our advertising rupiahs will yield a greater return than in the past.
4. Bad Debts
Bad debts have not been a significant problem in the past, but we will continue to monitor
accounts receivable to avoid developing any problems in this area.
5 . Repairs and Maintenance
Repairs and maintenance increased probably significantly from 2014 until 2018. This was
due in part to service agreements on new equipment. From 1988, however, this expense has
significantly decreased from .77 percent of revenues to .37 percent.
Through this financial analysis, I hope can assist my company planning in the future and help
to make best investment decisions or recommendations for my company to grow.
About our product
Our luxurious product designs include: party kit, save-the-date, custom wedding invitations,
reception cards, announcements, maps, direction cards, menus, table place cards, and
brochure. Also with stunning product finishing such as engraving, embossing, foil stamping,
custom drawn artwork, and many more! We also offer custom letterpress stationery for
private or commercial purposes, such as, journal book, note cards, and business cards.
The Peonies Design co. make sure that customer custom letterpress product is printed on high
quality papers, including archival 100% cotton papers, We also strive to work with only the
best digital and offset printing company to make sure quality and details are always high
Marketing Strategy

Finding the right marketing strategies to use has always been a challenging task for my
company. But the growing number of marketing channels available today make it even more
difficult to find the best marketing strategies to build it.
So, what is our way to promote our business ?
1. The first decision in any marketing strategy is to define target customer. Who do

you serve?
The narrower to define market so we can focus on those that we can best serve and
those that can best service you, the more effective our entire business will be.
2. Our unique benefit highlight the one (or two) main things your product or service
actually delivers (benefits) that our target customer really wants, not a long list of all
the things our product does (features). And the simpler we describe it, the better our
marketing works.
3. When someone is looking to buy a solution to a problem, they will quickly make
sense of the alternatives to compare against competition We need to be clear in our
own mind about what your biggest competition is each competitor type would create
different comparisons, so we need to narrow it down to one or two main competitor
4. Once we have defined our competition, we make a list of all the things we do
differently and better. Then rank each of them by how important these factors are to
our target customer. Pick the top one or two and put them on your homepage


the real secret that successful companies practice with extreme discipline: Creating a clear marketing
strategy is not what companies do after they get big, its what small companies do to grow and get bigger in
the first place.

In conclusion, through this paper I believe my company that runs in prinitng business
will grow better and become the leading company of printing business in the future, because
from the first I choose this kind of business because based on SWOTs analysis help me to
show what are advantages and disdavantages and how to handle the disadvantage itself .

Through financial analysis also, has show how my company will grow in the future and I
believe 5 years in the future since I build this company will further grow and get great benefit
because our target market will be wider not only in Indonesia, but also customer around Asia.
Because we only produce the best product with high quality standard we have our own
uniqueness and that is one of our markteing strategy to help us promote our product. Last, our
marketing strategy has lead our company to always define our target customer, how to make
our promote looks unique but also simple so customer easily recognize it,

know our

competitor and last help us to list things that make our company different from others.

Our portfolio
1. Party-kit

Celebrate your
child birthday
with our partykit that will make
the party more
colorful and





With all recipes originated from Spain,

Churreria has successfully become
Indonesia's personal chocolateria with their
mouth-watering desserts. Tarts to pralines,
and a long list of rich chocolate drinks to
quench your thirst. This new menu design
has a wooden touch to keep it warm, like a
cup of chocolate. We also added a sketchy
hand-drawn illustration to give it more
dynamic feels.

Sakura is a symbol of hope and beauty. In many countries, Sakura also symbolize power and love. No wonder it
is one of the most popular flower in the world. This invitation is inspired by what Sakura represent, which is
hope, beauty, power, and love that is essentials for the bride and groom to begin a new stage of their lives
together on their Wedding Day :)

Single hardboard with custom embossed monogram, maps & quotes hanging by a little rope. Special design for
Michael & Merry. We love how they come with a clear vision on how the design should be: simple & elegant.
We're glad we can help them make their dream invitation comes true :)