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Laura Howard
OMDE 610 9040
Journal Entry 13 (Module 5)

What I would want to learn in Module 5 (University of Maryland University College,

Its is hard to believe I have arrived at Module 5 already, but I am ready, I think! This

course has really been challenging for me in a number of ways, but I have learned so many
things throughout this course that have really helped me realize the importance of online
distance education. After reviewing the module 5 objectives and content (University of
Maryland University College, 2016;,
some of the components that I would want to be able to learn about are new models that we
could use to structure and apply to online learning, which Harasim (2012) discusses and
Alexandra Pickett explains for teaching faculty (as cited in Harasim, 2012, p. 131), and it
looks like I will be reading about models also in the Otte & Banks (2006) article. I think I
have an idea of what some best practices are in online learning, especially from Harasim
(2012), so I am curious to know if I will be learning about different ones or the same ones,
but in more detail. Learning about policy, I have to admit, is not one of my favorite subjects
to read and study on, but I know that it is a necessary part of online education and can
provide beneficial components and structure, as explained by Harasim (2012) and Muirhead
& Betz in 2002 (as cited in Harasim, 2012, pp. 129-130). I feel a little concerned about my
ability to apply theoretical traits and/or methods to policy, but I think I will have all the
information I need as supplied by module 5 class content

(; University of Maryland University

College, 2016) and the Harasim (2012) book.

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