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Articles on social problems issue

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Graphic 1 : Social Issues In Malaysia And Their Factors


Articles on environmental problems issue

Graphic 2 : Ways Taken By Kelantan To Overcome Illegal Logging
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Inten sif y Pat rols And C hec ks In The Lo gging Area

Of fers Reward s T o Informers W ho T ip O f The Task Fo rce On Il leg al L ogging Act iv i ti es

In The State




Narrative Essay

It was the worst rainy weather I had seen. The skies remained
overcast as sheets of rain poured down without stopping. In the evenings,
the rain was usually accompanied by blinding flashes of lightning and
deafening peals of thunder. Most of the residents in my area remained
confined indoors. Apart from people scurrying to and from work and school,
there was little outdoor activity.
The town where I live, Kuantan, faces the Pahang River. After three
days ofincessant rain, the swollen river burst its banks and unleashed its
fury on the residents. Many of the residents ere caught off-guard. As the
floodwaters rose, many of the residents were forced to flee their homes.
However, there were also some of the residents that refused to the order.
They stay at their house to make sure their homes safe from any robbery
of snatch thieves.
Although our area was a flood-prone area, many were caught by
surprise as this was not the monsoon season. Every year, the north-east
monsoon would bring heavy rains to the east coast at the end of each year.
However, the sudden floods in the middle of the year caused jitters among
the residents.
Houses were inundated. The heavy downpour also triggered
landslides, causing further damage to houses. The heavy rain caused
traffic woes as many vehicles were stalled. Some motorists were seen
pushing their stalled vehicles while others were stranded.

When the rain did not abate after two consecutive days, people
began to be evacuated to higher ground. Many took shelter in a secondary
school nearby which was turned into a temporary relief center. Most of the
residents did not have time to salvage their belongings. Several residents
from nearby villages were marooned in the area after road links were cut
off by the floodwaters.
Various authorities were deployed to help evacuate and supply food
to the flood victims. Strong winds aggravated the situation as several trees
were uprooted. Roofs of houses were ripped off and went hurtling away by
the fierce winds.
After a week of continuous downpour, the rain finally showed signs
of abating. The overcast skies finally cleared. The faint glow of the sun's
rays brought cheer and relief to the people affected by the floods. People
started to return to their homes. After a week of uncertainty and chaos, life
returned to normal. Finall, I felt so relieved when the strong wind and the
heavy rain began to stop and the condition was back to normal.


Expository Essay
Deforestation is the clearing the land of forest or trees. Many people

do not even know that this problem exists, although it may be occurring
right in their own neighborhoods. The causes of deforestation are broad. It
used to be thought that the lumber industry was much to blame, when in
fact the industry is very low. Most of the land was used for various other
reasons such as building and agricultural expansion. The land is used for
growing crops and livestock grazing. In many cases the Slash and Burn
method is used. This is where the farmers cut down and burn forests to get
to the land that is feasible for farming. Most of the tropical soils are very
poor in nutrients and can only support crops for a few years. When the soil
has been exhausted it is either abandoned or turned over for livestock
Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment. The
most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions of species. Seventy
percent of Earth's land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot
survive the deforestation that destroys their homes.
Deforestation also drives climate change. Forest soils are moist, but
without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out. Trees
also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into
the atmosphere. Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands
can quickly become barren deserts.
Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which
blocks the suns rays during the day and holds in heat at night. This

disruption leads to more extreme temperatures swings that can be harmful

to plants and animals. Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the
greenhouse gases that fuel global warming. Fewer forests means larger
amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphereand increased
speed and severity of global warming.
Another major effect of deforestation is the higher occurrence of
landslides. In Bukit Antarabangsa, Malaysia, landslides have been occuring
frequently within the past decade. This is because when trees are chopped
down, the soil would be left unprotected. Hence, when it rains, soil would
flow rapidly with the rainwater and this causes the soil structure to
weaken. This would eventually cause a landslide where many lives would
be at risk.
The quickest solution to deforestation would be to simply stop
cutting down trees. Though deforestation rates have slowed a bit in recent
years, financial realities make this unlikely to occur. A more workable
solution is to carefully manage forest resources by eliminating clear-cutting
to make sure that forest environments remain intact. The cutting that does
occur should be balanced by the planting of enough young trees to replace
the older ones felled in any given forest. The number of new tree
plantations is growing each year, but their total still equals a tiny fraction
of the Earths forested land.
In a nutshell, there are many effects of deforestation that occur from
many factors. So, we have to work on the solution to avoid any other worse
effects from uncontrolled deforestation. Community ang the autority must
work together to lead a new life with a better condition without affecting
the environment. Lastly, love the environment and keep green.


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151 English Essays & Letters.SSMB Book

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For Graphic 1
From the link
( I just take three from the writers choices )
1 ) High Rate Of Unemployment Among Graduates
The cause of unemployed graduates nowadays is the incompatibility in the focus
of higher education institutions and the needs of labor market. The reason for
that is lack in compatibility as compared to the situation twenty years ago. In
addition, there is an increase of competitiveness and volatility in the labor
market. The work environment nowadays require graduates to have some work
experiences in order to the requirement of qualified employee. Besides that,
incompatibility in the knowledge acquired in higher education institution is one of
the factor. Besides that, university graduates are lack of experiences and skills.
Most of organizations today prefer to have graduates with experience to ensure
the employers sustain their economic competitiveness. The number of
unemployed female graduates is much higher in comparison male graduates.
Moreover, those graduates with essential skills are more preferable compared to
them who does not have any skills. They also should have proficiency in English.
Other than that, university graduates have to possess their interpersonal skills in
order to decrease the number of unemployment among them.
2 )Drug Abuse among Teenagers
Young people engage in drug use for different reasons than do adults, and as
such, they need different treatment methods to help them break the cycle of
addiction. Some of the root causes and co-occurring issues that are addressed in
teen-specific drug rehab include:

(i) Peer Pressure

A young persons social group plays an incredibly important role in the choices
they make. Being involved with a circle of friends that experiments with drugs
makes the individual much more likely to take part in that behavior themselves.
(ii) Self-image issues
The cause of many problems among teenagers, including drug addiction, alcohol
addiction and eating disorders, coping with a poor sense of self can lead to
escapist behavior that includes substance abuse.
(iii) Problems at Home
Many teenagers turn to drugs as a means of escaping their problems at home.
This is most common in families where there is physical abuse, sexual abuse or
other forms of neglect and conflict.
(iv) Co-occurring disorders
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression and eating
disorders are among the most common mental health disorders among teens
that co-occur with drug abuse and addiction. These problems will need to be
addressed at the same time that drug abuse is treated in order to achieve
optimum success.

3 ) Baby Abortion among Teenagers

Abortion means termination of pregnancy, it can either be spontaneous or
induced. Spontaneous is known as miscarriage, while induced simply means
termination of a pregnancy which is planned. Recently, the statistics have shown
an increase in abortion rate year after year. Abortion can cause by social,
economic or pregnant women health condition as well.
There are several reasons as to why abortion among teenagers is reaching
alarming proportions. Factors like peer pressure, inadequate sex education,
casual attitude towards sex and some sexual materials available in the media
today, are some of the factors that greatly contribute to early pregnancy among
teenagers leading to unexpected pregnancies. For this, most teens opt for
abortion because of concerns that having a baby would derail their important
goals in life. They also worry about financial responsibilities involved in raising a
Most teenagers who engage in risky behaviors do so due to lack of knowledge
about the consequences involved. According to research, teen abortion is the
result of modern attitude to sexuality. Not only does parenthood bring
devastating effects on most families, but children born to teenagers are prone to
malnutrition, abuse and neglect. As the figure of early pregnancy keeps rising,

most teens find themselves wondering which path to take. Sadly, they either
choose to abort their pregnancies or become teenage parents.
Those teens who form romantic relationships have higher chance of engaging in
sexual activities than those who don't. It is vital to understand that with proper
and adequate sex education for our children, we can help prevent teen abortion.
With today's fast paced society where most parents are busy with their careers, a
lot of them only spend limited time with their kids. It is important to spend
sometime with our children, listen to them and have a little talk. Relying on
schools is not enough because most public schools are allowed to only speak
about abstinence sex education and therefore its up to the parents to ensure
their children are well educated about this subject to be able to make smart

The society as a whole has a role to play in preventing teen abortion before it
totally gets out of control. We need to find a workable and lasting solution that
will bring to an end the high rate of abortion. Statistics may have imperfect
measurements, however, they help us understand and see the facts in most
aspects of life and understand that something is not right. Both teenagers and
parents have a role to play. If you are a teen, ensure you educate yourself against
unexpected pregnancy and for parents, it is our responsibilities to regularly teach
our teens about the dangers of unprotected sexual activities.
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