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Economics of Pakistan Guess Papers 2015 B.

com Part 2
Question # 1
What are various economics, social political and administrative problems being faced by
economy of Pakistan?
Discuss economics and non-economic factors reducing the pace of economic development of
What is different in economic growth and economic development? How can we measure
economic development?
Describe the political and administrative obstacles to Pakistans economic development
Question # 2
What is meant by human recourse development? How can we develop our human resource?
Question # 3
Compare in brief the characteristics of a developing country with that of a developed country
Question # 4
Capital formation is basis of economic development of any country. Please discuss with
reference to Pakistan
Question # 5
Discuss in detail the role of agriculture finance in the economic development a country like
Question # 6
Discuss the problems of large scale industry in Pakistan
Discuss problems and importance of small scale industry in Pakistan? Enumerate governments
role to develop small scale industry?
What do you know about SMEDA? What role can this organization play in the economic
development of small scale industries?
Question # 7
What is inflation? Please discuss its causes and suggest measures to overcome the same in
Question # 8
Discuss merits and de-merits of foreign assistance.
What steps have been taken by the government of Pakistan to promote exports?
What is foreign direct investment? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of FDI for
developing countries like Pakistan
Question # 9
What is agriculture price policy? Please elaborate its the development of agriculture sector in
Question # 10
Explain the concept of vicious circle of poverty? Also discuss how it can be broken especially
enveloping countries of Pakistan

Question # 11
Describe the problems of agricultural marketing? What measure can be adopted to remove the
defects of agricultural marketing?
Define agricultural marketing policy. What are the objectives of agricultural marketing policy in
Discuss the problems and remedies for agricultural marketing in Pakistan
Question # 12
What steps have been taken by the government of Pakistan to promote export?
Discuss in details various measures which Pakistan needs to take boost its exports.
Question # 13
Technology plays a vital role in economic development of a country. Discuss with reference to
Describe the role of transportation and communication in the economic development of Pakistan
Question # 14
Discuss the importance of power resources in the development of a country. Briefly examine the
main power resources of Pakistan
Question # 15
What is monetary policy? Write about the monetary policy objectives and instruments in
Question # 16
What is meant by economic planning? Discuss its objectives and briefly review the economic
planning in the past two decades
Question # 17
Discuss major problem and remedies of Pakistans agricultural sector