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Mind Pollution

The Cause of fall of an Individual, Family, Society

and the Whole world

The Secret of Restoration of Life and Society
Life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The second law of thermodynamics applied to
living system tells that it in time it tends to order. This is opposite to what happens
in material systems. Material system under second law of thermodynamics tends to
increased disorder and collapse to a point. This means that the universe is self
sustained by two opposing forces; life force and material force [gravity and anti-
gravity]. This is proven by “Gaia hypothesis” This makes the idea of
“gravitational collapse” and “Big Bang Theory” become redundant.

However, the Big Collapse and Big Bang Theory, the fall of individual, family
community and society and the whole world becomes inevitable, when we
introduce adult human being into Gaia hypothesis. An adult human being as he
matures, he lives a mind centered life, becomes slave to material force and its
power. He tries to establish his self and forgets the oneness of the whole system.
The 3 steps of fall and the path of restoration
The fall begins to manifest in adult hood where a natural tendency of separation and
independency begins in an individual. It takes place in the following 3 steps

1] Children are forced between the forces of love and comforts of parents abode and
the illusionary love and comforts that the external material world presents to them.
Here the thinking of illuminati [Mind] and the Governing bodies that are
ruling the environment plays an important role.

2] A war develops in Children’s mind and they fall to the external illusionary vortex
of love and comforts that flesh and matter can bring. He follows the Mind that is
ruling the external environment. Here every Father and Mother, every ruler, who
thinks of “self”, makes money the principal force, inevitably adds to the power of the
vortex which leads to death. They ignorantly are destroying the future of their own
children/people and creating misery for themselves. Here our present education
system, the universities and the temples of power and religion all are erring. Today,
these systems that should work to lead peoples mind to their consciousness and help
ignite their intelligence within to liberate them, are actually working to encapsulate
their mind and make them slave and work for them. The education system works in
favor to killing the intelligence, such that the mind and body works as slave. It
creates a situation where we are entrapped in debt. It promotes competitive
existence and gaining material aspects and power at all cost – THIS IS A VITAL

3] When the material power comes to the growing child, [when he begins to earn]
He proclaims his “self”. He snaps his tie with parents and begins to build his HOME
separate from the parents based on love of flesh and matter. THE LAW ALLOWS
SEPARATE HOUSES NOT A HOME. We cannot break the love relationship
with our roots. When we do it, we carry pains in the subconscious level. When in
time the flesh begins to lose its shine, material power of the body begins to give
way, he [his soul] find itself in misery. His EGO or SELF which passed the wrong
judgment and took the forbidden path creates cover over his misery and persists.
This Ego is often passed for generations. Some people call it curse. This happens in
every strained relationship. The ego creates, from one sin many sins, form one debt
it create many debts, form one lie it create many lie and passes on to the next
generation. This is a genetic phenomenon.

To some extent its reaction is resisted by mixing of information when new

generations are created. The ancient culture and knowledge system probably knew
the importance of gene. Thus the parents and elders, when children are to be
married, unite to make selection. Some cultures have developed, making time charts
to make matches. But all this has a limit, determined by the second law of
thermodynamics. The evil is carried for generations and is growing within all the
family and it is reflecting in community, society and the whole world. The present
situation of the world that is boiling from within [disorder] and moving to self
destruction is the resultant of wrong judgment of our ancestors, aggravated by us by
fallowing the same path. The solution is that the path needs to be changed. This calls
for a turn around. It necessitates a pivot or a New Mind over which we can change.

In short, “self” is real and independent, but this independence is limited to the body
level. It cannot be applicable to conscious and intelligence level that binds the whole
into one. Let me put this in a scientific manner. We all are born form a point in a cell.
The point itself consist of two parts, one dominant other recessive. Biologists
understand this as pairs of information. The one cell called zygote which conquers
time, encloses all the information for the whole system to unfold in the womb and
emerge from it to seek independence. The division of one cell into two begins as a
wave from the dominant point of information and is followed by the recessive pair. A
“Quantum Dance” follows. The wave then creates a replica or mirror image of it self
with matter taken from the mother cell and the whole body. The dominion is now
given to the two worlds formed from one to rule. The singularity is a passing state
where a new order is formed from disorder. The reality is duality. The Essence of the
First cell exists in the middle as perceiver and judge. The law resists the two worlds
from aligning with material force which directs to the center and collapse. The law of
God “Not to eat form the tree at the center” spoken in Bible needs to be interpreted
form this point. Our understanding of nature completes it self only when we
understand the universe as a living system. This is explored in my sites logically.

The time direction or second law of thermodynamics is inevitable. The law “Not to
eat from the tree at the center” was only a resistive one to humanity from becoming
slave to material force. Our ancient cultural practices, education systems, developed
by seers, were essentially aimed to resist us from falling to the grip of material
forces and lead once own consciousness and intelligence to death. They have strived
for maintaining the connectivity of the mind with its consciousness and to its root
consciousness and intelligence [God]. When the cells of the whole system begin to
fail, what collapses is the whole system. The Vedas of the East speaks of Universal
Time Cycle in terms of four phases where the Justice and Truth deteriorates by
certain proportion. The Vedas say that in each of these phases God manifest to
sustain the world. They visualize Lord Rama and Krishna as incarnations of God
manifested to protect the Justice and Truth. According to scriptures we are in the last
phase where evil flourishes and Truth and Justice falls to the lowest level and thus
takes the world to the brink of death.

Bible tells us that Christ manifested when not one soul was left behind who could be
justified before God. Every body had fallen by eating the Forbidden Fruit. God and
His position as Judge and His Kingdom are threatened by total annihilation. Life
survives time by reproduction. But for one Universal Soul there is no second body,
into which Fathers Essence can go to recreate new body out of the old for it to rest.
This means the Creator should now manifest as seed back in the womb of
his own body, to recreate the whole. When the Creator’s Superior Conscious and
intelligent field [Mind] goes subservient to the body, what rules is the inferior mind
and intelligence that has eaten the forbidden fruit and has gone subservient to
material force. In short, human tries to rule the world by his inferior and partial
knowledge driven by “self”. By his “self” he only hastens the deterioration and

The down hill journey of humanity to death probably began when Christ was judged,
voted and condemned by his own people to death and the out come of it they took it
on themselves and their children. Humanity got its ‘Free Will” to choose at this point.
The root of modern day democracy exists in this point. This Free Will gave impetus
to human “self” and his material quest and power. Every body is a victim to it. It
began from “west” and with globalization it has spread to “east”. The present
globalization is powered with intent of human “self”. It is aimed at conquering the
market and money and thus unleashing the material power to rule the world. The
human intent is manifesting as conquering motive and corruption and it in its fullness
is ready to engulf and destroy humanity as a whole.

The type of freedom that modern man has is only illusionary. How one can chose a
good, when the Information and Truth to choose the good does not exist. When a
human soul is part of one Universal Soul born in time to its left and right and is
resisted by law to seek from the tree at the center, it is impossible for him to seek
Truth. No amount of study of spiritual scriptures can led you to Truth. Truth is what
you are. Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthy says, man has changed externally from
bullock carts to Airplanes, but he is internally remains the same. He is caught in the
darkness and suffering for want of Light.

The spiritual scriptures speak of Faith and communication with God as the
fundamental foundation of existence because phase of darkness is inevitable in the
cycle of light that sustains. Time and death is inevitable reality of nature. The
breaking of faith relationship is symbolically spoken in terms of First Sin. This sin is
committed by all souls. Bible very clearly says Christ manifested when there was
none left who could be justified before God. The hope for the world exists in Christ’s
Calvary sacrifice and His Second Coming. The Second Coming is the revelation of
Truth or the “Mind of God” that initializes Humanity into Kingdom of God. It is the
pivot over which the world can transform and come to life.

The hope for the world exists in the “NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH” being created within
for us to transform and survive through Christ. We cannot enter this world unless we
die a “Mind Death” by faith and eat from the table that Christ or God prepared for
us. We need to take rebirth. A mind that is focused on material world cannot find
Truth. The first step towards enquiry into Truth begins when we listen to the call of
consciousness. The second step is to focus the mind to the inner world of “self”. But
“self” is a reality and it is life. Truth is beyond “self”. Thus “self” cannot seek Truth.
Therefore ancient scriptures say we humans cannot seek Truth. Truth has to come to
us by a Divine Plan for Divine Purpose. Truth reveals when “self” dies. No
ordinary man can be expected to do it. Human quest is a search to conquer misery
and death and rule over the world perpetually. How can he accept the philosophy of
accepting death in order to conquer death? This is beyond logic and the
comprehension of mind. The Truth has already come to the world when the “selfless”
sacrificed for our “self” at Calvary. This secret is well written in Yajurveda Vs 30-31,
which clearly write that the universe was created by the self sacrifice of the Creator
and this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or the lesser Gods.

There is a qualitative difference in the FALL of human soul into death trap and the
RETURN from piggery to Kingdom of Father. Some fall easily into death trap. Who
have good lineage and have good culture and upbringing fall slowly into the death
trap. But in time everyone falls. Some quickly retreats from piggery back to Kingdom
of God and some take very long time to realize it. But it is inevitable that everyone
returns to Kingdom of God. When Truth or “Mind of God” reveals the present mind
ruling the world would bow to it. Then a journey form the disorder to order or death
to life begins.

No father and mother send their children to school, college and universities for him
to separate from his home. He does it to strengthen his family and home. However,
modern education system and the universities are engaged in making money and
work to fuel human self and its deterioration. The education and health has become
a business that now procures highest returns at the cost of deterioration individuals
and the whole society and its health. The children are getting lost increasingly to the
family, what is lost to the family, is lost to the nations, what is lost to the nations is
lost to the world. What is lost to the world is lost to God.

Kingdom of God is a family. The basic force that binds is Love. And it does not wish
to loose one Child. The Father and Mother work and act to sustain the family at all
cost. The cost was paid at Calvary. You have “Free Will” to take up your berth in a
new journey in New Time Cycle.

More about it is discussed in my sites,

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A Humble Request – The article is the product of over two decades of self less research,
guided by His Grace, after I gave up a lucrative career in biotechnology to live as a small
farmer taking the responsibility of a combined family that was collapsing. It brings to you
the basic substance and arguments for a Living Universe Theory. Those of you who are
reading this, if you feel there is substance in my work, please spread it to as many people
as possible. Specially try calling the attention of the TV, Media People, Ministries,
Leaders and scientist of the world who are determining our fate. The Truth of the
Good News, Knowing God and returning to our spiritual roots is the only means to
survive the End Time Disasters. I am convinced beyond doubt that humanity will
“Awaken to Truth” and Truth will have its victory. We are going through pains of
delivering Truth. More we delay heavier will be the destruction and the pain the world
has to endure. I have spent one life time, listening to my consciousness and its call. It was
a sacrificial life of walking the difficult path by taking the cross. Today in my family the
younger generations have taken high profile jobs in modern world. My teachings to them,
the sacrificial life, I led for them seems to be going in vain under the influence of modern
world environment. The devil of “self” is manifesting to cause a split and fall. The defeat
of evil and saving the future for our children cannot happen unless there is change in the
environmental forces. We need to stop the mind pollution and “self” forces disintegrate,
family, community, society, and the whole world

I live on the last of my resources as I exist on the net to communicate to you all. Your
help to spread this message is vital to bring the much wanted defeat of devil and
transformation of the world. The future to the world exists in Knowing the Truth and
Awakening to Truth.