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Name: Jorge Abinadab Gmez Mendoza

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Doing Business in the Americas

Adrian Sanchez



Term project 2

Date: 10/10/15

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The battle for video game supremacy began a long time ago between Sega and
Nintendo, now the protagonist are Sony and Microsoft.
Play Station 4 (PS4) or Xbox One are the options for gamers in 2015. The PS4
sold 1.25 million units in the United States during November, while the Xbox
One sold 750,000. The PS4 went ahead because the lower price in compare
with the Xbox One being $100 cheaper.
The challenges of this time for the PS4 are with the mobile phone, many of the
casual gamers that bought the PS3 are now passing more time with the mobile
devises. Thats why Sony created the PSVita, but it did not have the impact that
they wanted. But with the launch of PS4 the PSVita can function as a control for
the console and as a second screen.
The PS4 can not be stop, the numbers show, with Sony 's head of hardware
and software sales in the last years.


PlayStation 4 is outselling Xbox One 2-to-1 right now, surpassing 22.3 million
systems sold worldwide, while Microsoft's sales numbers are at 12.8 million.
That'll continue if this week's US price drop in reflected in the UK and Australia.
Microsoft's come-from-behind campaign consists of adding exclusive games
like Halo 5, full DVR capabilities, readying an Xbox Elite controller, gamepad
remapping and, further out, experimenting with HoloLens. In addition to Xbox
One backward compatibility, Windows 10 presents exciting game streaming
possibilities in a forthcoming November update. It's also the only console with
EA Access.
Sony is preparing PS4 for a streaming and virtual reality future, too, with
PlayStation Now, PlayStation TV and Oculus Rift-rival PlayStation VR
(previously Project Morpheus). In the meantime, it's readying Uncharted 4 for its
delayed 2016 release date and tweaking its console with feature-filled firmware
updates and PlayStation Plus games.

Since the two consoles were launched in November 2013, CNET has generally
recommended on PS4 than the Xbox One, due to its low price and deliver a
focused approach to the game experience.
But Microsoft has worked hard to reverse a series of poor decisions that have
weighed you to your next-generation console. After reducing its price and leave
Kinect as a mandatory accessory, adding the compatibility of the Xbox 360
games and the promise of a confusing and overwhelming redesign panel
changes are worthwhile for the Xbox One. (We will update our analysis
consoles as these updates become available software).
Sony, which has a better position in the battle of the consoles (PS4 sales have
far exceeded those of the Xbox One), it had less to prove during E3. If you can
cross out a weakness to Sony, it is that its most promising exclusive titles - like
Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian - will not arrive until 2016.
But historically, video game consoles have to reach 3 years before maturity.
Which both press conferences have been spectacular is a good indication that
eventually enough quality content to keep fans happy either console in the
years to come.
This war began a long time ago in the 2001 when Microsoft released the Xbox
that will compete directly with the Play Station and the GameCube.