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Lets Have a class 2:00 Minutes Link

Basic sentences.
1:55 minutos Link
School Vocabulary 4:31 Minutes Link
How are you today? 2:10 Minutes link
School Vocabulary 2:29 Minutes Link
School Things 3:13 minutes Link
The rules of the classroom 2:17 Minutes
The Days of the week 4:59 Min Days of the week song 2:21
The months 3:12 12 Months 2:00
The pronouns 1:44 Minutes link
Personal pronuouns. 2:05 minutos link
Countries and Nationalities 13:33minutes


TO BE SONG 1:16 Minutes Link

Where are you from? 1:51 Link
Introducing your family 4:53 Minutes Link
The numbers 2:39 Minutes Link
The colors and the fruits 2:20 Minutes Link
The good bay song 2:05 link

Jobs and Occupations 4:47 Minutes Link

Occupations 1:51 Minutes Link Halloween Song 3:51
.Skeleton Dance 1:58
v=Jpvuqj5nv6U&list=RDJpvuqj5nv6U#t=17 Vocabulary2:20
Clothing Vocabulary 2:13 Min
Cloth sentences 2:30 Minutes
Video Verb to be continuous 2:56 minjutos link
Telling the time 4:44 Min Link The clock song 3:01 Min . The clock 1:58 Min The
Cuckoo 1:22 Min.
Routines 2:20 Minutes Links
What is she doing?3:48
Days of the week activities 4:53
Hobbies 3:56 Min
Dayly Life 3:00 Minutes
What people are wearing? 2:43 Minut
Prepositions Link
The prepositions song 32 segundos Link
Prepositions of place

1:18 Link

This,these,that,those, link 2:10 minutes.

This is, that is 2:15 minutes

What fruit do you like? 2:25 Minutes Link

English Basic conversations 3:40 minutes Link
We wish you Merry Cristmas 2:00
Christmas Tree 1:22 MIN Rudolfs 2:22
Rudolfs Nose 1:38

Telling the time 4:44 Min Link
Whats the time 1:59 Link ttps://
Daily Activities 3:27 Min Link
Daily Routines 2:20
Body Parts 2:13 Minutes
Body Song: Heads, Shoulders, knees, 1:00 Minute Link
If you are happy clap your hands ..2:10 Minutes Link
Adjectives / Oposites 2:00 Minutes Link
Emotions, Adjectives 2:18 Minutes Link
Describing people 13:59 Minutes
Describing People 1:56 Minutes Link
What does she look like? 2:10 Minutes Link

Adverbs of frecuency 6:23 Min Link

Helping verbs 12:18 minutos link

What do you like to do? 2:05 minutes Link
Do you like Brocoli ? Song

I like/ I love to do .. 2:40 Minutes Link

The weather 2:29 Minutes Link

Verb to be in past 1:22 Minutes Link
Simple past 4:28 Minutes
Past tense verbs 3:27 Min Link

What did you do? 2:27 Minutes Link

My Town My City 3:31 Minutes Link
My Town 2:13

Minutes Link

Where is the restroom? 1:49Minutes

Where is the bank ? 2:04 Minutes Link


Where is it? Go straight 1:45 Minutes Link

Adjectives to compare 3:27 Minutes Link
Superlatives Sympson 5:18 Minutes Link

House Vocabulary 2:17

Minutes link

Part of the house 2:30 Minutes link

My house

and Furniture 3:46


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