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Ashmita Sarah Singh

Contact # +91 8975 834199

Pune, India


Looking forward to take my career in a new direction and seeking opportunities to execute
interesting & challenging projects and be a part of an enthusiastic team.
Skill sets

Profiles: Business Analyst, Project Coordinator (applied for PMP certification.)

Business Areas: Sales & Distribution, CRM
SAP: SAP NetWeaver 7.0, BO WebI (3.x, 4.0) and BODS.
Solution Architecture: End to end architecture design for integration with heterogeneous
source systems: non-SAP systems (SIEBEL, Veeva-SFDC, Flat-files)
Employment Details

Currently working at Infosys Ltd. in Life Sciences & Services domain from March 2009 to till

Projects Description: CRM BI Reporting Roll-Outs (Feb14 till date)

Implement set of standard reports for sfNet data on BI platform, continuing proven core /
template approach.
Client: A Multi National Pharmaceutical Company, Based in Switzerland.
Location: Nyon, Switzerland.
Understanding the business reporting requirement for CRM module like Sales Representatives
performance reports and providing reporting solutions (SAP BI queries).
Responsible for enhancing and adjusting the core data-model as per requirements of new
Provided automated solutions for Sales Reps pre-call preparation report using BO-WebI
Projects Description: SPICE - CRM BI Reporting-Spain (Oct13 Feb14)
Roll-out of CRM reporting to European markets with introduction of BO WebI reporting on
SAP (Sales) and Veeva (CRM) integrated data for Spain market.
Project Coordinator for Roll-Out of CRM Reporting solutions for next market Spain.
Worked closely with business users for gathering and analyzing requirements and developed
functional & technical specifications, coordinated with developers for the new developments.
Design and integrating end-to end from Veeva-SFDC system to BI reporting solution BODS
as ETL middle layer, SAP BW for data modelling with BICS based WebI reporting.
Providing solutions to integrate Targets flat-file with Sales & CRM transactional data.
Extensively guided and trained the super users for using BO-WebI tool for functionalities like
break-points, drill down, formulas, filters etc. for creating complex reports.

Projects Description: Board Decommissioning Project (Sept13 Oct13)

Decommission the old CRM/Sales reporting system and migrate all Sales reports from old
system to SAP platform. Introduced BO WebI as self-service reporting tool and give the
necessary training, skills, and knowledge to a few key users in the Spanish market in order to
have enough capabilities to create themselves, their own Reports.
Played the role of Business Analyst in understanding existing reports of Spain market in Board
system and providing SAP BI queries instead as a solution to cater to their reporting needs.
Business presentations to introduce to BO WebI reporting capabilities.
Providing solutions to integrate Targets flat-file with Sales transactional data.
Played the role of Developer as well to implement the suggested solutions.
Projects Description: Italy Pricing Project (Jul13 Sept13)
Adding new Pricing conditions for Italy in ERP ECC system , hence impact on BI reports to be
accessed and handled.
Played the role of Business Analyst in understanding their existing BI reports and providing
solution to adjust them to handle impact and incorporate new KPIs.
Access any risks in regular dataloads for Italy and remove it.
Responsibility to plan for a cutover during critical year-end period considering the ERP ECC
pre & post cutover activities.
Played the role of Developer as well to implement the suggested solutions.
Projects Description: SPICE - CRM BI Reporting Implementation Germany (Oct12 Jul13)
The company CRM Tool covers the 7 Steps to the Call Global Sales Operating Routine to plan,
conduct, execute and report on Sales Reps activity. The purpose of BI reporting solution was to
provide a set of queries to support creation of reports by business analysts and thereby cater to
the reporting needs of sales representatives, management, operations and process managers.
Project Lead for the BI Reporting work stream of the global CRM Program. Hence, played
project management role for the stream (Team composed of 2 Architects for the technologies
Responsible for providing cost estimates as well as budget tracking.
Responsible for broad collaboration of BI work stream with other two teams CRM
Implementation & SAP Interface streams.
Responsible for BI stream for project planning, cut-over & go-live considering the whole
CRM Program.
Played role of Functional Analyst and responsible for gathering reporting requirement,
documenting URS and Functional Specifications.
Supported in development of BODS and BW and responsible for delivering the only BO-WebI

Projects Description: Production Support and Maintenance (Mar12 - Aug12)

Production support and maintenance for Europe and North America SAP BI system for a multinational pharmaceutical company.
Responsibilities as Offshore Team Lead
Responsible for the Service Delivery Reporting that defines the quality of Service provided to
client as a vendor, streamline support processes and baseline the KPI definitions.
Responsible for SLA Adherence and KPI improvements and achieved to reduce the incident
count to just one per month.
Managed support tasks by resources located globally (India, US, Europe) for a team size of
approx. 25. Coordinating between the offshore and onsite workload issues and taking care of
the issues and concerns of the client.
Assist in the evaluation and development of tools, technology to solve business and technical

Projects Description: Production Support and Maintenance (Earlier Experience)

Responsibilities as Team member
Data verification process in-charge to confirm verified data availability to business everyday mainly complete Europe Support & North America monitoring.
Extensively involved in the scheduling and monitoring of data loads Trouble-shoot data
extractions / load problems and improving run time of dataloads.
Incident analysis and taking corrective measures in data models to ensure data authenticity &
integrity in BW side Sales & Delivery & Billing data integration for reporting on a single
Report Generation - on BEx Analyzer, created Queries using BW-Reporting variables,
navigational attributes and filters, also worked on Calculated and Restricted Key Figures,
Formula variables Structures, Exceptions and Conditions for the queries.
Worked extensively on Administrative Workbench, creation of new customized Infoobjects,
Infosource, InfoPackage, DSOs, Info Cubes.
Responsible for implementing the new developments and the changes and also providing
estimates for the same.
Working closely with the basis to resolving the issues in production.
Awarded Bravo-Spot Award from Infosys as well as recognized from Client side.
Projects Description: Sales DAWA Decommissioning (Prior Project)
Decommission Cognos based Sales and CRM reporting with SAP BI solution.
Provide support in testing and bug-fixes in UAT and Go-live for the SAP BW reports.
Provide solutions for business requirements - late runners by building new datamodel &
Creating new data sources Flat file and SIEBEL source system.
Building reports based on customer exits (using function modules) and reports for Sales Reps.
Visits Frequency analysis and targets achievements.


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication from SRMS CET, Bareilly, UP

Technical University, India in June, 2008, securing 72.38 % marks.
Standard XII from I.S.C. Board in year 2003, securing 87.2% marks.
Standard X from I.C.S.E. Board in year 2001, securing 91% marks.

Key Strengths

Analytical problem solving skills and ability to learn new tasks and concept abstractions
Sense of ownership of task assigned, have the capability & planning to meet the deadlines of
the task.
Ability to work effectively in a complex matrix environment with virtual teams of high-level
Excellent communication, team working and leadership skills.

Other Particulars
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Permanent Address
Other Interests

Date: 05.06..2014
Place: Pune

: Female
: 01 May 1985
: Single
: Indian, F8753350
: Vinay Bhawan, 83-Civil Lines,
Bareilly-243001. UP, India.
: Writing, avid traveler, dramatics, reading

Ashmita Sarah Singh