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Friday 11.16.07
Champions are carved out of character.
Without Character, talent can be beaten.
- Bo Schembechler April 1, 1929 – November 17, 2006

Schedule Upcoming Professional Participation &

12:25-1:15 Lunch Performance Points (P3Points)
1:25-2:25 - Leadership Team Meeting #4 (of 5 for Term)
2:25-3:25 – Grade Team Meetings #4 (of 7 for Term) 1pt – 11.16 Leadership Team Meeting
1pt – 11.16 Grade Team Meeting
Deliverables 1pt – 11.28 Dept. Team Meeting
1 Leadership Team + Minutes (via e-mail) 1pt – 11.28/29 Cohort Round #3 Observation
2 Grade Team+Minutes (via e-mail) 1pt – 11.30 Cohort Round #3 Post-Observation

Leadership Team Meeting 1:25-2:25 TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

Work on your deliverables to be presented at the Jan 4 & 9 Staff Meetings! Curriculum & Technology team will be stopping w/
Angel to reconfigure and label your printers by room number!!!
ROOM 203 (Bethany) ACADEMIC CULTURE ROOM 207 (Amelia) SST

Grade Team Meeting 2:30-3:30 TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

Use this time to make strategic decisions on how to improve student learning and log those decisions in your
minutes. You will be presenting at the end term (JAN 2) using your minutes as a guide
ROOM 201 (Ricky) 12th Grade ROOM 306 (Nic & Annie) 9th Grade
ROOM 209 (Kyle) 11th Grade ROOM 310 (Hunter) 10th Grade

Reminders & Announcements

•KUDOS: To Ricky for having his kids do a gallery walk yesterday and the 9 staff members who came by to
work with his kids on their probability project. As Austin Powers might say, “It was happening, baby.”
•CHECK YOUR CALANDARS: Marking Period #2 ends in less than two weeks, see blue cal for specifics.
•THANKSGIVING BANQUET: Remember to speak to your advisories about food for our annual event.
Address any questions about the event to the Student Activities Team.
•PARTICIPATE! If you have an announcement you would like to make in the Wed or Fri announcements
please send your announcement to Ryan as soon as possible. Also, please send quotes and cartoons for
Wed agendas - I would love to use words and images you pass along.
•REMINDER+CAL CHANGE #1: PD Cohort Round #3 will be Nov 28, 29, and 30th. Nate will be observed in
Amanda Hunter’s spot on W 11.28 6th Hour - Hunter has flipped to R 12.06 – 7th Period
•REMINDER+CAL CHANGE #2: PD Cohort Round #4 will be Dec 5, 6, 7th . Baylor will be observed in Jen
Gowers’s spot on W 12.5 - 6th Hour due to a Jr. field trip. As a result Jen flipped to W 1.09 – 6th Period