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In todays World, cybersecurity isagrowingconcernandPredictiveDataAnalytic

toolshavebecomethefirstlineofdefenseagainstfraud.However withthedeluge
of unstructureddata inthemodernera,traditionalanalytictoolsleavelotsofroom
for fraud going undetected if the data is not analysed assiduously. Simple
monitoringof traditional securityeventsisnotenough. Whatweneedisatoolthat
can adapt to advanced threats and evolve with the data (both structured and
unstructured), provide the freedom to analyze any data type in any form and
possess the dexterity to detect anomalies and fraud at remarkable speedswitha
highaccuracy.AtsimMachines,we haveaddressedthiscrucialneedbycreatinga
revolutionary Discovery & Predictive Analytics tool utilizing similaritybased

and predictanswers topreviouslyunsolvablesecurity problemswithunparalleled
performance. By providing discovery, predictions, classifications and clusterings
with the completereasoningbehind the analysis(THE WHY), ouranalyticsarea
grey box in contrast to the industry norm of a black box. Our predictions are
completely transparent, justifiable and auditable, enabling the user to not only
detect fraud with a high accuracy but alsounderstandthereasoningbehindwhy

Traditional analytic techniques involve slicing and dicing the data into small
morsels for algorithms to ingest, thus losing extremely valuable information.
Moreover, traditional methods work in silos (when data cannot be linked by a
standard key) and are not capable of handling the evergrowing sources of
information from different channels. By directly using the raw unstructured data
able to draw connections and establish relationships between data in an

Our similaritybased ML analytics includes, but is not limitedto,thespreadsheet

vector oriented (Euclidean) analysis of other methods. The development of our
fast similarity (nearest neighbour) engine enables the analysis of data shapes
beyond vectors (words and numbers) including complex, compound time series
data, and other forms of data layouts. These Beyond Euclidean analytic
capabilities enable the discovery of fraud from virtually any data shape. An
example would be our ability to process clickstreams of variable length to
differentiate between a bot and a real user. Such a data representation aligns

We enable companies to detect fraud very efficiently, resulting in data security,

better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our products are designed for use
by data scientists and users of data across all kinds of organizations, including
Fortune 500 corporations, Midsized businesses, Healthcare firms, Investment