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TUTORIAL 4 (Week 3(a))

Topic 3: Planning and Goal Setting

Multiple Choice Question


____ specify future ends and ____ specify today's means.

a. Goals, plans
b. Plans, goals
c. Planning, organizing
d. Ideas, behaviors
e. Mission, vision


The ____ is the basis for the strategic level of goals and plans which in turn shapes the ____ and
____ level.
a. goal, mission, tactical
b. objective, operational, mission
c. operational goal, mission and tactical
d. mission, tactical, operational
e. tactical plan, operational, mission


Roxanne is a manager at Geronimo Gaming. She recently attended a seminar on goal setting.
She wishes to use goals to provide a sense of direction to her staff. She is using goals as
a. a way to legitimize her department.
b. a source of motivation.
c. a standard of performance.
d. a guide to action.
e. impress others.


____ goals lead to the attainment of ____ goals, which in turn lead to the attainment of ____
a. Operational, strategic, tactical
b. Tactical, operational, strategic
c. Strategic, tactical, operational
d. Operational, tactical, strategic
e. None of these.


Which of these is lacking in the goal "profits should be increased in the coming year?"
a. Specific and measurable
b. Challenging but realistic
c. Covers key result areas
d. Defined time period
e. None of these


High Fence Corporation is currently implementing an MBO program. Managers and employees
jointly set objectives and develop action plans, and goal achievement is evaluated on an annual
basis. High Fence is missing which major activity that must occur in order for MBO to be
a. Developing a mission statement
b. Developing tactical goals
c. Reviewing progress
d. Reviewing operational plans
e. None of these


TUTORIAL 4 (Week 3(a))

Topic 3: Planning and Goal Setting


Which of these is true about single-use plans?

a. They are developed to achieve a set of goals that are unlikely to be repeated in the future.
b. They are used to provide guidance for tasks performed repeatedly within the organization.
c. They define plans that define company responses to specific situations, such as
emergencies or setbacks.
d. They are most important in the organizations.
e. None of these.


Cheyenne Creamery requires that all absent employees bring a note from their doctor when
returning to work. This is an example of a
a. single-plan use.
b. standing plan.
c. program.
d. procedure.
e. project.


"No food and/or drinks in the classroom" is an example of a

a. procedure.
b. rule.
c. policy.
d. single-use plan.
e. project.


Silver Star Automobiles holds monthly planning and operational reviews to ensure that it is on
track for meeting organizational goals. This involves which stage of the organizational planning
a. Developing the plan
b. Translating the plan
c. Plan operations
d. Executing the plan
e. Monitoring and learning
Essay Questions
1. Discuss the benefits and limitations of planning.
The benefits of planning include:


TUTORIAL 4 (Week 3(a))

Topic 3: Planning and Goal Setting

The limitations of planning include:

2. Discuss the criteria of an effective goal.

3. Identify and expain the four major activities that must occur in order for management by
objectives (MBO) to succeed. Support your answer with a diagram.