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Young Musicians Festival Proposal 2016

Intune Music and Esplanade Library

A) Proposed Title of the Performance
a. Be Intune With Classical and Broadway Singing Students of Intune
b. This is a Classical Opera / Broadway Musical Singing Concert.
B) Confirmed Day/Timeslot
a. 10 June 2016, 630-830pm.
C) Proposed Repertoire (Subject to Changes and Additions) *
FIRST HALF Total - 34:10min
Spamalot: The Song That Goes Like This
Eric Idle
Hoe Weiqi, Tang Wei Khong (3:00)
Sound of Music: My Favourite Things
Richard Rodgers
Tala (00:00)
I Feel Pretty (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein
Mitra (5:30)
Die Forelle
Franz Schubert
Juliane (2:00)
Rigoletto: La Donna e Mobile
Giuseppe Verdi
Tang Wei Khong (2:30)
I Hate Music!, from Five Kid Songs
Leonard Bernstein
Lisa (6:00)
Chess: Anthem
Tim Rice
Vineet Kumar (3:30)
My Fair Lady: I could have danced all night
Frederick Loewe
Kelly (3:00)
West Side Story: Tonight
Leonard Bernstein

Tang Wei Khong, Marlyna (4:00)

Theyre Playing Our Song: If He Really Knew Me
Marvin Hamlisch
Xunxi (2:00)
La Boheme: Quando men vo
Giocomo Puccini
Alicia (2:40)
Short intermission 20:00
SECOND HALF Total - 32:10
La Rondine: Chi il bel sogno
Giocomo Puccini
Lisa (2:40)
La Boheme: Mi chiamano mimi
Giocomo Puccini
Alicia (5:00)
Nel cor piu non mi sento
Giovanni Paisiello
Cheryl (2:00)
On the Twentieth Century: I've Got It All (On the Twentieth Century)
Cy Coleman
Chow Kim Wan, Hoe Wei Qi (5:00)
Se, from Cinema Paradiso
Ennio Morricone
Queeny Sumitro (3:30)
Die Zauberflte: Ach ich fuhls
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Juliane (4:00)
Apres in Rve
Gabriel Faure
Sudee (3:00)
Nella Fantasia
Ennio Morricone
Paul (3:00)
I've decided to marry you (a gentleman's guide to love and murder)
Steven Lutvak
Chow Kim Wan, Marlyna, Hoe Wei Qi (4:00)

D) Synopsis: Intune Music students under the Classical, Opera and Broadway
Faculty/course under the training of Jeremy Koh, Wang Tong and Felicia Chin
gather once again to bring you classic songs from West Side Story, My Fair
Lady and operatic arias from Rigoletto, La Boheme and The Magic Flute.
Intune Music will like to sincerely thank library@esplanade for hosting the
event and do stay in tune for more performances by Intune Music students
and teachers.
E) Ask CC or Gary to design a simple artwork. We can add face pic of all the
performers in it.
F) Brief Performer Profile Information (to remove this eventually)*
a. Lauriena
i. Graduated from Nafa, Bachelor in Theater. She has been
preformed since the age of 10.
b. Juliane
i. Talented German Soprano - Juliane has been performing with
Frankfurt choir for 5 years.
c. Tarryn
i. Up and coming youth musical theatre singer. She has been
actively performing with Tangling international school's Jazz
ensemble in Malaysia and jakatar.
d. Lisa
i. Learning classical singing since the age of 5.
e. Suvien
i. Learning singing since 3 years ago. She is actively performing in
f. Wei Qi
i. Wei Qi is currently a final year undergraduate at the National
University of Singapore, majoring in Physics. She was most
recently seen in the Song and Dance Players Awaking Beauty
and Kim Seng Wind Symphonys annual concert in 2015. An
aficionado of musical theatre, she can be found reading about or
watching musicals whenever she is not performing.
g. Marlyna
i. Previously musically trained in piano, Marlyna started her
singing journey in the NUS choir. She was recently featured as
one of the soloists in the annual Kim Seng Wind Symphony
h. Xun Xi
i. Xun Xi is an aspiring musical theatre performer. She has an
undying love for music, singing and performing in general. She
believes that the stage is a place where her soul could be truly
free, and performing is a channel where people could see who
she genuinely is.
i. Chow Kim Wan

i. Kim Wan is a budding singer who loves musical theatre more

than anything else. He first ventured into Cantonese opera,
followed by Cantonese and Mandarin pop in his teenage years,
before settling on show tunes in recent years. Being first
captivated by the Disney animated musicals by Alan Menken at
a very young age (Aladdin being his personal favorite), his
passion for the art form grew strongly after exploring Rodgers
and Hammersteins classics and Andrew Lloyd Webbers The
Phantom of the Opera. Wild things he has attempted as a result
of this love include volunteering to sing A Whole New World
with the original Princess Jasmine, Lea Salonga, in front of a
fully-seated Esplanade Concert Hall. More official performing
credits include a recent collaboration with Kim Seng Wind
Symphony in their annual concert in 2015 as a solo vocalist.
When he is not performing, he can be found blogging about
musical theatre, writing reviews of cast albums and whatnot at
Caress . Possess . Music (
He will major in Mathematics at the National University of
Singapore from August 2016.
* More performers will be joining in, and we will provide their profile information when
they have confirmed their attendance. This is also dependent on the date and time
that we are allotted for the performance.
E) Instruments / Equipment Required

Grand Piano at Esplanade Library

Sound System with Vocal Microphones (Dont require)
Mic Stands for Microphones (Dont require)
Score Stands for Lyrics Scores if necessary
Chairs for Audience

* Microphones may or may not be required, depending on the acoustics of the

venue. This will have to be determined on the day of the event, after sound check or
setting up.