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I want to highlight a few things from the Kris

Conference through a well-known Bible story. The

Joseph: Genesis 37, 39-42

story of

As you know Joseph dreamed that everyone would bow down to him:
We were out in the field, tying up bundles of grain. Suddenly
my bundle stood up, and your bundles all gathered around and
bowed low before mine! (Genesis 37:7)
Listen, I have had another dream, he said. The sun, moon, and
eleven stars bowed low before me! (Genesis 37:9)
Because of jealousy he was sold by his brothers and he was
bought by Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. You all know the
story of Joseph, that's why I'll just sum it up in a few words.
After a while he's put into jail where he interprets two dreams.
Then the pharaoh has a dream and the chief cup-bearer remembered
that through the interpretation of his dream given by a man in
the prison he was put back into the
brought before the pharaoh and he told
him: It is beyond my power to do this,
Joseph replied. But God can tell you
what it means and set you at ease.
After the pharaoh told him the dream,
Joseph interpreted it.
Often when God prophesies you about you
being great, you will be tested as


ALWAYS THE PROCESS! God trained Joseph for royalty. If God gives
you a dream, you will remember it and know that it has to do
something with your destiny. Hold on to it! We are partners in
destiny. We aren't a light to the church, but to the world. We
are a city on a hill that all might see it. The world has
something we need (e.g. Pharaoh's dream) and we have something
the world needs (e.g. God and His solution). When Joseph
interpretation? The Pharaoh! He didn't think of telling it to
the people of Egypt that they may find a plan to store up food
for later. And what happened?

"By selling grain to the people, Joseph eventually collected all

the money in Egypt and Canaan, and he put the money in Pharaohs
treasury. When the people of Egypt and Canaan ran out of money,
all the Egyptians came to Joseph. Our money is gone! they
cried. But please give us food, or we will die before your very
eyes! Joseph replied, Since your money is gone, bring me your
livestock. I will give you food in exchange for your livestock.
So they brought their livestock to Joseph in exchange for food.
In exchange for their horses, flocks of sheep and goats, herds
of cattle, and donkeys, Joseph provided them with food for
another year. But that year ended, and the next year they came
again and said, We cannot hide the truth from you, my lord. Our
money is gone, and all our livestock and cattle are yours. We
have nothing left to give but our bodies and our land. Why
should we die before your very eyes? Buy us and our land in
exchange for food; we offer our land and ourselves as slaves for
Pharaoh. Just give us grain so we may live and not die, and so
the land does not become empty and desolate. So Joseph bought
all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh. All the Egyptians sold him
their fields because the famine was so severe, and soon all the
land belonged to Pharaoh. As for the people, he made them all
slaves, from one end of Egypt to the other." (Genesis 27:14-21)

We move out of slavery by revelation and into slavery by lack of

revelation, as we can see in the case of the Egyptians. The
revelation is our inheritance. God has the answers to your
problems, He wants you to ask.