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Please tell me about something recently that has motivated you and

Q2- Give an example of when you have applied innovation to solve

Q3- Using a different example when have you implemented change
team work how you brought a team together and contributed to m
Time where you changed a process to make it more efficient + wha
customer focus, where you delivered the needs of a customer (the c
"one of our competencies is enabling and driving change, give me a
Microbiology: Describe a situation where you displayed leadership q
microbiology : Where did you find out about this industrial placemen
microbiology : What do you know about GSK?
4) Describe a time when you had to work with some one whom you
Procurement: 2) Give an example of when u had to be flexible and m
Procurement: 4) give an example of when you had to understand th
- a situation when looked at the bigger picture in a project or proces
- a situation when you had to make good relationships.
3. Describe how you changed something about yourself as a result
5. Describe a situation where you have used your initiative to succe
-time I had to persuade somebody about sth
-exampe of
I reactshe
the question, but I'd used all m

What is your greatest achievement" etc.

What do you know about GSK?
Where did you find out about this industrial placement vacancy?
The last ten minutes were technical questions in which I had to answ
Im doing chemistry so my technical questions were just true and fal
As Im applying for a Chemical Engineering role, I was asked some t
Chemical engineer: how would you carry out a risk assessment?
Chemical engineer: The rate of dissolution of an active ingredient w
Microbiology: The last ten minutes were technical questions in which
I was asked which of many properties impact downstream purificati
I had the right to work in the UK, whether it was a good time to talk
Can you Work in UK?
When can you start, are you mobile??

I answered every question using the STAR technique,
Also in general do your research about GSK and be prepared for que
3 competency
more. soquestions
be prepared to not only have general example

Why have you decided to apply for GSK?

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

1)Tell me about some thing1. What has motivated you and what hav
2) Describe a success I havProcurement: 1) give an e
3) Describe a time when I took the initiative to make a change in or
- a situation when you led a team,

done) + what did you learn from this.

terviewer, and she literally asked for "an example of a time when...followed
Describe a situation where you displayed leadership qualities?

Procurement: 3) give a time4. Describe a situation w

-time when I took initiative

"Why GSK?". While I'd prepared for this question with facts and figu

ons of a molecule" and stuff like that.

s. So the interviewer read a statement and you say whether that is true or

stigate why this is happening?.

e choices (much harder on the phone as you cant see any of the answers!)
ovide any more information so I had to guess.

ated you and what have you done as a consequence?

2. Describe when you came up with an innovative solution for a pro
o make a change in order to ensure that the task was successfully complet

a time when...followed by the exact wording of GSKs competencies".

dership qualities?

Q4- Please tell me about a time when you worked with someone yo

tion with facts and figures relevant to my scheme, the interviewer will expe

whether that is true or false, for example the flow rate within a pipe decrea

e any of the answers!).

e solution for a problem. If you were put in the same situation what would y
uccessfully completed??


d with someone you had difficulty building a relationship with and how you

terviewer will expect you to REALLY know about the organisation, more so

ithin a pipe decreases if you double the diameter of the pipe. They do get

ion what would you do differently?

ith and how you managed the situation?

sation, more so than many other grad schemes I've experienced. From an

pe. They do get harder than that, and make sure you ask to repeat if you n

experienced. From an IT point of view, try and find specific project method

ou ask to repeat if you need to as the interviewer mentioned that its perfec

specific project methodologies, software's the company utilises, or any tec

entioned that its perfectly normal to.

pany utilises, or any technological advances relevant to the company.

t to the company.