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There are endless teachings.

Present, presence and the roles past

and future play on one another is a delightful exploration of
consciousness. I have come to understand that a baseline truth one
can begin perception from, is that some form of consciousness is
experiencing a space/time framework through the presence of you.
The source of your consciousness creates and manifests reality
through the perspective of dimensional form, though dimension is
merely a perspective from which form begins to understand itself.
There are past experiences, memories, wisdom, history and
knowledge; there are also a multitude of future energies that
supersede the limitations ones experience of consciousness allows
creation to unfold as. It has been known as Akasha, the Halls of
Amenti, the Grand Library, Mystery schools, and further infinite
expressions that render dimensions of its eternal nature. We as
beings of whatever rendition appeals to your present being, are now
experiencing the transcendence of a 3rd dimensional time/space
reality and have the ability in this moment to access the eternal
forms of what we are, what we have been and what will be; not truly
then or when, what or how; but now. Neither the wisdom or roles of
you or I but the grand expansion of the collective multiverse.
Many traditions and cultures around the world follow spiritual,
religious and even ceremonial practices around Ancestral systems of
belief. From ancient ancestors to close family members, living
people connect to these beings for guidance, wisdom, healing power
and numerous other purposes from place to place and person to
person. Accessing the eternal Akasha, through the expressions of
familiarity, guidance, protection, release and so on.
Western esotericism has made ancient practices of the trance states
their own, chasing psychic gifts, used in sances, pagan rituals,
even many modern religions work with trance states to connect with
beings from other worlds or states of being. Rituals where partaking
in representations of otherworldly beings bring blessings and
healing, the Eucharist of Christ, the Prasad of Hindus to Ayahuasca
of the South American traditions.
The Grandfather, the Mother, the Saint, the Gate Keeper; these are
all names given to psychoactive plant medicines by shaman whose
lineages are as old as the practices themselves and have
communicated with the spirits of these plants for generations.
Throughout this world; cultures and traditions offer homage and
respect to many forms Rivers, Mountains, Animals, Aliens, Gods
and Weather Patterns - holding beliefs that we are all a part of the
land, each a spirit of the great spirit guiding the flow of expansion
by giving & receiving messages, signs and synchronicity. That
which has become to be understood as metaphor has been used as

a tool to decipher these strings of information creating the beliefs,

superstitions, archetypes and the practices of humanity.
Metaphor explains stories of Archetypes, expressions of symbols
that hold meaning. Varieties of states of being, stories to explore the
time and space our consciousness holds presence within. The Tarot,
Kabbalistic Tree of Life and similar depictions explore the manifold
forms within reality. Lessons of the mother, of the joyful child, of the
scorned lover, the fool and the magician expressed through out
time/space. We explore concepts like past lives, alternate realities
and psychic glimpses into the future seeking transcendence of a
time/space reality, by using constructs of a time dependent space
Respecting and honoring the self through the expression of the
ancestral archetypes becomes a pattern of (karmic) experience.
Powerful and inspirational systems that when held strongly in the 3rd
dimensional reality, begin with lessons expressed in duality although
the intention to allow for transcendence of this state is purpose.
Lack and demand of respect for the self in any form manifests itself
in numerous ways depending completely on your personal
experiences of the practice, when holding onto guilt, fear, anger etc
one must understand how your reality manifests itself; equally
acceptance, gratitude and presence. Vibration.
I would not liken the experience to a game, however when
submerging oneself into a dimensional framework; there are rules
and laws that are created in order to allow the structures of this
framework to maintain themselves. The laws and rules assist with
the translation of higher vibrational energies into your experience.
The key to this understanding is that your belief, mental patterns
(subconscious, conscious, super conscious & collective conscious),
emotional ties to such and physical expressions are structures that
guide energies into the creation process. The secret is not merely a
law of attraction; it is a tool to use in the creation of your reality.
The honour of respect for ones elders is a prominent belief and at
times it is pushed to extremes. This title of elder is received mostly
due to external validations such as measurements of time (age) or
defined qualifications or perhaps just that they appear more right
for the job. It has in a way become part of human nature to give
power to beings that fit these structures, validating them as the
sources to receive guidance, wisdom, inspiration and so forth from.
Though then often writing off other structures as inferior, barbaric,
not in alignment, not in balance. This expression goes beyond
simply elder; we look to appoint leaders, educators, healers and
role models of all kind to do for us that which our created framework
states we cannot.

The pedestal upon which we place people (etc) as affirmation of

their ability to give us what we need has become slightly
misunderstood. Gratitude, subservience, worship and habitual
practice are expressions of similar energies, however lead to far
different manifestations within reality. As we continue the expansive
journey through density, one can consider where power is placed
with regards to your perceptions of truth. Does one allow inspiration
from all parts of the self, do you allow the wisdom of the child or rely
on that of the knowledgeable?
The source of wisdom, clarity, inspiration, awe, understanding,
answers, questions, healing, direction, guidance, success, truth and
of course ourselves, is no longer defined for you. You may allow
eternal wisdom and truth to flourish in all and through all.