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Lear Christian Friends,

Ha_,y^:,7 New Yearf The Lord has (jivon us another year to serve Him, As we
looli back over the yast year, can we say we have done our best to further
hie kini^doa? Ho_,:)efully we can all say yes to that question and start an
other year to do even more for His liinjdom.
The Lord has been so

to us here at Casa de Ninos,

We had a very

iierry Christina^ji, thanlvs to yeople like you who made itpossible. The child
ren received more than enough toys, clothes, and candy. Can you imagine
eighteen kids opening their pifbs at the , sanio time?. We were knee deep in
wrapping i'aper but what fun we had. It was hard to keep up with all the

exclamations of what was fourd in each package. Needless to say, our house
^vas full of Christmas joyi

We had 26 for Ciiristmas dinner which consisted

of bailed chicken, creamed salad, macaroni and cheose, and homemade cookies.
All was enjoyed and none left over!

Christmas Eve we had a Christmas X-'ropran here in the home for the new conprepation. The children did an excellent job on the dramas which they pre
sented and everyone joined in with the beautiful Christmas hymns. Tnere

were 36 peox^le ^.resent, A house full but what joy it brinps to ones heart
to know wo were all united for one purx'jose to celebrate ou.r Saviour's birth.

The "Land project" as mentioned in Lecember newsletter is still a ;iroject

of prayer, . The land is beinp held by the court as result of the owner's
death. So fortunately , wo have a little more time to raise the money. If
the Lord s willinp, we will have the money v/hen the lepal matters are com
pleted, We send a special thanlvs to those of you who have and are respondinp
to this Gp;ecial need,

2*ew Years Eve was spent patiently waitinp for 12 o-'clock so v/c could all wish
one another "Hap-)py New Year" and send the kids off to bed. Seriously, wo
enjoyed the time topether as a family. We had chocolate cupcakes, popcorn,
and lemonade. We were all set with p:uzzles, pamos, and colorinp books to
keepj the children busy until 12. To our surprise, wo did not need any of
then. All I did was start poppinp corn our new hot-air pcc)por (piven
by Peachtree City Christian Church) and all wore in a trance. As lonp as
it was poppanp all eyes wore open wide,
could be such an excellent baby sitter.

I never knew somethinp so simp^.le

The New Year was really broupht in with the arrival of Pat's father and
uncle,or as the children call them, Grandpia 1 and Grandp/a, 2, Thoy cane with
the intentions of rep)ai.rinp thinpa around tiie house. They are tryinp vepy
hard but when they fix one thinp, two more fall apart. We all enjoy havlnp
them both and will miss them when they leave.

Friday evenings the ladies of the now congregation are meetin^^ to study the
Life of Christ, V/e really enjoy stud^:in^ and sharin-;; together in the different homes. In the meantime all the e iildren meet at our house while our
brave x^^^acher (Mi^'uel) babysits by s lowinx; filmstrixjG, Mi^^uel and his wife
Adela are very sxdrit filled workers!for the Lord, They are doinj a tremen-

douG work here with the new church, |:?lease

your x'>i'aycrs,

keeij them and this new work in

Caca de Ninos would not be i:)Ossible if it were not for peoi^le like you,
Thanlc you for your concern, sux;iDort, land most of all your ^jrayorsm


"Prayer is the key that opens heavens doors,"


must ever be,

to keep a nation istron^ and free.

I know three thin

One is a hoarthstlone bri^jht and dear

with busy, hapx^y I loved ones near;

One is a ready h^art and hand

to love and serve and keex^ the land;
One is a worn and beaten way

to where the i)eox)I.e ro to x)ray.

So lonp as these i^ire kex^t. alive.

nation and people

v/ill survive

God keex) them always, everywhere,

The hearth.

The fI(.ac,
The iolace of x-rayer.
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Casa de Ninos

C/0 First Christian Church


ifl9 Tennessee Drive

Columbus, GA


ilission Services Press

Box 177

Femptoh, Indiana


May 1 3





Dear Chrictian Friendc,

S;^:rin;i; hac s^jruriij. Wo can soo tiic beautiful

of nature clioi^vinj us just
how ^roat our Lord is. We have been having- beautiful, aunny da^s, althoUjjii
the land is in dosycrc^te need of rain.

The children had two woohs of syrin^- vacation in April. We enjoyed not
having to run everybody to school and they onjoycd runninj us crazy. The
chanpo of pace was nice and ^,avo us more tiiue to share as a fanily. Since
the niorninps were free, wc took the children to the park. Everyone onjoyed
taliinp alonj a sack breakfast, walkinj, runnin^, turning sonersaults, doinp
oxorcices, and just havinp a pood tine. Of course wo always returned hone

Mr. Wilbur LeVoro (Pat's father) has boon visitinp with us for the last few

months. He has really been a bip help especially with the maintenance of
our hone* Can you imapine havin.p 19 kids broakinp thinpc as fast as you^
rep;air thoa? Graapa no sooner fixes one thinp timn two more need repairinp.
Graapa has also p-tainted our livinp and dininp room. It sure looks nice.
We appreciate his willinpness to help out but moot of all wo admire his
P'.atienco in puttinp up with all of us.

The church here is p'roprGcsinp nicely. We are planninp a revival for the
first week of May, There will be a younp peoples choir from Monterrey

and come Bible collopo students from Texas cominp down to do callin^ and
pass out literature. Hopefully, we will have a very successful revival
wiiilo ;t the sane time teach oui" kids how to evanpolizc. We have formed a
childrens choir which will p'rovide E_ecial music at the revival. Please
romombor the revival in your prayers and that through this mission more
pjoopvle may come to know Christ as their pjersonal Saviour,

I'd like to take this time to toll all of you how preatly you are apiprociated
for talnlnp a part in Casa de Ninos,

Thanks alot and may God bless you all.

In His Son,