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Verde 52 Turquoise 01.

Rugai-v lui Dumnezeu din inim

Cci nu e nici o putere care s se poat mpotrivi iubirii.
Iubirea este putere nebiruit, cci Dumnezeu este Iubire. Staretul Tadei
Smerenia e acea calitate a dragostei Dumnezeiesti, care se da celui iubit fara intoarcere asupra-si. Pr. Rafail
De fapt, noi ne deprtm (de Dumnezeu). El nu se poate despri de noi, cci El este Viaa. Staretul Tadei
Nu exist pcat care nu se iart dect numai pcatul pentru care nu ne pocim.
El este cel mai nflcrat dintre ndrgostii i totodat plin de noblee, nct
respect n chip desvrit libertatea noastr.
De asemenea, El este Cel care se poart ca Printele din parabola Fiului risipitor
nu cere s dai socoteal, nici nu se supr, ci se bucur de ntoarcerea noastr
spre bine. Sf. Luca al Crimeii


Note: This list is in reverse order, unlike most of my top ten lists.
1. Tanzanite - Found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, it is expected than tanzanite will be
mined out within the next twenty to thirty years. Market value: $600-$1000 per karat.

2. Taaffeite - Pronounced tar-fite and found in colors ranging from nearly colorless to lavender, mauve
and violet, only a handful of these gems have ever been found, mostly in Sri Lanka and Tanzania.
Market value: $1500-$2500 per karat.

3. Black opal - Almost all black opal comes from a single mine in New South Wales, Australia. Market
value: $2355 per karat.

4. Benitoite - Benitoite is the official state gem of California due to the fact that it is found almost
exclusively near the San Benito River, which flows through California. A few specimens have been
found in Arkansas and Japan, but its only commercial mine is located in California. It also glows when
placed under UV light (picture). Market value: $3000-$4000 per karat.

5. Red beryl - Also known as bixbite or Scarlet emerald, red beryl is found exclusively in the
American states of Utah and New Mexico. Market value: $10,000 per karat.

6. Alexandrite - Named for Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Alexandrite has color-changing properties
which makes it both unique and rare among gemstones. When exposed to incandescent light (such as
candlelight), it appears to have a pink hue; but when exposed to daylight, its color changes from pink
to green. You can watch a video of it changing color here ( video). Market value: $12,000 per karat.

7. Jadeite - Although its name resembles the semi-precious gemstone jade, jadeite is actually many
times more valuable than its less common counterpart. Jadeite is found only in limited quantities in
Myanmar. Market value: $20,000 per karat.

8. Musgravite - A precious gem in the same family as taaffeite, this minerals color ranges from purple
to a brilliant greenish grey. Although very small quantities have recently been found in Greenland,
Antarctica, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Madagascar, for several decades there were only eight known
specimens of this rare gem. Market value: $35,000 per karat.

9. Painite - Only a handful of these reddish-brown crystals have ever been discovered, and only in
Myanmar. Up until a few years ago, only two specimens had ever been found. Market value: $50,000$60,000 per karat.

10. Pink Star diamond - The Pink Star diamond is a fancy vivid pink diamond that was mined in
South Africa in 1999. Weighing in at 59.6 karats, it was sold by Sothebys for a record $83 million more than any other gem ever sold. Thats about $1,395,761 per karat.