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The Stage is Set for WWI

Chapter 29
M – Militarism
A – Alliances
I – Imperialism
N – Nationalism
E – Economic Competition
• The Nations of Europe were spending tons of
money on their armies.

1910-1914 Increase in Defense

France 10%
Britain 13%
Russia 39%
Germany 73%
Causes of World War I - Alliances
Triple Entente:
Entente: Triple Alliance:
Great Britain Germany

France Austria-Hungary


Russia Italy
• European
conquest of
Africa and Asia

• 1905 and 1911

Germany and
France went to
war over
• Nationalism – devotion to one’s country
• Can be used for good and bad
• Causes competition between nations
• Pan-Slavism – a movement to unify all
the Slavic peoples.
Economic Competition
• Nations competed for resources and trade
Tangled Alliances
• Bismark (Germany) wanted
to isolate the French by
having more allies.
• Triple Alliance
– Germany and Austria-
Hungarian Empire
– Italy later joined the Alliance
• Germany later signed a
treaty with Russia
• Bismark knew that the
alliances were unstable.
Alliances Threaten Peace
• Kaiser Wilhelm II came to
power in Germany.
• Wilhelm found great pride in
the power of the German
• Wilhelm allowed the treaty
with Russia to lapse; Russia
later formed a defensive
alliance with France.
Alliances Threaten Peace
• Entente – Alliance
• Germany expands its
navy; this alarms the
British who expand
their navy and form an
alliance with France
and Russia.
Causes of World War I - Assassination

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie

Sarajevo, Bosnia - June 28th, 1914.
Causes of World War I - Assassination

was killed in
Bosnia by a
who believed
that Bosnia
should belong
to Serbia.
Causes of World War I - Assassination

Gavrilo Princip after his

assassination of Austrian
Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
The Point of No Return:
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Austria blamed Serbia for Ferdinand’s death and declared war

on Serbia.

Germany pledged their support for Austria -Hungary.

· example of Pan-German nationalism

Russia pledged their support for Serbia.

· example of Pan-Slavic nationalism
The Point of No Return:
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Germany declares war on Russia.

France pledges their support for Russia.

Germany declares war on France.

Germany invades Belgium on the way to France.

Great Britain supports Belgium and declares war on Germany.

Allied Powers:
Powers: Central Powers:
Great Britain Germany

France Austria-Hungary
World War I

Russia Ottoman Empire