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R L 53 2 A TAC T I C A L R A D I O L I N K

34 Mbit/s Band III. IP and TDM Inter faces

The RL532A Radio Link provides reliable and secure communication in a

hostile electronic warfare (EW) environment. It has both an IP and a TDM
interface available simultaneously.
FH Frequency Hopping: For data rates up to 2 Mbit/s RL532A offers Frequency Hopping.
AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping: A jammed frequency will automatically
be removed from the hop set.

F E AT U R E S :

Light weight and small

Easy handling

Spectrally efficient modulation

SW defined modulations

APC - Automatic Power Control: Output power is automatically reduced to

the minimum needed - to avoid detection, and automatically stepped-up at
jamming or interference.

Quick Deployment Efficient link

establishment and planning

Field proven equipment

Ruggedized by Design

AFE - Automatic Frequency Evasion: At interference - automatic switchover

to a good frequency pair.

Advanced Frequency Hopping

algorithms (FSK) from 256 up to
2048 kbit/s

Flexible data interface and SNMP

based management

Two separate IEEE 802.3 Ethernet

interfaces, one for data traffic and
one for RL management

AES256 encryption (option)

PJP Pulse Jammer Protection: Advanced channel coding techniques (FEC

and Interleaving) in combination with a pulse-jammer detection algorithm
that prevents loss of synchronization.
Encryption - AES256 encryption is embedded in the radio.
MMI The RL532A is self-instructing with a high degree of automatic functions for ease of operation. A radio link can be configured and established in
a short time. The terrestrial interface-type is selectable by operator for
flexible network integration.
An integral Network Data Carrier system provide quick and easy network
establishment and elimination of operator errors. The operator has access to
all radio parameters and O&M-information using a local PC or remotely from
the CMS computer (Communication Management System).

Frequency Range:
Duplex Spacing:
Channel Spacing:
Transmission Capacity:
Order Wire:

1,35 2,69 GHz

Minimum 50 MHz
125 kHz
256, 512, 1024, 2048, 8448, 16384 and 34368 kbit/s
FSK / 16 QAM / 64 QAM
Digital 16 kbit/s ADPCM

Output Power:
5 W (+37 dBm)
Auto Mode Dynamic Range: 20 dB
Spurious Attenuation:
80 dB
Harmonic Attenuation:
60 dBc for 2nd & 3rd harmonics,

80 dBc for higher order


256 kbit/s:

512 kbit/s:

1024 kbit/s:

2048 kbit/s:

2048 kbit/s:

8448 kbit/s:

16384 kbit/s:

34368 kbit/s:

-100 dBm (B-FSK)

-97 dBm (B-FSK)
-94 dBm (B-FSK)
-91 dBm (B-FSK)
-92 dBm (16 QAM)
-86 dBm (16 QAM)
-82 dBm (16 QAM)
-76 dBm (64 QAM)

Router Interface:

IEEE802.3 Ethernet 10/100BASE-T, ITU V.11

TDM interface:

Eurocom D/1:

ITU V.11:

G.703 HDB3:

4 balanced pairs (130 Ohm)

4 balanced pairs (100 Ohm)
2 balanced pairs (120 Ohm)

Input Voltage:
19-32 VDC
Power Consumption, typical: 120 W
In Conventional FH Mode:

256 kbit/s:

512 kbit/s:

1024 kbit/s:

2048 kbit/s:

13 dB
13 dB
10 dB
7 dB

In Adaptive FH Mode:
256, 512, 1024 and 2048 kbit/s
Excludes jammed frequencies within 2 seconds

Operating temperature:
-40C to +55C

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Height: 177 mm
Width: 483 mm
Depth: 385 mm
Weight: 20 kg