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City of Rock Hill

Effective July 1, 2015

Code 15

Schedule GD (Demand Service)

Available only to consumers with a metered
demand of 30 kw to 750 kw, including commercial and
industrial consumers, county buildings, schools, churches,
and other eleemosynary consumers, for lighting, cooking,
heating, refrigeration, water heating and other power
to the
commercial establishment, or other qualified consumer
through a single meter at one delivery point.
Character of Service:
The City will furnish 60 hertz,
three phase, 120/280 volts, four wire Wye; or 277/480
volts, four wire, Wye. Where three phase is not available,
it will be extended to the consumer's premises.
Limitation of Service: The following requirements shall be
applicable to the use of electric motors. Motors of 10 hp
or larger, which are frequently started, shall be equipped
conductor, and also be equipped with starting equipment set
to a limit of 300% of full load current, or 55% of locked
motor current value.
Motors of 10 hp or larger having
intermittent of continuous duty shall be equipped with
over-current protective devices in each phase conductor;
they shall also be equipped with starting equipment set to
a limit of 300% of full load current, except where served
from a separate transformer installation and no other
consumer is served from the same bank of transformers.
The obligation of the City in regard to supplying power is
dependent upon its securing and retaining all necessary
rights-of-way, privileges and permits for the delivery of
such power, and the City shall not be liable to any
consumer or applicant for power in the event it is delayed
in, or is prevented from furnishing power by its failure to
secure and retain such rights-of-way, privileges, and
Standby or resale service is not permitted under this rate







purchasing equipment for same, the consumer shall give the

City notice in writing of the location of the building,
together with a list of the electrical devices to be used
thereon, and shall ascertain in the character of service
available at such premises.
The City shall specify the
voltage and type of electrical service to be furnishes, as
well as the location of the meter and the point where the
service connections shall be made.

Electric underground service lines

permitted but the installation and
underground circuits will be at
Credit will be allowed
consumer on the initial cost of an
such credit being based upon the cost
required by an overhead service.

or conduits
the expense
by the City
of labor and

may be
of such
of the
to the

Temporary construction service may be supplied at whatever

voltage is available, provided the applicant agrees to
defray all installation and removal costs necessary to
providing service, and to place on deposit with the City an
amount equal to these costs before the work is undertaken
Application and contract in writing shall be required
which, when accepted by the proper officers of the City,
shall constitute the contract between the consumer and the
representations of any agent or employee of the City, or
person shall be of any binding force or effect unless the
same be incorporated in writing in such contract.
contract shall not be transferable or assignable, without
written consent of the City.
On initial installations, the service agreement shall
extend for a term adequate to reasonably amortize specific
installation costs incurred by the City.
Thereafter, the
service agreement shall be renewable during such terms as
shall reasonably enable the City to properly anticipate and
meet the load requirements of the consumer, with reasonable
provision for termination, on adequate notice to the City.
Monthly Rate:
Customer Charge
Demand Charge

@ $27.05/month

First 30 kw of billing demand @ $ 0.00 per kw

Over 30 kw of billing demand @ $ 5.585 per kw
Energy Charge
For first 125 kw
All over
For next 275 kwh
All kwh
For all over 400
All kwh

per kw of billing demand:

@ $0.16730 per kwh
@ $0.11240 per kwh
per kw of billing demand:
@ $0.08454 per kwh
kwh per kw of billing demand:
@ $0.07269 per kwh

Adjustment: The amount computed at the above rate shall be

adjusted plus or minus by an amount calculated in
accordance with the formula specified in the City's
incorporated by reference as a part of this rate schedule.
Minimum Charge:
The monthly minimum charge shall be the
"customer charge" plus the "demand charge", if any.
Determination of Billing Demand:
The demand for billing
purposes each month shall be the maximum integrated 30minute demand in the previous six months, including the
month for which the bill is rendered, but not less than 50%
of the contract demand, nor less than 30 kw.
Power Factor Correction:
When the average monthly power
factor of the consumer's power requirements is less than
85%, the billing demand in kilowatts will be corrected for
that month by multiplying the billing demand by 85% and
dividing same by the average power factor for that month,
expressed in percentages.
Interruption of Service:
The City will make reasonable
provisions to insure satisfactory and continuous service,
but does not guarantee a continuous supply of electrical
energy and shall not be liable for damages occasioned by
interruptions of service or failure to commence delivery
caused by an act of God, or the public enemy, or for any
cause reasonably beyond its control, including, but not
limited to, the failure or breakdown of generating or
transmitting facilities, floods, fire, strikes, or action
or order of any agency having jurisdiction in the premises,

or for interruptions which are necessary for inspection,

repair, or changes in the distribution system of the City.
The customer shall notify the City immediately of any
defects, trouble, or accident which may in any way affect
the delivery of power by the City to the customer.
Service Deposit: The required service deposit shall be the
estimated account for two months, but not less than
$200.00. When deposit is five hundred dollars ($500.00) or
more, a guarantee surety bond issued by a company duly
authorized to transact business in the State of South
Carolina will be accepted in lieu of cash deposits.
Adjustment of deposit may be made after each six (6)
months' billing.
If customer's service is cut off for
nonpayment, an adjusted deposit may be made based on past
consumption and must be paid along with a service charge
and reconnection fee before service is restored.

Example: Billing Demand =732 kw

Consumption = 310,400 kwh

Customer Charge
Demand Charge
a.) First 30 kw demand =
b.) 30 and above: (732-30=702) x 5.585=

$ 27.05
$ 0.00
$ 3,920.67

Energy Charge
a.) Tier one:
125 kwh x 732 =91,500 kwh
First 3,000 kwh:
3,000 x $0.16730 =
All over 3,000 kwh:
(91,500 - 3,000) = 88,500) x $0.11240 =

$ 501.90
$ 9,947.40

b.) Tier two:

310,400 (Consumption) - 91,500 = 218,900 kwh
275 kwh x 732 kw = 201,300
201,300 x $0.08454 =
$ 17,017.90
c.) Tier three:
218,900 - 201,300 = 17,600 kwh remaining
17,600 x $0.07269 =
$ 1,279.34


$ 32,694.26