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Essential Information of

Piperazine Citrate

About Piperazine Citrate

Piperazine is a white crystal powder with a melting point of 190 Celcius. Piperazine
citrate is most well-known medication used for worm attack. Chemical it is a
piperazine mixture derivative by means of hexahydrate.
Piperazine Citrate was first presented in 1953 as an
Piperazine Citrate is an natural substance that
includes a six-membered band, containting two
nitrogen atoms at reverse roles in the band.

Formula structure of Piperazine Citrate

Formula: - 3(C4H10N2)*2(C6H8O7)

Usage of Piperazine Citrate

Piperazine citrate is the earliest medication used for worms attack.

Piperazine Citrate in usually used for the paralisation of harmful bacteria, which allow
the human body to simply eliminate or get rid of the infiltrating living thing.
It is being used as an anthelmintic for people and animals against pinworm and
roundworms attacks.
It is reliable and effective for the therapy and treatment of ascoridosis in delicate animal

Mechanism of Action & Solubility

Solubility: A Piperazine Citrate is freely soluble in mineral water and Ethylene


Mechanism of Action: It cuts down on reaction to acetylcholine by muscles of worms, leading to reduced
action of acetylcholine on neuromuscular junction. This leads to reduced flaccid
paralysis and contraction and. Thus the worms cannot to keep its position in the gut
and is removed by normal peristalsis.

Piperazine Citrate Tablet

Piperazine citrate tablet is generally recommended for the remedy for threadworm infections,
roundworm infections, pinworm infections along with several other issues. It is contains the
sodium Piperazine Citrate as effective ingredients. It is available in tablet form.

Piperazine Citrate Tablet Uses

Piperazine citrate product is used in the therapy, protection, control, & enhancement of
the following illnesses, circumstances and symptoms:

Roundworm infections

Pinworm infections

Threadworm infections

Piperazine Citrate Tablet Precautions

Take the following safety measures or be cautious about the following while taking
Piperazine Citrate Tablet:

Consult a doctor if you have hepatic impairment


Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Piperazine Citrate

Piperazine citrate is the most typical anthelmintic piperazine substances. Adani
Pharmachem is India based piperazine citrate manufacturers, suppliers and exporters
from Rajkot, India. We are manufacturing highly effective piperazine citrate and
regarded as the natural treatment for problems such as roundworm, pinworm and
threadworm infections.
We are also manufacturing piperazine derivatives, Piperazine adipate, bulk drugs and
other API products. Our all products are bear hallmark of quality.
We expert our products from Rajkot, India to Brazil, Europe, Africa, USA, UK,
Canada, North America, East America and many more foreign countries.

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Piperazine Citrate

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Adani Pharmachem Private Limited

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Village- Metoda, Taluka- Lodhika,
Dist. - RAJKOT : 360 003. (Gujarat) INDIA

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