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C"".';gh' :>2007~u<o,'i'mLtd,&<to""wh.'.ind;<OteQ ""Righ"Re.e".d,U,odund.,.uthQ';Z."Qn

Pubti,hod In the Unltod St.t •• b)'Ooi Roy 8ook., on Imorlnt 01 The Random Hou •• P'ubll.hing Grou~ .~i.i.'onoIR'MomHou", '''''.,N .... YO'~

To Dorothy and Violet



To Luke, Flash, Buck, James T., The Doctor,

and Godzilla. They helped me get started as a kid, and helped me finish this book as an adult.


To my parents



rhe fsseMial Guide 1<> Ihe F<>rce c<>uld n<>1 Mv@ b@@n assembled wilhout a number <>1 very e,senlial people, Than~. to K"ilh Claylon. Erich SChoenew"i .. and Bra<l F<>llzatOeIRey;JOMlh.nRlnzler.Su@Rostoni.TroyAI<Ier$.ond Uland Chee at L~ca"ilm; arli'ts supreme Tommy Lee Edwards and Chris

Thi. bo<>k dr~w. 'nformatlon and di.logue from many Star W~rS n<>vel' comics. games. and reference books a. well the moviB and anImated CMtOon, Thanks 10 the w,IIe,. Alice Alfonsi, Aaron Allnon. K@vinJ. And","on. (;,e9 Bear, W_ Hoden BI~c~man. CraIg R. Carey. Andy Collin,. Troy Denning, William C,Oietz,ChriS D<>yle, Ma,y Jo Dulfy, Ja,on F,y,JMI Grubb,PabloH 1<I.lgo.Oovid S. J, Hodg,on,Mlchael Allen H<>rne, Peel Janes, Drew KarDy,hyn, Ann Ma,garet Lewi" Jame, Luceno, Jame, Maliszew'kl. Patrick McLaughlin, Z"ch Me,ton. O.",id Michelinie. Michael Mikaelian, SIeve Mill@r. Morrie Mullins, John Ostrander, Abel G. Pe~a. SIeve Perry, Jell Culck. David West Reynoldo, Stephen J. Sansweet, Curt;, Sa"lon, Juan SchwarlZ, P"I"r Schweigholer. Elill Siavic.ek. L. Neil Smith. Mich.el A. Stac~pole, Owen K. C. Stephens, Malthew Slov"" Paul Sudlow, John Terra. Rodney Thompson, Karen T,avis;, Daniel Wallace (again!)

Jude W~tson, Robert Wiese, JD Wiker, Tom VeItch. and Timothy Zahn

For reaSon, th~t need no e,planati<>n, spoc;&1 than~' to George Luc •• , Ralph McQuarrie, and J<>e Johnston



T'M£UNE .. ;;1

Th. Hund,.o-¥eor Dar'ne" TheG' •• 'Hype"POCew., The 5hadowofF",edon N.dd

Lo •• "','WOIk.,.,.Lum;y.,F;,,'E,",oun,., Lu~e Skywalk., v,. l."mlyo; )'10,1 Doe'

UllcQeI'O","'o',Re'uc"'o'heL",h' '-00' S'O~ •• 0' ,he 0." Side

T~~,ma,l"" o! R •• on

G".'eeoo,o"hOT.'o,Ho'o«on TheConQ"."orS"hSp,,~

The F",'o!,"-S"hE"",,,,, Dorth Rovan" S"n Holocron

OnS.'e<"n~"po,ent;' .. TheCQn'~"'onQIO.,'hTy,"nu,


Jedi,H .. "rtheword.OfTionnesolusar,

ou!providing relevant inform.tion abou, the Jedi. as it would ,e~m that the d.stini.s of th@s.two g,oup,will.lmo,t always be intertwined

Younger students, that a g'eat deal of our history least twice been 10'1 'hrough

Th@J@diM."erMaraJadoSkywalkeri<de,';,killed themachinotionsottheSith:nfStatth@d@struc

,ion of the original Jed; Temple on Ossus, and second when Emperor Palpatine ,eized the Jedi Archiv@sonCoruscant.ltwasnocoincioencethat the Sith were re,pon,ible for both incid@,..".For ,neir h.treo 01 the Jedi ha, been established for many thou •• nds of yea". However, it 'hould be noted thaI galae'ic acad.mia r.gard,the,o., mi·

shifted to the former Jedi KnightAlema Rar, a po, sible apprentice of Lumiya. While it remain, con ceivable th~t Lumiya was an accomplice ;n Mar.'s d@ath,thepossibilityof her ;nrlOc~nce h .. further deva"atedlukeanddividedth.JediOrd@r.

t.vity.ldonotinlendICII!crilytheJ<>diorllililythe Sitn.buttop,esentacohe'5,veac<:euntcfeu,,,,i· gin,andenceunte<s.andllluW.teeu,simila"toes and di!fe'ences. Ourhosto,ies.renotseparate but dangetously entwined. lil<e two b,anches On a tree that threaten to bre.k other in their respec tive attempts to embrace sunlight and shadow Some have ,pecul.ted whether the Jedi and Si,h can even exist without e""h o'her. and most deub, ,h.' there will e.e' bea PNceful resoluti<;on ,otheir

While many aspects 01 the Sith Orde' may 1o,· eve' remain a mystery. of lhls I amcertain, •• long .s Sith ~nowledge .. xi,ts. so. too. will the Sith and ,heir pretenderS. Fu,thermore. theSith know more "boul the Jedi th.n wedO "bout them. and unless we e.amine the history of the Jedi v,_lheSith. \he

I musttru,t tha,yeuw,lIusethi,knowl<>dge wisely ond without malice. Unde' o.-dinary ci.-cum· 'tances. I weuld urge patience as YW study and contemplate thi' mat~ri.l. but I am compell<>d to


A. long as sentient beings nav@attempted to m.~.u'e time, the'" have been dl,pute. over tho one me~."'e,, The complicated

F@deration 01 Free Alliance, that omciall~ ."ablishedanOpopula,izedtheS"ttleofYavinas the ze'o point tom.'~thebeg;nningofourcurr~nt ,ociety. Desoite protests from ,orne younge' 9@n<'ub,e~uMtb"ttle. were more significant, most educated beings ~gr.., that (he Battle 01 Yav;n was a pivotal

w@",citiz@n.oftho Old Republjc-ma~ or may conventions establish@dbytheHi'to,icaICouncil

nothaveadop,@dStandardTimeP.r".,unitsof employ' Standard Tim@


"",".OfCO"-'WN;~"",,.,,k'-""now" .. ' .... ,;I.~.,.""_to,"""'hMted

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•• 11 0"""'''"''''''''''''" LoO< ,',"" .'""lo,'nOK1"'l A .. ,.,,;to "olwonon ,h'O"",,,A"' .. _,O.'"U~'."'''<,, •• dlff."""S;,h HoOoc"","o," ",.w""' .... O'Si'"L"'dN ••• 5adow'"hOp.N'.'

_'M"",aodhl"o,,,"o A"', ,m", ... «""'ooO""'><OIO«O",,,,,.T.,O''''

_'C;v;IW,,,Da,,hR,,,"andO,,'hM.lak """"""'''''",wO"kL",",o'theS;'h

""CI"ilW."O,,,hT,.,...t«"'O"'O"""9 '" ,"d '0 '''''_''"0 '''''0,",,,

_'M"",""'",""b • ..-,'''''Jo<f' 0'0"000 0,"'.''''''05,," L .. O 0.,,"

_So,hW.": .. 'tI.O'"uu"",:D,,,'h •• ".',N4w,'thO"' .. ,,,,".,",,,,,. "od"""'o'<h'"ul.oFTwoS;",Lo",~.

_,eodoe''',ad"",,,d,n'ofJed;vodo SOo,,_,.I", .. ;"t"'_,"~OIoe'oo

, .. "OIO,"" .. ".","OIL •• "",, '0" •• '0""''''''·';"'",'0'""0 m.'",,'"'"O''''' '"'"00" "".",,,,,, "",,000" ""ho,,.d,,',; ••

"'"mo"ho;,"" 0."" .... ,, O"'",o'c);"-GO<'J"",n.O,,,hM,.,

.... '0'''>'0''' ..... '' '0'''"'.

Ch"",.IIo"Coont """"" , ,'"

""""w_O,"""C_J 'O

.... """"'. ",ft;_.,.,,,,,,, ., ''''

c,..,;ono' ,h. G"",".",O'" O"'ho'A",od.";.'''hOfl,'."yw,,. .. '"" ""O'.' .. ;Ob'·w.' .... Yoda.o

',"'"k!, ,M""""""",'S"N""",,"""'

,OC_' _,"SiO"~olO<_

otM·w'"_'""""", .. c, .... yw,_ to ''''''o",o;C,""'"C ... "'oot,""'," '0""",""""",",0'''''''''''''0:

,.,....,.""'''''''" ..... __ """""""MocroY"'-_5<"""'_

o .... _ ..... oc ...... , ''''''''''''''''

•• r", .. by'o",,·_~''''",O'.'''ooon'

'0 ... """....'" ... "· ..... ',, .. ''''''''''''''' o;'u""."OfJ"'OO<O."r,~",",n""'"

'''''-''''',.,,".my.,,'''''' ''''_'h.

''''' ....... n~o'''''''"', ,.."..., ... , ... '"''.

"" ... ~""'n"'_"""'''''''T .. ''''''' ,r..Jed,Cou"",'""",., .. ,"OQ"'''''' ""tI'''~be<o"""" •• M'''',,'CO"h''I:'hO .... ,0<00<"', """""'oO"u'

"""""'"""""'hOOO<1<1.",Of''''''''' ~""hO_G<oot_"'""'"



T h. J~di Order wa' founded more than tw@nty flvethousandstanoa,dye."a90,atthesametime ,,'helo'ma!ionoftheG~I,clicRepubllc,A.I!hOUgh ,ne origIn. of Ih@@arly J<>di , .. m~ln mySt@riou, anciefl\t.,tsind,catetMttlleynotonly;l'a,e<! ~bU;tle. to"",~;pulotetheene'9yf0!4d _call the FOfce,but""fe~I$Ocomp"lledtou"'lhei,powe", ,.I!I ... lyto help otherS. Thi, prae,icebecam@a

yea,,~go-thotth. Sith triggered ,h •• ,plc.ionor ten ,uns, c.~';ng a ,hock wave thai the o,igin.1 Jedl Temple and theG'eat Jedl Libr.ryon O"us.R.$Hrchha,,,,y@a'O'dlh.ttheJe<li,,,,cueo' ot'Ilyal,action"ftl''''''''teriatsl,om\~.G, ... tJl!di Library. and that the.., items were b'.,.,.ght !oExi' St.tI.,.., before they were """nt""lIy ,ronsle"ed to

Howe"er,.,long"'lhereh~veb.enJedi.!he'e have been thos. who have been !empte<l to use !he Force fo"elfi'h ond even nefariou, Durposes Jedl drawn into the neg~ti"e .Ide of the force I<nown •• H .... d~rI<sidet>e<:ame,eferred !o.sD~rI< Jedr.Ap!>roximatelyseventhous.ondl""'''''!!o. a con!ljct betwe-enJedi and DO'k J<ldi lod to !he I~uer fleelr.g to the f~r 'e~che. of .pace. S"'>,!ly

Fortunately. 011 was not lost On,. &< th. pl.n.t·s 'emote location. dry ~tmosph.r •. and nati". Vsann._de,eendants of the Jedi who remainedonOssusatterthecotocly,miCdis.osterhelped preserve many oncient sc,oll,andbooks tMt 'emair>ed in the ruins of the library. These texts. &10"11 with all known Jedi'rflfated d~\~ tM' survived the CIO<>e WafS. are now held at the new

aft~rward. a row of thes. Dark Jedi_known", the Contempo'a'y .ledi ~Iso h~ve two very unusual

Exiles-managed to ,eturn to Republk space in resou".' on the history of the Sith: rile ~undi

~n.u.mpttod.stroytheJedl.TheeffOf! railed Series, recorded lectures of Professor Murk luMi

and the .ledi I.~m.d th~t the surviving Exiles had who w~s by most accounts ~ bener leacner lnan

conquered the people 01 the Sith system and r.,earCher: end the Wavlud Manuscript. which

proc:laimeclthemselve-sSitnLOo'ds wU' lrom the p","sonal effect< of InQo

For nearly two ti>oUXInd ye~". the location of Wevl ...... ~ suspected Sito syrnp,unlZ<!, I,om the

'heS"hSl'$temrern~inedunknowntothe.Jedi.while worldOI6I'$s.AlthOUghT/>@LundiSl!rie.lreQuently

,MSithlords .... r.unabletolind!he"waybackto fail, to cite specific ,ourCe< and $.Ome datil I

Ret>\Jblic.p.ce. The Sith"s even!ual r.turnini!iated oppeo .. to have been invented by Lundi toboo;t

w," ""m. ,,~" " '" ,,," ",~""" '" ,,".m" """'''". '" ,~w'" '""0"'" )

War. It w~s during a ,ubsequent conflict-the Sith wavlud Manuscript not only corrObOrates m~ny

~~ o,,_w'_""_m_"_"_"_"_""_"_"O_""_"" "_,"_""_i'S~fin=din=O'=O="'="'=O="O=W,"="="="=iOU="'~~

unknOllmlnlormationreg"rdingtheDarth,ill@and Ce.,ibl@.b@cau,eHOlocronsareengineereCi'o

th@SithLordO.rthSidious detect students· ~bliities in orCier to hotd bock


tnadditiontothee.oticHotocr""$.Jediutlli.ed standarddatatap!!<lorsomeeducational •• pects. 001" tape, lack the archival qu~lities 01 bOOk' SC(oll,.and Holocrons. but it is most fortunate that some have survilled. as t~e~·ve provided many detail. about th" tr3inir>g 01 J~di during the Old Republic ..,~. N""rly," 01 ,Ile ... isting ,~pe-s w .... e re<:oVefe<l from~ slr;gte source: the wreck of the Chu·uMho,.amobiletrolning.c.demyforgroups 01 Jedi apprMtice,. whlc~ c'~shed mOre than three

Themo,tpreclouSandSignificMt,ourCeSOIJedi history.reheldinJ@diHolooron •. Bothcompact repo,itorlesol knowlo<lgeandln'er~ctiv@ I@~rning devices. Holoc:ron. employ pan..,ns 01 organic cryst~I"nd I>ologrammict<>chnology ,osimula,@ conve''''tlon wit~ long·deO<l Jedi -gateke-epers; who'~te.chln9'inlusep.r!icul"rHOlo"ons.With F@w@xceptlon<.Jedi Holocron.~ro cube, th,,' can

I .";",, ",,;, ,'., "",.,,,,,,, """"" """,.",;";"",,,,'''M,",;.,,,,

af@ parMII~ "ower~d by thl! Force. as only Fo",. Corusc~nt 0"". n.ld~ collectionofSitn Holoc:rons

k """"'K'; .. ",".m""K';'''~.'"''''- ~'" w",' _. , •• m;"" ",-""."

even non·FOtce·u.ers-can communicate with thl! they hou.ed informlltion that wa, dangerous in

(!j,-,,,,',,,"',,,",,,~,,,''',,,",,,'W,,,''',,,',,,M,,,'',,,'' '",'''",;',-''_''_iIY_''_. _'"_'W_"_"_"'_"'_' __ "'7.lim~its="_,"_.m_ajo_rit_ .. _,,_~,_. _

othe'wise innocent being, ood d,~w ""udents" down the path to t"'" da,k sid&. The Jedi O,de". earliest ~nown awaf.., ... of Sith Holoc""" d~te. bac~totl>l!""dofII>l!G",atHype'5P<'CeWa"wl>l!n 0<1_ W~$ ,,,,,ooe_ from an ~bandon&d S,th ,hip by ,h.J&diOdan·U"_Odan·U,,i<eptthl,SithHolocron 'O(n~.'ly.millenniumbeforeltw""olenbythe JediE".'Kun,whou.edit'ole.rnm"ny,~cret,of theSlth,ltlsalsohi9hlyp,obablethatatleastone Jedlw,tht"",knowledgeoIHoloCfoncon.truction w., among the Exile, who proclaimed them.elve, ,he first Sith Lord,

A,lthoughtI>l!Jedioncer~Si'hHolO<:tons .,!ooI'and not evil e<1titi .... ,he <;Iev;c ... ", emt.odi,.,.mt, 01 temptati"" to those who hope to achie.e l><>W",by way ofarcone knowl&dge, During theCloneWa",thefo'merJediCountDoo~u-atthe time.oneolonly,wenty.JediMa,W,koowntohave ",oouncedthe.JediO,de,-stola.tleastoneSith HolocronfromtheA,"hi~onCo"'SCllnt.ndalso """,ui_theS~hHOIOCfonotDarthAndeOdu_Uke ~ ... ( I(un. Count Docku t.e<;ama. Si!h Lord; wt>1e ~I,conceivablelhattl>l!'_tivoe""perienees and _sonal~y traits 01 both individuar. guided

,rn.;,patn,!o !he dark.ide. the po 'ion of Sith

Holocron,cert.inly dire<ted their cOOJ , well

ReCOrd'do not """,.1 the fate oi the Sith Holoeron,


Lil Org."" Solo disco.ered thee.lstence of J&di Holocr"".du,ing the events of Palpalin.", ,e",,,.",,atte'thea.ttleojEndQ'_ Atter being captu_by Palpatine and detained at hi. citldel on the planet By ... Leia e.caped with a Jedi HOloe,on-by ~II appearance,. mll1<y jade crystal block-that Palpotine claimed h~d been given to him by an aged Jedi Master.Sub,eQuent w.'A'hkaaod.,whow.'.I~inbyP.lp.tin.during thltJo-dl Purge at tr.e end of the Clonewa ....

Thl, HoIOCfOn', p,imary hoIog,ammic 9~t ... keepe,wa. thltJedi Bodo Baa,. wl\o'd served in theAdega.y"em.i.hund'edy~"e.rll.',Viath& Holo<ron.BodoB,"",rev~ledm.nyd.lail.ollh. hi,to,y 01 the Jedi,including the .. ga of E •• , Kun and hi' contemporary, the Jedi Ulie Qel·Drom. whoal,oturnedtotheda,k,ide.Shortly.tterLeia fi"t~etivatedtheHolocron,BodoBH'roci!o'd. proph""y ,h., rnod been w,itten by hi. own Master a thou .. ndy ... "earlie,:

AI>rO/her8nd.i./e"l:oo<nro"'~I~r~sky. Bu',""cklessl>rOlI,erfall,in/oDlJrl<Si<W$eY<'! Je<li,i.rer cerrle, hope for lulure in h_r

VariOOJS dat.b •• e, and eyewltnesse,te.tify

thOt the )edl Archives on Con.J<CMI held sco,e, AJe<li·kille'w~nrstotameller.

of Jo-dl HolOCfOns. unfortunately, the ancient NOWlhe Dark S;deLoror:omesrocla/mfHN:

t""hnologyoftheHoIoe,ons,a<well •• thermiority Shftmu"l>i>ttlejoin again" 'hi. 'h/ef.

" ... '~;m ".m~_. -. ~ ." " "m, ~,~ "'-'",',,, .. , _'wm~", I

Bec:au,a Holocron, have been.uch a 'Ignificant grief!

re,ourceinlhee,eationoithi"ecord,de,cription, )

of noteworthy Holocron,p'eced. a de,ailed time Lela had nO rea,on to doubt thOver.clty of

___ "_"'_"_~_""_'"_''_''_''''_'_i'h_hi'_'''_' '''_'_O''_''~'''="="="~"='''=ibe=,=",= .. =",=,=",=,",=,~

toeoo .... rt le,. and he' ""pect<>d child to tI .... dar'< ,;de, while luI«! Skywalk'" had "mbrae"'" ,hepow",oftMdark,ideinaneffO'"OCOr>Que, P.'r»tine. For,unatel~, Lui<e ev<!ntu.ll~ ,e.,i,ed IholhecouldnotdefeatPalpatinealone,ondtM O.rk Lord ultimately lailed to ,educe Leia Or an~ Of her children, 8ecause !he Hoiocroncon!oined other prophecies as well as seemingly infinitedato about thejedl,IU ".Iuewas incalculable

AI,hOUllh thi. particular Holocron was some· 'imesreferr@(j,o.,'heJediHolocrono,Holoc'on of Sodo S •• s, It should be noted that Sodo Saa. was merely the I." ot a long line of J""'i who lef, 'Mir imp~$'ion' w"hin ,he device. Origl .... lly. i,wa<known.s,heT<>drynHoloc,on.named 10, ,r.e jKlI ........ rTedryn, woo may """" """n Ihe Holocroo', maker as well as its fir<' ' ... per. More tMn lour !nousa.-.d y""" ago. ,M Tedryn HoloC(on was kept byjedi Master Vodo·Sio.k 80as, on ancestor of Bodo Baas and th~ to,mer teocher of Exa, Kun. The Holocron no, onl~ s,ored Vado·Sio,k BlIas'sknowledge but apporently enabled hi' hO!<>Qrammic simulacrum to draw from the knowledge 01 ,ub,eouent gatekeepers asw.ILAOCof<lingtoLu~eSkyw.lke"whow.s'he la",oeonversewlth,hi,Hoiocron,Ma"e,Vodo', holog'am ,old him. "Exa, Kun dest'oyed m". Ii~

OM might Ih,nk sucna statemen, could be madoonlybyaspi"torsuperna,u,altechnology.but hologr~m, .,emer.~ recordings of ""rsonalities not thinking beings thlltcan be manit>\Jlated by the Force, Although Holoc,on pefSon~lil;es rorel~ adap, '0 'eQuest' and problems outsid@ their .reasof knowledge, it i, o"umed thai vodo·Sio.~

by acc ... ing dMb th .. was I~ter inserted by hi.

TO limit conlU5ion vodo·Sios~Saa'Md BodoBaa'.Md.lso'ohono"hei'predecessor.,hi, liolocron has long been fefe"ed to "' the Tedryn liolocron.albeitin'hepasttens •. becau,eitwa,

ForI"""'Ny;I/lelr"nscr'PI.onS~rodcop.eddit'" "lV!weII~;'l/,,"'ed"'lhe"""'.JedI/~My.

Eleven yea<s atte' the dest'uction 01 the Tedryn Holocron, a mission 10 Sa.t Castle-once Oarlh Vader·sperson.altomessontheplanetVjun_ y;elded twe'el;cs: the I;ghtsaber Obi-wan Kenobi used in his duel w;lh Vader on the fi,st DeiothSt.o'. and the Holocron ot.Jedl Maste, Asil 1(,lmsan

K,;msan wa. a humanoid famale wllh mOre Ihan lwo huoo,ed years of teKhlng e.per;ence~t the .Jed; Temple on CO'UsCMt. tt rem.lns unkMwn how the Holocron that ,he maintained came into

yet-to-be-di,eoveredevidence.thisdeviceshall henceforth berefe"ed to as theG,eat Hol<>cr<>n

Acle.'C'YSlal;,setwilhi~theTel<>'Holocmn's apex.which,eem,'Qrul@ou"hepossibili'ythoti, couldbeDa,thAndeddu',Holocron,adescriptionof whichw",recotdedb~theJediM"stetOuinIMVO', whO OP.'~led~,. ,ec'et ~gent du,;ng the Clone



_,~_", A_~~_~~_,.~_. ~_:~_""~_D"_: ~_o,o_:_:._Sol __ ~_;~_~~:_~~~=jt=~1:=~:=:::=;:=~:=':::'=::;:=:::=:::d: JI

"'~~1 ~e p/aM 10 do wllh IhI' knowledge, o~lldo<Joli("forar)jllhl"9f100d.

Wl><>n 1 hekiIhe Hoiocron, Ico~ldn'l r",,1 ;>ny oovi"",s refuse mecMnl,m. O~t Dooku.eemeelloknow/U.lhowloopenit. orce".inlyelidn·l~eveanyproOlemeloing '0. The "pperP8rl of the Holocron he/d ~ reel CrySI"llhal-ll<:<:ording to Oook,,oncepowerecl~r(hAnelecld,,'sll!i~tsalJe' Doolw gave I~e crysl~1 10 me. loki me '0 ".e il '0 power my own /igM~~ Asi<i~ from _king II><> />McIe blue ~. / c~n" _'h<t'll><>crysl~h<t'8nrolherelfec'_ Hywe.oponwtsHkeil,otw_Ms.

Slil'. 'he w.oyDookupoppecloP'ffl 'h~ SilhHolocron, previou. experience, H~y"" .om""ne in Archives.ho"leliookintohi.Wckgro"nel a bil more, and al.o find ou' If the"",

Recorel,inelicatetnatCountDooi<ufl"tleorned about ,ne e,iS!ence of S,tn Holocrons at ~ge ,nir<een, shortly ~fter ne became tne P~d~wan to Jedi M."e' Thame Ceruli.n,E.ielently, Oooku and fellow Jedi ~ppren,ice Lor;an Nod were unin."ed

CountDookurokimHhiJttheHOloc:rotI wnet> ,hey en,e,ed Cerylian', <lu~rt"'s aoo

_OeenCO"'''"",lecI/:;YanokiS,lhLonI disc."..,re<ladatapadthalconta,ne(linfonnation

fIdmecI~nhAmJeclelu_I"w>_'OU<:hecl about~SilnHolocronintheArchive"Nod"ol@lr..

~S,th Holoc"", b€fore, but Illi. '""" didn't Holo<ron.bUlnisdeedwa,dioc""ered .• ndh~wa,

feel Mylhing like a Jedi _rOIl. It'. con,cripted into the A\lricultur.1 Corp,_ [).ospit~

not just th~t ;t·. sll«pecllike B lJyr8mid the rumors th.t Dooku studied Sotn Holocron' in

and it. surface was etchecl with unu$UlJI the ye~" thot followed. ni, eCllon,., a J@didid

m"rkings, arma"'nt/y Silh M~rofllyphs notb@trayanyle.ning'lowerdthedarksid@untii

~"d ;ncant~tions, The Holocron ,~It hOI tho Clon@Wars.whenhe reveel&d himself to be a

I ~"" cold ~t t"" .am~ lime. ond I senSed

>o_"'"'_,,~,,"'.ooo,","".~, """,00'""''''''''0',,,,,,, .. ,,, .. ,,",,

I z tz: :: ~:,;g~:~ ~:~ :r;;:~ ~~~ ~: :~~:~u::~ ~o~:::n:~ ~:~!~it:~::~~

~~===~=>='=~==~=m=~==~=~=~ • ,"_ .. _'"_., "_~_._"_oo_",_"_'M_"=O'_OC'~OO~"~

IMrn mo,e about theli hismn'es, B.caus~ certain ""emies may altem", 10 lake Ihe T~1os Holocron.manyJedi-includingnMdyhalfOf theMa'lers'CounGiI-have~ndD,,@dtheid@a IhMilshouldbed~stroyed

I""S/ fo~c jed; musl oe present whil~ T,onn~ examin~s oo'h HolocrWlS. ~nd Ih~1 she must

~'" ,,~~, The sco,oe of ilS knowledge is I'u/y overwh@lmlilg_lrpuzzJesm@why 'he ~nclen(

pourMSo much da'" 'nlo th@ G~' Holocron. aSldoubl eve" ''''' longesl-I'V€d)ed, <:O<Jldh«veeve'stuaiedilcomlOle'ely.lcanonfy a.ssufTl€IMyhad'Mli",oSOlls.


T hfOUl/hoUI history. 'he J@d; ~nd Si!h h~.e n~fl~ "nnihilated e"eh other on countl"" occ~.ion. onlytosu,,,ive .• <·formontllthel,ne,t

• ncounte,.lnth.t'en,e.~nobiecti".schol~rmI9ht think tho' th.,@adv@rsari@sar@more.likethan mo,t iightMber-wielding Force·,~n'itl.e. would care to admit. When one conside"thot 'enegade Je<liW<!f@,@spon,ibl@forfoundingtheSlthO,der. tM'imilariti@so",ironkaswoll.,IOgioal.

wn;lemosthistooiansinevilablycomparett>eJedi ¥>dSoth.tI>e~O<etO<Ety_Al!1>o<.9> indMdual.k!di-as_I"''''''~ ... awhollo-_ _inthe.",...,heirintentions __ llSYaIlyrQ9O<'ded asr>Oble,ondtheif<:P><er.Ominterestin""";ntaining ~1KIi<pe""ei'f.relyd;'pUt""_TheSlth.howev<!f. "re almost always d@pict@<! as ltoe ~nt'9Mi.t< in.idlous ma,ters of subterfuge ar>d , not only prep~red but in fact eager to let Innocent blOOd ,pill in order to accompli.h theirg<>oI,.

AmOstcompleterecordofb"ttfe'b~tweenJe<li and Sith can be found in ,he chronology preporod by Vpren N.·.I .• ",hivist emeritu' of t~e Historical Cou""ilolt~eGalacticF@(j.rationoIFr~Alliance-< For!hi.,ecord.Jedisc~ar;;h<M!Sfllocte<llir;;t· _son """~tives ~nd eyewit ....... "",counts that off ... un;que perspecti ..... and iIIum;""te the fQ!e 01 the FOfCe in these hiS!onc confront."ionL All """a.lvesaredr.wnlromtheG ..... tHoioc,on.!he A.IIKrlmsanHolo<:'on .• ndrecord;ngsoft~eTed'Yn Hol"""",.,ceptwhere""ted

Longf;>etore/heGFH!Hy~ War_r""fMtm. SIlh '0 !m..Je(Ji. Ii"", and again did Ih~ Jl!di-drvided by lhe I,gil! sidea~drhe dark side ofll>e Forceero .. lighrsabers ~mo~gSI rhemser"". One of these G,ear SChiSms OCCurred approximMelysevenlhou<andyearsagP • when a group or Dark Jedl dlsco,,~red lhatth.ycoulduse/heForceIO/f~n.form creatures inro mutant waffio"'. m<>unts. a~d spir;l·devourlng Leyialhans. The war ''''''followedl~s/edm<>rel''''n~c~'Ury. left many world. r~ ... gl!d milS wak@. andl><><:am~ mown .. s I"" HUl"l<Jrl!d·Year

Th.Jedi~llbu/wtllQu,._rheseDarl< Jedi and thf!ir mon"ers. whO mad~ t_r Idstsland011 th~miningworldofCorbo .. The ."rvMng Dark.l<ldi "",re Nnishecl

01 far

.ensiti"" 'Pf'Ci~. c~llw the 51th. Aft.r conqueringlh€ •• rheDork Jediprocl~im«l/m.m.elYe. Si/h Lords. 1/ i.believl!dtha,oneolrhelounc!ersofrm. Sith Empire Wd5 thf! Daric.Jl!diAjunIa Pall

II would be nearly two thou5M>dyea'" f;>etorerI>eSi!hLOfds~!IIe~lh

~~~~D~~ !;~LUSAR_r-


Coroa .. (he EKil~S w""" stripped of all their we<lpOO,b<!forel>eingNf!ishedloalhetl u""~p/oTedregioninlhf!Ou'erRimTemtorie. beca<lse ll!e<rch,..,,,nddnts d,dna/ employ ligh/,,/)et$<funngl""G""'rHy~eW"',

m¢'"cr"",,,,,,.survived_lhIMplaneIMy _1tCe.CololliSl."""~conM""'/o_


I>.uthor, Jedl Master Odan'Urr, gate~eeDe' of the Tedryn Holocron and Founder of the o,ig,nol Jedi

ThO<JghlamborhaJediMdahi<lo"M I CO/lfess a str"nge discomlorr !nrelaylng .vent.inwhkhlpafticipated,ltisonly,or t/>e peF5i .. en, urging ofmystu<lenfS Ih;t/I _COI1!p@I_to~d'heevenf>O'lhe

l'Ou"fle,kd,:yo~""yfindthisdlfficulr (oOeiIeve,ou//hegre.>flNpsacrosS<Pace (hOlorenowcOtnmonplacewe'enofor>!y le.s freqwm. out far more haz8rdo1J.

• s the Te'".y,;tem, when I ca"",/O/ne oid of'wo hYPfiF5p.ilce explorer>. Gov'mdJorl Da,.gon_T~w@rebeing''''''''/enedt>y •• ,", ... ins whenmyHa5lerM"",j'~din .ndlinrerceded.

DiJysl.3ler,lwasvisite<1by .. <hrl<nigt>,_re."premO/li/;ontllaftl>ebdni.I>N.I<KJI of~ientli_s~t>ecome/I>eLord.of

ofKofTiban.Theirarri~coinc_wi'h rhe fune"H of 1M Dark LordOfll>eSJrh Marka RagtlOS, whoS<'wssmg c.u.ed. feudbetwe<'ll/worlv.'SirhLon:l .. ,~fl<' Sadow,whoclaimMalong$ith/)loodline andas(JirNilo bro.>den the r,,"lm ofh;s .oow<¥,8ndLudoKressh,whow",conrenr with'heholdiflgS~lnMdyconrrolled(ly'he

rh~D"ragons""'reCa.olured, oulNaga Sadowallow.cJori/OesC8!>'1lnherstarshi.o.Why_'B",,~useheknewt"'''hewould retumloR...,ublk:spIJ~. MdlM'lhe tracking device he'<!P/anl«l"" he'ship woukfle<td 'hem IJ.Kk /0 tk. anuSlOl'S' gre""'st .... emy. fhe Je<fi_Howdo I know rhesedeitlils?PallellC<!,iIDdlw,N,ell.

Empress rela ,nform«llhe RepuO/ic

'/le Koro. SY5''''''' 8n<!'hearmie. "nderher comrrund"",re~.IOY818'theyW<'",re.<iY /0 fight. Our forces wer~ soon scartered, Em"",ssre/a",adi(!(/h~/f'O<><>.""Kor()5 M~jor while Memil N~ill joined Olher Jed • KnightsDllCoru,cant_l"",nttoKi"~k.w""re rd"""'iousIyfoug/llduringlhelJnifk:ation W~ .... 105<>"'" alongside Ihe 9""'1 Jedi M~.t",Oorooandaw.Ji/theS,?h.

Andth<m " ... Sith ame. W""" air", wa ..... of '(Jear-wiMJmg Mil fJ(><Jred OUl fromtheirm.>ssivein .... ionf/eet ... ''''''

Shortly~f(ermypremonition.Ga"8nd JoriDaragoni~mml/y8rriv«JinS'th splJc~iIDd/and@dDll flu> Sith tombWOrld

realizrothatourenemYM<!beenu,;ng iflusiDllsconjurrobyNaI}<Js"dowtomdke Ihemselves""peariMum«abJe,whk:lllhey

w"""""r, TMI:>i>We rurnedirl CUr favor. ~nd rhe 5ith r~t""'t~d whence they c~me_

c/ulsedrhe weakened em>my Nck to their own shatrered empire. Nor .urprismg/y. Na'P SacIow refused ro .,m,nder. Teta h«self wil"" • ..,a tM <Je.lroc:tion of Nag a

Masrer O<>roo and Gav Dllr~gon w@re among.1 Ihe many ca.".tlie. Of 1M Mrtte, Momems before he died, Ooro%lclme /wou/d become one of the mosr a"ciem Jedie".., a"d that/wou/d"llimalely die proof that his propfK!Cy wa. INe. Even a """,urybeforelhi.recotdirtg.lknewofno .J«JIoJdet lhanl. and my eyes "re slinnot

Regardil>g til<! Grea' Hype""",," War. Iha knowledge Iha, I did "01 'Pin by experience wM gleaned from three source.: Ihe ~xplorer Jor! Our.gon, who granted me ,evera/ inlervlews .. 1M .Jedi A"",",.Svag, who served in the fleel Ih.1 punued Naga ~<iow I:>i>ck 10 Silh .pac'" andaSi/hHoJocronthiJtlrecOWtredfTOm anaNn_Silhstar>IJip""KDtOS Maio'- Locked within the rece .. es of Ihi. S"hHoiocron-Iheon/YS, far~. anyoody knows-are 'he forgolre" hl'lorie.andlOreoflheSilh,d"Mr;~Ck 8hundredlhou5"ndyea, •• ndmore,ElOlh Jori Dllragon "nd Ana""s Svagare/ong r;one.andlheHolocron-becausQoflhe d.nfJ,rousknowledgeitcontalns-re"",in. offhmlr.lo.tlbulafewJediM;lsrers.

Now.llI<!reison<!f)ie<;eofonft;rrMt"'" from Ihe Silh HoIDeron lhal' will.hare

ACCording'o'heH<>locrnn,~!Ns..dow escaP«i limpr<tss TeM"' assaul, ~nC vanished wi,l> his follo",,,,,s, It is mD" puzzling how rhis inform~lion came 10 oe on a 5ilh HOlocrnn ,ha' had ~eM ~/);Indonedon Korns Ma;orb@Jore N~e Siidow's ""'HI 10 Silh space. ~ut th"" Idonotpr<tten<iloruUyundenllanClhe workmgsof,M<possiblycorrup'deviu.It i>verypossiblel""I'IliSH<>lo<:ronCOf)r~i". an intersre/Mr Ir~nsmissiOll ,«eiver. 1m.

LvdoK"'SS~ W~Snev"rheardof~g~in IfNag~ SadowsuMved, is;t(JOssibl@~ny Silh s,illexi .. ? We knowflOI. and we can

8",1 If ,""u IVf! visJred bynighr=rioh ";<ion<.Jedi ... llVsr""'''''II>is.

On Korriwn, thelun~rdlofDarkLOI'dolrhe SiII>Morl<aRagnO$i$",p",sen'e<Joyanc~nt I>Jerog/ypl>s,w""'I>Sn<>wm,spirlra~mg b€forelm.'i.aIS'II>LordsN_5adow~nd LudoK",soh_OfllJevdnovsSill>",hohave demorrst,a_'hepowffftOtFanscenddeali't, Marl<~R~nos"II>eN'I",srcas@01lreCOt'd.

NagaS~dowdu;/indeed.ufVIveth@G"",/ Hy",~rspac@ War. ~nd ~sr:~",ed on hiS S,th fiagsh,,, '0 Yovin 4, where he directed his Ma .. warriors 10 cons'ruct many ',,",pies Tm. fiagSh", would Mle' Oe dlscolI<!r€(/ and u/lhzro by lr.e Jedi E~a, K"", who a/so tFa"sfotmedrl>fllf!mp/esrnlohi>srronghoid and assumed comtr>.>nd of the Ma ...... '_

Afr..,- recovering 'he S"h Holocron.

Od~n·urr "~t 'h" deVice a' the o"."rnal JfHJilibrary that he louM"" on Ossus, II is puzzling Iha/lhe S,/h HOlocrnncDuld have conlain€<i ~,~ Dbou/ Naga Sadow~ esc~R<' from EmpFeS< Teta. 'his impJ,es that the HoIo<::r-on's contems W<'f>! upcla,e<J bywPf'F""wralfol'ces. Aitllou¢>irisrl()t knownhow@~If!".ively~"·lftrSludledrlle Hoiocron,llwa,mh'$pO .. essiOllfOl'more than~milJerrnium.and'(JC()rd.,ndicate(/!8I M,h he and J€<ii MDsler Vodo·S,oskBaas Sludiedi, wi,houl6nycdverse effect. Slill, ir '" po .. iOl~ 'h"l som" Holocr-on. may he mo""h~nm"""epos"om"ofknowledge IJfIdthatllleY6"r~CI""'1. Bece~seExarK""'s desireforSrrhl....cmng$promfJledh,mroSiay O<Iat>·Urr-who _slfl<iHdsurrounrJedl>y h« books a,lhe/l",.,ofm. (Jea'h-andse'Ze the Silh Ho/ocrott. rile devICes themse/II<!' ""ve8dangerous,~u'8ti01lth~lseem.well

"is unfol'tl."'''le In"1 Od""·Urr is remem· oer«llesslorhis.chol~/YKhievemen'sdnd prese",ation ~fforts m""for hi. roJe In 1M dev@/opmen/ofbolllli>eGrearHyperspace

Howe-.nuffl<'fOU.Jed<t .... /srecaIIOdDn-UrT a,aJe<liwho",,,sHP«"'i/ymirldfuloflf>e Force;ifmsac,;".uwereguidedbyIf>eForce IlSeIf;Mwashar(ilyC(l/t»blelorli>ewdTS.

Six hundred Yf'drs aft~ the Grell' HyperspdC€ Wa, the JediFree<iOrtNMd wds,ec/ucedbyrhedarkside.slewhlsown M.,rer. ~nd ~ppren'icM him •• lf to. O.rk Lorr;/ofrheSith./ntfle"aditionolrheSilh. ,htm!cimbeanlyoneD.>r.Lordal.timfl. Unable ro b«ome " S;rh Lord.s long •• hi.","sterWed.Nd<frJca""'totl>e~ne/

Four C€nfuries after Nadd·s ciNl/l. / "",n/loOnderonlO/or'I!g!3'NlCeIO/he divided world. I w.o. preceded by my stu<!MtsUlic Qe!-Droma. hi,btoth9rCIlJ; dndToUDon",lo.wI?ohdddiscoverecf/MI

fxposecf/otl>e/ight.tfledarl<power /I)ilrhiKf.upportedAmOtl<>Odbor.dOrled h9rMd left her deod. Nadd Ir.nsle,red his powe,roKingOmmin,lw.s/<ed t>y Qmmin. who .mothered me in d"r!< sid<! Q""rgy,,ndaU=>p/edrolronslormmeinro his own Do,k Jecfi. After my JedisludeMs C8me 10 mY8id. FreecfonNaddreall""dthl>t King Ommin would fall to theJed,;,O/le .",itchedhis 5UlXJOfi10 IheK'.lh .• s""ret society f<:iundecf t>y the Satal8nc1

Th&lIralhgaiMdknowl(!(fpeofSllhsorcery from 8flClen/texlS and relics. Naddkilled Ommltl b/if<m> his own apparition vanished into thin Mr. sweoring to "",IMI IMJedi IladJosltMl»lIIe.

To preve"l Freedon N~dd from ever ag~inexerci.inghispo"",rfrombeyondthE grave,IMve/ransferredhis.arcoJ>/>agus 108 grelJllomc on another world. The /Omo is gu~rdM oy many oeast •. May no

Master Arca transferred Ihv rom~ins 01 Fre<!<iOn Nadd, Oueen Amanoa,;,nd King ammin 10 IhE moo<> DxrPI. b<il NackJ's 10mb w .... <1uif:l</ydi5COVeIV!dbyE~arKu"AflerlhE Krall>gr&wfromas!<Cret.",,<etytoagalilctif:

Il>redl.Area wa. mortally wounded Oy Kralh wer droids on the pl;,nel DeM~. Area's dealhmollvaledhisslU(!&ntUllcQeI-Droma /Otormapl;,n/Otnlillra/.th~lIralhmorder 10d,seovera w~y 10 destroylhem, Trag,cally, De/-Orom.>'.desiroforvengtMf>Ceon/Y1ed

Accortimg 10 S,/I> r".""rcher Murk Lundl, Freedon N~dd gained hi. k~owledge Dflh~ 5ilh notOy direcl8wrenticesh,p /0 aiivlngS,lhLordbullhroughlhedlscoV<N}' of8n~wm<ionedSi/h_'OfI.Ailegedly, Ihi.SJ/hHoIo<;ronw"s""9"'81/yoWfledtm<i """nMtned Oy King Ad ••. who fW ruled the S,th 8wrO,MIa/<'Iy tw.;nty·lhr"" thousand YelJrsP', orthre<! lhovsefldyears beto'etheforma'ionoflheG81~cticRepuolic, Lore has il IMIAdasl""med8I>ovtHolocron. from RakalM sold,ers who allemp/ed 10 COI>Quer SJ/I>sp.oce, ArOlJr><J lhe I;me of/he GrNrHyp<>r<pac" W-'T. 851l1>Lonlname<:/ Ga",/ostK,ngAddS'5 HOlOCrofI "" Il>ep/an~t

Ashas Ree, where" remained Utl/i! il wM toundcenluri@sI8IerbyFre!!<lonNadd.Olher sOlJrcessugge<t th91 FreedonNadd's.e"",1> torSi/l>kl>CWledgeledmmloY".-;n4.w"""''''' app"'"'ice<iw;lhll>esp,rltQfNagaSado.,,

Mas"'r Arca d,d no' no'e I"" e~istence Of King Ada,"Hoiocr"". bv, records indlc",e Ihe Jec!i hic!'1 unclcrmilliOM of Ions 01 wa,e" onth@(f!mote worldKod~i. in 298,"'" Mu,k Lunc!I'"/oo..n,NorwlrPco",,redtheHolocron wIoich WaS svbseqvenlly """edby Obl_WM Keno/); and f<m>eO cwer fo rl>e.Je<JrCouncd, Fer reasons 'ha' r"",~", uncle¥. lhe Council

unfortvna/e. as 11"'9 Ada"s H%crofl WaS slolen du";"f/f"".Je<Jr Purge. and,/.""ms I"" """",i>ing_rons""""destroyedNfore Palp,mn@orhisltgenrScouldclaimthem


Imu>t lellyouof/he Gre.>ISith W~r IMI occurred tour thou.anc! yeors o~fore yourtim~,

Th,$"'",w ... cau.edoyasludenlofmi"", ExarKun.whofoundforbiddenfWCl>ing.of l""anckntSifh.HeimilOtedtl>ew"Y>of'i>e long-failenSithlN>dlJ5«Jthemtoforml>is ownp/lilo5op/)yof/heJed;C"",*,,adislortiorl ofallw@knowlooelnJljandn·ght.Withthis

Afterlhew",'hMJ~Ex"'K"" andl>is/(ir><J were de""'ledO<>ce and for all.ButexarKunjoinedfor<:eswirh~nother

powerruIJ@diandgre"lwaclord,UliCOel. Drom",H~WO'kedl>isinvisi/)leth"",d,i"'D IhefaMcoftheRo,public, bringing downfall throughl~cherya,_II"sthrovghhis distort@dabilitieswiththeForce,

Socavsel was hisM~SIer.I~I()rJeof'he alliedJedi_nt,oc.onfronthlm,lIopingthat lcould tum him back. fkn_il was" foolish mission, but Ihedno clloice. Jhad '0 Iry_

Ilhasalr"'~dybeMno'edlhaiVodo·SioskB~as was slam OYhiS tormerstudent ExarKun.II hasalsob""nnotedlh~lth~consciouSM5S01 VodO·SloskS~asmayhaveno'onlysutvived hi. deO/l!ouloeen COn(~inedoy the T@dryn Holocron,fromwhichhis~=ntoflheSlth WarwasdrawnGiventhattheTedrynHolocron allowed vodo·Siosk e~M '0 communiC~'e in_ fo,m"tion~oouthisDwnd~'h, W€ can only

assume that h. m~y have known mo,"" than he was t~lImg, lor his co~cise acc<>vM omits

£x~r Kun w~s not th~ first Dark Lord 01 the Sith, but h€ was th~ lirsl Oor/; Jedi 10

Sal~f,anac/lo"thatcomp1eredhisconvel'Sion IOlhed<orksideandenaoledllimloo@com@ Exa,Kun'sapp,-""tice_

Exar Kun maslerminded the lwo mos, notorious eV<MrS of tile Sill! W~' The firs' was '0 vseilisSithpowers torecruitJedi ~pw@ntices to tll@da,kside,lhendisp"lch them to assas5in"t~ Iheir own Jedi l'Iastecs The second wM to use Ihe WWPOnty on N~g~ Sadow's~ncienrSith fI~gship to d@stmythe 'ensunsofth@CronCfusler,whicilcausM th~ massi..., shock w"ve thM destroyed many WO'idsMdleftOssusinruins

AS for 'he end of 'his COIlflicl, many recomareO'ilh..runc/earorinconsiS/e"'. Re",n:' late is nol dOCufrlffited. ~Uf I, i. knownli><>rhisdefec:r;o"c~vsed&cMIWilr

MlO<lg$lli><>s;th.ancilhiJla/loslofporetl/.a/ Sith Lords-ir>cludiny Danh s.::.n. OMh __ IN>dDanhNihilus-..t/emQtedl(>l~

1Ii$p/«e,AccorrJinglOonerecord.Btitmn;;t, ana'lMfian/toJediMiJsterA,ris.clefe.rJted /heS/fhLorcIDar'hNihilus.An"ther~

that led 'hem 10 Ihe Silh inciic~'''s IhM the Miralvka.kcli Visas Marr

lomOworki of Korriban. lMspite their IKk of was involved in killing Nihilu., while srill other

~ COMecrion '0 the Silh species, tlll!y dr<?W records SV99",t that Nillilu, show Mort:

knowledgefromth<>Silhlom1n~nd__ Alter 1M Second Silh war. till! Jedi

/ho>m''''''''''l(>b@tIll!IH!WDarlttordsoflhe hunteddown8ndexl~tedlhtl<hs

SiIf>-Darth_"andDanhM.'lli>k, cip/esofD;trlhREvanand __ ","",>, l

Becavs" Ihey wer" .rKlwn M""" of Otller foI_,. of tiJ<, darlc sKh, me Silh

'he M9ndelori~n W~,., many Jedi Knights virfV~ty disa",peare<J for cenluries. and it

_,,,'"" ." ••••• ~"" .•• " '" •• m" ." ,.,._ '"' ,.'_zy •• , ., ,." "" )

e",,,,renticeAlekaSChamp/ons,anrieagerly fromIMir<fijrkorri .. r.This,,"OIleous/>ellef

~.~~_"_'~_"_"'_"_"'_"_'_~_"_~in_ing_"_M ' "_'~~~'_HI_",,"~"_"_'''_m~~.m __ ~~,

TheJedichased£~arKV"lohi.s/ronghold on Yavin 4 andus..ath~ircom~inedpower '0

w~mors, However, £.ar Kun was "ble '0 escepedw'hoyUSingSi'hSON:erylop",serve h, • ."intintheMasSils"'emples,AIf/loughfile dura"onof .. drSemtxJd<ed""".clO<l." .. ssis moreoffendiscussedbyp/n/osopherS/han n,storw>. and 0entist5. ''is an und"Wled flJ(;llfrdt£xarKun·ssplntSuN",edmo",tlw> fourmille~M"andtha'hereta",.am<>r~'han

Ulu: QeI·Qroma before "'$ defection to 'hO' Krath ~nd 'he S;th. demonSIr~led a most v~v<u"'Forc"ab",ty when Sill! stnpPedUh'c QeI·OromaofhispowerS,luVlngi>lmbiindro the Fort:e. According 1o Sur"H;Jer. sh. kam..a of,h«poWPrfromJ..aiMasrerOcMn·U"


Two.h!diacquire<Jata"eiorrebellion Ihelr vic/O'ies in ,M Mand~o'i~n

w .... rtMtalized on KOrTiban. and ~ new co'pso'DarlcJedireadiedlOdMendtheir

this~Cltfrdliniti"'edtheSf!cOnriS"h w~,

TIle SithLorcIsrec<Neredan MCkn, Rakat"ndevir:e.'heS,,orFOI"f}<!.Mll>ic:h possess..a'''''poW€rlocr~a,efullyformed mK;hJnesofdeslru<:tion.TheydlfllJSSM"" eVl'llgre<llerfleel,.ndmightMvebrought IMR·PUblic'oit"kn~e'butforlheefforls oftheJ..aiKnighfBasWoShan."m8sl~rof

e~stll~ sulxluM ~nd C~PI"red Revan ~nd lhe Jedi Council Force·s<:O<Jre<J his """"on~sIOINm'helo<:",ionoftIll!S' .. r Fryge.lnlheprocess.lheJedl~mo~ REvan~ memories of hi. ~1egI~fICf/ 10 ,he s,ln and conscrlp'ed him l(>fignton 'heir befrdl~ R~v"" killed Darm M~I~k ~nd


A mysU!riou; fig",e whom~y""ve I>e~n an IJm~'~n, D~rth Ruin "'viv~d th@ Sith Oroerand,educodanumb~roIJeditohis cau5€_A warwith/h~J~diOrd"rinevi/aoly followed. nul the Si/l, soon Ivmed 'h~ w~, vpon th~ms~l"es. Ruin was destroyed by his own disciples, who ushe'ed in a miINmnium'lonr; periOd 01 oetrawl om;! da'k~~ss.m01l9S( (heSi(h

Ruu,an from t~e Jed; Ma,te' Yoda. Five years after t~e Battle of Yavin. the Alliance received. message regarding a place called the V.lley of the Jedi"nRuu,an.whichcomDelledLuket"s~.rehis


named K .... n wmed aw.y from the light and formed Brotherhood of Darkness. Th~ Brotherhood used the cfackSide Of the Focce 10 bvildan empire.

Kaan lured hi' opponents into a valley Andi/was/here/ha/IM8ro/l>erhoodol Darknesscommitledsvic;cie. taking good Jediwith'hem.No"othefrefNiomofde.'h but into a sta'~ of su;p~nded animation

The Republic agent Kyle Katam-befor@h@ became a Jedi-gathered additioMI facts. The renegade Jedi had become a S;t~ Lo,d. and

of,hejed;Kn;ght'to Ruu,an. A'theO'derwent through a p"f;od of r@-Formation,th@Jodibuilt a monument '0 their follen comrades in what


T'HE 51TH --'

Autho.: Ob,-Wan Kenobi

II is rive d~ys .inc~ 'he d~~th of my Maste, Atth~""'Iuest Dfth~ JediCouncil, I make this n;,pon:olmy~ncounlers wilh

ThefirslencounlerwasonTalooine.My Masle,Ovi·GonJinn.analwereescOrling Oveen Amid~l~ from N~/)oo 10 Cor~s"~nt whenthehyperarlveoftheOveen·sstar,hip bec~m~ damag€d and w@ W~f'@ forc~d '0 land OIl th~d€ser/f)lane/. R@pairshadjust beencompIHedasQui-GonwaSf'@luming

wilhAnakin,l/dis/urbsme/orMlize/ha/ I Il~an·/ sensed eve" lile sligh/esl aange'

When ClUi-Gon and I next saw thi, eMmJ' we we,&assis/ing in Ihed&fense of N~/)oo~go;nsllhe Tr""eFede"~/ion'sdroia armies. CID,e up. he f'@sembl€d ~ male Zabrak. but his face waS 50 com"I~/ely covered black and ,ea ma,kings that Iden/iricalion wa. dirticul'. He vsea a double-blad€d Ilghls~b<!r and mov€d inuediblY fa5t, JU5laslsen,edlhal/he c'eatu'& was aware Illat Qui·Go~ and I wovld b""t him. he round a way to divide u,. Momen/slate, w@wereseparal€dby laser doors ina ser:urilyha/lwaJ' I could clono/h;"gbu/wMc~asourenemy./ruck

When/helaslla5~rdoor(if/ed.lga""in lomyangefaslcha,ged'~edarkwar"or.1 ~/).oMely wanted 10 destroy him. He ~s€d

(lut '~en I .aw my Master·s weapon. ~fid as I r""ch~d out for it. I heard Qul-Gon·s

Be m;ndfu' of the,;v;n9 Fotce

The FOfce gvkl€dmy movements, and

irwa,byOui-Gon·,bladelha/hiskilierwos I


Whelhe, o~r ~cI ... e,,~ry was stalking VS

orattemptingtoassassina/etheQu@f!n,we ),

may ne""r kno", He was C&r/ainlya Silh


" ,.

it is only a matr~f of time bMore we find OU/. AntlCiP8rmg a fulv", ~co"Me'. I ~m comJ>elledto",mind~IIJediofw""'t~y """"l)<!ef)toidSin<:etl'teirearl;"srrraininr;: d<>""lloseyourselvfllo.mge~ """nbriefly aSldid.fornotonJylstl>is~'IOII'Co<le. twti/will_l<etl>eenemystrong<><


TIwlksto tl>e f.ndJng. 01 tlJe New RewOlic Senilte Cow>cilon Set:unrylHldln'''''lg<fflCe. ",.e.m:h Ila. conflfme<i 'M/ Obi-wan slew Dart!> Mau, lNl/ndot>iMl Z/JOr~..-1>o "'.'8" a{JfJrenlice to the S"hLorctr»nhSidJO<J>' t/Je

Acconling /0 Luke $kywal/a" Yooa knew of 'heSi'hLoroK~.n~[komerl>OOdoiDark~5S. anarmyoflllOu<d"dsw""foug/Ir.,rwustm, Ir os 1>01 kl>Own wl'tel~ _ waS .w/Ne 1M, <>ilmemb<'t5ofthe8rothe,hoo<j",f"rred", t'-"''''ves ... SlthLord!;,rwtrt!<:ord.,ncilCdl''

I ::::~; : ~s;;;;~;:o::na: z:

I sens-t' .... m'niOll.we,..·Lorv;1s-t>y"..meonly.

I.fu_ :;: :;:::~:.;:::.:":': .;:;" "'::.:=

and other Jed/-most of whom ""d I>eliwed theSith wereannih,Jatedat the Battle of Rwsan-seeme<l SO certai" Illal 1M S,Ii> hadretumro'oth"irRuleoffwo.twtit .. P05SibJ~I""y,e-nSMlh"lhroughl""Fr;rce.



AI/hereqves/oflhe.JecliCouncil,1 makethi.reportofmyconf1'Oll/,,/,onwilh CountDooku on JCOIIfe ... rm at 'Dm~thing 01 a foss aow' where /0

Jt.eem. /<l. lor '~&oaWe on Geonosi. were planre<l81 !e<os/" d~ade ago. Ac/uaJJy. rmnot.ureifplantedi.llle right word. Strewn ,eo>m, more accur.t~ yet stMwn willl ap(JOrfmt pro>eision in a .Mr'y5tem tM/s<>m<'One didn'/wan' uS t<> kfl<lwex,s/ed. Jikeso",,"cosmicsl,.;ghr<>r

Plw.~forgjveme,My'houg"/S""""//O myPadawan.who/osralumdOllGe<>no>i .. H~'s with th€ surg@()nsnow. /"II ~onttnw.

Asyouknow,/tracM'h@saiJ@r<i,mlo Kamm<>. despite t/>efael t/."aI/r@C<lfdS oflh;,/S/"'SyStem_witJ(!dfromtM JediArchives. TO re;'er,,/emy reporlft'om Kamin<>. the~"""n._in'~"I~/ Hasr~SiIo-DY"spi;ta>d/""order fOI'. c/on~armya/th€r~U<'srofrh~~'" a/mos/te""",,""go.lre<:,,'trol""IS,Io· Dyas was kHtro around that tim~. so

exp«!!he~rriv~l"flhec_h05I.The C_hostwdsthebounryhunlerhngD Felt, and lhe Kamir><X>ns iIIlrotJu<:t!d us. Fell cl~imedlle'd !>een ,",,,,iled nol by

F,,,, d"empred to esc.."., me on KMnino,bul/foI_himtoGeot>o5ls. whe""~CounrDookumeering wilhrheSep,wUstsaboul<ombinillgrheir

1~ISidHw.wa.onceillle<t9ueW;!lllhe Tr_Feder~lionbutl>etrayedl~/en yo!;tr$(lg<). whi<;his 'he ""meye<lr~'lhe BarlleofNaooo. OookuciaimedlMt Trade

/: how ArWdn re/ay@dmy",..'_ ~I II>flcJroidarrnks.howkCfireirlfor<:~t.

:=r:~~~c;::: I


----~-:.::~::~=:~:::?,;.=.:~:;:~---~::-)---'-= 0

counr DookU 'olei me ,h~, our vision has bEcomeclou(jMbyth~ ddrkside of

Pe_PSlha""becom~roomuchofa detecti"".bvtlfindmyselfpreocCW>ie<Jby so",",nyreteren<:e,-ifno'facts-relate<i

Sifo-Dwscomrni$$iOfl@dth~cIone8rmJ< The mysMrlous Tyranu5 r€croited Jan90F~'I .. segeneliclem"larefor/M

Sifo-Dya. w~Skilled, AndCOUll'Dooku"'f"M.Jedi~_

I suspect t~t only ~ Je<:Ii-fjOssibiy Sifo-DYdS or C<>unt Dooku-CDUld h~""

for 1M Flep<Jblic. then ~I/OW "'d' """Y (0 ~'I .. ckl>isow"forCfl."., G«>nosis.

Wh<!ldiS/url>s"",mos,ot .. lliSll>iJ'

And s€nding the c!one 'FDOP' 10 GeOllOsis? I ,hough/ 'h~ Foret> w~. pui<iing me. _ye, nowlwonderw~tMrlwa.anu"wi"i"9 pawnin.omedec4<le-oldsche_.

Iwiffnor_rtrn,JCILDookuI>iJ. c"use<ithed""thofm.ony.Jedi,andmu5< be"OJO"",d.

Accord;n9 10 Ihe Grea' H%cmn, MOsie' Yocla-<lY 'he @ncloflhe Clone W"rs-h~a ga'h@r@clmoslol/Mlac/sr"""raing'heSith's maneuveringslenywrspriDrto/h€Battl~ol Geonosis.TheevenlSoccurredasfo!!ows;

1. TheSlthLo.dOa"nSldlousbol,.yod the T,.d~ F~d .. ation at the Bottle

2.CcuntOcokulefttheJediO,de, .nd become Oorth Ty.anu., on

app.entleeto Da'th Sidlou,

3. Acting in secrecy, Sifo-Oyasordored tneelon~a.myfromtheKamlnoon. Bec.u.eSifo-Dyo.wo.ado.~fdend of Count Dooku, Yoel. t~.criz.dthat


Slfo·Dya, m.y ~.v. been acting unde.Dooku'slnfluence

5. The Kaminoon, neve. ,aw either Slfo-D ... o,Tyranu, (Dooku)

~ew.' mu'd.r~d by Dooku

e_ Jango F~tt ." on Kamino, and t~oK.minoan.begon proeluctlonof


Because the Empire had authori,.tion over nearly all ex;,tingrecorcr,of theCloneW''',many factsweretw;,tedotbu,ie<;ltopr.v@nlthepublic from di,cove,ing the truth: The Clone WarS were entirely conceived and orchestrated b~ Darth SidiOUS, who-underth. guise ofPalpatiM-o,ed h;.powers.nd;nflu@ncet"mM;pulateth.S.n~te Oarth Sidiou,', Drimar~ goal' were both the extermination of t~e Je<!;. and g~l.ctic conquest BecousetheJediOi{!notdi.coverth@SithLord',

,ensitive Asajj V~ntress, who .,pired 10 being ~ 5ith. Records indicate G,ie"ou,w., not a Forc. user;althoughheprolxoblyknewDookuwaso5ith Lord. he m~y never hav@realizedthatSupreme Chancellor Palpatine-whom Gdevous abducted

'his war. His sch@meswereyearSinthemaking. and tho fact that he engineered tho devolop mont of two massive opposing tactions without arousing ,u,picion is" tOstamont to hi' cunning ondpdtience

Oarth Sidiousdid not accomplish his goals on his own, After Obi-Wan killod Darth Maul. tMe then newly appointed Sup",m. Chancellor P"lpatine tookonashisn@"opp",nticetherenegadeJedi Master Coun'Oooku. who also operated a,Darth Tyranus,AlthoughitisweliknownthotDQokucam@ to lead Confeder~cy. information gathered b~ the New Republic Senate Council on Security



bySenatorBaiIO'9"naonAlderaan,whil@Luke was taken to Anakin'. stepbrother Owen Larson thesandplanetTatooin@

Semuchl>.>''''''"wdrreno>l>otJrrhe GaJacUcCivdW<Jrrl>l>rllho<Jg/lllhere was no'lling left Ie be ",,;d. cert~jn/y "01 mllChmo""could""".6u/recell//<>w

mybk)logkalpa"'nt.a. "'ellas/hema" who would r~;.e me. A. ~;"ful~. il "'a' lowa/<:h_.erKOrdi"fJ<.i'wasa/so~" ifICre<JibJ<,ex~M<: •• a.rh<!yans""'red ~/ion.r"I>.>"foIy<MrSaboulmy/;linh mOlher a"d how Luke and I Came Ie be


One of 'he th",e fovndero efthe Alliance to Restore the Repul;llic. which was mo", commonly known a. 'hB Rebel Alliance. Ik""wt>ima.Fa/'''''''dopt€d~ ~lmeSI immed"'leiy after my mother died jncMdbirfh. The~SlI"""I ...... him,/""

d@tailsabouttMeventsleadingupto,he d@structio~ oll:>olh Dealh S'ars. I could P<'yfor,~veralplaflf!tary""liefefforts, But

mybroth@c It'shardtoex,"laintoa~YOM who does~·t comprehend Ihe Force. OU, whe~ L~ke revealed this information. it

found Ihecourage 10 spe.kmy mind '0 Ihe fmperoc. Vader wouldhav@kill~dm~

It was only. few years af"'r 'hat firsl encou~t~r th., Vader caplured me, right altertheAIJiancehadintercMtedlheDealh SlarpIMS, headq"ar'e's. V~d@r 'orWr~d m@. Do I 'hinkhewouldhavedonesohadh@known I was his daughter? Y&s,andi"a heaNoeat. WhetMrhewouldha"e,rled'olurem@to

f~iied. I have no illusions that I couldha,,~ h@ip@dsa""AnakinSkywalk&rfromthe darkside,OnlyLuk&COvldhavedonethat. I wasn't Sl,ong enough. No"hen

It diswrbs m@tohawsuch violent familyhistory_ I cat> fo,-giv&Anakin Sky-

norto.~ytheirpow@rs w€f@inanyway walker b""ouse he could not pre""nr

~, "m~", ro "",'m,' """" ,M ',m,'" "om "'" ",.", " '" ,,,' I

t@llhimwhalllho"ghtofhis""nophoOiC side and transformed by P"'pati~e. The

__ ;_e~:_::_::_;:_i~_;;f~_i~~_Pt_Ea_~_t_'~_'~_~_~ :_:~:_~?-=:~=~f=::~=;:€=;E=~:=-f~=):e=:;:a=d::=.~=O;=;d~

The reception was ~t the Imp@ri.1 P~lace. As Ihings wm~d out. it s.€ms

myehi/d"",'ob<>S<lte_happylwo,'Y. Ik""w'~~telttl'"''''''Of'''''cI''''' .ide ~I vanous tim~s. I Can only truSlIMy

upgooclatld"""'fI."""tf>albyt""time YO<l,."..,;"wthisl"«O/"cliftg.yo<I"/I~ ~"""'cls"""'thingWolJII""~fSof

a<:co,clsrhalw€""igneclabwrdrM CMlmaera by Admiral Pellae<m ancl Cl>iM of Sta'~and P",skJenr of the Se",,/e Pone Gavrisom. For some. like me. /hew~"iN '''ges in my memories aooclnoams. Howc~n Ifofge"""/>ofTors/hatcl.>imeclAidf!,aan _p"'edam.onagains/hisown~?

Fat a" that II><>"" ""'med~boul lhe I»IMlCe ofnaru,e and the pOwer of 1M Force./willp'ob8b1yalw<Jyshavt'difficully with th" id"" that the",·. enwg~ room in rhepolaxyfo,anySithLorcls.


Auth",: Luke Skywalke'

TfusteCOrd;'formyn<>p/J@w.A""kill ~.


yOU whylw~n(yOu/o~now.

Fo'mo"'/hantwodec~d~ •. rheg~laxy was conlro"ed by Emp"'or PilIPlJ/,n". a Sith Lordwho_conquete<! IheRepublic and virtual/y destroyed the Jedi 0rtH< To say 'I><>'Palafine w,o. evit_WOI.lId ./O<>a,nolhillgtoa<:compMhhisgoa/S. i. ,on ,,-..s'''''ement. He ~M>ihi/lJled Enti,@ civilization.~ndleft wor/ds'~~ged b"yOndsalvation. alfin his ongomll "fforr

h",,,,,ouncMth@Sith.anclth~tltwa.h,, whokilledPaIPOlin"5evenyeiJrs~lIoa'I"" 8altleof£naor. Know rhBt:lO<J'9'and· fath"'.yOu'lIitmesake. dled~s~.JecIi.

Am1forsixY"ar>./beI""""'.~.eVl'fYOl'<' eJsed,d./haIPalpdt,,,,,w"'dHd.Onlyla5l yea'didlle.>m ,he Il"lJlh:Palp.o:;",,""dno/ ~n consumed Oy ~ ola" of energy. out


'""ve no do<Jb/ /haI:lO<J wiII;;row

I><>ddiscove'ec///>aI/t>eCOfI"lJPlingpower oftt>eclark./de""dade'rl_n/~Ieffec/

OflhISphySic~lform. Bu'aiter the BaWe 01 Endo, he commissionM many more c/one5ofhimselltoMsu'elharhewovld

w~M yov ~s his apprentice. He waflted to possessagefluifl@JedibodyYours. "'<eryou IV<'re born, it

PalpMine long 10 r'~ck YOV ~fld you' mother here. ro 'he Kira Fortress on

thought. He took you in his robo/ic arms ~ncI used tile ligh( side of the Force 10 ShleldyoufromPalpatin@.Thenhehaflded you back to yOur motMr, andaS5urMuS tMthehadtrappedPalpatine'sSIOiri/,


him,8f1d'h~rp~lp~linewouldfleverre'um_ ·TheForr:e,·h~said, "and all the J.di who w.fltoeforeuswillmokesureoftM/."And

d.srroyPalpalifl@,lwouldha""dofleit to save you, Because I did not know this aoili/y. I om g'atef,,/ rMI B;~fld w~s wllh

OIl New Ald.r~~fI_ I hop~ you will hOflor rh~m Oyliviflgd gODd, IDflg/ife, as this Is wMtth~ywould""vewantedforyou.

NOw thM Pa/paline is finally gone


_~;_~;;~if~~--:--i~~i~~~::--~~~ _M.-="O.Co"'''=W''O''","''~. J

LukeSkywalk<!randKamSolu ... rfoundR~yf BndJem YsannB, descendBntsof.iMiwho .urvivedtheCronS"pernov",wh,le.e.orching for .ied! ~"!f~cts on Osws in 10 A .... _ ThlJt 'B""'Y"<'r.lh~.i~diKnightEmpatojayo.BrM<J c~me to the ~id of the New ReputJlic, BrMd hade.c~pedtheJed;p"rge,bulw~.mortBlly "",unde<iwhenD<>rthV~derhuntedhlmdown and at.stro}'<!d his starship. R~sctWd Oy the tec~""'togICaily limited G<matl!ans, Brand's bodyw ... ..,rav .. gedtl!atI>eCO<JidonlySUJ'Yl .... BSB<)'tx>rg.withhishBildandlimbl«utorso enc: .. _inJ>rQStl>etKma<:hinery.fNSPIUtM concf,tilYl, Br..ndrem,oined.trollg ""th II>e ForceandbecametheIBilderofG~""tll


I'm not much of a .toryteller; but aft"r rlonnf!heardffl£".lkingwirn.""", yoong>lert who'd asked mQ """"t that /:iusiness witll E~ar Kun •• he W~nled me 10 tell it ~g~in for the record"o here t am

T""DarkManhedBlreWyC~U$edfh@ dBilrh of my fr;"nd Gatltoris, tum«} K)/p Dwronag<Jifl!itHasterSkywal~_wt Na.terSkywatke<"'"t/lat />ov@r€d~h"'_de<J'ho.;fore _-rheolher.J<Kii"pprlHltices_lt;nallyreal;z€dw!»t we were up aga!".t: a spirit who put thoughts i,,(Oour_.'0

mecon.,anllyforweeks,/u.ta.he·ddon@ roGantoris,butlhIJrdidn't$t(JpNsprartie. EnterM my mind whi'" I was "eeQing, he did,andmedeme/hink!w •• ~ingBdream about fighting him, bu' w!»,"" ""'. rully doinr;wasmakingme/rytode.tfClyMastff Skywaikff's<lllCOtlsdou<body,whichlvetY f!<W'Iydid_Fo<Tt«>ately.Le.>Org.o",SoIoand my t..//ow.Jedirraifleoe. """".bIe tosrop me. I SM/X>f!d out of the nightmMe. ~nd (hought /(~m Sol~.~r was going '0 take my heiidoffbeforeKiran~ TiQUicklyconvinced himldidn'(knowwha"w~SdOing,Afterl reco.erM,llOIdeveryonewllallknewmust oedO"e_ We Ilad to de.troy ,he Dark Man

E><arl(""·,,pir~wa'vapped!or!ourmillennla'n H ... temple, 01 y""in 4 before ~ w~, btlefly ,tl"eeI I>y Luke Skywalker', at thoo"",,,,, AUlance ba ... Elev"" yearS I"ter. when Luke founded tMe .Jedloc.demyon~vin4.E.arKuncor"'PtedLuke·, mostpow@rfutstudent,KypDurron .• nd.uemp'ed tore.urrect him,elf by draining pow<orfrom Luke and theothe, t'ainee •. Among the t,alnee. were Str .... n •• formergos prospector. and Kiran. Tiol

I Dathomir, who eventualty became Jed; MaSterS

Md-fO\\owin9 th@ war with the Yuuzhan vong- /I was Jacen and.Jdirra Solo wl\O /OId~.

CO'founded anew Jedi praxeum to t'aln Dathomlr· theD<>ri<MMwasf"ar/(lPl. rhey'dcome'o

IanFo<ce·sensitive,_Niney""".ltertr.econllictwith ~in4wi(h'heirpare<lt./oche<:kIYl,/I@ir

~~,.="""=;"_"_=,,,~=,o,,_=,~,~_o,",", .~_,,", __ ,~_,,oo,_. ~_~-:-

Ma<'~rfai/@dt"tumhisslud@ntbackt" Ihe lighl <ide, olher Jedi banded logelher in a massiv&Slrike force and follow&d him back/ohiss/ronghold"igh/h@reoIlYovif!

kif!doISithsorc~ry'"p",sefV€hisspirl'in ,i>&tem"les,

I w~s entru.'&dwith M~ster Skyw~lker's ligh'sab~rand was gu~rding his body-he was laid out 0/1 a s,on~ "Iatform in th~ gr~nd ~udience c"amoe;-whe~ tile Dark

oiddingand~c'ivatedthelight .. be'

Exar Kun launted me, and it was ~ s/"'(Jgletoresis/ti>&M(Jerhewanl&d,o bringoutinme,/n/heye¥si'd./OentMa prospectoraIB.spin. I'd com. tD b@liev~ that I wasn't very comfort~ble around J)eo/Ole,butllellem"ow&;&dby,hearrival of my lellow trainees, who included Kir~f!a Ti,KamSo/u<ar, T!onne, Cilghal,Dorsk87,

catch Exar Kun 011 gu~rcl. Present, 100, weMJ"c~nandJaina, who stayed close to Cilghal'sside,

ExarKufi was no/ im",&ssedby our t>umb~rs. HE taunt@d VS, even seem&d confidMI he might d~fy us. but then ~noth~r Jed; ~"J>MMd. II waS the s"iTit of M~st~r Vodo·Siosk Baas, who said. 'To gNh~r Jedi c~no""rcometh~irwe.:>kM5Ses, Ex¥Kun. ,,<>,studMI-youarEd@lNted

Whileinve,tigalion,hav.50farb@.ninconclu,iv., thew"' is noted here b@cau,e it w~, very possibly thegr'*'te;tchall~ng@@v@rfo'theJedi,andforever changed not only th. New Republic, but the known

I ,"O"m'""'''''~''''M'''''''' "","'."" """" w~" ,,,,,;00' "'"''

thar of Masrer Skywalke, whose physical th,@a!en@dall,th@YuUlhanVO"9consideredtech

k ;00, "m"," """ we, ",,""00 "" ""'"' '" ,Oom",,;,o '" '" Mm,,' "0;' ,,0.

The way 10 ex/i~guiSh a shadow is to they performed blood .. crifices arK! painfUl rituals


dutytod .. st<oynont ... ir>gatChitec.u .... m&eNnes. fr<)m'''''Forc@,Tl1iscMrac,@ri,tic ... ndo".d'''''

dtOids.anclall·infil;le1,·whooppo_th@m. YuuzllanVCl<\9andtMi,tMngv<>Sselsandwopons

The .... rli""Jl>di record oflheYuuzhanvong's .I,twlly in.isible '0 ti>e Jedi. who could not use

"""t .. nc"d.lest0298. ..... whenObi·W~nKenobl ,l1e Forte to p@rc@i""orinftu@nc@ ''''' inv~d&r$

and his Padawan A~~kin Skywalke, ,@a'ched 10'

hiS fellow Jedi p@rceivedtn@Forc@"peCifiC&lly

OutsldefS"-,he Yuuzhan Vong-to pr@v@ntth@m what vergere referred to •• the unifying Force

f,om ott.eklng ZOMma Se~ot. MOre Ihan fi." Somehow, It seemed the Jedi l1ad t.iled to g'asp

d@cad@,,LeI30rg3n&Solo'seldestson,Jacen 'l1a •• l1e Force w., g'~nder and fa"her re.cl1in~

Solo,discover&dtnat\/ergerel1~dsu"'i""dwithout 'Mneven'n@yund@fStoodittob@

,eve.,ing her Forc@ powers '0 'n@ Yuuzhan Vong I. was eventually di,co.erl>d IMt the YuuzM~

and .ha' $rI<! M<f provided the YuuZhan vong vor-.g Md bee~ ... "",.,d from the Force by therr

wil~ i"form&t,on thot eventu~lt~ ~lIowed them to anc ... tr~1 livir.g homewo'id. Yuuzh~n·tar. alte< an

infill,ateNewllepUblicsDilce Mc>en,<:onfrontationW<thawarfaring,p@<:i",'.fI

Be<:au.e of 8 uniQue 9@n~"c 'equ@nc@.IM themwlthahungerlor";olenceandCOftQ""'t, T ...

Yuu,r.a" \/or-.g<eeml>d to e.i.t completely aparl JI>di""PDil,ent in.bility to deal with IheYuuzh.n

V""g by t<O<Ilt<O ... 1 methods p'omPted tl>a New wlt""S,e(! by Leia Orga ... Solo and Han Solo, .... C'O

Repubi;,: to c""sO:le' other options. l""ludl~ had boa,dO'dthe sh;pwlthl""M$i"~nceolthe

Aml,slontojnfil\t~tuVuu'hanVongwo'ldshlp ove' the fo<est wo,ld My,k,p<ovO'd t'ogle for the Jedl:Lel.O'g.n.SoIO'syoungestson,An.i<lnSolo dled .• nd J.cen Solo wa,abducted by the Vuu,h.n "ong. Months lale',the Yuu,han "ong Nom Anor Invited Jaeen 10 convert to the Inv.ders"ellglon J.een.g,eed because he hoped to de",oy the Vuu,h.n "ong from within, but., events tu,ned out he escaped and "'turned to hl,f.mlly.

A!terCo,uscant fell to the Inv.ders, the New Republic Implemented a dating pl.n-c""ceived b~ ,""aged Admiral Ackbar-IO lurem0'51 01 the Yw,han Yong flee' to ,'''' moon EbaQ 9. The batl~ 1M' ensued btoughl an eflee ... " end 10 the w.,. but c.,,",in Yuu'han Vong lae""'" remained outraged by Jaeon's lalse oroml.., to convert.nd .... an'.d him de.d. In.Vuu,h.n "ong .h,p ,h., .ttempt.d to escape from CorUS<:&nt. J~cenbattledthelnvaders'SupremoOverlordMd

d<!nied to mortal beings

In the cenu'r of /h~ Oridge, .!acen stood like a pillar of "'inding light, fHt p/ant<>d. arms a/Iti. >i<le •. chin lifted. TIle dazzling light seemed to spin outward from hr,mid'ection and surround nJm like an a"ra. H;. face wa. almo./ "IgMeningly SEre,"",anda/SO, Ifhough!. 8 to<1Chsad. Thepupilsolhis.Y"S WI''''''k~n'lnf1'u", He '''''m~d /0 "f1~ flVil yN"-fe~ture, maturing, complexion ;oftMing. I:Jody

Vong-Jacenla'fNid@ntilioohimas'h@ Supreme Overlord-was "i""oo /0 'h~ cwrse bulkhead hke ~ "oPtive shildow· moth. Be/w....n Jac@nand'h@Supreme Overlord was Jaina. suspended a meter aJ:>ove '~e ele<:k by ~oms /hM pro/rueleel from 'he innfN J:>ulkhCNei. S1w w~s P<Jra· Iyzeelbu/conscious. and elang/-.d limp/y, like a sculp/ure. 7IlM Jai",,",

It w~. ~ long am:! tw;oted poth that II1'd to Luk@ Skyw~lker·. lirst conlrontation with Lumiy. on the pIMetKinooin •. Thi<p.thinvolved~con,piracyand v",iou.lev .. l<ofd@ception:b"c.u.e~chronological pre,entation 01 event. might iMccurotely ,ugge't th~t Luke S~ywalker could have fore.een a,pects of the con,piracy. thi,entry b .... in'not.t th.stan oftMpothbutwiththeRebeIAlliance·,,,arli@st awaren@5SofLumiya

FollowingtheBattl@ofEm:!or.ProncessLeia Organa and Mon Mothm. were on ~ diplomatic mi",oo to th@planetHerde' .. whentheywere introduced to Lumiya .• lemale cyborg who wor. a lace·conc •• ling helm.t.nd presented herself., IhehQMOfHerd."anPlanetarySecurity.Leia,oon dlscov.rl1'dthat Lumiya wa,alliedw,th renegade Imperr.I,whower.inpartn@"hIDwithHerdessan ,I~vers. According to Lela. Lumiya di,ol~yeo" no For<;e_s.andhadblaoterweaponsconc""led in Mrcyberr>e,ic hands. Lela S""I Lumiya. but Lumiya ,urvivedand managed to escape

Lu~e Skywalk.r pursued the de~dly fugitive to K,nooine. There Lumiya attacked him with h.r lI~htwhlp. a whip po"essinll a eombina~ion 01 enerllized and corporeal teMril$. Unprepared fo' 'he auo-c:k.luke was defealed ~nd "~otured. but e",~ped with the .ssistance of Mi< fri'md Kiro. a FOI"ce·$@n,itiveChuhkyvifroml'kalor>.Lu~"hastily COn<!ructed a red-bl~ed '''''~o. ~ Illlhtsaber with a r.l~tively 'hort boam. which he wielded simul· toneO<J,ly with his own light .. ber to subdue Lumlya.During thatdueI.Luke.h~tteredLumiya·, helmettorev.alafam;riarface:ShiraBri~


shewaS~mO<1I1S1!""ralpilotswhoflewlnmod;fied TIEff~hte,.on.mi5Si""toinfiltraleanlmperial a'modl: ~lthOogh these TIEs had been outfiUed with tran<cf!i""rs to prevent the Rebel< lrom

Leias""wednimah,"orecOfdingtMtdi,pl.yeo" 8rie·sbody in I"" shatlNed TlE·sCOCk!>it

Lu\<ew~sc>eva;tated that hehad~illed~close friend. Suddenly regarded., a pariah by man. Rebels whO openly blamed hIm for Brie·sdea'h he w.salso stripped of hi' rank a, commander. Howeve'. Lu~e refused to believe that the Force had failed him when he ,hot down Brio·s ship With help from Chewbacca. he e.entuafl~ fouM information that would vindicate hi. belief. At an Impenal d.ta "ault on Kral<e·sPlonel. Chewbi>Cca recovered a recording chip Ih~t y;"lde<l the


Suoject: 5hica Elan Colla Brie.

CurrMr rank: Major; Imperi~1 Special

~onal"i;toryjudged id(;~I. Born If) Empire capital. Raised in ""'ltee of Emperor Pa/parine a' part of "~peri""",1 ill .doIl!scent indoc;triMlKJrI. E~""rimerl/ /o/~lysucce5Sfu.(

of c~~::'~=;':;:~:':::/::::n':: I W"';;:;:~:';;""""I<"~,"~.'"'


---- "

Graduale<iwilh IOPl>ot>o,"" inh;5lory ofAcademy_Reeordunequa_.ince.

PfNsonally5~lec'e<JOyLOrdDarthVad~r for intillrMion into o6Medorganizati<>n known~5 "l?eoeIAlli~m:e," S~l?elerence required lolal razing of Ci!yof Cf>insllaSSlJOIlpl¥>etSIWyvaMto @"at>JjohcreaibH!bltclcgrol.mdfors,,/Jjec1 Proj@cc's P<NPO$~: "'" ~Iiminaciot>_ eilheraclualoreffectuaf-ofRei>€lcom manderLukeSJ<y ... ~lke<

AlthoUgh Luke wo. ab,olved 01 blame fo' .hooting down erie ~nd w •• ,einstated a. a command ..... he tool< little consolation a, l>ehad be<!nso""silymon'D!JI~ted.andttlatO"'t~V_' tladgo",,'o>uchext'emeetlmtstoei'he'"O)' or discredit him. Tne f"", that II>e Emp;re hed ,azed me,ely lo@stablish."credible background" for Brie wa. enough to remind tne Rebelsthatth@irt;ghtwasfarfromover.

Luke continued 10 ~eli"v@ that Sh;r. 8';e woo dead until he conf,on'ftd hercyb@rn@t;c ~Iter ego onKinooi""_Eviden'ly.DarthVad@rhad"",OV<!red 8rie·.bodyfromlhewrK~ag"ofl>erTIEfighter~nd Md ""'reconslruc,""a, Lumiya, I).osp;t@Lu~e·. victory over Lumiy. o~ Kinooin@.l1ewasforced 10.bandMh@ruponlnea"ivalofh@,allie'.the

l/ri~dtorNsonwi/"her,loldherthat I neV<lr inlM<led to I!.trm her when .h~ flewasShira8riflOr>lh~I lerribiem;ssion. I poin/ed oul IfuJl D<Jrth v.tder. w/oowas .-espot>SibJ(, for reconslruclirlg i>eras a cy/:>mg aft", he'd molcJ«li>er inro an ImpenalagM/,wasdud,and/ha'befo", his deMh he'd reconciled /0 Ihe goOd


And/hen Ihe~~ill>V8Siot> flee/ ~"ive<I_lhadflOcl>oicebU//ole.3veLumiy" 1h;we/illledoub//fuJ/our~/hswillcro"" ~;n,AJrhoug!r/acknow_ge/ha,she i.adi./urbedandd.ngerD<Jsindividual, anddi.couragean'yonefrom~"",r""ching herwi/h<>UI extreme ca"lion, I urge you /ocon.icler/ha/she/.~I.o. vietimof/he

Lrit it to..known/""t/'efu.e 10 beiifJve rhattl,ewom.onlknewa.5hiFa_ ... a. justanacf.M><Ilhatlamr;onfi<fen/.Ilew;n

Vea,s loter. Ma,a Jade Skywalk« lurnisn@d addi!;on.1 about Shl,. B,le·'tran,formation i~to Lumiya, Alter DM!~ Vader supervised Lumiya'S reconwuc!;On o~ ni' flag.~lp, tne Ex.curo, h. helpe<lhe'no~e"erab;titywlt"tneFo<cea~d may

Lumiya,urvivedandescaped ~vegivenhe',omeS;t"t'.,n;ng,8ecau,eVader

tn a b'iefing to Rebel oUicial. in 4 ..... , .. Luke knew he w~s u ... ble to k<H!9 Lum ... a secret from

h;. ow~ M~""". he presented ""'~. a g;lI: a new

! 0" «~, ."" '"m',. w., "" 'm_m',"." '~'m~'m_"""'~'"m,,.

masked, she rNcI<t il cle., /0 me /hal she onth@~ncientSithworldoIZio't.whe'e,hec'alted

L ~'~',",", m"",,"o •• m" m.", ,.,,," • """,w,,, "om """" ""'" '",,"

whoandw"""Sh6is.Strecfaimedsh@ilas ondM.ndalorian;ron_Snew .... ill onZ;ost when

I suffered@"","sincesMwasremadeasa theEmp@fOrdiedat!ne60!




Becau'eofthe ,en,itiv. nature of the ongoing inveotlgationintothedeathofMa,aJadeSkywalker. further information Is cu're~lIy .vallable Of1ly to

sub,eQuently e<>mmittec rn.rself te exterminating ""cOu~t. for lumiya being nowhere neor Mara at

tM Rebel, who hod ruined wh~t she belie"ed wa, the time. Lumiya', activiti., on Kavan and the

lhe"natur"lordN:'ltwa,p,obablyduringthistime identity of MM"" kille' .r. 'till under in •• s-

E.cept fo' aforementioned Information from M.r. Jade. there ~'e few ,"",ord. 01 Lumiy.', octivit .... tH>,w0€f14 ....... ar.dtheeurrent year of 40~ •. FoUOw,"9tI>eEmpen>f· wa,con.c"pted byVs<onnel .. ,d.lhedl,&torof

15<I,d di.~tched;ya Emperor'$ Hand M~'~ fou9M on Caprlo,il. Mora .nd yet "9"in Lumiya w"'''um.d dead. on a"umptlon tn.t wa, only wen~thenedbythelackofanyrec<)rdsofLumiy~

In40 ...... V .. Luk@Skyw~lker.ensedtha!Lumiya hadr.lurr>l!d;shonlyaherthisp"monit>on.Lumiy~ ar>d the renegade Jedi Alema Rar killed Jedi Ma'ter Lobi-who h~d been searching for Ben Skywalker-at Fellow,hip PI ••• on Coroscant

It has already been noted th.t Lomiya was t~e primary Suspect in the deat~ of Mara Jade Skywolke' when Luke Skywolke,kilJed Lumiya "" the Dlonet Te'eDhon. It h~s 01$0 been noted that

LuI«! subsequently learned lumiyo·, confirmed I

whe, •• bout' Dre-cluded her trom l)Oiooning Mara

AlthougnbothMaraandLumly.wereonK"vanin )

the,Clu"erat the moment M.r. died. Sen

-;:--'"'"'----,,''''-""' W:--" ",' "_'''''-'''''_"'''' --===,-d




O"e, m~ny millennia, the Jecl; Order has undergone numerous chang,",. from the semiorg~nized band of "wizard," in anci@nt times to tho highly disciplin.d warriors and peacekeeperS of the Old Republic. Some changes have been gradual, implemented by the Jed; after much

indicate !Me~ were Force·u,ers or Force-adePt' Although such beings h~ve .'ways been in the minority, it i, believed 'hat many more ~'" ~t Is~'t Force·,en.itive,me.nin9theyh~vevaryingdegr~.


. =--=-..:.) ..

Appro,imately thi'ty thou,~nd yea" agO. a specie, know~ as the R~k~ta used the Force to powermuchorlheirt.chnology,includ;ng.t~"hip engine, that enabled them to travel through hype"paceand"i,itdi't.n,world •. Despiteva'iou, ancient glyph, tha~ illu,t,ate the Rakata'.claimsof scientific invention ~nd dominance of th@galaxy. some hi'to,ian, have speculated that the Rakata may h.veapp,optiated their technology from Ihe my,teriou, A'chitec~,of theCo'ellian system, who

Relying upon info,mation found in crumbling his~ory disks, 'eSe<lrchers hav@ att~mp'~d to "ac~ theJedibacktosever.llong-lostofganizations. inctuding the my'tic Orde, of Dai B~ndu, 'he

'..:4i.I., ...... _

demo«.tic union ~nown as the Galactic Republic. Acco,dlngto the Great HoloCfon. IhelirSt society OIFOf(:"·<@nsiliVEb@ing,may","vebeenlovnded on tl>ed~wn world of Tython. where Force·use"

beentirely ... llishln""tu~.andembracednegalive energy that made one <>QUslymo<e i,olated

The Jedi required gene<aliono to master the Force. t,aMforming what once had been regarded

those with similar pow"rS. SomeJedi chMe the path 01 diplomacy while othe" became e,perts.t battle. respectively di'lInlluishing them.el"", as JedicOfl.uia".ndJedilluard .. n •. Tho.eJediwho served specific Se-ctOfS 01 space bec.ome ~nown"" JediW.tchmen.A.ccordi ..... to Sa'Agorn.&Jedi con.ul., f,om the ea,lie.t days of tne Republic

TMabilityrnmanipulatetheFOr<:emay be unusual. but it is not unique. Given time andtheproperch"mi.try. alm05tanyone canleam how rn tap into the power "'rhe Forceandmo"".maHolJjeClsorlnfluence weak minds. But this i. nQ,tfle way <Jf ,he .Jedi.Thedeci<ionrnu<",uch{J(>wer.;for the IJetterment of all, and no' lor selfish purposes, dlStmguish", ,;"'.Jedifrom all

harnes.sed a po.itive energy that ttl<!y called Ine Through meditation and practice. the Jedi

A.nla. ThlseMrgy allowed Ihem 10 t"lepathlCaUy discovered that .voiding ttl<! emotion, of ""Ie.

communIcate across va,t distanc@s,heightentheir anger. and desire could make them grow mor@

.en ..... heal themselves .• nd see pa.t the veil. of powerful in 'helight.ide of the Force. The ancient

time. Eventu.lly. they lea,ned that this energy w"' Jedi did not forbid intim.te relation, or m~rri~ge

not limited to Tylhon. but pNm@aledtheentlre lIala,y. II ,eem.thotitwo,th@'eForce-u,e'sor their descsnd,mts who sventu~lly known a. the Jedi. w.rriors who obeyed the precept. of harmon~, knowledge. ,erenity.and peace

TneTytoonJ@dicam@torecogniZ<!t""tth<!Force th@plan@tCaama,tol@arnpropermoraljudgment

hodtwohJnWmentalaspects:theligh1Side.""Ashl~. in on "tt~mpt to und!!r<tand now to use their

ond the da,k ,ide that tl>eycaned the Bogan. The

St..clyoltheFo"",continu""a'""i philoSOphy''loundedonO"u$~ftertr.eG"'.t Hy.,.,,,,,.,ceWor, Jedi student' trained in 'he ortsOf

A.l<!diMasr~ra/wiiy>saidIN'IOe8C"of f>I.srudMfsb€fore'h@irfirsrless",,:-Ctoss ~n unfdm#iar riv..r w;'ho<Jr firsl d,.cemmg il.dQPlhsandsh;JlloW5.~ndyo"w"ldrown

A.tI>eJedibe""mecelebratedlortM;raction. andach,evements throughout ReP<Jblic <!><Ke . .l<!di Maote" rem.,nedfW<!r mindful of the d.rk side_ Acco,dingtotheJediMasterBodoBaa<

A Jedidoesnolgrdspolpewer.AJedi

;. no' d dominator. not an O{J{JI'essor. ro gr~5I" forpew@ris,oabandonillewaysof the Force, Such a one ceas~. 10 know the Force,exceplinhisdarkside_Tograspot power is to tak~ up 'he path lhat Ie;,ds to deS/ruction, TIl~ dominator i.lhe enemy. "" .. &tIM.lf!didonot".erheddrk powers oftMdominatorag";n>! him,

On Ossu., II>e Jedi ""me to Under$landlhat bothtl,,'ight,ideandda,k,ideofthaFo'ce'eliect •• pects 01 the living Fo'ce, the In·the·moment manlfest8tionoflifeene,gy .• ndtheuniryingFo'ce, the co,mlc e,pre.,ion of prophecie, and destinie. Mo,e p,eci.ely, they realized that lhe light and dork .ides.,eintertw,nedandneces .. ,ytoeacnotner, a,theyto<,AJe-dicouldavoid embracing the<!orlo .ide,but could no>ver igr.ore it. power. Ov..rthe millenn~ awarene" 01 the unilying Forcebec.melosttotheJedi,butit wa. ,e-discove'ad during the New Republic',w., w,th



oipower·mongetS. Even more sCMcI.lous wM 'he Jed; Order's oil" in. military st,,~e that left th" Ube,e homeworlc! inho,plt.ble, and 'tsde,perate '''''fUitment of Force·sensitive children to fight the

Although the Jedi ",alized many great achi_· men!s during the four-,hou .. nd_year·span betweM the Gre.t Hyp .. cspace Wor and H'e Ba!tle of Ruusan, their were decimated during the Second Sith War, and their image became

No""'tt.,..thec;'cum.\a""e.,Jedlmusla~ay; remain conscious of how their "CIions will b@ p<>fceived. AIiJedi woulc' do well 10 remember the

W"'enaJedibeh~""sblJdlyinpublic. ~n o/:lse""" might think. If this Jedi is rep""sentative of the whole Or(ler, then no Jedi is worthy 01 respect. 0"

I mightthink,Ooesthi,sayth.thallofthe

public was ne""r entirely convinced th~t t~eir .Jed; ~re good. and ~Ir bad? On """"Img

inrluent;,,1 leader< had won their elections 1~"ly, ~ Ihif'{/ Jedi. who _"". ~. well~. 1M

~1.1=·=",="=m.='o='~=.=.=,".,""~='="=,"=.~,::'='~,..,~="_"' __ -_"_'~_~_'_'AA_'_W_"_,"_'_""_' __

.-:1'b.-::::-':.":.- )

:,:::::::~::~;~,: ~:~',::':o::~: :::;~:;,;"~""I

Midi-chlorians can be detected b~ a simple bloodte't,andahighmidi-chloriancountindkate,

one Jediwa5 unu5ual. Thus, i//ak"'5ma~y JediloundorhemislakesolOf1e.


J@d; w@'" forced to re.voluate <Nery their Order. A twelv@-member J.di Councilestablish.dnewrul@s,th@mostradicalof whichappli@dto",cruitm@ntandtraining.Viath@ Tedryn HQlocron,th.yhe@dedth@wordsofJedi

Training Jed; i. a mo., rew~rcling PUI'5\Ji',/)utOMringedw;rhm~nyun.een peril., Never. 0 M~Sler Jedi, rest e<>sy wh@nyourpupiloeginsto grow ~nxious '0 iedrn at apace gr""'erthan 'hat which YOUhiN@s@lforhim.Suchimpa/ienceis

adolese@nt •. andadult.wouldnolongerl>eeligible for enlistment orconseription_ In>te3d. they SOUght out ~nd 3dopted Force-.en,;\ive ;nf3nl> who would beraisedandtra;neda\theJed;TempleonCoruse.nt to prevent any emot;onal W3chm.n" th~t might"rec",jtswouldn"""rh~veany

to have their child become a member of the Jedi Order. others likened the Jedi to snatche" Howe,.r. records indicate that most oarents-

There i< no ignorance: there isknowledge_ There isnopas5ion;/h~rei55er~niry_ There i< no dea'h.-/hen;,is/h~Forc~

But the Golden Age w~s not 10 I.". It ended w;ththe Ri,e 01 tho Empire and the Jedi Purge wh;ch nearly succeoded in crush;ng the Order once


Jedi detected potential Force-users wa, almo" 10"totim.,record,indicateth~ttheJedi-.hOf\ly after the Battle 01 Ruusan-@ither discovered or rediscov@f@dtheexi.tenc@ofmidi-chlor;an,

A Jedi leam mo",about the Forc •. it i'no\ unusual for them to form their own theories obout

now and why it works, They "uestion how, if the J

Force creates and sust.ins lire, il can h.,e a d.r~

side. Some."iveat the conclusion Ihal IheForce isnotdiVidedintOda'kMdli9hl.lhatitsenergy) is inherenlly posilive, and that there is no "dar~

side·' waiting to co"uPt them. Time and again I


thl.conclu.ion has been provede"oneous •• nd the Jedi who f@ltcomp@lIedtotes'th.limitsol the Force rarety perceived the dangers of their explo.otions, As they approacho>d the brink or the d~.k side, some were rescued by o,her Jedi or come bOKk willingly when they .aw the error 01 th,l.ways, Those who."fu",d to r"J'IOUncet""l, miOl&ken belief. wereeither •• ited to I"" larthe.t

Ou.i"" thi> pe<1ultimate century of the Otd Repubtic.the')ediLeorHalfounded~philo'OQh;ul g,oup thM challenged the Jo>d,Ord"r's penpect;"" 01 the Force. Hal and hi. di.ciple, that the Fo,ce coutd not Dushone into evlt; that the universe was Infiltrated by a b.nevolent field of life whp,e instruction, were Inevitably

.hould fIOt be medlato>d Or obscu.ed by any sort 01 traln;nll o.d;,cipline_ Followers of the DQtent,um

Insisted that the Jedi Masters and the Temple hlera,chycouldnotacceptthaun,ve".lgood of the Potent;um because it me.nt they we,e no IMgerneo>ded,Accordlngto·

\'oua,",norrh@fir""vdem'oask",.. ofrll<> Pot€nlium. and I (fOul)t YOU'II ~ 1M IilSl_lr,ouoo5,oappUlinlJ. rheidearllat on~d~norreqU!f~anYSf<NJyorP,aCfic€ ro €ml),ac~ and I)<.> a ~n of a i>eMvolenf ~""rgy fi€ld_ Bul when one consid~rS IfI@ hi,roryofrll<> Forc<!,allrhem.onyan<i various ,"""on, why the Je<iiun<i«Sran<i thero. are definite <ilvi.ions andp/rfalls in

aro. good and justiff(,d simply I)ecau.e ther~isnoevilinte"l.

If you find any ment In thispNlosophy, oocau_TIl>sisnoftl!e""YoItI!eJedi yo" rrught consKJe'YOUrSeifa fair

.. ~

for YW ~re ~Ire~dy wise.

ThereisnothingwrOll9withquestioning authority. hi,lory. ~fi<l (he ""'ure of exist@nc@. Bu'dDno'~5SullWth.(allyO"cqves· lions can /)~ an.were<! by li.(~ning only

In the end,theJedi Padawans who had been caugh~ up in the Po!ent;um movement left the T.mple or were pushed out, aM d;spersed around thegalo<y.AI(houghreco'd,donotrevealthat any of the original followers 01 tMe Potentium succumbed to the dark ,ide of the Force, their b@li@f,mayhavebeen adopted b~ Verger". who tw;st@dthephiloSOphyto,uithe,ownpu,poses

It has also boen theorj,edtnot the Potentiurn on his e,plof~t;on, of the FOo'Ce. The Jed; Ord.r continue, to re9,,'d ,he Poten!ium philo,ophy~S d~ngerou,ly misguided at t~e least and h@re.y~tthe wors!

positive term,. ~'cePt for DoOkU, only OM other JediMast@risidentifiedby""me:Ph.niU',wholeft theOrd@rcirc~2000 •.•. Y_ACCordingtoSithschol.r Murk Lundi, Ph~nius become D~'th Ruin, a 5ith Lo,dwho rec,uited other Dark Jedi to fi9htthei, fOfm@ralli@s_Norecord,indic.tethattheJediof theOldR@publicw@re.w.rePh.niusora~yothe, memb@rsofthelosth.dtumed to thedor~side, let atone becomeSith LordS. The fact that the Jedi may have be.n completetyobli"ious to Phanius's co~v.rsion. and that fsw Jedi even ,u,pected that Dookuhadjoinedthedork,, he hadrenounc@dhiscommission"ugge,t,that other Lost Jedi loft the Drder without atousi~9

Research on th@ Jedi known ~s Vergere ~a, fevealed that she was ~ p.d.w.n to .Jedi Master Thracia eho Leem. who left the .Jedi Order in 29 ... x Th. Gre.t HolOCfon does not offer any explanation for why Thr~ci~ Cho leem left the Order, but th. record ,uggests th~t she was not

Following th. B.ttl@of Gl><lno,is, m~ny Jed. chose to leav. the Order rather th~n serve .s generals in th. Republic army_ oth@rs, such ~s the Jedi

EvenaftertheEmpirerettandt~NewRepubtic reclaimed Ceruscant, it seemed unlikely, """n"eJedi O,de' could ber .. "or .. d However. Lu~e's exploits led ,,1m to encounters with other Force·sensitive beings, ~nd he realized that his powe"we'e not.ltoget"er unique. These encounte" encouraged him to consider training

discovered the ne~rly thr..e-hur.clrad·an<Hifty· ye~r·old wreck 01 the Chu'untl>ot on Oathomi, which provided him with old data lapes on the subiect of training Jedi. 8ecause Luke had neve' ,eceived.Ir.dilionaIJedieduc81ion,hestudledthe tope, to further hi,own knowledge and "bilitie, These tape,-like the T"dr~n Holaeran and the te"IS recovered from lhe Jedi libr.ry at O"u,contained littleinfo(m"t;onaboultnehie'~rchyof theJediO,de,duflngtheGoldenAge.butthe,ewas ;nvaluabledalarega,d;<;litallon

Thtee )l9tS after the reccNery 01 the d~ta lapeo, t"" New Republic grMled pe,mls.lon fo' L,,~e 10 see~ out ,tudents whom he could train 10 become new Jedi, Where.s Jedl of the Old Republic had been con,cripted as Inf.nlS Into the Jedi Order and were generally forbidden to marry and have children, Luke wa, willing to consider anyone who demonstrate<j ,omeabllity with the Force,BecauseLukebelievedthegal.xyneeded a new gene'ation of.Jedi and knew firsth.nd that the Force was ",ong in certain familie .. l1e did ""t d'$(;our"llem;lrriageandp'ocreation

Luke founde<j hi,.Jodi a""demy on V.vin4 in the Great TemP!ethat had once been tl>e oecret of the R"l>ef Alliance_ He con,idered it an inSlotution "'tabfished not onfy for fNrnln~ but al,o for discussion: ,atherth.n dictatewh.t the nsw.Jedi should think. he encou,.ged hi. tr.inee.

Luke's firSt students in.cludod Kam SOlus.r, who'dbeen.youngJediwhenh"escapedtheJe-di Purge: Ki,."" Ti,a Witch 01 Singing HounUlinClan who Md a hu,band and daughter on>Qmir St,,,,,n. a fo,mer reclu,"" and gas p,,,,pec:tor at ee.pln:Oors~81,ahum;lnoidclo""fromKhomm G.nto,i, •• lea de ,of.b.ndoned coloni,tson the pl.""1 Eol ShoO Corran Horn, whO'd served as. pilot wilh Rogue Squad,on: Kyie K.ta,n, a fo,mer specl.1 ope,ati"" for the Pebel Alliance: Ha' a fo,me, Empero,'s Hand; Cilgh.1 of HOn Calamari e,"kls',who was "Venluallyrevealed a,anagenl of the ImPe,ial Inquisitorius; KyP Ou"on, an e,capeefromlheKe"elmin~s;andmys.lf,Tionne

• historian and minst,el with only a mod"st amount

The academy's fitSt ),<,a, was mar.od by unantic,pated events, including the ,e,u,""">on

Of Exa' Kun's ,pi,it. which ,esulte-d in the death of Ganto,is ~nc:I the dar~ side seduction of Kyp DUffon. Ha'a, CQf,.n Hcrn,.nc:I Kyle K.ta,n left the p'".eum fo, diffe,ent ,e.'On" but each eventuallyretu,ned to resume t,aln,ng, Although c,itics suggested that Luke S~yw.lke, might have done bette, to begin w;th fewe, 'tudents, all the .urviving students were 'tronger.nd mo,e united by e<periences, and bette,prepa'ed !O,

Academy 'tudenl5 subscrobe<j to t~e basic tenet. th.tch"acte,'oachto

• The Jedi should wo,~ to ,uppo,t and maintain the New R.publlc-butnot 81

• If tMeJedlare c.lledupon to 119ht,Ihey will defend the helpl ... wllhout hlt,ed,

Using an illusion techniqu" Lu~.learned from tM Fallana,so. Kam SoIu ... , and myself-two 01 theacad~my"spermanent .. afl-he kept t""Jedi academy relatively sa'" ITom ,.sual in<pect>on Some academy students wO<Jld eventually see !hei, Own Fo,ce'sensotivechildren follow in thei,

In2eA,8.v.,lukeSkyw~lkerest~bli'hed.newJedi Councilthatconsistedofpolitlclan.as_nasJedi Ukeitspr""jousincarMtion .. tni'JfKliOrd~rlound tnat Its,urviv,,1 depended no. only on adnetern:. 10 rulfl 01 condU~' bu. on a certa,n degr"" 01

AI tneoulbreakoflhewarwllhtheYuuzh.n Vong. most Jedi lefl the academy on

10 help with the defense of Ihe New Republic When a Yuuzhan Vong inv~sion force arrived at Yavin4.llsignaledtneendofthaacademy_ Th!> inva~" dfltroyro th!>Great TempleMd C~Ptureod seve'al Jeodi"nciudlng Anakin SOlO. Att., Anakin was rflscued. New Republic ally Talon K.rrde commMdeodlhedesttuclionoltheYuuznanVong-

TheYuuzhMVonginvasioncaused,ome.ledi IOQuestionthetenet,oftheiracademy.Several.ledi gravltat~d to Kyp Durron's "r.dical party:' which balievedlnat r>egotiationw •• be.laccompli,hed from a po.itlon of power, and it wa. looli,h nol 10 sttll<e Ilf5I againsl a clear enemy. Tni,contingenl's phiI0100phyw., ,ummed up as follows:

• Oonotbealraidtou$elneForc@-i,', • tool,Just a,a IIgnts.berl •• tool

• 00 nol wail for olhars to perceive the

, Lloten'otneForce_It', udwillwa'nyouilyou',ema~lnga

• The Jedl nave $erved Ihe lIep<Jbllc lor millennia, Tneynave. proud Iradi'ion and should never be perceived ••• cOllectlon~rd'

• TneJ@diarethebestweaponlhe galaxy has again,' the Yuu.nan Vong

Inv .. lon.W.I,lngfo,ther<ewliepublic '0 understandlni,mlghlbesett· delutlr>g, il by tne 'imethey teall .. 'he need lor tne Jedi tnete IS no mOrfl NO>Wllepublic-ornomo'eJedl

Skyw.lker summoned all Jedi '0 tne planet Zonama S-eI<ot,wnerflho!!madethelollow,ngaddre .. ,

Ifl/la""leame<Janylhingfrom Ihe evenlso'thepaSlfi""yetlTS.ilis'~'the Force is """" illl-~mbrac'ng 'han I eve" 'Hired. t'f/hl ~nd da,.k do nor always sr~n(lo{)Po.ed bu,mnglewrhucIIOlh",.

p.>th fors"",,, of us. Butldoadvocate (tlluninB ourselves to the IOttgerview. and reachingouttootherswhoseektos@/"Wi

r"", .. C"

Can ger into tTQU/;)Ie. Anger/;)yi/selfis not ofrhe dark side unles. i/i. ar:companied

Whenwe~c/lnharmonywi/h/hewill of/he Force. ",edi.appearinroil. When weSlruggleagainSlil.wenOlonlysever ourtie.wilhlheF~.!)utal.ofeedthe

rheevoJu/iono/.en/ient:ereflec:/s the constant move",..,,' t>erwe.>rl ,ho.e two pole •. Evil-lhe dark side-won·t /;)e

initiat@s. 11l~1 i. the (yele ouraClion. are meantlolore5l~.andinthi.biJttlelhe F<xc@i. both our (lIly and our gv~rdian. Wes@rv<!itt>eSf/;)yli$teningtoitswill.and serving the goOd with oure""tyilction_/;)y personifying the Force

evidentearlyil> Ihe war. andit·sli~lyto hold true for .. halevw COfIflicrs erupt in /hecoming,.., meditative ord~ Our forebears beli@V@(j

to the Order I,me and agail> for advice il> resolving d'$p<J/es. the JMibECilme ~djunctsoflheO/cJRep"bIk. Ihel>""'rs""'s andwamors.lak'fIgif IIPOtIlhem5elvesto upho/cllhepeaa. andl,1I1e by lirtle beil>g dra,",nawayfrom the Force andil>to the

Idon·t/Oroposelhatwe/OlMeourselves inseclvsiOtt''''''P9 .. o"rd~ysmeditating on the Force-thO<Jgh rhar mighlbe the

u.e rhe Force to """clefJr"" <xilnot'-' Perl>apsnottomo .... roc:k.andtai<@giant strides;ovt ,I> some sens .. thosephysic<>1 powers are little more tMn.urface effects. The real powers ar6 more subtle. for/hey involve adhering to the lrue(JlJth. avoiding the temptaliOtt to dominate. sacrificing OfIeselfforlhosewfloMveless.andliving jmpeccably. by recognizing l!lal Ifle Force doe."·tflo",I'romu.bullhroughus.e""r

FOllowing the w~r w'ln lhe Yuuz~n Vong. lhe J~didecid@dthatthey'hou'd nol be.ffiliated wllh "nYPolitical@ntity'h.tmillhlinte,lereor'estrict thei,effort'tomaint~inpeace. The Jedi di,missed .11 politicians from whot I~ now known ~s the MasterS· Council and relOC!lted the Jedi .c~demy to O"us. Klrana Ti returned to he' wa,·,~.aged r.omew<><ld Dathomir with S.reen. who wo,ked with her to establish ~ ..... Jedi prax@umforthe

LukeSkywalkercontinu~~tole~d'henew.ledi O,der. but in this current period 01 d~rkne" it is difricuit for anyone to loresee how the Order will evolve and whether it will continue to thri""


For all the countless hours thot Jedi have ,pent In med,tation ~nd cont~mDlation 01 the Force. it

abilitie5. Popularly regarded as suPernatural r-c-c:----c-=-c-:cc-c-::-::-::-,

'ow",,. ,om. " '''" """",-,",,",'". "" 5 ENS E POW E RS

reflexes and telepathy-are naturally po ..... ed by varioussp.cies, but only Fo'c.·sen,itiv.being, are known to have m.'te,ed ,ucha wide array of

TheJediregardthei",ilfsasrootedinth,ee area<: Contfol,Sen,e,aod Alter_ According to the

without Mtifici.1 aid" A Jedi fearn, tot@@lth@bondsthatjoinalllivingthingsand gains the abifity to understand howth@s@things a,einterconnected,Sucht.lentsenableth.Jedi to gather information about their envi'onment, d@t€ctdange,andhiddenbeings,and"see"in

Controlisintemal./€J@di'sability /0 recognize Ih~ Force in him.elf ~nr;l to u'eiltohisbenefil.Senseinvolveslhenext .t@p,inwhichth€Jer;lirecognizeslheForce intheuniverseou/>ir;lehers@i.fH€re.h€ fe~ls lhe Force .nr;li.~ble to r;lr~w upon it forinfo'ma/ion~bovlrl>ewodr;larourtr;lhe' Throughitsheisconnectedtothe,estollhe uni""r>@.AI/;lmot;tdifficult ¥""to"",sle,foritinvol""slhestud~n/'s

Although Jedi cannot afways e.,ify ,ense the presenceotSith,theyca"sen,edi'torbance,in th@Forcethatcanindicatesuchapresence,The '~n<ation is mo.tly instinctiv@, a bad f@@ling that ,hould not be dismissed a' simply an emotional reaction toa situation. If a Jedi sen,e, that ,ome'

of minds and exchange silent communications. This tal@nt is most u,@ful in moderating peac@ negotiations, but i'al,o u.ed in combat situations toanticip<!teanopponen!",actions.AlthOUghJ.di

:::::::: :~~::::::,::~;",~,::; "~:, '::::'::,:: I

-'''-'''''''''-'''''''-'''''"''''-';; .. ,'"_ .... -""':--=":'::'",::="::::":=::;::;::"'=:::::::,~::::: ~I

or five·word ,enten~e, wilh each other, but few caneng.geinactuattelepathicconversotion,

W~ .. _ Like .lllktotchi, Master

t.lepath,but his powefS were much great.r than an~ other on his Intere'tingly, v"'ious records indicate th~t other Jedi 'egarded him as something ofa lone', on attribute not typicat of Council memberS. but OM ,hould k •• p in mind that ve,bal communication i, almost alway, a ",dundant proce .. fOf~n Iktotc~i.

Twenty yea"befote the Clone Wars, few were ,urp'i,edw~enM"<te,Tiinrefrainedfrom,pe.king at t~e funer,,1 of hi; own t.ach~r .nd mentor, the reMwned Jedi M .. te, Omo 8ouri. Several months lat.r. MoceWindu encou'aged

When / was a P<>dawan, mMY of my fellolN sWdeMs beli~v~d that my inheri'ed

gavo. me ~n ,mf~ic adwmtag@inmyeducation.ltist'uethot In@",rhaddifficultyincommunic"tingmy thOUghts or com",-e""nding th~ thoughts oIOlhe's, but/do nolbelieve thot this mademyeducationanYe<Jsj~, Fo,,,n/;Mmy p""rs.1 wasan~tur~lreceiwyandlransmitter ofthough/s, a condition that I-not then

consistentlyconlain my own deli/jeralion5- oftMcon.idered~hindcanceMd,a//imes ~n emb~rcassmenr. I will not 5h~re d@lai/s bUI allow you /0 ;m"9ine, Had I b€M r~ised on Ik/o/ch, where soci@ti@s~r-e designed to accommod~t" teleP<lt/>s, my circumSI"nces

Incomba/,/eIMa/hsdohaveadistinct edge, Even if One lights byinSlinc, and rellex.mostc~nno'''oP/hemselveslrom emitting monosyllabic /houghts Ihat project /heirnex/ mOvement_ During my training bouts ~t the J@di Temple, my opponen/5unwit/inglyr-evrNledtheirevery move, ~/Iowing m~ that crucial fraction of a momentlhalenabl~dme/ob@theonewho would remain standing. Unders/andably; my fellow J€di students b"9M 10 keM

I c~me 10 the M/en/ion of th€ Jedi l>Iasle,Omo8ouri,aWoICabbashitewho, fo,rea50nslcouldnotl~'hom,setec/edme as his Padawan. J h~d never encountered a Wol Cabb~shite before. Mas/er Omo's cognitivebcain, a5 oppOSed to th€ one thMCOn/;o/ledl>isdige5tiveta<k.,IN~sso highly evolved and alien from mine Ihat his musings were olten indecipherable, To

energy with.yn'acriccontO<lFS ifl a mognetic field that he exuded and con,rolled wi/hhi5/ongue, A/f/rs/,Icou/dn't under- 5tandhi5lhoughrsorasinglewOrdhe58id. /(wa.a most refreshing experience.

Idtl>oug/l/lknewmo,eth.onJn_ /0 knowab<xJt ,"'-'pa/hy. but M.o.,,,,,Omo sfIowoHimethattwa>wrong.HesflowoHime ~",,,,,erheForcero_remyOWtlOraifl W""""iflrercep/5/'ilY/ho<Jgh/S,IN!d5C~ dozen50fm,rrds%nce.H<Jw/owhi.per acro$5space,ye/lwithoulnoisi!._pwcrelS. and5ifl ,hrough JaYlirs ofl!e. and ouried memories touncover/he/rurl!. How/oset>k outinforma/ionfromlhe5/atSthemso/Ve .. allowing one toastroga,ea'MrsMp/hrO<Jgh Itgh/SpHdwithoutanavcompu'""

Wh~'·. more. he /aught me the me."ingofconvic/ionar><ldedlcation to


mind t'lc~s-utilize, a combination of '~ePti.e emP<lt~y, p'oject,ve empathy, and hypnosis. Jedi mind t,ieksca"stoo the unde"tandlng of wh.", 'eally hepoenlng by bloc~i"g the senses, and con al,ooblite'atememo,je,altogetheroreW!nreol~ce themwithfal..,ones,SpecieswithhignIYOf\lanized ment~1 foclhtles, .uen a.Huns and Toyd&ri~ns.~'e


The Jedl Mane, Ya'ael Poof was a con'umm~te illusio"'st report"';ly capable of making himself invi.ible tolellow Jedi. He was also 3ble to <lUiCkly determine an opoonent's lea" through 'he use of the Force, and could create ill~'ion. that w~r~ per~eived by entire armies. In several instances hi,projec\"';mindt'iekspromptedQulckend,to b.ttles. T~e Asti Krim .. n Holocro~ provides the following reC<>rd,ng by M.'terPoof:

Whalpalhmighl my li!e have /8ken had no' Omo Bouri chosen me as his Pa(i~w8n? I do no,c~,e 10 specu(at~, fori "mcerMin.'1VOlhe,palhwouldh~vebeen f.r leu engaging, And I wouki been

R~or<:!. ;ndicate t,,"t Ti;nd;d not ta~@ ona Pi>daw~n. He devot"'; much time towa,d ~n effort to communic~te with his decea,ed tuch~r's .pir;!. but it '$ unknown whether he '\Jcce"';~d, He di@d du,ing the Jedi Purge on Coru,c."t


Y""ngJedi. i know",.,ny of you are eager to test yOUf afl<!<:t mind eoiiities. and thet some ~a"ealr""dya/temptw Ihis powerlll7lOflgs/)IO<Jrselves.Whilei/canloe mos/ useful in conflic/ resoi~lion. ~ffecl milld m~st Ioe USeel .. ith resu~'nt. ~lmoSI always as a I~s/ reso,l, afle' e)(h~usting lessdengero"sa"en(1es/halle.>dlope~r;e_ Yes.les.d.ngerou"sayl,forlhepower can ea.ily cause "",rmanen/ d~mage 10<>

Forex~mp/e.dndg",e)lO<J_or> .. mission th~t requires you 10 discreetly infiltrate ~ secured oui/ding, Despile y-o~r

Beforeyo<lafl5WeJ". consider INs: WfWe thegv~.-d""'yprove loloeM>obst~cleor> yovrmis.ion, he is also a livin9oeing.He

him under different circumstances,)IO<J might"'''''",,"'" him 10 Ioe a friend

\Vh8tf(>do.u-.?M;oketr.ggv_s ....


ffflCO<1I'_'''''g''''r<irocho:;et''''lJppiJrition )'OO_~ted"Proie<:"frigllrening im;tgelf"" wi"cause him ro flee?

Allti>ese things CDuld very well work. young Jedl. but hd"" you considered th~ con.equMceS? What if the guardenioys SIIootinpatsmall.unthrealeningcrN/ures? Wh;Itifh;sspe<:iesi<physlc"llylncapabie oIs/ffp?Wh.otif""forgt!ts"",,",wyou. but thB fact that"" """n unwittingly allo_ you to pass will~ost Mm his;ob Or

his life? What phy;lc~1 tr~um~ will he suffer ifhechasesyoureppari/ionin/oawal/of .olidrock? Whatlfy<>u"rlke;uc~ fear If) hlmthat~ediesor>l""S{)OI.O'forge/S/he ""tureolgr"",fy~'''''lrles toescape<Nf/'

I neeCnotleclure th~ty<>varereS{)On· slole foc your decl.lons and~ctions, How· eve, I will remind you th~1 any co","~ will I"""" a wake. and th~1 evef) the smallest ripple C~f) cause de~th, I ~Iso will remind you IhQlyou "'...,yet toresclve r~t

Ih~ve,,'e.enIWOnlyafewvarlaoles fory-outocon.ideraOoutthesituatlon wlt~thegwrd.b<Jtt/li.l.enOlighfory<>u lorw/ize II!,o/if WOlJId/;>e irresponsible of meloencO<J'age~'1Ys{JeCific:vtilizat'OIlof

lovioleru:eor.usceptiOietof""'.ThI. knowIedgeC8n""u.edf(>yOU'_af)tage. and may dire<:r )'OU'u.@ofa"'-<;lmlnd_ AI.o. you must determine whether it is /;>est todl"",t orSUIxlUeYDurt~rgel. Such decision. musl of len oe m~de inSMnlly.

W~at would I hQvt! don" If) .vc~ ~ situatiorJ.)IO<J"sk?lrw/lycaf)·tsay A.)edi ;'f)o'proudor~stful.andt'ru"youwi" und~r<tand I ~m sin<;e,8 when I say ,~t it

Bvlifaguard~d5eenme, Imigll/ makeh,mOel_I ... "5 notMngbut~ gu5tofwind. or/""s/Ydowofa501Jnn9 indigenov5a,,,'m.AJedicandosuch mings,fo,ili5thewilloftheFo,ce.

~~~o~,~o~~.E,~.: o~,~ I

::::;~:II:I~:::i; t:e::;:ea~:~~~~:;1 ~~:~i;~:i:~

clobjectsthroughspace_Jeodiu\oIi,elhistalent noIOfllytopush.pull,andliftobiects,bulal", tor&dire<:lprojec,i'esandgu;';ethel,starship.

Belo,e DOOku renounced the Jedl Q'derand reclaimed his'cmily title of Coun(. he was among the mOst highly regarded lighls.berinWuctors andmadeasefiesofrecording,thatdemon"raled ni •• "pertise,TM",erecordinlls-p'e,ervedonthe Gfe~t Holocron-became required viewir;g for 'wo<;Iene,atioMor Padawan learne"du'ing the twili",ht of ttle Old R"pubhc, On , I(rimsan HolOCfon. One of Doo~u's I .. "e,-known "'<;0<0';"9' dul. with tele~ine"s, and alSo suggests that

Dooku was not alway, as confident a. heseeme<:l Although DOOku ultimately turned to th. da,k side. a Jedi eM $lill le.rn Irom his account 01 a lesson

Hello. yo~ngling<_ Asli Krim.~n ha. ~skedmeIO/ellyouabou'u,ing'heFOf'Ce 10 move obieclS. Ralh~r'hanoffe,.pec/fic ins'rucl/ort.lofferyoumyrerollt!<;"onolli>e d~y I IHmedlhal Ihis skill wa. wn>elh'ng more lI!.>na .Jedi-SownpersomrllrKlor

Unlike rna'1\' Jedi. my origins were alw~ys somelhing of d public. record. My homeworld was Serenno. my family w<Ulllhy andofnobferank.andlh~y"",,,.proucllhat I Il»I>een COflSCripledin/o ti>e Jedi OrcIer. InmYyO<Jll>.lbel_t/lalmyfellOwJecli knew or my background and <0 /ooI<ecI upon me differently. Not with Sympathy; enlol< ~mi,aMn. or disdain, ~u, merely

dilferentJy,a.jfmybeinga.JediWd,notlIS femarl<ableas WdS my IiflNge. Is/teSS t/>at tN ....... mypercep/iOfl, and mifKt a/orKt, /

Andye/, asachjlc!atthe.JecJITempl~. tMrewetetimeswhen/wanted/oSeJ>8fate ,~


My self·""",e", dK> not go Ur1l1OlJcedbyMa'terYoda.lwasju./over R'Vetl}'eiOrsoldOllt!>eNyt/>atlcrossed !><IthswJthhima'agarcienin/heTemple ... re,earchla/;loratoryfortheJedilJ,griculwr,,' Corp'.lfoundhimona'/01le""'/h,st~ndlng b~side a potted 10Il9-.remmer;i !>iant rh~/ hadoroad, /r"n.lucent yellow leaves. He

servicedroid,hadlef"heplantonthe J>81h. and he wonderediflmigh/m<> .... I' <>n!oanearbypalchofgra'5.IOenrfopiCk uplhe<:~r" 10000hedJI.Ma"~Yodaencoura!NdmetO

Evezy.JecJi/eameri.tra~to_ oOje<:ts. andll>adalr~dyproved$ome caJ>8bllllyw,lhth/s.kill_ls,epped/);Jck,O examinetherounded.hapeo(th@POIMd SM'ecltft~a/raroundit, then allowed my

locked to the "",th, then puSN!d upward, Thepotwobbled,causingtheplilnt',lHves

'0 '",mole_ IJsjng the Force. I/"""ned .he lea"". and ~Imed them. "nd i, w...'hen'hatlf@/t'h@pl,mnownilfeenergy. .omethingatrac:tor"""mcoulc!fKtverdo. /tnadbeenmy@rror'othinkof'~eplanta. aninanimateoojecl.ra'her'h~nsom@thing IinkedtD'heForceil.elf_

I extended my hOld and visu~li~ed the potwithinacolumntha'e~/eneledfromthe

Iguidedthep/afl//hrOlJQhth@""and Iowerediluponlhegr.,,_Al'I'IOuf/hl"d m€'anlfora.oft/anding.Iw.>SSurpn><!d when 'he po'sank a ("wmil/,meter< into the ground, thebd.~t .... nflf/me/)lMJesof

With 50me reluCtarlCQ, Icon~'cJedmy beliefthatotherJedi~rdedmeas di"""'nt because "'my h~rirage. """Iff YodarespotJ<iNJwithgr .... 'I.JUfIf>rer.whefl "" ",covered. he >akJ, "Aw ..... of your family;few.JecJia ..... ForIMmSeive5,your skillsandbehavior,p""k.i"I>ini<Olhwslool<

Yodawa.'hatburcfensareonly~sh""vy8S one im~9i"es. and that-with the Force- 8'\Yweir;Jhlcanoelif/ed,

Qu",~ly dr~w within range of • potential .. n .. my. Altnovgh tnls power was undefStOQd .nd vsed

AttCoough tn .. I .. ap;ng rang .. va-ie. deQendlnQ on by the Jedi of th .. Old lIeP\Jblic, Lv~e Skyw"~ef

a Jed,'. training and physiQu". most Jo-di Ma,t .. ", did not d'$Cover it untit H"e-e and a J\&lf yea"

a .... e .. oIyabl .. toma""leap •• ev.".lti~their after the BatUe of Yavin, wr.en he confronted the

own helgM, Thi, .kill can at.o belnt&grated with hum.n replica droid Gu,i in P'iroce ~izO'" c.stle

acrobaticmartoal arls, and i ... " .. ntl.1 for Jed,who on Coru«ant_ Luke de«'ibed his experience to his

p'actlce Form IV light,abef comb.t first student. at the Jedi academy:

By~llappear .. roces, Guri was numen. If LandoC~lr; .. ianhadfHloldmeB/Jo"lh .. r bf!fore~nd,IMverwould""vegue .. «J'Oid,/elal~anas .... sin"'l>o ",FWd Ptmce Xrzor. II ",a<lll unril G",; dfNnon.I'.I«Jhersupemaruritl" .... nglh aMJSpeed Ihat she revealed hef5elf ro be


The ability to teaphighe,.nd f.rthercom ... 'el.tively,atty to Jed;' Among oth", useful ospects,aw .. ll-tim .. dFo'celupen.ble,a J .. di'0


B~ us,ng the Forc~ to attune the" entire bod~ w"h thei' heightened ,efl .. xe •. Jedi c.n u.e th~ ,kill commonty ,eferred to a, the burst cf,peed to ,printwltnsuchvelccitythcttheyappea'tovanish

from 'h.i'st~'tingpo;nt.lnunarmed combat, this abilitycMbeutllizedtob,ingarapiClendtoalight. Morethano'nerFcrcepowers,theburitof,peed can nava a draining effect on a Jedi"ene'gyand met.boli$m .• nde",endedvsetypically,eQulresa

.. boutJ<!diFromXizor..hewaMedtofind Oulwhelhermecouldbe./oneinhand·/O· _ combvl She /up/ ~t me, "nd il w", OIIIyby/heForcetNl/I_,,,bleloevade her inilial .. 1/aoI<, UntonU""le/Y, I w.o. momentanly di.lrK/ed, ~nd lhal f,. .. c/ion of .. sec:ond ..... s~II.lleneededlo'/rikeme in Illes/omac" ~ndthe.ide Of my Ilead, driving me to the flcor, J wa,dazed,and fel,I'dJo'lcon/lICtwilhtheFOI'ce

Tilen J Ileerd Ben I(""obi~ voice calJing a,iffromag/YNlldi'lom<:e,ec:fIoing<>CfOSS /ime..naS(JKe, HeS<>id. Tc.eFort:<!_ Let il

I hadlotrusllheForcecompletely. GII,.i's /umd ... as coming down like .. bladeMme.Adea/hslrike,lwa/chedher

blowcovldland.lfella.If'weremovingal """""'Spe«J,lhoughlhere""~acrllCkling fee/ingtomymotions,anda.OW>dlikea .trong wind ",hisrting abou/ my earS. To me, Gllri .""med 10 be suddenly mired in Ihickenr><! lime. JI w~,n't any efforl 10 knOCk her 10 lhe 1100' As she fell, lime .eemedlo'J>eeduP~f)dretum/of)ormal, Guriwa.subdved,endlproceeded/Oexil

Theburslof.!>Hdli>;!tlexperie"cecJ "" ... nol a fluk<!, twl unlike o/her Force

con/rolofit. AllofyousllovldlJ-e.orin mind Ihalwllilei/oflenseem. we use IlleForce 10 dchieve our goals. JI i,ultim.a'ely 'he will ofille Focce thai guide,ouraclions

voriousaffliclions .• nd tn&t these healing a'ts we'e eHective on o'dina'y beings as well as Force'u,e" Du,ingthe Old Republic e'&,lhe Jedi Temple on Coru,eant headQua'l~r~d the Jedi Medical Corps

medcenter,tt"iningloeaselc.ewflenngofolMrs TMOld Republic Jedl also founded a chapter hOuse on Rhinnal." pia",,! Ihot, famous fo,itsexpertisein medicine. Aswilh othe, Force powe's, some Jedi have a n.turol ability.s he.lers such Jedi have never been common, and their

The Jedi Most@fCitghol is on@ofth@mo't cel@brat@d of contemporory Jedi he~le,,_ Belore becoming~Jedi,Cilgh.l-anieceolthelegendary Admiral Ac<bar-was a New Republic 1lmba"ador of Mon Calamari. It was during a raid by Imperi.1 forc@s on Mon Calamari th~t Lei~ Org.n~ Solo became ~w~r~ 01 Cilghal', ~bility to predict which c~su.lties would die in battle or survive triage Realizing that Cilghal was Forc@-s@n,itiv@, Leia ,enth@rtojoin LukeSkyw~lker',oc~demyonYavin 4, whore ,he become one of the

students to grad~ate as " andhertalen!sachievedreMwnaftersh@used the Force to cur@Mon Mothma ofadegener~ti"e

Afte, Mor" Jade Skywalker became

with deadly coomb spores olanted by the Yuuzhan Vongagent NOm Anor, shewas@v@ntuallycured by an an!idotefrom~mo'tunusu~lsource:avial of tears from the forme' jedi Verge,", Cilghill le.rned that Verger" oroducednatural antitoxins th'o"ghaForcetechniquethatVerg@,e",t..rred

Calamari,whe",theNewR@publkhade,tabli.he<;j a provi,ional capit~1 dUfing theYuuzhan Von9war, Cilgh~1 m~de the following recording:

Be-caus@ V@tg€'" Wa5 ",g~rcled as untrustworthy, I wa.cau(iOu50rh~radvice andinstruClionSManysubiec(,Howeve,I couldnotignore/Mfacttha(i/wassh~who provid@dth@anlitoxintha'5avedMara'slife, norcouldldeny(h~llwished(oknowhow (0 proouce such chemica/s myself.

h@ffocus-h~rmindandForce'awa'eness_ until it /)ecomes microSCOl>ic, While her

molecules, laket~ema""'t,andbuildnew oMs/)irbybir,Shemain/ainsthatsheus~5 llerrearsbecau'etheya,econV€nient,/Jut thatsh@canaccomplishIM.amelllin9

Afterwarcl,lmelwilhMosterSkywal""c whohedlilsodiscu5sedV.rr;;@r@'st@cllnique with he, ip<@s"nt@dmyas.esomentthM 'hisskillpresenrslimi1l~ss=si/Jililiesfor

not,andheexplainedlhatVe'9et<,Il"d demonst'ated ~ow making oneself ,mall cou/dMsobeusedtocDnceaion@'salJility with th~ FOfC~, or r@nder a Force'user


Despil~mYCaulions.lend""VO'loleom thislechniqv~totM/)estofmyabiliri"s.and los~aremvdiscovefi"s w/thothe,J.di_ Verge'edied ,hortlyatterthi,recording, but

Cilghal was e.entuolly ~ble to ma,ter the a't of making herSelf small_ Many being, have been healed by th~ t~chniqu@, ~nd thus f~( Cilghal Mas suffef.d no ill sideeffe<:ts from its use

sh@hadsp~nrmdnyhouf,,/)eingde/J'iefed /Jy Flr<e' In'~lligence_ AI'hoV9~ she ap' p~a'eda/Jit/;red,lfoundhe,/oMentirely COOp&,alive as she explained hef healing technique to m~. Essen/ially. sh@narrow.

and they appe,>'to bedead_ Unconsc",u$o! their .hll in hlbema'ion when he wa."",ec! in 22

,uffOUnd,ng •. human palien" n.""be<tn~nown to ....... by Jedi l'ain ..... A""kin So!o..,d lBhirfVella.

remain In t', up toa W<>ek in dry cll"",'e.. who.oon figured out I"!ow to release the ,oul'and

and ""en up to a monlh In Ivt't climates befo", de.t'oy Ihe Golden Globe.

the",i'ari,k Of them succumbing to dehydration.

In whe'e wate, was supplied. patlen" have r-----:cc-::--:--

"m.'"" '" ,,,"'" '0< ., ""' .. ,"". m,",,, FAR 5 I G H T

wl,hout requiring fu'the, nourishment.

A number of Jedi have al,o demonst'ated the ability '0 pu, themselve, into "MCe, for long periOd, of time. Perhap, 'he most am'Zlng

e •• mple i. the Ku,nibanJedl Ma"er Ik'it. whO had been trained byYoda. In l7e._.._ •.. II"'t tra.",o-d 'OYavin 4 anddisco""re<l 'he Golden Globe. an anclenldevt<:ecrealedbyth"Sith Lord EXI!,Kun

to imprison ,he ,ouls of Massa.,i Child,,,,,. tlt,;t ",.,i.ed that only Fon:e·s.en<iti"" chitd,en CO\Old br""k E"., Kun·, cu"e on the Golden Globe to I'f!e the capli"" 'OUIs. and went intoa trance to

WO" ""'" '''' ,,,eo com. '"''''''''' '"''' W"I

Th'Ou9hlheForce.aJediCan,en.etheoccurrence of distant even', 0' ",eel"" a Mef glimpse into 1m. Mure. Thi, ,en.e sometime. aClivates at unexpected moments. but COn also"" achilWed 'h'ough a meditation techniQue called lar-slght

Lu~e Sl<ywalke'·, li,.t awa'"""ss of fa"'ght occu,red while ''''''''ling Ihrough MYi>"r-space In 'ne /o1;//entl;um Falcon .. Ith Obi·Wan Kenobi. w~o 'ensed the sudden 01 millions befo'e tm. Falcon .rrived upon the ,em.ins of the planet Ald.,.an. Roughly 'h'ee yea,. late,. while,r.ining wi'hYoda.Luk.him,elfe.periencedfa"ightw~en heenvi,ioned,haIPrinceSSUlaO,ganaandH.n

Oneoftheg,ealestpractitionersofla"ightduring Ihe Old Republice,a. YOd.·smedi'ationsoltenled 10 v"ionsthat helped gyide the Jedi on m",ions thro"9hout thega!axy. The foIIO .. i">l ,eco,ding of

O~nd;fficult' rh.fUlVreis, lil<eseareh;ngforraindrops~'h/"" surface of 'he waler. Bu/ raindrop. do fall. anddi.cemec/ in depths. lI>f!y can be. F!eeting can be visiOll' of the fu/ure. momentary gHmpses of oo/h Ihe f~mili~'

perwect;ve to any vision

See you do from rhe righr a"flle at the wrongrhing. orfromrhe wrongang"'a' /herigh/lhing'Nopers~"""I.fiXf!d.

Freq<JIMtly am I a,kf!d If inevitabl@

is the futu'e, Do vision. r@"ealwhatmay

be or what will be? Know YOU w#l when a vision is wll<lt will be. FN!li'by 'he Force you will, Know you will whe'her to Chas@ r~I""ro{JS/Jefore/heyfallorrerTUlin where you~re.Sraywhereyou",.",~n"moveyou wiNanyw<tY_AIw<IysiflmotlOlJi$rhefuture. Yodawasalsor@""wnedforhi.""n5<!of

~:~T:~':';:;'::::::":':'~::;~:'::::::: I PSYCHOMETRY =:J

Although psychometric talenlS 8'e hmlted to

~n:e7:~lt ni~m~~i,o:h=~e,: ::m~::::~ett~~~: I

,pecie. who also PQssess Force powers. Thu;


oblec"p'ionically.toperce;vei>'l$te"entsby gathari~ tMe tenuous PSYChiC imprint, lelt by Iivi~h~nd,.Th@.-..c@ivedpe,spectl""isthe ... me a.lhepe .. pectiveofth@obiect·sor;gi""lwielde<. an<! •• k;lIed Jedi can also gain~n impre.,ion 01 the wielde"s emotions in regord to specific events Ona Of the most accomplished psychometrics wa, tha Jedi QuinlanVo, of Kiffu

Although the twin planets Kiftu.nd Kiffe< had been !»f! of the Old Republic for thou,and,of year$,theywereprotoct@dbynotonlytheJedibut also the Klfta. Guardians. whose commander was ~""wn~. the Sheyr. For three cent uri .... members oflhaCI~n I/o. held tM"p<>'>ltlon or Sheyf_ Se"er~1 Guardi~ns had psychometric talent, but the one wno possessed the highest known ability w"' Quinlan Yo,. ;econd cou,in of Sh~yf

I/o., The jedl Master Tholme, W~tchmM of the ,ectorth.t included Kiffu and Kifrex,d,<covered

Quinlan's strong affinity to the Force and was granted permi .. ion to train him, but becaus"of Quinlon's and PQtentiat a$. Guardian. Clan I/oslnsisted th.t Quinlan'S ~i {,alnlng wouldbeconductedonKiffu,AftEf5e,eraly,,",," TholmedeclaredhisdecisiontotakeQuinlana.his Padawon, but evidently few Jedi knew why Clan VosagreedtoallowQUinlantOleaveKiffu.lnth@ y~ar<8.,.,y .. shonlybeforeQulnlanI/OSbecamea JediM .. te"Tholm@m.dethelollowlngrecording, pr@sentedMr .. becauseitshed,lightonthe

dongerous aspects of psychometry:

only /)ec~use he was ~Ire<ldy a roddle" whenlli,.ld~recl""hishighmidi·chlOd~f) l@v@I,buralsobecaus,,-attherequesrof his clan-lhe inilial training wa. conc!ucred on Kiflu. notCoruscanl_ For anyone who @v@rqu@srionedmyrw.on.forr~kinghim as myPadawan, I urge WU '0 con.ider certaind@tailsolhishistory

You will recall that Quinlan's po"",l. wec@Guardlans.andalsodi""'trelalion5 ofSheyfKurlinVosandhissi,,'erTinteVos. S@voral y""" into his training, Quinlan~

starshiponlhosurfac@ofKiff@x,th@worlc! thatconlainsth@prisoncoloni@soV€!rs@f!n

fe<lr of tho Anz~'i, h~ I'e<ldily agreed to allow m~ /0 /)ring Quinl~n to Corusr:~nt_

Quinlan wa. my first P~d~w~n. ThoUgh Iwassom@tim@satalosstoadvisehimon the/)@stus@ofhispsycho'''''''ictal"nts.1 c!id teach him to/)@aJ"di.ltilUghthim

tocarryth€lightwithinhim.lfon€s.ns€s a darkness about Quinlan. r€m€mb€rhis expNiencedsachlld,buttrustthatlalso tfdinedhimhow/owalkinshadows_

AlthOUgh corpses ~re essenti~lly object' without sentience. neither Guardi~ns ~or Jedi ~ncourage or approve the use of psychometry o~ th.d~ad_D€ath.xperiences~reextremely intense by touching a corps •. ~psychometric'sown mind can b~com. trapped, poSSibly c~using him or her tofollowth~subi.ct



and energy expenditure than powers such os alter mind, a skill that al,o enables J~di to ~vode enemies,Recordsindicat~thatfourthousandye." beforethe,iseoftheGalacticEmpir€.aJ@dinomed Juhani-afeline Catharwith~atural camoufl.ging ~bility_w.' e,pecially ;~illed with this PQw~r.

comp@ll~dtQlowertheirweopons.o'onesidewould begiv@ncour~geond.trengthwhiletheotMe'wa. sapp@dofitswilitolight.Usinglheirskillsinbattie meditation, powerlul Jedi h~ve demonstrated the ability to control ontir. ormies ond lIeets, di'ecting them to do th~ir bidding. According to the Great Holocron, Jedi Ma.ters Thon. Arc. Jeth,.nd Nomi Sunriderall.xc.ll@dinthistechnique.During the Clon@Wars,theJ@diM.sterOppoR.ncisis employed Jedi battl~ m~ditotion to subtly ~Iter the

000""""'0" ,"0 mmm";:::"::o~~,::::;;::: w'" "m'"""' 'mo". "''''". w, .0'> '" ,"wm I

Windu utilized battl€mind in combin.tion Luke5kywalkerdiscover@dabookoboutJedi

otherskill'to~x.rcis@Vaapad.whichOldR.public battiemeditationintheruinsofth@J@dilibrary J

records indicate i. th~ most chall@nging ond on Ossu" Written in an orcone languog@. the

___ "_m_'"'_'"_""_,m_0_fli9_"'_,"_w_m_mo_" o_"'_'W_"~'"=",=lat~=o=o,="'=.=m'="'=."=m="=c'="o~(S)~

BATH EM I N 0 =::::J

The following t@<tj'M@<c@rptfromthe,econd ch"Pter,whichwa' written by Master ThQn

WIly do .<:~oI~r$ us .. r~~ ""rcom<> of barr/@s ro indk~te signifICant momen/J in IIi.fOfy~ 15 1101 """'Y moment signific~nl in

rhey'eallyl>elieve 1i><J'iflheycoll~resuch informaoOll.o'"ers willb.."",undersl~n<I why such @"""U lake tJ/dce. ~nd future

Then why-even nO'" ~s/w,ile Ihis- 8Ce.o-calledintelligentlJeingsdomindling ~nd sl~ugMering olhe", Wily ~re w",pon. stillr.."diedbeforepeiJ<:<!is consiclered? Whya",somanY!Xf'fNJ,edrokilltOi>Chieve pow",claim_r/y.orprOVf>'hatt~,

The answer i •• imple: beings "ghr lJec~use/heyc8n,8nd.omerimesbecau.e t~eymU'I;somel;meslJychoice, au/nOt

So k)ng~. (here is Me. ,here WI// be war.;. E""n 'he sma/"'" insO'Cf> UIl """"

II is Ih& way of the Jecli to encl wars. ~nd '0 o..~w8re IIl~/ Illi. dutyi. one /I>8t

Jedi bdlt/@ mKiIf~rion r<'<luir", """" from~Jedithanothe'di,clp/ine'-ltcant>e most ~xhau5/ing, ~nd aecomes ....,n more ch;tllenging with /~ea"iv~lofuneXJ>ec/ed "'info'cements (or th~ opposition. 8", wh@nitwori<S,itwork'wond<!,,_

If a J<>di's IBlentis "",asurEdlJy rhe at>i~/y ro end bdltle, without act;-'-atin(J ~ 1'9M",,""". then Jedi baWe meditalion m"St""'COumed~monglhemO'(wor/hy

::=,~,.~,,~ :,,: ~.~ ~"""''''' I

Jedi can draw on one anothe,', weng!h f"r 'UPPQrI. Inili.lly referred to •• Force·meld o'Jedi meld, the power mo" commonly known .s baUle·meld t>e;:ause 01 its more If!!quen' use inCQmbaI.BaUle·meldpe,mlt •• groupofJedito be<:ome stron!ler than if each 'Iood.lone, while .Iso enabling them to communicate ",itn one

Mlpir>g them to bette' di,cern where to move tacticalelemt!f1tsandwhentopre ... n.uac:k,hold bac~.orwilhdraw. By na"owif'>g hi. Or he' Io<vs.. JO'di can also sense the distonc, perSonalitil!S.nd ' ... ling.oltMinQivid .... 'swhom.k.uPlhemeld

AlthO<Jgh •• ,Ii.r .Jedi may very well have utiliz.CI,hispowef,itwa,fourteen·ye.r·oldAnakin Solo who introduced it to the n&w Jedi Qroer during the evacuation of Dub,illion, one Qf the lirsl New Re.,ublic worlds to f~lllO the Yuulhan Vong Shortl~ ~fter the evacuation, J~i,," Solo recalled

There'"".tinpeo~OJ1DubriHron. butit'spo,sibl@thattheyv"iilll'Hdybeen CNe'WhefmM by Itr~ invMhr$, The entire planelmay be lost 10 us, Yet something ha"penedduringlheevacuallonthatdoes plveme.ome hope, ~"owerth~tAnakln somehowdi.cov",."d. Ib~lieve everyJedi

Aft"'''''' """ized the in_" had l~rge!M DvOriUion, ewrylhlr>g hap""nM pre!tyfa'I,An.1km,J¥:en,_I""'re pilotingt~no'O'5 TlEfighle's. f!ying.",face

they<iest,oye<l8elt-Runnerl,wI!>'chhad I>eenp,ov,dingouron/yshieJdingpow"r.

It's hare' to explain what hoppened buIAna!rincon~tea'Wlthme.nd~cen. and then we ~II link@d togethe, USillfl teM",,/hy.An.kins~id,Joinwithme, Th,."e as one. Withinsecono's, itw".~slfwe'o' found communion, a telef><J/hlc joining ~ndoono','M perspect'vesof. well. OfNCh o!her, i can on/y<iescri/:ieira •• ua'o'erlly"""ngexlr.> eyes _ e~rr~ percePtions M WI> ;W/ g.ove,n !o rhe Forc:e, 0ur'<MC11OO<WE"e

Anakin was r"" focal (Joim of au' symoiosis, We b""ame the Mrff!ct 'o".dron, jOined in Ihought and purpose. W~ wea~ihrough 'he a"eroio's end cle<troY"<>'on@@n@myfighieraft""~enext. Tl>eycoulo'n'tk""pup with us. ~tlei!l'll>Or unMAnakinb<!c"",,,o~ __

I don'l I~ink 'his meta' 1""1 we ~xperienced w~. ~ fluke. If enough .JKJi c~n IfNlm to emor~ce the Force logel""r "$ my oro(~ers ~nd I o'id, I oelMve this powermighlt>E>ouroesrweM0fl9g,,/nst

lr>deed,thf!baUI@-m@ldwa<an.dvantagethe enemy couldn't match. TheJ@di utili~ed~hf!power w;thgr .... t.oc<@"during~heYuuz""nVong War, Includlngatth@SO'CondBattl@oIDuro,whichend@d ina ne.arl~bloodle"victQrylor'heNew Republ;c Generally, !><IUle-meld ",qu;res more than three Jed;tobaparticularly@ff@ctiv@,butthreecanbe suf!iclentifthe_J.di~reweliattunedtooneanother

al",ady.Thepre,enceotaslngleeddilion.IJedi 9re.tly Inc'ee •• , the powerot Ihe meld. but if the individu&I$~,en·tincomplet •• greemQnt.themeld

JediM •• lerOppoR.nci.i,w.,.m.,terofM.I&Ci. .nd taught the technique to a ,mall number Of his

Ne", the er>d of the war with 1M Vuuzhan Vong. Lu~e SI<yw.I~et nOIe-c:i tmot tm. "",n9th of hi.baUle· •• ndJacenSolow ••• uch th.t the Ihree might ha"" b.en SM,ing the same mind .• ndtMtmindwaslh.Forceltselt.


The Asli K,im .. n Holocron and the G'eat Holocron '0""81 information .bout the Fo'ce t.chn;que COiled Malacia. by whiCh 0 Jed; turns

c.ou.,ng e.tteme dizzi<>ess ar>d nausea without any perma<>enleffect •. 11 seemstmollhi •• bilitywas seldom~.ed byJ@dioftheOIdRepublic.asmost found it e.sre,toemploy.ffoct mind o<a simole FOf(;epu,hloa<hieve,imil.r,esulls.buIM.lacia"S p'oponent' reg"tded il.,a pow.,f~1 defen,e. The

TheFon:ean t>eus'idifl"""'Yw.oyo ro5<lbdue.,,_tbutrhe~ QUiJ~ryofMaIa<:~ift"'ttl>e.Jedii'Chie"""i' no,by""".."dingenetgybu,bytran.forming ,n • ."ergyof,het.rga,.Criticsalwa.v>note

I~as""tzyguardingaposllilat youmustbyp.>ss.T1Iesenlzymaybestandrng Slill.buthismindl.~leriandhissYSI"",sare lunctioning. E'riN}'lhlng IS in m<>tion. 8100d llows. muscles tense. loodisdigested. and ~lm05"hel'icgases~""in"'ledandexhaled. All that mot"", Is eno<Jgh to make him dizzyar>dquNsy._bytocusmg",,11>e f/ow of_.)OtI can make 'hath_ The.entzy will be SO overwfle!medthel I>e is CQm"te'~y dis~bted. yet wiltsulfer no

Now imagine a "ang of murderous woffiorsrunninglowardaninten<fed.iCllm whffit~iNe.u<!<N"'Iysk:ken@dby'l>eir OWflmove_nts._o',heir.""s. orba/anceanduflIJbieto"",>e W"ff'Ors coll.pse. cJutching at Iheground ~s'ltl>eymightfaIJfromil. Tl>erearesome J@diMaSte" who Ilave contended tllal such brules mayberlelit from Mati'C"'. ~s i'""""s'oremlndl~I,,"ltl>eya,...-tike

Malacia require. a direct line of .ighlbetweentheJadiandthetargets. regardlessofdiOlMC".HDweve,if'he targetsbo>gin ,o,...t<l>. y<m may want to briefly"",,,ffyourf}llu. as this is a/mO.t

According to the G"'3t Holocron. M."er R.""lsi. wa< killed by tho fo,mer Jedi Ma<te,So,a