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Shou'd ""e. ReaU)II WOiTc..h; .... S T.V. NOW, SaPo?

l:.t·S,NoT ~Qie he fte ! ~e !;hootd be tftl''''~ ttl f .... d Q wo..'1 bo-c.k +0 OUR home d,'me""S\oi'l,

O\, Pe.llt..., .• '10 \J wo"'''i ,,'

Too ttt\l(, • \ '

c.::.~-~ t:»

- ~

su PIE.R F*~t{e:RS 'It 2'1 I ® 2.005 Bi P'_'o1JU(.TtO" a., 8PoETT WA"NO(.K. PU&t..'~"'61) &1 "'TOP SMELl' PR01)ueTHIII"oIs,. P,Q.SQJI. 1Z,%i., "',;, ~E.""TI-\, (,..A, "!Io06.-~.1.%~. "roP

!.KELf' ,'"o.·U'1t.,....o· .. s » "TME 'top ..... E"' .. (;'06.0 "f'if;. '''T"" "t.lD €)

61 TOP' ~~-=LF P.O» t:.'ho .. ,S,~ .Nt. NO P'UtT OF T'US,.(,.Q ...... c,

""".... liE I.t;PRO'DUC.ED ""''THO''T P~R""SS'O" [:tel-VT 501""1'11'.'-

£ -..c.&RP"TS. FOR Pup,.,PO~GS OF ~~",e.w. 'PP.,,,,,.EJ) .1\1 'ANM)A,

• , "'uG>~ AI"lJ ElC.l'ftE~e:l'" FP..G.-f.tTE'" tW6- MAC.'" , N E S.

'X'm ~lIRe OllP. te.Qmmo.tes "".u P,€Sc.ue u s ! J:'m 'the,;R be.' o'led 'eodep>,o.f'tE,p, 4U. Th~.., 'Re. p~oboMy '1>1 o~I<;N9 plQN Poi.9 "t .... ow .

kNOW l: tte~d to b RoJ S'"

"''J ho.j I.t eIlQ(.t!y ONe -thou!.(u"d time!> to

choilse ""'I

"JOI} MADE eQAfy l l:f r vse my pOweR befoRe "'['rn

of' lilly eItClR,~d to 1000, thQN Y. ho.\le to

r-""'-:r::-_.=.S.:..t.::(I~A t 0" e ~ .

"4 s."ould ITlQk~

0. srno..11

o.dju strneNt.

whOot? f X d;~~'t ~o. , No'tl·llf'1j'

lou okay ~t" th eRe?

\lORtex, huh? '[oo betteR It fl.eQUy G-A'I theN.

~'.." ,..ot 90iN9 to

""eo.p; eo.

fl,lt.\!.1"'9 t.Q'!ot\.lme.

\I Op.te'll., ,/0<) ~!!(""Y S ho.,4d 3i"t me 0- e. ... o.Hee.

T"ose 3"1!. ~Re ~11c.h f",5 It e.:u;h othe!!.

-:t.~ \ \ ~\\...\.... \ ioU'

Thi S ;s 'G,,"" to be o,,,.,,eSo",e.

Me .• "'~ CreoR_',e ".,c..,.te:d to be SURe tho.t we'Re fi,A,'ht ;r.a liNe.,

lJ m ". a.h •.. u m .,. the urn ... To""'.,? Um., .. to dQ.'1 ;s Tuesdc.)I.

ANd< the tIt1ooh,?

I .

The.l~~eotl ' we c\ ... es d 0."1 ?

J'o.,k KRo.k

is l;ke

nt, HERO!


1'30 "" ...

w heRe' s th""t fu c.k'''''' blobby _ piece of

Shl1 ?!

Plense So.'1eth thou do fo1J.j~'{e me!

BeQ\li'1 <loth de,,'ght the ~ou"" but ;t ~,so 'Quse~ jReqt

To~rneNt .'

1:t's CQ lIet4 G-~oTE! We f",cki, .. t' ;~'1e,..ted ;t,

. Wh"t the FuC.a< G~e 'Iou 3 tJ 1S smok'N~?

of ~fJle II S like a;fl.ty OIRmf'~ts. /1''tJIIt...,~

filet. them! G-o d ! TI,e Y'Re q" f ucJ;;;N' PRtCI(S.

'Xi"S So

he 0."''1, \Jop."\e.1-·

Co uldr,it \!'Ie j IJ st :Jet ofile of the

I ~ tJ 1 & \N itl1 sup e p.


- help us?

LGol<, R, ... ".eo.l P.O>Nd1~ i "I!o.m T"'1-outS! 'It's OUf,. b;~ t."4 .... c e ,

I tI e Roe's ""ho.1" .... 'e'IJe

i 3°1"\0 do, S:de "';ck. 'We' ... €: got to teaR doWH ~"the posteRS befofl.e too 1"1'1"1'1" peorlE! see ;t.

Ii!, IN h'\te sUFlfCllce 0, S pUAt OtoS 't"he. lo"e. that clost lo""t,,p.e me s.o.l

Co 0 me ON 9 U 'f !:> I "op.1e tu~eclS to use ;he sv pep. compute FL.

botheRiN~ U~!

f'\l(.\t.. look aT o.ll the. {ockeR!:., o.h~ eO. d'l'

. 1: -lue s,.!. peo~lemus;t'\le . ~ee't.J "the ~'3"S i:.efoRe i lNe puUed 'em aU do1NI'II .", .. ~-'1

"h; s c\P,o.; .. o., e p,pe shQU fhd thee to M'I IO'lle''1'

FQ~ sURely wheN she dot!> Real,~e the derth of m'f feeliHj. she ~hQU IOlle

me Q, c:. well!

lJo de, "IOu shou let 3et )I.. A x.)l..A)c", tt.etol. Be.I;e lie. me, it's

f'lC.k; ,,' PURE .


Oh ... 1:

clo ·t take

s pe ..

!. u p p le.meNts .,. r ,;ke to

51" .. " PIJRe.

1:' d I,e 0.

-"'" .Ie' b Ie

Q!,S e+ to QN..,team.

Ok ... SH'T.

No motheR f"c."-ep. ru~es 0" rfI'I fuc.k'ta' (.ostume IJNlie~S th~~

'll\f:oNt (), .,

rno thep. flJ(,~.N

51QP dOWN~

comeS the ~Lf\P DOWN~

Sl A P - Do \Nt-'. . ....... 1' Co U I'lT-DO~''''''

:r. e 0.",'+ 'etth ",t I;ttle t~mp did'" jet o.Wo.1 .... ah t,h; s. I


Bes~des, r could t~ke thc.t bac:h.

He. 0:.;.1'1'+

'So tou~h,

IO"~U m'J heo.Rt 5"£(U.,,1::, to to",e''[. cp.\1el roiSoN. QR sh<dl m~ be_1 0" e d pjl,o,,;.\e. he~ fa:p.

qlllt;dote.? S"~II-

fist hQs ~o't like ;+s Ol1'II",


St !\uc.tup"o.l ;l'Ite3fli,~t1 ;!j o~''1 Cot I?OJo! Spaee /t;me bRe~ t.h ,S 'mmiNe,..t!.l !


L' C:.r~TN'NC.!


1:- 1: jU!lt would. '"ke Some 0. S So U p.o. .. (e thOot ""IOU -N;U Tn'j-

1: ""0. S jv s+ ~1J!."t 'N- wO~d:e.P;;N'." ~-'1o·U·RI? t>lO+ ~o1N9 to tell Q"1t:H)d~ w'u).1- r sQ;d, p.~9ht") B e{~USe, beco."se r 't-old

''/ou thot ~',., C.oNF'DENtE. ~~,_,;., .....

Cou\d 'Iou 0 pe.~ Up ONe of '1 0 u 'R famous "OP.T.C ES "fo~ me?

... 50 'X. COol" "'1 DIe. ~

!OJ,So .... 1'1 ''''O.l.~l'fn n~ 'tl'i:B ~09'O~'S~~~~~~~~dn~ ~"'NtiM ;)M lB"jII..a.~"M "do "'~"'I().L iN..&:. tI ,",,0(1

.L, ft':if'1:! GW\I it "..L,'" S=-SS'i ~no ~dH'" 'dO 3HI7.I:I~"'\N tjf\O ,.&.1 .a.{III'dd NW~ ~M ·'_.u:tltlOltd ;l1'1~n":>'II.3 ... no ~wo')'ie 'HI Q'ttl3"i no~ 'tIlf\ .. ..a.IJ""" 1"11 ~A.""I'tI "~ · ..... IlS \i 'i"I4J -1. • ..,(1([ :."" 'l:J3III:;IP:J ~JIHi ;UlllO"V:!. uRn#. "","'HI ·S}:l3.L"'~' fII ..... UQ :lWOS sn ":':I.oI.t'dl'#o ,Sl"OMSi~ ">I'"




- -~

SUpeRF'1I.c.~ER~ Ii 2.,3: @ LOOS 6"1 :J"'''''''I;.S ~o, eM "" 'I. I!!, III. P an'P ve. .,.. '10 N B':I a RI;.TT WI'I"FtN a c.~. PU& E 'D &'f TOP SI4t\.'FPfl,ODU e.'T' 0 NS,

P. 0, BO'lt n. %2.,HlAltlE.T"", <rill, 3£1061-12.%2, 1"0' SoI4Eb'" P IkQ ])VC" I oN S, A"1) THE TOP ''3 Ii E I..~ "or;...o lIat:... T_ ,,,'1» @ 61 TOP S,HEU' IHIODuCTIONS,. 'Nt, NO fA,." 0," TtitS SOOK IV'A'f a'E. ItEPIl'N'19 P''e;flM.I!:i;ION 'Ellc..l5.flT l!:i"'ALi. t"C.EP."~ ,


'l: do bel ,'e i e ~~'!, ~~\\;"j me

51"' .. , '

of ~M'I;30P.Q-t;N3'"

'i 0 U ba~e. o.N'I mORe

of t,",oSe mo.p,velovS

So.N4w'''he~. Pe P.r.'} ?

'1oJ{l.e. , c.\e(). .. '''~

~ 304 d().ff\~


VoIe"e dONe ,.,.0""';"'3 but

de. ON 50; Ne. e

.,.at. lo\~e6 thl~

!:.tlJpi(\ "te~m.

Me too, 1:. SlJe s s. Th,'s, stI1P:c:l miR.Ro pRobabl1 deaN eNo\J_sh.


We rF.obt)\.\'I

bo. ... e. tOo

pol ~ sh :ro.c.~ \t.f,OI~S b~"s.

Let'S ~e.e···

.. m ... ~e beds" ~ c.htt:k.

·'cho.Nge s"eo.~e ;N ffl.'1ol•tep..'· ~c.hec."',

"c.leQN bo.thP,oam " -cht::c.k . .-=- ..... '1.2-_

xf he ~t)S

-.If '1oup. o.s.~ 1QIJ'd "'NOW yJh~P.e. he "" 0. S .

,'to..Se." ~e.',,~ ~o1 to

dQ SOMe th~ts~· -,

p~p.c.j ! 'Iou <.omr'Q;'" obout

E \I ER 'I THlNG-',

't.Q.ub~1 s ARE c\ONe e'e.(\N'N~ th\~ ba.1hp.pQI'l, p,;3ht? 'Iou d.;,)N't fuc.r, tha.tIJP -too, diet. 10I1?

- - -


~OP'p.'J. If..1'e f Th;~ \~ j,,~t

t"e be s+

fu (.~'1'I3 cos tome,


T ... is ,5 n>OtheFt ~o~ ~am"ea . ~I:. 1'1.;,..1' SUd"N!t les!. !.uHs .. ;,.

Vle'"e beeN ""4Ik;~3 up & dOWN the.s.e.

shifts. 100"';1'4,,9 ~o'" (,p.otus. ioR i .~e.

tuc.k;tlj "OlJP-S!

'1ou'R~ (I Aecd

"itc.h, '101.1 kNQW tho..t?


'X .... e. t;J0t"o. ~upel\ +hi·p,St ·"1l!t,rn Q, Sure~ Ih'PE

r4otlt! of t"o!;t:!"~1c"t~ bett eft ho,", e "t oilGhed ~'1 soda oR 1: 'II k'c.k the:P,3od- do.""rr.t III S sh 0' 'e S·

Too bo.d I. dC)N.~T let to ik~t.k OIN11:, ... ~')"S, thQU3h.

Oh. HO Heed tQ thoHk me!

T hOot'!. ""hOlt bei H~ G. leo."'u 'S a.U abouT.

Mea."\I'IIh~\eJ OIJR.

Solia.S Cope uNdeR o.ttat.\t. 'fP,OITt

1)\rneN5;OH ZeRo!

The1 a.t1"ot:Ked OUR so d~s !

BuT it's juSt- Q floaT; H3 ,",ole

-:t'rn ~et"'i""5 ~;NAo. I;~ht- he6~ed. Th;5 miSl-tt be e, ~"eo.t

tle.voI """0.1 of , 3ett;tt~ HlGrt\ '


X kNow a'S {,eeN ho.p.~ 0'" 'Iou S.iN,e Supep. D~N

d; S Cl r P e.o. p.e d .


Tp."o:,t i. ...

~ESuS., aNd he. will 9;~e. "10" Q II the.

StReN3th 'Iou Heetl.

"Tell me hotle~tI1'" Do Z look HOT?

C. ome out, come out, .".,heM~"eR ,/ov QJ\e·.

Ho 11 shit

. .. (


YoIhat the Fue \< ",~e 'lOu talk; "3 <lo bout e

Oh &o~ oh Go J

QRAf'.i<re. L' 6- H'l" Nt NCr

,~ -- .... rt,

b~f\D! l

l' f\c.¥- ~ \\e.~r , \\e.. ~f .

Oh. dON't WORR'J! G-fI,otlJ!; is So.fe & SOIJNd ...




LOltl) of DIM(N&IO'" :ZERO!

c;. REA""! TheN 3ettiN3 uS ~ome. mol\e 5Q"d.,.,h~chec:, Should be. NO p~Qb'emJ

R'5ht? ~~=

&e'''!J d~Gd


The mOON' ~t Goth .

'5h~"H~ 50

WONdRoU~'i ~

50 we Need 'Iou. :Ju1S to'so ,et- some ,.,IClst'c t ufS fRomi'he bo.semfNt.

He1, peol'ls. TheRe':, CIoN •

ern€R3efllc.J c Ie b meettNj ,,.. • 5 mitaute 5.

PItt Eme~e"t1 011 m'J~ood')' 3ood",e~!>!

It- Q Iwo.',1 S am<lZ eS me. how beQut;ful +h; s I; ttle sl<y

is aT "';jh-t.

N • eli? ! ! She Smelts ',ke f,.ot-t; I'I~ S hal

Do 'Jou thiNk G-RO"tesS~ is c vte: ?

She. ~eemS a;lr.e '" Re~\I'1 .... ~ee pefl.Sot4 01 ",d •..


We ~h .. ulcl rRobabl'l get bade Somet,me!; elTlep.~e"'c i e!5 o.Re p~ett1 i mpo Ai-aNt.

"'f"'~~ emeft3 tH9 me@tiN9 ,,",ow""'" ,m\lthufuekeN i2__~~~""",,- ses So.ON!

II A membeR lTIust Re~e;"e two Ho ..... ;"at-;~ ... S to be e "foR -th~ po~itl'o"', No

..... NomiNGlte him

Corne ON, Sup-dock. We be.tteSt bl\.1'13 ~v s , '...._ SupeR DaN upS,taiR S

What -the hell ~.J:

CQNt f;N~ tlNyth;"3

dOWN heRe bu1" .

plo.'!;t'ic. c up ~ !

WheRe'5o Supep.Da""s sto.&h? :r waNi' to !:.oc.k Some fUc.~;"'9 dR09 s.moj{e iNto my

~Od damr-) 10"'3 b"js~

t-Io. p.eaU"I ~ iou'vf!. beeN T~ki"'3 cq,~e of th ... t spc.~e I tIme QNomQ'y fofl, Q,'mo~t hQlf jOIJ(1.. 'tfe ~ Mc.ybe 1ol/Re be.ttep- ofT w,thout 't.

look ... mo.1be a'& fop. the. be~t.

5to~ E\J~~lTH'N&1

10u C.aN tell ;lOUR t;ttle but't-buddte:. bock .. t the fa.,.~c1"b thot ';#ou wat&e!';se.1 H\STOR" if! the me. •

ies, l: Qm hot&op.ed thoT 'J"e~1J5 h ... ~ chose ..... me to leo-it th;~ he.Ro~c;.. OR9<QN ~ zo,t;otl.

u..... ... ",,~no.R~? AI:.~DA.d;N9 to +I.e Ihlle book

101)'11 ho."e To be SuSpeNded 'ff\bm' the te",m • i<.l~ thRee mOl'lths foR ;Ue''''''1 1.""'9''''3

... _,..._ -the 9 ",'Ie' <1""\;"'9 .. IT' e~t,1'I

.,.ONC.€ :I: jet s.lJre~Do.N out Q-f the. wt;.'} mo.'I b e x'u The.. S;ble be ouR He.,.,' p.ule book!

No,,", shut the uP fuc\(! Stop -fl().pp;,l 'jOUfJ. pussIer;

o,Nd let me w

Oh. 1~u fh;Hk "I0u'Re PRet...., to\l3h, d~N't ,

'leu Supe"DClN?



"'X. "1"11 " N' t

\e.t- 'Iou.

J: '.L. \NO t' ~

8 u T .. , but- ... >N"+\-'O\,lt ~he Y:me. 8ott\e. ouA P\c:'N To bp.itl.3 ORANCrE Uc,.H"fNU~Cr boek fAom the cI ead w;11 til eveR ",",oR k.

'Iou 91J'Il> o.'lte ~€o.t itl;ois, 'jov I<l'Iow?

DON't "1ou Rea.I;z.e thc..t fuC.\<.;N' ",RouNd ...,.;th tl.e T;me. Bottl~ c.o..,h:l tea.d to the

~e5tp.Uc.t~oN of the eNtiRe -NoRH?

Assholes?We'll.e ~'O o!l.dl"aRY Qsshole~! We o.f\e TEAM

L. CT"T~I"'Cr of "the. 0 R" ... ~e l ~ 3M ... ~ "'9 ~AN c\.us!

THERE rs NO PE.Rc..'1! ON L'I OMI'lIZOD!.'

Dfa~TRo"'E.R OF ~QRL])S!!,'

'"louR N~W look; 0. ,~ttlCi! "flo..!,"'1 -fOoR (A 5, d e.l<~ c:k.

9uPt;f\f=*Cr.ER50 €) g, ® at 1Wl1\.7A"'U KOCltAloi(A. £'ioQ. pu611 ~ .. £)) ON TitlE. 61UNII.. of BANKRuPTC;# 8"1 TlfE IN~5"fI""'Ae,Le. TOP ~tlUf PRObu(..TIO,N!i.. P.O'. SO)l: 12. \Z. M'''''E."\'TA. &A 3006,-I1.'i!l2., USA. PuIU';,ISH£It!.: 6"RETT WAIU.O~K AtIlb ~""'I~ ~TARO!'. (,pp,oQIII&\.-I P~I.ObO~'tM~!) TQ" S,tlUF P~O])"<.:T'Q"'~ AN» Til~ '1'oP S,"~"'F 1.0 Cro ARE fl~c;,,'S.T':'R~'D T'P.AttEf'\Af\~~ OF Top !otltu: P~OJ)Uc.'h~$.'"c.. l\L.l. t\\<r+I'1'!> R£SER,'Ie;». NQ p,.'_ T Q F '1!tIIS PU&l..leATto,.. .... M B~ REPRolMJCil) ..... 1 .... "riUT Pf."ffU!o~IO"'. (UEPT fer{ SI"lAU. E"'<'ERPT!) 1"o{:l Pu~Po!OH. OF RE'fIE.W. THI!o IS A 'WoR" Olf F.(:~.oM. ,",0 'Dutf~ """"£!t. Uffl~CT£M.5i. PI.AU:~. AlIt1l

UII,(.'1»I.",,5 RAE PI\O'J)I:It::TS 0" WE' AUlll0tl,'S '~Abt",fIoTtoH ~ ... -- ..

0'" AR~ V$j,Elt 'I(..T,cI.oIJSI;.1. AW'I R.t~£M8I.AMtE TO At:'NIIo1.. t:v~ ... :r::.. LOCA\'~S, olt PER!>ONlS. loN'Nt. 011. IH,A)), 1$ E;H,..Ra." <'OIMc.eUE:M'l"A·L. SUPEfl.F,oE .. Sl ASft FoA I'" f!o1 NA(V1E.

FI"'!tT Pfl.IMTlfoiCr 200-' - ~R'NT~P ,M C.ANA»~

\H~ott S. '1ou(l.. ..... 1

r ft. Q & \.'\:.M ?

'*'''1 "?!? :J" u ~ .... t-e'U Il1 e ",,~hy.

Th~ S wop.' d Sh', -\-! \N; hj

\c.:e.~ r S. .... ; .. 3

So ... did 'IOU 9:.eo.ll;1 So.",e th~ wop.h~ 0.30.; .. ? 'l: dol'l'+ 1-h;.,ak

"1 e. .,e.... "ot-;~ed 1"h; Sot; .",e..

"'eQ,h~ SORR1. Sui" rnQ~e ;"'p'op:to.Ntl:1. "" hy af'e, 10U w e.o..P,,;"'9 0. l:t -tIe P',..1c., Fo.' fl.1 D~esS?

Th;S ;!t rn,/ Re:;tulQ.R oll+ftt.

B~.s; ~es. :t'm 3'AC.1C. K~A 1<. oNd 7aeJ<. K p.o.\( is the 1'1\0'" HE:R FUc. KER

:Doe.!. the. MOTHERFOCKER tome RUNN; N, ' e"ef!.)1 time SOmeONe R:;"~ 5 III J'+tle. be U?

't. do ... t f\)c;I<.;.,i +h:Nk

lo()~ ." S~+ dc'f'l ....

I &c.HOW jl>;J'p,e,

pReH-1 vpse+ a..b .. b ... eQ~~tol9 \J r ",,:th Vp.~ ... c..e.SS

Oh •.. J: suppose tOR .... ;f43 j C>.j is e.o. so; e~+"O'N «h.a';""3 with Q

bp..o kel>l he~Rt ..

F;Rst she waS loN;th SuP~F..bQN, the.t>I 'Iou, (liNd NoW


8u+ CrP-OTU S be.came TeQm

le.C\ch~.R ;,.steo.d ... ~o she dumped jO\J!