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Art terapia sau cum s te

eliberezi de anxietile i
tensiunile acumulate


Art-terapia reprezint folosirea terapeutic a creaiei artistice pentru

mbuntirea strii emoionale a persoanelor care au diferite dificulti de
via sau a celor care i doresc dezvotarea personal.

Mai jos gseti 23 de metode de a face fa simptomelor i experienelor

traumatice i de a preveni i a reduce stresul. Ia o hrtie i un creion i
deseneaz. Nu conteaz cum.


Ai obosit deseneaz flori.


Eti furios trage o linie.


Simi durere sculpteaz.


Te plictiseti ticsete foaia cu diferite culori.


Eti trist deseneaz un curcubeu.


i-e fric confecioneaz obiecte din macram.


Eti ncordat f o ppu-marionet Motanka.


Eti indignat rupe hrtia n mici buci.


Eti ngrijorat formeaz un origami.


Simi tensiune deseneaz figuri geometrice.


Nu poi s-i aminteti ceva transpune labirinturi pe hrtie.


Te-ai dezamgit reproduce un tablou.


Eti disperat deseneaz drumuri.


Trebuie s nelegi ceva deseneaz mandale.


Ai nevoie s-i restabileti repede puterea picteaz un peisaj.


Nu tii ce simi deseneaz un autoportret.


Vrei s reii n memorie starea deseneaz pete colorate.


Doreti s-i organizezi gndurile deseneaz romburi sau careuri.


Nu te nelegi pe tine nsui i ceea ce-i doreti n via f un colaj.


Nu te poi concentra deseneaz cu puncte.


Nu poi gsi cea mai bun cale de ieire deseneaz valuri i cercuri.


Simi c eti blocat i trebuie s mergi mai departe deseneaz


Trebuie s te concentrezi asupra obiectivului deseneaz grile.

O metod simpl de a lua



i propunem o tehnic simpl i util pentru luarea deciziilor ptratul lui

Decart. Logica acestei tehnici este c trebuie s priveti problema sau
situaia, rspunznd la 4 ntrebri.

Rspunde sincer la urmtoarele ntrebri:


Ce va fi dac acest lucru se va ntmpla? ( Ce voi primi, care vor fi



Ce va fi dac acest lucru nu se va ntmpla? ( Totul va rmne aa cum

a fost, plusurile faptului c nu ai primit ce i-ai dorit).


Ce NU va fi dac acest lucru se va ntmpla? ( Minusurile faptului c ai

primit ce i-ai dorit).


Ce NU va fi dac acest lucru NU se va ntmpla? ( Minusurile faptului c

nu ai primit ce i-ai dorit). Cu aceast ntrebare fii atent, pentru c
creierul vrea s ignore dubla negare. i rspunsul poate s fie
asemntor cu ce de la prima ntrebare. Nu permitei acest lucru.

De ce funcioneaz aceast tehnic? De fapt, n situaiile care au nevoie

de o decizie, deseori ne concentrm pe o singur poziie: ce va fi dac acest
lucru nu se va ntmpla? Cu ajutorul ptratului lui Decart noi privim aceeai

situaie din patru perspective diferite. Acest lucru ne ajut s facem o

alegere contient i cntrit.

Demystifying the Meditation Process

If your meditation practice continuously feels like a herculean effort, and you cant stop
thinking, analyzing, and wondering if youre doing it right, youre doing the exact opposite of
what youre trying to accomplish. Thats why I want to demystify the meditation process.
The purpose of meditation is to slow down your brain waves and get beyond the thinking,
analytical mind. What I want you to understand is that you already know how to do this,
because you do it every day.
If you can begin your practice with the understanding that all youre doing is relaxing your body
(just like when youre falling asleep) while keeping your mind conscious and awakeand if you

can continuously move deeper into this state of relaxation while focusing on nothing (or not
thinking)youve just opened the doorway between the conscious and subconscious mind.
The Ladder of Consciousness
When the conscious mind is awake and functioning optimally, it exists in the realm of the beta
state. But when the brain is in high beta, that means its in a highly aroused, overly-active state.
This usually indicates someone is living in an emergency modeotherwise known as fight or
Once you get beyond beta, the first layer of the subconscious is the alpha brain state. In alpha,
your breathing naturally slows down, the voice in your head quiets, and the more you continue
to relax, the more you begin sliding down the ladder of consciousness into the theta and delta
states. It takes relaxing, getting comfortable, and discontinuing thought to change your brain
and bodys physiologyand you do this every night as you fall asleep.
The antithesis is also true. When you cant sleep at night, its typically because your mind is
racing and youre processing thoughts about your family, job, health, an upsetting event that
happened earlier in the day, and of coursea worst-case future scenario that doesnt actually
This type of circuitous, negative thinking manufactures corresponding chemicals in the brain
that signal the body to feel emotionally. Once we feel those emotions like frustration,
judgement, fear, or anger, we tend to think more thoughts equal to those self-limiting
emotions. When this happens over and over, our body becomes addicted to these emotional
states, and thus becomes addicted to the hormones of stressfurther miring us in negative
feedback loops. As a result, instead of sinking deeper into consciousness, our brain waves climb
the ladder to higher levels of beta brain wave activity. In fact, this is where we enter the realm
of high beta brain waves and now the analytical mind is now overly active.
Its through our meditation practice that we can enter the subconscious and change our
unwanted programs. Think of the subconscious as the brains operating system. By dropping
into the operating system of the brain, we can alter habits, behaviors, and remove emotional
scars. If youre not trying to change anything, you can simply open yourself up to receiving
unknown possibilities and create something new.
Body Asleep, Mind Awake
Look at it this wayfalling asleep and waking up is not something we have to learn how to do,
right? We do it every day.
These two times of the day are when the door to the subconscious mind naturally opens up.
When we go to bed at night, the nighttime neurotransmitter melatonin makes our brain waves

go from beta to alpha, from alpha to theta, and from theta to delta. When we wake up in the
morning, serotoninthe daytime neurotransmittercreates the same process in reverse; our
brain waves go from delta to theta, from theta to alpha, and from alpha to beta.
As we close our eyes and begin the meditation process, it makes sense that we are changing
our brain chemistry from serotonin to melatonin, and thus our brain waves follow suit. As we
sit still and relax our body, we stop thinking because our brain is naturally processing less
sensory information.
If we can allow our bodies to begin to fall asleep while we are aware of our inner world, were in
the perfect state to begin our transformational and/or creative work. Just like its harder to fall
asleep when the neighbor is moving his lawn, your teenager is playing hip-hop music in the
next room, or theres coffee brewing in the kitchenits harder to get into that meditate state
because the external sensory information keeps us focused on our outer world, instead of our
The Takeaway
Like riding a bike or playing tennis, what I want you to understand is relaxing the body yet
staying conscious is just a skill to develop (theres a reason why we call mediation a practice).
When you can completely relax your body and remain conscious, this is the realm where the
unknown and the mystical happens.
By sensing the vastness of space around you and becoming no body, no one, no thing, no
where, in no timeyour body, other people, things in your environment, and past and future
events no longer become the object of your attention. You (as consciousnessnot the body)
are no longer picking up the sensory information around you, which means youre no longer
living by the hormones of stress. In this state, youre not awake, youre not sleeping, and youre
not dreaming; youre in thetranscendental state. This is the unknown realm and this is where
the door opens to events like out-of-body experiences, spontaneous healings, and mystical
So the next time you sit down to meditate, I want you to remember that you already know how
to do this. Slow down the process and really feel in each one of those stages. Stay aware,
expand into the future youve always wanted, and connect to the feelings of that new future.
Know that the life youve always wanted to live awaits you. You just have to make the journey.