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By Judge Gary Darby (A Common Law Judge)
This is my Opinion:
The problem as I see it is that the Federal executive branch is working in collusion with the Oregon
state government as well as the local Harney County Sheriff Ward and Judge Grasty to support the
unconstitutional actions of a unconstitutional agency called the BLM. This has been an intentional
conspiracy by the government (local, state, and federal) to steal land from the landowners within
the Oregon Republic through subterfuge, coercion, and threat. The land that they are stealing is
rich in gold, uranium, rhodium, and other valuable minerals. This is a story of Gevernmental
Lawlessness within the American Nation.
The Russian owned company known as Uranium One out of Toronto Canada, is working in collusion
with the Oregon government that has consolidated plans to create one or more open pit mines
for this whole Harney County area. But before they can do that, they have to remove the
Hammonds from their ranch as well as a number of other ranchers. In fact, Pres. Obama has
announced that the Federal government is going to steal an additional 1.9 million acres of
rangeland from the Sovereign state of Oregon presumably to be able to harvest more minerals and
create more mines. Apparently, this theft is acceptable by the Oregon government that does not
represent the people, but rather represents the corporations and themselves. The question
remains; as the Oregon government gives away large amounts of private land to the BLM
Corporation, how does this help the American people of the Oregon Republic? The answer is quite
simple; it does nothing to help the people of the Oregon. But it does appear to help enrich the
pockets of politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Kate Brown and others while at the same time
allowing the Federal corporation to take unconstitutional control of more land within this sovereign
nation/state. The sad part is that this is not only happening within the Oregon Republic, it is
happening all across America in the west at an alarming rate. This action of unconstitutional claim
by the federal government in stealing sovereign state land has reached a crisis level for the people
of America.
In the sovereign state known as the Oregon Republic which is one of the Union of states, we have
witnessed firsthand the complete and total lawlessness and constitutional disregard for the people,
for our sovereignty, for our Constitution, as well as the restrictions and protections from the federal
Constitution by all level of government entities This is governmental lawlessness!
LaVoy Finicum was apparently determined to be an immediate and direct threat by the government
corporation because he was effective in educating the public about the criminal nature of the BLM.
Although the actions of the Bundys was admirable and did bring public attention to the situation
concerning the Hammons, it was the efforts of LaVoy Finicum that actually caused major problems
for that unconstitutional corporation: Bureau of land management, or BLM. The most obvious
question is why was LaVoy Finicum the target for this ambush/assassination?
The Constitution of the United States Article I section 8 is a very specific in what land and
jurisdiction the Federal Government constitutionally has:

To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten
miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress,
become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all
places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for
the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings
Nowhere does the Constitution mention Federal Reserves or Federal Forests etc
LaVoy Finicum, an American hero, with nothing more than a copy of the Constitution in his hand,
stood up and respectfully said no to the BLM! LaVoy Finicum told the BLM and the Federal
government that they did not have any constitutional authority to take control of the grazing rights
of the land that he purchased going back to before Oregon was even a state. Sometime after the
unconstitutional agency known as the BLM was created, the BLM suddenly came in and took claim
without any authority or consent by the people; they took claim to massive amounts of sovereign

state land. The Oregon Government allowed this unconstitutional action to occur. At this point, over
50% of all land in the west is controlled unconstitutionally by the Federal Government. The grazing
rights that LaVoy owned were passed on to LaVoy, purchased and sold from family to family long
before the BLM even existed.
The Federal government and state government have been unconstitutionally working to rape the
people of America and specifically the Oregon Republic. This rape has been the stealing of the
peoples land within sovereign states of the west, stealing the wealth of the land, and the highly
unjustified enrichment of these politicians and corporations by way of their unlawful and
unconstitutional activities.
In fact, today, the BLM Corporation now has rangers that run around in full military gear ready to
kill anybody that resists the corporation in their unconstitutional claim. This act of
GOVERNMENTAL DOMESTIC TERRORISM has been proven by the intentional ambush and murder
of LaVoy Finicum. Not only did LaVoy Finicum stand up for his constitutionally protected rights and
refused to pay BLM for permission to graze his cattle on property he already owned the grazing
rights to. He was able to join at least 19 other rancher families that all stood up against the BLM
Corporation and rescinded their BLM contracts.
These American ranchers stood up against the unconstitutional and unlawful actions in restricting
and controlling range lands by the Forest services and the BLM. For the BLM, this had become a
crisis because more and more Americans are now following his lead and are standing up against
the BLM. Even after his murder, Americans are standing up for the constitution.
At the Oregon State building, Gov. Kate Brown, standing in front of an admiralty flag invited the
unconstitutional corporation known as the FBI to unlawfully enter into our sovereign state and take
whatever action (including the murder of Americans) was needed to stop the people from
standing up and demanding their constitutionally protected rights. State Police, the BLM, the FBI,
and contract mercenaries were called in to Stop Americans from Resisting the unconstitutional
claim that she and the lawless Federal Government worked together using the BLM to rape and
pillage the land unobstructed.
In the process of following her and Pres. Obamas instructions, the Oregon State police, the FBI
Corporation, and the BLM Corporation, as well as contracted mercenaries by way of a planned
military style operation; ambushed the peaceful, unarmed and law abiding group that was on their
way to John Day Oregon in order to teach the people about the Constitution and Common Law of
the people. LaVoys truck was then singled out and isolated. His party was then drawn out by the
attackers controlling the situation in order to manipulate him to take a specific action whereas he
thought he was protecting those within his truck he was playing directly into their ambush. He was
not aware that he was the target of this ambush in order to specifically stop him from the
extensive damage he was causing the BLM by educating people. It was not long after the ambush
that the governor and the Oregon Legislature put together a bill to protect those involved in the
murder and assassination of Mr. Finicum. Additionally, all evidence has been collected and sealed
from the public in order to continue their total whitewash of the incident.
During this time of peaceful protest, The City of Burns Oregon (which is not part of the BLM
claimed land) was occupied by private unconstitutional forces (FBI) and contract mercenaries. It is
now well documented that this invading force, upon sovereign soil, continues to occupy and
terrorized the ranchers, the women, and the children of Burns Oregon.
Because of the fear that the people have for their lives and property, a Committee of Safety was
formed that made a direct request to the Provost Marshall of the Oregon National Guard. Since
America is currently under martial rule by way of the Lieber code of 1863, it is appropriate that
the Provost Marshall has the authority to take his military police into Burns Oregon and protect the
people from the occupying forces (FBI), or should they be more accurately described as the real
Domestic Terrorist. Especially considering that the Hammonds were labeled to be Domestic
Terrorist for doing nothing more than protecting their property from wild fires. Did the Hammonds
terrorize the people of Harney county like the FBI and their Mercenaries actually did? No! they
Likewise, I know of no constitutional authority that allows the Governor or the other politicians in
Salem Oregon to support and allow an unconstitutional occupation of FBI and hired mercenary
forces within any City of this Oregon Republic under any circumstance.
I, Judge Darby, did receive a formal request made by the officially elected Committee of Safety of
Harney County, and I did personally hand-deliver that written request to MAJ. Bomar to be
delivered to the provost Marshal and the Adjunct MAJOR GENERAL Stencel warranting them to

protect the people of Burns and expel this group of occupying mercenaries. MAJOR GENERAL
Stencil denied the protection of the Oregon standing army, the Provost Marshall, and the Military
Police to the people of Burns Oregon. It is presumed that his inaction was prompted by a stand
down order issued by Gov. Kate Brown in support of these unconstitutional corporate invaders. In
essence, it has been shown by action or the lack thereof, that MAJOR GENERAL Stencil is nothing
more than a puppet or a figurehead that gives no regard to the oath that he took when he joined
the military to protect the people or support the Constitution(s). He is an embarrassment to all
fighting men that take their Oaths seriously. The truth of the matter is this: The governor is
subordinate to the people. The Constitution specifies that all power is inherent in the People
When the People call upon their servant the Provost Marshall to protect them when they are in fear
for their lives, it is the DUTY of the servants of the people to respond. The people do not serve the
Government, especially a lawless government that takes unconstitutional actions against the
Therefore my fellow Americans, are you now starting to wake up to the lies and the deceit
perpetuated upon us for generations? Are you coming to realize the significance within each of our
lives on how the corporations have taken control of our government; the government OF THE
PEOPLE no longer exists! WHEREAS it has now become the government OF AND FOR THE
CORPORATIONS AND POLITICIANS! Are you finally seeing that it doesnt matter who you vote into
office anymore the government at every level will continued its lawlessness? Are you now
prepared to have a unconstitutional invasion force come into your city or your town and take
control of your life, to install fear into the hearts of your children? It is time for you to understand
that many people that have stood up against the tyranny of these unconstitutional rulers have
been standing up for you and your children. In doing so, they paid the ultimate price, their families
paid the ultimate price, their children and wives paid the ultimate price in effect protecting your
There is a solution that the American people must take. That solution is to abandon the statutory
puppet grand jury system that is owned, operated, and controlled as a tool against the American
people by the Lawyers Guild. We have been programmed to believe that the Admiralty Judicial
System at the county seat is legitimate. The fact of the matter is that it is not! It is nothing more
than a for-profit corporation providing judicial services controlled by the Lawyers Guild; for the
enrichment of corporations. America can bring back land jurisdiction by creating and
understanding the real and true nature of the peoples common law grand jury. One that is truly
independent and separate from any control and use as a tool against the people.
I promise you, that the lawyers Guild will do everything that they can to stop you from taking back
the Peoples Justice System. That they will use massive amounts of mainstream propaganda, they
will use negative twists to confuse you, and they will vilify any and all leaders or groups bringing
back the Sword and the Shield of the people. Yes, the Peoples common law grand jury prior to
1901 was independent and acted as a shield against corrupt government that also had the ability
to cut out that corruption upon their own action. The Peoples institution of the grand jury has a
history of over 800 years dating back to the Magna Carta as well as the Fifth Amendment designed
to protect the people from massive governmental corruption and tyranny. This is not being antigovernment; it is being pro-honest-government of the people for the people as was given to us
by the founders of this country. Learn the true nature of the People Grand Jury as opposed to the
Statutory Puppet Grand Juries.