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1. Guard adjusted correctly

2. Safety glasses on
3. No loose sleeves
4. No loose threads on gloves / no gloves for close work
5. No tie / other loose clothing
6. Lighting is adequate
7. Drill bit is correct size
8. Drill bit is correct type for material being drilled
9. Material being drilled is suitable for drilling on this machine
10. No special hazards re material being drilled, dangerous dust etc.
11. Work area is clear of other obstructions
12. Material being cut of a suitable six to fit on drill bench
13. Second person or additional support for larger material pieces being cut
14. Person operating the drill is trained and familiar with its operation
15. Drill bit is in good state, not damaged
16. Drill bit is correctly loaded into drilll.
17. Thickness of material being drilled is correct for dril bit.
18. Excessive force is not applied during drilling


1. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris.
2. Keep the work area clean and uncluttered.
3. Loose fitting clothes, jewelry, or hair that is not tied back can get tangled in the drill
and cause serious injury.
4. Drilling boards with nails, paint, gravel, staples, or other foreign materials can dull the
drill bit.
5. Using the drill with out first clamping the work firmly in place is very dangerous.
6. Hold the portable electric drill motor firmly with both hands at all times when
7. Make sure the chuck key has been removed before turning the power on.

8. Use the proper speed for the material you are drilling.
9. Feed the drill into the material at a constant rate.
10. Never make adjustments or attempt to change bits while the drill is plugged in or
11. Keep others away from the machine and out of the safety zone.
12. Have the instructor check your set up before using the machine.
13. Wearing gloves while using the drill is unsafe.
14. Drilling into a container that may have once contained or does contain flammable
materialscould cause a fire or explosion.

15. If you drill into an electric wire or cord you will probably get shocked.
16. Use a "V" block to hold round or cylindrical stock.
17. Raise the drill bit off the wood until the machine has been turned on and reached full
18. Turn off the drill and wait for it to come to a complete stop before clearing sawdust
off the table.
19. Check the trigger on the portable electric drills that have cords to be sure it is in the
off position before plugging the drill into the power source.
20. A cordless drill should be in the off position (between forward and reverse) or have
the battery removed when changing bits or when it is not in use.