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5th. Ray of Truth, Healing and Vision.

Life Lesson :-- “ To Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All.”

The energy of the 5th. Ray :--

--allows you to access the power of inner vision to perceive the

reality of a situation.

--gives you the ability to focus, to put your attention upon what
you want to become, or to create.

--gives you the ability to exercise your spiritual vision by seeing

the Good (God ) in all, in friend and foe alike.

The energy of the 5th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use
the energy of the Third- Eye Chakra correctly:--

--by focusing your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve
clarity and creative insight.

--by honouring the creative genius and insights that come to

yourself and others.

--by recognizing that what you put your attention upon, you will

--by striving to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the

world, and see as God sees.

--by letting the Third- Eye Chakra be the open door for the
expression of Divine love as God truth.

--by letting the Third-Eye Chakra radiate the healing Vision that
will awaken all life to the Living Truth.

“ My third-eye chakra is balanced. “

“ My third-eye chakra now radiates the healing vision that

awakens all life to the Living Truth. “

“ I use the power of my third-eye chakra correctly. “

“ My third- eye is a centre of Violet Fire !

My third-eye is the purity God desires ! “

“ I release all disqualified energy of my third-eye chakra into the

Violet transmuting Flame---NOW ! “

“ My third-eye chakra is the open door for the expression of

Divine Love as God Truth. “

Qualities of the 5th. Ray.

Positive Qualities Ray

--truth --music --harmony

--vision --science

--healing -- constancy

--wholeness --abundance

--clarity --holding the highest vision

for self and others.
Unbalanced Expressions of the 5th. Ray.

--falsehood --inconstancy

--lack of vision -- lack of clarity

--spiritual impoverishment -- mental citicism


--Everything in the material universe is made from one basic

substance ==Light/energy.

--behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light, the Mother

This light can be envisioned as tiny particles or strings that
vibrate at very high speed.
When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether
in your own life, your own physical body, or in your society or on
the planet as a whole---you can make a decision that you will not
accept it as real or permanent.
See beyond it and see the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter Light.
Use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and see
the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance.

--Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify

through the power of the light in you.
So, if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance,
especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will
actually reinforce that condition.

--You need to consciously take the power of your attention and

vision and use it to focus a more perfect vision, the most perfect
vision you can imagine and affirm that vision as real and

--At the beginning of the spiritual path, you need to be constant

because you have work to do---the transmutation of your karma.

--Over the years and your previous lifetimes , you have made
negative karma and created habits and momentums which keep
your energy tied up.

--To free your energy, so that you can pursue your purpose, your
divine plan, you need to transmute your past.
This can be done by daily giving the Violet Flame decrees or the
Aquarian Age Rosaries, in order to transmute your karma.

--Constancy does not always mean doing the same thing

As you transmute your karma and make progress on the spiritual
path, as you maintain your connection to your Spiritual Self, your
I Am Presence, you will know when it is time to move on to
another aspect of your divine plan.

--You will also eventually discover and be able to pursue your

sacred labour, which is the creative expression, the gift, that you
came to give to this world or to a specific group pf people.
You can bring your unique gift to the world by letting your light
shine, the light of your God Flame, shine through your identity,
thoughts, feelings and actions.


--Wholeness is a feeling of completeness.

There is a longing and yearning inside each of us which we try
and fill with people and the things of this world.
--But to attain wholeness, you need to realize that what you are
really seeking for is union or oneness with your own Spiritual
self, your I Am Presence.

--To find that wholeness, that completeness, you need to:--

--leave behind the mind-set that you need something from outside
yourself to become whole.

--rediscover your true, spiritual identity.

--recognize that you are part of the Whole, part of the Body of God
on Earth.

--bring your lower being into alignment with, into oneness with,
your Higher, Spiritual being.

--regain balance in all areas of your life.

--forgive all life unconditionally.

--be willing to grow spiritually and become More.

--fulfil your reason for being in this world--- give your gift, your
creative expression, to help raise all life.

--The key to your wholeness is energy.

When your life-stream has the correct connection to your Higher
self, your I Am Presence, it feels a constant flow of spiritual
energy streaming through all levels of its being directly from its I
Am Presence.
It is this flow of energy that gives the life -stream the sense of
being whole, of being one with the flow of the River of life, that is
God’s creation.

--You are whole when you realize that you get everything from
God via your direct inner oneness with God---because your true
self is an extension of the Creator’s being.
So you need nothing from any other person.

“ I Am Whole.
I Am complete.
I Am part of the Whole, a part of the Body of God on Earth. “


--To create abundance in your life, you need to :--

--cleanse and purify your mind and emotions from all negativity.

--replace the negative thoughts by using positive affirmations of

what you want to be, do and have.

--get rid of what you don’t want in your outer world to make room
for what you do want.
Eg. De-clutter your personal living space , belongings, clothes,

--impress your sub-conscious mind by using different techniques:-

Eg.--use the spoken word, using only positive words, eg.
--give Violet Flame decrees

--give rosaries

--use a personal journal to write down your desires and goals.

Read and revise regularly.

--create a collage of picture, photos, drawings or paintings to

represent your desires and goals. Place in a prominent place and
view daily.

--Abundance is more than money or possessions

It is knowing :-- your true identity as a spiritual being.
--that you create your own abundant life.
--you have creative powers eg. Your free will,
imagination, your attention.

--You use the flow of energy that daily flows into your being over
your crystal cord to create what you want.

--But there are things that can block your creative powers :-

--fear, anxiety.
--lack of faith.
--not holding your attention on what you want but focusing on
what you do not want.
-subconscious thoughts and the beliefs you hold about money
and wealth.
-- believing you are separated from your Source --from God.
--wrong conscious thinking.

--These blocks need to be removed before you can attract

abundance into your life.

--You can do this by daily giving Mother Mary’s Rosaries which

use affirmations to replace your negative thoughts and beliefs.


“ Abundance is my natural state. “

“ I accept the abundant life. “

“ I have the abundant life. “

“ I manifest God’s abundance in all aspects of my life. “

“ The abundant life is to constantly become MORE and thus

receive more abundance.”
“ I do not need anything outside my Spiritual Self
--my I Am Presence--in order to manifest the abundant life. “

“ I allow my I Am Presence to direct my life through my heart and

thus I have God’s abundant life. “


--Illness is an expression of a state of consciousness.

It can be caused by your karma.
It can be created by your lower mind, by the ego, to give the soul
an excuse for not taking command over its own destiny, for not
taking responsibility for itself.

--Before you can be healed of any condition in body, mind or soul,

you need to :--

--take ownership of that condition. Realize that you have created

it , either consciously or unconsciously. Or you have agreed to
take it upon yourself in order to learn a lesson or show others
that the condition can be overcome.

--be willing to let go of any limitation and the consciousness, the

thinking, behind that condition.

--Healing requires surrender. You need to surrender the outer

illness and also surrender something in your mind---the thoughts
and beliefs that have caused the condition.

--There are two levels of surrender.

First, you must let go of the beliefs that you hold about the
illness, eg. You may believe that the illness is necessary,
unavoidable or it is offering you something---the chance to be on
your own, to be waited on, to be pampered, to get attention.
--Second , you must realize that the illness itself, whether it is
physical or mental, is the result of the out picturing of the
thinking and beliefs held in the collective consciousness.
--In order to be healed, you have to separate yourself from that
collective thinking.
You may have taken on the illness in order to show others that it
is possible to rise above it.

--When you discover the consciousness behind the illness or

disease , you need to free yourself from it, by realizing this is not
the creation of the Real You. Your I Am Presence and your soul
did not create this consciousness. It was created by your ego,
and the egos of other human beings and the consciousness of
dark beings.

Foe instance---if a physical condition is the result of anger , you

can only be healed by recognizing that it is the result of your
anger. Then you need to find out what caused you to feel the
anger in the first place. Often anger is the result of an
expectation that you have that does not line up with the reality of
life or the higher will of your soul.
Realize that the anger is separate from yourself--it is a thing you
own and not a part of yourself. At the moment you own it, you
have the option of giving it to God. Then you have to be willing to
take control of your life, your thinking, etc, so that you deal with
anger once and for all.

--Why does healing not occur?

--your soul may not have fully learned the lesson that it needs to
learn from that condition.
--You may not have balanced the karma that you were supposed
to balance by carrying that condition. ( This karma could be
personal or world karma that you have agreed to hold for others.)

--For some people, an illness, mental or physical can be a labour

of love. They have taken upon themselves a part of the darkness
to give other people an opportunity of a lifetime, where they were
not so burdened in body and mind, so that they could discover
the spiritual side of life.

--So there is a possibility that the soul, at deeper levels, does not
want to be healed----or at least not yet.

--Unless you are attuned to this in your own mind, you cannot
truly know.
And thus, you may seek to attain healing through unlawful
eg.-- Someone else takes upon themselves the karma that you
have volunteered to carry.
--or you use some form of medicine as a shortcut to either
take away pain or take away the illness that was meant to be

--Therefore, you need to tune in to your own higher will and see
what God’s will is concerning your illness. And if you feel in your
heart that the healing should take place, then you can use
appropriate means.
--All healing is energy.
By invoking the light of God and by affirming the purity and
perfection of God, you can transform the imperfect energy, the
energy that has currently taken on an imperfect form.

--All healing is faith healing.


--The ability to know truth is already built inside your being-it is a

gift from God.

--By making an effort, you can develop this gift to its full

--This ability to know truth is commonly known as intuition.

--The purpose of any religion or spiritual teaching is to eventually

bring you to the point where you discover and connect to the
Spirit of truth that is inside you. This is so that you can become
spiritually self-sufficient and not have to rely on an outer source
for answers.
--The Kingdom of God, which is the Christ consciousness cannot
be known through an outer knowledge.
It can be known only by going deep within yourself and
connecting to the source of truth that is within you.
This is your Christ self, your I Am Presence, and the Ascended
Masters, who are the spiritual teachers for all mankind.

Harmony ---

--is a state of peaceful agreement and co-operation between

people or groups of people.

--is the way parts combine well together or into a whole.

The way to maintain harmony in your life :--

--is to think and focus only on things which are harmonious and
take it off all forms of in harmony.

--is to strive to maintain peace and harmony between you and all
other people.

--is to strive to maintain peace and harmony between the

different parts of your being ie, your 4 lower bodies, your
charkas, the 3 plumes of your three-fold flame and most
importantly, between your lower self and your Spiritual Self--your
I Am Presence.

You break the Law of Harmony whenever you misuse the energy
of any of your chakras.
Without harmony everything disintegrates, everything breaks

Being harmonious in every life situation is the first lesson in self-

When you have harmony in your thoughts, then your actions will
be controlled and harmonious.
When your emotions are in harmony you will then produce
harmony in your spoken words.

Therefore, to keep your peace and therefore your harmony in

your life :--
--stop senseless chatter;
--refrain from talk which degrades or humiliates yourself ot
--practice silence rather than speak harshly or discordantly.

Ultimately , you cannot have an inner or outer peace or have a

life of harmony if you have debts that you owe to any part of life.

So, own no man anything and pay back what you owe.
To deal with spiritual debts, made over many lifetimes, you can
use powerful spiritual techniques , such as decrees and rosaries.

The 5th. Ray corresponds to Right Livelihood and is one of the

points on the Eight-fold path of the Buddha.

Right Livelihood :--

--is any occupation which supports yourself and your family;
--and helps you balance your karma through service to some form
of life;
--and is benefit and blesses all life.

It is not an occupation that involves trade in human beings, arms,

intoxicating drinks or poisons, such as drugs.

You came to Earth with talents that you are meant to share with
You came in order to give a unique gift to the world or to a
specific group pf people, even if it is just your immediate family
or circle of influence.
Until you discover and express your gift to the world, you will not
feel fulfilled.
Your passion is what you love to do . It is something you choose
to do, regardless of whether you get paid or not.
It can also be what you love to BE--eg. Love, peace, harmony, joy,
patience, etc.
To discover your passion, spend time in the silence, in quiet
contemplation , or write in a a journal using free flow writing
which allows your inner being to have a voice.

Master the 5th Ray through Balance.

You can master the 5th. Ray and balance it with willpower,
wisdom, love, purity, service and freedom-- the qualities of the
other 6 rays.

The quality of vision gives you the ability :--

--to see;

--to perceive the reality of a situation;

--to perceive future developments;

--to focus on a mental image produced by your imagination, to

put your attention upon what you want to become or to create;

--to see Good ( God ) in all.

To balance the quality of vision with the other 6 rays :--

-- see who you really are;

-- choose to BE who you really are ;

( eg. A spiritual being living at this current time in a physical
And a co-creator with God , with the ability to create your own
reality by using your free will, self-awareness and imagination.

-- see your potential to be the Christ on Earth;

--and choose to BE that Christ;

--see the higher vision of your divine plan, a clear purpose for
your own life and then follow it out of pure love for God and your
own Higher being.

--purify your motives, intentions, and desires so that your vision

is of the highest and best;

--see and hold the vision of the Golden Age;

-- see many people awaken and discover their spiritual selves

and the inner, spiritual path;
--see the Oneness of all life;

--realize that true service is not just about seeing to the outer
needs of people.
It is about giving them a higher, better vision for how they can
take control of their own lives and improve the quality of their
material and spiritual lives.
It is about raising up others and giving them the knowledge and
the tools which can empower them to become self-sufficient.
Thus, they can, in their turn, share what they have learnt, with

--realize your power to choose and to order your own actions.

With your free will, you are free to Be Who You Really Are.

--freedom must also be given to all others so that they vcan Be

Who They Really Are.
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