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Higher Education

School of Creative Industries


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1. Module overview
2. Aims and learning outcomes
3. Module lead contact details
4. Module delivery plan
5. Reading List and additional
6. Assessment
7. Grading criteria
8. Hyperlink to Academic
9. Module Evaluation
10. Student as Producer
11. Employer links

HE04/Issue 2/Sept 15

Module Overview
This opening statement should be written to the student and should provide
a brief overview of the student experience in this particular module. It may
also include an overview of what students will achieve by completing the
Aims and learning outcomes of the module
Insert module aims and learning outcomes from the module descriptor
(validated) held on the HE site of NCG online NB the replacements for PPD
WBL are on the School SharePoint site and requite contextualisation
Module Leader/ Module Team Contact Details
It should be made clear to the student who is to take academic control of the
module and where they should direct queries or issues related to the module.
Contact details may include office location, e-mail address, telephone contact,
office hours, how to book a tutorial etc.
Module delivery plan
Plan for the delivery of the module
A brief description of the topic to be covered in each session. Directions to
students in relation to specific reading or preparation required for the
sessions. This could be linked to the e-reading list for the module if



Succinct narrative for the student

If you need more detail produce a
separate scheme of work for course file
Re-cap of Alexander technique and
Fitzmaurice work
Student performance of duologues for
peer and tutor feedback
Continuation of work on monologues
Script format
Planning the shoot
Test footage

Add rows as necessary

HE04/Issue 2/Sept 15

study and
Homework or
necessary prereading/ prep.
Give some
which supports
what the
studnt should
be doing with
their 100/200
notional hours

& tutor

School HE
calendar key
Copy from HE
calendar once
from Anne &
Add Quality
Days and so
on this will
prevent hand
ins on days
the building
is closed.

Reading list and additional learning resources

Identify specific reading list, online resources and learning resources or
materials to support learning within the module. Harvard Referencing!!!!
Provide an outline of the assessment for the module explaining to the student
what they are expected to do to ensure they meet the learning outcome of the
module. You should outline the assessment criteria for each assessment.
Students might find it helpful to have any additional explanation of what is
required by the criteria and/or information that will help them to address the
criteria in their assessment.
You must present the following for assessment for this module
Assessment Tool

as per

Outcomes deadline date, time
Covered: & location

Please double and triple

check this matches your
formal matrix which
informs MRS set up

Grading Criteria
See contextualised grading criteria handbook which was given to you during
induction and is also available on NCG online
Link to Academic Regulations
Assessment of students work on this award is carried out according to the
NCG HE Academic Regulations. A full set of regulations are available on the
HE site of the Student intranet
Module Evaluation
The college relies on student feedback as a key method of assuring and
enhancing the quality of your learning and teaching experiences. Your
feedback is very important to us and we will invite you to give
constructive feedback on the module (this may be formal or informal) at
various points.
Student completing evaluations for this module last year provided the
following feedback.
HE04/Issue 2/Sept 15

Insert previous results, comments and responses where applicable.

I find the module
interesting and
I understand what I need to
provide for the assessment of
this module
I think the module is well
organised and helps me
I receive the help and
support I need to
complete this module

% Agree

Comments and responses

Student as Producer
Our vision of higher education is enshrined within the concept of Student as
Producer, which redefines the traditional view of a student from a consumer
of knowledge to a creator and interpreter of knowledge. Student as Producer
defines our institutional approach to research engaged teaching and learning,
which consists of meaningful collaboration between staff and students in
programme design, content and delivery. Student as Producer prizes the
outputs of student research as a valued activity within an inclusive academic
The following are examples of the types of opportunities that promote our
concept of research engaged teaching and learning:

Working with staff as part of the design, development and

enhancement of your programme
Get involved in subject-specific research techniques and projects
Learning environments (virtual or physical) which encourage
collaborative activities and enhance the student learning experience
Opportunities for students to disseminate research outputs both
internal and external to the institution

Insert examples of how this will be incorporated in the delivery and content of
this module.
Employer links and engagement with industry
This section should be used to provide students with information that outlines
(where appropriate) how industry has contributed to the module in terms of
the project/assessment design and relevance to industry.

HE04/Issue 2/Sept 15

HE04/Issue 2/Sept 15