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What is YAPIS?

Youth Advocators Productive Integrated Services, Inc (YAPIS) is a communitybased youth organization in Iligan City, Philippines composed primarily of students and
young professionals with outstanding background in the academe, leadership, event
management, and community volunteerism. YAPIS is highly engaged to advocacies that
include but not limited to the following: Youth Empowerment, Education, Environment,
and Culture and Arts.
Members of the group are addressed or called as Yapians and as respected as
the organization is, every Yapians are expected to exhibit or manifest within their selves
the ethics and values imbued by a true blooded Yapian. The members of the
Organization take part in different projects and undertakings through their active
involvement in a variety of planning sessions, workshops and seminars/trainings. This
serves as an avenue for the members to develop and plan on doable and meaningful
projects and activities that will benefit to their personal and professional development.
As prime movers of volunteerism, the members are expected to share their time, effort
and resources that would enable the Organization achieve its goals. As potent volunteer
force, the members are expected to gain the experience and feel the spirit the long
lasting bond of Friendship through Service.
The strong passion of YAPIS in serving the community have gave birth to MSUIITs best Student Party and YAPIS sister organization, TINGOG (Transparency,
Integrity, Good Governance) who have served the students of MSU-IIT for straight 5
years providing quality student service and reputable governance, and even extending
in conducting other community and civic endeavours.. TINGOG follows the values and
principles forwarded by YAPIS.
How was YAPIS founded?
YAPIS has evolved quickly in its short but dynamic history. It was founded on
October 1, 2005 with fifteen original members. YAPIS as an organization, received
its first recognition and public acknowledgement on January 20, 2006 during the
Parokya ni Edgar concert held at the MSU-IIT Gymnasium, of which the group was
instrumental of the success as one of its working committees.
What are the best practices of the group?
Iligan Brainwave Challenge (ILBRAVE) - A yearly literary event includes quiz
show, extemporaneous speaking, oratorical, photography, storytelling and debate
contest open to all secondary schools in Iligan City & Lanao del Norte.
YAPIS Environment Service (YES) - A foremost ecological approach to respond
the vulnerable balance in our ecology today includes: tree planting, clean-up drive,
& seminars.
YAPIS Outstanding Leadership Award (YOLA) - To recognize the graduates in
secondary level who did extra ordinary service to the school and community and
serve as inspiration to other young people.

YAPIS Care (Yap Care) - Free cataract operation for indigent families at Mercy
Community Hospital.
HALINGASA Huni Alang Kang San Miguel - A battle of the band, rap & dance
contest a calendared activity during the Tourism Month & Fiesta Celebration.
Mr. & Ms. Campus Iligan - A beauty and brain competition to the high school
students in Iligan.
YAPIS Urban Club Friendship Game - A city-wide sporting event open to all tertiary
schools and different organizations in Iligan City that promotes peace through the
spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.
Pamaskong Handog ng YAPIS - A yearly gift giving program to the children aged
below 10-years old.
Iligan Youth Choice Awards (IYCA) - The first youth choice award in Iligan City
that recognizes individuals, companies and other entities that have produced the
awareness of the youth and presented the unique brand of service in lligan City.
LILAS - The word LILAS is an old Bisayan dialect means film. It is a city-wide short
film making contest open to all students, amateur film makers and multimedia artists.
Regional Institute Battle (RIB) A yearly regional literary event in the tertiary
schools of Region X includes: quiz show, extemporaneous speaking, canvass
painting, photography, and debate competition.
What are the achievements of YAPIS?
YAPIS became the only youth organization that represents Iligan City during the
Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) dated last August 14, 2006 and
became one of the awardees in the national level representing Mindanao. The group
presented its best practice, TREE GROWING, at the Malacaan Palace, Manila
spearheaded by the Office of Senator Francis Kiko M. Pangilinan, TAYO Awards
Foundation Inc., Coca-Cola Barkada Foundation Inc., National Youth Commission,
Philippine Daily Inquirer and Team Energy.
By the year 2008, YAPIS received its second national award in the 6th Search of
the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) as one of the national finalists
with the project entry Salig Lang which promotes hope, courage and faith in times of
This makes YAPIS as one of the most active youth organizations in Iligan and in
the entire Region X.

What does it take to become a Yapian?

- A YAPIAN shall uphold the values ofWE CRAFT Principle:
Willingness to join the organization
Exhibit competence,
Commitment to the advocacy and to the principles set forth by the organization,
Responsible to the needs of a practical task, respect to yourself and to others
Ability to serve the community
Friendly to all people, and;
Time to participate.
Together We Advocate Willful Services