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National Theatre Honor Society

Alpha Beta Iota Cast at Capital

28 September 2015 Meeting #2
Present: Tyler Starling, Mitchell Courtney, Joe Huggins, Kaleigh May, Colin Moore,
Isaiah Coln, Madison Smith, Abigail Worden
Absent: Cedric Gegel, Daniel Stemen, Alex Caperton, Natalie Stasyk, DeVaughn
Dobbins, Mackenzi Shaull-Babcock
Meeting was called to order by President Tyler Starling at 10:15 PM.

Something Greek does not have Alpha Psi Omega letter colors available.
Designer Greek has the colors, but their shirts are around $21 apiece
compared to Something Greeks $15 with shipping.
The group suggested purchasing a sky blue shirt with gold letters and a black
border, among other color combinations.
o Tyler offered to come up with a few options and share them to the
Facebook group.


BALLS Committee
o These individuals visit Dr. Bill Kennedys office the day of an opening
night performance and receive money for purchasing snacks and
bottles of water for the performance runs. Mitchell Courtney will head
the committee.
Colin Moore, Isaiah Colon, and Kaleigh May volunteered to
Reception Committee
o The theatre department is hosting receptions throughout the 100 Year
Anniversary for Capital theatre Alumni to visit, tour, and learn about
theatre productions and renovations. Individuals in this committee,
also headed by Mitchell Courtney, will assist Dr. Dan in preparing for
and running the receptions.
Madison Smith and Abigail Worden volunteered to participate.
Following the meeting, Mitch will post in the Facebook group and call for other


More than 3,000 alumni names were found through old theatre records.
These names were passed on to the Alumni Relations group at Capital.

Metamorphoses Shirts:

We discussed designing show shirts for Metamorphoses and making them

available to the cast of the show.
o CustomInk and Something Greek have design applications
o Madison Smith will design the shirts and share designs with the group.
o Depending on the cost of the shirts, it may be turned into a fundraiser.
If shirts are more than $20 we will likely not upcharge to raise money.

The meeting concluded at 10:35 PM.