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Games 2016


"Pokmon: The First Movie" - "Mewtwo Strikes Back" (Mewtwo's Counterattack)
"Pokmon: The Movie 2000" - "The Power of One" (Mirage Pokmon: Lugia's Explosive Birth)
"Pokmon 3: The Movie" - "Spell of the Unown" (Emperor of The Crystal Tower: ENTEI)
"Pokmon 4Ever" - "Celebi: Voice of the Forest" (Celebi: The Meeting that Traversed Time)
"Pokmon Heroes: Latios and Latias" (Guardian Gods of the Capital of Water: Latias and Latios)
"Jirachi Wish Maker" (Wishing Star of the Seven Nights: Jirachi)
"Destiny Deoxys" (Visitor from the Sky-Splitting: Deoxys)
"Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" (Mew and the Aura Hero: Lucario)
"Pokmon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea" (The Pokmon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy)
"The Rise of Darkrai" (Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai)NAA NAKOY COPY
"Giratina and the Sky Warrior" (Giratina and the Bouquet of the Frozen Sky: Shaymin)
"Arceus and the Jewel of Life" (Arceus: To Conquering Space-Time) NAA NAKOY COPY
"ZoroarkMaster of Illusions" (Phantom Ruler: Zoroark)
"WhiteVictini and Zekrom" (Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom)
"BlackVictini and Reshiram" (Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram)
"Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice" (Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo)
"Genesect and the Legend Awakened" (ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens)
"Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction"
"Hoopa and the Clash of Ages"
"Volcanion and the Exquisite Magiana" (july 2016 pa i-release)
12 years a slave
Blood diamonds

the martian
jurassic world
the danish girl
our brand is crisis(sandra bullock )
ride along 2
avengers: age of ultron
black mass (johnny depp)
Creed (sylvester stallone)
in the heart of the sea
Sicario (Emily blunt)
Legend (tom hardy)
bridge of spies (tom hanks)
the man from U.N.C.L.E (Henry Cavill)
terminator genisys
Maze Runners: the scorch trials
tomorrowland (george clooney)
burnt (bradley cooper)
pixels (adam sandler)
Alvin and the chipmunks : the road chip
Fantastic Four
hotel transylvania 2

Get hard (kevin Hart)

Home (Rihanna)
Hitman: Agent 47
Chappie (hugh jackman)
Pan (hugh jackman)
snow white: the seven huntsman (kristen Stewart)
Extraction (Bruce Willis)
The Wedding Ringer (Kevin Hart)
Lazer Team (Burnie Burns)
Mr. Holmes
Lucy (Scarlett Johansen)
Guardians of the Galaxy
American Sniper (Bradley Cooper)
12 years a slave
the wolf of wall street (leonardo de caprio)
the nut job (kingkoy)
rio 2 (kingkoy)
legend of the guardian (kingkoy)

batman vs. superman :dawn of justice
captain america: civil war
10 cloverfield lane

x men: apocalypse
the 5th wave
the legend of tarzan
jungle book
kung fu pand 3
the peanuts movie
london has fallen
the hunstman: winter's war
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
deepwater horizon
Ben-Hur (jack huston)
Criminal (Ryan Reynolds)
Gods of Egypt
Assassin's creed
Now you see me 2
Central Intelligence (Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson)
Rogue One: a star wars story
Star Strek beyond (Zoe saldana)
Alice through the looking glass (Anne hathaway and Johnny Depp)
A hologram for the king (tom Hanks)
13 hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi (John Krasinski)

Finding Dory (Ellen deGeneres)

Pandemic (Rachel Nichols)
Ice Age: Collision Course
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
The Secret life of pets (kingkoy na we!)
the angry birds movie
Jack Reacher: Never go back (tom cruise)
Snowden (shailene woodley)
Pete's Dragon (Bryce Dallas Howard)
free state of jones (matthew mcConaughey)
Moana (Dwayne Johnson @disney movie)
Ratchet and Clank (kingkoy)
USS Indianapolis: men of courage (nicolas cage)
Sand Castle (Henry Cavill)
Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence)
the midnight man (Will kemp)
Sing (Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson)
Mechanic :Resurrection (Jason Statham and Jessica Alba)
Trolls (Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani (kingkoy we!))
Collateral Beauty (Will Smith, Kate Winslet)
Bastille Day (Idris Elba)
War Machine (Brad Pitt, Emory Cohen)
Hacksaw ridge (Andrew Garfield)
Kickboxer : vengeance (jean-claude van damme)
jarhead 3 : the siege (Charlie Weber)
the adventures of tintin:prisoners of the sun

WEAPONiZED (tom sizemore)

Precious cargo (bruce willis)
five seconds of silence (brad pitt)
i am wrath (john travolta)
november criminals (chloe grace moretz)
animal crackers (sylvester stallone, emily blunt (animation))
Star trek :horizon (Ryan weber)
kung fu yoga (jackie chan)
the perfect weapon (steven seagal)