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What is an adverb clause?

Adverbs can also be clauses, they contain a subject and a full verb.
I saw the movie yesterday.

Yesterday is and adverb

I saw the movie on Friday.

on Friday is and adverb phrase

I saw the movie before I left for Paris.

I left for Paris is an adverb clause

In the first sentence, yesterday is a one-word adverb, on Friday is an adverb phrase, and before I left for Paris is
a adverb clause. But the adverb clause has a subject (I) and a full verb (left). It cannot stand alone: Before I left
for Paris would not be a full sentence. It needs a main clause (I saw the movie).
Types of adverb clause There are many types of adverb clauses. Here are some examples of the most common


Why? (What was the reason for doing


I didnt call her because Im shy.

What is the reason that I didn't call her? = because I am shy
She took a computer course so that she could get a better job


Why? (What is the objective of this?)

Why did she decide to take this course? = to get a better job

As you can see from the examples above, most adverb clauses can be recognized because they are introduced by
a particular word or phrase (such as when, so that, etc.). These words and phrases are calledsubordinating
conjunctions, and there are many of them.


Because, because of, since, as, due to the fact that, on account of


So that, in order to, to, so as to

This are some examples only. There are many more adverb clauses for many other purposes. Let's practice and use
your English Intuition to answer the exercises.

Complete each adverb clause below with the correct word(s):

1. __________________ he always did well on his English tests, his parents were not surprised that he got an A.
2. You should keep the milk in the refrigerator, __________________ it doesn't go bad.
so that
3. __________________ he thinks he's smart, he isn't.
4. You should say goodbye to your brother ________________ you leave for Europe.
5. ________________ my father has high blood pressure, he has to watch what he eats.
6. ________________ I came to this country, I didn't speak a word of English!
7. I'll let you know ________________ I come back.
8. He doesn't understand ________________ he doesn't speak French very well.
so that
9. He spoke slowly ________________ she would understand.
so that
10. ________________ you stop crying, I'll buy you an ice cream.

11. Betty looks _____________________________ something is wrong.

- only if - even if - as if - so that.

12. The people danced _____________________________ the music played. - like - as - unless - in case.
2. David goes swimming _____________________________ his illness.

even if - in spite of - though - whereas.

3. _____________________________ I looked, I found fingerprints.

- until - whereas - because - wherever.

4. This region is called land of apple _____________________________ it yields a lot of apples.

- because - although - until - only if
5. _____________________________ working the field, the farmer uncovered a dinosaur bone.
- as though - while - until - since.
6. Lucy cant attend the meeting _____________________________ she finds a baby-sitter.
- unless - even if - only if - if.
7. _____________________________ the fire started blazing, the skewers were tilted toward the flames.
- so that - as if - such as - as soon as.
8. _____________________________ pandas mostly eat bamboo, they are also carnivorous.

- not only - until - although - as soon as.