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Wayne: Respectfully I must disagree!!!!

VP Brate is still a VP and must be t

reated no differently than the others. As per the Constitution, The VP's are t
o: Insure proper and adequate service to the PEF Membership Statewide.
being said she is entitled to have EOL to go to all meetings, picnics and meet w
ith the members.
Furthermore I see nothing in the constitution that delineates any responsibility
to you to approve EOL under "special circumstances" or even under normal circum
stances. That responsibility rests solely with the Secretary Treasurer as the
ST under the constitution : BE Empowered to execute all secretarial functions
of this union not specifically designated!!
Therefore any requests for EOL that VP Brate submits for meetings and meetings
with the member ship will be approved by the ST as VP Brate must be treated no d
ifferently that the other 2 VPs. Remember that we are a union and all members,
including officers should be treated equally and fairly!!
You may have taken away her Union Leave, which I believe was a bad decision, but
VP Brate is still a PEF VP!!!!
Kevin R. Hintz
1168-70 Troy Schenectady Road
Albany, NY 12212-2414