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Schooling Show

Hosted by:
Kassidy Pascoe & The Northwest Naturals
Saturday, October 1st, 2016 @ 8:00am
Elaine Banfield, EC Level M Judge
Murillo Fairgrounds

The Superior

Dressage Schooling Show is

an informal and educational event for horse and rider teams to practice their tests,
an opportunity for horses to travel away from their home barn,
an opportunity to experience dimensions of show behaviors not typically seen at home,
an opportunity for horse and rider teams to learn and improve, and
to achieve the goal of helping horses and riders relax, learn and HAVE FUN!

1. Helmets are required, as are boots with a heel. Show attire is not required but it is important to be
presentable for the judge.
2. Dressage saddles are not required to show. Feel free to use an all-purpose, close contact, dressage,
stock/gaited saddle, western, etc. Bareback is not permitted.
3. Braiding is a nice finishing touch for the show ring, and it helps you look your best. However, a neat
and tidy mane and tail that are not braided is just fine as well.
4. Saddle pads should be white, although any neutral color is permissible. Boots/bandages are not
permitted in the show ring.
5. Tack should be well-fitting, clean, and in good working order.
6. No curb bits with the exception of horses showing 3rd level or higher. Bits must be legal and humane.
7. No draw reins, side reins, martingales, or training devices of any kind are permitted in the show ring.
8. The same horse/rider combination may not show in more than two consecutive divisions.
9. Horses found to be unsound may be excused from the show.
10. There is a no-tolerance policy for abuse on the grounds. Abuse can be verbal or physical, towards
another person or a horse. This will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the grounds.
11. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.
12. The judge is here to evaluate you and your horses partnership, and your success in your training.
Her decision is final.
13. It is important to be respectful and appreciative of everyone who made this show possible. Its not
easy to run an event in Thunder Bay, and support is crucial. Thank you for participating, and be sure to
thank the sponsors/show committee/judge for their time and effort as well.
14. Ribbons will be assigned from 1st to 5th place, as well as Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons.
Ribbons will be awarded in a designated area away from the show ring. Additional prizes are available.
15. If you do not have your own equine liability insurance you will not be permitted to show. If this is the
case, please consider the affordable Intercity Insurance at $31.48 for the year. You can sign up online in
less than 10 minutes.
16. If you need time for a tack change between classes, just let the show committee know! We just want
everyone to enjoy themselves and have a fun-filled and stress-free day.
16. This show is supposed to be FUN! Lets all get together and enjoy our horses, and be proud of the
partnerships we have developed with them!

1. Walk/Trot Test A
2. Walk/Trot Test B
3. Walk/Trot Dressage Horse Suitability
4. Training Level Test A
5. Training Level Test B
6. Training Level Dressage Horse Suitability
7. First Level Test A
8. First Level Test B
9. First Level Dressage Horse Suitability
10. Second Level Test A
11. Second Level Test B
12. Second Level Dressage Horse Suitability
13. Third Level Test A
14. Third Level Test B
15. Third Level Dressage Horse Suitability
16. Fourth Level Test A
17. Fourth Level Test B
18. Fourth Level Dressage Horse Suitability
*All tests are available for viewing on the Cadora Inc. website at*
*Ride times will be assigned and the order of go will be posted at least a week before the show*

Rider Name: ______________________________________ Horses Name: _____________________

Riders Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Insurance Provider & Policy #: __________________________________________________________
Owner Name & Address (if different from Rider): ___________________________________________

*Please place a checkmark in class boxes you wish to show in.*


Test A

Test B

Dressage Horse

*If you select all three classes offered in any level, you will be showing in that complete division*
$20.00 a class or $50.00 per division.= ______
$5.00 Grounds fee (per horse)= ______
$25.00 Stall Fee (if wanted, $10 refund if cleaned).= ______
$Total= ______
*Please send all entries to Kassidy Pascoe at Completed entry forms
and payment can also be picked up at your location. 50% deposit of show fees is due a week before the
show. The remainder is due the day of the show and must be paid before you will be permitted to show.
You will be given an envelope upon check in at the show booth with everything you need.*

Involvement with horses is considered to be a dangerous activity. Any amount of handling, riding,
transporting, or engaging in horse-related activities can result in dire consequences, including personal
harm or bodily injury, harm or injury to a horse, damage to equipment, or even death can occur. By
participating in the Superior Dressage Schooling Show (SDSS) held on Saturday, October 1st, 2016, you
agree not to hold any person involved with SDSS including Kassidy Pascoe (show organizer), Murillo
Fairgrounds and affiliates, Northwest Naturals and affiliates, volunteers, show committee, judge, ring
crew, other participants and horses, liable for any bodily harm or injury caused to you or any horses that
you own during your participation at this event.
Additionally, you agree to wear a certified riding helmet at all times while mounted on the grounds and
to wear boots with a heel.
In order to participate in the Superior Dressage Schooling Show, it is required that you hold your own
Equine Liability Insurance. Please share your provider and policy numbers here:

By signing this form you agree to the above terms, and you also agree to have a fun filled day
celebrating the partnership you have with your horse!

Signature: _________________________________ Date: _____________________________