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Wiegel vs.

143 SCRA 449
Karl Wiegel was married to Lilia Wiegel on July 1978. Lilia was married with a
certain Eduardo Maxion in 1972. Karl then filed a petition in the Juvenile and
Domestic Relations Court for the declaration of nullity of his marriage with Lilia
on the ground of latters former marriage. Having been allegedly force to enter
into a marital union, she contents that the first marriage is null and void. Lilia
likewise alleged that Karl was married to another woman before their marriage.
ISSUE: Whether Karls marriage with Lilia is void.
It was not necessary for Lilia to prove that her first marriage was vitiated with
force because it will not be void but merely voidable. Such marriage is valid until
annulled. Since no annulment has yet been made, it is clear that when she married
Karl, she is still validly married to her first husband. Consequently, her marriage
to Karl is void. Likewise, there is no need of introducing evidence on the prior
marriage of Karl for then such marriage though void still needs a judicial
declaration before he can remarry. Accordingly, Karl and Lilias marriage are
regarded void under the law.